Mia Madre (2015) Movie Script

My mother
Right to Work for All!
Right to Work for All!
Was Huggins' stand-in visible?
- Margherita, I don't think so.
- He should be, we pay him.
He's obviously not Huggins!
He stays in the car.
Bruno, okay, but sometimes
the framing's a bit empty.
- With all our extras!
- I'll place them differently.
- Who's the sadist on camera 2?
- Sandro.
Why did he close-in on the blows?
Let's go see it.
C'mon! Vittorio,
what are you doing?
Come and see it.
Costumes: let's get them
dried off and changed.
- Were you on camera 2?
- Yes, why?
Don't close-in on the blows.
- It takes the audience into it.
- I don't want them into it.
It's better!
I don't want people
to feel sick and turn away.
- You like the bashing, I don't.
- Why say that?
- Go see it.
- Did you like the water?
- Water?
- That effect against the light...
- It's really nice.
- Sure, nice... but go see it.
- We do another take?
- Yes.
Why, do you think, Sandro...
loves to film in the middle
of the bashing?
Maybe to give you
more framing in editing.
You don't... Does he want to be
the cop or the worker?
Would he rather bash or get bashed?
The slogan: "Work, Work"
or "Right to Work for All"?
Isn't it better to shout "Shame"?
"Shame" is awful,
"Right to Work" is good.
I'll hurry.
I want something good for my mother,
in the hospital they always
feed her the same things.
I don't know,
how's the eggplant parmesan?
- Maybe a little rich.
- Right.
Then a chicken breast
and two rice croquettes.
- Are they hot?
- I'll heat them.
This is finished, we'll change it.
Call, if you need me.
So, how were these two clays'?
Yesterday I did very little shooting,
just close-ups.
I argued a little with everyone.
But today I shot a tough scene,
the workers occupying the factory,
with lots of extras.
Did it work? Are you pleased?
The assistant director said it did.
What made you think of a film
about people losing theirjobs!
Mom, it's not a sad film,
it's full of energy, hope.
- It is?
- Yes!
- Really!
- I believe it.
- No, you don't!
- Sure, I do.
They're all too intelligent here,
it takes someone a little dumber
to lift morale.
Who do you mean, Mom?
Everyone, they always say:
"You must do this...
No, you mustn't do that!"
That's how it is in hospitals.
I look awful today.
- I don't think so, do you?
- No, the opposite.
So, pasta with tomato and basil,
but today it's macaroni.
The noodles were
a little gluey the last time.
- And a sea bass.
- The bones?
I've filleted it all.
I've filleted it all.
The sauce is still hot,
please check it.
Parmesan. Are those pastries?
- No, those...
- Hospital things?
Just a little parmesan.
Let's go.
Good, well done!
These are yours too.
We know how things are.
- We've already decided.
- No, you've decided!
Why not when the film's done?
That's exactly why
our situation needs clarity.
- Can we have dinners together?
- I don't know.
You'd like that too!
Just sometimes, what's it cost you?
Vittorio, don't you have
the slightest dignity?
- Hi, Mom!
- Hi.
They say this film's really good.
Hi, Giovanni.
Margherita, do something new,
break at least one of your patterns.
One out of two hundred!
Can't you let yourself go sometimes,
lighten up a little?
You don't know how you hurt
the ones you love.
Then they get boring
and you sweep them from your life.
That's not true!
Margherita, you're always defensive,
you just see the bad side,
you make me feel ridiculous
for wanting to be with you.
Why treat me like this?
Giorgio, we've already broken up.
Stop it!
Don't you have the slightest...
- It's me, you know, don't you?
- Of course I do.
Mom, has something happened?
No, Livia, no,
but we never manage to talk.
How's Grandma?
Pretty well,
she can't wait to go home,
but the doctors say she has to stay.
How are you, are you having fun?
You and Dad don't tell me anything!
Do you ski?
I'm coming.
- You're off to work?
- Yes.
We made a deal,
you were supposed to study Latin.
I am!
No, the grammar book's here.
No way!
It's right here, on the desk.
The indicative mood,
syntax of verbs... see?
How can I recoup in a week?
That's no argument.
Sure you can recoup, if you study!
Okay, I'll study when I get back.
Sure, when you're back.
Let's hope for the best, Livia!
Have fun, ski... a hug.
Enjoy the day.
Go, now, gm!
This is our work, our lives,
and you just threaten layoffs,
you're shameful!
Come talk, you're shameful!
Fine, fine.
Wasn't Huggins' stand-in
too visible?
I'm convinced he's too...
- ls it in the can?
- Not yet.
No, please, come back later,
it was fine.
Bruno, put on...
- There's a problem?
- Nothing, all okay.
It's always "all okay"!
I have to be sheltered.
I got to the car late.
No, why say that? Timing was good.
Just one thing.
You should agree with the dialogue,
that's good,
but don't believe it too much, okay?
Not believe it too much?
Stay a bit to one side, okay?
Tell me what's wrong!
Just a little hitch
with the guy picking up Huggins.
What little hitch?
His car broke down,
but we're resolving it.
You're all incompetent,
thirty people, thirty incompetents.
- I'll go.
- I'll go with you later, if need be.
I was shooting a scene,
if you want to watch, it's okay.
Listen, I'd like to see the actress,
Next to the character, I want to see
the actress who plays her.
- Who's that?
- Who? You!
You mustn't vanish as a person,
the worker has to be there
but alongside, you're there too.
- Understand?
- Sure...
The worker and you.
Positions please,
we're doing another.
She's just tired, edgy
from the test
they gave her this morning,
she's also worried.
I'm sure, why did
she need another CAT scan?
It was the doctors' decision.
- Did she eat? Was she hungry?
- Yes.
She ate the pastry I brought her.
How sweet!
Did I tell you I couldn't
come by this evening?
What's the actor like? Nice?
How do I know?
He hasn't said a word, he's sleeping.
I can't tell
if he knows I'm the director.
What a start!
Okay, talk to you tomorrow,
Are you sleeping?
What does "some" mean?
"She saw some roses".
- What part of speech is it?
- I don't know.
The direct object.
Yes, the direct object.
But, why is there "some"?
"Some roses", meaning several roses.
What do you say?
I say I'm getting dumber
staying here.
Barry, we're here.
A terrible dream, horrible!
I'm very tired, very confused.
Good evening.
- What time is it?
- 10:40.
I'm hungry-
Eating alone is so sad.
Let's have dinner together?
It's late, I work tomorrow...
Then you stay to sleep with me.
What's your name?
What's my name?
You're laughing?
- It was a joke.
- It was a joke!
- Goodnight.
- Goodnight.
Careful... good.
Okay, bye!
Go to bed.
Heart and lungs work together,
if one's not well,
the other has to work more.
The pneumonia, after
the trauma you spoke about...
She fell.
The pneumonia overtired
your mother's heart
which was already in bad shape.
Look at the electrocardiogram.
- Her ventricle diameters are wide.
- What's that mean?
Her heart has enlarged, it's tired.
this road leads just one way,
I'm afraid there's no turning back.
The problem wasn't clear,
if it's her heart, her lungs,
the doctor said
a lot of confused things.
No, she said she didn't know
when it would happen,
but it could be soon.
But she implied
there could be improvement...
Mom's dying.
Overhead lighting?
It's not good for me.
Barry, you've just concluded
the purchase of the factory.
For the former owners
it's a painful moment,
it's a defeat.
They'd owned this company
for three generations.
I understood everything!
I understand.
It's not only
an economic failure for them,
losing the company is like
losing a piece of their history.
Five minutes and we're ready.
You have to reassure them
of the company's continuity.
- They have to trust you.
- They have to... trust.
Is it real?
It was a joke!
I'd like to say I'm very proud
to give new life to a label
which is known
throughout the world.
But you workers
must stop this sit-in immediately,
or else I'll close the factory
and you'll have
no jobs.
That's another scene! Cut!
Barry, it's just fine,
you did the first part well,
but the second...
No, you did another scene.
Another scene?
It was wrong, but that's okay.
Come on, another take.
Suddenly, Margherita disappeared.
Really, we couldn't find you!
Your parents were frantic,
your father kept saying: "Stay calm!"
But he was the most frantic of all.
We looked for you
on the beach, at the cafe,
but there was a storm,
you know when the weather
changes suddenly in summer...
How old was Margherita?
Six or seven?
Huh, Mom?
You know who's dead?
Giovanna called me...
I don't know which Giovanna,
I know so many!
But she said: "I have bad news,
she's dead...
She's dead...
I didn't understand who.
I don't know.
Nice they visited you, wasn't it?
Yes, yes.
How do you feel?
- Sweak.
- What?
- Sweak.
- What's that mean?
No strength.
Luciano and Paola are so boring!
Did you remember
that episode Luciano told us?
Not at all?
They're nice, but they bore me,
they always have stories
about the past.
But they're fond of you,
they often ask about you.
Yes, they're very kind.
A bit boring, but, a little...
Yes, they're boring.
So we're together, the two of us.
Are you tired?
- Yes.
- You work too hard.
He can just leave it there.
No one shoots just one week.
Three months.
- Bring us another?
- No!
That's not nice.
Hey, Peppino De Filippo!
Doctor Antonio!
Drink more milk,
milk is good for you,
you can't overdo, the virtue of milk.
Please take me home,
you two can go for drinks,
I'm sleepy!
Hello! Wonderful scent!
Hello Rome!
Antonioni, Petri, Fellini!
Fellini's Roma.
Take me to Via Veneto!
Take me to Via Veneto!
I thought I'd seen
all Kubrick's films,
but which one's with Barry?
None, he never worked with Kubrick.
Right, Barry?
We have to make
another film together.
- We will, huh?
- Great idea.
Let's think about it.
With a soul!
Like an old Bogart, Cagney film.
I seem like a positive character,
but I'm really a criminal.
A criminal infiltrated in the police.
- Great idea!
- Yes, great.
A sequence long shot.
...in prison.
In prison? Beautiful!
Yes, it's right for me.
I know you!
I know my "chick".
- There are various viewpoints.
- I can't take this.
Every time it starts...
all over again.
Here, have some.
His son's name is Amedeo.
Free, right?
How embarrassing!
Nice face... Right?
Yes, nice face.
What's between them?
What is it?
- You decide.
- Right this minute?
- This film's perfect for you.
- I feel it, it's my film.
Mom, what did you do?
I just touched it.
The mechanic said
I've kept it wonderfully,
it doesn't seem 14 years old.
Hadn't you stopped driving?
My legs were aching today,
in these cases, driving's restful.
Hadn't your license expired?
It hasn't.
See, it's still valid?
- Sure, it's valid.
- Why do that?
Get out, I'll park it.
Come on, come... careful!
Some former students
would like to come by tomorrow,
but I said to call this evening.
When they come to visit,
I don't know
if it makes her happy or worse.
- Why do you say that?
- Well...
Well, what?
Wait a minute.
Today's scene and the 28th
take place on the same day?
Of course,
Barry's dressed like in the 28th.
Sorry, tell me.
I'm afraid she'll get anxious,
not understanding why, suddenly,
they're all coming to visit.
I don't know
if Mom knows about her health,
or how much!
This talk bothers me.
It bothers you,
but unfortunately
we have to deal with it.
- What do you say?
- I think it pleases her.
It may tire her a little,
but she likes visitors.
Okay, I'll have them come.
- I think so.
- Have a good day.
Without a fight, you've already lost
Go Mario!
Your mother's resting,
she ate everything today.
a month ago,
my son ran away from home.
He left a note and went,
we haven't had a word since then.
The nurse, Francesca,
asked me to help find her son,
but I don't know if I can.
You know who Francesca is?
Mom, is this you?
Oh, God!
Hello, I'm from Elgi,
a new electric company.
You must have a contract
with another company,
but I offer you 0,09 euros per kW.
If you give me a bill,
I'll show you incredible savings.
Thank you,
but this is my mother's house.
Get a bill, even if
it's not the most recent.
I don't know where they are.
these drawers.
I don't know, maybe...
in the kitchen, let's see.
The drawers...
It's strange.
If you can't find one,
I'll be by again.
Wait a moment!
My mother...
On the refrigerator.
It doesn't matter, it's not urgent.
I can come back, maybe you'll
have found it, it's okay.
- How are things?
- Just fine.
Did you ski with her?
Sometimes, I was always
in the hotel, on a computer.
You mean, sleeping.
Did you do that Latin?
Anyway, she always fails me.
She doesn't like me and that's that.
Cut it out,
Mrs. Capponi is excellent.
- You're wrong.
- Livia, you don't study, that's it.
But I did lots of quizzes
for my license.
- License?
- For the scooter.
The scooter is far off.
But you promised!
- We didn't promise a thing.
- Dad did.
Hey, wait!
I didn't promise anything.
I said something else, didn't I?
Feeling a little better?
- Yes, a little better.
- Come on!
I'm always eating.
But I'm bored with being here.
Margherita, did you ask
when I can go home?
No, I still haven't spoken to them.
Mrs. Palma was discharged
2 hours ago, you know who?
- Yes.
- The one in the next room.
- She wasn't any better than me.
- Being capricious?
' Yes!
Because it's fun!
Good! First you
have to finish physiotherapy.
Then we'll hear what the doctor says.
You haven't even opened my gift.
Sorry, but today
I'm a little on edge.
The physiotherapist
pushed and pulled me.
She's too energetic!
That's physiotherapy,
if it's not energetic...
You know what's funny?
The older you get,
the dumber they think you are.
Instead you understand more,
because you think.
Lessons on life.
Lessons on life!
- Do you have it'?
- How nice! No, I don't.
This is my granddaughter.
Beautiful concert, thank you.
Livia? What are you doing?
- Would you come here, please?
- Just a minute.
Look what I found in the drawers.
Why are you wearing
your grandmother's robe?
- I had a shower and found it.
- Take it off, it bothers me.
- Why?
- It just does...
Look, pizzerias, Chinese food,
a kebab...
Thai and this?
- Does Grandma use these?
- I think so!
Just imagine Grandma!
In such a delicate moment
for our society,
do you think this film will
touch the country's conscience?
Today, audiences ask us
for a different commitment,
films which are not
just entertainment,
but which affect our reality.
That's why the task of cinema
is to give voice...
Yes, sure, the task of cinema!
Why have I been saying
the same things for years?
Everyone thinks I can understand
what's happening,
interpret reality, but
I don't understand a thing anymore.
- She refuses to go to the hospital.
- Refuses?
She can't, it's already been decided.
- Where is she?
- In her room.
There's no need to go,
I don't want to.
You spoke to the doctor too!
We have to go and that's that.
At gunpoint.
Yes, at gunpoint.
Your colleagues often take refuge
in a more intimate cinema,
more minimalist
but you've always set your stories
in the present.
You've always been coherent
with the idea of social cinema...
Mom! Mom, help me!
Rhetoric bothers me.
Those banners
that friends and relatives put up.
Those words bother me.
They're not true
and they don't help anyone.
- Show me!
- Here, the gulet's beautiful.
I'd take a nice journey in a gulet,
you can even choose.
A gulet is a schooner
with two or three jibs.
- Rocky? Sinks?
- No, it won't sink.
- Show me.
- There are pictures.
You choose from the photo:
"I want this one!"
That one's beautiful.
Margherita, I'm ready!
Great director! Great!
Great, great, great!
Where's my mother?
No one's around.
Excuse me, the woman
in the next room is gone!
- My mother, know where she is'?
- No.
Oh, good! Where's my mother?
Don't worry, she's been moved
to another ward.
She had a slight respiratory crisis.
She'll spend a few days
in intensive care.
- Intensive care?
- These things happen, don't worry.
Mom's here.
They did a tracheotomy
to give her more oxygen.
They inserted a small tube
directly in her windpipe.
It had to be done.
Did it hurt her?
They gave her a local anesthesia,
but it's done often,
it's the best thing for more oxygen.
Are you still awake?
I'm sorry, you could have
gone back to your house!
Don't worry. Look what I found!
The sweater patches Mom made for us.
What's wake-up time tomorrow?
I don't work tomorrow.
You're taking some vacation?
No, I've been on a leave of absence
for over a month.
- You didn't say anything!
- No.
Are you having trouble at work?
I'm tired, I'm not up
to working right now.
I prefer things this way,
then we'll see.
It's your first time at the factory
since you bought it.
You look around,
but you still feel like an outsider.
I understand, thank you.
Observe the machinery,
the people working,
you know you'll have
to layoff a third of the workers.
- Am I glad to do that?
- No!
- I'm not glad to do that.
- No, but you have no choice.
I'm ready.
Margherita, we're ready.
Take positions, ready to roll.
Lucretius, Tacitus...
what will happen
to all those books afterwards?
They take up a whole wall
in my mother's house.
Where will all those years
of study, of work, go?
All those hours, every day...
every day!
I visit her,
but I never know what to do,
I don't know how to help.
I can't even distract her.
I'm just a burden for her.
- Ready.
- Quiet!
- Rolling.
- 35 - 1, take one.
"Livia I'm sorry"?
Mom, it's me, Margherita.
You're sorry Livia's not here?
You're sorry
you can't do Latin with her.
You don't want
to be seen like this, right?
Excuse me, five minutes.
Another five minutes,
then they'll kick me out.
Anyway, I don't know why,
but Livia's doing
a little better in Latin.
When you come home,
she wants to brush-up with you.
She can't wait.
"Letting you stay a little longer,
would be the best treatment".
I know!
Barry, listen!
I want to remind you
that in the previous scene,
the workers contested you,
shouted at you.
You're surprised, worried,
very nervous.
Yes, certainly, Margherita!
Good thing it's not raining!
Barry, excuse me...
I also want to remind you
that you play the character,
but you have
to stand next to the character.
Think he understood? Dunno...
How is it? The light stinks.
It's beautiful, just wonderful.
- Well, doesn't it look fake'?
- No, not at all.
C'mon, action.
Who was that gal? From the Union?
He never looks ahead!
Who was that gal?
Why's he doing this?
We're going straight
and he does this!
- Wait!
- I don't like it, it's fake!
He's on this clumsy barge...
Six months later
the factory would close,
sending everyone home.
Wait a minute, let him warm up.
Where have you taken me?
What's this place!
An Italian entrepreneur,
in my place...
No, dmon that's enough!
I don't like it, it's so fake. Cut!
Stop this thing.
I shouldn't do classical studies,
linguistics is better.
Just knuckle down and you'll recoup.
I can't do it!
Italian and Math
give tons of homework,
I'm too far behind in Latin.
What good is Latin anyway?
Tell me what good Latin is.
Latin is important,
it helps you reason,
create discourse,
For instance, sentence structure
comes from Latin.
I don't know all of everything,
I know it's good for something,
but I don't remember what.
Today it's completely different.
It's more real, isn't it?
It's more real, more real...
I like it.
He's more relaxed.
It's better for Barry too, right?
Yes, yes...
Who was that gurl?
He's saying "gurl"?
He's saying "gurl".
Who let him say "gurl"?
Barry, the "girl"!
Now you tell him?
Who was that gurl?
From the Union?
- I don't think so.
- An Italian embrapreneur...
What's he saying?
He has four lines, just four,
you couldn't teach him
the words for these four lines?
He did it, five times.
What are you doing? Get inside!
- What's going on?
- He can't see.
Marco, prompt him.
I don't think she's from the Union.
No, I don't think so.
No, I don't think so.
No, I don't think so.
No, I don't think so.
I don't think so...
No, I don't think so.
- Barry, what's going on?
- He hurt me.
Fuck it, stop.
What a disaster!
How can a person act and drive
with three cameras in his face?
You know what Barry's like.
But he's right,
he's afraid, he can't drive,
he can't act,
he makes mistakes, it's normal!
Could you act
with three cameras in your face?
I know... Sandro
even shot light in his eyes.
You asked me to.
I'm pissed off with me,
just with me!
Why did you let me change?
The car should be on the
camera car, why did you listen to me?
- You always listen to me!
- But if the director asks...
The director's an asshole
you let get away with murder!
Are you okay?
Not so stiff... like that, good.
Your body has to bend too.
You're doing fine.
Good, but relaxed.
Where did you get this scooter?
From my mechanic, it's used.
A deal!
Let Livia decide.
If changing schools
makes her feel better,
okay, she'll change schools.
Yes, it's dripping perfectly.
Don't worry!
I don't know how to help her,
I'm afraid I'll confuse her more.
If she studies, she'll recuperate.
She didn't study much at first,
she had that difficult period.
But she's getting over it.
She was in love.
She was? With who?
I don't know, someone at school.
She suffered, you know?
But I think she's better now.
She didn't say a word.
I see.
Don't get mad, I know,
I've asked you lots of times.
What exactly is wrong with Mom?
Margherita, stop this!
- Why is she getting all these IVs?
- What IVs?
What IVs? Don't you remember?
Mom is dead.
Good morning.
Mom, hi.
Sorry, I don't remember
what they said about the IV.
I took care of it.
There's breakfast when you want.
- Good day.
- Thank you.
You slept here?
So then I woke up.
- I felt hot!
- When was this?
No, you'd fallen asleep.
So, I gOt UP
and, with the doctor,
the one who always jokes,
we took a walk...
it was wonderful!
A very long walk,
here, in the hospital gardens.
Did you see the moon last night?
There were many other people,
they'd all come out
because of the heat.
It was...
Did you bring the translations?
- Yes.
- Let's see.
Do you like living
in Grandma's house? Do you?
Of course!
My own dictionary
is on the desk in my study.
Bring that one next time, please.
- Let's go, honey.
- Be right there.
Wait, Mom?
What was wrong with Grandma today?
Why that absurd story?
She's tired.
They're doing so many tests.
I've never seen her like that!
I don't think she's better, do you?
I don't know.
Your leave of absence
ends in two months.
You don't need to make
such a drastic decision right now,
it makes no sense,
we can't accept it.
You are...
That's enough make-up!
Who selected the extras?
Me, Diego and the head.
I asked for workers, male and female,
instead they've got fake hair,
long nails, huge lips!
Some men have plucked eyebrows.
Can't you find real faces?
These faces are real,
this is reality.
This might be your reality,
but it's my film.
You should choose them better.
Think it over a little more.
I realize
it's a complicated period for you,
but if necessary, the company
will give you more time.
There's no need, I've decided,
and I won't change my mind.
I know it's not elegant
to remind you, but at your age...
...you won't find anotherjob easily.
I know! I know.
Giovanni, it's me. Where are you?
I can never reach you.
Your answering machine's always on.
Call when you hear this message.
I'm a little worried about Mom,
she seems worse.
Margherita, we're ready when you are.
I have to turn off my phone now,
but call the number I left you.
Call me.
What's this guy want?
This is our cafeteria.
We don't want you here.
We don't want you here!
You're predictable.
- You're predictable.
- You're predictable.
Sorry, my moustache itches.
His moustache itches!
- Want a prompter for him?
- Let's wait a minute.
Could you go over his line with him?
Why all this hostility?
It's nothing personal against you.
But you and I can find...
An agreement!
Please, don't prompt, especially
in the middle of a scene,
I can do it myself, I'm an adult.
' Yes!
A big bOy
Lorenzo, we're shooting!
C'mon, action.
But you and I can come to agreement.
That's enough!
This is no way! Calm down.
You must stop this sit-in
or else...
or else...
or else I...
Or else...
I can't hold up.
You're almost done!
- You're done for today.
- For today! Well...
Did you see Barry?
He's like that, all day long.
All day long.
Did you talk to Grandma?
Not yet.
We'll try later.
You must stop this sit-in
- No, sorry!
- Don't worry, say it in English.
You must stop this sit-in
Don't worry!
Don't worry, it's okay.
Don't worry, Barry.
You must stop this sit-in
or else I'll...
Don't say "cut"!
A toast to the new owners.
- What's he saying?
- That it's shit dialogue.
Shit dialogue.
I understand!
Not just the dialogue,
the whole film is shit.
Lorenzo, you fuck off too!
Barry, that's enough.
You can't remember a single line!
You made us waste tons of time,
you've been bugging everyone!
That again!
You never worked with Kubrick.
You're ridiculous!
- He fired me.
- Because you're a jerk!
This is his last film, he's retiring.
His last? If only it were true.
If only it were true!
You're an asshole! An asshole!
What is it?
- I need the bathroom.
- I'll call the nurse.
Help me a moment.
It's best I call someone.
No need, give me a hand.
Wait, I'll get a wheelchair.
No, there's no need!
You just have to help me get down.
This one goes down too.
You've tired yourself out.
A little.
- Can you manage?
- Yes!
But slowly.
I'm not doing anything.
Come on!
I can't do it.
I don't understand why.
- I can't do it.
- Sure, you can.
See? I can't.
Get the wheelchair.
Come on,
it's impossible
you can't walk six feet.
- Let go of me.
- Come on!
I said to let go of me!
- It's just three steps!
- Let go of me.
It's just three steps!
I can't believe this...
Just three steps.
Forgive me.
Actually, the sit-ins are done here,
outside the Ministry of Labor,
but we can shoot
only between 2 and 6.
Do we shoot here, or not'?
We also have to decide
the cafeteria scene.
We won't dismantle the set, will we?
The scene's not finished,
it's not done at all.
Just to know
when we'll be shooting it.
Maybe something was good.
We have to see those two squares
for Barry and Vittori0's scene.
- No, I'd rather go alone.
- Why?
I'm calmer, I want to be alone.
I'll see them and let you know.
She suffered for this boy,
I think she felt very bad.
I don't know who he is,
someone in her class I think.
- Did Livia tell you?
- No, my mother.
How is she?
Pretty well, but
she has to stay hospitalized.
She needs to get stronger,
then she can come home.
How are things with you?
It's a period a bit...
I have to take care of me,
protect myself.
How silly... protect yourself?
Now tell me why you had me come.
Well, I was around.
To be together a little.
That's it? Nothing to say?
Have you thought about us?
Vittorio, I'm shooting a film.
What do you want from me?
It didn't work out for us, that's it.
You don't care
that your daughter suffered,
all you care is she didn't tell you
and you didn't realize.
What are you saying?
You think you're attentive but you
don't see what's around you.
People avoid you,
they take you in small doses,
they're not relaxed with you.
You never like anything,
even at work
and you ruin things.
It's the way I work.
No, it's the way you live
and make people who love you
live that way too.
- I was wrong to come.
- I'm sorry.
I shouldn't have answered your call.
- Yeah, maybe.
- It would have been better.
That's enough,
the negotiation ends here.
This is the contract,
take it or leave it.
Cut! Very good.
Sara, this one's in the can,
it's good.
This scene is finished.
I want a little meaner take.
No, he was good.
Lorenzo, tell him
he's finished for today.
Bruno, let's go set up another scene.
Let's do another take,
I can do better!
- It's done.
- I can do better!
How's it possible
that the film is a little in color
and a little bland.
Bland? What film?
The one they're doing on TV.
The TV is off.
It is?
For Latin,
what's important
is the sentence structure,
especially at the beginning,
when you start studying.
I'll tell Livia.
- Do you have to go'?
- No, I'll stay a little longer.
Good girl!
What's this mean? Giovanni!
It's: "To the despot of Syracuse
are great advice"...
It doesn't mean anything.
Possessive dative!
I don't know how I remembered it.
When the verb...
When 'to be' becomes 'to have'.
The despot of Syracuse
has great plans.
Good for you.
- Hi.
- Good evening.
- I'm Barry.
- I know.
- Is Margherita in?
- Yes, I'm Livia, her daughter.
Poor thing!
I liked your chicken.
Margherita too, she's a good cook.
Salads are her specialty.
What's funny?
Also omelets.
What are these?
Carlo, the producer, the boom man,
the costumer... it's my crew!
I don't remember anything,
don't recognize anyone.
My father was like this too.
It's an illness.
"You think you can keep the struggle
going for weeks, months,
but you'll soon be tired out".
- What's this?
- It's a line in the film.
My line.
The director says:
"The actor must
be next to the character".
- What's it mean?
- I don't know!
What's it mean?
I've been saying this to actors
for years,
I don't know
if they've ever understood it.
I'm not sure I do myself.
So you'll remember.
Never contradict
the director.
She is always...
Here's to the director!
Look straight in the eye!
her test results are worse.
It's harder and harder
to maintain this balance.
A more intense treatment,
which worked in the earlier stages,
wouldn't give any real improvement.
Now you have to evaluate
whether to prepare her for...
Prepare her?
We really hadn't thought...
I don't understand,
what should we have thought?
She wants to live,
let's leave her in peace.
But have you considered
talking to her?
What should we say?
She needs to be well and do things,
and she will.
She wants to live, and we'll let her!
Maybe we should get another opinion.
I heard about
a specialized center in Milan.
They could try a different therapy.
they're good here, aren't they?
They've followed her.
I can't say anything else.
I don't understand anything anymore.
Let's take her home.
If it has to happen,
if she has to die,
let it happen at home.
Come on.
They had me
put all my things in a bag,
because I have to go home, they say.
We've talked about it, right?
We'll put things in order
and return home.
I packed your clothes.
What you do here, you can do at home.
I don't know, I feel tired.
Maybe we can wait till Monday?
Monday? Why?
I wanted to say goodbye
to that very kind nurse,
she's on vacation now,
but she'll be back...
Aren't you glad to be going home?
but some friends of mine were coming
but they didn't say when.
If they don't find me,
they'll worry.
Come on, let's get dressed.
We won't wait till Monday.
No, we're going home.
at 8am and 8pm.
Mom, there's no need,
the nurse will tell you
what to take and when.
I want to know.
Isn't it a bit risky
taking me out to dinner?
No, we aren't taking you out.
How could you?
Oh, okay! I misunderstood.
Bifix, at...
I bought the recliner.
How much was it?
- Don't worry!
- Tell me, we'll split it.
Okay, I'll tell you later.
I spoke to the nurse,
we've set up the schedule.
- The schedule we talked about?
- Yes.
- Have you seen Vittorio?
- Yes, we said hello.
I've been instructed on how
to use an oxygen tank.
- It's quite simple.
- Can we handle it?
Vittorio said some
terrible things about me.
How dare he?
Some terrible things
on my relationships with others.
I thought about it,
those things were correct, exact!
Also the way I treat people.
He's right, why didn't
anyone ever tell me?
You've told me?
Why didn't I ever understand?
"L, in the presence of those,
who wound minds
and sensitivities...
Memes sensusque,
maybe it could be
translated better with...
"wounds the mind and soul".
"Wounds the mind and soul".
Good, you know Latin, see?
It's important
you don't translate the verbs
with the first thing you find
in the dictionary.
Now I'll do my own homework.
"Si te parentes timerent..."
How many accepted?
What do you say? How many accepted?
I'm ready.
L h0pe!
If you want to go, we can stop.
Just tell me.
- No, wait.
- We go on?
What do you say? How many accepted?
- No one.
- I don't believe it!
Accepting your money is like
accepting the closure of the factory.
But we want our jobs,
we want to go out to work every day,
we'll continue the sit-in
until you agree to no layoffs.
You all think you can hold out,
but you'll soon be tired.
In the end you'll accept much less
than what I'm offering you now.
It's useless,
you'll never realize
what this job means to us.
When did it happen?
Were you there?
Yes, I'll wake her now.
Do you need anything'?
Yes, we'll be right there.
Look, Mom loved this suit.
Or this.
- Nice, a little dark.
- Yes, maybe.
- This is pretty.
- Yes, it's nice.
- It's not too...
- No, it goes well with the suit.
It's Massimo De Vito, is Ada there?
I'll open for you.
Someone's coming up
to say hello to Mom.
I didn't tell him,
his name's Massimo De Vito.
Yes, he's a former student of hers.
I'll talk t0 him.
I'd stop for coffee
every time I came through Rome.
I haven't come in a while,
I didn't know she was ill.
Yes, in recent months.
Ada was a reference for me,
we talked about everything,
work, children, politics.
She was always like that,
ready to listen, curious,
asking questions on everything.
She made you feel important.
And you were important to her!
On a typical school outing to Cuma,
we stopped at a cafe
that had a jukebox.
We all let loose,
and your mother too,
she started dancing easily
among her class.
Don't be jealous, Margherita,
but for many of us Ada
was, and still is, a mom.
She taught us life,
even more than other subjects
and she's stayed inside us...
What are you thinking about?