Midnight Diner (2019) Movie Script

Every city
has its own midnight diners.
Every midnight diner
has its own stories.
As dusk falls on this city
and the people are on their way home,
yet my day
has just begun.
Excuse me,
what's the WiFi passcode?
There's none.
We can't put up a wechat moment post then.
The entrance.
WiFi signal is good there.
It's crazy to eat on the entrance.
Some are returning customers
living in the neighborhood,
while the others are
young people passing by.
Excuse me,
menu please.
"Set meal of the day: 40 yuan
beer: 15 yuan liqueur: 10 yuan/shot,"
"three rounds per person
stir-fried shrimps with
longjing tea leaves.
what would you like?
What would you like?
The customers' expressions
enable me to make an educated guess
about what they'd like to eat.
I'll probably work
overtime everyday this month.
I won't even have time to sleep.
No more beautiful skin.
These kiddies work in the
advertising industry.
How come you call us kiddies?
You have pretty good hearing.
As the years go by,
many people passing by
eventually chose to
stay and
our regular customers.
Is this for the customer
that always drinks longjing tea?
35 yuan.
Hang on a minute.
That's enough.
I'll wait for you tonight.
Chef's cooking is so good.
It'll be awesome to dine
here every midnight.
How about we finish work a little earlier
for a change?
By the way,
I can't
travel back to kunshan tonight.
Will need to stay at your place again.
No problem.
You can stay at my place too.
That's fine.
I'll stay overnight at fan's place.
I've left a lot of clothes there.
Don't get us wrong.
She'll sleep in my room,
I'll sleep in the living room.
I didn't get you wrong.
I always thought you are all sisters!
Sisters, exactly.
Would you like to join us, uncle zhong?
you're here.
Would you like me to start cooking?
No hurry.
Let's start with some liqueur
to clear my palette.
Drinking too much with empty stomach
is not good for your body.
Though you're a man,
you don't look manly at all.
Way too girlish.
How about if I introduce to you
a real macho guy to train you up?
Sounds good.
As long as he's not an alcoholic like you.
this girl
has some guts.
I like you.
Wait a minute.
Let's be wechat friends?
Horrible mom,
sneaked out on me for a drink.
Horrible kid, never stop nagging after me.
Give me a break, don't you know
you are drinking way too much?
Getting drunk is better
than getting beaten.
You're crazier than any women at your age.
What are you staring at?
Eat if you want to.
Go home as soon as we finish this.
Stop drinking.
How does my son look?
Though he's not some kind of super talent,
he is big and strong.
Full of muscles.
I'm over 30 years old,
stop hitting me on my head.
Then hurry up eating.
sorry for the trouble.
Watch your step.
Focus on your walking!
I almost vomited.
Mixing water into the liqueur
has been a little secret between lian and I
for a long time.
Yuan was always bullied
at primary school.
Luckily, he had a classmate called hu
who stood by him no matter what.
Hu became a professional boxer
introduced yuan
to be his sparring partner.
Fall down.
Fall down right now!
Hu has recently
lost a few important bouts.
His anxiety has built up.
What the heck are you doing?
In recent trainings
he seems to have lost control.
Why were you not this
tough during the bout?
If you have guts,
take a training session with me.
That's it for today.
Yuan, are you alright?
You've done well recently.
I'd like you to set you up
with a friendly match arranged by a club.
Why are you all standing?
Keep training.
Hu is done for the day.
Not yours.
Move it!
Sorry about today's training.
It's okay.
I knew you were anxious.
I got knocked out on round three!
It was just a bad day.
I'm not sure if I can still
keep competing after this failure.
I'll be your sparring partner
as long as you need.
I'll stand by your side too.
A little bit.
Thank you.
Have you ever dreamed
about doing a real fight?
Aren't we doing real fights everyday?
I mean the real ring,
and fight with a real boxer.
Sure, I am fighting a
real fighter every day.
I'm not joking with you.
Amateur boxers like me
are literally nothing comparing to
professional boxers like you.
Where there's a will there's a way.
Whose sparring partner
will you be after I retire?
Muhammad Ali once said,
we got to keep going no matter
what hardship we encounter.
He needs to be your role modal
are you mentioning Ali and I
in the same breath?
Did Ali use a helmet like this?
I'm already very satisfied
to be your sparring partner.
I mean it.
Come on.
I'll figure out a way for you.
Thank you, uncle zhong.
Come on.
I'll be your sparring partner
starting from tomorrow.
Come on.
One two
one two
one two one two
Uncle, smoking will harm your body.
Uncle, is that where you live?
That's his diner,
which is not opened yet.
Do you sell sweet lotus root?
I mean no fresh lotus root in stock.
I'll buy some now.
Come over when school finishes
and I'll make you some.
This is beautiful.
How does it taste?
It's the second-best
sweet lotus root I've ever had.
Who made the
best one?
My dad.
Your dad?
Yes, but
he's gone forever.
how's my helmet going?
here you go.
Nice job on fixing it.
Does it hurt?
Your nose is all messed up
and you still says it does not hurt.
Dory, it is not polite.
I'm sorry.
Was my acting good?
Not really.
Thank you, chef,
for making her sweet lotus root.
We got to go.
You're welcome.
Let me give you a hand. Here.
- Thank you.
- That's alright.
No worries.
Thank you, chef.
You're welcome.
Thank you.
I can take over from here.
Thank you.
sorry about my mom got drunk
last night and caused you trouble.
Have you ever thought that
she might not be drunk at all?
Not drunk?
She was drunk enough to be carried home.
Didn't you get a chance to
eat some stir-fried clams
every time you came for her?
That's true.
You know my favorite
dish was stir-fried clams.
My daily dish.
But now due to diet control I only get to
eat it every time I come
looking for mom here.
as a matter of fact,
stir-fried clams
had saved our lives once.
The year when yuan
graduated from primary school,
his father's factory was closed down.
Yuan and his mom were
left behind by his father
who later went back to Hong Kong.
Only by then, lian was told
that this man
was already married.
All the sudden she was
caught off-guard by dreadful
rumors in this small town.
For the first time
in her life, lian truly experienced
a situation that forced
her into a dead end.
I'm hungry.
I'm hungry.
Don't burn yourself.
After yuan was at the diner
lian slipped and fell over
in the market.
Horrible mom.
Horrible mom,
I warned you about not drinking too much.
I fell over by accident.
By accident?
Have you been drinking?
Shut it,
stop your endless nagging.
I won't be a filial son
if you keep doing this.
I work from dawn to night
and put all my efforts in
just to save up for your new hat.
This is a helmet, not a hat.
Can you please don't...
being hospitalized wasn't too bad
as they detected your
mom's spinal issue early.
This could be a good way on
encouraging her to quit drinking.
All this happened
because she wanted to buy me a new helmet.
My old one is still pretty good though.
your mom
loves you dearly.
This new helmet
is indeed better than that old one.
I had no previous experience
repairing a boxing helmet,
so it's not as strong.
Uncle zhong, I really appreciate your help.
Today's on me.
You don't have to.
- I insist.
- You don't.
I meant it.
I insist.
Here you are.
Let me take a look.
your shift is over?
Come back with dory this afternoon.
I'll cook her some sweet lotus roots.
Please pass this on to her for me.
This is a bit inappropriate.
Asked me to pass this on to you.
Mom, isn't this beautiful?
- Chef.
- Uncle yuan,
isn't this beautiful?
It is.
hurry up eating,
I have a night shift to go to.
This is the prettiest
sweet lotus roots I've ever seen.
I feel like saving it.
Don't worry,
take it home if
you can't finish it today.
I'll make you an
even prettier one next time.
It's on the house this time.
Thank you, chef.
You're welcome.
Let's go.
Let me help you.
All good.
Chef, bye.
Take care.
Let me.
It's alright, I can help.
I'll be fine.
asked me to pass this on to you.
What's this?
I'm sorry.
This is
literally the
first time ever in my life
to listen to symphony.
I thought you liked it
since you were little?
Didn't you play violin when you were young?
Did 1?
You told me on wechat
you love symphony just like I do.
Wasn't that you?
I don't even know your wechat.
you've discussed many
music chapters with me.
Horrible mom.
Horrible mom!
She's stepped over the line.
She pretended to be me and asked moon out.
Moon had to ask the hospital for a leave,
rushed home,
put dory to bed,
and hurriedly caught up with me
for some kind of symphony.
Yet I fell asleep during the symphony.
Why the heck
did I fall asleep?
Would you still have this date
without your mom's little trick?
But she never considered
what my feelings were.
Then let me ask you,
have you ever considered her feelings?
You will understand
her efforts in the future.
I heard from hu that
you have an upcoming match next month.
Your opponent is
a three-time provincial champion.
Train hard.
Never underestimate your opponent.
Clinch him.
Clinch him.
Let go.
Wear him out.
The steps.
- Mind the steps.
- Three.
Five. Six. Seven. Eight.
Are you ok?
hold on.
You got to hold on.
Stay strong.
You must hold on.
Hold on, yuan.
He is drained now.
Find your chance
and go all out.
Stand up.
Great job.
Get up!
- We won!
- We won!
We won, yuan.
- We won, we won!
- Yuan, we won.
- You won.
- You won!
Every kind of food has its origin,
so do people.
Your origin forms your
life's basic foundation.
And becomes your very first aspiration.
it directs your future direction.
From now on,
I will protect you,
and take care of dory with you.
This is a brand-new helmet
from my mom,
never been used.
I'll give it to you.
Can I
teach you boxing?
Come on.
One two
one two
show me a champion pose.
Some customer walked in by coincidence.
were introduced by their friends.
Yet there was one customer
who led herself in
relying purely on smell.
The rice here smells delicious.
I'd like a grilled eel over rice.
won't be long.
- Thank you.
- Girl,
did you smell what chef
was cooking even before walking in here?
I actually smelled it
from three blocks away.
This girl is probably
doing advertising-related career
like you three,
because she loves to exaggerate the truth.
Uncle zhong.
You guys don't believe me?
Let me show you.
You ate noodles with soybean paste.
You ate scrambled eggs with tomatoes.
This must be
noodles with preserved vegetables and pork.
You could even tell from an empty bowl!?
Such a sensitive nose.
Of course.
My living depends on it.
Here's your grilled eel over rice.
So, may I ask
what kind of job do you do?
Le Nez
the breast?
Uncle zhong,
save your dirty talks please.
Le Nez
which agency do you work for?
Don't you know the slogan of our brand?
Your body pose
looks way too stiff and unnatural.
Let me.
Xiao Mei
is a flavorist of
an international aromatherapy company.
The brand is called le Nez,
which means the nose in French.
She has been promoted
in recent years
and become the marketing director.
Got the shot.
Let's call it a day.
In fact,
everyone has their own smell.
Relying on my nose,
I can even tell their age.
Why'd I lie to you?
For instance,
he's just turned 25,
because he smells like milk.
You are literally wet behind the ears.
I don't smell any milk on me.
you are missing a real man's smell.
You are missing a real woman's smell.
How about me?
You are covered in
7 different smells.
All mixed up.
You don't even know
what you truly like, do you?
That's right,
she has decidophobia.
needs to find a smell
that's right for them.
Leave me your numbers,
I'll find you something.
A manly smell
exists in men's
or men's
However, after their
Why do you give me that look?
What's wrong with me?
I smell hair oil and nicotine.
You consume too much
spring onion and garlic.
This old man's smell is irritating.
I got to go.
Uncle zhong,
no wonder you wear a hat every day.
You are trying not to pollute the air.
And being environmentally friendly.
This kiddy
talks non sense.
I wear a hat because
this is the classic old
school gentleman style.
What's old school gentleman style?
Shanghai gentlemen back in the 20s and 30s.
Speed up.
Speed up again.
Don't be lazy.
Keep accelerating.
Two more hours running.
Speed up.
Keep accelerating.
Accelerating with your full strength.
Yell it out.
I'm so tired.
What if someone just loves
the plump you?
The reason
xiao Mei tries so hard to lose weight
is because
by the end of this month
someone will come to Shanghai to meet her.
was a senior student in
xiao Mei's university.
All girls were obsessed with him,
so was xiao Mei.
However, there are always
pretty girls chasing after him.
Xiao Mei could only be on the sideline.
Sign it for me.
We'll be graduating soon,
can you please sign on my
basketball as something to remember?
After graduation,
everyone drifted apart
and eventually lost contact.
Until recently,
xiao Mei got to know that
tai becomes a director of
the Paris head office
of xiao Mei's company.
By the end of this month,
he will attend a conference in Shanghai.
This is your destiny.
You got to take this chance
to make up for the regrets.
In fact, I don't ask for more
but to show him my best look.
It's the best way to
make the dream of my youth worthwhile.
Well said.
We will exercise with you.
How weak you are.
You can do it.
Get up.
Keep fighting.
Lean to the left.
15-degree angle.
Lean to the right
15-degree angle.
Ten. Eleven. Twelve.
Thirteen. Fourteen. Fifteen.
Next movement, ready, go.
Xiao Mei did not come to the diner
in the following few weeks.
All the regulars are
looking forward to hear
about what is happening between
xiao Mei and tai.
Xiao Mei.
I'd like a meal combo.
Today is actually
the last day of tai's stay in Shanghai.
met at his hotel.
Xiao Mei,
you've done a great job.
Did you really read them?
Of course I did.
After I saw your name,
I read all of your proposals.
So good.
You are still the capable little bun
from back in those uni years.
I called you little bun because
you had little fat cute cheeks
like buns in the past.
Not sure why but
everybody thought
I should've been together
or dated with those girls.
the girl I liked was you.
I loved your personality,
natural and graceful
yet very innocent little bun.
Did I scare you?
It was my fault that I neither
was brave enough nor
knew how to tell you about it.
Xiao Mei,
how have you been?
Do you have a boyfriend?
How about you, tai?
Are you married?
I put all the efforts
into work after graduation
and felt days were quite enriched.
However, after spending long enough time
on work, I've
noticed something's missing.
Men normally bear
heavier loads on shoulders.
Based on traditions
you'll marry after succeeding in career.
I met her,
She made me feel like
I needed a partner
on this foreign land.
I always thought of you at first
after being together with her.
However, the longer I spent time with her
the more I realized that:
The right place
the right time
the right person
Xiao Mei,
why did you leave without telling me?
Take care.
Even the most common dish
has its unique taste.
If you only focus on the
commonplace in you,
you might miss
the uniqueness in your life.
You promised me before
that you'd keep your temper.
According to the public health regulations
it's prohibited to feed stray dogs.
Dogs that are fed here
are no strays.
I have to go.
I've spent half a lifetime in this city.
But the only person
that shares my memory of the past
is alon.
He's an orphan.
Growing up in my family,
he's been like
my little brother.
Poor kid.
Alon never knows his parents.
He's now leaving with you to fight the war.
You need to look after him.
And come home safe, both of you.
here's the receipt.
You can check it.
Thank you.
It's okay.
Whose stuff is this?
Move them right away.
Mine. They're mine.
I'm really sorry.
I don't have enough space, so.
This is a sidewalk.
You're blocking the way for pedestrians.
I don't have extra space for them.
It may be inappropriate to put them here.
But it's only temporary.
Move them or pay a fine!
Are you deaf?
You think the uniform
makes you the authority?
You're cr az y!
Put them away!
- You're nuts!
- Alon,
you promised me you'd keep your temper.
But you never did.
Don't let me see you ever again.
Since that day
alon hasn't dropped by once.
But I know
it isn't because he's angry at me.
be careful!
Time leaves its marks
on everyone,
some on the face,
in the heart.
Excuse me.
Are you still open?
It's cold outside.
Come on in first.
Come on.
Have a seat.
This diner
has served many customers
with lots of stories.
But the most memorable to me
is always the first customer here,
and the first story.
Have a hot cuppa.
What would you like to eat?
Then you might need to wait a while.
No problem.
They taste like what my mom made.
You were born in Shanghai?
But I immigrated to
Canada when I was a kid.
What brings you back to Shanghai?
Found it hard to adapt
to the new environment.
And my parents died.
Is it enough?
actually I don't have
enough money to pay for this.
It's okay.
I made them
as my breakfast anyway.
Not to mention
the diner was supposed to close by now.
Does it mean I can come here
after it's closed next time?
Listen to me, dude.
You're a musician
so you have to drink alcohol.
- That's right.
- If you stay sober,
it'd be hard for you
to find your inspiration.
Where do I find thee
the one who knows me?
Fill it up.
There you go.
That's really impressive.
What brought you here?
I got my salary today.
Yes. Same.
There's my hidden affection
in the corner of solitude
there's my lost dream
in the rhythm of your song
in a world of aphasia
in my rackety heart
there's you walking
into my confusion
in a daze with your tearful eyes
it's so much like fate
we meet on a destined night
among the mist
destined to get close
destined to get high,
destined to say goodbye
It's a recurrent glioma
at a place where it's
basically impossible to remove it.
What's the matter, snow?
This is a poster
of my first single.
I want to give it to you.
Thank you.
Keep it as a souvenir.
I'll find a place to put it up.
from now on I may not
be able to come here often.
thank you.
The wontons you make
are exactly like my mom's.
Every time I have them
it feels like I am home again.
So wontons today?
You're there with me
when I fumble for my dreams
when I blunder about in the reality
immersed in the warmth of songs and tears
in the howling winds
we tighten our grip
what a pity we can't finish our trip
could you please walk me
to the other end of the rainbow bridge
leave behind the sadness
do blossom for me
conquer the waves
ahead in the darkness
when we part
travel onward
with the beam of light you cast upon me
But not long before
snow's first single was released...
After snow departed this life,
every anniversary of when they first met,
would come to the diner
for a bowl of wontons.
You'll meet many people in a lifetime.
But not everyone can be your soulmate.
The real soulmate
are usually those
who would stay with you late at night
just for a bowl of wontons.
Many customers,
as time goes by,
never come back again.
But some that have been
away for a long time,
at an unexpected moment,
would show up before your eyes.
May I ask
what would you like?
The same...
One moment.
How does it taste?
This omelet.
Slightly bitter,
and a bit sweet.
How's it?
Authentic, isn't it?
It's been a long time
since I have a taste of home.
I knew you'd like it.
I found it here the other day
when I picked up a guest.
Tang song was a taxi driver.
He and sisi were both from hunan.
They were working in the same city,
but tang song drove mostly at night.
So they usually came here
at a time when he got off work
and she was just about
to start her day at work
for their breakfast.
Do you have to do the part-time after that?
I'm worried that I can't
make it there on time.
Call me when you finish.
I'll go pick you up.
you need to get some sleep.
I'm fine.
I can take a nap in the car if I'm tired.
Don't worry.
Eat more.
Have some with me.
Sisi dreamed
to become a model.
While she was looking for opportunities,
she worked part-time
at a big company
as a receptionist.
commercial work
dress rehearsal
offer you a drink
morning, Mr. zhang.
See you later.
What? You arrived?
Wait a minute. I'm on my way.
I need three rolls of invoices.
You used them all up in such a short time?
You are burning candle on both ends!
Pass me a yogurt.
I don't want to wear it.
Put it on.
Leave me alone.
Don't move.
I don't like it.
Don't press too hard.
- It's uncomfortable.
- Don't move.
Does it really look good?
I just don't like the words on it.
I don't like Shanghai.
It looks fine.
You must be hungry.
Want to go to the diner for an omelet?
I have an audition tomorrow.
This is my dinner.
No way.
You need to have proper meals.
I need to go to a fitting tomorrow.
Have to keep slim
to look good in those clothes.
Let me interview you first.
Look to your right.
To your left.
You're beautiful enough,
but too skinny.
You should have more food.
Don't stay starved.
Feels so good to walk here.
You see that building?
It's the biggest model agency in Shanghai.
I hope one day
I will be able to work there.
No more receptionist job.
There are so many skyscrapers here.
They make me feel dizzy.
Everything's different from that
in our hometown.
Only the moon
is the same.
The moon can be seen everywhere.
But such a wonderful scene at night
can only be seen in Shanghai.
Here's the night scenery you love.
We didn't have a chance to do this.
Tonight is your night. Enjoy.
How do you like it?
There are too many people here
and heavy traffic.
And it's always noisy.
It's attractive,
a much bigger city
than our hometown.
And there are more opportunities.
I need to learn english well.
I won't bow to this city.
Every day I drive strangers
around here again and again.
I don't want to be like them
who can never jump out of this loop.
In five to six years
I'll make enough money
for building a big house in our hometown.
And I'll start to live my own life.
I won't be like others, either.
I'm going to carve out
a successful career in this city.
Sir, excuse me.
I have my girlfriend here.
- You...
- Please.
To sinan mansions.
It's okay. I'm fine with it.
My name is zhang sisi.
I'm from hunan
pa... sture
po... sture
how is my posture
dress rehearsal
commercial work
that'll be 43 yuan.
Oh, sorry.
Jin is my surname.
I'm sisi,
learning to be a model.
I knew you're cut out for it
the moment I saw you.
Here's your change.
You have great potential.
- I think...
- Please get off.
Mr. Jin...
Our company has been
cooperating with a live-stream platform.
It'd be a good opportunity for beginners.
I think you...
What's wrong with you?
He didn't even finish.
He's a pervert.
Ignore him.
I've heard of this company.
It's one of the leading talent agencies.
He's apparently drunk.
Can you believe a drunkard?
I've been driving all kinds of people.
There are a lot of frauds like him.
It's useless.
Throw it away.
And again,
being famous isn't as easy as you think.
You mean I'm not qualified.
I mean what we have now is good enough.
give me your bag.
Your bag.
Take off your coat.
Take off your cardigan.
And sit here.
Sit right here.
You're going to
look at this camera
and speak through the Mike here.
Here's the script on the table.
a hair dryer.
Use it to blow your hair
while talking naturally to the viewers.
Hi everyone,
I'm sisi.
It's nice to
meet you all here.
I come from hunan.
Being a model
has been my dream,
though people around me
always think it as unrealistic.
I miss my family too,
especially during new year.
I wish I could go home
but every new year is the
busiest time for me.
I have a lot of work to do.
I think I'll go back home
once I get a better life
or become more mature.
I don't want my family to worry about me.
Tang song,
I broke the record!
My first live streaming broke their record!
I'm thrilled!
If I sign the contract with them,
I can receive training abroad.
I'll be taught singing and dancing
by world-class performers,
which will help broaden the space
for my development.
Broader space?
So this city is not big enough now.
You're going abroad.
Why can't we just
stay down-to-earth to make some money
and go back to our hometown
to live a normal life?
I've told you a thousand times.
I don't want to go back there
and live like a nobody.
It'll be a life wasted!
Countless people dream
to become a celebrity,
but how many of them can really make it?
You're betting your future
on something uncertain.
Talking about life wasted.
At least
there's a possibility of a different life.
You're different now.
I am!
I'm more driven to make my dream come true.
Your dream?
Tell me what your dream actually is.
Live-streaming your personal life,
leering at the camera,
entertaining your audience,
asking them for gifts,
is that your dream?
It's bullshit.
Are you out of your mind?
What you're doing now,
if known by your neighbors
and relatives back home,
would make your folks embarrassed.
What about you?
You've been here for years
driving a taxi with no ambitions at all.
If your family know about it,
they will be the one feeling embarrassed.
Leave me alone!
Slow down.
Watch your step.
Why did you drink so much?
Not much.
Just a bit too fast.
Get him upstairs.
Have a seat please.
I need water.
Have some tea.
Thank you.
So you're sisi.
Thank you for taking my husband home.
Not at all.
He's been talking about you a lot,
about how you work hard.
Don't give up, kid.
Thank you, Mrs. Jin.
I won't give up.
I'll try to live up to Mr.
Jin's expectations.
I see you love omelets.
Have you heard of the waffle house index?
It's an informal way
to Gauge the effect after a disaster.
To be specific,
no matter what has happened,
as long as the waffle house is still open,
the community is safe.
What I want to say is
we have a diner index here.
Whenever you pass by this Lane,
if you see the lights on in this diner,
it means you can come in
to have some night snack
or a drink.
You can tell yourself that
it is not the end of the world.
Since it's not the end of the world,
you can always move on.
stop drinking.
Have a cup of tea.
waffle house index
waffle house index
If you think it's okay,
we'll leave by the end of this month
to start a two-year training.
It may sound
a bit like gambling.
But I bet you'll win.
What's the matter?
You cut your hair.
I was out of line the other day.
I shouldn't have said that.
I apologize.
Is that all you want to say?
Got it.
Let me finish.
We've grown up together,
and come to Shanghai together.
What are we working
so hard for?
Isn't it for us to stay happy together?
You're right.
I don't have ambition
to achieve much in the future.
But from now on,
I'll work harder and harder
for you.
I'll do everything I can
to make you happy.
Will you marry me?
I don't want you to
do things you don't like
just for me.
That's not what I mean.
All I want is that
we can be like what we were before,
staying together,
having fun together,
talking to each other,
driving around together.
I want to live a quiet
and peaceful life with you.
Is it wrong?
There's nothing wrong with that.
We came here
and both found it beautiful.
In your eyes there's only
the moon above this city.
But what attracts me
is this entire city.
Maybe someday in the future
We'll be able to appreciate
the same landscape.
But as for now,
this ring is
Not for us.
Zhang sisi!
You can make it!
Slightly bitter,
and a bit sweet.
I added some bitter melon,
in this omelet.
Whatever you do
it's always bitter at the beginning.
But if you hold on with confidence
and persistence,
through the bitterness,
you'll taste the sweetness.
When will this winding
road home come to an end
when can I find the reason for not staying
why do I find guilt long-lasting
why did I not try at least
for whom am I waiting here
to whom shall I reveal my loneliness
did you think of today
when we had a tearful parting
would you hold me tight someday
when I see you again
At the end of the night you walk toward me
in the bottom of my heart
I have the same feeling
tonight is a start
of a brand new tomorrow
good night, you say, letting me know
it's never too late to love
At the end of the night you walk toward me
good night, you say, letting me know
it's never too late to love
We were ordered to catch
stray cats and dogs.
I worried that it would get caught,
so I took it home.
I didn't know
it was pregnant with three puppies.
I guess
they've wanted to come home.
Hey, xiao Mei.
Your advertisement has
covered all the major platforms today.
Sisi is on the cover!
Did you see that?
Yeah. I saw it.
See you tonight.
One by one, please.
Be patient.
These are all fresh-caught clams today.
Give me a bag please.
Give her a plastic bag.
She wants a bag.
You're just sitting there
listening to music!
One two
One two
One two
One two
how do you like
the Shanghai opera we watched tonight?
It's good.
Really good.
So would you like to go to the diner?
But I'm not properly dressed.
You don't like it?
I haven't made a dress
of this style in a long time.
So I got a little rusty.
But it came out pretty.
Of course it's pretty.
It's so beautiful that I might
feel shy in front of everybody.
Let's go then.
My face is not a rag please.
A clam for you.
Okay. Thank you.
Let me help you.
Every city has its own midnight diner.
Every midnight diner
has its own stories.
You may wonder
what kind of customers would go to
a midnight diner.
Once you come here,
you'd find the answer.
What's the spirit of a dance band?