Microhabitat (2017) Movie Script

Not at all.
Thank you for the hard work.
If you're stuck with your writing,
how about some tea?
No, I should finish my paper.
OK, I'm off then. Good luck!
- By the way, Jae-kyung,
- Yeah?
Got any extra rice I could have?
I ran out.
Oh yeah!
Ouch! It really hurts.
We're playing for real. I'm not kidding.
Come on.
Here goes...
Come on.
It's been quite a while since we last...
Too long.
Oh my God,
it's totally freezing.
It's so cold.
It's not happening, is it?
It's pretty cold.
I'm cold.
Let's do it in the spring.
Put this on.
I want to live with you.
Then let's live together.
I gotta go.
25,500 WON ($23)
Who's this?
Your landlord.
What can I do for you?
I'm thinking about raising
the monthly rent.
Oh no, please don't.
There hasn't been a raise in five years.
I have to. My landlord is raising
my monthly rent too.
Then how much...
My landlord is raising it
by 100,000 won ($100)
but I'm only raising it
by 50,000 won for you.
OK, I'll figure it out.
- Good, see you then.
- See you. Take care.
How long have you been in this field?
About two years.
What's your regular job?
This is.
Sis', you're truly unique
Anyway I'm sorry to call you out here.
I know how annoying customers can be.
What's your name?
I'm Miso.
Miso ("Smile")?
I'm not feeling it.
I'll just go with 'sister', all right?
As you wish.
Do you smoke?
I do.
Have one.
Here here here.
You passed.
We have a total connection.
I totally love your style.
Thank you very much.
OK so Tuesday, Thursday,
Saturday. 45,000 won a day.
I work at night, is 7pm ok?
Sounds good.
- 30 seconds left.
- Let's count from 10.
Ladies and gentlemen, don't be shy.
Let's shout out all our
old concerns away now.
Let's go.
10, 9, 8, 7, 6,
5, 4, 3, 2, 1,
Happy new year!
One pack of Esse please.
What's the problem?
It's 2,000 won more starting today.
It's 4,500 won now.
I'm bummed too.
What's the point of jacking up the price?
Luckily, we still have a pack
that's only 4,000 won.
It's called 'This'...
REN Mr. Landlord,
What's up?
I'm moving out.
Because of that 50,000 won bump?
And because everything
else is going up, sorry.
All right, it is what it is.
Did you bring the final rent with you?
Here it is.
I trust it's in full.
Thanks and goodbye.
Take care.
Thank you for everything.
Hey you!
How have you been?
- You haven't changed at all.
- It's been so long.
Come on in.
Can you take your shoes off?
What is this thing?
- Wait a second.
- Okay.
Sis', are you sick?
It's nothing,
it's just my blood sugar level drop.
I need a break when I work overtime.
It's better than food.
I need this stuff when I'm tired.
You want a hit?
No, thanks.
How do you know about this stuff?
Like, five years ago I think...
I got a nursing certification, in case.
You never know.
Turns out to be the most
useful skill I've ever learned.
- Can you help me?
- Yeah.
Ah, I can feel it flowing
through my whole body.
It sure is a big firm you work for.
My previous office isn't even an
office in comparison.
You even have a lounge.
You can't imagine what
I had to go through to get this job.
I'm going to work harder
and get a better job.
What's with the luggage?
Oh, that?
I left my place.
Are you serious?
I did,
You live by youself, don't you?
I do.
You think you could
put me up for a while?
Hello, sir. Yes.
I called the Seoul office and submitted
the report this morning. Yes sir.
I'll be right back. Okay.
So rude. Calling me even during lunchbreak.
What's wrong with people?
Right. You're awfully busy.
Where were we?
I'm in a bit of a rush, you see.
So how long?
Just for one night.
But it'd be great if you
could put me up for longer.
I just need a roof and a bathroom,
that's all.
So you mean,
you don't have a place to stay at all?
Are you that broke?
Rent went up,
the price of cigarettes went up...
Wasn't much I could do,
so I don't have a place for now.
Do you still smoke?
You don't?
Who said I ever smoked?
Anyway, go on!
So I'm saving for a deposit
until I find a cheaper rent.
Seems like you're living
in a fantasy, Miso.
Does it sound ridiculous?
Can't say it's a normal thing to do.
Actually, it's really cool
what you're doing.
But I'm too irritable to have
someone sleeping at my place
Sorry, I'm afraid I can't.
What can I do?
It's okay.
I missed you and
wanted to drop by.
You just said you missed me?
You're the same as ever.
Hey, young lady!
Oh my... auntie!
"Auntie?" What the?
I'm sorry, it's so sudden.
Shut up,
it's so great to see you.
Let me see my friend's face.
You're the same as ever.
But you called me "auntie"
It's good to see you,
even in this neighborhood.
Kinda ghetto, isn't it?
If I hadn't married him,
I wouldn't even stop by this area.
It's cold, let's get inside.
Welcome to my home.
Hey, I brought some eggs for you.
Great, thanks.
Follow me and bring the eggs.
Would she come at night
if it weren't that bad?
You should've asked me
or my parents before.
How about some respect?
You're talking about respect?
You don't respect me. It's my life too.
Like you,
I deserve to live my life.
Why should I live like this?
Did anyone force you to marry me?
It's your choice living like this.
Stop playing the victim.
I'm taking a test next week.
You must be very proud,
a test at your age.
Just shut up and cook.
Are you seriously cleaning right now?
Fuck, stop it.
I'm sorry.
You heard?
Be careful. You can hear
everything in this house.
Your in-laws can hear you too.
What should I be careful about here?
I just don't care anymore.
I'm sick and tired of
taking care of everything.
Whatever. Screw all this.
Spread it.
How was the rice cake soup?
I suck at cooking.
Everyday, there's leftovers.
No matter how hard I try,
it's no good.
It will get better soon.
Look, there are better
cooks in this family.
I can't force them, you know.
But they never do a damn thing,
I don't get it.
Yeah. Why is it just you
on household work duty?
My in-laws ran a
Chinese restaurant for 30 years.
For 30 years?
That's awesomely long.
Thirty years?
They must be professional cooks.
They must cook like real pros.
Not that I'd know.
Guess it'll just taste like Chinese food.
We used to sleep over
at your place every day.
We'd drink till dawn after band practice.
I lived by myself then,
I could put you guys up.
Those were the good old days.
We had so much fun.
We used to go totally nuts.
Tumbling around on
the bed, playing poker...
Drinking like crazy.
My room was literally
white with cigarette smoke.
More like yellow.
Very funny.
Are you asleep?
Can't sleep?
My head's a mess.
- Oh right, I forgot my meds!
- What's wrong?
You still have to take meds?
Until I die.
Is it delicious?
Does it look delicious?
What if you don't?
My hair turns white.
Look, I already have a few here.
It's okay, looks stylish.
Marriage is like disease.
I never missed my mother before.
But now...
You're having a hard time.
Shut up.
Just, stop it.
The garbage can is over there.
It's a keyboard.
You were awesome at it.
- What was that song?
- What?
I used to listen to it sometimes.
- Don't.
- Your songs were beautiful.
Shut up.
Do you still write songs?
You'll wake up thirsty,
if you sleep this way.
Good morning.
- Dae-yong?
- Yeah?
- I brought some eggs.
- You can just leave them there.
This way.
You can stay here.
I'm gonna sleep in this room.
But it's your couple's room.
You sleep here.
No, I'm comfortable here.
I sleep here all the time.
Besides, I'm not
comfortable in that room, so...
Where's your wife?
My wife... isn't home.
Where is she?
Right, where could she be?
- Hey.
- Yes.
- Look at me.
- I saw you.
I'll get ready.
Make yourself at home.
Sorry it's a mess.
What's wrong,
Miso, are you cold?
The heater's on.
will you open the door?
We haven't seen each
other in so long, let's chat.
Later, later.
I'm comfy in here.
You don't seem to be fine at all.
You aren't glad to see me?
Of course I am.
You're not gonna open this door?
Yeah... maybe I should.
Are you... drinking now?
Yes, I can't sleep without a drink.
You just got married.
That was 8 months ago.
You separate at any time.
You got divorced?
Looks like it.
Are you smoking alone, without me?
You can smoke there too.
Can I?
Of course.
People can get divorced.
Why not smoke?
What's the difference then?
Let's smoke together.
I'm doing just fine.
I just can't face anyone
or talk about anything private.
Why did I even get married anyway?
Just leave me alone, sis.
Crybaby, eat up
Who's the crybaby?
Wow, when did you cook all this?
It's been a while
since I last ate at home.
Thanks, big sis'.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
So you slept with a guy?
He's not a guy, he was the
baby drummer in our band.
He is a guy, anyway.
Biologically he is,
but psychologically he's a girl.
Follow my drift?
I'll just make a million won and
we'll get a place.
Did you pay off your student loans?
I've got a long way to go.
So we'll get another loan?
I don't want that.
My goal in life is to live debt-free.
I don't feel good.
Are you dizzy?
Not that.
I failed yet again.
These people have no taste.
Your work's great.
If I earned a living from my webtoons.
you wouldn't have to stay with
a biologically male friend, right?
Since I'm a bum who lives
in a male-only factory dorm,
we can't even sleep together.
What? I'm the bum.
No, you're only a bum because I'm one.
If I had some money,
we could have lived together.
We wouldn't have to donate blood
to get movie tickets.
Why would you not want to eat
in famous restaurants?
You know I love to donate blood.
I don't need anything else
as long as I can be with you and smoke.
It's not like that.
I'm always sorry.
I'm sorry.
I won't sleep there anymore.
Then where will you sleep?
I have other friends.
Don't worry.
Come on.
How about getting sausages
and spicy rice cakes?
Sounds good!
Iron supplement after blood loss.
Sounds great.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Are you kidding me?
Isn't this funny?
Take care!
Are you asleep, Dae-yong?
You're not.
Open this door.
Take this.
Take what?
Something you really like.
What is that?
Come on, open.
- Got you!
- Sis', wait a sec. Stop. Please don't.
I'm allergic to women.
Sister, let me go. Let me go.
Dae-yong, I'm leaving.
Let's have one last smoke, ok?
It's getting very late,
where are you going to stay?
I hear my friend's unwell.
Like so many people.
- Are you crying?
- Don't worry about it.
Something's in my eye.
Are you crying because I'm leaving?
It was my fault
to let a woman in my home again...
You could just pack up quickly
and leave too.
Sis', I can't get away.
It's not a home, it's a prison.
You know how much
the monthly interest is here?
One million won
in total including the principal.
One million out of a salary of 1.9 million.
How long do I have left to pay?
20 years. 20 years.
One million a month for 20 years,
then the unit's mine.
It will be too old to sell by then.
She wanted an apartment,
so I got it for her.
And then she just flew away.
Like a bird flying off a balcony.
This apartment and all...
I'd better stop talking like this.
It's getting dangerous.
Now I have to be alone again.
But thank you.
You cleaned and cooked for me,
and it was so tasty.
You've been so kind and warm.
- I'm sorry, Dae-yong.
- Don't...
I'll stop by from time to time
to clean up, okay?
- All right.
- Don't cry.
- I'm okay.
- Come closer.
- Stop crying.
- I'm fine.
Don't cry.
Why can't I stop crying?
I just wanted to bring you something.
Oh my god.
How did you know that I love eggs?
Do you like eggs, mum?
You are so sweet, aren't you?
Great, thanks! Come in.
Let's eat.
Eat til your heart's content.
- Did you cook all these by yourself?
- Yes.
I've never had such a feast!
So delicious.
A pretty young lady needs
a proper welcome.
Thank you very much.
My mum's a pretty good cook.
Oh, my husband can't speak
after he had a stroke 5 years ago.
Please understand his condition.
I see.
Is he okay now?
Of course, it's the only
health issue he has.
He's even healthier than my son.
Everybody in our family is healthy.
No one has had cancer in generations.
Cancer is a genetic disease, you know?
- You can talk to me less formaly.
- Oh I should.
I have standards.
Mum, can't we just eat?
But this young lady is just too,
too pretty for words.
And you're from...?
What about your parents?
They passed away.
You poor little thing, and so young...
- Mum.
- Yes?
That must be difficult.
I also lost my father
during the Korean war.
I'm sorry to hear that.
So what do you do for a living?
I am a housekeeper.
Oh god, you must be
a fantastic housekeeper.
You're such an angel,
a real angel.
Women don't need to do anything else.
Help yourself.
I can cook for you everyday.
Are you going smoking?
It's too cold outside.
You can smoke here.
- It's okay for me.
- No, no. I don't mind.
Stay inside.
You can just leave ashes anywhere inside.
Mum, you're using the dressing room
to dry red peppers?
This is no dressing room.
A dressing room's the room
where you're dressing.
What should we do now?
Don't worry about me.
I have a prostate condition.
I'll sleep on the floor.
- Sleep.
- Come in.
I'm coming in.
Are you asleep?
Not yet.
What's with the pressure.
I'm just looking at you.
You're aggressively staring.
You think it's aggressive?
I haven't been alone with a girl in ages.
How about getting married?
I mean it right now.
Are you trying to sleep with me?
You think I'm a teenager?
I can't do anything because of my prostate.
Then what's your point?
I have a boyfriend.
Okay, romance with a boyfriend,
marriage with me.
What the hell are you talking about?
We're too old for passionate love.
We've been close friends for 10 years now.
10 years of affection's as good as real love
I haven't seen my parents
this happy in 10 years.
Their last wish is
to have a daughter-in-law.
- But why me?
- You said you don't have anywhere to go.
I'm just on the move
at the moment, that's it.
Boy, is it good to be young.
Our wedding doesn't have to be fancy.
You can just move in.
The most important thing
for us is to feel secure.
I think that's what we have in common.
How can you say that to me?
Am I an object?
I'm homeless but not mindless.
You're not a kid anymore.
Think about it.
There's no parents-in-laws like them
anywhere in the world.
This is what we call an opportunity.
You get housing, a family.
Bye, I'm leaving.
It's too late, hey!
Come back.
It's cold outside.
Okay, okay.
I'm turning round.
Come on, stay.
I'm sorry.
Come on, sleep.
Big bro?
Where are you from?
And your parents?
What do you do for a living?
You're an angel, a real angel!
Women don't need
to do anything else.
You can come to our house,
but you can never leave!
That's the deal.
Go away, go away, kiss!
Say sorry, I'm sorry.
Having a baby is the one and
only suffering in a person's life.
Did I just say suffering?
I meant blessing. Blessing.
- Do you go to church?
- No.
You don't have to, having
a baby's like a religion.
No need to visit temples or pray.
Because having a baby's
your penance and religion.
Oh, what a piece of penance,
my little penance! I like you.
- You're like a different person.
- Is that a compliment?
- Well I'm amazed.
- Are you?
Maybe it is amazing.
Auntie says she's amazed.
- This house is really big.
- It's big.
But I'm not really into this style.
It was my in-laws' apartment
until they moved to New York.
This house is too big for our family.
You're welcome here.
- Thank you very much.
- Don't mention it.
You helped me when
I was in debt back then.
How can I ever forget it?
It's touching that
you still remember that.
I can't stay for nothing.
Shall I help you with the housekeeping?
You're my friend, and my guest.
Make yourself at home.
- Housekeeper.
- Yes?
Throw that kimchi away.
Yes, it went so bad
that it's killing my tongue.
Yes, madam.
My tongue is still sore, but...
Having fun?
I'm so happy
you found a place to stay.
I feel like I'm rich now
even though it's not my house.
It feels good and bad
at the same time.
Why freak yourself out?
Best leave it well alone.
No, this bad feeling is
a sign something's off.
Sounds a bit confusing.
Now is the time to save more, right?
No problem so far.
Your hard work is paying off.
We're finally eating out.
Sorry, we ran out of supplies.
Kitchens are closed today.
We aplogise for the inconvenience.
- Oh, no.
- I already waited for an hour...
Is everyone giving up like this?
I really wanted to eat
something delicious today.
This is really delicious, too!
What were you gonna say before?
Was it a marriage proposal?
Miso, I...
I was assigned.
To where?
To Saudi Arabia.
Far from here.
I volunteered.
Cause I'm giving up on comics.
I've had enough.
I want to live like a normal person now.
What do you mean by that?
You know, this and that.
I want to try what others do.
But I like how we are now.
You know what?
It's my first time being
selected for anything.
Universities, webtoon open calls...
I never had this chance before.
It's the first time in my life.
So I'm excited.
To get on a plane for the first time, too.
How long are you gonna work there?
Two years, for starters.
That's too long!
They said I can visit Korea twice a year.
For me...
Cigarette, whiskey and you...
That's my only relief.
You know that.
How can I live without you?
I can't live without you either, you know.
But the job pays triple
including the risk allowance.
- What risk allowance?
- Don't worry, I won't die.
There's nothing to spend
money on in the desert.
According to my calculations,
I can save at least 50 million
won ($50,000) in two years.
Then I can pay off my debts
and get our own place.
You traitor.
I'm not betraying you.
You traitor.
That's not true.
Let's use the power of our imagination.
To imagine what?
That I'm near you.
- Here you are.
- Thank you.
What about Seo-bin?
He's with my mum.
Her mother always watches him
whenever we go out.
So that we can have a second child soon.
She lives right next door.
He helped my mom get a house.
- Our lives got much easier, right?
- True.
I like to live near her mother, too.
Honey, water.
You graduated from the
same university as my wife, right?
Yes but I had to drop out
because I couldn't afford the tuition.
Wow, it must've been a tough decision.
Not really.
Well, are universities even
worthy of the name today?
You don't learn anything there.
It can be wiser to pursue a
career early than to waste money.
How was my wife back then?
She was a lot like fire.
Oh, "like fire".
And she played the guitar very well.
The guitar?
I... was just having fun, you know?
Yes, I'm sure you were.
A guitarist on fire
should have fun, of course.
Excuse me, cigarette break.
I'll smoke with you.
- So you smoke?
- Yes, I do.
Let's go.
- Where are you going?
- Here.
Why are you sitting so far away?
Oh, I'm used to sitting like this
with my husband.
Shall we?
Do you still drink whisky?
You still smoke.
It's expensive to smoke these days...
If I didn't have money for a room,
I would've quit, probably.
And you know I love
drinking and smoking.
Wow, you have no shame
in loving that.
No what?
No shame.
Absolutely no shame.
I'll be honest with you, Miso.
I think you are very shameless.
It's pathetic that what you love the most
is drinking and smoking.
Spending money on that
instead of accomodation?
How dare you expect me to understand?
Don't you think something's wrong with you?
Something's wrong with you.
Did you really have to smoke with him?
Who are you taking me for?
I'm sorry.
I didn't know
that it upset you so much.
Why can't you understand that?
No matter how big the house is,
it bothers me when a guest stays too long.
How can you not know?
Because it doesn't bother me.
I don't mind my friends
staying at my tiny place.
Maybe that's because
you don't have a family.
Miso, I don't think letting you stay here
would solve your problem.
I hope you find a place to stay soon.
It's the best I can do for you.
And I apologise, I didn't
mean to lose my temper.
I won't need it.
- You like windows, right?
- Yes.
Ventilation is the key.
But nowadays semi-underground rooms
have windows, too.
You just found the right place.
Welcome to the cheapest area in Seoul.
You don't have to work out
in a fitness club.
People living here don't need it.
Here we are.
The landlord is a deacon.
Here, the sink.
Look how clean it is.
Such a neat place after remodelling.
Makes it look larger.
Wow, here's what you like: a window.
Good, isn't it?
A wonderful view.
Though it's cloudy,
sunlight floods all the way here.
Imagine how warm it gets.
It means you can save on heating costs.
Oh my god, look at that!
There's even a safe!
Perfect for keeping your valuables.
Young ladies love this.
Super safe. There's a lock.
- Nice.
- Right?
It was vacant for a long time,
that's all.
How much was it?
5 millon won for the deposit,
250,000 for the rent.
5 million?
This one's cheaper
but located in a two-story building.
- Take my hand. How fun?
- Thank you.
It's got everything you need.
Here's the bathroom.
And the sink.
Bigger than the previous one.
It may look dirty,
but you can turn it around quick
with a good cleanup.
Look at this window, you like windows.
It's a window.
You can lock it and close the curtains.
Then nobody'd know
who the hell lives here.
How much is this place?
Five million deposit, 200,000 rent.
Reasonable, no?
Is it possible to lower the deposit?
Over there.
You check out yourself.
It's got a window, right?
How much...
No deposit, 100,000 per month.
Oh, there's no electricity.
I'll think about it.
You surprised me.
I live here.
First time seeing you at
this time of the day.
I'm not feeling well.
Do you want some tea?
Yes, please.
I'm pregnant, incidentally.
And I don't know who the father is.
I'm kind of an easy lay, sis'.
Am I paying the price for that now?
What's wrong with being easy?
Do you know what I do for a living?
Can you still say that?
You're absolutely my style.
Thank you.
Put this on you.
Anyway, what's all this stuff?
You don't have a place to stay?
I don't.
You are unique.
I'm not gonna have
a house from now on.
I'm gonna quit this job
and open a nail salon.
Pretty, aren't they?
Yes, very pretty.
It's just so pretty and
I love to touch hands.
I'm gonna tell the boys
and get the cash.
Honestly it's just chicken feed for them.
But not for me, it's my life at stake.
I'll just go and do it
before you can blink.
Did you have dinner?
Considering your condition,
you should eat better.
Don't skip meals.
Why are you so kind to me?
You're annoying.
I'm gonna return this house,
and then... it's the end.
Do you know what I'm saying?
No more job for you.
"You're fired!"
I'm sorry, sister.
There's no need to say sorry.
I'm happy for you.
Shall we eat something?
What do you want to have?
Chi... Chicken boiled with rice.
Dig in.
Two years will fly by, right?
I don't think so.
Why do you look so tired?
You look tired.
Do I?
But I feel strong.
You look great in a suit.
It's a gift from the company for the trip.
I dressed up for you.
What if you lose weight?
It won't happen, don't worry.
This is for you.
What is it?
If you have some free time.
I'm not gonna draw anything.
Your daily life can be an interesting theme
for your webtoon.
That's a false hope.
But who knows?
Thanks. It's beautiful.
Where are you heading now?
Don't worry,
I have many options.
Hansol, get in quick.
Gotta go now.
- Take care of yourself.
- Okay.
- Call me if you get sick.
- I will.
I'll get going.
I love you so much!
Can I take your order?
Glenfiddich, please.
- I'm so sorry but...
- Yes.
Whisky went up by 2,000 won.
Our rent went up, so...
Here too...
I'm very sorry.
Fine, one please.
I'll be right back.
- Hey, what are you doing here?
- What are you doing here alone?
- Just smoking.
- What the... Wake up!
Are you leaving already?
- Yeah.
- Why don't you stay longer?
I've got work to do.
It would be nice if I
could stay longer, but...
He will be fine, right?
After all...
- Jeong-mi!
- Oh!
- Hey.
- How are you doing guys?
- Long time no see.
- You look way cooler.
- Not at all.
- I mean it.
She was cool from the start.
- Good to see you anyway.
- Yes totally.
Well, I know it's not the best time
to invite you, but...
You're getting married!
Who are you marrying?
For Hyun-jung,
and this is for you.
- That colleague of yours?
- No, it's not him.
Married and buried.
Be good to your mum or
you'll be crying every night like me.
- Hey, Jeong-mi.
- Hey.
- Oh, you look good.
- Kind of.
- Good, how are you?
- OK.
Now we only see each other
when someone passes away.
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
That's life.
I'm sorry, but I just wanted to
invite you in person.
- Good idea.
- Save the date.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
Was Miso there?
Does anyone keep in touch with her?
Didn't you tell her?
I couldn't reach her.
Her phone's out of service.
Maybe she couldn't afford it anymore.
Time heals everything.
Miso brought eggs with her.
She made so many
Banchan dishes for us.
Maybe I should have pretended
that I was happy.
It was unexpected.
Her smile was quite special.
She visited me, too.
I could hardly see her face.
Couldn't even ask her how she was.
I didn't know how good a cook she was.
Thinking about Miso makes me smile.
Is she smoking and drinking now?
Or boiling some Miso soup somewhere?
She came all swaddled
in multiple layers then.
Kind of chic.
And cute.
Looking at old pictures of us
brought tears to my eyes...