Midday Demons (2018) Movie Script

And I'm gonna
record them, if that's okay.
So this is very well
done on the exhibition,
I'm really impressed
with the work.
Thank you so much.
Right, and I thought
we'd start with this piece
here in particular,
and I get a sense, you know,
your portraiture's very clear,
but yet you kind of leave
out a lot of the detail,
maybe you could talk about that.
I don't want the
essence of the person
to be trapped with
their appearance,
and this is my husband,
so I don't want his
essence trapped.
Hey, how did it go?
Well, everybody
wanted your portrait.
Seems the people
really like you.
I'm sorry I didn't come,
I have to finish
this before tonight.
I really don't want
to do this trip.
Listen, I've been thinking.
I'll come with you.
Come on, it's been ages since
we've been away together,
and I've never even
seen your country.
Are you sure?
It's gonna be really
boring, relatives, notaries.
Oh, you'll see.
It's not gonna be
boring with me.
Oh, there's Michele.
Come, come with me.
And the house.
What are you going to do?
I'm selling it to my
brother, he says he wants it.
You sure?
Did you live here?
My family.
I left this place
when I was a child.
Megan, let's...
Megan, this is my
brother, Nicola.
Nicola: Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
You already started
with the work here?
Have you heard the news?
No, what?
Uncle Domenico, maybe
they make him a saint.
They send someone here
to check on the process.
Look at this!
Oh my God.
Is this the saint?
We lived with him
when our parents died.
Why don't we stay here?
You're joking.
It's a mess here.
There isn't even a phone.
I will clean it up,
and we don't need a phone.
Aren't we on holidays?
I know, but we booked a hotel.
But it doesn't make
any sense to rent a room
when we have a house like this.
Ah, here they are.
We were thinking of staying
here instead of the hotel.
You can't stay here.
It's filthy and dusty, and
not to mention, falling apart.
It's wonderful.
Ah, look at this.
What's this for?
So many surprises.
You've barely even
mentioned him,
and now I find he's
gonna be a saint?
Look at this stuff.
Was your brother mad at us?
It looked like it.
But who cares?
What do you think?
You don't get along
with him, do you?
He always wants to be the boss.
He even started the
restoration works,
and the house is still mine.
What did your Uncle
Domenico do to become a saint?
He healed people.
Did he?
So they say.
I know that people in
need came to see him.
I really don't
remember anything.
You know, they
say that forgetting
is like not having lived.
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
Megan, you know there was
no one like his uncle here,
you should know.
He did so much
for everybody here.
He married us.
And look at what a
beautiful wife you got.
It's a miracle of your uncle's.
It's not a joking matter.
Anyway, Leo, what do
you think about our town
now that you're back?
Everything is the same,
even you guys, fortunately.
You also are the same.
We never get too old.
Give me a light.
You smoke?
Yes, but just once in a while.
Yeah, but with the baby,
aren't you worried
that it's bad for him?
Do you have children?
- So, what?
- Well, it's...
Nicola and his bloody bells!
Oh, I just had the worst dream.
I was trapped in the dark,
and I hear water.
I haven't slept
like this for ages.
Ready for the beach?
Uh, no.
You go.
You and your friends have
so much to catch up on.
What's wrong with my friends?
Nothing from my side.
Well, it wasn't very
nice what you said
to Pia last night.
Smoking while pregnant
is pure ignorance.
Think of all the people
that can't have kids.
Come on!
We agreed this is over.
Anyway, the sun here
is too strong for me.
You're gonna stay here alone?
I'll wait for this cleaning lady
and show her the house.
Did I scare you?
The door was open, and
I've come to tell you
the maid can't come today.
She's sick.
I'm sorry, Annarita,
I don't have anything
to offer you,
but we can go to a bar and have
something there if you want.
Don't worry.
What are you looking at?
Some old photos.
Do you recognize anyone?
Oh, let me see.
Um, this is Monsignor Domenico.
And the girl is?
I don't know.
Something to eat.
Oh, no.
You must be Leo de
Mundo's wife, right.
Yes, I am.
I'm pleased to meet you.
My name is Albert von Galen.
I come from Bressanone.
I'm here on behalf
of the commission
sent to investigate
the canonization
of Monsignor Domenico de Mundo.
So you're kind of a detective.
I'm more the devil's advocate.
I'm here to find the truth.
Hey, where have you been?
I got lost on the way back.
The village is
completely deserted.
I know, it's the controda.
The what?
The controda.
The name they use here for
the hottest hours of the day
when everybody stay inside.
Is it like the siesta?
It's different.
Well, the shadows of the
dead come at this time
to find the living.
Do you believe these stories?
I sure do.
Come on.
It seems like a good
way to keep the kids
off the street and
out of the heat.
This is your family, isn't it?
Well, these two were my parents,
and this is Uncle Domenico,
the others may be
my grandparents,
I don't know who she is.
And who was this?
This, I don't know.
Have you noticed
how in old photos
people are always serious?
The idea of smiling in a
picture is a modern thing.
Or maybe they had
the right idea,
and now everyone
pretends to be happy.
I wonder why.
You're not happy?
Now I am.
Oh, I like that song.
What song?
Didn't you hear
the girl singing?
At home, cleaning.
It's me, it's okay.
You're scaring me.
There was a shadow.
A shadow?
And then...
It was a dream.
Yeah, but it felt really real.
It felt like something was
pressing on my stomach.
You're letting those
stories get to you.
Or maybe the heat.
Come on, you know I
don't like it when you
look at my work
before it's finished.
What's he doing?
He's beating the octopus
to make it more tender.
Well, I feel sorry for it.
Hey, look who it is.
Megan, so funny we
see you at the beach.
Imbacuccata is...
Take all the stuff off.
- Hey, hey, hey.
- Oh, no, no, no, no, no.
Oh my God, you're
so tense, my God.
Leo, your woman's
like a violin string.
Oh, sorry, sorry.
Did you know what
happened to Pia?
No, what?
She lost the
baby, a miscarriage.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Anyway, she's fine now,
and already back home.
You're still here.
Why don't you go away?
Pia, I'm so sorry.
No, you're not sorry.
No, I am sorry.
She's going through a
lot lately, I apologize.
Oh, it's okay.
Come, I'll show you around.
As paintings, they
are not masterpieces,
but they are sincere,
and they tell the true stories
of those who face death.
So, do all these stories
have happy endings?
God wanted to give
them another chance.
Like Domenico's.
Did you send a girl out
to clean the courtyard
the other day?
A girl?
She was singing?
Maybe she's one of
the worker's daughters.
Yeah, maybe.
I want to know what's happening.
What do you come
here for anyway?
Don't rush me, I
need to think about it.
Megan, what happened?
Megan, what happened?
Come on, come in the light.
Oh God, oh God, the crabs!
Father Nicola.
Ah, Father von Galen, of course.
I've been expecting you.
How is your research going?
It's going well.
I'm starting to know your
uncle better every day.
Have you ever known someone
by the name Pasquale Loia?
Pasquale Loia.
He's a painter.
One of his paintings
hangs in the sacristy.
Ah, of course.
You're talking about...
It was one of my uncle's
most famous miracles.
It was in Bressanone
when it happened.
He saved a mother and her
son from certain death.
Good morning.
How are you?
Can you tell me what's going on?
I've already told you.
The shadows?
You really believe
in all that stuff?
I'm not selling the house.
Wait, wait, wait.
I realize this place
means something to me.
No, no.
Where did you find that?
I found them in here.
Do you know the people in them?
Yes, of course.
It's my family.
That is my mother,
that is my father.
That is Uncle Domenico.
My grandparents.
And the girl is...
She's Aunt Gisella.
My father's sister.
Is she still alive?
No, everyone is dead.
And who's this?
I don't know.
Maybe a neighbor.
I also found an old
calendar from 1976.
There's lots of writing
in it that stops
on June the 16th.
Did something happen then?
My parents died.
I'm so sorry.
It's all right.
It was a long time ago.
I'm sorry, excuse me.
Megan, are you all right?
Yeah, I'm fine, I'm fine.
Shall I call Leo?
No, really, I'm fine,
I just need to lie
down for a bit.
I'm fine, thanks.
I'm looking for Nicola.
I've been looking at the ex
photo paintings my entire life,
and I've never seen
one with a dead person.
This is a strange ex
photo, don't you think?
And the painter
died 14 years before
the miracle ever happened.
Can I show you something?
I don't want to sound crazy,
but I know something terrible
happened in this house.
What do you mean?
It's like these drawings
weren't done by me,
but they've come from
things I've seen.
In dreams?
Not only in dreams,
when I'm awake too,
they're like fragments.
Mixed up pieces.
Pieces of what?
Of something that happened here.
Have you seen this?
Wasn't this where
we came to hide
when we were kids?
I don't remember.
Come on, you remember.
Uncle Domenico used to say
he would close us inside
if he found us down here.
What is all this interest
back here all of a sudden?
Does my being here bother you?
But maybe you should be more
aware of your surroundings.
Perhaps your wife is pregnant.
Are you okay?
You sure?
Could you stop a second?
Are you pregnant?
Why didn't you tell me?
Leo, how many times did we try
and the doctors said
there was no possibility
for us to have children?
They were obviously wrong.
Isn't this what
you always wanted?
I don't know.
Something's wrong.
No, it's gonna be fine.
It's not gonna be fine!
Don't you understand?
They won't come.
Of course they'll come.
The women won't come.
Why not?
Because they're
afraid of this place.
Please, enough now,
I'm tired of this.
Why didn't you invite Nicola?
He annoys me.
You know, he keeps going
on about the house.
He's your brother.
I'm going to change.
Can you please keep
an eye on the sauce?
Megan, do you have
any brothers or sisters?
Yeah, three sisters.
I bet your father wanted a boy.
He says he didn't.
According to my father,
men create problems
and women solve them.
Yes, but what do you prefer?
Boy or girl?
Either one is fine for me.
Don't worry.
I'll get it.
Shut up, shut up.
Shut up, shut up, shut up.
Someone must've cleaned
it up, it was here.
You don't believe me, do you?
You think I'm crazy.
No, no, of course not.
But who clean?
Maybe you saw it
because of the heat.
Come on, come on, Megan.
Come on.
Please, please, come on, Megan.
- It's not fair!
- Megan, no, no, Megan, no.
Do you know what happened
to Leo and Nicola's parents?
They died together.
Nobody knows exactly how.
Leo's grandmother died
shortly afterwards,
they couldn't avoid it.
She died from the
pain of losing her son
and daughter-in-law.
But there are those who say that
she committed suicide
here, in the house.
Megan, are you okay?
Did she jump off the
roof of this house?
I don't know.
Maybe, but now
please, no more talk
of death and dead people.
A woman like you
should enjoy life.
Is she still alive?
Everyone is dead.
Call an order and let's go sign.
I'm leaving.
Do you speak English?
Did you know your Aunt
Gisella's still alive?
What are you talking about?
I couldn't find her
death certificate,
your brother's lying.
Why don't you mind
your own business?
Her name isn't
on the family tomb,
so I checked in the town
registry, she's not dead.
Where did you go?
To look for records.
For what?
I found out...
Listen now.
You have to stay out
of my family business.
Do you understand?
Dead are dead, you
should leave them alone.
This is Megan de Mundo.
Good morning.
How may I help you?
I'm here to see Gisella
de Mundo, my aunt.
Or rather, my husband's aunt.
I've just come all
the way from Ireland.
You must keep in
mind that Gisella
lives in her own world.
She does not engage with others.
She may not even register
that you are speaking to her.
Sister Olivia, bring
madame to Gisella.
And please, keep your visit
down to a few minutes.
She's Gisella.
Remember Leonardo?
Waste of my time.
You and your bastard!
Can't you seen what you've done?
This woman is
always nice and calm.
What did you say to her?
Father, I need to see you.
I'll be back tomorrow.
Monsignor Domenico had a
sister, Gisella de Mundo.
She's still alive.
I have met her,
but she didn't even see me.
Well, she spoke to me.
Let me go!
Why did you do this?
Now I have to fix everything!
It's Uncle Domenico!
No, we just have
to explain this!
Megan, Megan, where are you?
Leo, watch out!
Megan, get out!
He's not your brother, Leo!
You're the son of
Domenico and Anni.
She was your mother.
Help me, please.
Please, help me!
Please, help me.