Miami Blues (1990) Movie Script

Oh, thank you very much.
Uh, may I trouble you | for a pillow?
Great. Thank you.
Excuse me.
I guess we're going | to be a while.
Ha ha ha! | You're funny.
The temperature in Miami...
is currently 86 degrees | and muggy.
We will be starting | our descent for landing...
in just a few moments.
Herman Gotlieb...
Please remain seated | with your seat belts on...
until the captain has | turned off the seat belt sign.
All passengers | holding tickets...
to Eastern Flight 162 | to Tampa...
please come | to the ticket counter.
Wow! Thanks.
All passengers leaving | on Flight 266...
please go directly | to the check-in desk...
at Gate 6.
All passengers leaving...
Please go directly | to the check-in desk...
Hi there. | Going home?
I'd like to tell you | about a book.
It's a classic | of the Vedic literature...
"The Knowledge of God."
Have you seen | the movie "Gandhi?"
My name's Ravindra. | What's your name?
Mr. Gotlieb...
You know, | anything you want.
Hey, send me up | a girl, Pablo. Now.
You got any | of that hundred...
I gave you last week?
I got all of it, man...
but I'm not lending you | no more money.
Come on, Blink.
Look. 50 bucks | till payday.
Moseley. Homicide.
A what died?
All right. | Right away.
I'll pay to find | the dumbbell killers.
What's it worth to you?
Thanks, Blink.
Hey, man, | replace your teeth.
Pablo sent me.
How old are you, anyway?
19...and my name is Pepper.
You got a driver's license | on you, Pepper?
What's wrong | with Susan Waggoner?
You know, Susie...
this license here says | you're 23 years old.
I know what it says.
You can call me Junior.
You around a size 7?
Uh, 6.
Sometimes 7.
Depends on...
Here. Try this on.
Could you turn | around, please?
Thank you.
Can you zip me up?
it looks nice to me.
You want me to wear it?
Fuck, no.
I want you to buy it.
50 bucks.
It might be worth a suck.
Is that what you're | getting for a suck...
these days, 50 bucks?
Where did you get | all these nice things?
Oh, when I left my wife | I took 'em with me.
Figured I paid for 'em, | they're my clothes, right?
You left your wife?
How long you been | working for Pablo?
Since the beginning | of the semester.
I go to Miami-Dade.
l...I'm majoring | in business...
but I also take | English classes.
Yeah, well...
the first thing they | should have taught you...
at your hooker classes...
is you shouldn't | ask the clients...
so many fucking | personal questions.
I'm sorry.
Are you going to call down | and cancel me now?
That's OK. | Don't feel bad about it.
Um, I hope, uh...
the next girl's | more to your liking...
and I hope that you enjoy | your stay in Florida...
Mr. Gotlieb.
I'm giving you | your dress back.
No, forget | about the dress.
did I upset you?
I'm sorry.
So you want me to stay?
OK, then.
Let's do it.
Turn over.
Is something wrong?
I haven't been | with a woman...
in a long time.
I'm sorry.
Nobody kisses us.
OK, Henderson, what's up?
These two Krishnas have | been working the airport...
for a couple of months.
Now they'd been warned about | bugging the passengers.
Should've listened.
How was he killed?
He fucked with some guy...
wearing a suede | leather sport coat...
so the guy takes | his finger...
bends it back, breaks it, | then disappears.
Now the witness lady says | she thinks that, uh...
well, he hopped on one of | the hotel courtesy vans.
We got a partial | description.
Wait a minute.
The Krishna died | of a broken finger?
I mean, is that a homicide?
Well, I guess | he died of shock.
Well, it hurts like hell...
to have your finger | bent back.
My sister used to do it | to me when I was a kid.
Yeah, but you didn't die.
Now, if this | was an accident...
it would be | simple assault, right?
However...if the guy | in the suede sport coat...
knew that Krishnas | had a bad habit of dying...
every time you bent | their finger back...
-Murder one? | -Yeah.
Well, the guys | at the station...
are going to laugh | their asses off...
Your turn to notify | next of kin.
No way! I did the fat lady | that sat on a kid.
That's good for 2.
Next week?
I'll be retired by then.
Ah, shit.
Well, you try the hotels.
See if anyone got off | one of their courtesy vans...
wearing a suede sport coat.
Ah, shit.
This is good here.
Oh, excuse me.
Maybe we should try | in here.
All right.
Price check. | Uzi squirt gun.
What's up?
Got something for me?
I got the goods.
In the bag. Now!
Up against the wall. Now!
Be cool, brother.
Hey, he's got a gun!
Let's get out of here!
Move it!
Give me a day's notice | before it runs out, OK?
Tell me Tuesday.
Looky, we got | a million dollars.
We got a million... | Brazilian dollars.
Absolutely worthless.
"That's a lot | of money, man.
"That's a lot of | fucking money.
"I don't think you are | a Porsche customer...
"Mr. Frenger.
"I don't think you really | want to buy a Porsche.
Do you want to buy | a Porsche?"
No, man! I'm here | to waste my time.
How much for | the speedboat, man?
"Oh, the speedboat is | very expensive, sir.
That speedboat is $50,000."
Wrap it up, man.
Yeah. The bellman said...
some guy matching | the description...
got off a courtesy van. | Registered. Yeah.
Got a name?
Name was, uh... | Herman Gotlieb.
Yeah. I'm in the room | right now.
Coat's here, too.
Coat? What else?
Well, the bellman | also said...
the guy had | a hooker with him.
-A hooker? | -Yeah.
No lie?
I got an address on her.
An address?
Oh, man.
Got a pen handy there, | Hoke?
Give me the hooker's | address.
-Hi! | -Hey.
You showed up.
I brought you | a present.
Oh, really? | I got you one, too.
A present from a client.
Well, hey, I'm more | than a client.
"Shit happens when | you party naked!"
Look at us.
I was just gonna get you | the plain "Shit happens..."
but I thought you'd like | the "party naked" part.
Hey, that's the best part.
Hi. Um, circe salad, Noira. | It's real good, Junior.
Right away.
So, uh, Susie...
tell me how you wound up | living in Miami.
Oh, I got a job | at a Burger World...
up in Hollywood...
and I was gonna, you know...
save up and get | my own franchise...
but Pablo offered me | this job.
Well, it pays | a whole lot better.
This is a nice cup, Junior.
I'm gonna get a lot | of use out of this.
It's a good cup.
Hey, did you see | the swimmers?
That's why | I picked this place.
They do, like, | a water ballet.
Ballet in the water. | I like it.
'Cause I like | to swim myself.
I'd rather do that kind | of work, you know?
But you gotta train | for a long time.
So now I want to take | a Spanish course in college.
You know, in my business...
a lot of people don't | speak English...
so I think I'd | be better at it...
if I spoke...thank you.
We'll take | the check now.
Yes, sir.
You know, like, | well, Cuban, also.
And I think that's sort | of like Spanish...Cuban...
but it's | a little different.
This ice cream dressing | is sour as shit.
It's yogurt dressing, | not ice cream.
Where you been?
Oh, that's OK.
I never had | yogurt dressing...
up in Okeechobee.
Where is that?
That's where I'm from.
You heard | of Lake Okeechobee.
I'm from California.
I don't know shit | about Florida.
You ever heard | of Lake Tahoe?
Lake Tahoe?
How is it?
Who is he?
We're engaged.
Hey, separate checks.
My treat.
Good luck.
Hey, Susie...
we're not gonna be | calling it a night, are we?
I got a homework paper.
I gotta write a haiku | for English class.
I tell you what.
I'm real good | at making up things...
you know, poems. | I could come over.
I could help you | write your, uh...
Let's get out of here.
Thank you. I'm sorry. | I liked the food.
So you think this | unidentified assailant...
who broke, uh...
Ravindra's finger | did it on purpose?
Sorry, uh...Ramba.
That's all right. Heh.
That was a short engagement.
Hey, you know, | you still haven't told me...
what it is you do.
Oh, I got investments.
I take people's money | and put it to work.
You got any?
I got a $10,000 CD...
and I take | the interest from that...
and I put it | into a N.O.W. account.
Jesus Christ.
That's the biggest | frigging racket going.
I want you | to march straight down...
to the bank first thing | in the morning...
and cash in both | of those things.
I can't let my fiancee | get ripped-off...
when I can | double your money.
-Double? | -Yeah.
How 'bout that poem | we were gonna write?
We make love a lot.
We make love right now.
No. It's seven | in the second line.
Seven in the second line?
Splashes around | in his pond...
Could you | close the door, please?
Thinking he's...
Breaking, entering...
the dark | and Ionely place...places.
Finding a...big gun.
Smelling like a rose.
Any luck?
I wrote 2. Heh.
Maybe I'll get extra credit.
Hey, where did you | get these?
Dumb question.
-Are you a nosy rosy? | -Mm-mmm.
What the hell | was that, man?
The doorbell.
Talk about dumb questions.
Susan Waggoner?
Can I come in?
I bet you're | Herman Gotlieb.
How much?
Sergeant Hoke Moseley.
Herman Gotlieb.
I'd like to ask you | a few questions. Routine.
Boy, you got | a grip there, Herman.
Been working out?
Can I get you | a cold one there, Sarge?
Well, why not?
Two Polars, honey.
You down at the airport | today, Herman?
Yeah, I was.
Somebody broke | the finger off
a Hare Krishna...
and the son | of a bitch died.
No shit?
No shit.
I didn't do it.
Oh, no, no, no.
We're just looking | for someone...
who might have seen | anything.
I'm curious, uh...
you own | a suede sport coat?
Yeah, I do.
OK. You're probably | the one.
Did you get on | the courtesy van...
to the Grand Prix Hotel?
Hey, fuck | this nonsense, man.
You're misunderstanding | this, Herman.
Who got killed?
You know, if I had | something better to do...
like sit at home | with a beautiful girl...
I wouldn't even be | bothering you, but, uh...
you were mentioned | as a possible witness.
See anything?
We got this | forensic dentist.
And l, uh, I talked him | into pulling my teeth...
and fixing me | some new chompers.
Well, it took two months | of his spare time.
And I got so used to | drinking without 'em...
I just pull 'em out.
Bother you?
you want me to fix | those pork chops now?
Hell, I'll put 'em | back in for pork chops.
Pork chops comin' up.
your fiancee...
is the best cook | in South Florida.
More taters?
So, Herman, where | did you do your time?
What do you mean?
Well, the way you're | guarding that food.
You know...
like another con could | take it away from you.
Well, I was raised | in foster homes, you know?
I didn't get no dessert | till I was in eighth grade.
I got a daughter | in the eighth grade.
Half my paycheck goes | to her orthodontist.
She's got your teeth, man.
Yeah. The joint's | about the only place...
you got time to work out | to get a grip like that.
I was an aerobics | instructor.
Shoots the shit | out of that theory.
Any more Polars?
Junior got | the last one.
I could run out | and get some.
Beer's gone, I'm gone.
You're kidding.
But, you know, | I gotta get...
that pork chop | recipe first.
No. Are you serious?
It's so easy, what I did.
You are definitely | not gonna have...
to write this down.
All it is is pork chops | in a frying pan.
And just cook 'em | in their own fat...
with a lot of salt.
Oh, well, | they sure were good...
but you know | what I really like...
is native Florida cooking.
Now, did you ever have | chestnut batter...
on your pork chops?
Boy, I never did.
You got a recipe | for that somewhere?
Uh, yeah, I do, | as a matter of fact.
I'll give it to you. | Just a minute here.
Oh, I appreciate that.
Great dinner.
Get you something | to go, Sarge?
Just you.
Kidding, Herman.
Listen, if you | think of anything...
just, uh, give me a call.
That's my home phone.
Look, it's a hotel...
and the old guy | at the desk is deaf...
so, uh, just let it ring | till he sees the lights.
Oh, and, uh, | when we round up...
the usual airport | hoodlums...
maybe you could shoot by and | take a look at a line-up.
Take you five minutes.
Oh, yeah.
You mind standing | in the line-up, too?
We're a little short | of bodies. Heh heh.
You ever stood | in a line-up before, Herman?
Never been caught, Sarge.
Ah, you ain't got | one beer rat-holed...
I can take with me | for the road, do you?
You got it all, man. | Dog biscuits, too.
Oh...see you.
Night, Susie.
Years ago, I started | preaching catch-and-release.
Back then, a lot of things | seemed to indicate...
that our bass resource in | many areas of the country...
was rapidly diminishing.
Today, there is | no doubt about it...
and I'm very concerned about | what the future holds...
for this great sport.
In simple terms...
we don't have the vast | water we once had...
and there are | several reasons for it...
pollution, | illegal netting...
the pressure of removing | too many adult bass...
from their environment.
You know, they're kind of | like money in the bank.
I got news for you.
I'm not coming back. | I'm married.
I am so married.
I gotta go. Bye.
You like ham and eggs?
Drop it.
It smells good.
Who was that, anyway?
The cops rousted him.
I guess they're giving him | a hard time because of you.
We got to go for | a little ride, honey.
What about breakfast?
It was gonna be a surprise.
I was gonna bring it | in to you on a tray.
And then l...
Make it to go.
Not too tired | for some fun?
Call it a night, sister.
Aye, aye, sir.
I got something that | I gotta tell you.
I used to be in prison.
What did you do | to get there?
I used to rob people | who robbed people.
Kind of like Robin Hood?
Except I didn't | give the money...
to the poor people.
You don't do that | anymore, do you?
I got investments now.
Good. You got me | out of the life.
Now you stay out of crime.
Sounds good.
Yeah, sure. | Why not?
Say you promise.
I promise.
Sanchez. Homicide.
Oh, my replacement.
How is he?
He's got a cervical | disc injury...
a dislocated jaw, bruises...
uh, got a concussion... | I don't know how bad it is.
Somebody really | worked him over.
Did he tell you | who did it?
What happened?
No. He's in and out | of consciousness.
Drop the knife, Pablo.
My name isn't Gotlieb.
Sergeant Hoke Moseley, | homicide.
That little girl | you sent up to my room?
She's 15 years old, man.
She's 23, man. | She's not 15.
Look. Sergeant Lackley | checked her I.D.
Why don't you call him? | I pay him every week.
Maybe you two guys | can get together.
How much you pay | Lackley every week?
$500 a week. Don't.
All right, from now on, | Lackley gets 250.
The other 250 to me...
at the Primrose Hotel. | You got it, man?
Lackley's not gonna go | for any split like that.
You tell the guy | at the desk...
to leave it for me | in the safe.
Hi. What can I get for you?
Uh...iced coffee.
Hey! What are you doing?
Open the goddamn | drawer now! Do it!
Stop or I'll shoot!
You just shot me.
I fired a warning shot | and it hit you.
You're no cop.
No problem.
There is no problem.
Police. Homicide.
You people go about | your business.
You finish your lunches, | your breakfasts, whatever.
Don't worry, lady.
I'm gonna call | an ambulance now...
on the radio | in my police car.
Yeah. I'll be right back.
Slow down.
Go ahead.
Stop right here!
Yeah, with almost antiques.
How much?
I been worried sick!
Where you been all day?
Dumb question.
Did you get the money?
I cashed in | the $10,000 CD...
but I decided to keep | the N.O.W. account open...
for 8 more days.
What did I tell you?
They said if I keep it | open for 8 more days...
I'll be eligible | for a teapot.
I'm sorry.
It's just 8 more days.
You'll still be here, | won't you?
I don't know.
My problem is | that I can have...
everything and anything | that I want...
but I don't know | what I want.
Tell me again about that | Burger World franchise.
You need $50,000.
You borrow another 50,000 | from Burger World...
and you wait for an opening.
But why? | What's the purpose?
To make a living, | that's all.
You hire kids, so you | can pay 'em nothing.
And you watch 'em | real close...
or they will | steal you blind.
And...and you save | your money...
and you buy | a nice little house...
with a white picket fence.
And you live | happily ever after.
I tell you what. | Let's go straight...
to the "happily | ever after" part, OK?
I can't see any point...
in hanging out | at a Burger World...
no matter how much money | you're gonna make.
It's stupid.
You can forget about | Burger World, honey.
I'm gonna | take care of you...
and you're gonna | take care of me.
That's our purpose.
Do you know any | married people today?
Hmm? They're a team.
They pull together, | and they get rich.
They got it all.
And you know | that little house...
you were just | talking about?
I rented us one | in Coral Gables today.
Oh, Junior.
That's what you were | up to all day?
I'm gonna take | such good care of you.
He was a big guy, man. | Bigger than you.
Got up from the table, | said he was homicide.
Pulled a badge?
After he whacks the dude.
It was cold, man, ice cold.
Thanks, Blink.
What do I owe you?
It's on the house, bro.
Come on.
I like the air conditioning | on frozen.
Me, too.
1/2 ounce. | Primo, man.
Thanks, man.
Hey, half that's mine.
Fuck you! I sold it. | I keep the money.
These are my contacts. | They're my people.
I don't give a shit | about your contacts.
Don't turn your back. | I'm tired of your shit.
Get out of my face!
Police! Freeze!
Stand over there.
Put that on. | Right through there.
You know what to do, | Shorty.
I don't believe this.
I'm gonna let | you two guys go...
with a little warning.
Don't get caught.
Police! Don't move!
You can go now.
Give me your wallet!
Come on, man. | Move it...
Police! Drop it!
I said drop it.
Shoot him!
Make it, Julio.
Yeah. Yeah.
That's my purse!
Stop him!
Stop! Somebody | please help me!
Go get him.
Thank you, officer.
Yeah, that's great, lady.'re a cop!
Hey! Police! Police!
You have anything | against broccoli...
cauliflower, | stuff like that?
I don't want to talk | about that at this time.
What are you going to do | now that we're married?
Take care of the house, | shop, fix dinner.
Take care of the babies.
Is that what | you'd like to do?
Be a mother?
Well, I don't...
I guess so.
l...I don't... | I don't know.
I lived with a girl | once for 2 months.
She didn't do anything...
a housewife was | supposed to do.
I thought you said | you were married.
I told you that before | I really knew you.
What I'm driving at, | Susie, is...
I want to have | a regular life.
I want to go to work | in the morning...
sometimes at night...
come home | to a clean house...
and a hot meal...
and a loving wife | just like you.
I don't want to have | any babies.
This world's a shit hole.
You think | you can handle that?
I do.
I do.
This is better | than counting money.
These yours?
I can't tell.
Yeah. This, uh... | nail polish.
We found two muscleheads | cuffed together.
Jesus! | He's making arrests?
We did some | routine prints.
They match those taken...
from the scene of | the dumbbell murders.
I've been working | that case for 15 months.
Congratulations. | Case is closed.
Find Gotlieb?
We're looking for him.
Ohh...let's get | the fuck out of here.
I'll find him.
Maybe you should wait | and let him solve...
a couple more from | your case load, huh?
Will you have | a seat, please?
Where, here?
Your name, please?
Ziffel. Fred Ziffel.
Is that the way you want | the account to read?
No. I want it to read | "Arnold Ziffel."
Here you go.
Hey, Eddie.
Here's the key | to your new suite.
Oh, and some Cuban kid | on a bicycle...
made two deliveries.
Uh, 250 in both.
I'm sorry. | I opened them.
It's OK, Eddie.
Who is it?
Lackley. Vice.
Slide your I.D. | under the door.
Are you fucking serious?
Try me! | Next thing you hear...
will be a bullet | coming through the door!
Pablo sent this.
What's the matter, Sarge? | Got a guilty conscience?
I just got out | of the hospital.
I know all about you.
I like your place here, | too. It's very nice.
You also got | a little something...
that belongs to me, | don't you, Gums?
What the fuck | you talkin' about?
I never seen you | before in my life.
Now, listen, Sarge...
you think you're moving in | on my territory?
I think you better | cough up...
some "do-re-mi" right now.
500 bucks. Let's have it.
What 500 bucks?
What are you | talking about?
-Fuck off! | -Fuck off?!
You go to Pablo...
you cut yourself in | on my action.
You don't think | I'm coming after you?
Jesus Christ! | You got a lot of balls!
And Pablo wants the hooker | back on the job...
tomorrow at 10:00, | and all is forgiven, Gums.
What hooker?
He got your gun | and your badge...
and your teeth.
You are a disgrace | to the police force.
Fuckin' | Junior "Bullshit" Gotlieb.
Hey, you got | a piece, Eddie?
No. A gun. I need it.
Hold on.
Hair trigger.
Hollow points.
Thanks, Eddie.
Right in here.
Where's Antonio?
On your feet, pal.
Turn around.
Move it.
Police raid! | Everybody freeze!
Run for it!
Yo! Hey, guys!
Come on back. | Where are you goin'?
Come on. | I got this covered!
At ease, officer.
I think you'd better | check with your superiors.
Remain silent.
Hey, I pay good money | to the right people, huh?
Were you out | at the airport today?
Was I out | at the airport today?
What, are you crazy?
You ever stood | in a line-up before?
Oh, yeah. I stood in | a line-up before.
OK. I want you to | line up there!
Hey, what the hell's | going on here?
Shut up!
You own a suede | sports coat?
Courtesy van?
You ain't no cop.
Oh, I'm a cop.
Prove it, slick. | You're not walking...
You crazy son of a bitch!
I'll kick the living shit...
Take it easy, Scanlan.
Hey, Smiley. | How are you?
Ellita Sanchez?
Hoke Moseley.
I've been calling you.
Don't they have someone | at that desk to answer?
Yeah...but he's deaf. | Got something?
Prints I.D. | on those beer bottles.
That's the son of a bitch!
"Frederick J. Frenger, | Junior."
Junior Gotlieb. | I knew that was bullshit.
I got something | on the real Gotlieb.
Mugged. D.O.A...
at the San Francisco | Airport Hospital.
That sound | like Junior's M.O.?
Murder one.
We can nail him as the | Krishna finger killer, I bet.
He's grown up behind bars.
And look at this.
Someone charged | a suede sport coat...
on the real Gotlieb's | credit card...
after he was dead.
We got the motherfucker!
I'm sorry. Habit.
I ran his real name | by the utilities...
but I turned up nothing.
He wouldn't use | his real name.
Well, if he did...
we'd be knocking | on his door right now.
What about Waggoner?
I called every utility | in Dade.
Even bottled water.
I'm sitting here | having my lunch...
waiting for | a call back, OK?
Sitting on your lunch?
Try Broward.
Look, I know you think | I'm a weak suck...
but I don't care.
The guy who did this | to me...this Frenger...
Junior...he's got | my old badge, Sanchez.
He's running around | playing cop...
assaulting | and beating people.
I'm doing everything | I can to help.
Call me if you | hear anything.
Put the funny book down!
Give me the fuckin' cash...
or I'll blow | your fuckin' head off!
No, don't count it, | Goddamn it!
Drop the gun, son.
I know what it's like...
to be on the other end | of that gun.
You're making | a big mistake.
I tell you what...
you put down the gun, | give back the money...
and I'll let you | walk on out of here.
You walk out that door...
your life is | gonna change forever.
Hold your fire, | you asshole!
What the fuck?!
Hey, you OK?
Hey, mister.
Get this thing off me. | I'm a cop.
I think I hit him.
You didn't hit shit.
Where is | the whipping cream?
We're out.
Oh, my God.
OK, I want you to do | something for me.
Go get me some | cotton balls...aah!
Some peroxide...
some bandages...
and bring me | a small mirror.
Oh, God. Oh, God.
Oh, fuck me.
I want you to go | and get me...
your smallest needle... | a small needle...
and thread it | with black thread, OK?
Here. I got it.
Oh, fuck. Oh, God.
OK. Now... | I tell you what.
I want you to sew | my eyebrow back on.
Hey, hey! | Now, come on, come on.
Come on. | You're gonna be OK.
I got it.
I'm sorry. | I'm no good at this.
I got it.
What? OK.
I got you.
I'm going to | get you a doctor.
Oh, no. No doctors.
I want you to get me | a bottle of gin.
I nursed my husband for | 3 years before he died...
but you're not | going to die.
It's gin, Junior.
Drink it.
We're going to need this.
This is going to hurt.
You move, and you're | a blind man. Scissors.
Hold it. Hold it.
You're doing real good, | Junior.
I'm just gonna | move down a bit.
Now we just have one more.
Just hold on.
That'll hold you.
Your husband must have | been glad to die.
Thank you.
Yeah, thanks.
You got a real nice | touch there, lady.
So...are you going to | tell me about it?
Yeah, I'll tell you | about it.
This straight life | that we've been living...
has been giving me this | misplaced sense of security!
I thought for | one minute there...
I was some kind of fuckin' | solid citizen or something.
All I want to know | is what happened to you.
Some guy in a blue | Toyota pickup ran me over.
I thought it must have been | something like that.
An anonymous, apparently | off-duty, police officer...
interrupted | a robbery tonight...
at a Coral Gables | convenience store...
heroically confronting | an armed robber...
with only bottles | of spaghetti sauce.
Ellita Sanchez.
Come in.
What's this?
Susan Waggoner. | Telephone order.
There's an address | in the Gables.
The Gables.
What time is it?
It's 1:00. I was | going out on a date.
I've got a relative | with Southern Bell...
or we wouldn't have gotten | the number for days.
That's great. Thanks.
What are you | going to do?
I'm going to | check it out.
You feeling better?
What would you like | for breakfast?
You're not hungry?
Well, I'm just | gonna run some errands...
and then I'll be back.
I love you.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Hey. Susan, uh... | Waggoner, right?
Remember me?
No, sir.
Hoke "Pork Chops" Moseley.
God, what | happened to you?
Ah, some psycho | jumped me...
almost broke my neck...
stole my gun, my badge, | and my teeth.
Yeah. These are temps.
Hey, I got | something for you.
Do you do your | marketing here?
Excuse me, would you | like to try some sausage?
No, thank you.
Are you sure? | It's really good.
Remember that...
pork chop recipe | I promised you...
with the chestnut batter?
Glad I ran into you.
Oh, this is great.
I can't believe | you remembered.
That is so nice of you.
I'm gonna | put it on my list...
and I'm gonna | make it tonight.
Hey, is that | an invitation?
I'll be there.
I got class tonight. | I'm sorry.
You're still | with that guy, huh?
No. Umm... | I kicked him out.
Well, good for you.
You know | who he really is?
He's a murderer.
Herman Gotlieb | isn't even his real name.
He spent his life in prison.
Frederick J. Frenger, | Junior.
Hate to run into Senior.
hey, you ever made | vinegar pie?
Vinegar pie? | My mother used to make it.
I can still taste it.
Oh. Seedless raisins | for a start.
Chop 'em up real fine.
And you beat the egg | yolks and the butter...
until they're creamy...
Wait a second.
And you beat | the egg whites...
until they're stiff...
and then you | fold them in...
and you take | one cup of sugar...
and, um...
here's | the tricky part, OK?
This is the key.
You use 5% vinegar, | no stronger.
And just 3 teaspoons, | that's all.
Just 3 little teaspoons.
That's where Mama | went wrong.
Yeah, probably so.
You don't know | where I could...
find that old boyfriend | of yours, do you?
No. He's gone for good.
I know you wouldn't | lie for him.
He was the liar.
Well, uhh... | enjoy that recipe.
I will.
Look, my number's on it.
If you really like it, | give me a call.
Oh, my God.
What are you | doing tomorrow?
I was gonna paint | the security bars.
Oh, no. I got | a million errands...
I gotta run tomorrow. | I wanted to go in...
and cash in | my coin collection.
I need you to drive me | around some.
We'll be done by noon.
Can't you drive?
Oh, no way, honey. Heh! | Honey, I gotta...-
I'm gonna be hoppin' | in and out...
of a hundred different | places.
Cost me a fortune | just to park...
if I could find a place.
That dessert?
I'll bring it to you. | Just go sit down.
So, you gonna drive me | around tomorrow?
Junior, are you sure | this is just an errand?
You promised no more | illegal stuff.
You saved my life, Susie.
Would I fuck up | the best thing...
that ever happened | to me...
just to make you | some kind of a wheelman?
Would you?
We made a deal.
I promised.
Like it?
This is really great.
It's great!
One of your best.
If a cop should | hassle you...
then you just drive on | around the block.
Why would anyone | hassle me?
You parked | in a yellow zone.
Police officer.
Buzz me in.
You say these coins | are stolen, Sergeant?
Sergeant, uh...
We picked him up | on a fencing sting.
We figure if we could | get a line on the owners...
we could solve the crime.
This a valuable | collection or what?
It's by no means | a rare collection.
When I take | this fleeting breath
When my eyes, | they close in death
Just a cursory look | at these coins...
tells me they're | in fair condition.
That was cursory?
You ever seen them before?
Seen lots like them.
What happened | to your eye?
Car accident.
You should sue the doctor | who sewed you up.
You could make a bundle.
He said it'd be fine | after it scarred over.
He lied.
How come | a homicide detective...
is so interested | in stolen property?
First of all, that's | confidential information.
Second of all, I'll ask all | the questions around here.
I'm working on a tip.
I'm thinking of putting | a stakeout in here.
You know, before | I put that window in...
I was hit 3 times | in one month...
but I don't need | no stakeout now.
Yeah? Why's that?
Because of Pedro.
He's been watching you | the whole time...
through a peephole | in the door.
It's OK, Pedro.
This is Sergeant Moseley.
He's with the | police department.
You bitch!
Oh, God.
You promised!
What the fuck | are you doing?!
-Freeze! Police! | -Freeze! Police!
Hold it.
Hey, move it!
Stop! Police!
Get out of the car!
What happened to you?
Raise your hands level | with your shoulders.
What are you gonna do | if I don't, Sarge?
Shoot me?
What was the bullshit...
with the money | you left me...
I don't give | nothing away.
What did the Krishna | do to die?
Where did you get | that jacket?
Herman Gotlieb.
Stand up. | Back up slowly.
Turn around | and face the wall.
I don't think | I can do that.
I'll pass out.
Most of my fingers | have been cut off...
and I'll probably go into | shock any minute now.
Move it!
Everything's turning | all orange and silver.
Susie's going to | get you, Sarge.
Did you kill him?
Good-bye, Junior.
You don't have to answer | if you don't want to...
but, uh...gotta clear | a few things up.
Did you know Junior | was gonna rob the store?
I was hoping he wouldn't.
He swore to me.
I had to give him | the benefit of the doubt...
because he had | some good qualities.
He always ate everything | I ever cooked for him.
And he never hit me.
There were lots of good | things about Junior.
Listen, Hoke, this is | exactly what happened...
or you're in big | jurisdictional trouble.
You were tailing him... | a murder suspect.
You see him coming | out of the coin shop...
with a gun in his hand.
Suspecting him of robbery, | you called for back-up...
and you followed him | to the house.
He pulled a gun on you, | and you shot him.
Something like that.
Exactly like that.
There's only one problem, | though: the girl.
She'll blow holes | in this story.
Cut her loose.
Is she really | Princess Not-So-Bright...
or is she just pretending?
Ah, she's been | through hell.
Leave her alone.
Let's get the fuck | out of here.
You look different.
I got my teeth back.