Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland (2017) Movie Script

Michael Jackson was my client
and he became my friend.
This is our story.
Mr Whitefield, tell us more
about what you do.
People see us on TV
in our black suits and...
Excuse me, could you speak
into the microphone?
People see us on TV
in our black suits and...
...think we're glorified bouncers.
...executive protection
is serious business.
We're entrusted with the welfare
of celebrities,
their spouses, children.
We set up false identities to move people
around the globe in secret.
And when we leave,
if we've done our jobs right...
...it's like we were never there.
But we're always there.
Standing in the background...
...listening, observing.
We know the things you wish you knew.
Mr Whitefield,
the purpose of this deposition...
...is to determine if Dr Conrad Murray
killed Michael Jackson.
Like I told you,
I wasn't there that night.
But you were there the two years
leading up to that night.
May I remind you you're under oath?
When did you start
working for Mr Jackson?
Just before Christmas, 2006.
Seven letters on a triple-word score.
One hundred and ten points. I win.
What is Zygota, that's not even a word.
Yeah, it is.
-Good job, baby.
-Thank you.
Did you just get better while I was away
or am I just getting rusty?
Me and auntie played every night.
Sure, did.
And she beat me
just like that every time.
-So what else did I miss?
-I got a boyfriend.
-Just fooling, pops.
You better be.
'Cause I told you,
no boyfriends until you 20.
You said 16.
-Well, I meant 25.
-Oh, come on.
-So, daddy.
Are you really gonna be home
for Christmas?
Of course.
That's tight.
Oh, okay.
Hey, Jeff, what's up?
Hey, I got a job for you.
I'm not leaving home.
No, it's here in Vegas.
High profile dignitary.
Arrives in two weeks,
I just need you to escort him home.
Okay. A to B?
A to B.
And I'll handle the rest.
Alright, short and sweet. I'm in.
Now let's get back
to this boyfriend situation.
Two days before the client was to arrive.
Jeff and I did what's known
as a pre-advance detail.
Video camera.
No cameras.
Client is very adamant about that.
Matter of fact, let me check
underneath the truck.
Quickly, please.
Watch your step, baby.
Prince, take your brother's hand please.
Where's daddy?
Thank you very much.
So, who was that guy, anyway?
You kidding, right?
You didn't see him?
I saw a skinny dude with a scarf.
Man, that was Michael Jackson.
I guess he got tired of Bahrain.
The most popular dude on the planet
is back in the country...
...and we the only ones that know it?
Mum's the word.
I'm John Feldman,
Mr Jackson's personal assistant.
Mr Jackson would like to say hello.
Oh, really?
I'm about to meet Michael Jackson?
Told you this was a good gig.
-You good, bro?
Hello, Bill.
It's nice to meet you.
It's a honor to meet you, sir.
I'm a huge fan.
Thank you.
I saw on your resume
that you've done work for Motown.
Many times, sir.
So, I can trust you?
Yes, sir.
Of course.
-Daddy, daddy.
-Daddy, daddy.
-Volley-ball court.
-Not volley-ball, tennis.
-Come on.
-Come on, we gotta...
-Hey, hey, hey...
-Dad, dad...
-Hey, come on.
-Come on, you gotta...
-Wait, wait, wait, wait.
-Dad, come on.
Blanket, Blanket, Blanket!
Come, come back.
Come back, everybody.
Say hello to Bill.
Hi, Bill.
Bill's our new head of security.
You will stay in the night, right?
Yes, sir. Of course.
-Okay, come on.
-Please, please, please, dad...
-Let's go and see the pool.
And then, and then we'll see
the bedroom. And then...
So where's his staff, his manager?
He's traveling only with me and the nanny.
So it would just be me?
You told him yes.
Excuse me, Mr Bill.
I'm Paris, it's nice to meet you.
It's nice to meet you too.
Daddy said to bring you this
and introduce myself.
-Well, thank you.
-You're welcome.
I put the marshmallows in myself.
Marshmallows. Very nice.
Oh, yeah, be careful, it's really hot.
Oh, boy.
Oh, yeah.
I was conflicted.
On the one hand, I had my family.
But on the other,
here was this man and his family...
in this odd situation
with no one looking out for them.
What else could I do?
I took the job.
You'll be paid twice a month
on the third and the 18th...
...and if you have any questions
do not bother Mr Jackson.
And do not ask the nanny.
Ask me. And only me.
Hi, Bill.
Mr Jackson would like to do some
Christmas shopping at the mall.
Can you arrange it?
Grace Rwaramba was the nanny.
She was Mr Jackson's right hand.
And his kids, his kids adored her.
Now that they were back in the States,
the kids couldn't wait
to shop in familiar stores.
So Mr Jackson arranged
a trip to the mall.
I hired extra private security.
We traveled underground like rats
scurrying through a maze.
That's the world
Michael Jackson had to live in...
...to get anywhere safely.
So, Paris is OshKosh.
Blanket here is Kuko.
Now, remember that,
because he's the rebel, he runs.
No need to remember Prince's,
he's the oldest.
He protects the others
and he never runs, right?
-Okay. OshKosh, Kuko?
-Copy that.
-Are you ready, sir?
-Wait, wait, wait.
What game do we play?
Alright, come on, let's do it.
-Have a look.
-Me first. Me first.
Blanket, Blanket, Blanket.
-I want this one.
-Where's your manners?
Sorry. Please.
Okay, come on. Put it on.
Now, listen, everybody.
You gotta stay close to Grace
and close to each other, okay?
Do not use your real name.
Always be polite.
And listen, hey.
Jehovah's watching you.
-Are you ready?
-Yes, I am.
You ready there?
Mr Jackson made the masks
seem like part of a big game.
But really,
he was protecting his children...
...from a world
that was hungry to get at them.
-Okay, ready?
Are you excited?
-I wanna get a Barbie doll.
-You do?
You wanna get a Barbie...
-'Well, what do you want?
-'I need...'
Where do you want to go first?
Toy, toy. Toys.
-Look over there!
-Oh, my gosh!
-Michael Jackson!
I love you!
I love you!
I love you!
-I love you!
-Come here.
-Michael Jackson!
-I love you!
Oh, my God!
-Michael! Michael!
-We should've disguised you.
-It doesn't work.
-Back off!
We need to get out of here
before somebody gets hurt.
-Easy, people!
-Stay easy, people!
Easy now.
-I love you, Michael.
-Get away, hey!
-Bill, don't hurt her.
Back off, people. Back off!
My children, Bill!
I can't see my children!
-I love you!
-I can't see my children, Bill!
I see them! I see them!
-Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Michael, Michael.
Call in for more backup, right now.
We need more backup.
Get these kids out of here now!
Run baby, run!
Bill, I can't...
Move, move! Let's go!
I just wanna go home.
-Why are there so many people?
-It's okay.
It's gonna be okay.
Okay, come on.
Come, let's go with Bill.
Come on, go with Bill.
Thank you, Bill.
Baby. You were very brave, baby.
Take your time, cadet. Okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
You're safe now.
Mr Jackson wanted to give his kids
a normal life.
So, even though he personally
didn't celebrate Christmas,
he made sure
the day was special for them.
-I think she's coming.
-Well, I think...
But I would really want her to be here.
-Look, she's nearly here.
-She's here.
-I see her! I see her!
-Dad, she's here. She's here.
-She's here.
-Wait, wait, wait. No, no, no!
-Hi, grandma.
-Blanket, no, wait.
-Come on, dad, come on!
-Please, can we go?
Be very careful, be very careful.
Oh, I have missed you.
-Hi, grandma!
-Oh, hi.
Look at you, Blanket.
Oh, Prince, what a nice
young man you are.
-Thank you, grandma.
-Lovely, Paris.
Now, take those presents
grandmother brought you.
-And take them inside.
-Thank you, grandma.
-You're welcome.
-Hi, darling.
-Oh, how are you?
-I love you.
-I'm just fine, I love you too.
-Thank you for being here.
Jehovah's blessed me
to spend this time with you.
It's a pleasure, my darling.
Oh, my goodness.
Look at this, this is wonderful.
-You like it?
You need to stop
running around the world.
-I know.
-And settle down in one place.
I promise I am, mother.
-Alright. Yes.
-You know that?
Exactly what I came here to do.
-Look at this place.
-It's beautiful.
-This is wonderful.
-Look at it.
Yes, it is.
Mom, thank you for being here.
-I'm happy to be here.
-Means a lot to the kids.
I love you, dear. Yes.
And though I spent
Christmas Eve with my daughter,
I spent Christmas Day on the job.
-What'd you get?
-What do you think you got?
What is this? What is this?
Oh, I love it!
Thank you so much, grandma!
-I love it!
-You're welcome, baby!
-Oh, my goodness!
Like that Spider-Man?
You got socks, I got a Spider-Man.
I love it, grandma!
-Thanks, grandma.
-I know, baby.
Hey, Prince.
-It's for you.
-What's in the box?
Oh, my God!
-He's so cute!
-He's so cute!
I got a doggie!
-I love it!
-Thank you, daddy!
-That's okay.
He's beautiful! Can I call him Kenya?
He's yours.
-Come on.
-Oh, Kenya.
-He's adorable.
-Hi, Kenya!
-Hi, Kenya!
-Hey, hey, hey!
Hey! Kenya's not a toy.
He's a living thing.
Take care of him, okay?
I promise I will.
-Thank you, daddy.
-That's okay.
Can I hold it?
You're too young.
They love..
Do you see this?
Bill, uh..
I need you to watch over my son
and my grand babies.
Yes, ma'am.
You know, it's only a matter of time...
...before folks figure out
where they live.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Mrs Jackson was right.
The secret was out.
I needed permanent help.
For the record, state your name.
Javon Beard.
Javon Beard.
It says here, your job with Mr Jackson
was your first celebrity protection job.
That's right.
With no experience,
how did you land such a high profile gig?
Javon possessed the one qualification
that mattered.
Jeff Adams is my cousin.
The guy that got you the job?
The protection business
is like all businesses.
It's about relationships.
I trusted Jeff, so I trusted Javon.
Wait, what am I supposed to do?
You're serious?
-Man, cool, man.
This is the King of Pop we talking about.
When is he coming?
He's coming.
Hey, Javon.
How are you?
Excuse me?
Bill says I can trust you.
Yes, sir, yeah, you can trust me, sir.
Yes, sir.
Then, welcome.
No thank you, sir.
It's okay. Nice suit.
Wait, wait, so that's it?
-Like, I'm in?
-I guess so.
Hey, don't let me down.
I got you, man.
And, don't tell anybody
who you're working for.
I mean wait, like, like, nobody?
I mean...
It's on a need-to-know basis only.
Need-to-know. Alright, alright!
And don't come back here
looking like no pimp.
God! Thank you, thank you, thank you.
Alright, man!
Raymone Bain was Mr Jackson's publicist
during the trial.
She parlayed that into a better position,
Ms Bain had power
and wasn't afraid to use it.
Your money comes from me, gentlemen.
So, let's get you paid.
If you have any questions
do not bother Mr Jackson.
Forget about Feldman and Grace
and ask me and only me.
I live in DC, but I'm here all the time.
I'm available by phone 24-7.
And why don't y'all get
the security trailer brought down here?
It's heated.
Thank you!
Yeah, I'll take that!
I was in charge
of reading Mr Jackson's fan mail.
Then passing the letters on to him.
Check this out.
"Dear, Mr Jackson."
"Last year, I was diagnosed with cancer."
"The only thing that kept my spirits up
was your music."
"I listen to "Beat It" almost every day."
"And I did."
"I am now cancer-free."
"Thank you, Shirley."
That's real nice.
Hey, look at this fancy one.
It's all cute.
Let's see what we got here.
"Dear Michael,
you are a filthy child molester."
Go ahead.
"You think you're above the law,
you black son of a bitch."
"But as God is my witness,"
"I will hunt you down,
tear you apart limb from limb..."
"...then torture each one
of your three mongrel children..."
"...until they call me daddy
and beg for the sweet Lord's forgiveness."
Let me get that, Javon.
Executive Protection 101.
All threats are real.
And we check them all out.
Mr Jackson would always remind us that
John Lennon was killed by one of his fans.
Everything alright out there, Bill?
Everything is tight.
Have a good night.
Good night.
Yes, miss, I understand...
Can you just take this message, please?
All I'm asking is that you take...
I can't believe this.
Something wrong?
Paris' birthday is in two weeks...
...and Mr Jackson asked me
to invite some of his friends.
Back in the day, he had a lot of them.
No doubt.
I keep leaving messages,
but no one's calling back.
No, it...
I think he just...
He forgets sometimes that...
...people don't want to have anything
to do with all that trial mess.
But he was found innocent.
What's that got to do with anything?
There are few things Mr Jackson loved
more than a birthday.
Make a wish.
You know what I wished for?
You're not supposed to tell.
I wished we could go back home
to Neverland.
I said don't tell.
Now, it's never going to happen.
Yes, it is!
We're going back.
No. We're not.
Right, daddy?
Blanket, look, another balloon.
We can't ever go back to Neverland.
But why not?
Because that place...
...has been contaminated by evil.
Told you.
But at least,
back in Neverland I had friends.
-I know.
-And lots of people came to my party.
-And they had fun. And so did I.
-I know, but...
And they wanted I'm gonna find us a home.
I'm gonna find this at home.
I promise you, I am.
No, don't do that.
We would like to know
about Mr Jackson's relationships.
Who did he see on a regular basis?
Almost no one.
Well, surely he had lots of people
in his life.
He was Michael Jackson.
There was plenty of people
coming through,
but there was no one
who was really in his life.
He had his children, his mother.
And his fans.
His fans always found out where he lived.
This is an illegal assembly
and you all have to go.
We have every right to be here.
Bill, Bill!
The police, they're harassing my fans.
Tell them it's okay for them to be here!
Really, sir?
Okay, so he had his children,
his mother, his fans.
And us.
What about the rest of the family?
Tell us what you know, please.
It was spring of 2007.
We looked at the security gate
camera and...
...there he was.
I think it's Joe Jackson.
Joe Jackson! Joe Jackson! Joe Jackson!
You want me to go get him?
I got it.
May I help you?
I'm here to see my son.
-I'm coming in.
-I'm sorry, sir.
I can't let you do that.
Can I give Mr Jackson a message?
Tell him his father's here.
Yes, sir.
Mr Jackson.
Your father would like to see you.
Has he got an appointment?
No, sir.
Tell Joseph to make an appointment.
I'm working.
Go on. Tell him.
Yes, sir.
I'm sorry, sir.
You tell him, I said to let me in.
Call me and set up a time.
I don't need your damn number, boy!
Look, I'm the one who started this shit.
Bastards like you wouldn't even have a job
if it wasn't for me.
Hey! Hey, don't you walk away from me!
Look, I swear to God,
don't you come between me and my son.
Fools like you come and go every day.
I'm his father! I'm always gonna be here!
Do you hear me? Do you hear me?
Don't mess with my family!
Get out!
We love you, Joe!
Joe! Joe! Joe!
Joe! Joe! Joe!
And then there was that incident...
...on the night
of Elizabeth Taylor's birthday.
-You guys have Liz's gift, right?
It's wrapped the way I said?
Everything is just the way
you wanted it boss.
Everything has to be absolutely perfect.
Yeah, we good.
King of Pop!
Yo, straight up!
Come on!
What are you watching me for? Get ready.
-Come on, hurry up!
-Okay, okay.
Okay, let's go.
Hey, how do we look?
Like you're going to the prom.
I mean it. You guys look great.
What's happening?
Cover Mr Jackson!
Mr Jackson, no!
Get down, sir! Get down!
Sir, stay back.
Sir, please! Stay back!
Stop the car or I'll shoot!
You got about one second to start talking!
Hey, shut up!
Hey, get the gun out of my face, alright?
It's Randy!
I want to see my brother!
Hell, no!
Not like this, you not!
Hey, he owes me money!
Move this car back outside the gate.
And then I'll tell Mr Jackson you here.
Negro, please!
I ain't moving until I get my money!
So go on, get him! I got all day!
Got nowhere to be.
Now tell him to pay me,
or I'm going to the press.
Go get my money!
No! No more press!
Okay, sir...
I'm gonna block the... Sir, sir!
I will block Randy with one of the trucks.
Bill can bring you out
through the side entrance, okay?
-Let's go.
-Listen, you don't know Randy!
You don't know him!
He will follow us to Liz's party
and cause a huge scene!
And she does not deserve that.
What do you want us to do, sir?
There's only one person
that can deal with him.
Did you threaten to call the press
on your brother?
I want my money.
I worked my ass for him through the trial.
Michael owes me.
I don't know exactly what
Mr Jackson said to Randy that night.
All I knew is,
he took care of the incident.
Apparently, he didn't need an appointment
to fix a tough situation.
Clearly, he was still in charge
of the family.
This should never have happened.
He can't just come up to my house
like this!
This can never happen again,
do you understand?
-Do you understand?
-We're sorry, sir.
Yes, sir.
We can still make that party if we hurry.
It's ruined!
I can't,
I can't bring this to Liz's party.
Well, sir, look,
the perimeter's totally secure now...
...or we can take you out
through the garage just like always.
He'll be out there, waiting.
He'll follow me.
I can't bring this to her.
I won't do it to her.
I'm going to bed.
Are you sure, sir?
Good night.
As it turned out, he and Ms Taylor
never saw each other again.
I said, that's all.
Mr Jackson insisted that there be
structure and routine in their education.
School started every day at 8 AM sharp.
-Who wants to go first?
Alright, alright, alright, calm down!
Calm down, let us, calm down!
Hey, hey, hey! Listen, sit down.
Sit down.
Alright, it's map study time.
Blanket, please finish coloring
the Western States blue.
-Prince? Paris?
As strict as Mr Jackson
was about homeschooling,
sometimes we just needed
to get the kids out of the house.
-Can we stop, please, daddy?
Daddy, can we stop?
-Look at that.
-I want to...
-Wow! Look at that.
I wanna do that.
Dad! It's so cool.
I like it.
-Daddy, please can we go?
-Oh, come on.
-Please, dad.
Let them go out for 20 minutes.
With pleasure.
Come on, you guys, let's go.
Javon, get me down?
Come on, old man.
Get on, get going, get going.
Today is the best day ever.
You're seeing this?
Blanket's gonna wear him out.
I feel safe with Javon.
Oh, my God. I just wish
I can go out there and play with them.
I know, sir, I'm sorry,
but it's just too dangerous.
How old is your daughter?
A little older than Prince.
And your wife?
Don't have one.
So you're a single father too.
Yes, sir.
Raising these kids alone.
It's the hardest thing
I've ever had to do.
Bill, look at them.
I want them to be happy all the time.
We need a home.
We need a home, Bill.
Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five...
Five, four, three, two one.
Paris, say thank you to Bill.
Thank you, Bill.
You're welcome, Paris.
-Good night.
-Good night.
Alright, pajamas and then we read a story.
-Alright, come on.
Why do people call you "Wacko Jacko?"
Where did you hear that?
I saw it on TV.
Sometimes people call me that
because I'm different.
Is different bad?
No, no, not always.
But it's not nice to call people names.
I know.
And Jehovah wouldn't like it.
I know.
Okay, come on.
If you're different
then I wanna be different too.
Come here.
I love you.
I've been waiting for so long.
Hey, where's my sauce? Where's my sauce?
Listen, dad, it's so cool.
-It's so cool.
-I'm telling you, this guy..
It's gonna start in a minute. Prince?
Oh, yeah, thanks, dad.
Want some?
You don't want. He will. He will.
I don't care what anybody
says about Michael Jackson...
...trying to turn himself
into a white man.
Anyone who insists
on taking his own spray butter,
and hot sauce to a movie theatre?
That man is black, ghetto and hood.
Everybody, wait.
No, wait, wait, wait.
Wait, everybody, calm down for a minute.
This is Charlie Chaplin.
He's my favorite actor.
And he's the king of comedy, okay?
You'll love him.
He is so good.
-It's a go, Bill.
-Roger that.
-That is walk.
-That's it.
Car's right over there.
Car's over there, car's over there.
Guys, come on.
There you go.
-There he is.
Hey, back off! Back off! Back off!
They're hurting me!
Hey! Hey!
Let's turn back!
Get the camera, Javon.
Blanket, get down!
He's got pictures of the children.
Back off!
Get the camera!
Somebody help her up.
Damn! Making me sweat in my good suit.
Get up, get up.
-Give me the damn...
Give me that damn camera, man.
-Come on, good God!
-Give me the camera!
Come on!
Get your ass out of here.
I'll always protect you.
You should never be afraid.
That's what I'm here for.
There are good people in the world...
...and there are bad people.
And my job
is to always keep you from the bad.
Come here.
You better let me in.
I'm, I'm telling you.
Blanket, open.
Let me in!
Is everything okay, Mr Jackson?
We're playing a game
and they locked me out.
Wait till I get Blanket.
Oh, can you let me in?
Yes, sir, I can let you in.
Come on, come on, come on..
Hey, Mr Jackson.
Raymone asked me
to have you sign those contracts today.
After the game.
I'm telling you now.
-Well, hurry up.
-I'm trying, man.
-They won't open it.
-Look at you.
I don't wanna sign these.
Should I tell them why, sir?
Everyone wants me to do these shows.
They say it's the only way
that I can pay off my debts.
But they don't understand.
When people come
to a Michael Jackson show,
they expect me to perform
from the beginning to the end.
The whole show.
I'm not like these Vegas acts...
...that sit in the corner
and sing Kumbaya.
They want me to sing and dance.
I'm not that kid anymore, Bill.
I can't, I can't do five nights a week.
I just can't.
It would kill me, Bill.
It would kill me.
You sent for me, sir?
I hate being stuck in this house, Bill.
I need to do something different tonight.
I need to get out.
What would you like to do?
For once...
...I just wanna go out with my children.
In public, like a normal person.
I go through two to three hours
of make-up.
Trying to disguise myself.
They always recognize me.
Sir, what if I told you...
...I had a way that wouldn't
involve an ounce of make-up.
No way.
This is crazy.
Oh, my God.
That is so funny.
Look at Blanket.
See that? See those moves?
Come on. Come on, Blanket.
Come on, Blanket.
What is this? What is this?
That's my boy.
Blanket, grab them all.
-Blanket won that one.
-I like the horses.
-It's very nice.
-It's just not like, it's so private.
It's very private.
This is a, this is a beautiful one, it's..
Yeah, quite rare.
Very secluded.
A private road nearly a mile long.
Bill, stop the car.
This is what I wanted to show you.
It's beautiful.
I love this tree.
It's so peaceful.
-There're so many.
Oh, wow.
This sells for 55 million.
But it is worth far more than that.
There's a wine cellar.
Fabulous wine cellar.
-Do you enjoy wine?
-I do...
-...but I love this garden.
Well, if you like this.
You really must see the inside.
I'll go get the key.
Beautiful, look at it.
This is what I wanted.
This is it.
I can feel it.
It's our new house.
You're gonna buy it?
This is our new home.
Look at it, Bill.
Bill, this is wonderland!
This is wonderland.
Bill, I love my fans, my fan mail.
Look at that,
I just can't stop loving you.
Well, it's Ms Bain.
-Maybe I should answer it.
They're only gonna try and get me
to do things I don't wanna do.
Hello, Raymone.
Mr Jackson, as you know
you came back to Vegas to do a residency.
Listen, Raymone...
The hotel has agreed to the money...
...and they've agreed
to build you a custom arena,
just like they did for Celine Dion.
I don't wanna think about that right now.
Well, you need to think about this now.
If you wanna buy that
55-million-dollar house,
you better get back up on stage.
I told you, I can't do that.
Okay, well,
then I guess you'll just have to sell
your music catalogue.
No! I don't wanna sell my catalogue!
I won't do it!
Damn it!
I'm sorry, Bill.
I'm sorry.
I'll get you a new phone.
It's alright, sir.
Is there anything I can do?
Play my song, Bill.
The one I like.
Okay, sir.
Do you like them better than me?
Hey, sweetie. No.
I love you more than anything
in this world.
Hold on, baby. I gotta take this.
Yes, Mr Jackson?
She's coughing, she-she's sneezing,
she can't breathe.
-She has a fever.
-Okay, okay.
I'll take her to the ER.
In case you've forgotten,
I'm your family, not them.
No, no, no.
There'll be forms and press.
I need a doctor here tonight.
I don't know what I'll do
if anything happens to her.
Sir, I know, and I will take care of it.
Hey, come on.
I'm sorry, baby.
Please, sweetheart, just a little bit.
-You haven't had...
-No, no, no!
-Just a little bit.
Paris, you got to eat.
I don't want soup!
Then what do you want?
I want to go home.
I want to go back to our real house.
I wanna go back to Neverland.
Sir, the doctor's here.
Please come in.
Good evening, Mr Jackson.
I'm Dr Conrad Murray.
Thank you, doctor.
Thank you for coming.
My pleasure, sir.
How often did Dr Murray visit?
Five or six times.
Did you ever see Dr Murray
give Mr Jackson drugs?
Not that I recall.
So, then what happened?
I had to stay back to pack up the house
for Wonderland.
And I went to Virginia
with the family for three weeks,
thinking we'd return
to move into Wonderland.
At this point...
...our paychecks were erratic.
Sometimes they didn't come at all.
Mr Jackson decided to take the children
on a summer vacation back east.
So I went to Virginia with the family...
...and Javon stayed in Vegas to pack up
the house for the move to Wonderland.
Alright, guys, let's get out.
Oh, hear, oh, hear.
Oh, Grace, do you have my Barbie doll?
Grace, let's go get Kenya.
Who are all these people?
Raymone said they're the best security
team in DC.
I don't like all these strangers around.
I got you.
Is something wrong?
Everything's fine.
What is that?
Boss wants them to pull back.
Twenty-eight, 29, 30.
-Daddy's it!
-Daddy's it!
Daddy's it!
Come on, Blanket. Let's go!
Let's go, Blanket. Let's go, Paris.
You see?
They would never have found me
if they weren't standing there.
I want them off, Bill.
I want them gone.
Yes, sir.
And where's my fan mail?
Get it for me.
Boss wants your guys to pull back.
-Let them do their jobs.
-Let me do mine!
And boss wants his fan mail.
I'll bring it tomorrow.
He wants it today.
Come on, Blanket.
Ms Bain.
Ms Bain, wait!
Ms Bain.
Ms Bain, it's been four months.
All you have to do
is get boss to sign those contracts...
...and then we all get paid.
I'll even throw in a 25,000 dollars bonus
when he does.
These are the loan documents
from Raymone Bain.
These are the loan documents
from the other attorney Greg Cross.
Mr Cross says, "Do not sign Ms Bain's
under any circumstances."
Ms Bain says, "Do not sign Mr Cross'
under any circumstances."
What, what... What shall I do?
I can't tell you, sir.
Truth is, we had broken security protocol.
We had become attached
to our clients, and...
...that's not good for business.
Did I wake you?
No, I don't sleep.
What's wrong?
I just read the strangest thing online.
They said you were dead.
That's why
I keep the kids off the internet.
That is so cruel.
Michael Jackson Dead sells newspapers.
Sometimes I wonder
if people wish I was dead.
Why would you say that?
A lot of people believe terrible things
about me.
They wish I was dead.
Everybody, we're leaving.
Are we going back to Neverland?
we're never going back to Neverland.
We're going to Wonderland, right?
We're going to somewhere else first.
Why can't we just go home?
We don't have one.
Come on, we're going.
The hotel will keep the pool closed
to the public for two hours.
Two hours?
Kids, we got two hours.
We've got two!
Come on! Look at this.
No, thank Bill.
Come on!
Blanket, for you!
I told you about this! I told you!
I told..
-Mr Jackson!
Mr Jackson, it's okay.
Mr Jackson, it's disconnected!
It's not on, it doesn't work!
Mr Jackson, please.
-Oh, damn.
Javon, get over here.
-Sir, let me see that.
Let me see. Jesus, are you okay?
-Give me some more towels. Please.
-I've got it.
-Sir, let me see it. Are you okay?
Just let me see it.
Sir, please.
You got to look out for this.
-You gotta take care of this.
-Okay, okay, okay.
These are my children.
I don't want anybody taking pictures
of my children.
Just keep the pressure on it, sir.
It's okay, sir.
-My daughter's...
-Okay, okay, okay.
I just wanna be left alone.
Why don't they leave me alone?
You know,
I would never do anything
to hurt a child.
I'd slit my own wrist, Bill,
before I did anything to hurt a child.
-You know, right?
-Yes, sir.
You believe me?
Of course, sir. Of course.
-You believe me, Bill.
-Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
It's alright.
It's okay.
It's alright, sir.
It's alright.
You guys are doing a great job.
I'm gonna give you guys a raise.
Thank you, sir.
Aren't you guys happy about that?
Sir, we haven't been paid in five months.
Yeah, and they even cut off
our per diems now.
Get Raymone on the phone.
-How can I help you, boss?
I want you to pay these guys now.
-I don't want to hear excuses.
They are protecting me and my family,
and without me this machine doesn't run.
Pay them!
You know it's not my fault, right?
Yes, sir.
Brahms, please.
Mr Jackson got a call to do a photo shoot
for a national magazine.
The next thing I knew,
we were in New York City watching
him transition to the King of Pop.
Around that time,
Mr Jackson had struck up a friendship
with a young film student, Michael Amir.
They were spending time together...
...scripting an animated movie
about King Tut.
Raymone Bain was out
and Michael Amir was in.
Steve, get me the 200 ready.
Alright? Okay, thank you. It's ready?
Okay, Michael, we're ready for you,
so whenever...
-One minute, one minute.
-Alright. Thank you.
Get me this light over there.
Thank you.
Right here.
Get me something warmer.
-Well, good luck.
-Thank you.
Bill, Javon. I've got a surprise for you.
I told you I'd get your money.
Thank you, sir.
It's okay, I just,
I need your morale back.
I need smiles, okay?
Michael, we're ready for you.
In a minute, in a minute.
Look, I know it's only half
of what I owe you.
I'm figuring out a way
to get it to pay you everything.
I have it.
I just can't get to it right now.
You guys trust me, right?
Come on.
Let's do this.
Okay, girls, thank you.
-Michael, Michael, let's do this.
-Yes, okay, okay.
Let's make magic together. Alright.
Okay, bring it on, Michael, bring it on.
I want one of these.
Absolutely, Mr Jackson.
Oh, my God, Bill..
I'm getting that for Wonderland.
Yes, sir.
-I want candy.
-Yes, sir.
A big bag.
I love candy.
Bill, I need this.
Well, in what color?
I'll get blue.
Oh, my God.
I want this, Bill.
Can I get one of these?
Yes, Mr Jackson.
Paris will love this, Bill.
No, wait, wait, wait.
-I want this.
-Yes, sir.
I love it.
Spiderman, Bill.
I need a Spiderman.
I'm so sorry.
There must be something wrong
with the machine.
Ask her if we can take everything tonight,
and pay for it tomorrow.
Did you hear that? Can we do it?
I'm sorry. I could lose my job and..
Call my lawyer, Londell McMillan.
Tell him to put it on his card.
Sir, it's 4:00 AM.
In the morning in New York.
Bill, my kids need their presents.
I'm so sorry. I..
Just take your time.
-Let me get that.
-Come on.
Oh, my God, look at,
look at all this stuff.
Things are about to change, Bill.
I'm talking to AG about London.
Oh, God.
I'll do ten days, max.
And then after that,
we don't have to worry
about money no more.
Do you understand?
That sounds great, sir.
Bill, I wanna warn you
that the vultures are gonna start coming,
and everybody's gonna want something
and nobody's gonna trust anybody.
Bill, I need you to look for golf carts.
We need golf carts to patrol Wonderland,
after we move in.
Michael Amir used the new money...
...from AG to rent Mr Jackson
another temporary house.
Amir also brought in a small army
of Fruit Of Islam security guards...
...who answered only to him.
Javon and I were marginalized,
pushed aside and damn near pushed out.
-Hey, Bill!
Hey, Bill.
How you doing?
-We missed you.
-I missed you too.
-Love you.
-Bye, Bill.
Alright. Bye-bye. Alright.
-Bye, Bill.
Mr Jackson would like for you
to have the fan mail,
all legal correspondences,
everything, sent directly to me now.
Not a problem.
Should we set up the trailer?
We're not gonna be here long.
Just use the garage.
I'm gonna need you and Javon to sign NDAs.
You're protecting Mr Jackson.
In the two years
I've been working for Mr Jackson,
have there been any information leaks?
In those two years,
Mr Jackson wasn't working.
It's a new day.
What if I say no?
Then you and Javon don't get paid.
Man, you know me.
You've seen
what we've done for Mr Jackson.
How are you gonna look me in the eye
and tell me you're not gonna pay me...
...until we sign
some bull crap non-disclosure?
New day.
New rules.
I'll take it up with the boss.
I'll take that.
Bill, I don't know
what in the world is going on.
I've been trying
to get in touch with my son.
His phone number has been changed.
I'm sorry, ma'am.
He's got this new team.
Well, I'm worried about him
and my grandchildren.
Ms Jackson, please don't worry.
I'm gonna have him call you.
Thank you, Bill.
He trusts you.
I trust you.
Yes, Ms Jackson.
Mr Jackson won't be seeing you today.
I know.
He's busy.
Y'all working on something big.
I heard it all before.
Look, man, I get it.
You doing you.
But I'm not here
trying to get anything from Mr Jackson.
I'm here because I'm concerned.
Don't be.
He's taken care of.
You tell him to call his mother.
Hold on.
I love you.
I really do.
From the bottom of my heart.
This is it!
This is it!
This is it! This is it! This is it!
This is it! This is it! This is it!
When I say "This is it,"
this is really it.
This is the final curtain call.
I'll see you in July.
Michael! Michael! Michael!
Michael! Michael! Michael!
Mr Jackson was rehearsing in Los Angeles,
and we were in Vegas preparing for London.
Are you sure it's not him?
It's not his number.
But I'm gonna find out
who it is right now.
Who is this?
May I help you?
You called me first, asshole.
See, same freaking guy.
Who the hell is this?
Bill, it's me, Mr Jackson.
Mr Jackson.
I'm sorry, I thought it was a prank call.
You really didn't know it was me?
You got me.
It was a good voice.
What happened to you guys?
I'm in LA.
Why aren't you guys here with me?
I told Michael Amir
to send you guys tickets.
Tickets never came.
I need you and Javon in Los Angeles.
I need you here now.
Yeah, we'll see you in London
in a couple weeks.
So, how does it feel
to be going back on stage?
When this is over...
...I'll have enough money to get out.
No more debts.
I'm gonna, I'm gonna buy that house...
...for my children.
And you guys are gonna be fine.
And, Bill...
God bless you, Bill.
God bless you too, boss.
Something in my gut told me
I needed to go.
I booked a flight to for the next day.
I'll be in for a couple of weeks
for rehearsal,
and then I'll be in London
for four months.
Can I come visit?
Only if you behave.
Take care of my baby.
I got you.
Turn on the news.
An incredibly fast moving story...
And, Phil, I'm being told right now that
Jermaine Jackson the pop star's brother...
And it's a very, very sad news
that both the Los Angeles times...
-and CBS news both now reporting...
-Oh, my God!
...that Michael Jackson has died.
My brother the legendary King of Pop,
Michael Jackson passed away on 2:26 PM.
He suffered cardiac arrest in his home.
His personal physician,
who was with him at the time,
attempted to resuscitate my brother,
as did the paramedics who transported him
to Ronald Reagan Medical Center.
A team of doctors including
emergency physicians...
...and cardiologists
attempted to resuscitate him...
...for a period of more than one hour
and they were unsuccessful.
Our family requests that the media,
please respect our privacy
during this tough time.
I sat there at that memorial...
...with all those people...
...talking about what a great friend
Michael was and...
...how much he meant to them and...
The only thing I could think was,
"Where the hell were they?"
Where were they
when the phone didn't ring for days?
When he couldn't sleep at night...
...he had nobody in the world to talk to.
Yeah, and when,
when Paris' birthday came and...
...nobody showed up...
...except for the nanny
and a couple security guards.
Where the hell were those people
when he needed them?
...said that you think Mr Jackson
would still be alive if you were there.
I don't know about all that.
But I know we definitely
would've done things differently.
I heard those people
on the phone talking about,
"We have a gentlemen here,
and he's not breathing."
Man, to hell with that.
I would've thrown him in the car
and took him to hospital myself.
Yes, straight up.
Did Dr Conrad Murray kill Michael Jackson?
Michael Jackson was going to die in LA.
The show, all this pressure...
...it was going to happen.
And it's so hard...
...because I don't know if those kids
are ever gonna find their Neverland.
Hey, maybe they have.
You know?
Maybe Neverland is just...
...a normal life.
What else do you wanna know?
It was never gonna be right for him.
Not in this world.
He was never gonna have the life
you and I have...
...to just get up and go, free.
Now, he'll rest.
The worst part is
they were the happiest children.
The happiest family always.