Miami (2017) Movie Script

Good evening, Hartola!
I'm Angela.
We are the Amazing Angels.
It's unbelievable she'd try
to bullshit us like that.
As if gas would cost that much.
I had a deal with him. It's my money!
Shut the fuck up!
Let me talk to him!
- Hey!
Shut up.
Give it back to me!
Now you better run, girl...
Come on!
Thanks for intervening.
It was brave of you.
Hi, I'm Angela.
- Anna.
Where do you live?
Straight ahead.
It's a 20-kilometer drive.
You don't have to take me...
- Of course I will!
I'm in no hurry anymore.
I had a room in the hotel, but Jakke,
that guy, might come looking for me.
Are there any hotels nearby?
- I don't think so.
Everything's closed for the winter.
Wow, your bone structure
is beautiful.
This light brings it out.
That show was so basic.
You should see us with real lights
and costumes and all.
Do I talk too much?
- No. Not at all.
If you can't find a hotel,
you can sleep at our house.
My house, I mean.
I live by myself. My clad died recently.
- Oh no.
There's plenty of room.
You're some kind of an angel.
Nice house.
Would you like tea or something?
- No thanks. I'm beat.
You want to say
a night prayer with me?
Excuse me?
- I always say a night prayer.
I don't usually do that.
- I'll say it for you.
Dear Heavenly Father.
Thank You for today.
Thank You for everything
You have given us.
Thank You for bringing us
to a safe haven once again.
Now I feel sleepy.
Praying relaxes the mind.
Good night.
Good night.
Good morning.
- Good morning.
Oh, coffee. Lovely. I so need it.
Could you go into the living room?
There's something for you
on the table.
This book?
- Yeah.
Dear Dad, How are you?
I'm good.
Bye! See you soon!
I think I need a cigarette.
I don't know about that.
Why don't you let Tiina do that.
I think it looks really nice.
Do you remember anything about Dad?
I mean, I was really young
when they divorced.
I saw him a couple of times
after that.
I guess my mom and your mom
didn't really get along.
I must've written you
a thousand letters as a kid -
after Dad told me
I have a big sister.
- But he said your mom wouldn't give
you the letters anyway. - Oh no.
But I thought about you
a lot back then.
It's pretty funny
how you found me now.
I have to get going.
I have a couple of gigs in Tampere
over the weekend.
But I don't know
how I'm going to make it.
I had an argument with the girls.
Driving alone is so exhausting.
You have a driver's license?
You'd want me to come with you?
- Why not.
It's so weird touring alone.
And I have to do these gigs
because I owe some money.
I have work. I can't come.
Well. It was really nice to see you.
Bye then, sis.
I wonder why Dad didn't
contact you after Mom died.
Stop. No use dwelling on the past.
Everything turned out really well.
I don't smoke.
That's smart.
I also quit!
This will be a general report
about wind power subsidies...
She's so cool.
Look how well that coat fits her.
The way she holds her shoulders.
Hey, you could listen to this song.
I'd like to use it in the show.
And we'd dance to it together.
I don't know how to dance.
- Of course you do.
I'll show you.
It's not difficult at all.
No. Seriously.
I called the venue.
They weren't too happy -
when I told them
I wasn't bringing a group.
We'll do
really simple choreography.
A beginning and an end,
and we'll improvise in between.
One, two, three...
Then stop and pose.
One, two, three...
Breathe out.
If someone in the audience shouts
at you, just smile at them.
Did you invite me along
just because of this?
Because you needed someone?
Let's just get this over with.
I can't do this.
Well, then we won't get any money.
But I can't force you.
Okay, I'll try.
Imagine this is a club
in a Miami casino.
There are large windows at the back
and you can see this beautiful bay -
and lights and yachts.
The place is packed
with fine people.
Everyone is beautiful,
well dressed, rich and happy.
And they're all drinking champagne.
Bottles are opened.
Hear them pop.
Pop. POP-
Suddenly everyone becomes quiet.
It's dark.
You can barely make out
two figures onstage.
And we start dancing.
They all applaud.
But we don't even care.
We don't care about anyone else.
Just look at me.
Just keep looking at me
the whole time.
Show us your tits!
Nice ass!
Thanks! The audience was great.
Good evening.
Take us
to the most expensive bar in town.
Anna. You were great!
They shouldn't let whores in...
You're an impolite
and repulsive person.
If I wasn't here with my sister, I'd
smash your teeth against the counter.
Anna, let's go. Go, go.
How boring are these people!
Let me grab a couple of bottles,
and we'll go.
Our hands look alike.
Your ring finger is also longer
than your index finger.
It means you're ruled
by your emotions.
It's true with me at least.
I thought I might've been
a big disappointment to you -
because you left like that
in the morning.
I thought you might be embarrassed
having someone like me for a sister.
You're the one Dad chose back then.
I'm happy you found me.
God arranged things once again.
When I had a rough time
at school or somewhere else -
I imagined you'd show up
and take me away.
I remember
you coming to see me once.
At times I thought
it was just a dream.
But it wasn't. It was you.
You were in my room.
I was really little.
You had long, curly hair -
and you wanted us to learn to fly.
I don't remember that.
We flapped our arms, -
even though I didn't believe
that would work.
But you kept flapping your arms
and lifted up in the air a bit.
Just a couple of centimeters.
I remember it clearly.
I guess I flew then.
That move at the end was great.
Hi, Angela.
- Hi. Okay. Hi.
Anna, let me talk to them a sec.
Why don't you go check
if they have drinks for us.
I don't have the whole amount yet,
but I'll get it.
You better not bump
into Jakke anytime soon.
He was pretty pissed off at you.
Three weeks. After that
things won't be so friendly.
I'm doing great. I'll get the money.
- Good.
Seriously. No problem.
I borrowed the money from a guy
who works at a club where I dance.
He ran into problems,
so he sold my debt to those guys.
Who are they?
- They work for this guy called Mertsi.
He has a company. They work
as bouncers and things like that.
They also do a bunch of other
things. Sell pills. And stuff.
How much do you owe?
About 30,000 euros.
- I just paid 4,000.
Why'd you need so much?
- To start this group.
I had to get costumes and put up
a website and everything.
I'm not young anymore.
I had to do it now.
I've done private shows for years.
I've seen what happens to girls
when they get too old.
Now that I've done these shows,
I can easily get solo gigs.
I have connections.
If you get 500 euros per gig,
and you owe 26,000 euros... have to do... 52 gigs.
You calculated it just like that?
- You have to pay for gas, food...
Well, this isn't your problem.
Let's go.
We need to get some sleep.
You can take a bus home
at 11 in the morning.
I'll be fine.
Hey! Hi.
I have no idea who they were.
I wonder how much he'd pay not
to have us post this online?
At least a couple of thousands.
Are you serious?
- I don't know.
He'd know it was us.
- He wouldn't have any evidence.
I'm sure he'll pay as long as
we don't ask for too much.
Let me see the photo.
Be serious.
Your bus is leaving soon.
I don't want to go back.
I hate that bitch at the caf.
You don't have to go back there.
I stayed because Dad was sick.
There's nothing for me there.
I could stay here.
And you need that money.
New multimedia message
Five thousand, and that photo
will be deleted for good.
"Your message is going
straight to the police."
Shit. Anna.
Can he find out it's us?
This is a prepaid number.
This is your last chance,
before all your supporters, -
family members
and Facebook friends see this.
Anna, you're
like some Bond villain.
Jakke. Your turn.
Your turn.
Message from Angela.
She says
you'll get the rest on time.
And a smiley face.
The audience in Imatra
is always nice.
And in Lappeenranta. Don't we have
a show there the clay after tomorrow?
I've been thinking. Could you
offer the men a private dance?
I would film it with my phone.
Wouldn't that be a bit too nasty?
First they'd pay for the dance,
and then we'd film them?
Okay, we'll see.
Now let's get some sleep.
I have a photo for you, if you want it.
- What photo?
Of Dad. You asked for one.
It's from our boathouse.
He liked fishing?
We went often.
He let me steer the boat.
You can have the photo.
I don't need it.
I've always had the best father.
Would you pray with me?
Dear Heavenly Father.
Thank You for today.
Thank You for bringing us
to a safe haven once again.
We are Your children
and servants. Amen.
This house is awesome. It's really yours?
- Of course.
Thank you. You're wonderful!
Remember to love each other!
That looks like some space city.
There's an even cooler place
behind it.
You can almost see it from here.
What place?
- Miami.
It's there.
That's where we're going.
Let's never part ways.
We need 8,000 euros more.
- Only 8,000? That's great.
We'd have so much more money
if we hadn't spent...
What's the point of living
if you can't enjoy it?
Besides, I'm sure Jouni will
give us a couple of thousand.
I'm happy you'll get to meet him.
He's really nice.
We've been through a lot, but
I still feel he's the man in my life.
Not that door. This one.
Let's not wake him up.
I've been sleeping here temporarily.
We both felt we needed some space.
There's a sink in the corner.
The toilet is by the stairs.
I know this seems weird,
but it's just for one night.
Is someone there?
- Jouni.
Jouni, this is my sister.
- Anna. Nice to meet you.
You still have my keys?
- No, I took them from the hiding place.
We had a gig in Kouvola yesterday.
You could've come seen us.
- You can't do this.
You promised to come get
your stuff by the end of the month.
This is Mirkku.
Oh, okay.
- This is Angela.
And her sister.
- Hi.
I like your earrings.
- Thanks.
Okay. So did you come to get your stuff?
- Yeah.
I was thinking
we'd crash here for the night.
We have a long drive tomorrow.
Well... Okay then.
We'll go upstairs.
Mirkku has a morning shift.
Good night.
- Good night.
Thank You for today. Thank You
for everything You've given us.
Thank You for bringing us
to a safe haven once again.
We are Your children and servants. Amen.
- Amen.
We'll get the money.
Then we can travel somewhere.
Thanks, sweetie.
What's this?
D for Doris.
My daughter.
You have a child?
- Yeah.
But she doesn't live with me.
She has this...
...really good foster family.
I get to call her every now and then
and ask how she's doing.
So everything turned out
really well.
Let's get some sleep, okay?
I'll call.
Two thousand.
I told him you thought Mirkku was weird.
- What?
I had to make
some kind of comment about her.
So you're touring with her now?
- Yeah.
It's good someone looks after her.
I mean, she's... Angela.
Sometimes, with her,
it's like being high on coke.
The sun just keeps shining.
But then she gets these... ideas.
I have to keep away from her.
I'm doing well now.
And you, just so you know, -
be careful.
- She's my sister.
Here you go. Bye, hon.
Excuse me, you have the stick?
- The stick with your music on it.
Oh. Yeah.
All the songs are in one file.
They're in the right order.
- Okay.
My name is Timi.
- Anna.
Is there going to be a big crowd tonight?
- Pretty big.
Have you worked here a long time?
- No. It's just a part-time thing.
It's part of my studies.
- Oh.
Are you going to be a bartender?
I'm more interested in music.
The technical side of it. - Okay.
This is my last day here.
You have a reason
to celebrate then.
We could raise a toast
after the show.
We have the money.
- You have to speak louder.
We have the money.
Or, at least, most of it.
These kinds of places
are difficult.
My hearing aid
doesn't work that well.
We have the money.
- I don't work for Mertsi anymore.
I kinda got fired.
It was the second blow.
My other ear was already bad.
After I lost 60 percent
of the hearing in my good ear, -
I became pretty useless.
What do you want then?
- I don't know.
I don't fucking know.
I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
It's my debt, not Anna's!
- We were just talking...
Don't come here threatening us.
We did what we promised.
Leave Anna alone!
Was I threatening you?
- Hey...
Get in!
Should we call Mertsi?
We need to sort things out
How about we think
about it tomorrow.
What are we going to do with Timi?
Can't he stay here?
He's sweet.
- We need to leave early.
Yeah, yeah.
I should start walking home.
- No, you shouldn't. Come on in.
I'll step outside for a moment
and give you the room.
You want to sit down?
- Yes. Thanks.
You want something to drink?
- Sure, why not.
Aren't those expensive?
- That's okay.
What kind of music
would you like to make?
Like folk stuff combined
with electronic or...
You're so sweet
just the way you are now.
Anna! Shouldn't you be in bed?
Hey, go back to bed.
Everything's okay.
You want me to go to the police?
What about Mertsi?
We have three days.
Let's just get the money.
And if they find him?
- They won't.
He went crazy in the bar, and
that's the last we saw of him, okay?
We'll go get the stuff
we left at the club.
Then we'll drive to the next gig
just as we normally would.
Are you filming?
- I was just...
What the hell?
Get your hands off her!
Anna, come!
Let me go!
Oh hi. Hi.
I'm sorry. I didn't know.
Is this your house?
We had this situation...
- Hey! Anna!
You feel like throwing up, sweetie?
- I don't know.
I think it's just a concussion.
Why don't you rest for a moment.
A car will come pick you up
in a couple of hours. - Okay.
Stay here until it comes.
- Thank you.
What happened?
Just sleep.
Oh, sorry.
I couldn't sleep.
This is a really nice place.
You have trouble sleeping as well?
One should trust God,
but one still worries about things.
Our Lady of Kazan.
She who shows the way.
It's from the 1500s.
Does this one do miracles too?
I hope so.
Would you like a drink?
- Yeah.
So they drove you away
from your congregation? - Yeah.
We... I mean,
they have pretty strict rules.
They were actually
everything I had.
Because my mother
was a bit... unstable.
So the people from the congregation
were like family to me.
I don't even know
how they found out -
that I had started dancing
at this club, -
but somehow they always do.
I prayed they'd take me back.
I confessed and everything, but no.
For a while after that
all kinds of things happened.
But then God spoke to me.
And I realized they don't own Him.
God is mine. And I'm God's.
Exactly the way I am.
Now He gave me Anna, my sister.
Have you always had faith?
- No.
Sometimes I find it -
but then I lose it again.
I... doubt.
Maybe that's why I was sent here.
To give you reassurance.
Or 'gust to cheer you up.
- Not yet.
Okay, you can come.
Excuse me.
Let's continue some other time.
We'll be at the hotel soon,
and you can go back to sleep.
For the dance.
- Oh.
Thanks. I left a scarf upstairs.
I'll go get it.
Anna, there's tons of money in here.
Sometimes I'm amazed at
the strange paths God takes us down.
And everything just works out.
Jakke was not a good man.
Should we take Highway 6?
Or stay on this?
That's a pretty cool bike.
- I don't know. I don't care.
Baltkraft Owner's Shady Past
Wouldn't it be best
if I talked to him?
- May I speak to Mertsi.
Who's asking? - Angela's sister.
I need to talk about her debt.
I don't know anyone called Angela.
We have thirty grand.
Angela's sister.
This is Angela 's sister.
- Yea h?
We'll pay. This doesn't
have to go any further.
We have almost thirty grand.
We're getting the rest soon.
I lent her thirty grand.
- Yeah.
Did it cross your mind
she needs to pay interest?
Or do you think I do this for fun?
H ow m u ch?
- 20 percent per month.
It's so late I don't even
want to count how much.
I don't think
I want your money anymore.
We'll give you forty-five grand
in a week.
You want it? Or do you
prefer beating women up?
And now you're on the hook as well.
I knew there'd be interest, but
I didn't realize it was that much.
Did I leave the door open?
- Where is it?
Where the fuck is the bag?
- I'm sure I locked the door.
Where's the bag?
- It's there.
I'm sure I locked the door.
I'm sure I locked the door.
Anna, I'm getting cold.
Let's just go somewhere.
Somewhere far away.
We don't have any money.
Give me your phone.
Let's see if we can
come up with something.
There might be something
we can still use.
What's this?
Well? I came to see you, but
I want to tell you right away that -
if this is about
what I think it is...
I can't help you.
Eduard Richter.
- I don't know him.
How much will we ask for?
- Enough to get away.
Then we wouldn't have to pay Mertsi.
- We'll take care of it first.
I'd like to offer you my help.
- I really don't want to know.
I know you've applied
for an important position.
You could help me.
- Maybe.
I have friends. You need support.
For example, from Russia...
You sure?
Miami, all airports
This is good. Departure at 9:50 p.m.
When does it arrive?
- At 5 a.m.
We'll head to the beach
and have breakfast at a beach bar.
It wasn't because of my mom
that I didn't visit you anymore.
Dad didn't want me to.
He was afraid
I'd do something to you.
It was a stupid thing.
We were bathing you.
Then Dad went somewhere.
When he came back,
you were underwater.
He thought I did it on purpose.
I don't know
what made me think of that.
See that queue for the taxi?
Start walking calmly towards it.
Don't do anything that'll draw attention.
- Attention to me?
Tell the taxi driver to head
towards the Tuusula Highway.
I'll send you a text
about where to pick me up.
You'll check with me...?
- No, you'll check with me!
You'll pick me up,
and we'll drive to the airport.
What if I don't get
a text from you? Anna?
You will.
What if we make it
to the airport before that?
If you don't get a message from me,
take the first flight to Miami.
Do You give
only to then take away?
Get ready.
Why did you buy a value ticket?
- What?
You bought a value ticket to Miami.
It's more expensive.
You bought it because
it can be canceled?
What are you talking about?
We're in a hurry.
What are you doing?
Hey. What are you doing?
So you're not coming with me.
- To Miami.
What are you talking about?
Of course I'm coming.
We don't have time for this.
Open the door, Angela.
Seriously. We're in a hurry.
Open the door!
Daddy's little princess.
What are you talking about?
I got all your letters.
"Dear Angela,
Dad took me to the boat today."
"Dad built me a dollhouse."
What are you talking about?
- Be quiet!
Be quiet.
Angela, you need to calm down.
Why did you look for me
if you're just going to leave?
I'm coming with you.
- Don 't lie to me./
What do you want from me?
Angela, please. Let me out.
I'm not going anywhere.
Trust me.
We're going to Miami soon.
You and me.
Everything's okay.
- I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You've changed everything
in my life, you know.
Why did you buy
the value ticket then?
Angela. You have to do
everything exactly as we agreed.
You understand?
Exactly as we agreed.
Otherwise we won't make it.
Pack your stuff quickly.
God bless you.
The Lord sees you! The Lord
hears you! Accept God's love!
God won't abandon you!
Accept God's love!
God listens to you!
God listens to you!
Accept God's love!
Don't be alone!
Trust God! Accept God's love!
Accept God's love!
God's love...
I'm looking for Mertsi.
So you're really Angela's sister.
Okay. Wait.
Stay and eat with us.
It's a bit chilly, but we have blankets.
- I don't have time.
Too bad.
We should get going...
- just a moment. She'll call me.
All right.
God is the same, after all.
Could one of you please
walk me out?
To the airport, Terminal 2, please.
This hair looks good on you.
Your bone structure is
so beautiful.
Sweetie, everything's okay.
I'm sorry.
Everything's okay, sweetie.
Hey. We'll always be together.
Even if we're not in the same place.
You can come to Miami later.
Sweetie, look at me.
Sweetie, just look at me.
When they're not looking, run.
Go to the car and drive.
Drive straight to the airport.
Promise me.
I'll meet you there.
Minister Junell has been appointed
executive director of UN Women.
Meanwhile, the Baltkraft wind farm
was opened today.
How warm is it there this time of the year?
- Really warm.
She's been waiting for you
and writing you letters, -
asking me all the time,
"When is my aunt coming?"
Dodo. Dodo, hey. Anna's here.
She calls herself Dodo,
so we also started calling her that.
Proofread by Rich Lyons