Miami Heat (2021) Movie Script

Latin Music
With your flower-power shirt
and your Cuban flow
Do it all for Miami
You got Mambo in the streets
But no Mambo in the sheets
Give it all to me Papi!
With your flower-power
shirt and your Cuban flow
Do it all for Miami
You got Mambo in the streets
But no Mambo in the sheets
Give it all to me Papi!
[Luis] Come on man.
She's 18, She's going to college
[Yuri] I know,
I'm her father.
She's got a job.
She is my daughter.
But you gotta let her go.
She's still my little Angel.
She needs time,
you're just not focusing on us.
Let's keep drinking.
My car,
you haven't fixed my car!
I got it, I got It. Almost done.
You know I got it,
You know about it.
I need the money you
know I can't sleep without it
[Latin Rap Music]
Out of all days, why today?
I feel like something is off.
Nothing is wrong.
They called ahead
and said he just wanted
to inspect the operation.
I've been working with this man
for 12 years.
Now he wants to inspect it.
Stay out of your head.
[Latin Music]
I can't find it.
It was on pages about property.
[Arbiter] We went over that
already. Look, you're a mechanic
I'm sure you have
other tool boxes in your shop.
Toolbox is very special to me.
She's keeping it out of spite.
Look at her face.
[Latin Music]
Oh shit
Don't worry.
You're a genius, OK?
And once he sees
how you've built this place
he's going to be so happy
I guarantee it.
It's almost Christmas.
I thought maybe
I can sell the toolbox.
[Arbiter] Mr. Gradenko,
the toolbox is going to Max.
It's non negotiable
at this point.
Let me think about it
Mr. Gradenko, you
cannot leave my table like that
Yes I can
[Charles] When you get there,
pay attention to this guy.
Then you tell me
if you see something suspicious.
I don't trust this guy
very much.
Ahh, Gentlemen.
[Camp] to eight Jefferson Ave
[Latin Music]
Hey, Sam wants to see you
as soon as you can.
Sam? Why?
I don't know.
How did he seem?
He seemed like Stan.
Can I get a pina colada
and a rum and coke, please?
[Camp] Gentlemen,
help yourselves to
[Charles] Thank you.
[Hip Hop Music]
Scotch on the rocks
with splash of water.
Yes Sir.
I've spent a lot of money
on this business.
[Camp] Yes, yes you have.
But as you can see here
we've also returned amazing
and above and beyond profits
what any investor
or businessman would dream of...
If you see here
some of the stats.
You think I don't know
what my businesses make?
[Reggae Music]
[Lou] If it wasn't for you,
I don't know what I'd do
You're Miami's
best kept secret, bro.
I told you car is ready
Incredible! I swear
nobody can do it like you
Man, the horsepower, the torque!
I don't know how you manage
to put this together! Like-
That's why
they pay me big bucks.
Damn Bro.
Yeah man, seriously though, like
you all right here, bro?
It just looks a little bit more
quieter than it used to be?
A little bit slow...
I will be OK.
[Sexy Jazz]
[Julia] Hey, Ashley said
you wanted to see me.
Come have a seat, Julia.
What do I always tell you?
It doesn't matter
if you're smart
or hot, it's all about
who you know.
Exactly, and I always did say
to you that I was
going to be a really good person
for you to know, didn't I?
[Stan] This is Vaughn Jacobs.
Vaughn is a talent agent,
but he's also a developer
[Stan] of social
media influencers.
[Stan] Just like me,
[Stan] he's got a real eye
for talent and beauty
and he asked me to set up
a conversation now...
and what Stan is getting at is
You have the look
and presence for this...
[Jacobs] You are so beautiful.
You could be an asset
in my line of work.
Believe me.
I have a special eye for this...
[Hip Hop Music]
You're doing a fine job,
Mr. Camp
It's Camp isn't it?
I have a very important client
coming to town this week.
This particular client
demands top quality merchandise
And I'm going to trust you,
to find that merchandise
Can I count on you?
I'm all ears.
[Reggae Music]
You don't ever miss
the old life, man?
You and me,
we was running shit, bro.
Not for a second.
That's why I always had a
different respect for you, man.
I look up to you.
It might not be much, but...
It's not a tip, Just think of it
as shashlik for muscle, protein.
You're built like a tank, so you
probably need it more than I do
Thanks brother
Yo man
[Luis] Call me man, whatever you
need you know I got you.
Thank you.
This is a beast, though!
You nailed this muthafucker!
My guy, call me!
Have you done modeling
or acting before?
Actually, I have.
I was Clara in The
Nutcracker at our church.
I've always wanted to be
this like,
famous actress... but...
I guess so do all little girls.
OK listen, if you are open to it
I'd love you to be a part
on a shoot?
What do you say?
I say yes.
Thank you, thank you,
thank you so much.
Thank you.
The Hammond.
8:00 PM
Show this at the door
They'll let you right in.
Thank you, thank you so much.
Ciau Bella.
You know...
There's a lot more
girls like that
where she came from.
Do you need any black girls?
[House Music]
Oh my God.
Jacobs modeling agency?
Are you going to go?
I mean, I want to.
Come on, you have to go.
This is an amazing opportunity,
but hey, if you don't want to go
that's fine.
You can give me that card
Because you know I want to party
with the rich and famous.
[Happy Music]
I notice you were out
until 5:00 AM again!
Please, don't remind me...
Was it Eric or Noah?
You think Noah could
keep me up that late?
It was Omar, anyway.
Girl, you change your men
way more often than you change
your underwear.
I know, but...
Where are you going?
I'm going to
video chat with my dad.
OK! Your hot, muscly dad?
Can I watch?
[Julia] Gross!
Don't you have homework to do?
Oh yes. I forgot about that.
[Phone Ringing]
[Russian Music on Yuri's radio]
Hello my little Angel.
[Julia] Hi Papa.
How are you?
Tired. I got off
shift super late and
you were blowing up
my phone the whole time!
[Julia] I thought you weren't
gonna do that anymore.
Sometimes I'm so worried.
You got nothing to worry
about, you raised a strong girl,
Just give it time.
That's what I don't have
anymore, Julia, time.
Don't say that Papa!
I'm excited
for Christmas together.
I already got your present.
As long as we stay together
that's the only present
I will need.
I love you.
I love you too, baby.
OK Papa, I'll call you tomorrow
on my lunch break.
Yes you will.
[Julia] Bye.
Bye baby.
[Techno Music]
[Charles] Gentlemen,
thank you for waiting.
[Charles] Welcome
to the Sunshine State.
My boss wants to know when
we're going to get the shipment.
When need the girls
by Christmas.
Wait. No "hello",
no "how are you?", Nothing?
We gave you a deposit
and he wants to know how long
you're going to keep him waiting
I just welcomed you to my house
Yeah yeah yeah... but.
Look we don't have
time for this. My boss-
[Charles] Your boss
Is one of many, many clients
one I don't particularly need.
So, you should be more...
Bullshit, my boss... Arghhh!
[Thug] Fuck!
[Charles] Go ahead, take two
[Charles] But
cordial this time, try it.
Hello, how are you?
[Thug] Hello how are you?
[Charles] Say:
you have a lovely house.
[Olivier Screams]
[Thug] You have a lovely
[Charles] You see,
that's cordial, I agree
But why the fuck
are you getting blood
in my beautiful floors?
You tell your boss
the shipment is ready.
That I need his business,
but he should be more careful
with the caliber of
messengers he sends.
You got it?
Yeah. Yeah!
You have to clean up this mess.
It's gonna be buffet night
Are the alligator farm.
[Hip Hop Music]
[Photographer] Oh yes...
[Photographer] That's
what I'm talking about.
[Television] Crime scene photos
from Miami Beach police
[Television] begin to tell
the story of human trafficking.
[Television] Women branded by
their pimps and traffickers
[Television] wearing
the same tattoos
[Television] as the men accused
of exploiting them.
[Television]Women beaten when they
fail to meet cash quotas for sex
[Television] Miami Beach is
a huge destination for them.
[Television] Detectives
working to uncover
[Television] human trafficking.
[Television] See this crime
all over the city.
Merry Christmas
[Photographer] Be
sexy for me for me babe.
Yes, come on.
A little bit more...
[Television]In Miami Beach human
traffickers, like cold hard cash
[Television] was a man with
a stable of women in his grasp
[Television] They do
come to the tourist area
[Television] it's a special
city there's a lot of money here
[Television] Detectives say
the men target vulnerable women
[Television] to become
sex workers.
[Hip Hop Music]
[Television] Detectives
say the men target
[Television] vulnerable women
to become sex workers,
[Television] and the
traffickers know just
[Television] what to say to earn
the victim's trust
[Television] They feed them lies
they say are going to make them rich
[Television] But really the only
person that ever benefits
[Television] from them
doing this is the pimp himself.
[Television] Miami Beach
Police say these are...
[Techno Music]
[Car accelerating]
[Techno music continues]
Get your sweet ass over here
and give me another round drink.
[Drunk Guy] I saw that.
[Drunk Guy] Are you afraid
I'm not going to give you a tip?
Excuse me.
That's right.
Come on over here, darling.
I'll give you more than a tip...
I'll give you the whole thing.
[Waitress] Listen:
You already paid your tab...
I am not giving you another
drink. You need to go.
Go now.
Hey hon, What are you having?
Vodka, double shot. No Ice.
Don't walk away from me.
You know I am?
Some people
can't handle their alcohol.
Anything else?
I don't want
to embarrass my daughter.
Maybe you can help.
Ok, Who's your daughter?
She works here
Julia Gradenko
Oh, Julia, we love her.
Wait, you're her dad?
[Yuri] I don't want her to be
embarrassed because I'm here.
She didn't call
I'm too worried
No, don't worry,
I won't tell her.
[Yuri] Please don't tell her
I won't, I understand
but listen, she went to that
photo shoot last night
and she went out with a
couple of people that she met.
She called in today
asked me to cover her.
Where did she go?
[Waitress] She's just going out
She sounded kind of drunk
but I told her take an Uber home
but she was really excited,
so I don't know.
Maybe she met a guy?
Does she drink?
[Waitress] Actually...
No, like never,
but like I said,
she was really excited.
So maybe, she was celebrating?
Thank you, thank you so much.
Keep It
Thank you so much.
Thank you. Bye.
[knock, knock, knock]
[Roommate] Hi Yuri,
Come on in how are you?
[Yuri] I'm sorry
for the late visit.
I'm trying to get
a hold of Julia
She had that photo
shoot at the Hammond
Have you ever tried
"find my phone"?
What is "find my phone"?
Oh look, it came online.
She's at the Hammond
Maybe the're still there
makeup, hair and stuff.
I really don't know
how long that takes.
Maybe you would
totally be interrupting.
Her friend at work
said she sounded drunk.
Julie never drinks.
Can you text this on my phone?
I think I can, yeah.
I will go check it out.
[Car accelerating]
[Upbeat dance music]
Hey, what it do, bro?
What's popping brother?
Chilling, man...
Hey, what the fuck is that?
Hey, get the fuck out of here
get him out of here!
[Bouncer] No
guns, no knives, bro.
Hey what it do bro? chilling?
Very nice, get out of here.
'Sup bro?
[Latin Dance Music]
[Waitress] What can I get you?
Vodka, double shot,
no ice. Please.
Thank you
You're welcome.
The fuck you doing back here?
Maybe you can help.
I'm looking for my daughter.
Fuck your daughter. What
are you doing up here.
I said,
I need to get into that room.
You ain't going nowhere
What the fuck
do you think this is?
OK, good for you,
I go.
No, you ain't going nowhere
[Bones Cracking]
[Croud screaming]
Like I said
I need to get into that room.
[Bells jingle]
[Glass breaks]
[Bone breaks]
I need to speak to the manager.
Sure, right away
Very impressive.
What's that? Like ten assaults
in under five minutes?
Maybe a murder or two?
Please, we're going to
clean all this up for you.
It's almost a shame
that we met under these terms.
I just want to deflate this
negative energy.
I'm thinking
you and I should speak
in more of a private setting.
[Car driving]
Get up.
Get him the fuck off the ground,
get up!
Get him off the fucking ground.
[Camp] Who the fuck are you?
Mikey, back at the club.
He's fucking dead
because of you.
[Camp] I fucking liked him.
Tell me where my daughter is.
And I won't kill you.
That's rich.
[Camp] You know the bullsharks
are extra active
this time of year
They can come out there on
a moonlit night just like this.
And fish for them right
off the rocks over here.
[Camp] Just a couple
drops of blood
and it lures them right in...
Fuck you!
[Camp] Yeah? Fuck you!
[Muffled grunts]
Wake up, sweetheart
Where am I?
What happened?
Here, sit up a little bit.
Drink this, it'll help
clear your head up a bit.
It will get rid
of the shaking too.
Where am I?
We are at a friend's
We're letting a few
of the models stay here.
Seems you got
pretty wasted last night.
I don't remember drinking.
Maybe it was the pills.
People got into the pills.
Did you get into any of that?
What? I don't do drugs.
Just lay back down.
We'll talk more about it
when you get some rest.
[Soft rock music]
[LaBron]Nah, I'm at the beach,
[LaBron] but I can pick you up
tonight. Go to a nice dinner.
Go back to your place...
watch a movie or something....
Can you give me a ride
to Little River?
No man, I gotta go,
I got business.
I'll pay $150 dollars.
I got stuff I gotta do...
[Yuri] Listen
You will take money.
Or I will take your car.
Alright then,
let's do it man, hop in.
Try not to get blood
on my seats.
They're expensive.
[Trip Hop Music]
Can I use your phone?
Yeah, sure man.
[Phone ringing]
[Sheik] You look so pretty.
[Max] I gotta take this.
Look, Don't call me honey
and don't call me
from weird numbers
and don't call me
when you know that I'm working.
It's the same shit
with her all the time.
She's going to try and test you
Give her some tough love.
Put her in her place. I'm busy.
Good Bye.
You are so cute,
you got a boyfriend?
Hot hot hot.
[Phone ringing]
Yo, it's Lou. What it do?
Hello, it's me.
I need your help.
Sure man, Anything for you,
what's going on?
You remember you asked me
if I miss the old days?
I need you to bring the key.
Can you meet me in 30 minutes?
You told me to never give you
the key. I promised.
Plus, don't Max have that shit
from the divorce?
- What's going on Bro?
- She's fine, it's fine.
Does Max know about this shit?
Of course she knows
Wait, yo, what is this?
What we're talking about?
Is everything OK?
Are you safe bro?
What's your location?
- I'll come to you right now.
- I'm fine
Just meet me
at her place in 30 minutes
and also can you find
out some information
about the place called Hammond?
That's pretty fucking weird.
But anyway. Alright, look
I'll pull the police database.
The dark web.
Anything I can find
I'll be there shortly, but yo...
You sure you good man?
Everything's fine.
What kind of illegal shit
are you getting me into man?
Just keep driving.
[Hostage] I'm scared,
I don't know what's happening
[Julia] My head hurts, and
why is your arm hurt?
My arm hurts a lot,
I don't know what happened!
[Julia] Where are my clothes?
I don't know,
I have no idea.
I have a head ache...
[Julia] Who are you?
We are doing the shoot
and you're moving soon
Put this on.
[Julia] No, no.
[Hostage] Where are my clothes?
[Julia] Who are you?
Who are you?
Where's my phone?
No questions.
You hear me?
I don't want to hear
another word out of you.
We have better things,
for this pretty mouth of yours.
So sit quiet, shut up and wait
until we come and get you.
What the fuck happened to you?
And why you have
no fucking shoes on?
[Luis] Long day, huh?
Jesus Christ.
Does this guy have
a restraining order against you?
Or something?
[Yuri] Listen I will talk
That's the problem.
I handle it.
Don't walk away
when I'm talking to you.
You sure you wanna
do this shit right now?
[Luis] This is not
going to go good...
[Knock, Knock]
[Brad] Coming!
Easy on my door.
[Luis] What in the flying fuck?
Jesus, Yuri!
You know you can't be here.
[Luis] Why are you dressed
like a dreidel, anyway, dude?
Work party, my boss is jewish
Wait, what the fuck?
Look man,
we don't want any trouble here.
He has no shoes on...
- Don't put it that way.
- What way?
We don't want any trouble
- Sounds like you want trouble.
- OK, fine!
Brett, I need my toolbox.
And you should listen.
Oh, why don't you guys just go
pump yourselves on the beach.
[Yuri] Toolbox!
I don't have time
for this bullshit
You should listen.
Oh, we're going to do this?
[Luis] Told you, thank you.
OK, cool, real cool
[Brad] Hey, Havana, you sure you
want to get wrapped up in this?
I'm calling the cops! I got a
restraining order on your buddy.
You know that, right?
I'm serious.
You don't live here anymore.
I am the man of the house.
Shut the fuck up, please.
Don't make me
take the dreidel off!
What's the big fucking deal
with the shed.
Jesus Christ.
[Brad] Does he ever listen?
[Brad] Easy with that stuff.
What's the big deal?
You're not gonna say nothing.
[everybody] Holy shit!
[Brad] What are you going to...
[Brad] No, please. No, don't. I
don't want it! You can have it!
[Luis] Alright, so the
Hammond, right? It's a...
half night club, half cassino,
but they're on Indian land
and they do whatever they want.
Run by a guy named Thomas Camp.
I met him.
Here's the thing:
He's only a front.
He comes up squeaky clean,
but when you look deeper,
It goes a lot further.
It's run by a bunch of guys
that have ties to criminal ties
I'm talking about like
human trafficking, arms dealing
They took Julia.
If you stay out of the gym,
and start watching the news
Yeah! They probably did
take Julia.
Shit happens like this in the
news all the time! I don't know.
Look, you've been in that place
right? So, what do you think?
A place where maybe
she might be?
[Yuri] I think she is inside.
You've been in there, right?
What if you had to pick a spot?
Where do you think she might be?
[Yuri] There was a side room
in the back of the club.
[Yuri]Some kind of key log.
[Luis] OK, the club was shut
down when they built a new one
next door, maybe there's a way
to get from one side to the next
my best guess,
It would be the same way
try to go from one side
to the other
But listen,
check this shit out:
Three years ago, right, a guy
with a manifesto claim, right?
He posted a manifesto claim.
Are you paying a-fucking-tention
He posted a manifesto claim,
claiming that his daughter got
kidnapped in New York.
Wanna hear
the funny part about it?
It was financed
by the same group
of fucking Guys.
He filed a fucking petition
and fucking,
guess what happened after that?
[Yuri] And?
Yeah - and. They found him shot
and killed the next day
he filed the petition
with the city
You know the police said?
It was a home burglary.
Bullshit. Two in the chest
and one in the dome?
Yeah, professionals, I'd know it
you'd know it, but why
didn't the police figure it out?
but it goes a lot deeper.
These guys are powerful.
Are You listening to me?
They're powerful.
And? So what?
What are you doing, didn't I?
Dude, nothing is reading
lay fucking low with you.
I am lay low.
I am lay low! You got blood
everywhere, your shoes are off
The guns, you're tall
and built like a tank
I'll do it my way.
I have tactical jacket.
Oh, a tactical fucking jacket.
This is great.
Are we going
to a damn gala?
A tactical jacket.
OK, Rambo.
Fuck, he's still asleep,
Jesus Christ.
[Yuri] Do me a favor.
No, no, no.
I just got the car back!
Come on, there's no way!
No, please!
Can we talk about this?
Can we talk about this?
I just got the car back, though.
I didn't sign up for this shit.
[Luis] I don't know why I always
put myself in this situation.
This is crazy!
Are you planning on putting on
some fucking shoes too dude?
[Luis] Yeah, you're welcome.
Thank you.
Shut the fuck up.
Yeah, here.
And I got a burner
phone for you, allright?
[Yuri] Perfect.
Can you give my friend a ride?
[Labron] Yeah, no problem man,
today I'm like your personal Uber
You scratch it and I'll kill you
Well, you're just
gonna have to fix it.
I just got the car back.
OK, so we need four Latinas
for the Japan deal, OK?
And a little on the young side.
You think you can swing it?
Of course!
I know you can. Money!
[Car approaching]
[War drums]
[Camp] Bobby!
Holly shit!
One guy did all this?
[Camp] Yeah, Tell me about it.
[Camp] Russian
dude, big Ukrainian
Same difference.
Not really.
So where is he at now?
What's your concern?
Nothing really
[Camp] OK 'cause mine is
getting the club open
in time for tonight, please.
Yeah, you know what camp?
We've got you
We'll have this open by tonight.
But it's going to cost you.
[Gun shots]
Do you Remember Me?
[Trip Hop Music]
[Phone ringing]
[Phone ringing]
Yes, Brad.
Hey, Yuri was here and...
I tried to stop him.
What do you mean he
was here? What did he say?
he just wanted his toolbox
and then he opened it up
and there's...
[Brad] guns,
weapons, ammunition...
That went well.
[Yuri] Julia!
Julia, are you here?
They took her.
They took her.
You saw her?
The girl
The girl, with the tatoo
You know her?
Where is she?
I don't know, I fell asleep.
They took her?
[Operator] 911 what
is your emergency?
I just killed 5 people.
Maybe 6.
At the Hammond, South Beach
[Yuri] There are kidnapped girls
chained up in the basement.
They need medical
attention. Do you understand?
Five of our best men
in Miami, killed.
Two of our assets, taken.
This puts extreme stress
in our enterprise,
not to mention the kind of money
we have to pay the officials
to bury the investigation.
This is our target.
I know this man.
What do you know?
His name is Yuri Gradenko
He was Sambo champion, Ukraine
and he fought in the War.
[Olivier] Special Forces,
over 300 confirmed kills.
People talked about him
like he was some kind of legend.
After, I heard
he was a personal bodyguard
for the Secretary of Defense
and the top crime boss in Moscow
I thought the secretary defense
was the top crime boss in Moscow
What's he want?
We took something
of value from him.
Her name is Julia, his daughter.
His daughter?
Yes, why?
We're going to need
a lot of bullets.
[Reggae music]
Bro, what the fuck
happened to laying low?
What do you mean?
The fucking story is out!
It's all over the damn news.
Some guy walks in to the Hammond
and shoots all these gangsters!
Great news.
Sure it is.
Did you tape it?
Of course I fucking taped it.
Very cool.
Look, I've been
doing work on these guys
I've been doing research
and the fucking shit I found
This goes a little higher
than we both think.
I mean,
I'm close to finding a name
but the clients these guys deal
with from senators to governors
20 years
and no fucking prosecution
We're going to need
more muscle, bro.
[Yuri] I don't
need extra help...
I just need...
Where to find her.
Find her?
Great fucking answer, Tough guy.
Easier said than done.
So, the work I found out,
it's the BC Holdings group,
They own almost all
the fucking property here.
There's 30 different
places she can be at.
So the research that I found
is probably port Lot 29,
so they own this
whole fucking lot, right?
And there's a shipment
coming in tommorrow.
I'm almost certain
from the research I've done
that it should probably be there
[Max] Yuri!
Why didn't you tell me?
I tried to tell you.
You were too busy to care.
So you're saying I don't care.
I tried to call you and text you
Yuri, where the fuck is she?
I don't know.
I just know.
Where we can start.
How's Brett?
It's kind of embarrassing.
You really could have hurt him.
Sorry, it was too much.
I forget he is a small guy...
He has potential...
If he drinks more milk.
That's not funny, Yuri.
He's a good man.
What did you do to yourself?
Mister Gradenko!
Mister Gradenko!
Come out.
I'm waiting for you Mr. Gradenko
Tell me something
Why do you use protection?
Excuse me, Sir. Protection?
Well, I guess when
when with a woman, I sometimes-
No, not that type of protection.
I'm talking about
real protection.
Men, guns, a place like this
Why don't you
use it for yourself?
Because I never needed it.
That's right.
Because the only people
who want to kill you
want to kill me.
You don't need protection
because you are the protection.
I'm not sure I follow.
I'm trying
to make you comprehend
the importance of what you do.
If I would be killed,
who's to blame?
Well... Me.
but I also want you
to comprehend
the importance of who you are.
If I will get killed,
what would you do?
I would feel horrible, Sir.
I didn't ask you
how you would feel,
I said, what do you do?
I just don't want
to imagine that.
But you have imagined it,
haven't you?
You take over.
Who else
is going to head this empire?
All of this: yours.
But that's OK, it's OK.
I just want you
to be honest with me.
You have imagined it,
haven't you?
Yes, I have imagined it.
In time my friend, in time.
But for now, you protect me.
Looks like you made
a lot of enemies lately.
Special forces.
Tell me:
How do you get out
from situation like this?
Rule number 1
always bring back up.
Back up?
[Gun shots]
[Goon] Fuck you Gradenko
[Goon] You're dead.
[Max] Oh God, my neck hurts.
Sleeping in car
is not easy.
Are you sure?
You trust your friend?
Yes, we work together.
If there's anyone good left
at that Police Department.
Trust me, it's him.
Let's get out of here.
Maybe we should pick up
some mouthwash along the way.
[Charles] Mr. Tanaka,
nice meeting you.
Very happy
to see you here.
[Tanaka] I'm about
to make you even happier.
[Charles] Perfect, let's go
inside and enjoy the show.
[Charles] Pure beauty latinas.
Where else you can find it?
But Miami.
[Tanaka] My clientele
is going to be very happy.
This is a big trend right now.
That's why you come to me.
Because I always
deliver the best.
Hey Max
I couldn't believe it when
you told me what happened.
How you holding up?
We're allright,
we just need to find her.
Were you able to find anything
with the info we gave you?
I'm off duty this week,
but I did pop in the Department
last night after we talked.
What did you find?
Max, I checked into the port
It's pretty heavy stuff.
If you go after these people,
They're going to come gunning
for you. And I mean gunning.
Are you sure you're ready?
Yeah, I'm sure.
[Max] Shit, what the fuck!
So sorry, I had no idea he would
be in on something like this
I had no fucking clue.
I can't believe this.
You friend.
We got a deal.
[Cop] You can't kill me.
I'm a cop.
[Yuri] Dirty Cop.
Let me guess.
Both of them dead.
Yes, Sir.
That Russian mother fucker
is costing me a lot of money.
What if?
What if we release the girl?
Give him back the Girl!?
You know who I am?
You know what I built?
You think a guy will
take a bunch of our men,
and I'm going to
become his bitch?
What the fuck
I'm paying you for?
Find him
And kill him.
Nice to see you again...
I see you got great merchandise.
Oh yes, yes, yes.
Very nice, very beautiful.
All of them... OK.
We're ready.
When's the chopper coming?
15 minutes.
[Alarms blare]
No guns!
We fight like men!
[Max] Yuri! Help!
Yuri, they got me!
[Max] Yuri! Help!
Yuri, they got me!
[Max] Yuri!
[Olivier] Wait! Wait!
I'm the only one
who knows where she is.
I'm the only one
who can help you.
Get that bitch out of here!
And you,
get me that Russian's daughter.
You mean the Ukrainian girl?
[Elevator grinds up]
Your father
didn't make this easy.
I won't forget that.
Put her over there.
Sit Down!
My dad's not done yet!
Oh yes, he's done.
Find Olivier.
Oh, hello Mr. Tanaka
Oh no,
just a small bump at the port.
I just wanted to inform you
that my end of the deal
is almost complete.
Yes. Thank you.
Julia is inside
Be quiet, lay low.
But, if they shoot...
Go loud.
Hit the button.
Hit the button!
Hit the button!
Taste the rainbow, bitches!
[Gas hiss]
[Yuri] Where are girls?
Fuck you!
Where are girls?
[Goon] Fuck you, asshole!
Allright, fuck this lay low
[Goon] Boss,
we got a problem at the port!
Now what?
Dammit, what's going on today?
What's going on?
I'm paying people,
they don't do anything.
[Gun shots]
[Gun shots]
[Charles] Get Olivier
on the phone.
[Charles] I want to know
what the fuck is going on!
Oh no.
He's here.
Close everything, lock it up.
Drop the girl!
Damn, Bro!
[Girl crying]
[Garage door opening]
I know this car.
I told you, Julia is here.
I'm taking the cameras out
You go in through the front,
we meet inside.
How many of us?
6 maybe 7...
In the other building...
But Boss-
I got my guys.
They're brawlers.
We're going
to take these motherfuckers
That fucking Russian...
He took out
the crew at the port...
After camp had killed him!
And then...
And then.
He got Olivier too.
Don't worry, Charles.
I mean, boss.
We'll get him.
You better.
Go find him, or we're all dead.
I don't see them on the cameras
Go. Go!
At least I have insurance.
Just like the good old days.
You really can't tell me
you don't miss this shit,
Not even a little bit.
I told you: not one bit,
not when Julia is involved.
How about
666 Toronto,
Toronto is a fucking movie.
Maybe for you.
I was sore for weeks.
I am at the garage door.
Allright, perfect timing because
This guy
is about to be powned, bitch.
This fucking Russian!
Alright, check it out
The room is empty right now,
just wait by the door.
I'm opening the door now
and just wait for me
I'm coming down now.
Don't kick nothing down...
Because you always fuck shit up,
I'm coming down.
Mr. Tanaka
you got to send help.
I'm a valuable partner.
I got you.
Fuck you, Tanaka!
Get him!
Oh, this is the elevator?
It's Like a stand up shower.
You can barely fit in
You know how many
bad situations happen
in elevators?
C'mon man
I can't do it. I'm scared.
Look, it's from 1927.
You can do it!
There's no other way
we can get up there? Crazy!
What, what?
No, no, we're not doing this.
Alright, alright, calm down.
[Elevator grinds up]
[Charles] Come on bitch.
Come on.
[Charles] Come on bitch,
come on, hurry up, come on.
[Gun shot]
Oh shit
Bro, I got shot.
I'm Gonna die!
You're shot, man.
It hurts so bad bro,
It's burning!
I told you everything that happens
in elevators is bad luck bro
We have to stop the bleeding.
Yeah, no shit, Sherlock.
[Yuri] I got it
No. No. No.
It's Udonis Haslem, Bro!
He's got a
dope ass car collection
No the other one.
I like him.
How about number 3?
Not Dwayne Wayde, Bro! That's-
Flash! Wayde County!
He's my favorite player
The other one!
No, not King LeBron!
How about this one?
Yeah, #15 Mario Chalmers.
Nobody likes this game anyway.
Turn over King!
Oh my God,
is this supposed to burn?
I told you, I got it.
Easy, Tiger!
Keep it.
[Julia screams]
Privyet, Gradenko.
Let her go.
What? No hello?
No nice to meet you?
I guess not.
You're a businessman.
Let's negotiate,
I have tons of money, Rubles...
No agreement, I'm in Ukranian.
What? You're not Russian?
How much money?
Are we talking about?
I knew you were
a reasonable man.
Put the gun down.
How about two million dollars?
Two Million dollars?
Julia what do you think?
Everybody has a price.
[Julia] Papa!
Merry Christmas Papa.
that will keep you occupied.
[Luis] So...
whatever happened to Max?
[Yuri] Well...