Miasto (2021) Movie Script

Thick darkness of a suburban road
is cut by the headlamps bright light.
Mike drives carefully
looking around with his tired eyes.
He knows they are there.
Waiting for him in the middle of the night.
He sees a dim light in the distance.
A town.
Test results.
Marek Peka.
The town.
Karolina! Hurry up or your father
will be late for work.
Take your pullover or you'll catch a cold.
Come on out, darling, will you!
Yeah, yeah.
Come out and do not upset your father.
He doesn't feel well.
How are you?
I'm good.
What about the test results?
They were supposed to come week ago.
I'll go to the hospital myself!
You don't need to. I'll take care of it.
Yeah, yeah.
Take books, Romek, so you don't get bored.
- Meet me at my work after school, right?
- Yeah, yeah.
Don't drink there, please.
Yeah, yeah.
And call me in the evening.
You are taking your kid with!
Mom! Who took my lotion?
Leave now, for God's sake!
Okay. I'm coming.
Calm down, Mom.
Bye, daddy.
Except the carts we discussed,
There are other kinds of special equipment:
Carts with side-load for transporting logs.
A black limousine stops with
a rustle of tires by the roadside.
To conclude,
in order to stack the pallets
onto the forklift
the forklift operator
needs to drive up to the stack
lower the fork and drive forward until
the load is against the backrest.
Mr Peka!
Good Morning, docent.
- I was about to call you.
- You should have called.
Mr Peka,
It's unacceptable.
What is unacceptable?
Your high absenteeism.
I can not tolerate this.
Good afternoon!
Good afternoon!
You know...
last time I saw you,
you where that little.
It's crazy how the time flies.
Give Mom my love.
very handsome woman.
Very.: geometric.
In plan view, I mean.
Mr Peka, come into my office, please.
Right now?
I've taken a leave.
Right now?
You need to catch up with your class
and you've taken a leave?
We are going to the lake.
What about your wife and mother?
She doesn't come.
Go already, Mr Peka.
But when you are back
we need to talk seriously.
Am I making myself clear?
Are we going to have fun, dad?
And where are we going?
We are going to a Writers' Conference.
The Regional Writers' Conference.
There will be writers, critics, my son.
A whole different world.
Maybe we meet even filmmakers.
Do you like movies?
Manhunts, gunshots.
Believe me, mysteries...
What's wrong with you?
My stomach hurts.
Only when I'm laughing.
I need to pee.
So, go.
I'll repeat it.
To find a mushroom
you need to start thinking like a mushroom.
Gauszko is truly gone.
But what makes us analyze
his subtle yet dramatical fate
through the pages of my novel?
Beside the fact that
he was a marvelous swimmer?
What extrapolates us to the conclusion?
Does the bed I described in my novel
symbolize me or not?
I encourage you to read it.
Thank you.
I just want to remind you that
the books title is 'Spy in my bed'
and that it's available
to buy at our stand.
Now, I would like to invite Mr Marek Peka.
Engineer Marek Peka
and his newest short story
titled 'To kill the docent'
was published in the new issue
of 'The Scoop Magazine'.
The story is author's debut,
his first literary text.
Let us welcome Mr Peka.
Tell us how did you come to write?
You are an engineer, right?
I'm engineer and lecturer
at Technical University...
The action takes place among
the academic staff.
Is it your personal experience?
Is the docent a real person?
No, the docent is not
the real docent.
I mean...
it is not my boss.
We should not tell the entire plot in here.
But could you tell us
how does your story start?
A banger is driving through dark night...
It is dark.
He stops,
gets out of the car, and hears a shot.
So, he hides. He crouches
behind the car door.
Because he hears the shot.
He pulls out his gun.
And shoots.
The docent has a gun, right?
- Excuse me?
- He has a gun?
Yes, he has.
Mr Marek, can I call you
by the name, right?
The most important is...
What is it? What do you think?
One more, please.
Do you know... there are so many
nice festivals in our country.:
There is one in agw.
In Zwierzyniec, Tarnw, agw.
It is all ahead of us. Flowers, carpets.
Prizes, Grapes.
Let's take the festival in Zwierzyniec.
Have you ever been there?
Horse riding, mushroom picking, fishing.
for people, you know.
The movies for people.
Imagine a great hall.
Thousands of people and we in the middle.
on a square thing.
On a black square platform...
How am I supposed to write?
With the wife and kids to think about.
And the docent...
who visits Terenia with flowers.
Cheers to bachelors.
Do you know what I teach?
Internal transport.
This cannot be.
You are very talented,
I'm talented...
We need to make a film together.
A thriller.
To kill the docent?
Fuck the docent, Marek.
I mean a real American one.
They will shoot, drive cars.
Talk with women.
A noir.
A real film noir, you know.
I would write in the garden.
And she would sing.
My Terenia.
She would sing.
Manual machining.
Let me show you.
That is my last film. Manual machining.
An animated one.
- An animated thriller?
- Yes.
An animated thriller about a lathe.
And she sings...
I'm dreaming about a love story
with gangsters.
Yesterday we started to drink together...
Think men...
In America, the first cinema is opened...
Test results.
Oncological Hospital.
First big shows.
Business. Illegal business, you know.
Cinema is a big thing, Marek.
A great one!
Mike has already known it could not happen.
There were two of them.
Two ruthless professionals
with a blank stare. And he was alone.
And the bloody rain.
Is it fun with dad?
Yes it is.
But do not tell your mom.
Or she may kill us.
What will be the movie about?
The one you're going to write?
I will read you.
In the middle of nowhere the night
silence is broken by gun shots.
Mike crouches
to hide behind open car door.
A headlamp gets shot and cracks.
Marek carefully eyes the wasteland
from behind the door.
He counts his bullets.
Inhales deeply.
And he leaves his hideout with
a pistol in his stretched-out hand.
Confident and composed he points his gun
at his hidden opponents.
The next shot from the dark makes
Mike stop suddenly and stagger.
He squints and curses...
The death...
found me.
Nobody is immortal.
Mike drove through the night
and pulled out an envelope
with his bloodied hand.
Miserable piece of paper.
Blind, ruthless fate.
Mike was staring with his clouded eyes
into the darkness behind the glass
A town.
With empty avenues.
He felt the death coming.
Detective comes to the town.
He looks around the empty dark square.
'A town just like every other' he thinks.
He has seen so many of them.
A town.
Lost, broken, and lonely.
Who is Mike?
Detective wonders staring
through the window.
Why did he die?
A tourist?
You are on business here, I see.
You need to see our main
attraction before the job.
Come on.
Tough guy.
All tough guys are monotonous.
Like playing a deck card
consisting only of aces.
May I introduce.
My colleague.
Fellow practitioner.
Budding cinephile.
I hope.
Why, let the stricken deer go weep,
The hart ungalled play.
For some must watch, while some must sleep;
So runs the world away.
The old men speech was full of commas
like a boring novel.
Cool echo behind the back, whispers,
voices crammed in the dark
hollows of the passageway.
People immobilized by the silence.
Dazed gawkers staring with glassy eyes.
Mice trapped in their dreams:
I think we've met before.
Me too.
I don't recall now.
You're not from here...
You're not from here...
Are you looking for it?
Yes, I'm searching for it.
What are you searching for?
The envelope.
You will need mug shots.
They're waiting for you.
You will need mug shots.
They're waiting for you.
Hello! Hello!
In the morning it came.
I didn't want to wake you up.
Dampness of the cobbled streets,
cold like the ashes of love.
In the town of dreams
where my love is gone.
In the town of dreams
you stole my heart.
To whom?
I lost my money, invested
in this damn project.
To whom? I'm asking.
To people. What did you think? To people.
Great hall, thousands of people.
Do you know how much power it will take?
Or I will...
I bid you a cold farewell, Mr Great.
Your shadow walks towards me.
In the town of dreams.
In the town of dreams.
I see you.
Come into my arms.
Is it your shadow?
The longing dies in pain.
It is only your shadow.
It is only your shadow.
What are we drinking?
Vodka neat.
Familiar smell of dust and cigarette smoke.
The smell of world inhabited by shadows.
Here you go.
There is...
There is the small, cute blonde
who cheeps
and twitters.
and the big
statuesque blonde
who straight-arms you
with an ice-blue glare.
I found out yesterday. During dinner.
She met someone else.
You can't lay a finger on her
because she is reading 'The Waste Land'.
The singer with a bored smile
comes to the bar.
'I know that sad smile',
thinks the detective.
The dark place seemed to brighten.
The air heavy with smoke and breaths
of night clients appeared to get lighter.
I think we met before.
Who is the beautiful stranger?
I think so too.
But I don't recall now.
You are not from around here, right?
Of course, not from here.
You sing beautifully.
There used to be opera house in here.
A real one.
I was the solo singer.
Stockholm of the south.
We were called.
Good old days.
I saw it.
What was the place?
Everybody has seen it.
Conduit street.
I have seen you there.
I'm sorry. I didn't recall.
You didn't look much better back then.
I mean...
you don't look much worse right now.
You used to be younger too.
I'll dance tango with hedgehog
for you at dawn.
I'll dance tango with hedgehog
in Bydgoszcz and in Madrid.
I will do anything,
punch my fist through the wall
to dance the tango with the hedgehog.
I will do anything for you,
I could punch my fist
through the wall for you.
to dance the tango with
the hedgehog for you.
Excuse me. Could I?
Another one wants something.
No, you cannot.
What the hell.
Sit down.
I don't even know you.
I don't live around here.
Professor, it's ridiculous,
people are waiting.
Why don't you drop by?
I live in Kanaowa street.
I will play a noir for you.
True film noir.
True film noir?
Yes. My piece.
You know what, professor...
when I walked here,
I was really upset with something.
But I forgot what it was.
- Should keep being upset, or not?
- You should.
I was just starting to have fun.
Not starting. You have just finished.
Pick up the bloody phone!
Is that you, boss?
Who else?
I was about to call you.
You should have called.
Did you get the mug shots?
Yes, I got them.
Have you seen the body?
Do you know where it is?
In morgue, I guess.
Have you been there yet?
I haven't been there yet.
Not yet? Get to work, detective.
Get it done.
Yes, I'll handle it.
Do you know where you are?
There are new facts.
Your time is running out.
I'll call you tomorrow.
They are next to you, right?
Of course.
Is anybody else staying here?
Except me?
No. It's not the season yet.
When is the season?
Am I alone in here?
You are our most important guest now.
Slightly smiling singer looks
at the professor from the photography
that stands on his desk cluttered
with tools, in Conduit street.
'It's for you, my beautiful',
sighs professor with love and returns
to final preparations of the device
before screening.
Staring at the ceiling
the Great impatiently waits.
In the gate of the professor's tenement
rumbles the echo of the last
spectators' footsteps.
Tell me... if God is...
Regular one.
If God's capable of everything,
could he create a stone so heavy that he
wouldn't be able to raise it himself?
A single one.
Give it to me, son.
The darkness I cut by beam
of light from the projector.
The town streetlamps are dimmed.
As always during the show.
Through dark curtains in the Great's office
a melody from another times is to be heard.
From better days, another story.
The music fills the dark streets.
Revives gloomy yards.
Reaches damp passageways and alleys.
Are you ready?
Your dress looks like sea water
covered wit gold dust.
I don't want to stay alone.
I just remembered something.
Once, when we were at a bar.
You looked at me as if you were
seeing me for the first time.
A moment ago.
I'm worried about you, Marek.
A man tough like the cobblestone
he lied on',
detective thought.
His eyes slightly lit up
like a light at the end of a dusty hallway.
Repulsive silence of the town morgue.
Ruthless light.
Repulsive silence of the town morgue.
Ruthless light
reflecting in the nickel of tools.
A lighter,
and a foreign coin.
Scrap of paper.
He is to see me.
He hit fucking hard.
Constantly immersed in the past...
Professor you are aware
I hold you in highest esteem.
You and the science.
In highest esteem.
But you'll waste away in here.
I could provide for you work environment
like the scientists in the capitol have.
Or even in America!
Don't touch it.
Stand still.
What was I saying?
Electricity and magneticity.
These moving pictures are the future.
You will make great money.
How many times do I need
to tell you it's impossible?
You need to rethink it.
I have already decided.
The picture is quite all right.
But the sound sucks.
- Excuse me?
- The sound sucks.
I'm not going anywhere.
You're making a big mistake.
Even if it's mistake, it's mine!
romantic, immersed in the past.
Lost in his fantasies and memories
faked by the passing time.
In love that has never
happened and never will.
In dreamt up events,
in the false past of his town.
That he keeps replaying
over and over again.
I have already lost you.
Or am I wrong?
I want to remember you. Even for a moment.
The charm of your eyes
and the warmth of your kisses
that are already forgotten.
I am here with you today, my love.
Look, you are so beautiful
as if I dreamt you up.
The mist in your eyes
that are so upset,
conversations that are finished.
Our love lasts
though is fleeting
I will never be
alone again.
You don't need to
keep running away any more.
I will always be here,
waiting for you.
A lighter,
handkerchief, cigarettes.
Anything else?
Foreign coin.
With a hole.
With a hole?
You know what you are looking for.
What do you mean?
There was no envelope.
But I think I know where it is.
Do you have idea what is inside?
I have an idea.
What are you looking at?
I have no illusions
about the future.
I only have what I am.
A handful of frayed principles.
That is all I have.
Should we finish him, boss?
The professor first.
Look only, how fast he is.
Good afternoon!
You here? Again? What for?
I'm warning you for the last time!
Do not touch this.
Only electricity.
Big cinema. Thousand guests.
Great hall.
You are not worth it!
Calm down.
I warn you!
We are not going to shoot
each other now, are we?
With all respect to science.
There is the door.
What is the detective doing
behind the door?
Professor is very busy
You don't want to disturb him, do you?
Shall we take a walk?
I'm not afraid. I'm going to it!
I warn you!
It must finish!
Leave now!
It doesn't exist!
You don't exist!
Calm down.
So what do you think?
What a cinema we have!
One, please.
One ticket.
Supposedly in America cinemas
are everywhere.
What about you?
Don't you have change?
Do you know this?
A doctor is walking around battlefield.
Looks at the wounded.
He sees one laying down
and holding his belly.
The doctor asks if he was hurt.
The wounded says:
'No, only when I'm laughing'.
Good one.
What? Is the price unreasonable?
No, the price is okay.
I meant the joke you just told.
What joke?
The one about the doctor.
What doctor?
That wasn't you?
Excuse me, I'm tired.
The town...
What town?
The town... I'm tired of it.
Come here.
Is Gollub in the lead?
Manhole dripping with municipal sludge
was leading deep into the sewers.
Deep inside the town.
Under the square.
Below the streets.
Under the dirty walls,
musty apartments and damp basements.
Lower and lower...
Thick yellow darkness clinging to the face.
Matches extinguished by the dampness.
The darkness getting even thicker
after the faint flame faded out.
The town from inside.
Its dirty interior, dead organs.
The sounds of previous life
trapped in the walls.
Crushed remains of the past
and long forgotten affairs.
I lost you,
or am I wrong?
I want to remember.
If you weren't with me.
If you didn't meet me.
If we weren't together.
I would sing in opera house.
And you?
I would write books.
In a house with a garden.
I would write and you would sing.
But we are here, together.
In a tenement, in Conduit Street.
You get nothing.
You motherfuckers.
Come on.
The next shot from the dark makes
Mike stop suddenly and stagger.
He squints and curses...
He thinks grimly, looking
into her vicious eyes.
She got me.
I am not immortal.
Mike was driving through dark night.
Was I driving through the night?
He stared with his clouded eyes
into the darkness behind the glass.
Miserable piece of paper.
So, this is it.
Yellow broken streetlamps.
Damp narrow streets.
Trouble with keeping track of time
and the sequence of events.
In life that already happened
or one that is going to begin.
What will be the movie about?
The one you're going to write?
I will read you.
What was so important?
Lost forever.
Thoughts that were lost forever
on the town streets.
Longing for love.
For purpose.
Forgotten in his loneliness.
Sharp light.
Eyes burning with pain.
Look! He got caught neatly.
Are you alive, dad?
He hit fucking hard.
Lonely and brave
walked through the empty town.
Not afraid of anybody anymore.
They killed professor
and stole the projector.
I need to take care of it.
Calm down!
We are not going to shoot
each other now, are we?
For god's sake.
No, we won't.
That's what I came here for.
Leave me alone!
Or you will strangle me, you bastard!
Into the car.
With screeching tires Mike
came from around the corner.
He is following us.
His sport car was swift as an arrow.
Driving firmly with a fierce
look on his face
he put out his gun out of the window.
The gunfight began.
I'm here.
I know you are here, my son.
To my Father.