Mickey's Magical Christmas: Snowed in at the House of Mouse (2001) Movie Script

Well, everybody,|that's our show. Ha!
Thanks for spending|Christmas Eve...
at the "House of Mouse."
Here's wishing everybody|a merry Christmas...
and a safe trip ho-ho-home!
Oh, boy, what a great show.
Oh, Mickey,|it was just wonderful.
And now we can all celebrate|our own Christmas at home.
- But we can't go home.|- Huh?
We're snowed in.
Now, this is a fine predicament.
Aw, it can't be that bad.
Aw, no.
Did you hear, Belle?|We can't go home.
We can always build a home.
I'm sure Mickey|will think of something.
I thought of something.
We can have our own|Christmas party right here.
Oh, that's a wonderful idea.
Aw, humbug!
What's wrong, Donald?
Once again, he just doesn't|have the Christmas spirit.
Ha ha! We'll see about that.
Hot cocoa and cookies|comin' through.
Now this Christmas party|is really starting to warm up.
Hey, Mickey, look what I found.
Oh, boy! A box of our all-time|favorite Christmas stories.
Bug?|We'll have what he's having.
Uh, Timon, I think that humbug|is something that you say...
when you don't have|any Christmas spirit.
Come on, Donald.
This'll get you|into the spirit of the season.
It's a story about you.
Snowman contest?
We got to run!
Ha ha ha!
OK! We're gonna win for sure!
But... we're not done yet.
Oh, boy!
Nothing beats|a day of ice-skating.
Aw, nuts.
Ha ha! It works!
Ha ha ha ha!
I know what we can do.
Why, I oughta...
Aw, phooey!
Hey, look, it's Mickey Mouse!
Whew! Safe at last!
Ha ha ha. Hello.
We have a winner.
And here is your prize!
Ha ha ha.
Did seeing that|help your Christmas spirit?
Oh, humbug.
Well, I have an idea|what might help. Ha ha!
Hearing some yuletide wishes.
Good idea, Minnie,|because earlier today...
I went out on the street|to see what everybody wanted.
Ha ha! What would you|like for Christmas?
Oh, that's easy.|My two front teeth.
Hmm. Already got those.
The lamp. Get me the lamp.
What do we want for Christmas?
How about bunk beds?
No strings to hold me down.
Bugs, grubs, worms, and beetles.
And air freshener.
Your voice will do nicely.|Ha ha ha!
Ha ha! I wish I wasn't|a dumb old llama anymore.
What do I wish for Christmas,|Mickey?
I wish that everyone|will find their inner beauty.
You know,|you're all I wish for, Minnie.
Aw, Mickey, that's sweet.
Now, what do you say|we keep the party going...
with Professor|Ludwig Von Drake and...
the science of Santa!
Today, the Professor|is going to explain...
how Santa can fly|all over the world...
in only one cute little night.
If there was milk and cookies|there waiting for me...
I'd be flying|all over the place myself. Ho!
the cookie jar again?
Not now, Mommy.
I'm doing my little|science demonstration.
Ho ho!|Now, what was I talking about?
Oh, yes.
Santa Claus is getting|everywhere so fast...
because he is driving...
his turbo-charged Santa sleigh|with dual toy bags.
This buggy goes so fast...
that Santa can be in more than|one place at the same time.
Hello there.
Look what I brought for me...
the cookie jar.
- Ludwig!|- Quick! Step on it!
OK, admit it.|Hearing all about Santa...
had to help put you|in the Christmas spirit.
Right, Donald?
Nothing seems to be working.
Aw, even my trusted pup Pluto|wants to help out.
Well, then, what do you say|we show a story about Pluto?
How about the one|where Pluto and I...
pick out|our Christmas tree together?
Gosh. Ha ha!
OK, Pluto!|Let's get our tree!
Ha ha!|Hey, get a load of that!
Well, can you top that?
Ha ha ha! That kills me!
Ha ha ha!|What was that?
I don't know.
Oh, boy!
OK, Pluto!
All right?
- Come on, let's go.
Hey, wake up!
Well, what do you know?
Well, Pluto, that's it.
Hey! Ha ha! Cut it out!
There, is that better?|Ha ha!
OK, I'll light the candles.
Thank you!
Let's go!
Pluto, get out of there!|What do you think... oh!
Watch out!
You dumb mutt!
Now look what you've done|to our...
Pluto, we've got chipmunks|in our tree!
Cute little fellas.
After all... it is Christmas.
with boughs of holly
la la la la
'Tis the season to be jolly
la la la la
Don we now our gay apparel
la la la la
yuletide carol
la la la la
Gee, that was swell.
Isn't it nice seeing|everybody get along?
Come on!
Oh, Donald, I wish you'd have|the Christmas spirit.
You have so much|to be thankful for.
Uh-huh.|Like I'm thankful for Mickey.
And I'm thankful for my new hat.
Say, what's everybody else|thankful for?
I'm thankful for friendly mice|who make nice evening wear.
I'm thankful for laughter, joy,|and the high-spirited glee...
that fills my heart|to overflowing.
All right, people, listen up.
Mushu's on stage now,|so pay attention.
Ahem. Time to give thanks|for the important stuff.
I'd like to thank|the Guardian Spirit.
Yeah. You guys, I love ya.
And "Mulan" for making me|a great big movie star.
Heh heh!
All right, hold your horseflies.
I see you. Ahem.
I'm thankful|for the little people, too.
But we don't even know him.
The one thing I'm thankful|for most is my hat.
All hats, in fact,|if you can believe that.
Hats that are tall|and hats that are small...
and hats that are totally|off of the wall.
Hats that are solely|for use by Stromboli...
and hats which are made up|of giant broccoli.
I'm grateful for hats|of all shapes and all sizes...
but I love my hat best...
'cause it's full of surprises.
There, now, Donald, you see?
There's lots of reasons|to have the Christmas spirit.
Aw, I don't know.
Why don't you take a look at|how I decorated my house today?
Jingle those bells, boys.
Ah ha!
Oh, Mickey? Look.
Aw, the nutcracker.
Why, even Donald's|going to love that.
Now here's a Christmas story|with a new twist. Ha!
And it was made all the sweeter|because of my Mickey.
- Mmm!|- Ha ha! Gosh.
Christmas Eve.
all day for this moment.
It's so beautiful.
Ho ho! Christmas is here!
shone and glittered...
in the loveliest manner.
could describe them all?
I can. Now, this here|is a nice little dolly.
And here is|a kooky cuckoo clock.
Oh, and look,|it's a choo-choo train.
Choo-choo! Choo-choo!|Whoo-whoo!
I'm trying to narrate.
Well, you said|you wanted someone...
to describe|all of this stuff here.
a rhetorical question.
Pretend like I'm not here.
How do you expect me to|ignore a big booming voice...
that's blabbery-blabbering|all of the time?
Just ignore me.
All right.|Have it your way. Whew.
Somebody could use a little|istmas-chray irit-spay.
Godpapa Drosselmeyer...
for young Maria.
All right, little one.
Now, this took me all...
all year to build.
Right. All year. Ahem.
It's a beautiful...
A beautiful nutcracker doll.
Oh, you're no narrator.
You're just|a great big surprise spoiler.
and just give her the doll!
Fine, fine. All right.
Here's the no-longer-a-surprise|nutcracker.
Take it already.
He's so handsome.
Oh, ha ha! Thank you.
You know, I have been|taking care of myself.
I've been doing some jogging|and weightlifting and...
Oh! You're talking|about the doll! Ho ho!
Yeah, he's cute, too.
Oh! I just love it!
Thank you, Godpapa Drosselmeyer!
Wait a minute!
He's not supposed to dance.
Must be a loose cogwheel|in here somewhere.
You broke him!
Just for that...
out of the story.
Oh, I'll take|the greatest care of you...
quite better and happy again.
There.|Just as handsome as ever.
Oh, if only you were real.
I could dance with you.
she saw the nutcracker smile.
a trick of the light...
perhaps something else.
Aah! Oh!
Oh! Oh!
Maria, I want to thank you|for your kindness.
was no longer frightened.
of the Christmas lights...
her beloved Nutcracker...
and dashing than ever.
a sort of wild kickering...
and all about.
it's the Mouse King!
I don't want to be|the Mouse King.
This is ridiculous.
Wait, Donald!
You know the Mouse King wins.
He does?
The Mouse King wins in the end.
You get the girl.
Ha ha ha!|Oh, boy! Oh, boy!
I'll do it!
who will win in the end...
had come for Maria.
He wanted her to be his queen.
Don't worry.|I'll protect you.
- Oh, no!|- Ha ha ha!
No! Aah!
- Aah!|- Huh?
There's somethin' screwy|goin' on here.
Ha ha! Heya, Mickey!
Goofy!|What are you doin' here?
You're not in "The Nutcracker."
I am now.
But what are you|supposed to be?
I be helpin' ya.
No, no.|What role are you playing?
Uh... Hamlet?
Can I get a little help here?
I'm staying out of this one.
Goofy, what role are you|playing from "The Nutcracker"?
Oh, right.
I'll be|the Magical Snow Fairy...
who can instantly|transport you...
to the evil Mouse King's|hidden kingdom.
Ha! Now you're talkin'!
Let's go.
Right. Here we go.
played by Donald Duck...
and who will win in the end...
Minnie... I mean Maria...
or something like that.
Hold still, will ya?
No! Never!
You heard the little lady.
Let her go,|you mousey monarch!
My nutcracker!
they made their escape...
the Magical Snow Fairy...
No, the Mouse King.
Ugh. You get the idea.
Arriving safely at home...
sought to close the way...
but they'd forgotten about...
the train!
Ha ha ha!
Donald the Mouse King...
by Mickey the Nutcracker...
and trapped in his own scepter.
Hey, you said I would win.
Sorry. I made a mistake.
I got card games.
Oh, no.
Pick a card, any card.
I mean, Maria...
played by Mickey...
lived happily ever...
Thank you for getting this|back to me.
I thought you were gone.
Oh, no. I just needed|to get my scepter back.
Your scepter?
Yes. This little fellow|in here usurped me.
Now that I got it back,|I can resume my royal duties...
as the King|of the Sugarplum Fairies.
Oh, now, really.
of the Sugarplum Fairies.
Oh, I sure am.
Come on, little guys.|Let's go.
my dear friends...
of the Nutcracker...
of the Mice...
Sugarplum Fairy nonsense...
I'm out of here.
This is turning out to be|a wonderful Christmas.
We finished our house.
I knew Mickey|wouldn't let us down.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
It's good to see that a merry|Christmas is being had by all.
So, Donald,|you feeling jolly yet?
I say...
I did everything|I could think of.
I guess Donald's|just never going to have...
the Christmas spirit.
Why so glum, Mickey?
Well, l... I wanted|to throw a party...
and make it a merry Christmas|for everybody...
but my good pal Donald's|missing out.
Now, Mickey...
the Christmas spirit|doesn't come from a party.
It comes|from sharing the holidays...
with family and friends.
And it seems to me|that Donald...
has the best friend|anyone could want in you.
Gee, I guess you're right.
And all I wish is for everyone|to have a merry Christmas...
even that humbug Donald.
Well, haven't you|ever wished upon a star?
just might come true.
I wish that home or away,|with family or friends...
whether you've got|the fanciest decorations...
or the humblest little tree...
that everyone could have|the Christmas spirit.
Say, uh, Donald?
What do you want?
Well, I want my best friend|to put the star on the tree.
You want me to do it?
Aw, you bet I do.
Ah ha ha ha ha ha!
Merry Christmas!
It's magical.
Ooh, pretty!
That old star|never lets you down.
Now, before we sing|our Christmas carol...
I want to share one of|my favorite Christmas stories...
with Donald and all my friends.
Bless you one and all
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas|to one and all!
Give a penny|for the poor, governor.
Penny for the poor.
My partner Jacob Marley.
Dead seven years today.|Ah, he was a good 'un.
He robbed from the widows|and swindled the poor.
Ha ha ha ha ha!
In his will...
to pay for his tombstone.
Ha!|And I had him buried at sea.
Oh, uh, uh,|g-good morning, Mr. Scrooge.
What are you doing|with that piece of coal?
I was, ha ha...
j-j-just trying|to thaw out the ink.
Bah!|You used a piece last week!
Now get on with your work,|Cratchit.
Speaking of work,|Mr. Scrooge...
tomorrow is Christmas...
if I could have...
h- Half a day off?
Christmas, huh? Well.
I suppose so...
but I'll dock you|half a day's pay.
Now, let's see...
I pay you two shillings a day.
Uh, two... two shillings|and a ha'penny, sir.
Oh, yes.
I gave you that raise|three years ago.
Yes, sir, when I started|doing your laundry.
All right, Cratchit.
Get busy|while I go over my books.
Oh, and here.
Here's another bundle|of shirts for ya.
Yes, sir!
Ah, ah.
Let's see now...
Lire 50, 10 shillings from McDuff.
Plus his 80% interest,|compounded daily.
Hee hee hee ha ha ha!
Ooh, money, money, money.
Merry Christmas!
And a merry Christmas|to you, Master Fred!
Bah humbug!
Merry Christmas, Uncle Scrooge!
What's so merry about it?
I'll tell you|what Christmas is.
It's just another workday...
who thinks else...
should be boiled|in his own pudding.
But, sir, Christmas|is a time for giving...
a time to be with one's family.
I say bah humbug!
I don't care!|I say merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Well said, Master Fred!
Cratchit, what are you doing?
Uh, ha ha.
l... I was just trying|to keep my hands warm, sir.
Hmph! And what are you|doing here, nephew?
I've come|to give you a wreath...
and invite you|to Christmas dinner.
I suppose you're going|to have plump goose...
- With chestnut dressing?|- Yup.
And will you have|plum pudding and lemon sauce?
Yeah! Boy, oh, boy!
And candied fruits|with spiced sugar cakes?
Yeah! Will you come?
Are you daft, man?
I can't eat that stuff.
Here's your wreath back.
Now out, out, out!
Wah wah wah wah!
Merry Christmas!
And a bah humbug to you!
Ha ha. That Fred,|always so full of kindness.
Aye, he always was|a little peculiar.
And stubborn.
Ooh! Ha ha ha ha!
I'll handle this, Cratchit.
Yes, what can I do|for you two gentlemen?
Sir, we are|soliciting funds...
for the, uh,|indigent and destitute.
For the what?
We're collecting for the poor.
Oh. Aha.
Well, um, you realize if you|give money to the poor...
they won't be poor|anymore, will they?
Well, uh...
And if they're|not poor anymore...
then you won't have to raise|money for them anymore.
Well, I suppose...
And if you don't|have to raise money...
for them anymore,|then you would be out of a job.
Aw, please, gentlemen...
don't ask me|to put you out of a job...
not on Christmas Eve.
Oh, we wouldn't do that,|Mr. Scrooge.
Well, then I suggest you give|this to the poor and begone.
What's this world coming to,|Cratchit?
You work all your life|to get money...
and people want you|to give it away.
Mmm. Two minutes fast.
those two minutes.
You may go now.
Ha! Oh, thank you, sir!
You're so kind!
Never mind the mushy stuff.|Just go!
But be here all the earlier|the next day.
I will, sir.
And a bah humbug... hoo hoo.
I mean, a merry Christmas|to you, sir.
Jacob Marley?
No, that can't be!
Aah aah! Oh whoa!
Oh, garsh, ooh ooh.
Ohh. Ohh.
Ah ha ha ha!
Uhh! Aah!
Ebenezer Scrooooge!
Go away!
Ebenezer Scroo...|Ow! Ooh! Ooh!
Uh ha.
Garsh, kind of slippery.
Aah! Ooh ooh!
Scrooge,|don't you recognize me?
Jacob Marley.
It is you!
Ebenezer,|remember when I was alive...
I robbed the widows|and swindled the poor?
Yes, and all in the same day.
Oh, you had class, Jacob.
Uh ha ha. Yup.
Uh, no! No! I was wrong!
And so as punishment...
I'm forced to carry these|heavy chains through eternity!
Maybe even longer.
There's no hope.
I'm doomed!
And the same thing|will happen to you...
Ebenezer Scrooge.
No. No, it... it can't.|It mustn't!
Help me, Jacob!
Tonight, you'll be visited|by three spirits.
do what they say...
be heavier than mine.
Farewell, Ebenezer!
Uh ha ha. Oh.
Marley, watch out|for that first...
Aah hoo hoo hoo hoo!
Wha-what? What?
Uhh! What?
Well, it's about time.
Haven't got all night,|you know.
Who... who are you?
Why, ha ha, I'm|the Ghost of Christmas Past.
Oh. I thought you'd be taller.
Hmph! Listen, Scrooge...
if men were measured|by kindness...
you'd be no bigger|than a speck of dust!
Ha ha!
Ha! Kindness is of little use|in this world.
You didn't always think so.
Come on, Scrooge,|it's time to go.
Then go.
Spirit, wh-what are you doing?
We're gonna visit your past!
I'm not goin' out there.|Ha! I'll fall.
Just hold on.
Whoop! Ha ha.|Not too tight now.
Whoa-oh-oh whoa!
Spirit, look out!
Ooh! Whoa whoa whoa!
What's wrong, Scrooge?|Hee hee hee hee.
I thought you enjoyed|looking down on the world.
Spirit, I believe|I know this place.
It's old Fezzywig's!
I couldn't have worked|for a kinder man.
it's old Fezzywig himself!
And all|of my very dearest friends!
in the corner...
that's me!
Yes, that was before|you became a miserable miser...
consumed by greed.
Well, nobody's perfect.
And there.
There's lovely Isabelle.
Yes, Isabelle?
My eyes are closed,|my lips are puckered...
and I'm standing|under the mistletoe.
You're also standing|on my foot.
I remember how much|I was in love with her.
In ten years time, you learn|to love something else.
Well, why,|it's my counting house.
Nine thousand...
Yes? What is it?
For years, I've had this|honeymoon cottage, Ebenezer.
I've been waiting for you to|keep your promise to marry me.
have you made your decision?
I have!
payment on the cottage...
was an hour late.
I'm foreclosing the mortgage!
You loved your gold more than|that precious creature...
and ya lost her forever.
nine hundred and seventy...
Please, Spirit...
I can no longer bear|these memories. Take me home.
Remember, Scrooge...
you fashioned|these memories yourself...
yourself, yourself...
Why was I so foolish?
Why, why?
Oh, wha... what's this?
Fee fie foe fum...
I smell.
I mean, I smell?
A stingy little Englishman.
I think I do.
Yup, I do.
Uhh uhh uhh!|Please! Let me go!
Don't eat me!
Why would the Ghost|of Christmas Present...
that's me...
want to eat a distasteful|little miser like you?
Uh, especially when there|are so many good things...
to enjoy in life. See?
Ooh. Mince pies.
Suckling pig!
the chocolate pot roast...
with pist-nachio...
duh, with smush-smachio...
duh, with smush-shingle-|mish-na-gla...
doh, with yogurt.
But where did|all this come from?
From the heart, Scrooge.
It's the food of generosity...
which you have long denied|your fellow man.
Generosity? Ha!
Nobody has ever|shown me generosity!
You've never|given them reason to.
And yet...
there are some who still find|enough warmth in their hearts...
even for the likes of you.
I assure ya.
Duh, you'll see.
Duh, here we are.
Why did you bring me|to this old shack?
This is the home...
of your overworked, underpaid|employee, Bob Cratchit.
What's she cookin', a canary?
more food than that.
Look on the fire.
Duh, wha...
Oh. That's your laundry.
Uh, not yet, children.
We must wait for Tiny Tim.
Coming, father.
I'm coming.
Ha ha.
Oh, my! Look at all|the wonderful things to eat.
We must thank Mr. Scrooge.
Tell me, Spirit...
what's wrong|with that kind lad?
Much, I'm afraid.
remain unchanged...
where Tiny Tim once sat.
Then that means...
Tim will...
Where... where did they go?
Spirit, where are ya?
Don't go!
You must tell me about Tim!
Don't go!
Where did...
Who are you?
Are you the Ghost|of Christmas Future?
Please, speak to me.
Tell me,|what will happen to Tiny Tim?
Oh, no!
Spirit, I didn't|want this to happen.
Tell me these events|can yet be changed.
I've never seen a funeral|like this one.
Aye, no mourners, no friends|to bid him farewell.
Aw, well, let's rest a minute|'afore we fill it in, eh?
He ain't goin' nowheres.
whose lonely grave... is this?
Why, yours, Ebenezer...
the richest man in the cemetery!
Please! Ohh! Ohh!
No, no, no! No! No!
Oh oh oh oh!|Oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh!
Ah ha ha ha ha!
Uhh! Ohh!
Ha ha ha ha!
I'll change! I'll change!
Let me out!|Let me out!
I'll... huh?
I'm back in my own room.
It's Christmas mornin'!
I haven't missed it!
The spirits have given me|another chance!
Ooh! I know just what I'll do!
They'll be so surprised!
Ooh! What a wonderful day!
Ha ha ha ha! Ooh!
Oh, there's so much to do!|Oh, so much to do!
Ooh hoo hoo ha ha ha!
I can't go out like this!
There, that's better.
- Yay!|- Yay!
to one and all!
Ah ha ha hee hee hee! Ooh!
Well, bless me.
Good morning, gentlemen.
I have something for ya.
Twenty gold sovereigns?
Oh, no!
Not enough?|Well, all right.
Fifty gold sovereigns.
Really, Mr. Scrooge, it's...
Still not enough?!|Ah hee hee hee!
Aye, you drive a hard bargain.|Here you are.
{y:iOne hundred gold pieces.
And not a penny more!
Ha ha ha!|"Not a penny more! "
Oh, thank you,|Mr. Scrooge, thank you...
and a merry Christmas to you.
Hoo hoo!|Ha ha ha ho ha ho!
Merry Christmas!|Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!|Oh ha ha ha!
Ah, nephew!
Uncle Scrooge!
I'm looking forward to|that wonderful meal of yours.
Well, I'll be doggoned.
You mean you're coming?
Of course I am!
You know how much|I like candied fruits...
with spiced sugar cakes!
- Ahh.|- Ha ha ha!
I'll be over promptly at 2:00.
Keep it piping hot!
I will, Uncle Scrooge, I will!
And a very merry Christmas|to you!
and keep the change!
Ohh! Ha ha ha!|Wonderful lads!
Ha ha ha!
And now for Cratchit.
Ha ha ha.
Hoo hoo hoo hoo.|Ohh. Ahem.
Why, Mr. Scrooge!|Ha ha. Merry Christmas.
Oh, won't you come in?
Merry Christmas. Ha!
I have another bundle for you.
But, sir, it's Christmas Day.
Christmas Day, indeed.
Just another excuse|for being lazy.
And another thing, Cratchit...
I've had enough of this|half-day-off stuff.
You leave me|no alternative...
b-but to give you...
- Toys!|- Yes, toys!
No, no, no, no, no, no!
I'm giving you a raise|and making you my partner.
A... a partner?
Oh, thank you, Mr. Scrooge.
Merry Christmas, Bob.
And God bless us... every one!
Joy to the children
Far and near
What a wondrous time of year
Isn't it just grand to say
Oh, what a merry Christmas Day
Here we are
by the fire's glow
Singing songs
And stealing kisses
Under the mistletoe
We've finished our feast
Had the tastiest treats
just isn't complete
Without true friends
And family
And the memories we recall
It's the love we share
That fills the air
And makes this
The best Christmas of all
underneath the tree
We hope it fits you perfectly
I'm makin'a wish
On a sparkling light
this a magical night
and family
And the memories we recall
That we recall
It's the love we share
That fills the air
That makes this
The best Christmas of all
and warm wishes
That makes this the best
It's the best
Christmas of all
Gee, thanks for letting us share|our Christmas spirit with you.
Ha ha!|Merry Christmas, everybody!