Midnight Diner (2014) Movie Script

At the end of the day, when
people are rushing home...
...that's when my day starts.
My business hours start
from midnight to 7 am.
People call my eatery
the 'midnight diner.'
This is my only menu
If a customer wants something else...
...I say "I'll make it if I can."
That is my business policy.
Do customers come? You ask...
There's quite a number who do.
Midnight Diner
Although they promised us that
they would reopen again....
we already know that's
not going to happen.
Rumor is that it will be
remodeled into a theater.
I see, so it's closed now.
Now, the strippers are
also starting to leave.
But our regular customers
came to the closing party,
We also took commemorative
photos together with the staff.
That was so fun.
The usual?
What happened?
You guys look so grim.
Kosuzu-san's shop had a
troublesome guest,
and she called us.
We gave him a lesson
by breaking his pinky.
Another yakuza?
Seems like he was a famous writer or something.
He kept yelling something like
"You guys are trash!"
"You shouldn't be born.
Just get out from Japan!"
he also kicked some chairs
Then, when 'big brother'
tried to stop him, he said:
"So the sissy yakuza come
to support their sister."
"You guys don't even
pay taxes, traitors"
That's what he said
Then I'm also a traitor
You also don't pay any taxes?
Ken, do you pay?
If I don't, I won't get
any disability benefits.
Your order.
Good evening...
- I heard, it's terrible right?
- We just heard from them.
Occasionally that kind
of troublemaker comes.
Master, tamagoyaki please.
Make it a bit sweeter than usual.
Stop it. You should
watch your sugar intake.
If I have any horrible incidents,
my body demands more sugar.
Oh, and beer also.
Ryu-chan, thank you for your help.
Please accept my heartfelt thanks.
Let's just forget about it today.
Use this to fix your shop.
Thank you....
I'll do that.
I ascend to heaven.
Master, I brought some mackerel.
Can I cook it here?
I'll even help you cut them.
Who wants some mackerel?
I'll gladly have some.
Who left this here?
Let me take a look.
If you don't open it,
you won't know what's inside.
What is it?
Funeral ashes?
Second Floor? Do you mean,
the second floor upstairs?
After all, this is something that a customer forgot
I think someone will come to claim it soon.
I think it's time you
reported it to the police.
That's right, master.
Keeping that thing will
only bring you bad luck.
How long are you going to
hold onto that thing?
I want to die...
Funeral urns are terrible right?
I recently saw one.
Tamako is someone that people
usually call a "mistress."
Her patron was a real
estate company president.
One week ago, he
died of heart disease.
Since then, she has been in this state.
It's not good to be depressed
all the time, Tamako-san
Are you saying because
I'm a money-grabbing woman.
I reap what I sow?
That I don't even have the
right to be depressed?
You're overthinking it.
Oh, I can tell.
I've been a hostess for many years,
I can tell what others are thinking.
But, he should have left some for you,
right? (hand sign refer to money)
Of course, I was promised that.
But his wife told me,
that he didn't leave
anything to me in his will.
I was too careless.
To easily believe a verbal promise.
I wasn't even allowed to
attend the funeral.
Isn't that cruel?
What are you cooking?
I didn't order anything.
You've been complaining so much,
you must be hungry, right?
How cruel.
Even master said that.
Please try this.
This is....
I can't help it!
Since that person died,
I haven't been eating anything good.
I think I can make a fresh start now.
I see.
I will leave this bowl at the
door later. You can go back now.
Your boss will scold you again.
Also, don't you feel dirty
bringing my leftover bowls back?
Never mind that...
Your boss told me...
You take a long time making
deliveries to the police box.
It makes me uneasy to hear that.
Hello master!
Did you bring me some supper?
I knew it, there's no name written.
What do you mean?
There are a lot of unnamed funeral
urns like this left on trains.
Probably due to difficult circumstances,
they don't get a proper burial.
I'll treat it as a
missing person case.
The person who's looking for
the missing person is "Master"
The missing person is the urn's owner.
Where did I put that form?
Thank you for the meal.
That old man was so stingy.
I thought he was going
to treat me to Yakiniku
It turned out to be ramen.
"This is a great place, right?"
he said that with a proud face.
It seems you picked the wrong guy.
I don't know anything about Class B gourmet.
But that kind of shop
is just for the poor.
Really a disgrace.
What's so funny?
Cause you said Ramen is for the poor,
but you are now eating Napolitan.
I see,
So that's how it is.
His name is Hajime.
He often comes by these days.
Would you like to try some?
May I?
But it's rare to see it
served in a hot plate.
This is how they served
it at my hometown.
Over there,
it's not called Napolitan,
but Italian.
My family was poor.
This was considered a luxury food.
Only during birthdays or
school entrance ceremonies,
we would go to the
department store to eat this.
Those were really happy times.
Give me the same, too!
You are skinny but have
a big appetite, eh ?
Listening to you makes
me feel like eating it.
I often do that too.
Even if I'm careful, some leftover
rice often appears on my cheek.
Is this a prank by the
Izumo god of marriage?
Fate's really an incredible thing.
I can't afford to live with
Tamako-san in a big house.
Let's just start with a small house.
- Your wages are not high
- What's going on here?
I will find a job.
Does Hajime earn a lot?
No. Hajime works in a screw
factory in the neighborhood.
I like to put my plastic
castles in my room.
I don't mind.
Here's your order.
Thank you.
It's surprising, how people
can easily change their heart.
I'll choose this then.
Master, it seems the Gyoen Park's
sakura trees will bloom soon.
I saw that this morning when walking nearby.
Shall we go? Let's invite everyone.
The more the merrier.
Are you alone?
Sometimes, you just want
to be alone right?
Being together all the time
can make you feel overwhelmed.
By the way, did you find a house?
I got dumped.
According to Hajime,
the late president's will was
tampered with by the wife
Tamako finally got a piece
of the inheritance.
I'm sorry.
That's how it is.
I spent quite a bit to celebrate.
Do you choose money over me?
Was I just a stand-in?
Do you always change
your heart so easily?
I see.
You haven't changed.
It was just for fun
since the beginning.
I always thought
of you all this time.
You're really a sentimental person.
You're still young.
Even precious memories
will disappear someday.
Give me another chance, please.
Let me just feel your skin.
Stop it!
If you really want something,
you can only have one.
Don't be greedy.
I learned a valuable
lesson thanks to this.
After all, humans really cannot
change their hearts so easily.
Is that a pickled cherry
blossom on top of anpan bread ?
I jokingly told him to make
this, but he really made it.
And I was so serious about this.
I was hoping to make some money.
Would you like to take a bite?
Salty! Did you really
think this would sell?
Well... maybe some bakery
would like to buy it?
Master, you don't have
to laugh at me too!
Good evening.
Master, give me a hot plate.
I see everyone's here.
Perfect. I just got some extra money. I'd like
to treat everyone. Order anything you like.
Don't bother.
I don't want to be treated
by the likes of you.
I see, because I dumped Hajime,
everyone's treating me like this ?
Hajime is so pitiful,
while I who only think of
money is an awful woman.
Am I wrong?
That's true.
But, we had a clean breakup.
Little girls who keeps dreaming
will never understand me.
Did you ever try to earn money by working?
That's right.
All you do is mooch off others.
Money is neither good or bad.
It just goes from someone's
pocket into mine.
If I'm too dependent to others, when
they're gone, I will be in deep trouble.
I don't want that.
It seems I'm not welcome here.
Let's meet again if fate wills it.
Me and Hajime were very incompatible.
You realized that from
the beginning, right?
Come back again and have a Napolitan.
Later, when I have time.
Thank you very much.
Thank you, please come again.
Thanks, good night
What's the total today?
I was just about to call you.
No need for envelopes.
73,000 yen.
Can I borrow some more?
If you can.
How much?
"Yam rice."
Is that it?
Anything wrong?
The radish?
It's nothing.
I'll take this.
Thank you.
Master, lately I've been unable to eat
liver with chinese chives with Noguchi.
I'll go alone.
I'll go too, I just got my paycheck.
It's in here.
There's a weird rumor that a crying
voice can be heard at night here.
It's true. I heard it too.
Here it is.
Sure enough, there are a lot of people
that can't afford a burial in the city.
There's also family graves
but that's a different matter.
But, master. You're really
nosy, aren't you?
To take home another's funeral urn.
It's possible the owner
will look for it at the store.
It's where it was left after all.
I hope so.
Is this it?
Be careful!
It's not a crying ghost you know.
Noguchi-san, no matter what,
this is the police office.
Shut up. Why do you
always have to correct me?
You... why don't you try
to see things my way.
For example....
Thank you very
much for your help.
I can understand
if it's an example.
But you also use
metaphors and analogies.
Master, I need your
stamp upstairs for this.
I feel so refreshed.
But the shower isn't working.
It's fine in the men's area though.
Thank you.
Purposely going to the police station
for that. It's just like you, Master.
Somehow, I feel sorry for the deceased.
Also, maybe the owner will
come here to fetch it.
You're as clumsy as ever.
Maybe it's tendonitis?
You better get it examined
at the hospital.
It's not a curse from
the second floor, right?
Why don't you take a break for awhile?
Don't push yourself.
I can't do that.
How can you eat so much?
I'll have that, please.
Which one?
Yam rice
It will take some time. Is that ok?
How about I make something
quick to eat first?
Mixed vegetables, fried burdock, sausages.
Which one you'd like?
All of them, please.
Kasumi, she looked very hungry, right?
That woman's hiding something.
There's something's suspicious about her.
Sorry about that.
Sorry, it's taken so long.
That dine-and-dash woman, was she young?
Probably in her twenties.
I'm sure she had some problems.
Covering up a strange woman is your
.....what do you call it?
Psyche? or is it compassion?
That is your weakness.
Taking advantage of Master when his hand
is like that. It's a very bad thing to do.
It's been a while.
You almost ran out, right?
Sorry to bother you.
Another urn....
Is that....
It's Nukadoko (fermented rice bran).
Master's nukazuke is made by this person?
Yes, the nukadoko that I make
doesn't seem to ferment enough.
So I mix a bit with this.
Fermenting is not something
that can be rushed.
It takes time to ferment.
Just like us, right? Master?
You seem busy today. I'll come back
again when it's not as busy.
See you.
Is something going on?
What's your relationship?
She's just an old acquaintance.
I'm sorry.
You'll have to wait till midnight.
Please forgive me!
Did you come here to apologize?
I don't have money.
Can I repay you by working here?
I'm fine by myself.
Then at least... allow me to work
to repay for the meals before.
It's fine. It's not a big amount.
It's not about the amount!
Do you want to come
in and rest a bit?
I know this is not enough.
But please forgive me with this.
I can't take this.
Please don't look down on me.
Use it to take a bath.
Kumagaya is 40 degrees today.
Well, because it is subtropical.
It's the Dine-and-dash woman ...
She's a good girl. Coming back here
to apologize and working to repay.
It's rare to see a responsible
youngster nowadays.
Thank you for waiting.
It's delicious as always.
Master's omelette.
I'll have one too.
The thing is I didn't made this one.
She's the one who made it.
Good Evening.
Do you know her?
She's the proprietress of that high-class
restaurant in Shinbashi. I sometimes go there.
Master, the usual.
Thank you for waiting.
Thank you.
She'll be working here for a while.
Her name is Michiru-chan.
Eh! Is your hand really that bad?
I think it's getting worse.
What are you doing?
It's a habit. I smell
myself to calm down.
You're not an animal.
It's unsightly. Stop that.
I'm sorry.
Did you do the cooking
instead of Master?
Yes. Master taught me
how to season them.
Can I have an omelette too then?
Don't you need to instruct her?
My regulars seems to
like her cooking too.
Is that so?
Thank you for waiting.
All you did was follow
Master's instructions, eh?
But the salt...
it's a little too much.
My words may be harsh, but you
have to learn to accept the truth.
Master too, you've become
soft in your old age.
This is today's wages.
And this is a spare key.
Be careful not to forget to lock up.
You can use the second
floor as you wish.
I haven't used it recently.
You can also use the futon.
I'm sorry.
No, there's no need.
We have to push it
to go up from here.
Get some ginger.
One more.
These too.
Some okra?
Then, two of them.
May I?
Go ahead.
It's really cool and refreshing.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Have a safe trip.
After this, just soak it
in three cups of vinegar.
Hello, Master.
It's really hot, eh.
Is Japan also a subtropical country?
There's been several incidents
of burglary recently.
Don't forget to lock up.
We're fine here. There's
someone who keeps watch here.
Keeps watch?
This is Michiru-chan.
She'll be working here for awhile.
A person that's trusted by Master.
Probably has good abilities.
[She's speaking in Niigata dialect]
I'm just a redneck. I'm sorry.
Nothing to be embarrassed about.
Tokyo is a gathering place for rednecks.
Your dialect, are you from Joetsu, Niigata?
Where in Joetsu?
In Oyashirazu.
(He's quoting the lyrics of a song with the same name)
"Echigo tsutsuishi oyashirazu"
Sea of Japan's raging waves.
I didn't mean to offend you.
I'll take my leave then.
He's an interesting person, eh.
He's a little weird, right?
Excuse me.
Do you need anything?
A wind chime.
A customer.
Pick any one you like.
This one.
How much?
20 yen.
Sorry, but it's 1000 yen.
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
A nice sound.
I heard she's from Oyashirazu.
That's too good to be true.
Where's Oyashirazu?
In Niigata.
We don't know if that's true or not.
Does it matter? She can cook
and is a big help to Master.
Please have a taste.
What is this?
Itto Kobocha (squash).
Michiru got one from
the vegetable shop.
Seems like this is a
common dish in Niigata.
Not much taste but I
can't stop eating it.
But it's really refreshing.
(She's speaking in Niigata dialect)
I'm happy. My grandmother often made a lot
of this during summer when I wasn't hungry.
When I wasn't hungry
during the summer...
Grandma often made this a lot.
Is that what you mean?
Isn't that cute!
Good evening!
Sorry for waiting.
Master, your hand still hurts?
It's not getting any better.
Your spine looks a bit
twisted, you know.
Is that so?
That might be what's causing
the numbness in your hand.
Master, why don't you
have Kimi examine it?
Please come to our clinic sometime.
Can your spine affect your hand?
It's quite common.
Good work, best of luck.
Onion... one bag ...
You've adapted, eh
Also peppers.
One of them then.
I'm back.
Welcome back.
I went to Kimitoshi's clinic.
Unbelieveably, my hand is better.
I understand.
This arrangement was only
until your hand was healed.
Don't worry about it.
What's your plans after this?
I'll have to think about it.
Just give me one week.
You can take the bowl back.
If you don't hurry back,
your boss will scold you.
Thank you for waiting.
This is my embroidery
We may have to part ways soon.
What's Michiru going to do?
Working here is no
longer an option.
Even so,
I think she's going to be okay.
Even if not here, she
can start fresh somewhere.
I'll have a beer.
This is a good shop, eh.
I've been looking for you.
I was worried.
Isn't it you who ran away, Hasegawa?
I have something to
discuss with you.
I'm working now.
It was wrong of me
to steal your savings.
I'm sorry for my running away too.
I will slowly repay my
debt from now on.
This time I will really
help you open a shop.
I don't need the money nor the shop!
(She's speaking in Niigata dialect)
Ah, it's nothing.
Back when I worked in
the pub at Oshirazu,
I was so happy when you said you wanted
to help me open up a shop in Tokyo.
But it's all right now.
I don't need you anymore!
I met your grandmother.
I feel sorry for her. Her
rheumatism has gotten worse.
She was really worried about you.
Therefore, don't stay at this place.
Start again with me. Understand?
What a troublesome person...
Can't you be more
considerate with others?
This doesn't involve you, officer.
Police don't intervene in civil disputes.
I've heard no such thing.
Open up your ears.
She may already have a lover.
Is it me?
Really, you should shut up.
This is a serious conversation.
The other day, I asked
Michiru to be my wife.
She kindly accepted.
I kept it a secret though.
No way would such a thing happen.
As you can see, I am
just a poor civil servant.
But Michiru has always been so kind.
She's become my support.
I've decided to
truly work hard for her.
I don't really believed in red
strings of fate, but it's really true.
Ah! You still don't understand?
She don't need you anymore.
So that's how it is.
That's really sad!
You don't care about your
grandmother in Oshirazu anymore?
You haven't paid for your beer.
We don't allow tabs here.
The thing with Kogure, when were
you going to announce tell us?
Thanks for playing along with me.
That shy smile was perfect.
Then I'll take my leave.
Master, sorry for the intrusion.
Stupid dimwits.
That was some poor acting.
Wait a minute.
What is it?
I heard that you live
on the second floor here?
Does Master go back to
his home every day?
He doesn't sleep here, right?
What do you think about Master?
He's a good man.
He gave me a roof on my head.
Would you like to work
at my restaurant?
Master's hand has healed.
This arrangement can't
keep on going, right?
Don't misunderstand.
I don't intend to
separate you from him.
What do you mean?
What does this mean?
That's how it is.
You love Master, right?
At first, I was only
sharpening knives.
If at that time, Master
refused to shelter me.
What would you have done?
I don't know.
I didn't have any other options.
When I was little.
I had a neighbor called Hideko.
She lived only with her mother.
They were poorer than my family.
Her mother was always busy
working several part-time jobs.
Hideko was the one preparing their meals.
Even if it's just fish head or radish roots,
add a little seasonings and it will make
delicious meals. That's what she taught me.
During the second year of middle school,
Hideko's mother passed away.
Because my family couldn't give any condolence
money, we made and give an omelette instead.
Seeing Hideko's mother laid on a futon
with a white cloth over her face.....
Because I've been an orphan since childhood,
grandmother's the one who raised me.
I was always without my parents.
Or Hideko who's orphaned by her mother's death.
I can't help thinking which was sadder?
Hideko's the one who's been in charge
of the household all this time.
I couldn't say anything to her.
I came in from the back door.
I told her "I made an omelette
for you. Please eat it"
I wanted to go back right away.
But Hideko started eating my omelette.
"It's delicious, Michiru. Thank you",
that's what she told me.
"Please make that omelette
again for other people"
I was so happy that I keep grinning the whole
time at home. Grandmother was very surprised.
But the next day I made an omelette,
Hideko was already gone.
As soon as the funeral was over,
she was taken by her relatives from Hokkaido.
I've lost contact with her since then.
Now, I remember my feelings of that time.
Michiru, today's your last day here.
If there's anything you
want to eat, just say it.
I'll make you it if I can.
Thank you for the meal.
Can I have this?
If I don't hear this sound,
somehow it feels empty.
I will cherish this.
Thank you for taking care of me.
Thank you very much.
- Excuse me.
- Good work.
I'll put the bowls here.
Thank you very much.
Please taste this.
Thank you very much.
Here, this is for you.
It makes me happy that Michiru's been working hard.
Don't trouble the proprietress. Michiru, you should
take of yourself. Don't worry about me, I can take
care of myself. Be happy always.
Don't let your tears enter the stew pot.
Tears are salty after all.
It will change the taste.
"Curry Rice"
Even if you have to put up with
the smell to get this seed,
As I thought, it's smelly, right?
You can even shed tears when
suffering the smell of this.
That's why it's unique.
Interesting, right?
Good evening.
Saya, long time no see.
Master, Fried Chicken and
Soda Whiskey for me.
What about you, Akemi?
Pork miso soup set meal.
Make it a bit light.
When Saya first went to
Fukushima as a volunteer,
The one who took care of
her while adapting was Akemi.
Saya thinks Akemi is a very reliable senior.
How's your new job?
Does it make you sleepy again?
That's not true.
But because I was a novice,
customers often laughed at me.
Do the volunteers do that too?
If we have free time.
Sometimes I have to leave, but Akemi
stayed there even on weekends.
Young people are so great.
Japan still has hope.
Did you go yesterday too?
I felt a bit tired, so I took a break.
Before helping others, if you let yourself
fail, it will mean nothing, right?
Please watch your step.
This really suits you.
Why are you here?
I can't talk about it so please don't ask.
We will soon be
leaving the expressway.
This bus will passing by the
main entrance of Ueno Station.
Ueno station is known as
Tokyo's northern gateway.
In the past, during the economic boom
period it was often called the gold....
That ... golden...
(kin no tama which means golden egg. Kin no tama
however can also be translated as testicles.)
It's often called the golden egg by young ....
It was often called golden egg during Japan's economic
growth, by the workers who were full of hope and dreams.
To the left, you can see the
famous Asakusa Kaminarimon.
This place has been known as a
tourist attraction since Edo period.
It is home to the famous Sanja Festival.
Finally, we can now see the Tokyo Sky Tree.
Its height is 634 meters.
Because Tokyo was formerly Musashi (6-3-4)
province, the tower is built 634 meters tall.
Kenzo, please stop doing this.
Akemi is not going to come here.
Then let me see her.
It's impossible.
Just give up and go home.
Saya. Can't you help me somehow?
There are still people who like
sitting on the dirt floor, eh?
Do you know him?
He's just an acquaintance.
Did you screw up something?
I can see it in your face.
Hey, don't rot there.
Stop it. That's enough.
Come on
I don't want it.
What's that?
Since he had lost his wife in a tsunami,
He became a shut-in the temporary shelter.
But after Akemi came...
he introduced her to the government
officials and district officials.
He also was very nice to me.
But last month when Akemi visited the
temporary shelter to deliver supplies,
He suddenly proposed to her.
Akemi was so shocked that she
couldn't give him an answer right away.
After that, things have become tense.
If I was approached like that...
My heart might waver.
How's Akemi feel about this?
I don't think she's going to accept it.
Then she should give him a proper answer.
That's right.
So, she doesn't want to marry him, eh.
But I feel a bit sorry for him.
After all he came all the way to Tokyo.
That's why he should
receive a proper answer.
If not, he'll always be anxious
and can't carry on with his life.
I tried to talk with Akemi.
He probably misunderstood her attention.
That's how it is.
He's so persistent.
I said it's a misunderstanding.
Even if it's a misunderstanding,
I would still continue. I will not give up.
No matter how good your heart is,
there's always a limit, you know?
It's called balance.
Consideration, you know?
Don't use complex words, whatever.
So rude, eh.
Thank you for the meal.
Thank you.
Hello, good work.
OK, I'll take care of it.
It's not a problem.
That thing too?
Consider it done.
I already said it's OK. Don't worry.
Tokyo people will say anything, eh?
She's probably busy
and can't answer your call.
No matter what I do, she doesn't reply.
E-mail her and tell her that I'm here.
I've been ignored.
I think I better go back.
Help me find a way.
Tell her to meet me.
It's useless, no matter what I say, eh?
Master, bill please.
So cold.
There's someone here
who's in need of help.
It's a bother so you only watch.
That's not fair to me, Kenzo.
I'll pay the bill.
Today it's my treat.
Don't worry, you don't
need to pay me back.
Why don't you give
it a rest, already?
You obviously don't
know what you're saying.
I heard this was a nosy diner.
I don't want my
regulars to be upset.
What's that?
When this is broken,
your wish will be fulfilled.
Eh, I've heard of that before.
What's your wish?
Of course, it's to make Akemi happy.
I see. Then I'll stop being nosy.
Don't pretend to be cool.
To think you're coming to see me. I think
I've just woken from a hundred-year sleep.
Is it because you have free time today?
Well, let's not just
stand here. Let's go inside.
Saya, you come too.
It's been a while since I've gone
to a pachinko room, I'm so tired.
I spent a lot.
It's broken, then your wish will be fulfilled.
Could it be because
you want to be with me?
It's not broken, I cut it off.
It's a joke, don't be angry.
Why are you here in Tokyo?
Because I didn't get a reply.
Like I said, I'm sorry.
Take your time, you
don't need to answer now.
I intend to settle here.
My answer will still not change.
No, no. People's feelings can change.
You can change your feeling anytime.
How long are you going
to continue this?
Don't worry about money.
With the Olympics coming,
it should be easy to find a job.
That's not the problem.
Kenzo, your place's not here.
It's what I want.
Yes, it's always what you want.
Let me go.
It's been awhile. Let's hang out.
My treat.
The man at the police box just now.
Somehow, he's like Noguchi's double.
His sentence always
ended with "tape tape".
When did I say something like that?
You Tokyo people always generalize rednecks.
You probably not aware it, but don't do that.
It's not just his way of speak.
He sits on the floor
while shouting "Akemi".
What do you call it, a kindred soul?
I've always feel I've
seen that attitude before.
How should I know?
Don't talk nonsense.
Just wondering, does that
man wear something here?
A wrap bracelet?
Ah hello, hello. Everyone's here.
This man is Master's acquaintance..
Sorry for the trouble.
It's fine, that man just had
a fight with the local thugs.
He's really strong.
You even covering for me.
Aren't you just being nosy?
Is that curry?
My curry is an effective hangover cure.
This taste... You taught her.
She suddenly said she
wanted to make curry...
Akemi pleaded me to teach her.
There are all kinds of volunteers.
In fact, I can't stand them.
How can they greet strangers?
So I ignored them.
But only Akemi kept visiting
the temporary shelter.
Even if I pretended not to hear, she
kept knocking on the door all week long.
Thanks to her, I slowly regained my senses.
Akemi taught me how to make this.
Then she told me to
make a wish upon it.
I didn't even have a wish at that time.
However, she made me promise to live until
I found a wish that I wanted to be granted.
So it was you.
Akemi told me before.
There was someone who really enjoyed
her curry and kept saying it was delicious.
Old man, you're really persistent.
Doing this side job for three days in a row.
This is the only job
that's willing to hire me.
Don't push too hard.
We don't want you to get sick.
I can't believe you'd
come here to pick me up.
Eat up, it's the same taste.
But, coming here to pick
up a 40-year old man.
You have a lot of free time, eh.
That's enough, Kenzo.
It's unsightly.
Does your back ache?
It's painful to ride a night bus, right?
Everyone's waiting
for you to come back.
Everyone's worried. They're sorry
if they said anything that offended you.
But don't let the loss of
your wife consume you.
Senpai has it easy, eh.
You didn't have any
death in the family.
Bastard! You're rotten to the core.
Take it outside if you want to fight.
How much?
The bill is on me.
That guy's having a hard time.
Even after searching desperately.
There was no trace of his wife.
Not even a photo of her was found.
There's no closure.
They didn't have any children.
They were a very affectionate couple.
We often teased him because of that.
Everything changed for the
worse because of the earthquake.
But even so, watching him become
a bad person, we became very sad.
Did something happen?
What do you mean?
Because you don't usually drink.
The red one there....
Maybe I should order a bottle?
I don't care. I'm not
going to take care of you.
Just this much is nothing.
Excuse me!
What's going on?
Are you drunk?
Do you even need to ask?
Let's talk in my room.
Don't touch me!
What do I have to say to
make you understand?
You took advantage of my feelings
and position as a volunteer.
I did no such thing.
I feel awful knowing that
you keep following me.
That you became
like this is my fault.
Because all this time, everything I did
was a mistake. I keep blaming myself.
I can't become a sincere
volunteer anymore.
My pain might be nothing
compared to yours.
Did it ever occur to you that
your feelings for me would hurt me?
I'm sorry. I will back down.
I wish I could return to the beginning when
we were just a volunteer and disaster victim.
What have I been
doing all this time?
Sorry for coming when it's closed.
I don't mind. Do you want a drink?
What is it?
I was having an affair just
before the earthquake...
with my company's boss.
I got dumped.
I felt so miserable staying in Tokyo.
That's why I joined the
volunteers on the weekends.
Actually, anywhere was fine.
I just wanted to get out of Tokyo.
Everyone there was so kind...
and very strong.
I didn't do a lot for them but they
thanked me many times nonetheless.
So did Kenzo.
But I'm not that kind of person.
What do you mean?
I just wanted to console myself and take advantage
of their feelings in order to forget my problems.
I've always been like that.
A despicable woman who only
cared about my own feelings.
I think Kenzo already realized that.
Akemi's feeling.
Isn't about time you forgive yourself?
Chuu-san, what happened?
I don't know.
Didn't you hear anything?
Are they still fighting?
Sorry about that.
It's fine.
Wait, why did you bring that here?
Master's going to offer a prayer for it at
the nearby temple early in the morning.
Therefore, before we part ways,
we should all drink together.
That's right.
In order for him not
to dwell here anymore,
let's give him a warm farewell.
Why is there a funeral urn here?
Someone forgot to take it home.
It's been six months already.
Hey, what are you doing? Stop it!
Just watching others drink,
even the deceased will be displeased.
I don't know where you come
from. But you're so rude.
You'd better apologize to him.
I'll apologize.
All I need to do is apologize, right?
I'm the one who's always wrong.
Forgive my rudeness!
Is this..?
I heard it's often done with the
deceased's photo or mementos.
There's nothing in there.
It's just a substitute.
It's better for it to be a bit
heavy than completely empty.
That's what happened
with my wife's urn too.
I didn't want to admit it.
With just this little weight,
I couldn't accept her death.
Because if there's nothing left.
They will know that it's
just a substitute.
It's better than nothing at all.
We used sand from the beach
where we always walked together.
They filled up the urn.
Even I can understand the feelings
of the person who left this urn.
He came to Tokyo.
Leaving this fake memories,
he just wanted to start all over again.
I just wanted to forget everything.
to find someone else for comfort.
But still, why can't I
find any happiness at all?
No one picked it up after all.
All I can do is hold
a funeral for him.
I can't go back home empty-handed.
At least I'll need to bring
back some souvenirs.
But there are people like
that, eh. That Master.
A really nosy person.
There's no money in it.
But he also gave shelter
to a stranger's remains.
It's not just the Master,
the regulars too.
I see.
Sorry, we're about to depart.
Sorry for troubling you.
Can I come over to
make some curry rice?
I'll do better.
I want you to try it.
There's a lot of people
who's waiting for you.
Really a lot.
Please do so.
I can't believe we'd
actually do this.
Instead looking like a mummy,
you look like a badly injured old man.
I knew it. I should've pick Dracula.
Dressing up is so tiring, eh.
Next year, let's
lighten it up a bit.
Please accept my apology.
I've been troubling you greatly by
leaving behind an ominous object here.
I humbly ask for your forgiveness.
You. Could it be?
I am the owner of the urn.
Thank you.
That was my ex-husband.
I knew it!
It must have been hard for you.
It's painful, right?
Those who know nothing have no right to speak.
Empty words are no help to anyone
But, I can only say this.
Everyone has a right to start all over again.
Things have been hard.
This is an embarassing story.
My ex-husband ran away with his lover.
I was already pregnant at that time.
That was 25 years ago.
I got engaged and remarried.
I had new husband
and a newly born son.
My ex was dumped by his lover.
I heard that he didn't
even have a home.
He finally died after neglecting
his health for many years.
He had no other relatives.
My son and I had no choice
but to collect his ashes.
Why did you leave it here?
It was the night when we
were about to go back home.
We happened to pass by this shop.
After eating the delicious pork soup set.
My son suddenly said he didn't
want to bring back the ashes.
When I was hesitating...
I could feel the warmth coming from the owner,
the cooking and the aura around this diner.
We decided to leave it in your care.
It was just an impulse.
That urn was heavy, right?
We put my ex's prized
possessions in there.
Before he passed away, he
wanted to be buried with them.
That was in his will that was left
with the apartment's landlord.
Being a zealous Kshien (baseball stadium) fan, he took
home some of its soil during his high school player days.
He really treasured it.
So the soil...? It's...?
That's the only treasure that man had.
At that time, I was attending the stand
at Kshien selling refreshments.
While praying for my ex's team to win.
Even now, I still remember that time vividly.
That's how I feel.
How about some refreshments?
How about some refreshments?
So, where's the urn?
Oh, that ...
You're really popular, eh.
This girl suddenly said she
wanted to inhale my scent.
I see.
But I don't smell.
That's how this situation came to be.
It's because you have a light scent,
that she has to be that close to smell it, eh.
By the way, what festival is it today?
It's a foreign celebration.
So that's it.
It's really lively, eh.
I have to pick up an urn at the temple early
in the morning, so I'll take my leave now.
Thank you for waiting.
Thank you.
It's beginning to snow.
It's true.
It's becoming colder.
Master, give me something warm.
Me too.
Me too.
Coming up!
Good evening.
Long time no see.
You look happy.
I brought some of my cooking.
Thank you.
Can I open it?
Five layers?
Looks delicious.
Did you make this?
Then let's all eat it together.
What do you want to eat?
Is Yam rice ok?
Thank you for waiting.
At the end of the day, when
people are rushing home...
...that's when my day starts.
People call my eatery
the 'midnight diner.'
Do customers come? You ask...
There's quite a number who do.