Mid90s (2018) Movie Script

IAN: Stay out of
my fucking room, Stevie.
What's up, fool?
DABNEY: I haven't called
that guy Todd back yet.
(SIGHS) He's fine.
I'm attracted to him.
He seems a bit player-ish
to me, though.
I always have to
remember to hit pause
when I start
feeling something.
- Orange juice.
- DABNEY: Please...
Jesus. At my
18th birthday party,
I was breastfeeding you.
Can you imagine having
a baby right now?
Ian, I, uh...
I got you something.
I know you don't
have this one.
BOY 1: I love me a
mature woman, though.
You know? Hey, you sexy
ladies wanna see a trick?
WOMAN: Mmm, mmm!
Right here.
Get the fuck out of the front of my store?
Where's Ken?
- BOY 2: Fuck you, man.
MAN: I'm not fucking
scared of you guys.
I fought in fucking Desert Storm,
you fuck... You fucking pussies.
Go back inside, man.
MAN: I'm not even
gonna bother.
Fuck you!
BOY 2: Let's go inside.
BOY 2: That's probably the worst
"Would you rather" I've ever heard.
What about, "Would you
rather suck your dad's dick,
"or eat
your mom out?"
- What the fuck?
- What?
Oh, my gosh.
What kind of conversation
is this, bro?
- Fuckshit.
- What's up?
BOY 2: Would you rather
suck your dad's dick
or eat your mom out?
You would suck your
dad's dick, right?
That's not
a weird answer.
FUCKSHIT: Shut the
fuck up, Fourth Grade.
- Shut the fuck up.
- BOY 2: Life or death. Come on.
Hey, whatever I'm doing, I'm
drugging one of them motherfuckers.
I'm not gonna say who,
but I'm gonna drug the
motherfuckers till they sleep.
You're gonna rape
your parents?
- That's like... That's rape.
I'd rather rape one of my
parents than to consciously...
BOY 2:
Yo, what the fuck?
FUCKSHIT: I'm not tripping.
Life or death. Life or death.
Fuck it, I'd just
rape my parents.
- Or one of them.
Hey, for real, I'm never
coming back here again.
BOY 2: Wow.
FUCKSHIT: Y'all nigga's
are scaring off customers.
This is not an accurate representation
of what we usually talk about.
Y'all are bad for business,
my nigga.
Is there any way you could just,
like, forget I even asked?
- I feel really weird now.
- Oh, hell no.
Yo, these niggas
are in Paris.
Eating nice dinners.
Staying at nice hotels.
I've been to France before.
Those niggas are assholes.
Yeah, but you went
with your parents, like...
Imagine if that was us.
IAN: How much cash you got?
I don't have any.
I'll trade you
for your Discman.
Well, it's just that I use
my Discman all the time.
Mom gave it to me
for my birthday
and Christmas...
Wait, wait, wait! I'll give
you anything in this room.
I'll give you anything
in this room.
Just not
the Discman, please.
You don't even fucking
know about music, anyway.
It's Saturday.
Blockbuster night.
What do you wanna watch?
STEVIE: Sorry.
I'm gonna skate.
I'm skating
like shit today, man.
Looks cool to me.
- I'm Ruben.
- Stevie.
I need some water.
Damn, did you really drink
all of it? Fill that up, man.
Yo, Stevie,
go fill up this up, yo.
- Thanks, little man.
Whoo! Refreshing!
- Shit, this is relaxing.
You smoke?
Yeah, these ones are just
a different brand.
Thank you. (CHUCKLES)
- What're you, gay?
- What?
Why the fuck
are you thanking me?
Don't fucking
thank people, man.
That's faggot as fuck, yo.
Oh, sorry. I didn't know that.
It's fine.
Now you know. Just...
Don't thank people. They're
gonna think you're gay.
Oh. I won't do it again.
Yeah, you're gonna fucking
pay attention to me, man.
I'm a fucking badass.
You're a little ass kid.
You should fucking
look up to me. I smoke.
I skate. I fuck bitches.
- Dang.
- I'm pretty much the shit.
I'm living the life.
All you have
is a fucking dinosaur board.
That shit is '80s as fuck.
It's got, like,
a neon dinosaur on it
screaming "cowabunga."
You look retarded.
You gotta get a new
fucking board, man.
- How much are they?
- I don't know.
Probably like $120
for a complete.
I'll sell you
my used setup for $40.
It's a good-ass deal for you.
Wait. Don't you need
your board?
I'm saving up to buy
a new Motor board.
Well, thanks for selling...
See, I was about to say
"thank you,"
but I know how gay that is.
Don't say that shit either.
Just say nothing. Fuck.
You're such
a fucking little kid.
Fuck, man.
What time is it?
I don't know,
probably like 8:00?
Oh, man. I gotta go, man.
Um, you don't have to be home
at a certain time?
Nah. I always go home
after my mom is asleep.
- See you tomorrow?
- Yeah.
With 40 bucks?
- Maybe.
- It's a fucking good deal!
All right, I gotta go.
But I will.
All right, you better have
$40 tomorrow.
Fucking idiot.
I'm so sorry I'm late.
It won't ever happen again.
It's only 7:30.
Oh. Okay.
IAN: Don't be a pussy.
STEVIE: It doesn't feel right.
You came to me.
You needed 40 bucks.
That's a lot of fucking money.
Grab $40 for you
and $40 for me.
All right, you're acting
like a little fuck.
Fine, fine, fine, fine!
I'll do it.
Sick. I'm gonna
set this shit up.
All right, I got one.
I don't understand this shit.
Why do they say
Mexicans are lazy and shit?
Why the fuck
are you looking at me?
Do people say that shit?
I heard the shit.
It don't make sense to me.
Every time I see a Mexican,
them niggas are fucking
building buildings and shit.
That's fucked up, yo.
I said, "People say it,"
not "I say it."
The whole point of this game
is so you don't get offended.
I do have a question
for Fourth Grade.
Why are white people just
in love with their pets?
Like, why do they care so...
I don't get it.
- For real!
- For real!
So, I'm at this
white girl's house,
right, and we chilling.
I can hear
her mom downstairs, like,
"Oh my God, Eric didn't eat
his kibble today.
"I don't know I think we need
to take him to the doctor."
So I asked,
"Why is your mom feeding
"your little brother kibble?"
Like, of course he's probably
going to get sick.
She go and turn around
and tell me,
"Eric is a dog, silly!"
Dogs don't have feelings,
you dumb bitch!
I don't even have a dog.
I have a gecko. (CHUCKLES)
Did... Did he just say
he had a gecko?
- You got a gecko?
- Yeah.
I don't know
one nigger in the world
with a fucking gecko.
All right, I have one.
- Can black people...
- Oh, be careful.
Okay, well...
Is it cool to be black?
What the fuck?
Nigga, that's where I get
all my looks from, nigga.
Silky-ass sexy hair.
- Black don't crack.
That's why I'm 17
and look 12, nigga.
What, you 17 and look like
fucking Mr. Burns.
- RAY: I guess sometimes.
Like, say we go skating
in Beverly Hills.
Everybody is already
looking at us like,
"Hey, you guys
are vandalizing property."
Like, "Get the fuck out
of here." Blah, blah, blah.
But sometimes
I feel like it's a...
A little bit extra heavy
on me.
- Yeah.
- People judging me and stuff,
but, fuck it.
Those people are ignorant.
I got another one.
Can black people get sunburnt?
Oh, my God.
Are you fucking kidding me
right now?
Seriously, I genuinely
want to know.
Like, every time it's hot out,
I'm, like,
"Does he need sunscreen?
"Is there, like,
black suntan lotion, or..."
You're a real dumbass.
Just when I thought
you had a brain, bro.
You dumb as hell.
What about you, little man?
Did you know that black people
could get sunburnt?
What are...
What are black people?
FUCKSHIT: Fuck. Shit.
That was dope.
That was dope.
I liked that. I liked that.
Yeah, but... (SIGHS)
Y'all trying to go try skate?
- FUCKSHIT: Let's go!
- FOURTH GRADE: I'm down.
Ruben, you trying to skate?
All right, then let's go.
You coming, Sunburn?
- Sunburn!
RAY: All right, come on then.
Sunburn! (LAUGHS)
What the fuck was that?
I don't know.
RAY: Come on.
Toss your board over.
FUCKSHIT: Today, motherfucker.
- What the fuck?
(CHUCKLES) Fuck! Shit! Sunburn
can take a fucking slam.
So, you're Sunburn now?
How come some people have
nicknames and some don't?
I don't know.
Ray doesn't. He's the coolest.
I think it's better
not to have one.
Yeah. Ray is awesome
and he doesn't have one.
That's, like,
way cooler for sure.
FUCKSHIT: You seen that?
Why is his name Fuckshit?
Because any time
he sees a dope trick,
he yells out,
"Fuck! Shit! That was dope!"
- Fuck! Shit! That was dope!
Yeah, Ray is awesome.
He skates
just like in the videos.
Yeah, he's fucking insane.
Ever since I've met him,
he's gone from, like, dope
to, like, next-level dope.
Like, pro dope!
Him and Fuckshit have
pretty much the same tricks
but Ray just has
the sickest style ever.
Why is his nickname
Fourth Grade?
Because he's as smart
as a fourth grader.
Can I call him that?
I wouldn't call anyone
anything yet.
STEVIE: Do you know
where the bathroom is?
FUCKSHIT: Fuck! Shit!
- COP: Hey. Hey.
- Sugar babes are for fags.
Hey. Y'all not supposed to be
around here. Get the fuck out.
- Hey, come here.
- Shut up!
- Don't throw rocks at me.
- RUBEN: Fuck you!
COP: Little man, get the fuck
off the property, all right?
- Bitch!
- COP: Hey, come here.
Sunburn, what are you doing?
Don't get fucked up
like the rest of
these little niggas.
Come here.
Don't let them
get you fucked up. Come here.
RUBEN: You're not even
a real cop!
FUCKSHIT: Sunburn! Stevie!
This nigga's a rent-a-cop!
- Hey, no. Come here!
- RAY: Same to you, rent-a-cop!
COP: Fuck you, nigga.
I make more than all of you.
RAY: Nigga, fuck you!
The fuck you doing skating
with these white boys?
Nigga's don't skate.
Your surf's up, motherfucker.
That's who you think you are?
Hey, little nigga with the
Toys "R" Us badge, come here.
COP: You can't say nigga,
I don't think,
you fucking Sheryl Crow
looking motherfucker.
I don't know who that is,
but bitch, fuck you!
You look Samoan, motherfucker.
- You a Samoan-ass nigga!
All right, that was funny.
That was pretty funny.
That was funny.
- Get the fuck out of here.
- Fuck you!
What the fuck
is wrong with you?
Don't... You know that's
a fucking felony, right, ese?
You a rent-a-cop!
You'll be in fucking prison
with your uncle.
RAY: Yo, then hop
the fence then, bitch!
- You hop the fence.
- RAY: Oh, all right.
You hop the fence,
I'll hop the fence right now.
Whup your ass.
beat that nigga's ass!
Stay right there,
little nigga!
I'm gonna hop the fence.
Where you going?
Now I'm in your face.
Hop the fence.
- COP: Fuck you, nigga.
- Fuck you.
- Fuck you.
- You need Jesus.
No, you need Jesus.
You're smoking cigarettes
on school property.
The Bible
is pro-cigarettes, nigga.
Jesus smoked cigarettes.
Oh, yeah? What kind of
cigarettes did he smoke?
Jesus smoked...
Jesus smoke Kools, nigger.
This is awesome.
I've never been in a car
without someone's
mom or dad before!
Man... Stevie, keep that shit
to yourself, man. Fuck!
- Are we allowed to skate here?
- Fuck no. It's super illegal.
It's a fucking courthouse.
If you hear
anyone yell out "5-0"
just fucking take off!
You see those fucking bums?
If one of them offers you
something to smoke,
don't smoke it.
It's probably fucking crack.
STEVIE: Whoa! Those are pros!
I saw those guys
in Big Brother!
RUBEN: Yeah,
they ride for Chocolate.
So fucking sick.
And they, like, skate here?
Where you guys skate?
Yo, everyone skates here.
That's sick!
RAY: Yo, what up.
Thanks, Sunburn.
MAN: You got an extra smoke?
FUCKSHIT: You got a quarter?
You got an extra quarter?
MAN: Aw, man. Come on.
FUCKSHIT: I was just playing.
Come sit down.
- I got a whole pack.
- MAN: All right.
- Thanks, man.
- You bet.
How you doing?
What's good in your life?
Um, I'm here, shit.
I'm trying to get up
off the streets, man.
Before the streets get me.
But, see,
I look like this, so...
Ain't nobody
want to fuck with you.
Yeah, you feel me.
My "friends" or whatever,
they kind of just...
- Ain't no judging over here.
- Oh, okay.
So, let me ask you
a question, man.
What... What's you all doin'
with the skating?
I just have fun skating.
It's, like
It makes me happy and smile.
- So, I just skate every day.
- Oh, okay, fucking dig it.
Yeah, it's fun as hell.
But I'm trying to make a way.
Oh, okay. You can do that
with skating?
- Yeah, if you... If you focus.
- Oh, damn.
There's pros.
I want to be one of them.
That seems crazy to me
that you could get
a job skating.
Hell, yeah.
I'm thinking, man, maybe
I should have started skating.
What was your last job?
MAN: Man, I was
in a data entry, you know.
Everything kind of takes some
kind of artistic mind to do.
Or creative mind to do.
You can't just be a robot,
you know what I'm saying?
You got to be able to
come up with ideas.
So, I'm starting to feel
more like that.
But I still got
the old programming
in me I guess from school.
I'm thinking about a lot of
stuff out here.
You understand why we ride
a piece of wood.
Why we push
on just a piece of wood,
like, what that does
to somebody's spirit.
You know?
MAN: Just try to keep
a positive attitude.
Even though it's hard as hell.
But I'm glad
that you all sat down with me
and talked with me
for a minute, man.
That helps, actually, a lot.
- You're a good dude, man.
- Right on, man.
Hey! 5-0! 5-0!
- RUBEN: Later, guys.
- RAY: Later.
- Bye.
- RAY: Cheers.
IAN: You don't listen
to anything I say.
DABNEY: Stevie, can you get
out here, honey?
IAN: There he is.
Fucking ask him yourself.
Stevie, there's $80 missing
from my room.
I know Ian did it.
He's saying
you did it with him.
Did you?
Oh, my God! I did it!
I did it! I did it!
(WHISPERS) Oh, my God!
Oh, my God! Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
IAN: Shut the fuck up!
Shut the fuck up!
Shut the fuck up!
RAY: Two weeks, nigga?
What the fuck?
My parents
seen my report card,
they were fucking pissed.
No car for two weeks.
They might as well
cut my dick off.
FUCKSHIT: My parents
are fucking retarded.
I'm a junior in high school,
it's not like
all of the sudden
I'm about to get into Harvard
or some shit.
Like, my parents did that.
They get paid.
I get C's
and I'm cool with that.
That life's just not mine.
So, what you gonna do, then?
Skate. Have fun.
Go to parties.
Just live life. (CHUCKLES)
RAY: That sounds nice.
All that trying hard shit.
That shit's just corny.
I think that shit's corny.
I'm trying
to get out the hood.
I'm trying to go see shit.
I don't live in the hood.
I got options, nigga.
Nigga, what options you got?
I'm just not trying to take
this shit seriously.
Well, good luck with that.
I'm gonna send you a postcard
when I'm on tour.
What about you, Fourth Grade?
What you want to do?
I don't know. Guess, like,
make a movie or something.
This nigga thinks
he's Spielberg or some shit!
You know you gotta say words
to make movies.
Nigga, I ain't heard you talk,
like, twice.
- Stupid idea.
- FUCKSHIT: Yes, it was.
I don't know,
I guess I'll just work
at the DMV with my dad.
Where you going?
I'm about to go
skate this gap.
Try hard. Be corny. Right?
Yeah, right.
STEVIE: That was sick!
RUBEN: Hit it, Fuckshit.
RAY: All right,
you got it, Ruben.
RAY: Oh, come on. What kind of
pussy shit was that?
You got this, man.
Shut the fuck up, faggot.
Wait! Hey, yo, wait, wait.
Wait! Wait!
You're not going fast enough.
Yo, wait, hey...
Oh, my fucking God.
Fuck! Shit! This nigga dead!
Is he fucking dead, yo?
- Sunburn!
- Nigga, don't poke him!
FUCKSHIT: Sunburn, you okay?
Sunburn, you good? Stevie?
RAY: Damn...
- FUCKSHIT: You okay?
- RAY: Hell, yeah.
- Fuck! Shit!
- RAY: Oh, fuck.
- Oh, shit...
- FUCKSHIT: What the fuck?
RAY: Hey, take your shirt off.
You bleeding.
- Here, lift your arms.
- RAY: Yeah, help him.
Here, hold it.
Hold it right here.
Fuck. You okay?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
You crazy as fuck!
- Hell, yeah, nigga.
- What the fuck?
- FUCKSHIT: Fucking crazy!
Yo, Sunburn is fucking insane!
Fuck you, fool.
For real, nigga.
- What the fuck...
- STEVIE: Thanks.
- Dude just fell off a roof.
- FUCKSHIT: Sunburn!
Oh, shit. You bleeding
through that one.
Take your shirt off!
Fuck no.
It's my favorite shirt.
Nigga, take the fucking
shirt off!
FUCKSHIT: You crazy, nigga.
RAY: Here, take that one off.
Take that one off.
Here, put this one on.
Nigga, take that shit off.
RAY: Here, hold that.
- FUCKSHIT: Sunburn!
We used to talk all the time.
Now you just hang out
with these people
I don't even know.
I mean, who are these kids
you're hanging out with?
Are they... Are they older?
Are they...
- From nice families?
- STEVIE: They're my friends.
- I mean, who are they?
- They're my friends!
Fuck! Shit! Look at this
crazy-ass nigga right here.
- RAY: How's your head, psycho?
- STEVIE: It's fine.
RAY: No, Sunburn.
It's definitely not fine.
There's some fucked-up shit
going on up there.
Yeah, that board's looking
pretty fucked up.
I think you should
probably ride one of these.
Oh, I don't have any money.
No, you don't understand.
Like, this is yours.
No one will be missing it.
Are you fucking serious?
Fucking serious?
Hey, come back
with some Skittles.
Am I... Am I allowed
to say thank you?
I mean, I want to, but I don't
want you to think I'm gay.
Fucking weirdo.
Saying "thank you" isn't gay.
It's just common manners.
- RAY: The fuck?
Thank you so much.
(CHUCKLES) No problem.
RAY: Come on, now.
You ain't got no trick.
- Ow! Fuck! What the fuck?
- Oh, fuck. My bad.
- FUCKSHIT: What's up, nigga?
- RAY: Oh, shit.
- What the fuck?
- You good?
What's up, nigga?
What you trying to do, nigga?
You still standing here!
RAY: I think
he might have shit himself.
You just gonna stand here,
you pussy-ass nigga?
RAY: Hey, white boy, you gonna
let this blonde bitch
talk to you like that?
You not gonna say shit?
What you gonna do?
Your friends are fags.
I would have
fucked that kid up.
I was just solo.
You think you're pretty cool
with your ghetto-ass friends?
You think
you're tough and shit?
So you fucking smoke now?
Don't worry about it.
You know,
Mom used to smoke, right?
She did
a lot of stuff like that
before you were around.
She was a lot different
when I was a little kid
than when you were
a little kid.
What do you mean?
She was very different.
Guys like that coming in
and out all the time.
A lot of sounds.
What kind of sounds?
Fucking sounds.
Fuck Mom.
My mom and dad
are fucking faggots.
Shit. Can't wait
until I can get a car.
And my shit for sure
not getting taken away
like I'm a little bitch.
RUBEN: I'm about to fuck
all these bitches.
RAY: Man, shut the fuck up.
You ain't fucking nothing.
Honestly, I'll be surprised
if any of y'all niggas
get pussy tonight.
Hey, put y'all hands out.
Hey, why you giving that shit
to these little niggas?
FUCKSHIT: Hey, they big boys.
They can do what they want.
Yeah, I guess you're right.
Let me see one.
What is this? Is it dangerous?
My mom took me
to a psychiatrist.
The nigga said I had ADD
after an hour.
He gave me these.
Is it, like, bad for you?
(CHUCKLES) If a fucking doctor
gave it to you,
can it possibly be bad
for you?
What's up, baby?
Hey, Sunburn.
Sunburn! Sunburn!
That's yours.
- You want one, Ray?
- RAY: I'm solid.
- You ain't getting one.
- RAY: You trippin'.
Why are you always filming
stuff on that camera?
Because one day
I want to make movies.
I've got this one idea.
It's about this baby.
Like a... Like a super baby.
It's called Strong Baby.
- Nice. That's cool.
- He has a little cape.
That's a sick idea.
- Can I hit that?
How long have you been friends
with Ray and those guys?
A couple months. It's cool.
Fuckshit and Ray
are my best friends for sure.
They're really cool.
Fourth Grade's cool,
doesn't talk that much.
He's just, like, films.
That's cool.
Ruben and I used to be homies,
but he hates me now I think.
Uh... I don't know.
I think maybe because Fuckshit
and Ray like me more now.
But Fuckshit and Ray
are, like, really cool.
They're really fucking cool.
But I don't think they think
that I'm that cool.
(SCOFFS) You're so cute.
Angela likes Fuckshit a lot.
A lot of my friends do.
Do you think
he would really date Angela
or just, like,
hook up with her
and then not talk to her
for a month
until he wants to, like,
hook up again?
I don't know.
He does that
to a lot of girls.
So, you're like nicer
than those guys.
You're like naturally nice
not, like, fake nice.
Thanks. You're nice, too.
You're, like, at that age
before guys become dicks.
Those guys
are fucking retarded.
Have you ever gone out
with a girl?
Are you sure?
- Last year.
- Last year?
In Florida.
Oh. Was it... How was it?
It was all right.
She worked at Disney World.
She... She just got
too comfortable.
Didn't stand in her own lane.
- What did you do?
- I don't kiss and tell.
I'm a gentleman.
- That's good to know.
- Mmm-hmm.
Not like these fools.
Let's go
check out Angela's room.
RAY: Ooh.
There you go. (CHUCKLES)
Take my clothes off.
Are you nervous?
It's okay, don't be nervous.
You okay?
Sorry, I'm just nervous.
It's okay.
Don't be nervous.
FUCKSHIT: Yo, Sunburn!
You gotta tell us what
the fuck happened in there!
What the fuck
happened in there?
RAY: Yeah, spill it.
She put two of my fingers
in her vagina.
And it's so much lower
than I thought.
What else happened?
She was, like,
touching my dick.
- RAY: Little man growing up.
- She touch your baby meat?
- It was crazy!
I want that to happen more.
RAY: Oh, shit.
Wouldn't we all?
ANGELA: Was he nervous?
ESTEE: Hell, yeah,
he was nervous.
- He was shaking and shit.
- Just give us all the details.
ESTEE: Okay, okay, okay.
He's going to worship you
for the rest
of his fucking life.
GIRL: He'll never forget you,
Estee, you're a freak.
ESTEE: No, look,
I heard Fuckshit, like...
Someone was like, "Yo,
Fuckshit fucks like shit."
Yeah, I bet. I bet.
For real though,
I want his hair.
- ANGELA: Me, too.
- GIRL: Same.
His hair is so bomb.
Estee is banging!
I'm proud
of this little nigga.
RAY: There he is, bro.
You really did that. Yeah.
FUCKSHIT: You a hoe,
you a hoe.
Yo, Stevie what the fuck
are you doing?
You're fucking up!
Stevie! What the fuck
are you doing?
Talk to me.
What the fuck are you doing?
You're a pathetic
lonely faggot.
What the fuck
did you just say to me?
You have no fucking friends.
You get no fucking pussy.
I'm not fucking taking
your shit.
STEVIE: Get the fuck off me!
STEVIE: I'm fucking
over this shit!
STEVIE: Mom! Stop! Please!
Mom, please! Please!
DABNEY: We're going in!
STEVIE: Stop! Stop!
Mom, please! Mom! Stop!
I was skating all day...
Hey! What is your name?
- What the fuck?
What is your name?
Listen to me. You do not give
my son alcohol.
- Ma'am, ma'am...
- Bitch.
- RAY: Ma'am, ma'am...
- You do not give my son drugs.
- Do you understand me?
- Cool. Cool. Cool.
It better be cool Fuckhead,
or whatever the fuck
your name is.
Stay away from my son.
He's not like you.
Is she mad
about the fingering?
- What fingering?
Say goodbye, Stevie.
This is the last time
you're coming here.
Hey, but, baby,
what's your number though?
- That's Stevie's mom.
- You not taking that down?
You not taking that down?
They look like
fucking gang members!
What you just
did to me back there...
- Who are these kids?
- I can't fucking trust you!
- Oh. Can't trust me?
- I don't fucking love you!
- Shut the fuck up!
- Oh, my God.
Hey, shut up!
Shut the fuck up!
- Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!
- Listen, I just want to...
I just want to know
where you are.
- Okay? Listen to me!
- Shut the fuck up!
Why are you still talking
to me? Quiet! Be quiet!
I just want to know where...
Just let me drop you off.
I just want to know
where you are.
No! No!
RAY: Yo.
You all right?
You don't look all right.
Your mom is, uh...
Very serious.
I just...
I just can't
take this shit sometimes.
What kind of shit?
Just shit.
A lot of the time,
we feel like
our lives are the worst.
I think if you looked
at anybody else's closet,
you wouldn't trade your shit
for their shit.
Like, look at Fourth Grade.
He is...
One of the poorest people
I know.
And I'm not even
making a joke though,
like, he could barely
afford socks.
Seriously. Socks.
Ruben's mom
gets all fucked up.
She just beats on him
and his sister.
Why do you think he
never wants to go home?
Fuckshit's like
my best friend.
And, like, we used to have
all these sleepovers
and fucking
just dream about...
Skating and where
we want to take it.
I just feel like
he's kind of, like...
Losing it a little
or something.
Now every day he's just trying
to figure out where to party,
where to get fucked up, drunk.
It's sad.
About, like, three years ago,
my little brother was on
the way to soccer practice,
He was crossing the street...
And he got hit by a car.
It's so weird, like...
We shared a room.
Like, a closet.
Whenever I, like,
get dressed in the morning,
it's just, like...
Just looking
at all the clothes,
and they just
blend into each other.
It's just weird.
But after he passed away,
Fuckshit came to my house
and dragged me out
to go skate with him.
It felt good
to have somebody there.
So, let's go.
Come on.
- BOY: What's up, Fuckshit?
- What's up?
Hey, Sunburn, let me see that.
Hey, you good.
Oh, shit. What's up?
PRO SKATER 1: We was down
in Florida on a skate trip.
Have you ever gone anywhere
like that before?
RAY: Ah, no man.
Where is the craziest place
y'all been on tour?
- PRO SKATER 2: Tampa City.
- RAY: Is that out somewhere
like Spain or France
or something.
How do you...
How do you all find...
This is fucking crazy.
RAY: Oh, shit.
What's up, Fuckshit?
- You good?
What the fuck?
FUCKSHIT: Holy shit!
- RAY: Hey.
Go chill somewhere else, bro?
Just for a little bit.
RAY: I'm really sorry
about my friend. He's cool,
but when he gets drunk,
he's a fucking idiot.
Don't even trip. Fuck it.
Dude, he touched
my hair, though.
Yeah, that was weird as fuck.
RAY: I'm... I'm really sorry,
like, um...
But, yeah, like, we just...
We really like talking
shit to... Fuck...
Fuck, um...
I'm... I'm really sorry,
like... I'm...
Fuck it, it's all good.
I'm kind of, like,
tripping right now.
Think I should go
introduce myself?
This is our filmer,
Tim, right here.
Hey, man. Nice to meet you.
PRO SKATER 2: Tim's the man.
He's goes for it.
When we were out there...
He's still the man.
We gotta go. We gotta go back
to somewhere like that.
Florida was so tight.
- Watch out
- What's your problem, man?
You're my fucking problem.
What the fuck
is your problem, man?
- You're my fucking problem!
- Don't fucking touch me!
What the fuck
you going to do, faggot?
Don't fucking touch me!
Don't fucking touch me!
Don't fucking touch me!
What the fuck
are you gonna do?
RAY: Come on.
You good?
Hey, those bitches wanna have
a party
at they parent's place.
Let's roll, nigga.
Let's roll.
In the car.
RAY: Let's just get in.
Hey, Stevie, ride shotgun.
See what it look, G.
Why you go pussy
like me, nigga?
RAY: Yo, Fuckshit.
Just take everybody home.
FUCKSHIT: No, we're going
to this fucking party.
Just fucking chill.
Fuck that shit.
Let's just call it.
Everybody in here is bummed.
I'm not about to let you
fuck up my fun, nigga.
You don't have
any type of fun no more.
Nobody in this fucking car
is having fun,
if you haven't noticed.
Only fun you have
is sucking them pro's dicks.
Stop trying to kill my fun.
You used to be fun as hell.
I heard some fighting, shit.
Could you, like,
pull over, maybe...
FOURTH GRADE: Why the fuck did
we get in the car with you?
RAY: Is this fucking blood?
What the fuck?
- FUCKSHIT: Sunburn's fucked up.
- RAY: Stevie!
Come on, wake up, Stevie.
Stevie! Stevie!
RAY: Help! Stevie!
- FUCKSHIT: Sunburn!
- Stevie!
Why did we get in the car...
RAY: What the fuck did you do?
(SIGHS) Yeah.
Do you want to go see him?
Can I see it?
They took a picture.
Fuck! Shit!
Nigga, what the fuck?
That's fucked up.
Are you okay?
You literally take
the hardest hits
out of anybody
I've ever seen in my life.
You know you don't have to
do that, right?
You guys wanna see something?
BOY: 5-0! 5-0!
Ow! I hurt my knee!
(SCREAMING) Motherfucker.
- STEVIE: Fourth Grade?
- Fourth Grade, yeah.
Fourth Grade, dawg. (LAUGHING)