Miami Rhapsody (1995) Movie Script

Honestly, I was
Never comfortable with men.
-Did you have problems with Dr. Rosenthal?
-No, no. It was just that he died.
He took his son over,
who was dating my sister to school.
My rule of thumb is not
to be older than her gynecologist.
-Do you have any medical problems?
No, not really.
I eat well, drink and smoke
not, but I abusing hair products.
-Is your period regularly?
-As a watch.
-Are you sexually active?
-Not now. Yes, I am.
But not right now. I go
through a drying period of time.
-So you are married.
No, I'm not. Not yet.
-I got engaged last year.
-How exciting!
We sat in the harbor and
so the sunset ...
... And suddenly he popped the question.
You, Gwyn ...
I thought you might
would marry me.
I will marry you.
I think it's time.
We have been together for two years now.
Yes, but ...
You surprised me.
It's tradition to do it that way.
-Yes, I know, but ...
Was it therefore took me out here ...
How long have you planned this?
I do not know. Since we met.
No, you dated Cathy when we met.
But I was so attracted to you.
I remember thinking:
"I want to marry her
she stayed with my oldest friend. "
Derek, yes. It did not last long.
That's my fault.
I have never been able to tie me.
Perhaps I
who are afraid to commit myself.
-I have Peter Pan syndrome.
-Only men can have it.
The best Peter Pan
historically were actually women.
What do you mean?
Have you met someone else too?
Why I attracted such men?
Childhood was well not tragic enough.
So we went and match ball.
You needed to meet a nice boy.
Is this really legal?
Mosquito hunting without a license.
-Just relax and enjoy the moment.
I can not. I am the child.
I believe that all good things
's someone else.
It's a beautiful evening in the Everglades.
My dad would have loved it here.
You and your father,
you are very close to each other?
Yes, we were there when my mother died.
-Why did not his again?
He never got over it.
He believes that only
a lifelong love of your life.
And you then?
Do you think the same?
I got it!
Thank you.
I think
You fell in love with me that night.
You are so quiet sometimes.
It is in the family. My grandmother
is like that. But she had a stroke ...
Hey, Grandma! Shall we go?
-I have to take her to the toilet.
-I can do that.
You get to choose nurse.
-Gwyn or i.
-Grandma ...
You are so immature.
You're always so cheap trick.
I'll take her.
I'll be right back.
When I saw you with her, I realized
I wanted to share my life with you.
So serious you are.
You know I will be
when I'm nervous.
Why are you so nervous?
My answer is yes.
I will marry you.
I love you.
I know it.
-Is that a ring?
-No ... Yes, in a way.
I know you do not
wanted a diamond ring.
It's so traditional.
That's why you get a napkin ring.
-A napkin ring?
-It was my mother's.
It is carved in Africa.
What do you think?
Only one and not the entire set?
Marriage is a symbol of
that two lives come together.
It is a very deep
and personal ceremony.
Therefore marriage vows reflect
bridal couple's colorful personalities.
Leslie and Jeff have chosen
to write their own vows-
-That they will now share with you.
Do you, Jeff,
Leslie to your spouse-
And promise to love
her forever and ever?
Will you love her grief
And in a square?
Will you love her
in togkupeen and lane-
And love her here and there ...
- ... And always keep her everywhere?
Do you, Leslie,
Jeff your husband-
And promise to love him forever?
Will you love him in a boat
even if he is wet?
You're so cool, sir.
Thank you, milady. Where have you been?
I tried to cheer up Aunt
Rose. She would rather go to a funeral.
Is not it more depressing?
-In a funeral is suffering over.
Here we see happy couples and know
that the problems have hardly begun.
It's wine in it.
I need to relax a bit.
She is the little sister.
Yeah, and she's married already.
They have been together for three months. So
quickly I can not even buy shoes.
Thank you for the best voice.
-I want you to be happy.
-I feel absolutely yr.
-It must be all the dancing.
-I am quite tall. Jeff also.
Who dances with him?
-His sister.
Player-she for Dolphins?
No, she's firefighter.
How long will it keep?
Thought you wedding ceremony was immature?
I thought it had a mind children,
but it was not childish.
-You hated it!
-Have rapture passed over?
Come on, Leslie,
you will have a small injection.
-That's you who's next?
-This wedding is not over yet.
-Do you have family?
Can not you stop pushing us?
Man can not have children forever.
That's not true.
I read that a woman
gave birth to their own grandchildren.
It's crazy!
You see them two weeks in the year
and give them a check for Christmas.
-Gwyn, dance with me.
-When people think I've got croup.
That's right ...
-Dance with your brother!
Grandma Lil dancer with the Antonio.
Try to say no after
that you have been kind. Excuse ...
Thank you so kindly said.
-You should dance with your wife.
No, I can not.
Terri stopped dancing
after the second abortion.
Did he not just food?
He cries so fast
He hears the word "abortion".
Because he has a bad conscience
because he survived.
-I go home with him.
Can you check your answering machine?
Who to call you?
-I am waiting on a big shipment.
How can you find out what
if Terri has phone?
Mr. Telephone.
You should get one of me. Call auditor
and hear whether you can afford the wedding.
-Mom, will you dance?
-Certainly the Jordan.
I thought I was the only
here who did not have fun.
Dad, what are you doing here? Why
do not you dance like you usually do?
Not tonight. I feel old.
I'm not young anymore.
-What are you talking about?
You're a lawyer
and play tennis all the time.
-Your music says died in the s.
I do not know, Gwyn.
What is it?
I should not say anything.
What is it? You make me uneasy.
I think your mom is having an affair.
-With who?
I do not know.
It's just a feeling.
-Thus, you are not sure?
No, but I suspect it.
For some time now ... I thought
we went through a difficult period.
We have always had our problems.
If there is someone who is happy
married, it's you and Mom.
I have taken her for granted.
Yeah, but still ...
I can not imagine my mom ...
Have you thought
to confront her about it?
No, I have no real evidence.
How can I do that?
It's easy.
-With a hot lamp and a gun.
-You do not take it seriously.
Yes, I do.
I can not imagine
that mom has sex with another man.
I still shudder
when I think of you for having sex.
I think I'm sick.
-You do not even know if it's true.
-What if they differ.
-Will I be a key kids?
Why would your mother have an affair?
He said that he has taken her
for granted. If we take each other for granted?
-Not even a little?
-A little maybe, but that's natural.
We are creatures of habit.
Rituals give us security.
Am I boring you?
I probably would not have said that and
got me a mistress instead.
We must not get too comfortable.
-Then maybe we should not get married.
That's not an option.
We must plan the wedding. Parents
Your will know when it is.
Why are they so busy?
So we shall have affairs as my mother?
Why do you think the worst about people?
It's statistically.
Your dad has probably imagined everything.
Yes, you're probably right.
Can you see my mother hit
a guy in a sleazy motel-
-With glaring curtains
and veggtilveggteppe?
What will she choose?
Have sex or furnish.
Terri will make the baby's room.
What do you think? Turquoise or sea-green?
What's the difference?
Do you prefer Marlins
or Dolphins uniforms?
Ok, now I feel stupid.
Are you satisfied?
What is it, Vic? I'm tired.
I ...
Have you noticed that Jordan and Terri
is not as dense as before?
I know it. Terri said
that they have had problems.
Leslie and Jeff seemed
In any case, happy tonight.
-They jump like rabbits enough now.
-I really hope someone does.
-I am so glad that we are married.
-Are you?
-It was a great fuck.
-The same to you.
-Am I not too loud?
No, I love screaming.
-I feel like Michael Bolton.
-Should I be more lady-like?
It's great.
Where are you going?
-I want something from the minibar.
It is expensive. Take a glass of water.
I do not want it.
I want a Coke.
See, that's peanuts!
-They take eight U.S. dollars box.
-Then I'll just take a couple of nuts.
What do they cost?
-Should I check the price list?
-It can be somewhat cheaper.
-What about peanuts?
Okay, take what you want.
Thank you. Want?
Would not Matt look nice out in that?
Mom, stop it now!
You're as subtle as a woodpecker.
Why not schedule
wedding? He sounds wonderful.
He is wonderful,
and I love him really.
What is wrong? It is not
natural to want to wait that long.
-Is there something wrong with you or what?
No, nothing.
-Why do you think he's having an affair?
-Does he think I have an affair?
He said he had a feeling.
I am totally shocked.
-I said that he is crazy.
-That he is so emotionally reply.
Is it true?
I have met some.
-You know him - Antonio.
Antonio grandmother's nurse?
Is it true?
-A nurse and not a doctor?
He's very smart.
He is a boat refugee.
He was imprisoned in Cuba,
but he has not told why.
Is that seriously, right?
-It's only been a couple of weeks.
-I will not leave your father.
He would be crushed.
Do not be so naive. Your father
has been unfaithful many times.
It is unfortunately true.
He is still with
tour operator. Zelda, I think ...
Could not you want revenge on him
and emptied his account or something?
I was miserable, and I needed enough
to do something extreme. Something radically.
-I am very dizzy in the head.
-Me too, me too.
From a lifelong marriage
to be in a relationship-
-Where I feel sexy again. I
should have done it long ago.
Oh no! Medically speaking, it
best time to be promiscuous.
I understand that you're upset.
I thought you would understand.
It's exhausting to discover that one's
parents have committed adultery.
-It does not follow the norm.
-I should not have told you.
-Tell me more. How did it start?
-Do you really know?
I'm obsessed, and therefore
I want to know the details.
I was at home for a few weeks
Since then grandma got a light stroke.
It was Antonio's birthday
-But he was the best mother
condition was stable.
She's fine now.
Thank you, Antonio.
You should go to your party.
It's probably too late now anyway.
Is it true?
Can I ask you out to dinner?
Where you want.
I had chosen something expensive, but Antonio
would eat at a small Cuban diner.
It sounds stupid enough,
but I wanted to be an actress.
It marked.
You hold your mother's spirits up.
You're good at playing.
No, I'm not.
I tried to get the young
but I was a disaster.
I think not.
I went on auditions
and got totally blackout.
I think it is because
I wanted it too much.
How can you want something too much?
You become totally blinded
of all the longing and hope-
-So you can not think clearly.
It is the same with love.
How can you love too much?
People lose focus all the time.
Too much love can be dangerous.
It is you who are wrong.
We talked and it was late,
and I drank too much wine.
-So he drank you in, then?
No, but I could not run ...
... So we went to his home
to call a cab seats.
The vehicle comes in ten minutes.
I did not know
that you were doing strength training.
I saw it on TV one night
and had to buy it.
Is that how you do it?
Let me help you.
Your back should be ...
- ... And legs ...
-Easy as that.
Have you tried it before?
-Strength training, do you?
After reaching a certain age
there is no point in-
-To get certain body parts
to be larger than they really are.
You're really not old.
No, just past improvement.
You know what?
You are very beautiful.
Thank you.
So are you.
-Excuse me ...
-Why are you laughing?
I do not know why I ...
Say it!
I just do not know.
Are you going to kiss me now, right?
Yes. I think so.
So good.
-You make it sound so romantic.
That's what.
I'd told Dad
I could still feel that way.
-Good morning.
Where's Email my vitamins?
-Vitamin E!
-You said you were going to buy them.
-Sorry, I forgot.
-Do you want to kill me?
He's angry because he ages.
He's scared to death.
-Are not you afraid of something?
-To die without having sex with someone else.
-So you lay with Antonio once.
No, we met each other
with him a few times a week.
We checked in at a motel once,
but the room was so ghastly colors.
I'm sorry.
I should not have brought you here.
It's not your fault.
I do not understand my behavior.
-I am glad you told me.
-Are you? You are not disappointed?
No, I'm just confused.
You want me to marry,
but the marriage was a mistake.
No, it was not
at all.
We have had wonderful together.
We've got three fine children.
He is still the most
charming I have ever met-
-But I can not bear
to be with him right now.
What do you do? You promised Mom
to quit smoking cigar.
-I'm working on it. Did she say anything?
Your mother. You were the out
and acted the other day.
-I thought you had asked.
-So easy to manipulate, I'm not.
You are the close to each other,
and she might be relieved his heart.
She is not so happy
with you during the day.
She will not even
play tennis with me anymore.
She Accused me of having
an affair with the tour operator?
That's not true.
I just flirted with Zelda ...
I do not want to hear it!
I'm not perfect.
You've put me on a pedestal.
Not since you voted for Bush.
I need the job.
I have tickets
to fight tomorrow.
I'm going to Terri and Jordan then.
Charlie! How are you?
-I had made precisely Dennis.
-Do you know my daughter, Gwyn?
-You're doing commercials, right?
You made commercials where they went
over a pizza and stuck to the cheese.
Comedy of seconds is not
profitable, but rather minutes.
-You should write the script for my show.
-I did it.
-Send it to me.
-I did it.
Add a note and write, "You are stupid
If you do not read my script. "
-Thank you.
-Send it to me so I read it.
Get yourself Cuban! Cigars
from Jersey's nothing special.
::, -- ::,
Nice jacket, huh?
He is so real, warm and plastic.
He's like a human prototype.
You want to do the something with more substance.
-As situation comedies ...
Why are you so sure?
-Your script is hilarious.
Thank you, your support means a lot to me.
It is worthless in reality,
but it is important for me.
Get me later.
-You make me sick, Jordan!
I know what the error is.
It's hormonal.
-I'm tired of your lies!
I just want to disappear.
Get out!
You need to talk
with someone other than me.
You will lie on the sofa
While he notes.
Come on in! We have just
a small family quarrel.
Out of the house,
I'll call the police!
-Please, Gwyn is here!
-I do not care in.
-What is it?
-Terri is upset. It'll be OK.
-It's gonna be no!
-We take it later. Gwyn is here now.
We talked about it for weeks.
-I should go again.
No, get a cup of coffee.
-How do you want it?
-Decaf. With lots of milk.
I got that.
-Out of my kitchen!
What have you done to her?
I'll tell you.
He was cheating with my best friend.
You are so selfish
you do not have a best friend.
-Not since you fucked her.
-Ok, I fucked her.
-Are you happy now?
-You are so terribly low.
Here's your coffee!
Get out of here, you bastard!
You have ruined my life!
It was a mistake, a big mistake!
-Send mobile home bill.
-Was that how she got ready for it?
She saw that I called local call
When I said that I was away.
She refuses the sleeping with me.
I need sex, lots of sex.
Do you sleep with someone else?
Who are you calling?
-I have to call voicemail.
-You will get a tumor of it.
Are you going to keep your boyfriend?
-Her husband would not like it.
-Is she married?
Yeah, that's Brad's wife, Kaia.
Have you slept with
Your partner's wife?
You're like a nuke!
Fight Your head should disarm.
You had the perfect marriage.
What changed?
-Terri changed.
But it did not.
When we met, she was an ambitious
lawyer, and now she's a mom.
Did it make you lose motivation?
How did it start?
It just happened.
We all sat and ate dinner
one evening, Brad, Kaia, Terri and me.
We will take Tommy on the boat
tomorrow. You should slip by.
I have a photography
in the morning on the beach.
-A tough life ...
-You should come and see.
It is tiring.
That night accused Terri
me for having flirted with Kaia.
-I'm not flirting!
-Quiet, baby sleeps.
"We can not have sex because
baby sleeps! We can not go out! "
-We were just the outside.
-No, there was a dinner.
-So, out longer than until :.
-Grow up ...
Next day I went down to the beach.
So you challenged fate?
No, then. I was just curious.
Then something happened
that has never happened to me before.
When I came to myself
I lay in Kaia's wardrobe.
You are so beautiful.
Think so? I do not know anymore.
You are.
It's definitely you.
What are you doing?
-Sorry, I should not have ...
I have a needle in the mouth.
I'm sorry.
She smelled like rose petals.
-Ok, I see.
So I said how frustrated I was,
that Terri and I stopped going to the cinema
And that I no longer
did touch her breasts.
That's it for us. He
just sitting and watching talk shows.
It's so tragic.
Yes, really.
We met at
a hotel on the beach.
The sex was amazing.
I'm speaking world.
I would not end the marriage.
I thought that I could get both.
-I feel sorry for the kids.
-They'll be fine.
Terri is an excellent mother.
She is an excellent mother,
she's smart and she's attractive.
What did she do wrong?
She did not do anything wrong.
We just want different things.
People change. One day you wake
and realizes that the woman next-
-Not one woman was
love in. It is inevitable.
When are you getting married?
but it is too traumatic for me.
-You wanted to see the birth.
-Yes, I would ...
- ... But the mother should have so much.
It's natural!
-That woman must suffer, yes.
-Thought you'd see my work.
I'm sorry, but I can not stand
To hear the moans.
You will also moan.
You said you wanted to have children soon.
Yes, before the ozone layer disappears,
but not now.
-Not if we are to have a large family.
-Who said that?
I want a big family.
I was going to record it.
We want different things.
My brother was right.
He rationalized
only his miserable marriage.
He was very convincing.
-I got back.
I go and buy sjimpansfamilien
a gift. An anthill, or something ...
It was a girl.
They sell them all as souvenirs.
Did she get a silly name
one tends to give monkeys, like Coco-
Puff-Puff or Limbaugh?
They should have
a naming contest next week.
-Arguing we still, right?
I do not know. It is up to you.
Ok, when we talk about it.
How many children do you want?
Do you think that persuasion
works to appease me?
-Yes, I think so.
-Do you really believe that?
-All right. I have two children.
-I also.
-Two girls.
-I also.
-I want them to be like me ...
-I also.
And ... I'm not going to force them
to go and camp if they do not want.
What are you doing?
-I try to make love with you.
Do chimpanzees
stirred up, or?
Wait, I have to take it on.
It's so hard to be spontaneous.
Why do not you take the pill?
-I do not have cancer.
-Millions of women take them.
There are also millions of women
who does not like oral sex.
I want to have sex with you
without having to make an appointment.
I love you.
I love everything about you.
I love your face,
hair and neck.
-Also when I am years old?
-When you have not enough neck.
But I want
my girl like sensuality.
I hope really.
No one has called.
You scared me!
Have you smoked cigars ever again?
-No. Where have you been so late?
I told you. Marion would
see Kenneth Branagh's past.
You're always so tired.
-I'm getting old!
If you are, then I am too.
-I guess I'm not old, huh?
No, you look great.
You work too hard.
You should take a holiday.
You are right.
If you go to Venice?
-You love the Venice.
-I like Florence, Venice and you.
You can not.
I shall furnish Judy living.
We can eat, drink and sleep out.
We never sleep longer.
-We always jump out of bed.
-It sounds pretty tempting.
I'll call Zelda tomorrow
and book tickets.
It is ...
I can not go away now.
-Are you coming up?
-About a couple of minutes.
I'll just watch the sports news.
Can we go to the lingerie store?
I want a teddy.
-Still laces and silk?
-I have for Jeff's sake.
Is that true?
He thinks it's romantic.
-So you feel good?
Yeah, it's great.
Is he the only one? Your children can
save and just buy a headstone.
-No complaints in bed?
-He is a football player.
You were a hussy when you were single.
-Yes, small can.
I'm not saying Jeff is perfect.
He can be a bit stingy sometimes-
-But he is caring and romantic.
We share everything.
I want to buy this one.
What do you think?
Not so bad.
It's just a little thin in the hips.
It was fine at the girl in the directory.
She's probably eating disorders
and chest that can explode.
Excuse me, Leslie ...
Mitchell Ruskin.
I did not recognize you,
Mitchell. You look so different.
Less hair,
and I have operated my nose.
Dr. Mendelson, what?
My friend Laurie has anything like nose.
Gwyn, you know the Mitchell.
We were together the whole school.
I liked the nose.
Me too, but it was a little
in the way of dental school.
So you have dental?
-I heard you got married.
Yes, I am newly married.
What are you doing here?
-I will buy something for hygienists.
-A bathrobe, perhaps.
She might want something more elegant.
-Are you sleeping with her?
-Hygienists is male.
He likes lingerie.
-A bathrobe is good.
It sounds as if I engage him.
He must have something delicious to take on-
-When I got my coziness.
I'm just kidding.
-How does it feel?
-Amazing! You have lovely hands.
- "You" has lovely hands.
No, you should become a physiotherapist.
I would like to
to engage with the decor.
As your mother?
Gwyn need someone who can fix
her home. I can do that.
-I have very good taste.
-Yes, you did.
-That's not what I meant.
And you have soft butt.
I have no protection
that they can play against.
And your shoulders are too soft.
What's that? Is it new?
You like it?
Have you been and shopped again?
-It was not actually animals.
-Do you need it?
Can you return it?
-It has only string.
You can not just buy things.
We can not afford.
-You serve the more than dollars!
-This year, yes! And maybe a few more years.
What happens if I destroy a knee
or if I messed up?
You know what I need to do?
I get to train school teams-
-Teach math
and earn dollars a year.
Why are you yelling at me?
You're not thinking at all!
Where are you going?
-I was so stressed out by you.
I'll watch a game
to relax a bit.
Excuse me ...
Gwyn, what are you doing here?
Flying somewhere, right?
No, my fiancee fly
from Mexico is delayed.
There is a storm there.
I'm waiting for the same plane.
-I'll get my mom.
-Mothers are obviously your specialty.
Nina told that you were upset.
Really? I found that I was trying
being so responsive.
-Have not visited in a long time grandmother.
-I will not bother my mom more.
We try to be discreet,
but Lillian sees everything.
She can not blink.
-Your grandmother is a strong woman.
-I know.
-I love her.
Check up her instead.
She is the smallest single.
You think I'm a pervert or something?
No, I have always believed
you're a great guy.
You are very patient and generous.
Did you think I was gay?
People always assume that I am.
I've been thinking.
Because I'm a nurse?
Mom is sure her lovers.
She's probably rejected several of mine.
-I know.
What? Prater mother about me?
All the time. She is worried
you do not plan your wedding.
Yes, she thinks you
is unfair to Matt.
She lost its high moral status
first night in the apartment-
-Under which the barvelsene.
Are you hungry?
-I can go and get some coffee.
-No, I do not drink coffee.
It will probably
to be a long night.
I guess I can ...
-I can have a cup of tea.
-If you do not want to wait alone.
It is good with a nurse
whether to eat flyplassmat.
I did not think
you had specified a date.
Now you can push for something else.
Here it is.
-To your keys.
-My keys?
It's pretty big.
-Or for letters and small change.
Some have flowers on it.
Do you like it both?
Okay, then I take it home.
-You can get Matt here to watch it.
He might not like it.
Who cares? I'm buying it.
-You guys are a couple now and marry.
-If I can not make their own choices?
You're so extreme.
-You will certainly not take his name.
Why can not he take mine?
It is normal to give up
part of one's identity.
I will not,
for I have nothing to spare.
Okay, then we surprised Matt.
Do not forget the keys so I can
drop the ones that come with it.
I was going to visit Grandma.
Are you coming?
If I'm not wrong?
For Antonio?
He's free, thank goodness.
What happened?
I can not see him anymore.
It was too intense.
It was so passionate.
-Was not that the whole point?
-I must have been crazy.
He's not even attractive.
-You do not exaggerate.
The Forbidden lured me. He has
tattoos in weird places.
The flapping or flying. So it
been better with me and your dad.
Is that true?
He committed himself really.
He was even with me
and so on wallpaper the other day.
I was worried about you.
As a young man I thought romance
were flowers and chocolate
-But for the time being I'll just
have someone hold my hand-
-While I choose garden furniture.
They did not like it.
They thought it was too creative.
-Their clientele is older.
I thought they would have younger customers.
-But they will keep the main customers.
-So I'll make it worse?
Just less creative.
-Am I disturbing you?
No, we discussed an oxymoron.
Do you have time?
Talk to Peter.
I need it tomorrow.
-I take advantage of the Seven Seas.
-But it's my account!
-It is the customer.
The customer loves me.
-They said I was charming.
-They do not like that you are a woman.
Me neither, a few
days a month. Did they?
They like the campaign, but they think
not that you will complete it.
-Do they know something I do not?
-You will marry and will have children.
They will be no
start over with someone.
Where did they get the
submitted the idea from? Dickens, or?
-Did you at least my party?
I can not argue with customers.
They can work with you
whose wife and children.
It's different for men.
-So I've reached the glass ceiling.
-You're not buying it there, huh?
No, I get all served
on a plate every morning.
It's so unfair.
-I know.
I must get out. I can not work.
I ought to give me. It would
At least get them to respond.
People think I'm tough
because I'm a big mouth.
I always fleeing from conflicts.
I know, you too. It was
different. You fled from the Nazis.
I had lasted one month
without cable TV and a shower.
I am weak. My whole generation
is weak, timid and selfish.
Our greatest trials
revolve around work, money and sex.
We have no war to fight.
You fled from the war.
Should I tell my grandkids
I fled the suburbs?
But it can be a wonderful life.
Children, kjrelag and muffins ...
You are welcome to interrupt me
if you do not agree.
There you go, Lillian. Cold and well.
It's hot outside.
I should probably take her back.
Are you ready to go up?
Should I bring it to you?
-Will you have lunch together?
-Enough to go to the beach?
-There is a Chinese restaurant there.
-Is it cheap?
Great Deals.
Have you always wanted to write?
No, I was shy. It was
easier to write than to talk.
You were certainly very popular.
-No, I was not.
I was so thin at the school.
As a hat rack with nipples.
You will be a beautiful bride.
Do not be nervous about it.
I wish I could
be more impulsive as you.
Do you think I am?
Mother says
that you are passionate and intense.
This is because
I talk spanish in bed.
Whoa! Race you to the restaurant.
It really pouring down. Table for two?
Where are the ladies' room?
I have to wipe me.
-Are you okay?
-Need a doctor?
-Want more toilet paper?
By the way, love it ...
Thank you. Excuse me ...
That's my punishment for
I fell in love with a married man.
I thought it would
be different this time-
-But they're all the same.
They say they will begin again-
-When they really do not want it,
at least not with me ...
Is there anything I can do?
Yes, you can greet the
bastard that it is over.
I will not see him again.
Say that Zelda sent you!
-Are you in love with her?
-I Zelda? Are you crazy?
-I am in love with your mother.
-Are you?
-A strange way of showing it.
-What I did was horrible.
-I sound like an idiot.
You're no idiot.
I know I am.
I was easy prey.
I was lonely.
Your mother and I argued all the time.
We have been arguing constantly for years.
I would be with someone who
agreed with me for once-
-One that does not argue, do not judge
one or cites past.
You said that it was just a fling.
A year ago, I let
her book our corporate site.
She was wonderful.
She upgraded us all the time.
You work so hard
you do not even take off your coat.
How can you have wool this time of year?
You should have linen.
Lin wrinkling.
-Live a little!
-You have not even eaten lunch?
-I have eaten since lunch.
-Did you know she was in love with you?
-We just ate lunch.
Was the bouncer?
I was a Rockette.
That's not possible.
Why can I do like that here?
-You liked that she showed legs.
She was hilarious.
We went to games, picnics,
played tennis at Williams Island.
My ankle!
-Was it broken?
-Sprained. I helped her home.
Support on the other foot.
Sit down.
Can I get more ice?
I'll just add me
in the bathroom ... with you.
She seems like a refined woman.
-At my age it takes a Volcano
But I must confess that the
first afternoon was lovely.
How are you?
Then I learned the truth.
-You do not limp anymore.
No, it feels much better now.
She had not sprained ankle
and she was not a Rockette.
She was a pathological liar
who was psychotic.
Why you finished it?
She threatened to tell Mom that.
I'll tell Nina
what kind wonderful man she has.
What do you do? Zelda!
Behave yourself!
I was trapped.
I considered killing her.
-Forget it. I was desperate.
Last week I went
through the mail in the kitchen ...
See what Judy smuggled out
from London! Cuban cigars.
One more thing.
-Thank you.
-There was so little.
-Do not you hate that I smoke?
-I know you love it.
You have to get to have their little pleasures.
Thank you,
but I actually think about quitting.
The-I have heard before.
It's just a bad habit.
-Are you sure?
-Absolutely! It is over now.
-Do you have one?
-A cigar?
Sometimes a cigar
not just a cigar ...
You are crazy.
Then I realized that our love for
and can survive some as Zelda.
At least I hope so.
So you are happy again? So you
'm in love with my mom and everything is fine?
What happened to loneliness
and arguing all the time?
Sometimes I am lonely,
and sometimes we quarrel.
It is a compromise.
That's what marriage is about.
A compromise after another,
and finally turn one into it.
That's how it is.
It's depressing.
You were afraid they would be separated.
-Now they are happy again.
Who knows if they are happy?
They want one thing,
but must be content with another.
Who does not compromise?
-Arabs and Republicans.
-Wrong! Arabs live to negotiate.
Where are the black cabin bag?
-In the locker room in the hallway. Where are you?
To Pittsburg. I will
surprise dad on his birthday.
He needs to have fun. He did
break up with the woman he was dating.
-The florist Dot?
She obviously never showered.
-Strange. She is not even French.
I thought they would marry.
Your father refuses to compromise.
-Being alone is a compromise.
That's brave
not to sacrifice their values.
No, it's selfishness.
Why is the table still here?
You should always send it back.
I hoped
you would start to like it.
It is too big.
-All right. I'm sending it back.
-Thank you.
You're so cute when you're sitting there.
Give me a hug.
You know what we do not
've done in a while?
I can not now.
I have to write a good ad.
Ten hours? You can
be creative so late.
I hoped so.
Do you know anything about this?
No, nothing.
Why do I never learn anything?
-The steaks are immediately clear.
Taste if it is tender.
I know it is there.
It's like butter
with added cholesterol.
I want an answer.
We take it later.
My sister will probably not hear it.
Have you contacted Terri or not?
-I just wanted to see my baby.
-You never strained you before.
-Shot solution changed it.
-Shooting Solution?
Her mad-man firing at us.
He fired only one shot
to scare us.
It worked. I do not know how
that idiot got hold of a weapon.
That's impressive, but tragic.
-Go back to him, then.
Then you can go back to Terri?
I refuse to go back to her
Although she is pregnant with my child.
Do I hear one more thing about moisture
creams, I'll shoot myself in the head!
It's not as glamorous anymore
and therefore you out of it.
I will not just end as a martyr.
Relax. You need not worry
something to be a martyr.
What do you mean by that?
-Fuck you!
The nuns raised you well!
Can you believe it?
Yes, I believe in everything.
Do you feel good?
-I'm worried about you.
-I'm fine. Thank you for your consideration.
It looks as if the Pope has died.
It would be nice to eat something
for once when I'm here.
-Are you okay?
-Yes. I thought you were in Jordan.
I thought so too.
What are you doing here?
This is ...
Have you quarreled with Jeff?
No, I just ...
-What is it?
Nothing. I just ...
-I feel terrible.
And Jeff, then?
He will not
to take lightly.
He feeds on to rip your head
by people who do not give him the ball.
You think I have not thought about it?
I do not know what you want.
You tell everyone that you are
love, then you have problems-
And everything is a single touch.
You're like Ross Perot marriage.
Says you.
You have not even
been married for six years.
I think
I'm in love with Mitchell.
You must be kidding! How did it happen?
when we met in the lingerie store?
One does not forget a man
who buy lingerie for a man.
The next day he invited
me on Halloween party.
Jeff played the game in Houston and I
was tired of sitting home alone.
So I went there.
Papi, you look great!
No, Fidel! You must be punished.
Go down and clean the play room!
I spilled some pat there.
Everyone was talking about high school.
I really missed my youth.
Yes, there are many months ago.
What I regret most of all
was that I was lying to you.
I thought
I slept with it all year.
There I had remembered,
and that you had remembered.
We called each other often.
He took me out on the boat
Occasionally or gave me a polishing.
-I forget that he is a dentist.
-Children hate going to the dentist.
-I loved it.
-Of course!
What did you think I would be?
I do not know.
I knew you would be famous.
As a movie star.
It is said that they have "it".
That one magical
and unforgettable property.
You have "it".
And you have perfect teeth.
You was so in love with Jeff.
As soon as we got married
he was a different person.
-Enough. Now we get ready.
Why are we so busy?
You need to look radiant tonight.
All the other wives will be there.
If we hurry,
we get cheaper parking.
I had keys to the apartment
Your so for a couple of days ago ...
You do not sound like you have
guilt at all.
You are right. I may be a hussy
or one of those who fall in love often.
I do not understand
why you got married.
I dreamed about meeting Prince
and live happily in all my days.
I would have
that mom and dad have.
My mom said that I would
meet people and not settle down-
-So I dated lots of guys, but
I thought that it was time.
I took the ring and then I
no longer be attracted to other-
-But it gets me. I will not
just flirt. I want to fuck them.
-We should not get married.
-You have panic.
Panic is a reasonable response.
Look at the statistics!
- Percent end in divorce.
-Not to mention the shot solution.
-Rational people do not marry.
-Or is love.
-Love fades. See my sister!
She lacks self-control.
She could never worked on record.
Can we choose a cake?
-Do not change the subject!
Even if you do not talk about things,
they do not go.
Shall we just live together permanently?
-Many do it. It is not uncommon.
What prevents me from
to escape with the dentist, then?
Nothing. That's the point.
Our relationship is a possibility
and not a liability.
I want to marry.
-So it is not extinct institution?
-My parents' marriage was good.
Your parents were the saints.
You think that marriage
leads to misery.
It's true! Married women
are more depressed than single.
How can you be so sure
that we are right for each other?
Look here! "All good things come in threes."
What says that it can not happen to us?
If you want to just live together
and drop wedding?
No, we can get married.
Choose a cake you.
Only there's chocolate in it ...
Hey, Mom!
How did it go today, my son?
Bra. It is Friday,
so I was going to go out for a walk.
How much does it cost?
You want to go dancing with you?
No, bring a girl!
-A that you can marry.
-I will bring you out.
When you find a pretty
girl that you can calm you?
I will not calm me, mommy.
I want grandchildren.
What is it with you, Antonio?
-You're not gay?
-How can you say something like that? No!
-People say it.
They say you can not go out with women
and have never had a girlfriend.
-Antonio is gay.
-I must tell you one thing.
It is true. I'm gay.
I'm just kidding!
You think of everything.
I actually boyfriend.
Do you have a boyfriend?
Ring and invite her out tonight!
She works late.
-Forget it. Call her!
-Ok, I'll call her for you.
Hey, there's Antonio. Are you busy?
No, I only played video games.
-Do you play video games?
As mental self-gratification.
-That was a joke.
Can you do me a favor tonight?
If you do not have other plans.
I do not know.
-Please, say yes! Come on!
It's me.
How was your day?
-Not bad. And yours?
What's going on tonight?
-I thought going on Derek's exhibition.
I know you do not want to go there,
but he invited us actually.
I have to work.
-How late do?
-Sent. Have you had dinner?
I'll probably just a pizza.
-Are you happy?
Yeah, have fun now.
Goodbye, Mrs. Carrera.
-What did she say?
-Dance for me too.
-I do not dance, so it's clear.
-When we dance no.
Matt? Thanks for coming!
I really appreciate it.
It's nice stuff.
-You have always made nice stuff.
-Thank you.
Dear? This is Matt.
-This is my wife, Delia.
-Are you married?
We met a year ago
and decided to do it.
It is fantastic. We expect
children now, and I can hardly wait.
How is it with you and Gwyn?
You were fantastic on drums.
-You think so?
And the band ...
It's the top.
I did not mean trombone
was a so ... erotic instrument.
I do not understand why you are
so nervous. You're not a bad dancer.
It is a new experience for me
to have control of all four limbs.
Hey there, buddy! How are you?
It's good.
-Do you need a ride home, or?
Thank you, but we have a car.
-Good wagon, huh?
Yes, you have to go in any case.
Not like that shit
we used to steal in Havana.
Call me Antonio.
You can join the boat one day.
I'll call you.
-See you!
Set in the inside because you stole cars?
Yes, and there is no
I am proud.
-I'm surprised.
Do not look down on me because of that.
I heard that you were a criminal,
so I thought ...
That I killed someone?
I do not know. In a violent
Brawl during a pelotamatch.
Unfortunately not.
Want to grab a coffee at the beach?
It is such a great evening. Come on!
It's late and I must go home.
I must go home.
It's okay.
We'll take it another time.
Yes, hold on.
-Gwyn, you call.
Can not you take a message?
No, it's probably best you take it.
Is it true?
I am overjoyed.
Of course I can.
See you then.
It was Charlie Drucker.
He liked my script.
I'm going to Orlando and put
forward ideas for his new TV series.
-That's great!
-I am totally shocked.
Trips you again?
I'm going for a job interview in New York.
What kind of job is it?
-Gorilla Researcher in Zaire.
-Do you plan to move to Africa?
-You're supposed to move to Orlando.
There is at least
on the same continent.
I've wanted to do for a long time, and you
are saying that we should not compromise.
-Should we get married?
-You will not marry you. You said it.
I said it, but I did not.
I always like that.
I only know that I am unhappy,
and I'm tired of being there.
Are you going to just take all of a sudden?
-It does not work, Gwyn.
-I should have done it long ago.
Yes, before we print your invitations.
I thought it would be better
When we had decided a date.
-We barely have sex once a week.
-As percent of all married couples.
I can not believe this.
-It should not be that hard, Gwyn
You can not just stop after two years.
What should I do? You were completely para-
lysed and ceased to exert yourself.
I was hoping to not have to exert myself
and that one day I woke up-
And that everything was perfect between us.
Do not you understand that?
No, it is never perfect.
Some days are fine and others are wicked-
-But only one striving, as
To the nice days mitigate the wicked.
Is the law of the jungle that
one of your chimps have taught you?
Now we get to be decent towards each other.
Let today be our dreadful day
and tomorrow the fine!
It's too late. It is over.
-Please, do not go.
Can we talk about this?
-No, that's all you do.
I will not talk more.
Have you not seen him since then?
He came to get his things
and we began to argue.
He left a message
he got the job.
It's sad when it ends.
You do not think it can happen.
I thought so at the time.
Wait a minute.
All together now.
They adore you.
I adore them.
You know ...
Your mom left me.
-Did she do it?
-When did it happen?
-A couple of weeks ago.
So she just did it
Finally, without any reason?
She was very kind.
She handed me a jacket.
I wish I could say
I'm sorry, but ...
It was probably for the best.
She thought enough: "Fuck it!"
I wanted to ask you something,
if it feels too weird ...
For odd?
It's our family's motto.
I wonder ...
... If I can invite
you to dinner sometime.
Are you serious?
It's totally sick.
There are very, very brittle.
I mean ...
What are you doing tomorrow?
Is it far?
It looks like Orlando below
so we land soon enough.
It's amazing so high up we are.
The cars look like insects
and the runway is tiny.
The fact that we can land on
the little matchstick.
Flying is really not for me.
-Then you know what it feels like to dance.
-I have a headache.
I read the script for a series
I will be writing for.
You like it?
It is completely soulless.
Precocious children in an orphanage.
It may be a cult series.
A mixture of comedy and drama
which is not oily at all.
We're killing ourselves for people
who can not afford cable television.
It is a thankless job.
You get paid so little.
You are funny. I hope
your ideas are just as fun.
That makes two of us.
We could use a female staff.
None of these
cave men can cook good coffee.
How did it go?
I saw the repetitions and
It is the world's worst serial.
If I'm lucky name
my show up in episode four.
Did you get it?
He hired me to write the script ...
... And if he likes it,
he hires me.
I'm so glad for your sake.
You're wet. Have you been swimming?
-I pool.
I'll also. Then I
Room service for 0 dollar
-For I am in the entertainment industry
now. So we can crush room.
What is it?
Come here.
-Will you ...?
-Don't talk. Apart from the Spanish ...
I can only count.
I can not.
Should we really do this?
I'll be right back.
-I have to cram into my thing.
-What thing?
My diaphragm.
You should also take on something, young man.
-Do we need two stuff?
-Yes, we do.
I do not know who you've been with.
Your mom!
What is it?
Excuse ...
It's okay.
No, it is not.
I can not go on living like that.
I am terrified of
everything good that happens to me.
-Everyone is like that.
No, they're not.
People do not live
their lives in constant turmoil.
Just look at you. You are always happy.
You are impulsive and passionate.
You live for the moment
and look not back all the time.
I think I still
'm in love with your mother.
I can not stop thinking about her.
You're even more pathetic than me.
Can I call you later?
What happened?
Is it true?
I can not believe it.
It's okay.
It's almost finished.
It's a girl!
I come!
Oh, so nice!
Is he here?
He sits outside.
Tell him it's ok.
What do you think? The manufacturer
my flew here especially.
I thought it might be
a good name for her. Lily.
It's a nice name.
Either that or Azaleas.
Have you seen her?
She is so beautiful.
I saw her out there in the solarium.
There is nothing solarium,
It is an incubator.
Anyway ...
You did a wonderful job.
You're so beautiful, you too.
-I feel like crap.
No, I've seen shit.
It does not light up like that.
-I should get me a closer look.
What are you doing?
-I will lay me next to you.
-They throw you out!
You are crazy.
I was mad.
I'm not there anymore.
-Jesus, Jordan ...
-I am so sorry.
I'm so sorry.
It was a good party.
It's not as bad as the old door.
Everyone eats at least.
That's it.
-When I say goodbye.
Are you going to go?
Yes, it's getting late.
In like manner.
Whatever it means ...
Why are you all now?
-I have to get up early.
How early do?
-Must meet my new patient's family.
-Of course.
Bye, "muchacho".
I will miss you.
I'll miss you too.
We have actually
to tell you.
We have plans to move along.
-I have a place in Coconut Grove.
-Should I pay for even a wedding?
Excuse me, but I must go.
I just wanted to say goodbye.
So you go, Antonio?
Wait a bit, then.
It's something I want to tell you.
I do not know if Nina has mentioned it ...
But ... we are very grateful
for all you have done for us.
-You do not give me anything.
-I know, but I will.
No discussion.
I do not know what to say.
-Thank you.
-Thank you.
They were married for years.
Not bad, huh?
Here's maternal grandparents
on their honeymoon.
They do not look like they are
so comfortable with each other.
-They first met the day before.
Is that true?
-They grew up in a different time.
And on another planet.
My mother was not afraid of anything.
Not a thing.
I asked her how she
retains the humor and not lost hope.
She laughed and replied:
"I thought of the alternative."
The next morning I went down
Giving Back napkin ring to Matt.
He wanted me to keep it.
"Only if it had been
a diamond ring, "I said. He laughed.
He was going to Africa next day,
so we talked about our new work-
-About us and it was so
strange that my parents-
-After all, had successfully
to stay together in their marriage ...
... And Terri in a manner
had forgiven Jordan
And Leslie that everything was
way to his second marriage-
-As we said goodbye
in chimpanzee habitat.
So I said that I came to
to miss him, and then he said something nice.
He was glad that I came,
for it made him realize-
-That we were not crazy that was happy
in another, although it lasted.
Now I'm single again.
It scares me a little.
I will not be alone. I will
not be an old wrinkled Aunt
-Who's birthday party
for her cat.
I do not understand why I
gave up Matt. And Antonio, then?
Certainly he was in love with
my mother. It could have solved.
Will I really get married?
Just look at my family and all
pain, frustration and loneliness-
-But their marriage is the healthy.
I wonder if it's worth it.
Is a lifelong relationship with
love, friendship and Child
-Worth all the compromises
that comes with it?
I guess the answer is "yes".
I have certainly not ceased to hope.
I look at marriage
the same way I look at Miami.
It is hot, stormy
and sometimes it is a bit dangerous.
If it is now so bad,
Why is there so much traffic.