Middle of the Moment (1995) Movie Script

Drink this...
and be protected on your way.
I don't think
it wiII take much Ionger.
It should have arrived already yesterday.
You're always mistaken.
Not before tomorrow!
We'II see what he says.
The muzzle has already come out.
It Iooks good.
Leave her alone or she'II bite you.
On aII journeys
you find your way by the stars,
the way they rise above us
and disappear in one Iine.
You foIIow them
untiI the Iast one has risen
and disappeared again, behind us.
The consteIIation of the cameI's head
and many others,
you just mustn't confuse them...
We Ioaded the camels
and set out into the Tnr,
and we were vey thirsty.
We waIked, waIked, waIked,
for five days,
but the weII was dry.
Then we unloaded the baggage
and continued
for five days to the next weII.
We fetched water
and then again five days back
to our baggage.
And then again five days
from there to here where we are now...
And then I shout:
Evey time they come
and pursue me in my dream
I shout:
Sometimes I sleep under a tree
and can hear the jackaI...
In my dreams it comes
to eat the goats.
Then I shout:
Then it clears off.
And sometimes I dream
that something grabs me
and puIIs me into the sky...
You think we have nothing to do...
I told you, there's always somebody
grumbling about something.
If it isn't done properly,
we'II be in the shit the next time.