Midnight (2021) Movie Script

I'm on my way.
I'm not late for no reason.
I'm so tired of working overtime.
Don't talk like that.
I'm hanging up if you
keep talking nonsense.
Wi Ha-jun
Damn. Hey!
I found it first!
Park Hoon
Gil Hae-yeon Kim Hye-yoon
Written & Directed by Kwon Oh-seung
Get in. Will take you to the main road.
No, thank you.
Not many taxis at
this hour. Just get in.
I don't get in a random guy's car.
- Yes.
- I'm sorry.
I didn't want to make you mad.
The way you talked hurt me!
- Shall we get some chicken?
- Chicken?
It's your favorite.
I'll be right there, get ready.
Got it. Hurry!
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Hello...
- What is that?
What is this?
Help me, please.
Something wrong?
Please help me.
Save me, please.
Help me.
Please help me!
Sir. You called 911, right?
Over there...
- You go check.
- Yes, sir.
Sir, are you okay?
You must've been shocked.
Do you want some water?
No... I'm okay.
May I have a cigarette
if you've got one?
Yes, but what made you so shocked?
Sir! There is a dead body!
What? Dead body?
It's a female corpse.
I've seen it all.
You know those foreign workers...
Three of them stabbed
her mercilessly in turns.
I see, please wait here.
- Get the line first, hurry.
- Yes.
Don't go anywhere, sir.
Damn, what the hell?
What did those crazy jerks do?
Hey, make it a bigger circle.
Yes, sir.
- Damn! Sir!
- What again?
There is a male corpse, too!
What the...?
MIDNIGH Thanks for calling 'Care with You'.
Your name is...
We've checked your registration date...
How may I assist you?
- Yes, we will.
- Yes, sir.
- Thank you for your order.
- Have a nice day.
Of course.
Any further inquiries?
No, thank you.
Have a good day.
Thank you.
Hello, ma'am. How may I assist you?
Can I get the refund or not?
I gotta use the stuff to know
if it's working!
How would I know otherwise?
Who taught you to serve
the client this way, wench?
You must not swear, ma'am.
If you keep swearing,
I'll hang up first.
Hey, Choi So-jung!
Go change unless you want to die.
But everyone's dressed like this!
- Really?
- Yes.
Then go change unless you want to die.
Please... Just once.
Told you I've got a blind date today.
You don't want your
only sister to look pretty?
You want me to come home crying
rejected by a guy?
- Of course not.
- You don't, do you?
- OK, then.
- Yes?
Go change unless you want to die.
Jeez! So gross!
- Watch your language!
- Do you ever wash your feet?
I'm going.
Hey, Choi So-jung!
Stop right there.
I'm wearing pants, sir!
They're too short, too.
Look at yours!
Those damn Marine shorts!
Come home by 9PM sharp.
No, I'm coming by midnight.
Here you go again.
Don't drag mom and dad into this!
Mom, dad, tell me what I should do
when this little one
acts so recklessly...
Alright, won't be late. Satisfied?
- Stop!
- What now?
What is this?
Don't feel small to a
boy. You buy him a meal.
So, by what time?
By 10PM. No matter what.
10? Okay.
Midnight it is then!
What a naughty one.
Attention, everyone!
Important announcement!
Who's in for tonight's
drink with clients?
Mom, let's go to Jeju Island
Wy Jeju iland?
Well... to get some fresh air?
Here he goes.
Why do we have to liven up the mood?
- Right!
- It's not like...
Does it mean I'm a bar girl
and Mr. Nam's a gigolo?
But drinking with
clients is not our job!
She's right! Why do you keep taking us?
If we lose our clients, who
are you going to consult with?
Who will pay your salary?
You know the organization...
the company is...
Read it for me.
'I'll go.'
'I'm also an employee,
so I can go.'
'A reasonable person like you
wouldn't discriminate me.'
- You understand her, right?
- Yes, ma'am.
I have a nice body, you know.
Hey, what do you think her charm is?
In fact, she's my kind of girl.
I think it's her figure...
Isn't it a bit too much?
Shut up. Don't spoil the mood.
She can't hear anyway.
Pour me a drink.
I'll grind your face.
Oh, sucking up!
Hey, you should wash your eyeballs.
Oh, bomb drinks!
I said you look ugly!
Guess you don't get it.
Wanna get trashed?
Great! Pour her some drink!
Shall I put you in the coffin
and close the lid?
- She's swearing, right?
- Let me just bury you!
No way.
It's the K-heart. She loves you.
She says, enjoy your meal.
My ladies are working hard.
Great job this month, too!
For you.
I marked the numbers on the envelopes,
check if they're correct.
- Don't lay on me later.
- Don't worry.
You've done so much!
You doubled me!
No, tripled!
Where'd you spend it all on?
You're going to Jeju Island?
My daughter asked me to go.
She's going with her daughter.
I understand her, too.
Look at her smile.
Guess she's so happy.
She doesn't bother to
reply after reading my texts.
What does she take me for?
Forget it. You said she
went on a blind date.
The two must be... You know.
Know what?
Each other...
What do they do to each other?
Tell me, prick!
You really are a virgin.
- Damn it.
- What do you think they would do?
Take care.
Don't come!
Don't! Stop there!
Are you alright?
I'm fine.
Should've been
careful! No need to rush!
You should always watch out
What if you had an accident!
When are we going to Jeju?
Let's go soon. I got paid.
What? No way.
I asked you to go
so I'll pay for the trip.
Can't hear you!
I'll pay no matter what! I'm rich!
That's why you ran?
To show me this?
come out and report how the date went.
You little prick.
I'll go park.
Wait there.
Anything you want to eat?
I'm full. I mean it.
Don't buy too much.
I'm passing the supermarket.
Supermarket! Are you deaf now?
Yes, I told you I'm almost home.
Report? Report what?
You don't believe your sister?
- Damn it.
- What kind of brother are you?
Of course! He's not a
man if he doesn't like me.
Don't start!
I told you I'm almost home!
MOM: Wattis it?
Wy not coming?
Unbelievable. Why isn't she home yet?
Little Brat
The call is directed to voicemail.
Please leave a message after the beep.
Is she nuts or what?
Oh, I'm sorry, ma'am.
Thank god it's not broken.
I'm so sorry to scare you.
Really sorry.
Have you seen a girl around here?
I'm sorry. So long.
Where the hell is she?
You're dead if you touch it.
Please... help me.
Save... me.
Here... in my stomach...
it's too cold.
will... b... rin... g some... one.
You wench!
Look. She's dying because of you!
Because of you, wench!
Don't move. I said don't move!
Come here!
I'll be there with my car.
Don't go anywhere.
What is it?
So your ears are
clogged, not your mouth.
MOM: Watis it?
Your mom's waiting for you.
Let's go.
So annoying.
I told you to go.
Start the car if you don't want to die!
What the hell! What are
you trying to do, wench!
Stop the car!
You come right here!
You wench.
EMERGENCY LIGH This is patrol division.
How can I help you?
Hello? Can you hear me?
Ma'am, can you hear us?
We're watching. Speak up.
Hello? Hello?
We're watching. Just talk to us.
Let's go to the police station.
Can you hear me?
Hello, can you hear me?
Gentleman in suit?
Excuse me. Can I ask you something?
I'm looking for my sister.
Hey, it's not working
again! Do something!
Mom, give me your phone.
Stay there. We'll take care of it.
You cannot speak?
Oh, I see.
I was to meet my sister nearby
but suddenly I cannot reach her.
She is this tall...
wearing a yellow shirt
and white heels.
You've seen her, right?
I saw a man wearing a
cap and a mask running...
That way.
What is it?
Where is it?
Where is my sister?
Where is she? Tell me!
Come with me, please.
Don't go.
But she must've bled a lot.
Then I'll go with you.
With me?
Thank you.
Damn, I was so close.
Now, we don't have to worry.
I hope she's fine.
Nothing but a bike and the trash.
Are you sure about the location?
No trace at all.
Any chance you're confused?
- CC...
- What?
CC... See? I told you!
How about other angles?
Kids turn the cameras
whenever they smoke!
Please take a second look just in case.
Just check her blood alcohol level.
It's yours, right?
What is this?
Ask her.
She threw this away on the ground.
Is it yours?
I w... as ru... nnin'...
I cannot understand.
Ru... nnin...
I'll join you soon.
Please wait down there.
Take your time.
I'm going crazy.
I'm not lying. You
believe me, don't you?
Have you noticed
this man keeps glancing at us?
It's because he doesn't understand us.
You know his sister is involved.
He was devastated moments ago,
but he's so calm now.
She is not my sister.
N-O-T M-Y S-I-S-T-E-R.
Just got her message.
Must've missed each other.
He found her.
Yes, I'm relieved now.
Yellow blouse, denim shorts.
White heels.
Then where is she now?
You don't know?
And the man was
wearing a cap and a mask?
Then you didn't see his face?
Anything else you remember?
How tall or... how big he was...
I can answer that.
He was about 170cm
tall and very slender...
Sir, I'll get your statement later.
Please wait.
You're not supposed to
interrupt other's statement.
Yes, I'm sorry.
Who do you think you
are, interrupting like that?
Mr. Cop will take care of everything.
- Ruthless prick.
- Sir.
Don't pick a fight. Stay still!
You think you're so smart?
I heard you, so stop.
How dare you stare like
that when the elderly talks?
Please, sir.
Did your parents raise you this way?
- Sir!
- Jerk.
Just go home if you sobered up.
I feel sorry for your parents...
We won't let you in if
you behave like this.
Behave, moron.
I've got no parents, you scumbag.
What did you just say?
- Pardon?
- You called me a scumbag?
Say it again!
Please check if everything's correct.
Don't pick a fight on a random person!
- You called me a scumbag?
- Please!
- He cursed at me.
- What did I say?
He called me a scumbag!
- I didn't call you that.
- You did!
Say it again!
- Say it again!
- Cut it out.
Give it to me. That's mine.
- That little jerk has no respect.
- Please stop.
Get off me!
- Please, sir!
- You come here!
- So sorry.
- Just go home!
You're dead!
May I take a look?
At that.
It's really weird.
He had a black mobile earlier.
His mobile I just saw is white.
And the wallpaper
was a girl's photo.
Damn, you saw too much.
What have you two been talking about?
So what is that nothing?
What is it?
Stop it, mom.
He seems offended.
Tell me what you two are talking about!
Tell me! What did you say?
Damn, I sure did put
it here. Where is it?
We were on the phone
but now I can't reach her.
She's gone missing, I tell you!
You can't call it missing
for a couple missed calls.
It's not a couple, I
called a hundred times!
Okay, I hear you.
Are you done checking?
Think about it, officer.
She said
she was in the neighborhood,
then suddenly she's out of touch.
Do you think it makes sense?
The neighborhood? When was that?
About 10PM.
- What was she wearing?
- A yellow blouse and...
for her blind date...
she wore white heels.
White heels?
You've got her picture?
Yes, hold on.
Show it to the folks here.
We were working on the report
for a similar case, so show it to them!
I see, okay!
Excuse me sir, have you seen this girl?
- No, I haven't.
- I see, thank you.
Ma'am, have you seen this girl...
Oh, it was you...
Excuse me, miss.
Have you seen this girl?
You've seen my sister? Talk to me!
She can't hear, so read this.
- Is she the one?
- Yes.
Yes? Does this mean yes?
It's his sister...
- You scumbag!
- Sir, please!
- You prick...
- Stop, sir.
- Please go home, sir.
- I'm choking.
Shut your mouth.
Or your girl is dead.
Where... where is this?
She's gone?
Did you see the prick
who hurt my sister?
Did you see his face?
He wore a cap?
- Open it.
- So you didn't see?
His face?
You should've seen it.
Right, what did he wear?
Red? Are you sure?
Anything else?
What the hell?
I was having so much fun.
That's me, the scumbag
who stabbed your sister.
You messed up with a wrong person.
What does he take this
place for? An elderly lounge?
- What is it?
- Why are they still here?
Say it! Where's my sister?
Tell me right now, scumbag!
Don't kill me.
- Please don't.
- What?
My brother is...
a really tough man.
So please let me go.
So, I said to your sister.
If your brother meets me,
I will kill him, too!??
Tell me!
Where is my sister? Where is she?
Don't get worked up.
It will only make her die sooner.
What is it? I said you
don't have to worry.
Mister, put that knife down.
Please help me!
Help me, please. I'm so scared.
Sir, you must not do this!
This scumbag knows where my sister is.
He is a witness, witness!
No, he is that scumbag!
I understand you are
worried about your sister.
But you shouldn't do this.
No! He is that jerk!
Please help me!
I can hardly breathe.
You scumbag!
Are you alright?
What's all this about?
What happened?
Those ladies... since they can't talk,
he asked me where his sister
is, then suddenly lost his temper
and took out that knife
and threatened me.
That man is a real dangerous one.
No, no!
My... my sister.
My sister...
I told you not to get worked up.
Are you sure you're okay?
Yes, I am.
I just feel a little dizzy.
What is going on?
I don't know.
Sorry about that.
You were just being nice.
He must be worried about his sister.
I understand. Let's not
make a big deal of it.
Would it be alright,
sir? Thank you so much.
It's okay, he is not hurt.
You can be assured.
He's fine, really. No need to worry.
Please take care.
Good night.
Yes, he's alright.
I've just told you we
checked everything!
Please, I ask you. Alright.
We are so sorry.
Only if you had told us...
I kept telling you
that jerk is the one!
Yes, you did but...
how could we believe you
when you're swaying a knife?
Find my sister right now!
We contacted all the ERs nearby
- so please be patient...
- You kidding me?
Kim Kyung-mi's address,
#13, SANGWOL-RO 102
Missing person's description,
female, 163cm tall, yellow...
We'll patrol, so don't worry.
Repeat. Description
of missing person...
Your mom is saying...
163cm tall, yellow blouse
and white heels.
Other stations are also on alert,
so you don't have to worry.
Can we just go?
Have some tea.
That girl should be alright, right?
She should be.
Who is it at this hour?
It's alright, stay behind me.
What took so long when you were inside?
Why didn't you answer my calls?
What brought you at this hour?
What? I told you I'd
come to collect the stuff.
I can't be here forever. Just hurry.
What is it with you today, sis?
Kyung-mi, get inside!
Hey, when are you moving out?
The neighborhood feels
scary with people moving out.
Where is mom going?
I'm sorry about your sister...
I hope you will find her...
You're not to worry about others.
I told you not to touch that shoe.
What can you do now?
You can't hear me
and alert is off.
You got no choice
but to die.
Still alive?
Please help.
Please help. That man is in my house.
Mom, don't come
home. He is in the house.
What are you talking
about? Why is the door open?
is here.
is here.
What are you talking
about? Why is the door open?
Why an't yu come? Shll I go?
Come here. It's alright, come on.
Damn it!
Open the door. Open it!
My sweet girl.
Don't make mom mad.
Open the door. Open!
Right now! Right now!
What are you doing there?
Come to mommy.
Where do you think you're going?
Damn! Let go of me!
Let go of me!
You wench...
Stop right there, you scumbag!
Pathetic wench.
You prick, stop right there!
You've gone crazy.
Come here.
Stay right there!
I'll kill you.
You scumbag...
- Impressive.
- I know.
You need to get beaten first.
Crazy scumbag, what are you doing?
You crackhead, put that thing down.
Why? To hit me again?
Don't. I hate being beaten.
What did you say?
- I'd rather die.
- Damn.
Where is my sister? Tell me! You prick!
So you came not for her
but for your sister.
You're a scumbag, too.
Then I will keep her.
You go to your sister.
You scumbag...
Don't play with people's lives!
Your sister is...
Will tell you detailed location later.
Call me if you can't find her.
What if you're lying to me?
Take it or leave it.
What now?
Is she still on your mind?
Then you take her.
I'll have your sister.
Shut up.
Make a choice, now.
Or your sister?
Your sister is dying now.
I am sorry.
So-jung, So-jung.
Please stay alive.
So-jung! Answer me! It's me, Jong-tak!
Where are you, So-jung?
Damn it.
Hey, you got there?
Where is my sister?
Look out carefully. She
might be hiding somewhere.
Cut to the chase.
Where is she, scumbag?
I told you, getting
worked up doesn't help.
Alright, I get it.
Just tell me where she is.
Hey, you deserted this wench
to save your sister.
You've got no right to be demanding!
I get it, I am sorry.
Just shut your mouth and
have a good reunion with her mom.
Hey, open your eyes.
Tell me if I am wrong.
Ma'am! Ma'am! Please.
Help me!
I beg you, please save me.
Please help me.
What shall we do now?
Hey, are you in here?
Come out quick!
What are you doing?
Damn wenches...
She's here, right?
I know she is. Tell me.
This wench is dead if
you're not coming out now!
My da... ugh... ter...
wh... er... e is she?
She is...
Ma'am, hold on.
It's her number.
Your daughter's calling.
So-jung...? So-jung, are you alright?
Sir, wait! I'm her brother.
- Jong-tak!
- So-jung, are you okay?
Poor thing, you're bleeding bad...
My da... ugh... ter...
wh... ere is she?
Where is she?
She... went
downtown to save me.
I am sorry. I am so sorry.
Pl... ease he... lp
me. He... lp m... e!
What's with her?
No, you stay here. Let me go find her.
Plea... se... he...
lp... I be... g you.
Hey miss! Don't!
Put that knife down first.
I don't know what's going on.
This won't help you if someone is hurt.
No... t me... hi... m...
It's dangerous!
Hello? Police? It's
downtown in Sangwol-dong.
Stop! She's my sister.
Hey, hey!
Don't you see she's
frightening all these people?
What if she gets
hurt? What will you do?
I'm just... it's because
people are scared.
We might get stand-down for this!
We didn't do it for that.
But you never know.
She was hiding behind the bin.
Thank you so much. I owe you big!
And she had this.
We wrapped with paper.
Let's go. Good luck, sir.
Thank you, really.
Thank you.
You crazy wench.
Did you really believe
you can live coming here?
Did you...
expect people here to help you?
Why? Wanna say something?
I don't want to die.
I really
don't want to die.
I still want to do
lots of things
and to go many places with my mom.
I want to marry
a good man
and have two kids.
If you kill me now,
I can't do any of these.
I beg you.
Please don't kill me.
for this once,
listen to me.
I don't want to die.
As you talk to me so eloquently,
I get more convinced.
That I must've been in trouble
if anyone paid attention to you.
What are you looking at?
What are you staring at?
Do you think it would change anything?
You damn prick!
Are you alright? Aren't you hurt?
You scumbag. I'm gonna kill you.
A crazy dog like you
deserves to get beaten to death!
Are you alright?
I am sorry.
You... r si... ster...
My sister! She went to the hospital.
She's alright.
And right... your mother!
Mom? My mom?
She came here, too.
I tried to stop her but
she was too worried.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
You scumbag!
I told you I hate getting beaten!
You prick!
Only thing you deserve
is to be dead! Dead!
Do you even know how to use it?
Step back.
I told you I will kill at least one.
So her mom is here?
My da... ugh... ter...
wh... ere sh... e?
Daughter? Your daughter?
I've searched for you
so desperately, mom.
Your daughter, she is there.
Go, I said she's over there.
Don't come.
I'll finish this.
Do you think you can stop me like this?
I asked if you even know how to use it.
What can you do? You just missed.
You only hurt your hand.
What did you do?
What the heck are you doing?
He stabbed her, right?
No... that's not... Not me...
No, I didn't do it.
Think about it. Focus! Focus!
Focus! Focus!
She tried to stab me...
but then suddenly she didn't.
Damn it!
Clear the parameters.
You should've stabbed me.
Why hurt yourself?
Drop that knife, now!
I'm so messed up.
Sir, please put that down.
Don't move! Freeze!
You're smiling?
Are you laughing at me?
Don't you smile.
Damn it...
like you
deserves this...
Go to hell!
I'm... going... to... kill... you...
My girl, you look so pretty.
I know.
You like it here?
Yes, I like it better as I'm with you!
Let's eat a lot of fancy food
and take loads of pictures!
Sure! I have a lot of money!
Talk about money
again? You're helpless.
Hello, hello. How are you?
Sorry we are late.
How have you been?
Shall I do like this? Right?
Not like that!
- You are so hopeless.
- It's too hard.
Let's take a picture together
and have good time!
Yes, let's have fun!
- Smile, Jong-tak.
- Smile?
Jin Ki-joo
Wi Ha-jun
Gil Hae-yeon Park Hoon Kim Hye-yoon