Midnight Crossing (1988) Movie Script

Getting shallow.
Nothing off the port side.
There's the signal.
Stop. Throttle back.
That's the last of it.
Get ready to pull out.
Castro's takeover's started.
We'll be back at 0700.
On your feet, sailor.
What the hell is going on here?
He would've killed me.
Listen, Morely, the plan was
for you to be finished
By the time we got back.
I'm sorry.
You're sorry.
Well, it looks like you just upped
My part of the split.
Dump him.
Listen up,
Because I'm gonna say this just once.
We had an accident.
We got hit by a freak breaker.
The patrol officer washed overboard,
We doubled back, we searched,
And we couldn't find him.
And if you ever wanna
see that money again,
When you get out of here,
you don't know me,
You never even heard of me.
Cut the crap, Jason,
That's not what we talked about...
That's lieutenant to you, sailor!
Without those coordinates,
You'll never find this island again.
We come back when I say
the time is right.
You got it?
Yes, sir.
Hi, Jeffrey!
Ha ha ha!
Look over there, would you?
Look who's over there.
Oh, shit.
That'll keep your eyes in your head!
Alexa, that's not funny!
I mean, you could've almost...
hey, hey, hey!
You promised that
you'd be home by 4:00.
Alexa, I'm sorry.
I'm having a little trouble
getting excited
About going to dinner at Morely and Helen's.
Besides, you could can
that guy's barbecue sauce
- And sell it for shark repellent...
- Hey!
Listen, pal,
One more crack, and I let go.
And from 30 feet, I bet that winch
Is gonna leave a hell of
a dent in your backside.
Yes, dear.
So 86 the attitude.
Yes, sweetheart!
If we still lived on the boat,
I'd be ready by now.
If we still lived on
the boat, I'd be gone.
Aah! Unh!
Heh heh heh!
God, Lexa, are you crazy?
Don't you laugh at me!
Come on, honey.
we can take my car.
Motivate me.
You're gonna have to catch me first.
Oh, beautiful buns, baby!
Beautiful buns!
I'm coming, baby!
Come on!
Oh, come on, Jeff.
It's after 6:30.
I can't call them
And say we're gonna be any later.
I'm coming.
I'm coming.
Motivate me?
Mmm! Sufficiently motivated, ma'am.
Morely's got a surprise for us tonight.
ugh, god!
He's probably gonna try and sucker me
Into buying another one of
those life insurance policies.
Honey, I sold us those policies.
Yeah, I know, I know.
And our offspring,
They're gonna love you for it.
Here you go.
This ain't my color.
You don't have a color.
Jeffrey, you always pick
The most inopportune times.
I know.
Honey, we're late!
No time.
Why do I let you talk me
into these things?
Sufficiently motivated?
Not even shadows...
I hate this!
Are you ok?
Don't come into my room.
I don't want you to see me like this.
Please open the door.
You can't let this get to you.
Why, Morely?
Why does someone
Who chooses to spend her life
Treating people with eye diseases...
Why did I get glaucoma?
Say it.
No, Morely.
I know too much
About all this to fool myself.
- Say it...
- I say it...
A million times a day.
I have the power
To put my glaucoma
into remission.
It's true, too.
Now, you want me to turn the
temperature down on the bread?
It's 6:42 p.m.
Now, Jeffrey, you'd better be good.
My absolute best.
Morely, they're here!
How does she always know?
Mmm! That's very nice of you, Alexa.
That perfume.
Last year... no...
We gave it to you
The birthday before that,
Am I right?
Very nice of you to wear it.
Yeah, here I am.
Jeffrey, Jeffrey.
It's nice to see you.
How old are you now?
Oh, yeah.
Helen, did you bake?
Rum raisin Bread.
It smells great!
If the wine doesn't get you,
The dessert will.
Sit down, please.
Chicken's good and burned.
Finally make it?
Hey, Morely, we're in here!
Mr. Barton.
Yo, Mr. Schubb, at ease.
More like your old man every year.
Ugly sucker that he was.
Pull up a couple of chairs.
Dinner's dangerously close.
Try this.
It meet with your approval, captain?
Old navy recipe.
Old as god.
I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
Let me give you a hand.
Don't play Helen Keller on me.
I was just trying to be helpful.
Leave it where I put it.
Now, Jeffrey...
Yep, right here.
This is for you.
Hey, do you think she's got
This whole place memorized?
Her? Definitely.
Hey, just what the doctor ordered.
Tastes great.
Lexa asked me
Not to say anything about your...
You know, but I don't care.
I gotta tell you,
I'm really blown away.
I mean, I always expected you to be
A lot more, um...
Yeah, but I mean,
You're really amazing, Helen.
Thank you, Lexa.
Ow! Ooh! Cripes almighty!
What are those lights for?
Well, it's a sign of hope, maybe.
As glaucoma runs its course,
You lose your peripheral vision
And then your night vision.
A few weeks ago,
Those tubes were all I could see.
They just seem to be
sources of warmth now.
Well, you're still
a-number-one in my book.
So, let's get down to business.
Helen and I...
Are gonna have our 20th anniversary
- In august.
- That's great.
And I wanna do something real special.
I wanna give Lexa a couple of weeks off,
And I wanna charter your boat
And have the 4 of us
Sail it to Grand Bahama.
I used to be one hell
of a hot shit sailor
In my navy days.
Well, what do you think?
I'm flattered,
But I... I haven't been on that boat in...
Helen, come on.
You remember back at the base?
I always took my leaves on a boat,
Just the two of us.
Yeah, well, it is
The best place for romance.
Morely, please,
That was a long time ago.
I appreciate the thought.
It's very sweet.
Lexa said you'd charter out
for 3 thou a week.
I know you can use the money,
'Cause I know what kind of commissions
She's been pulling down lately.
- Mose...
- So...
I guess it's a go.
Far out!
Sweetheart, you're not listening
To what I'm saying.
I... I...thank you for thinking of me,
But I don't feel like sailing is something
That's... appropriate for me to do right now.
What do you mean?
A little sun, a little water,
It'll do you good.
No, Mose!
I think you're just about determined
To miss out on life.
Helen, excuse me, uh,
I don't mean to butt in...
Butt in.
Well, look, I've seen
What you can do around here,
And the Gulf Star...
It's not nearly as big as the house.
Jeffrey, I've lived in this house
For 12 years. I know this place.
But you see, that's my point.
If you just came down to the marina
And spent a little bit
of time on the boat,
You could have the layout memorized.
You'd be fine.
Hey, you know you've been on the boat
A few times before.
Well, yes, but that was...
A long time ago.
Ok, I tell you what I'm gonna do.
I will personally
Show you every nook and cranny
On the entire vessel.
Now, come on.
What do you say?
Baby, I know you can do it.
It'll be so good
for you to get away,
Get out of this house.
We're talking romance here, Helen.
It's been too long
since I've been down here.
I smell... oil or turpentine.
Oh, yeah, that's for the decks.
I oil them every other week.
4 coats of varnish
For the teak trim and the brightwork.
And I scrape the bottom of the boat
Before every charter.
Sounds as if she's a well-pampered lady.
Oh, that's the way I was taught
By the best guy I ever sailed with.
Ok, we're gonna step up onto the boat.
Get rid of that.
Watch your step.
There we go,
One more large step over to the cushion.
Right, good girl.
And have a seat.
What are you...
Are you reaching for the boom?
Mm-hmm. Correct.
I'm impressed.
Well, I do know something
About boats, you know.
It must be wonderful to be able to share
All of this with Alexa.
Yes, sort of.
Pardon me?
Well, it... It used to be.
I... I think somehow she thought
I was gonna grow out of it, you know?
Like sailing was gonna be
A phase for me or something.
And it isn't.
No. It's not.
So few people find
Their real calling in life, Jeffrey.
If this is what you truly love,
There's nothing to be ashamed of.
Yeah. Yeah!
What's next?
I'll show you. Come on,
We're gonna go down to the cockpit.
One more big step.
There you go.
Here, Helen, let me take that for you.
Thank you.
There you go.
Well, the main stateroom
is directly behind you.
That's where you and Morely
Will be staying.
And the kitchen...
Well, we're in it.
What's this?
God, I can't believe you felt that!
I had this hatch cut for access
To the galley plumbing.
And in my younger days,
I used to hide, uh,
Personal things down there.
"personal things."
Yeah. It's been 2 years
Since I stoked a doobie.
I can't believe I said that.
Listen, now, you're gonna be ok
If I leave you alone
for about 30 minutes or so?
I'll get out of your way.
I gotta see a...
You wouldn't be in my way, Jeffrey,
But, yes, I'll be fine.
This is gonna take a while.
Ok, well, if you need anything,
You just call me, ok?
Wh-what's that?
I said shit.
Think there's any way you guys
Could make this charter last for...
7,246 days?
I doubt it. Why?
Well, because then
I could pay this sucker off,
And I could tell those mortgage company people
Where they can shove
their late notices, that's why.
Mortgage companies!
Helen, I need to get changed.
I can do it in the forward cabin.
Up you go.
Good girl.
Watch it.
There you go, Right...
- Jeffrey?
- Yes, what?
The door, there's no need to close it.
I couldn't peek if I wanted to.
Heh! I am slways surprised
How you can joke about your blindness.
I used to preach
the therapeutic value of humor
When I worked at the clinic.
You gotta have humor in this life.
Heh heh! Ok.
So, how long's the first leg?
Oh, if we go easy, about 10 hours.
Boy, I can hardly wait
To see that park at Pennycamp.
Then we head for the Bahamas
right away next day, huh?
Wherever you want.
It's your charter.
You ever have any run-ins
With drug dealers or pirates?
Sounds like bubbly.
That's 'cause it is.
You're right there.
You got it? Ok.
Hold it. All right.
20 years,
Still going strong.
20 years.
Hey! What about us?
Oh, right, sorry.
Uh, here, you take that one.
Got it.
And one for you, Captain.
Jeff, you know I was only half-kidding
About the drug dealers and pirates.
I mean, this is South Florida.
You do carry some kind of firearm
On this boat, don't you?
No. I don't believe in them.
I always figured that violent thoughts
Attract violent behavior.
Oh, I gotta write that one down.
Listen, you wanna show me
how to set the main?
Ok. Got it?
Where is it, Jason?
I think we really needed this.
You remember the first charter
We did in '82? Huh?
3 months in the Caribbean. Yeah!
It's about as close
to heaven as I'll ever get.
I still remember that first night crossing
When we had to sneak out into the zodiac
Because we didn't want
anybody on board to hear it.
Yeah, well, things were simpler then.
Yeah, well, you're still as beautiful now.
Zodiac is still there.
I'm sure it is.
So, what do you say?
You wanna jump in and bump uglies?
You sure have a way with words.
Come on.
Come on.
This is great.
This is better.
Oh, baby.
Heh heh heh!
Ugh! It's gotta be
150 degrees down there.
It's 150 degrees out here.
Now, be calm, me maties!
We've been swallowed live
By the Horse Latitudes.
Did he just do what I think he did?
Take the tiller, Mose,
this pirate's walking the plank!
Come on, baby!
Say, "cheese,"
so I can see you!
Did you ever see that movie jaws?
Yes, but I don't wanna remember it.
Well, it was about this shark
That kept gobbling everyone up.
Helen, please talk about something else.
What's for dinner?
I'm getting out of here.
Ha ha ha! Hey, Lex, she's kidding!
She's just kidding!
A couple minutes on
the other side'll do her.
Sorry. It's empty.
I'll get another canister.
God damn it, Morely!
Vamonos. Aqui tenemos.
Si. Por alla.
A la izquierda, vamonos!
Asi. Dame mas, dame mas...
No, no, no, no!
So all this happened in 1959?
See, during the takeover,
When it became real clear
That Castro
was on his way to Havana,
These casino owners
Were looking to bail out
With as much as they could take.
They didn't know what to expect
From the new Government.
And your commanding officer
helped one of them.
You bet your ass he did.
These casino guys were americans.
Mose was in charge
of the Guantanamo relay station.
You know about this, too?
It's like a big balloon in his head,
And it's liable to explode
If he doesn't get there soon.
At ease, Helen.
Do you want anything else now?
You guys?
No, thanks.
You filled a bag full of cash,
You buried it underneath the floorboards
At this station place.
Almost 2 million.
I'm pretty sure.
And accumulating interest daily.
Put a sock in it.
This is great.
Well, what do you think?
About what?
You know.
Jeff, Morely asked you a question.
I think this whole thing
sounds kind of strange,
And I don't know what the hell
It has to do with both of us.
Rayo Verde.
You ever heard of it?
Why didn't you go get it yourself, Morely?
I never had the coordinates.
You know what Rayo Verde means?
Green something, I guess?
It means "the green light."
And if you were really there,
You should've known that.
The correct pronunciation is ry-o verde.
And it's not "the green light," lad.
It's "the green flash."
Who asked you, pal?
If you'd ever sailed before...
If I'd ever sailed?
Tell him, Helen.
4 years In the U.S. Navy, almost decorated.
You suffered through 4 years in the U.S. Navy?
And proud of it!
And I've only got 47 crossings around the horn,
And only half of those were in raging squalls
With the wind whipping the brine so fast
That if you opened your mouth to breathe,
You'd drown.
In '61, I went down
in a rusted-through japanese trawler.
For 3 days, I got to work over the sharks
With the backside of an oar.
Of course, my experience
is nothing compared to yours.
Pardon me
While I go get my rubber boots.
The bullshit's getting pretty
deep around here.
Oh, yeah?
Wanna see?
Look. Go on!
Shark bait, eh?
Heh heh heh!
The demon took me down 6 leagues.
Then he spat me back to Neptune.
I think it was because I was
Too full of whiskey for him.
Ha ha ha!
Is there something you want?
Got a name, lad?
Jeff Schubb.
Those that have reason to
call me Ellis.
I'm pleased, sir.
Heh! No, you're not.
Not yet!
You got no notion what you're getting into
with that Rayo Verde place.
Jeff, don't listen to that crap.
It's probably not even there, Morely.
I'm sure it is!
I've been dreaming
About this for years.
Well, maybe you better Keep dreaming.
I am not interested
in getting my boat impounded in Cuba.
What... Rayo Verde's
Over 40 miles away from cuba
in international Waters.
Yeah, well, do you wanna tell that
To Castro's navy when they got
their machine guns up our noses?
Have you lost your mind?
Grow up, Jeff.
You got a 60-foot boat out there
that the bank's bonna haul out
From under your ass so fast you'll...
What is it...
You want?
Every american navy bloke
Has got one of these fool stories.
Don't do it.
Fuck you, mr. Mouth!
Back off.
I'm gonna take you apart!
Hey, Morely, what the fuck are you doing?
I'm kicking his butt.
What do you think?
Get over there and sit down!
It's covered.
Helen, right here.
Sit down.
Oh, my God.
You really don't wanna
do this thing, do you?
Well, maybe. Why not?
Why not?!
Because I'm not taking my boat
to fucking Cuba, that's why not!
What the hell's wrong with you?
I'll see you back at the dock.
Don't be an asshole.
How the hell am I being an asshole?
God forbid you should
take a little risk
With your precious sail boat.
That's right.
You know what that boat
means to me.
Will you listen to me?
This one cruise might give
you the means to keep it.
Jeff, you're acting like a spoiled kid.
Don't start this, Alexa.
You walk away from me now,
And when you turn back
I'm gonna be gone for good.
I'm not screwing around.
Fine. Great.
Damn it.
You son of a bitch.
Just give me your hand.
Come on.
Stop it.
Stop it.
Stop hitting me.
Don't you threaten me anymore.
I am sick and tired of you
calling me a spoiled kid.
Look, I love what I do, Lexa.
I'm just tired of getting
shit on for it.
If I'm not the person you want,
I'm sorry.
You could be that person.
All you got to do is try.
Try? Try what?
Sailing my boat down to some cuban island
Because your boss has got
a crazy bug up his ass?
You are so crude.
Tough shit.
And I do try.
I do try.
You wanted to move off the boat.
Bang, we did it.
It doesn't matter
that we can't afford it.
You want to sink our life
savings into your new car.
Bang, we did that, too.
You do those things to shut me up.
You do them so I'll quit bugging you.
Come on.
You know what I'm talking about.
You never tried for us.
You treat your boat better
than you treat your marriage.
I never feel like I matter in your life.
Alexa, you are my wife.
I guess it would
Take a hell of a lot more than that.
Alexa, come on.
It's not such a big deal.
Yeah, it is such a big deal.
This is it, Jeff.
I mean it.
It's gonna take more this time.
The others are still
hugging their hammocks, eh?
You're going after it, right?
People die in those waters.
I wasn't completely aboveboard
with you last night.
My trawler...
I lost it off Rayo Verde...
In '61.
That's where I got this.
It does look like a shark bite, doesn't it?
If you were there in '61,
Then what the hell
Are you doing here now?
I don't understand.
I don't get it.
Cover your stern.
Where are we?
About 7 or so miles off the coast.
Headed where?
Well, I always did want to see Cuba.
I always wanted to tell Castro
how much I hated his beard.
Hell, yes.
We're going for the gold now, buckaroos.
Come on down.
Do you guys know what time it is?!
And guess what?
We're splitting it 50-50 now,
And the charter just doubled.
Anything else?
If my boat gets impounded
and we gotta swim back,
Can you give me a job
selling life insurance?
You got it.
Ok, coach. What next?
Um, ok, when the sails
are in a perfect trim,
She basically can sail herself.
You hear the hum in the mainsail?
If she starts flapping,
You're going a touch upwind,
So you want to fall off a skosh.
A skosh?
Is that some obscure nautical term?
It's out of my dad's personal dictionary.
I'm coming behind you.
Oop. Excuse me.
Here, let me see your right hand.
Mm-hmm. Ok.
You feel that?
You feel the tension, the pull?
Oh, yes.
The constant vibration
As the wind licks off
the rear of the sail?
Licks off the rear of the sail?
Aye, the best sailors,
They do it by feel.
Sounds like one of
those silly bumper stickers.
Pay attention.
I am!
You know something?
You look good.
You really do.
Jeffrey, can the wind ever be too strong?
Could it ever push the boat over?
Well, it's possible,
But you'd probably blow out a sail first.
If it does happen...
Feel that?
- Jamb cleat.
- Yeah.
You pop the line out of the jamb cleat.
That lets your boom loose.
It'll free up your air pressure.
- Got it?
- Yeah.
I like this.
Well, good.
It likes you, too.
You're on autopilot now,
But go ahead and make
Whatever adjustments you like
So the trim stays perfect.
Aye, aye, sir.
Then swab the poop deck.
Ha ha!
Aye, aye.
Hey, you guys.
I'm gonna go down and catch a few zs.
Keep an eye on our new skipper here.
Aye, aye, cap'n.
I'm glad you were
able to change his mind.
I hate it when I see him touch you.
Dad, what do I do?
Look, Helen, can I ask you somethin'?
Why, of course.
No, I mean, like, in confidence.
Yes. Certainly.
Did you ever read about...
The kids of people who kill themselves,
like they have a better chance
of committing suicide?
You know, like it's hereditary or somethin'?
Yes, I've... I've read that, but...
I don't believe it.
Are you sure that's...
How your father died?
I'm sure. I...
We had a first-aid kit on the boat
With a vial of morphine in it, and, uh...
One day, a few months
after he and my mom split up,
He just went onboard and...
Packed it in. I...
I don't understand.
Got back from 'Nam, retired from the navy.
Shit, he bought this great boat.
He was plannin' on makin'
his dream trip to Corfu.
I'm sorry.
- No.
- Are you all right?
He was...
A lovely man.
Yeah. Heh.
Yeah, he was.
I'm sorry.
You know, I've dreamt...
About the Greek Isles myself.
There she is.
Did you tell Morely I knew about this place?
Well, we were just talkin' about the Bahamas,
And he asked.
Don't you think it's just a bit weird
That you happen to work for somebody
That knows about Rayo Verde?
Come on.
What's the deal?
Look, there's a lot of navy guys
Who probably know about this place
And fishermen, too.
I mean, that guy in the bar at ocean reef.
Look, then why did he need me
For the coordinates?
I don't know.
I really don't.
We made it.
We're really here.
Where's the relay station?
It's just on the other side.
Helen, baby,
Come on. We're here.
I'll be right up.
Can you see them?
Well, I can't see Lexa,
So she must have gone around the point.
Morely. Can you See Morely?
Helen, he's snorkeling.
Look, he can take care of himself, ok?
What are you doing?
I figured I'd putz around with
the windsurfer a little bit.
You don't want to go near...
Are you ok?
What's wrong with you?
Helen, look, I'm sorry
if I said anything to...
Don't you know what's going on here?
I guess not.
How could you be so naive?
What are you talkin' about?
What are you talkin' about?
No, please. Go away.
I wanna know What the hell's goin'
on here.
I finally realized why
he's waited till now
To come get that money,
And I...
Never mind.
No. I wanna know why.
She's ready to leave you, Jeffrey,
Don't you know that?
I think she's ready to leave you now.
And that... ah!
I could pretend it didn't exist
Just as long as I knew it wasn't serious,
But now...
Lexa and... and Morely?
Oh, who the hell do you think?!
I'm sorry.
I don't mean to be shouting at you.
This is crazy. I mean...
Why do you even think this, Helen?
Because he's finally found someone
To share it with,
someone he thinks he can have a future with.
They're going to get it now.
When you're with him tonight, you see...
It won't be there.
I don't buy any of this.
There are things I know.
Please believe me.
Like what?
When your father's body
was taken from the boat,
All the navigation charts
Were missing, weren't they?
All except the one Morely never found.
It wasn't...
A suicide!
Would never have killed himself.
Not then.
I don't have proof yet,
But we can get it.
We can stop him, Jeff.
I've thought about this...
For such a long time.
If we're together...
He can't hurt us.
Absolute insanity.
And I'm not gonna listen
to any more of this.
No, Jeff...
There is nothing down there...
Worth eating.
We are so close.
Why did you follow me out here?
I said I wanted to be alone for a while.
What is it, Lex?
I think you'd better tell me.
Don't push me, Mose.
I... I just want to make sure
That you split it half and half with them
Like you said you would.
I will. I mean it.
What is With you?
I gave him my word.
Well, it just doesn't feel
the way I thought it would.
A year from now,
when we're running that insurance company
from a long-distance phone
In Paris or wherever,
what you're feeling now just won't matter.
I'm gonna get you everything you ever wanted.
And don't worry,
I'll make sure Jeff's taken care of.
I... I really don't wanna
be touched right now.
Let's make sure it's still there.
Come on.
I want you here when I come back.
I gotta go get the other lantern.
I'll be back in a second.
Helen, you are wrong about this whole thing.
Back in Miami,
Your father once said
the same damn thing to me.
On this same boat!
Look, just forget it.
Your father, Guantanamo, this island,
Haven't you figured it out yet?
Your father was the only other person
Who knew about this place.
He was Morely's commanding officer.
Look, listen to me.
Why do you think Morely
Kept tabs on you all these years?
Why do you think that
Jason settled in Miami?
Stop it!
I loved him, Jeff.
He was so lonely in Miami
after you and your mom split.
Shut up! I don't want to hear any...
Morely's gonna take it all
away from you, everything.
You got it?
Y-yeah, I'm coming!
Everything, Jeff.
I have a plan.
I want you to be part of it.
No fucking way.
I am not as dumb as you think.
We could sail to Corfu...
And they'd never find us.
Ok, asshole, where is it?
Where is what?
Don't play games with me.
Ok, I saw it this afternoon.
That's what you want to hear?
Yeah, well, maybe one of your buddies
Snuck in and took it.
Like maybe your old commanding officer?
I'm gonna ask you one last time...
Where'd you hide it?
Fuck you.
No! Morely!
What are you doing?
I'll tell you what he's doing.
He was going to kill me all along,
Just as soon as I got him here.
Stop it, Morely!
You said that no one would get hurt!
Yeah, well, he lied to you, Lex...
Lied to you and everybody else.
I wasn't supposed to
get back to Miami, was I?
'Cause I would've figured it
out sooner or later.
My dad's death...
It wasn't a suicide.
What are you doing?
Move, Lex.
Morely, please.
Move, Lex.
- Morely...
- Move!
No... uhh!
Jesus, how could you even
stand to be with this guy?
Is it true, Morely?
Did you kill his dad?
I've waited 20 years
For that son of a bitch
to retire from the navy,
And then when I finally got him
To come to Miami and everything was set...
It's all over, Mose.
Did you kill Jason?
I had no choice.
He bought that goddamn boat,
And he was coming here With Helen!
He was gonna leave me with nothing!
He ruined my goddamn life!
You pathetic bastard.
You planned this all along,
the two of you.
I can't even fucking believe you.
No! Stop!
Jeff, stop!
We're not murderers.
Oh, my god.
Ahh! Aah!
Stop it!
God damn you, Morely!
Way to go.
Ohh! Ahh! Ohh!
Get over here, Alexa.
No. Uhh!
I took care of things.
I made a few adjustments.
At this minute in miami,
There is a $2.5 million insurance policy
Just waiting for Alexa
Schubb to come collect it.
Now, if you're real lucky and real good,
I may not have to tell anybody
What you just had to do to get it.
Let's get off this island.
W-we just can't leave him here.
Move it.
How did it go?
Did you get it?
Go to the bow and bring up the anchor.
Is it up yet?
Lexa, where's Jeffrey?
Ohh! Aah!
I'm gonna say this once.
We had an accident
Between grand Bahamas and Miami.
We got hit by a freak breaker.
Jeffrey got knocked overboard.
We doubled back, but we couldn't find him.
The smartest thing you can do now
Is to find yourself a place to sit down
And keep yourself from
asking any more questions.
Let's get out of here.
Alto inmediatamente, y
preparense a ser abordado!
We're in international Waters.
They can't stop us.
Mi esposo no habla espaol.
Por favor, no disparen.
Listen, mister. We're in international waters.
My name is capitan Mendoza.
Rayo Verde's 35 miles North of Cuba.
We're in international waters,
And you have no authority
to board this vessel.
Very nice boat.
This is a most curious place
for a vacation.
How did you know the name Rayo Verde?
I was stationed on Cuba
when I was in the navy.
Oh, a navy man.
You came for the Bay of Pigs?
No, no. Guantanamo before.
Bay of Pigs...
We kick your ass real good, no?
Oye, la lampara, aqui abajo.
Captain Mendoza, there's
something you should kno...
Who owns this boat?
I do.
And your name?
Schubb. Jeffrey Schubb.
Ha ha ha ha ha.
Bloody amazing...
What a few days on the open water
Can do to your age.
I thought it was time
for a friendly visit.
I don't believe this shit.
Let's get out...
You can turn into sShark chum
In a real big hurry, mister.
I suggest you do two things.
First you have the girl there
Bring me the money.
We didn't find it.
Oh, the mouth,
it flaps in the freshenin' breeze.
I was just toying with you
the other night in the bar.
I didn't like you none then, neither.
The money now!
And then I wanna know
where the young captain is,
Because if you've done
to him what I fear,
I'm taking you to
the nearest shallow reef,
And I'm gonna drag sll three
of youse across it
Till your skin peels off.
Where is it?
We didn't find it.
It's written all over your face, girl.
I didn't do anything.
The reaper... death.
What's he done to him?
You'll be pulling up that dinghy
And pray God
There's nothing underneath the canvas.
Use the boathook.
La lampara.
He was a good lad, you bloody bastard.
Lift up the canvas.
Aah! Aah!
Damn it!
I did it.
I did it!
We ought to make Miami in about 30 hours.
Almost a million.
Gotta be around here somewhere.
He must've had someplace around here
Where he hid things.
Where you going?
I can't breathe.
I won't tell.
I... I won't even...
No, Morely.
Please don't.
I... I won't tell, Mose.
I swear it.
You could do anything you want.
You can leave me for her.
I... I won't even...
Let her go.
Mose, please.
I have to tie up the loose ends.
Mose, don't.
You're the last shred of evidence, Helen.
Please, Mose, don't.
I'll never be with you, you bastard.
I hate you.
You'll come around.
You don't have any choice.
You are gonna get ahold of yourself...
And we are gonna pull this thing off.
We are almost home, babe.
And you are almost a rich woman...
Which is what you wanted...
All along.
Why don't you just kill me now?
I want it over with.
You gotta be in there.
Come on.
See? We just popped a breaker, that's all.
Everything's all right.
Now, listen to me, Lexa.
You're pissing me off!
Just cut the crap and start the engine.
Yeah, that's right.
Now put it down.
Now the flashlight.
Now get over there.
Get over there!
Get up.
Get up!
Now get Helen.
Get her.
Maybe I oughta make you fucks
swim back to Miami, huh?
I-I'm not with him, Jeffrey.
I'm really not.
I don't even wanna hear it. Sit down.
- Jeff!
- Shut up and sit down!
- Helen!
- Jeff?
Get up here and get on the radio!
Make an emergency mayday.
Give 'em our names.
Ah, ah...
I don't know how much longer
I can hold on.
You get up here right now.
Or I'm gonna have to kill
the son of a bitch.
You were just gonna let me die!
No. Aah!
Right here, Helen.
It's me you want, not her.
But you're not gonna get me.
You don't have the guts.
You cannot do it.
I know you can't.
Put it down, Helen.
Oh, God.
Lexa! It hit Lexa!
It... it hit him?
No. It's Lexa!
It hit Lexa!
He went in after her!
Come on!
Come on! Come on!
Damn it!
What's happening?
There's nothing!
There's nothing,
God damn it!
I didn't mean...
To hurt Lexa.
I didn't.
Unh! Aah!
Don't make me kill you.
Now, lower the gun, Helen. Lower it.
Then give it to me.
There's something you
don't know about me, Morely.
Yeah, like what?
You had a big love affair with Jason?
You think I didn't know about that?
I'm gonna beat you, Morely.
And you'll never know how.
You should never have killed Jason.
Ah! Ohh!
They'll never suspect a blind woman,
Will they, Morely?
You lose.
Not you, too.
Put a line on that mainsail.
All right.
This is the coast guard.
Is there anyone on board?
Is there anything underneath her?
Wait here.
Nothing here.
Is there anyone here?
Radio back to the ship.
P-please, don't hurt me.
It's all right.
It's all right.
It's ok.
I'm with the coast guard.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
A-are they gone?
Yes, ma'am.
It's just me.
Was it you who called us?
Randy, tell the skipper
we got some injuries here.
Yes, sir.
It's all right.
Let me help you.
Let me help you.
Can you stand up?
Come on. That's it.
That's it.
It's ok.
There's a coast guard cutter outside.
You're gonna be all right.
One step up.
Step up.
Take your time.
I... I don't know how many there were.
It... it happened so fast.
They had machine guns.
No, no, no. Easy.
Let me help you up the stairs.
Come on, walk with me.
I heard them screaming...
My husband...
A-and the girl...
They shot them.
I don't know what happened to Jeffrey.
They're dead.
All dead.
Yes, ma'am.
They didn't shoot me
Because I couldn't see them.
I thought I'd die out here all alone.
Give me a hand here.
Right here, ma'am.
Take it easy.
I'm gonna disconnect
This gas tank.
Ok, easy, ma'am.
Very slowly.
Everything's gonna be ok.
Big step ahead of us.
Take it slow.
That's it.
Mike, please.
Right here.
Could you hand me my bag?
I'll get it for you right away.
Here it is.
I've got it.
No. That's all right.
I'll take it for you.
I... I would like to take it.
All right, this is looking good here.
Let's move on back out
and take care of that zodiac.
Yes, sir.
You hear something, sir?
What's that noise?
Get a light over here.
this thing's moving.
It's a hand!
Hey, I got a board there.
Watch his hands.
Just relax, fella.
Just relax.
We'll get you loose.
Everything's gonna be ok.
You're gonna be ok.
Take it easy.
Give me your hand.
You got it?
Coming up.
Easy. Watch his legs.
Easy does it.
Up. There you go.
Watch his back!
Oh, Jeffrey.
He got a large head wound here.
She... she couldn't see.
You're alive.
Help him, please.
H-help him.
I didn't want to die, too.
Not you.
Helen, the bag.
Morely's bag.
It's not there.
And I took all the cash...
Up out of the hole.
And I hid it.
Help him!
It's nearly a year later.
I took the Daphne Girl
Out of Miami harbor for the last time.
The winds and the rain
had washed the sand away,
But the money was right
where I had hidden it.
It was still there.
Dad, it's ours.
It's all ours now.
I'm dead reckoning
through the Horse latitudes,
And I'm gonna sail her
to the Greek Isles,
Just like you always wanted.
I just wish you could be here
to share the crossing.
I never got to say good-bye to you...
But I knew someday I'd have
to find a way to do that.
Thank you, and I love you.
You take care.
It'll all be better once we get to Corfu.