Michel Vaillant (2003) Movie Script

For 25 years...
There have been two teams...
Fighting for championship
on all circuits in the world:
the "Vaillants" and...
"the leader"
the leader, No.13!
Michel Vaillant...
It's a incredible fight!
70th Le Mans 24 hours race
Michel Vaillant attacks!
Another fierce collision between the two cars!
Michel Vaillant is dead!
Michel is in the flames!
What happened, dear
Calm down, it will be alright!
Michel is healthy and well. Don't worry!
Just like the real thing...
Every time you have unpleasant dream, actually nothing happened
Take it easy
Excuse me
Hello, Mom
Listen to me, firstly, I won't attend Le Mans this year
the car isn't ready
Secondly, "The leader" has been racing for 5 years
Mom, there is no No. "13" in Le Mans
and never would be
He has been standing for a hour,
how come he is not frozen?
Michel seldom freeze,
Michel seldom smoke, Michel seldom drink
Michel seldom sleep.
No mom, I'm not angry, I love you,
See you later
Last year, in "Dakar"
It's 155 Fahrenheit
He has been sitting in the car for 3 hours
while I talk to some guy on the "Camel"
There he goes!
I'll go get him, I can't believe
we've stayed here for several hours!
All right!
So what did chief said?
The sea wind went strong for 2 monthes
So? We're not go sailing, are we?
Strike by sea wave
Instead of having fresh water ice
We got salt water ice.
What's the diffenernt? We can not eat of it.
Salt water ice breaks up stiff!
50 right! Jet! Left!
200 turn!
Attention! backwater bend!
50 long right!
backwater bend! 150
Left, turn!
Right! 300!
Beeline! Crossed!
Hurry up!
That's it!
Who is behind us?
It's Michel
What are you doing behind us?
Because they made a ride
on the froze lake
And salty ice is really bad!
What about you?
Why do you dawdle?
That bastard, Cramer! He is in front of us!
He is blocking us!
Let's have fun!
May I?
Oh, yes, sir!
What shall we do next?
Control, 1000!
My right hand side!
left hand side!
Yes, sir!
Get out of here!
Get out of here!
Let's go! Giulio!
You first!
You bastards!
Sorry, we don't understand french
Sir, clean window for you?
Steve, can you open the window, I feel sick
How can you be sick on 2 miles an hour.
Your speed is alright
But your perfume. Haha!
Very clever! I really do not stink then
Who said gas smell bad?
Go early, arrive early!
That will solve the problem
Keep cool, man!
What's the point to get there too early?
Let them wait till the last second
That makes "class"
"Class" means getting there...
Son of the bitch!...
He's going to learn my name!
How we suppose to take on time!
Being late is the sign of "real class"?
Is it good that you leave from garden city?
Mr. President!
How about smile for me!
Natasha! Oh you shoot me!
You know why I shoot
Thank you! Enjoy yourself
I'm fine now
Your lumberjack goes
to the same place we are
There they come!
Steve? It was you
I thought It was a student driver...
I hate "being late is question of 'class'"
See you later!
They are "The lumberjack" pretty prettier these days
This is not over!
Michel! Stern! I have reserved a table for you, but hurry up
Otherwise someone else will get that!
Jos? Come on!
Let's take a photo!
No! I have a blood hackle at photographs!
I'm goona have the picture framed
And I hang him on in the hall of Drawer Jonquie.
Four against one! Cowards!
Let's go, or they will pinch our table
Come, David?
Be right there, sir
It's hard to knot
It resembles nowhere.
It's pretty awful. It's my wife does that.
I absolutely lose without her
Where is she?
The rally of South-africa.
She is 4th in general.
Not bad!
Especially with a car that do not get ahead.
If she have a Vaillante she be the first!
Damn it! Have to play it again!
See you later!
I'll be right there!
May I help?
Let me see!
I am just like your wife, but not
Get out of my way!
Gabrielle Spangenberg!
Sandra Svanson
The 2nd place...
Stern Warson and Giulio Cavallo!
You are really sexy as you are scared!
You will pay heavily for it!
And then now... the winner of the 11th edition
of our rally for the 2nd successive year...
Michel Vaillant...
And his pilot David Dougherty!
Humble? How can I be any more humble?
I like my best friends winner's pure humility!
In fact, if you team up with me ...
You will see how humble I could be.
Are you a female wheel? What beloved!
I'd love to have you as my co-driver
Actual that's not quite how my imagined things
Oh really? How do you imagine?
You know you are beautiful!
Thank you
Good night
What if I except?
Except what?
Be your co-driver?
5 Right
Straight ahead
2 Left
Thank you for walking ... my car, good night
Good night?...just like that?
Hum, yes
I have a wonderful evening
You are welcome
Let's go to your home. Night is just beginning
YOu know? I'm sorry
Good night
Oh, Jesus!
Oh? Are you ok!
It hurts!
I'm sorry!
Just I can't stand!
I'll take you to the hospital.
The hospital?
No, I hate hospitals!
If I can go to your home and have a cup of whisky,
maybe it will be fine, I don't know
It's all wet!
Jesus, why does always rain here
So do bags...
Everyone said: The winter is as warm as the summer
in Drawer Jonquie's home, welcome
My eautiful Laura!
You just keeping on growing!
It's raining, I don't hear the car
Long time no see
It's wonderful to see you! Michel
Here I am, mom!
Here is the coffee for everyone
Thank you, madam
Michel, stop playing with your cousin
Listen to me!
Thanks for your coming!
This is important for me
For I have 2 things I want to share with you.
I have good news and...
I also have the great news!
The Good is that Peugeot called me
and their famous motor "Evolution 5"
is ready and has been promised to us!
When shall we get them?
It should be in May, but he is operational against half June
for Le Mans!
The 70th Le Mans 24 hours race!
That's good news, what's the great news?
The great news is for David.
You get a steering wheel for Italy,
If you perform well,
with Michel as a team for Le Mans
Henri, do you mind I give you a hug?
This is incredible!
Henri! I don't know what to say...
This is real the most wonderful day
of my life!
I swear I didn't know about this, mom.
What's difference?
Look it is not really the first time
that we are gonna take in Le Mans.
But it is well the first time
that I dream so terribly
We are being well in Le Mans, but there
still no "the leader" or a no. 13.
Mom, bless me!
For David, it's a big day
Julie, I wish you were there!
YOu will be so proud of me!
What? The weather?
It's grand!
And I am happiest man!
What if I take a photograph of them!
You were not even born, Natasha!
I know that?
I can dream, can't I?
Le Mans in memory of 70th...
Let me introduce to you the latest car nations
have known for more than 20 years
"No.13" is the most expected team
And they have Le Mans selected
for their large return.
I have it naturally over the team
Of "the leader"!
Our team manager, brave Gentleman Cheek
Left us 5 years ago
Beauty queen Ruth Cheek
The daughter of the leader!
She leads her team Malaca
Many of you know my father, how stubborn he was
Winning means everything for him.
Be ensured, I am my father's daughter!
Don't worry
Really worry about it!
Don't be afraid of your mom's nightmare
"The leader" must take part in Le Mans.
How is that?
I hope that the young lady is
more honest than her father is.
Calm down!
I'm quite calm!
Besides, I am seeking here nothing.
I have things to do!
Dad, please!
And then now, as we do in every year, we will proceed to auctions
as the social works of Le Mans.
A. 4,000 Euros for the gloves
of Alain Prost.
4,000, twice. Nobody? ...
4,000, third...
Awarded to the young lady!
And then now a quite fine piece of
the helmet of Juan Manuel Fangio
Five world champions winner.
An exceptional piece. first bid is at 5,000 Euros.
5,000 Euros?
10000! beauty Queen. Cheek!
11000, Michel Vaillant...
13000 once ... 14000 once
14000 twice,
Michel Vaillant! 15000 going once
Going twice?
Anyone else bids?
25000! beauty Queen. Cheek!
25000, twice?
Michel Vaillant!
26000, once?
30000! beauty Queen. Cheek!
Michel Vaillant
How about it?
No regret?
Are you sure?
Sold to Beauty queen. Cheek!
And then we'll continue to pieces no. 43.
The famous Michel Vaillant
Le Mans is not begun yet
And you're already losing.
Not a good sign, is it
Congratulations, Michel. I had never thought
that your helmet of Fangio deserves the amount!
Because that's Fangioh
It was a good affair. Really great
It's your helmet?
Yes, that's what we call "unexpexted"
Who is she?
A "nightmare"
What are you doing totally in the dark?
So they are going to race, aren't they?
Where is No.13?
For 30 years
I have never talked about the affairs
But, just for this once, I beg of you:
Please don't go through with it!
It's impossible
Being a champion has nothing to do with the nightmare
Talking about dream
Our dream of Michel, Jean-Pierre and me ...
Is the winning in the 24 hour-race of Le Mans
I can't do that
David who used to be as fast as a rabit
Now becomes a tortoise
Straight down! 120!
100! Right!
Turn left! Turn right!
What's the matter?
I don't know
Do you want to stop?
No! Fixed a refuse in the gas!
Right! 80!
Turn! full gas!
Straight ahead! 320!
Left! 80!
What's wrong?
Why doesn't it run?
100! left!
Left! 380!
Bridge! 600! David, don't do like a idiot!
Override him!
Bridge! Override them!
Bridge! 150!
Stop! Danger!
You are cought!
Are you ok!
Damn! Can't go out!
We're not gonna let Cramer take it!
Go, hurry up!
Tell Michel to "catch up with them"!
You are alright?
That is Giulio!
Vehicle is damaged!
How about David?
He is intact
Michel, stand aside!
Stand aside!
Stand aside!
I'm Michel
I know who you are
Thanks for your coming all these way
You mean a lot to david
Maybe he looks on you as family
He meant a lot to us, too
This is Jean-Pierre, my brother.
And Steve Warson.
Father has asked for appologise for not able to being here
It's really a lot to him
I know
We want you to know, if there is anything you need
We will all be here with you
I've heard about Le Mans
That's his child dream...
1 minute and 24 seconds
And is that good?
Good for the cars
What do you mean by that?
9 seconds slower than the job recorded.
That is the same as 9 light-years.
You must try hard to win
Currently it's hard to win
Maybe it's because of the car
Listen! We have a contract...
Shut up!
Get out of here!
You could wait for me at office
I am too curious.
I had to see the studio.
David has spoken about it a lot...
Come on
Is that Michel?
No, it's me
You were a driver?
Hundreds of years ago.
Don't you miss it?
My parents have 2 sons...
And I'm the one brakes more slowly
than the other...
Is the application still in effect?
Of course, Julia? What can I do for you
I'd like to have my husband's place.
I wanna drive for Le Mans!
Now only less than 24 hours remains
Look at this!
Who is that?
Julie Wood
Not bad at all!
She said she want to replace David in Le Mans!
Have you said yes to her?
I said no
I've already tested 2 persons who can replace David
Why shall we let her in?
Just want her to test
To see her ability is limited
How much?
55 seconds
55 seconds 9
The first result is not bad!
Come on!
How are you doing?
I pilot her around the track!
Michel here, are you ok?
Since don't know the track very well.
I've got to give me 2, 3 points?
I know that!
Follow me!
Big turn!
Left! right! tempo 5!
Tempo 6!
Big turn! Along the stone!
Accelerate at the exit!
Your turn!
No problem!
Left 160R!
Go in!
Do it yourself!
What's the guy doing?
What's up?
Because if we promise her,
she will try her best anyway
Julia wants to race in memory of David
that's not enough
"want to try" is really uncommon
Besides, the stopwatch will give you equal chance.
The job record is 51"1
Let us assume that they get it within 4 seconds
then they really stand a chance to win!
I give wants her 3 seconds as they usually get.
Great! 3 second!
That is less than 3 sec.
I see, please let me set up a team with Cavallo.
I understand
It is not too good
But, you and your brother have an agreement on...
Look, no favors ok.
If I'm not good enough, just tell me!
Your results is less than 3 seconds
I'm sure This is for you
Welcome to the team Vaillants!
Well done!
Thank you!
Drawer Jonquie?
Yes, all 3 generations live here
And around this house
I rode my first car.
How old was you then?
Laura! Stop!
Stop! can't you hear!
Michel, do something! Don't just stand there!
Be right back!
Uncle Michel!
Quite good, Laura!
You must look ahead when you drive the car
You two!
Hum! Good!
Turn left slowly
You brake softly
And stop at the gate.
But I can't reach the pedals
Ok, turn left slowly
At the gate, stop at the driveway
Brake slowly
Julie, This is Laura, the daughter of Jean-Pierre.
You are great, Laura.
Henri Vaillant, the grandfather of the child who commands me
Before learning to drive
I want you to learn to obey!
I can drive already
Well! Then then only thing you need to learn is to obey!
The insurance company understands but don't know
what causes the explosion
We have carry the wreck here to let Jos have a look
Jos, what do you think?
Proteus crystals.
Which let the vehicle lose control
Basically there is no danger if it's in the gasonline tank
Only when the vehicle runs in the match,
the crystal reach the electric circuits
So how does this crystal get in his gasoline tank?
I don't know
Who put it?
This id Gabrielle Steve, this is you
This is Giulio
He brakes at the 85 meters in the front
That imprint is the mark
If it's downwind, 85 meters is too short
So he go straight ahead
And where are you?
You see the forest?
This time of the year there are many falling leaves
and keep the air cool.
The temperature is thus lower here,
the air is more density
So it's easy to brake
Zig and Zag?
So it does
Then what about other circuits?
It's from ancestors'...
How is the currently tyre imprint?
Le Mans will start tomorrow
What do we need now?
Hamburgers! My treat
What do you say?
Let's go!
Taste like my hometown...
Turn right at the 6th crossing
Straight 200 sign, then turn left
You've been in the curcuit for over one hundred times
You should know it well
Entrance of the stadium.
Sturdy right, in 2.
Brake softly, turn left
Yes! understand!
I know it by heart!
That means with the eyes closed.
It's impossible.
Why must you say that?
Where is he going?
Just follow him
Where to go?
Cover my eyes with your hands
Are you sure?
Just told me at the 100 signs
Slow down! Sign!
Watch out! Sign!
Are you okay!
What's up?
Don't go to Le Mans
Sorry, dear
I hope my worry is wrong
I hope so
I hope you are safe
No signal!
Welcome to the qualify run for the
70th anniversary of 24 hours of Le Mans
"The leader" returns to the match
It is indeed their first participation since...
...The passing on of Gentleman Cheek.
The leader carry the numbers 13 and 22.
We are expecting the their duel with the Vaillantes
I've just been told that the Vaillantes is not ready yet
Hopefully it goes well
But what happened? Where is the car?
Jos has not called me.
Why didn't they carry it yesterday?
Afraid of being breaking
That's Jos's judgement
Really strange!
The vehicle is sent 3 hours ago
Where is Jos's handphone?
It will be 2 hours 5 minutes later
If the vehicle is not around in one hour
it is disqualified for the race!
We can get contact with them
I can't hear! Speak louder!
Where are you?
We got 18 minutes for 60 kilo!
No problem!
2 cars come together
Watch out! the circuit!
You have yet 15 minutes
They are coming
If you let her in via the Porsche-curve
Can they yet make a launched round
I can't imagine a Le Mans race without Vaillants
Give them a chance
Open the 8th gate!
They must run a round in allowed time!
Still no Vaillants's car!
15 minutes left or they are disqualitified
It's emergency, the helicopter will pay you
Does helicopter also need fuel?
I doubt it
Vaillants's car rushs into the circuit!
From gate 8!
That's on time!
They are qualified!
Find another way
It's 10pm
It's the beginning of the night performance.
Time is 2 hours
That's alright
What happened this afternoon?
Yes, how is it?
Just take photos, don't ask question! Ok?
the American Steve Warson...
Want to replace Gabrielle Spangenberg
Changing driver for the No. 10 Vaillants!
Now Laura 's Schneid...
Lead temporarily, 3 minutes 32 seconds 843,
It's yours?
Don't leave your dog running around
Seems at the time of changing tyre
It's possible that someone destructs
Where is the vehicle?
"The leader" doesn't show up yet
But Cramer wasn't there.
Where is the truck?
It's not my fault
That's it for tonight.
Good night, see you tomorrow
Seems I come at right time.
What's up?
I come to appologize for her
Really kind
She would do anything for me!
Do you know about me?
Who is for you?
Thank you!
I look on that as a compliment.
What can I do to make it up?
The setting you mentioned...
Good evening, Mr. Vaillant!
Soory, I wanted to talk to you last night.
I must falling asleep
Me too...
Excuse me
Calm down, Speak slowly
Oh, no, mom...
He slept next to the door
He was tired...
He will call you as soon as he is awake
I love you, too, bye!
Is something wrong?
Where is my father?
Good morning!
Answer me in 10 seconds!
Michel, you insult me!
I was here the whole night.
But if you don't believe me...
Now, to answer your question
Yes, I do know where your father is
He is very well
But if go to the police...
He dies
You win Le Mans, he dies
You don't race, he dies
The only way you see your father live again
is you race and lose
I want you to know what's humiliation
what's loss
Good morning, welcome
to the 24 hours of Le Mans
Bravo at the early birds.
It will be quite a long day today
I'm really sorry, Michel
I relaxed...
and drank a cup or two, so...
Are you angry?
Last night, Ruth kidnap my father
You are her witness of not being there
She asked me to race and lose
That's the deal...
I can't believe it?
I'm gonna have a word with this bitch!
Just forget about it!
We are talking about my father's life!
Lose "The leader" in purpose, is it ok?
Don't do that!
We have no choice, catch the time!
Time to think
As soon as we have the solution
We come in action!
You may count on me.
I want to say thank you
for David and for me as well
See you later
The green flag waved...
The cars startup then...
for a complete round in the order...
That they acquired during the qualified positions....
and then the 70th 24 hourse of Le Mans begins!
We are going to watch a fierce battle!
Vaillants doesn't attack
Seems there is a problem
Vaillants is overdriving?
No, not yet!
Keep eyes on the situations!
What's going on? We really try our best
from the first rounds?
I wish I knew
Michel, is there any problem?
Everything is cool.
So what's up with the hero?
Take a photo of "the leader" also!
Okay. stand aside!
It's strange!
The 2 cars put on their seeds at
the same moment
It's rare
It's rare that 2 cars put on their seeds at
the same moment
What's happened?
I hit bricks on the track
Vaillants and Cramer...
Cooperate with each other
Change tyre!
Change tyre!
Vaillants is still in the seed
Change! Come on!
When would you change the tyre?
Move the tyre in it!
Cramer leaves the seed...
Oddly enough Michel Vaillant makes
no use of this advantage.
We let him win seconds
and he forfeits it
Wait for me outside!
Well then, Henri?
How do you like the show?
I know you love your son
Why do you do that?
For my father
I watch him suffer the whole life because of you
As a child, I suffered from seeing my father like that
Now Michel and you will precisely feel
what we have felt for years
For your childhood, I'm sorry
But the truth is that your father
is a cheater. He always a cheater.
And I think you are more despicable than he is
Don't be your father, just be be yourself!
Let me go home, I'll forget those unhappy things
Steve, waht's up?
Why do you stay behind "the leader"?
Are you afraid of speeding?
Of course not. Everything is okay.
It is a long race.
That's ok
Michel, you owe me an explanation...
What's the earth going on there?
Everything ok?
So what do we do?
Send Julie to come here
What's up?
Don't ask anything!
I need you to do me a big favor
What does it mean?
I want you to take my place!
Take you place?
What for!
Take your place?
One hour is enough
only Jean-Pierre knows.
Can I count on you, Julie?
Thank you!
"58 kilo"
a water castle Saint-Andreaskruis...
Good evening...
Nice to see you again
I caught him in your car.
Back into the seeds of ...
the leader of Bob Cramer!
What's happened there?
He seems have hit something undoubtedly.
Someone helps him out from his car.
His sight is piece.
He will undoubtedly let Boorman take his place
What are you doing here?
What's happened?
Accident, A Pigeon.
You must win...
"the leader"!
Anyway, I have to tell you...
There is something happening
It has nothing to do with me
It's Cramer who put the crystal in the David's car...
He wa just slowing him down...
The accident...
Be careful
What are you doing?
Drivers change, and it is Cramer
Show up again!
Ruth herself...
Go now race and win!
Be a good child your father like!
Michel of Vaillantes shows up again!
Julie, have a rest!
Slow down!
Why are you here, mom?
I don't want stay at home alone,
so I'm coming
Where is your father?
Over there
He said he wants to listen to the sound of motor...
I accompany you
No, I just have a sit
Don't worry, I can take care of myself!
Be back soon, ok?
Vaillants attacks!
Seems want to break away from Cramer
The two cars hit each other!
A furious fight
What happened?
What's up?
They hit again!
It loses control
But after an escapade on the grass, "the leader"
succeeds finding its way back!
How come!
But Michel Vaillant is again
in the attack of "the leader"!
A horrible collision!
The Vaillante flies away!
Stand aside!
It's me, look, it's me!
It's me! Julie!
Yet no news about the health ...
of Bob Cramer and Michel Vaillant
a dreadful accident...
I know where my father is! Let's go!
I'm alright, don't worry!
Nor hurt
Where is my father?
I'm on the way getting him
Oh my children!
Ah, my children...
Gabrielle Spangenberg has already
sit there for almost 4 hours
If no reasons...
no qualification for the race
Final! He is totally alone.
The others are far behind.
Come on!
Come on!
Come on!
Come on! Get on the car!
Are you ok?
A bit sick
Let me see!
Jaguar no. 30 goes faster and faster!
Half an hour left, Boorman,
no. 22 of "The leader" takes the leaderhip
Be careful
It goes well. Besides, we have no choice.
Slow down...
Only 15 minutes left, can't stop!
Second in the racers that is
behind "the leader", ...
is the Vaillante no. 8
3 minutes difference
Your body-guard!
Hopefully you ring me with a good reason.
I believe you.
And it is racer no. 8, Steve Warson
The American must catch up with "the leader" for 3 minutes
And 12 seconds
Warson improves...
Pulverizes the job record!
Leaky tyre for Steve Warson!
What happened?
Can you ride yet?
No oil!
Shit! Incredible!
"The leasers" is just one step away from the victory!
Slow down in the front of the terminal!
Stand aside!
Get off and push it!
Go away!
We must win anyway!
Cheer up!
I must win!
Warson wins !
The 70th 24 hours of Le Mans ends now!
Can go to the stage?
Oh yes. You let me do
the most difficult work
But let me have a try
I have somewhat the impression that...
You take away the victory
In my place, you will do it, too
Of course!
So everything is cool!
How is your feeling?
Great! I think that I will come back!
Congratulations to you!
Would you help me to hold it, sweetheart? Oh really!