Midnight Blue (1979) Movie Script

Are you going to Taranto?
-Yes, get in.
Good luck.
Bye, everyone.
I'm going straight in the water.
That's a great idea.
I'm in.
Come on.
We'll see you later.
No, girls.
I wouldn't do it.
What do you say, Silvia.
We've got a week off.
Besides, what harm will it do?
We'll stop off in my villa just as long as
it takes for you to see all the sights.
If it was down to me,
that wouldn't be a problem...
But what if something happens to you?
-What could happen?
My mother is in Paris and she left
me the keys, come on Silvia.
I'm sorry girls,
I can't give you permission.
Silvia's such a pain.
Good morning.
-Good morning, ladies.
Who are they?
-Athletes, athletes from the north.
This radio is great.
-Good, isn't it?
It can even pick up foreign radio
stations without any difficulty.
We have to persuade her
no matter what...
Fuck her.
I don't give a shit about this excursion,
I've already had enough.
Yes, I've decided,
I'm going to try again with her.
Bye, girls.
What a place.
Damn it, this is cool.
It seems like a diva's villa.
I'd love to have a place like this.
I'm really happy you like it, girls.
It was a fantastic idea to come here.
Come in.
Elena, go and open the other window.
Okay, I'm going.
It's so sunny.
It's really stunning, girls.
I don't want to leave, what about you?
Who are you telling?
-Let's try to come back next year then.
Go on, get us a drink...
Just make sure it's cold.
Have you really never been here?
But I never realised your
mother was so rich?
Aside from the villa, she also inherited
a nice nest-egg from her husband.
Lucky her, God, it's so nice to
own a house like this.
Francesca, I like it because it's
not too high up and it's airy.
Take it.
-May I?
You're heavy.
Who's he?
Your grandfather?
How old was he when he died?
Yes, 102.
Don't you believe me?
Instead of talking about our dear dead
relatives, why we don't we go for a swim?
Let's go.
There's the sea down there.
How beautiful.
I always liked the sea...
But I don't know how to swim.
You have to teach me.
And when will you learn?
You're made of lead.
You're made of lead.
-Relax, guys.
Come back.
What do you say?
This place seems okay, right?
It's fine.
-I might strip naked.
Who'll see us?
It's salty.
-I'm going to sunbathe naked.
Good idea.
What a bed of roses.
You like it?
-It's great.
Watch out for the sand.
There's someone down there.
They're females, guys.
Good morning.
Didn't you read the sign?
This is a private beach.
Forgive us, we thought it was deserted.
But look at this lovely surprise.
Yes, really lovely.
We're sorry we disturbed you.
Continue sunbathing, don't mind us.
It's good to introduce ourselves.
And me, Pier Luigi.
Listen, handsome,
why don't you clear off?
After I've had a good swim.
Okay, dear?
Come on, Pier.
Let's jump in.
With permission.
You have to teach me how to swim.
Come on, Pier.
Help me.
They seem quite nice.
I was a bit scared when they
turned up all of a sudden...
With the way things are these days.
Yes, yes.
But we won't give them too much rope.
Come on.
We've been friends for years.
Also with Pier Luigi?
-Yes, he was our classmate...
The worst in the class.
No, penultimate, because I was the worst.
Where have Elena and Pier gone?
-What are you saying?
You don't ask that type of question.
-It's true.
Last at school,
first with the women.
But Bruno is a little shy, like me.
-If you say so.
You're shy.
What's wrong with that?
You're good.
This music is beautiful...
Go on, continue.
-No, I don't feel like it anymore.
You try.
Me? No, thanks.
-Go on.
If you insist.
You know you're good?
-I do what I can.
Who knows how many women
you've been with?
We might compete in the
olympics next year...
We hope so at least.
We did quite well at the
last trials in Rome.
So you're athletes?
No, the opposite.
-I thought female athletes were bigger.
We don't lift weights, you know.
I run in the relay race...
In teams of four.
-I chose the high jump.
And I'm already at a high level.
-And your speciality?
The javelin.
I know there are usually a lot
of races in the summer...
How come you're on holiday?
-It's only till the end of the week.
Then the other girls from the
club will come and get us...
And we have go back to
our boring training.
If you tried it you'd understand.
-You try...
I'm sorry but we like this.
-Are you coming, Rita?
As the master of the house,
I have a proposal for you...
I invite you to spend the
weekend with us.
Yes, this seems like a
good idea to me...
Look for a hotel on Monday.
Sounds good to me.
What do you say, Bruno?
I certainly think we can accept
their generous invitation.
Thank you, Francesca.
Thank you.
But we don't want to disturb you.
No, you're not disturbing, besides, it's
not easy finding a hotel around here.
Yes, this villa is so large we can
all stay here comfortably.
What do you say, guys?
Francesca, can I make a call?
Hello? Enzo?
Yes, tell me.
What is this place called?
-Villa Carla.
Enzo, listen.
We're in a villa just outside the city...
Villa Carla.
We'll be here till Monday.
Of course.
As you wish.
All done.
-Now everything's okay...
We can make a coffee.
Everything's okay, guys.
They've been very kind.
It seems to me that they're from
wealthy families, right?
Yes, really wealthy families...
And also a good start.
Come on, Pier.
Two for me.
Go on, it's your turn.
I'll see you as well.
I won again.
-And I don't have anything.
Why are you waiting?
-You lost.
Look at them.
Let's see.
You screwed Elena,
now you want the other two.
If you really want them,
I'll leave them for you.
If you think you can seduce them?
Be brave, guys.
If you're really not interested,
we'll try.
Good, that's how I like it.
Now let's go to bed.
Come on, Mario.
Goodnight, Pier.
Come on.
Hey, champion.
Why don't you come in for swim?
-It's too cold for me.
I prefer to continue training.
It's more important, don't you think?
In that case,
We'll train together.
I'll draw a circle in the sand...
You throw your javelin
and I'll throw this...
Then we'll see who has the best
aim over thirty metres, okay?
Is here okay?
Watch out.
What are you doing?
-There, look.
Not bad.
Go on.
Almost in the middle.
Very good.
She's phenomenal.
-You see that?
You're good.
-If her man every cheated on her...
Poor him.
She'd impale the guy.
Girls, I think we've forgotten
We have guests but very few supplies.
-That's not good.
-The fridge is almost empty.
Then one of us has to go to
the city immediately.
And one of us will take you
in the car, naturally.
We can do something,
if you all agree...
Let's draw straws.
It seems like the best solution.
Whoever draws the two shortest straws
will go and do the shopping.
Let's see.
I got one of them.
-And I got the other one.
You know something...
You're really beautiful.
Especially when you smile like that.
That's the market.
I'll stop here.
I won't be long.
-I'm not in a hurry.
Is this all you have?
-Why? What's wrong?
Look, look.
-It doesn't matter.
Give me two melons.
-Right away.
La Gazzetta, please...
And this.
Thank you.
Here I am.
-You were fast.
It's convenient,
they've got everything.
'Dangerous Criminals Escape From Prison'
Stop at the next bar,
I forgot to take a pill.
Come on.
-One moment...
-Why that one?
You two are playing together!
-Just play.
I'm playing.
I won't be long.
Excuse me.
A phone token and a glass
of mineral water.
-You're welcome.
No, beautiful.
I wouldn't do that if I were you...
You were going to turn me in.
There's a glass of water
for your medicine...
You'd better drink it.
May I?
Good day.
If you're planning on kidnapping us,
look, you won't get very much.
We'll see.
-She's crazy, she hasn't lost once.
Just play, don't cry.
-Who's crying?
You don't know how to lose.
-Take it.
That's good for me.
-Holy cow, you're always picking up.
We're good.
-Yes, good.
There have been some
new developments...
The master of the house had the bright
idea of buying the newspaper...
She knows all about us,
our escape, everything...
-Let me see.
We've been rumbled.
-Fuck it.
Grab the girls and let's get
back to the house.
You're hurting me.
Pick up that stuff.
-If you try to escape you'll pay for it.
Let's go.
I don't want to.
What do you want to do?
-Get up and start walking.
You're going to sit here quietly until
our friend arrives, understood?
The guy you called last night?
-Good, you guessed.
What are you going to do when
your friend arrives?
Don't worry, we'll think about
that later, and about you.
Please, let us go.
We won't tell anyone.
I don't want any cry babies.
I said I won't put up with it.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Look, I'll kill you...
I can't stand hearing people cry.
I said enough.
Stop it.
Fuck you.
I told you to stop.
Get us something to eat.
The heat is killing me today.
I can't take it anymore.
It's a dog's life for us.
Lucky for the rich folk...
I bet they're enjoying it.
Where are you going?
Don't try to be smart.
Sit down.
So you wanted to run away.
If you try that again...
I'll cut your throat.
Take it, Bruno.
Have you finished?
Sorry, sorry.
You know what I say, Carlo?
I've had enough.
We would've left a long time ago but
we have to wait for our friend...
Behave and we won't do
anything to you.
The telephone wires.
No, I'm begging you.
The knife, Mario.
Just a moment, Pier.
What is it, whore?
Don't you want to be with me?
I'm begging you.
Let go of me.
Let go of me.
Give me the knife back immediately.
Yes, Pier.
A few more days and we won't be
able to drive here anymore.
It's a shame.
Look how nice it is.
That's strange...
The windows are open in that villa.
And Carla is overseas.
Stop for a moment.
There are cops outside.
-What will we do?
Open the door but watch what you
say we'll kill your two friends.
It's strange.
Go, hurry...
Remember what I said.
And you two don't move.
-Anyone home?
Francesca's back.
-Hi, guys...
Is something wrong?
-Sorry, but the gate was open.
We thought you were away.
Is your mother back?
We made a blunder.
Please come in.
I can offer you a cold drink, okay?
Sure is.
-How's the sport?
She shouldn't have let them in.
Fuck it.
If you breathe a word I won't
think twice about shooting.
Will you be here long?
-No, two or three days...
Then my friends will pick me up.
-Lucky you, travelling around Italy...
It must be nice.
Isn't that so?
Lucky you.
Watch out, if you move you're dead.
It really is a nice house.
Stay calm.
What was that?
-Something must have fallen.
Here you go.
-This is exactly what we needed.
We'll be going now.
We've only just started our shift.
Yes, okay.
It's tough in this heat.
Thanks a lot, goodbye.
She seemed a little strange.
Must be someone with her.
-Her lover, perhaps?
-Yes, there's a man involved.
Lucky him.
You were good.
Yes, very good...
You shouldn't have let them in
but it doesn't matter.
We're only waiting for the worst
to happen with you...
You don't have any pity,
I understood that straight away.
Now you're talking too much.
Yes, too much...
And I don't recommend it.
You're better of being quiet.
Believe me.
Now go away.
Come on.
Go away.
No, wait beautiful...
It's better one at a time.
Don't try anything funny.
Hey, where are you going?
No, dear...
Do what you have to do but
the door stays open.
She was always so happy.
What could it be?
She's probably having major
problems with her lover.
Female problems.
I'm sure that's it.
Having fun?
" police (?) investigation
also north..."
"Unfortunately there haven't been any
sightings of the three criminals..."
"Roadblocks have been set up along the
border to prevent them escaping abroad."
"The press are also getting involved (?)
printing photos and details of the three"
"We repeat to everyone that
they are dangerous criminals..."
"Already sentenced to life imprisonment
for murder and rape..."
"These are men who have
nothing to lose."
"And now we return to our
music schedule..."
Look here.
A typical respectable family.
Bruno, look at this one
who's all serious....
He looks like my father.
Yes, he looks like a shit-face.
They're identical.
No, this one here looks constipated.
Really constipated!
Listen up.
-What is it?
If we went next door to those two...
And we tried?
Do you still want to wait?
Then let's go.
Maybe Pier Luigi will stop teasing.
Come on.
What are we waiting for?
Pier, we want to go next door.
Come on.
Don't be like that.
Dirty pigs.
We have to try and stay calm
otherwise they'll kill us.
I'd rather die than let them
touch me again...
What are you saying?
-Yes, I'd prefer to die...
Stay still.
Sit down.
I'm leaving...
I can't stay here anymore.
-Don't be an idiot.
Let's go.
I'm in charge.
Have you forgotten?
We'll go, but not before
Enzo arrives...
Where will we go without a passport?
Can you tell me?
Soon we'll be so far away from
here they'll never find us.
-So stay calm.
Try to control yourself.
You and Bruno are complicating
From this moment on you
follow my orders.
I don't want anymore trouble
with them, understood?
We'll wait for Enzo to arrive
with the passports.
I don't give a fuck,
I don't give a fuck...
About the passports,
about Enzo, or Greece!
Will you shut up?
-I'm leaving now...
-Cut it out.
You've really decided to split,
how smart...
You really are smart.
Our hero has decided.
Then start watching the house!
What are you waiting for?
Try to forgive him, Pier...
We shouldn't have brought him with us.
Pier, listen...
Can we trust Enzo?
Will he bring the passports?
Sure he will.
That's not what worries me...
He isn't the problem,
the girls are...
What will we do with them?
We certainly can't bring them with us.
-Hi, Francoise, how are you?
Fine, and you?
-Not bad.
Did you bring about the passports?
Sure, it took some time but I managed
to do a good job with them...
Your friends can relax, I challenge
anyone to tell me they're fakes.
Let me see.
-Aren't they perfect? Look.
They're good.
You did a good job.
-Listen, tell your friends...
The fishing must leave
tomorrow morning at ten...
So don't be late.
Anything you need,
I'm at your disposal.
-Always, remember that.
I'll remember.
-No, not me.
Rita, you go.
There's only one.
Take it, this is more than enough.
Come on, Elena.
What happened?
The girls.
Be careful.
Bruno, Mario.
I've got one of them, quick...
Get the other two.
Don't let them get away.
Damn you.
-I wasn't running away.
I warned you.
Start walking, move it!
Wait, listen.
You go that way to other villas...
I'll go...
I'll go to the beach...
To get the javelin.
Where are you?
Let go of me.
You'll pay for this.
Fuck, there's no beer left.
Dirty whore.
Get down on the ground.
What's wrong with you?
Why are you looking at me like that?
What are you doing?
What do you want to do?
-I'll kill you.
This is the perfect place
to slaughter you.
No, don't kill me.
I'm begging you, don't do it.
You're going to die,
but first I want to have some fun...
Don't kill me!
Now it's your turn, murderer.
What are you doing?
Is it going to take much longer?
-Unfortunately, yes.
What a pain.
We're already late.
I'm doing what I can.
Did you like it?
-Not really.
What about the others?
-It was all a repertory.
What are we doing?
Silvia will be here soon with the others,
be careful, girls...
Not a word about those three.
Don't worry...
We all know what we've done.
There's no law that authorises the
killing of escaped convicts...
Even if we tell them what they did
to us we'll still end up in prison.
A car.
Be quiet.
Their friend is coming.
My God.
Now what will we tell him?
Stay calm, Elena.
Go and open the door.
I left the door open.
May I?
-Who is it?
Who are you looking for?
I have an appointment with some
friends in this house...
My name's Enzo.
-Yes, they mentioned you...
They waited a long time for you.
-They left, sir.
And you don't know where?
-They didn't tell us.
They were in a hurry.
-I'll wait.
It's pointless, they won't be back.
-On the telephone, they said...
Listen, there were a lot of cops in the
area around the villa last night...
So they decided to split.
-Where's the phone?
It's broken.
I understand.
I'll go and call outside.
But I'll be back, and we'll continue
this discussion about my friends...
This story about the cops
is interesting...
You can tell me about it
in more detail later...
I'm not in a hurry anymore and
I don't think you are either.
Isn't that right, girls?
See you later.
What's taking those idiots so long?
It's better if you know,
her friends are brunettes...
One has long hair,
the other one has short hair...
When they've talked,
make them disappear, understood?
Make them disappear forever.
You might find the coach still at the villa,
you'll recognise it immediately.
Come on, let's go.
Hurry up, girls.
Have you been arguing perhaps?
It's always something new with you.
Listen Silvia.
Can we buy some postcards?
We didn't think about our parents.
-Yes, yes.
As long as you're quick.
I'll give you a minute, girls.
-Okay, lady.
What about them?
-One minute, Anna, understood?
What a pain.
-And they say she doesn't have favourites.
What's the hurry?
-More for some, none for the others.
Good morning.
-We want some local postcards.
Yes, photos of the beach.
A glass of water, please.
How much?
-How many have you taken?
Twenty, with this one.
-5000 (lira)
Are we all agreed?
Of course, we already decided.
-I'm scared...
That man had such a mean face.
-Keep your voice down...
We'll go straight to Rome.
-On the first train.
Sure, but calm down.
-The money?
Francesca will take care of it.
Francesca LeRosso?
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