Midnight Hustle (2023) Movie Script

[instrumental music]
[instrumental music]
[upbeat music]
[car engine revving]
[music continues]
[Porsha Love & Mission
singing "Run It Up"]
[song continues]
-Hi, how are you?
-What can I get you?
-Three shots.
[song continues]
Say ah
-Three shots for the VIP.
-Of course.
[indistinct chatter]
Thanks, love.
I'll deliver these.
[intense music]
I see you brought some friends.
I did.
[Micky] Let me arrange
some more privacy.
[Micky] Take it out
of what I owe you.
All right.
[upbeat music]
[indistinct whispering]
Champagne room's all set up.
[music continues]
[man] Wait. I feel dizzy.
Oh, shit!
-[man groans]
-[woman] Okay, you're okay.
-Oh, shit.
-[indistinct chatter]
-Take a seat. Take a seat.
[woman 1] Huh!
[woman 2] Micky...
-[woman screams]
-[woman 1] Oh, my God.
[woman 1] Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
No, Micky, please.
Micky, please,
we can work this...
-[woman screams]
-[body thuds]
-[intense music]
I'm gonna need new dancers.
[music continues]
-[instrumental music]
-[switch clicks]
[electrical buzzing]
Are you gonna take those off?
I'll strip
once I take the stage.
-When do you go?
-[Nadia] Soon.
-Why? You okay?
-Yeah, a little hungry.
[Nadia] You ain't eat
at school?
Mom forgot my lunch.
We'll get something
when I'm done here.
We'll grab something
for mom, too.
She drinks her dinner.
Hey, she's getting better.
You gotta give her a chance.
She's trying.
[Alicia] What?
[Juliet] Ow! You're hurting me.
[Alicia] There's nothing
the judges like better
than a high extension, Juliet.
you got your father's bowlegs.
These bowlegs carried me
to Japan's youth Grand prix.
But you didn't get
the grand prix, did you?
pain and practice equal...
[ballet music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[woman] What did you think
of that?
[suspenseful music]
[indistinct chatter]
[woman] Okay, thank you.
Wait, what, what-what did they
say? What, what'd they say?
They said I was too aggressive.
I-I trained in St. Petersburg.
You want a smile?
Get a chorus girl.
No, Juliet,
get-get back out there.
Go and tell them
how much you adore dance.
I'm done with direction.
You tell them,
tell them you love ballet.
You, you love it. I'm tired.
Juliet, don't be ridiculous.
This is your life.
-You can't just--
-What life? I'm a puppet.
My every thought concerns
whether my movements
are articulated properly,
the extension of my legs,
the curve of my fucking foot!
I hate it! Fuck!
[instrumental music]
[door opens]
[water sloshing]
I know auditions are stressful,
but you really shouldn't yell
at your mom.
It's a blessing to have a parent
who cares about your success.
Not all moms
are that supportive.
You have no idea of the pressure
I've endured my whole life.
There's no joy anymore.
She took that.
How? By flying you to fancy
Russian dance schools?
[woman on PA]Nadia Georges,
two-minute warning.
That's a two-minute warning.
Break a leg. Literally.
[eerie music]
Here. Happy to be here.
[breathing heavily]
[ballet music]
[music continues]
[indistinct chatter]
-Okay? No.
-No, please.
[indistinct chatter]
-Hey, stop!
-Get off of me.
My God. Nadia.
Oh, my God, Nadia.
-Okay? Oh, my God.
-Can somebody help us?
-Can you get up, baby? Come on.
Come on, come on, come on,
I got you.
[Nadia groaning]
[Salina] Come on. Okay.
-[Nadia groans]
-[indistinct chatter]
[instrumental music]
Nice strong turnout, yes.
Perfect. Great.
So we'll bring our hands
up to our waist,
right in front of our itty-bitty
belly button. All right, good.
Keep practicing, and soon you'll
be able to rise on your toes
like a real ballerina.
Oh, ah.
Uh, quickly now, okay.
Um, second position.
All right.
I'd like strong plies, please.
[Nadia] And grand plie down.
One, two.
[Juliet] Are there
any practice rooms available?
Uh, we don't have practice
rooms, but you can use the gym
if it's not reserved
for a basketball game...
or a rec class.
Is there a schedule posted
of when it's free or--
Don't you have a home studio?
[chuckles] I don't have a home
at the moment.
I moved out
of my parents' apartment.
Hm, that's a tough break.
What, your mom get tired
of your disrespect?
If you mean me not blindly
executing her every move,
then, yeah, I quit ballet.
And my parents said
if I wanted to throw away
their considerable investment
in me,
then I could survive
on my own dime.
That's tough. I'm sorry.
It's for the best.
So, um, you're all healed?
[scoffs] I didn't even think
you saw me.
You embodied love for the art
until you fell.
I'm sorry,
I shouldn't have said that.
I felt awful
thinking that I threw you off.
No, it-it wasn't you.
I just got distracted.
I broke a metatarsal.
The ER nurse taped the busted
toe to the one next to it,
but it didn't set right.
Now I'm gonna need surgery
to fix it.
Well, don't you have
health insurance?
This business,
you're either a principal dancer
or you're begging friends
to stay on their couch
while you interview
for barista positions.
You're really done with dance?
Ballet, yes.
But dancing's all I know.
I didn't attend school
past the second grade.
My parents hired tutors
so that I could spend
every waking moment
listening to my mom
and her instructors
tell me how to move,
how to think and how to breathe.
After 20 years in a tutu,
I really wanna dance for myself.
Light up a room, like you.
So, uh, barista positions, huh?
How well does that pay?
I don't know how anybody
survives on minimum wage.
Oh, well, when it's all
you have, you figure it out.
I'm thinking
there's an alternative.
So I have this friend.
Well, sort of friend.
We are competitors
out of summer intensive.
And she quit ballet.
And I think she does, like,
music videos or something.
Those shoes must cost
at least a grand.
1395, to be exact. I'm getting
drinks with her tonight.
And I was wondering
if you maybe wanted to come.
Maybe she can give us some tips
on how we both can cover rent.
I... Thanks. I-I can't.
I gotta take care
of my little sister.
It's not till late, plus,
I haven't spoken to Paris
in a while.
So it might be less awkward
with the two of us.
-This place can't pay much.
Not when you have one student.
Sure, okay.
What do I have to lose?
[Alibi Music singing
"Boss Chic"]
[indistinct chatter]
Girl, I have not seen you
since Madame Olenski
was screaming at us
about finger placement.
And as I recall, you gave her
a very specific finger.
[chuckles] I gave her two.
Oh, my God, it's so good to see
you. You never had time before.
-I never had a life before.
This is my friend Nadia
I was telling you about.
She's hot. You're hot.
Juliet didn't mention.
[Juliet] I said
she was a dancer.
Yeah, well, dancers can be
skeleton on bone,
and you are a head turner.
-Come on.
So Juliet says you make a good
living without a dance company.
Damn right. I only dance for me
and my fans.
Okay, that came out wrong.
I-I dance, 'cause...
You know what?
I think it's better
if I just show you.
If you want something done
do it yourself
Do it yourself do it
do it yourself
[instrumental music]
Don't be shy.
[Paris] Welcome
to Pandora's Palace.
Ah, you may have seen London.
Or you may have seen France.
But you ain't seen nothing
till you've seen me dance.
[male announcer] Aw, shit. We
got our girl Paris in the house.
[woman] Whoo!
[Alibi Music singing
"Drop It Down"]
It's easy money.
A little hair toss,
some sustained eye contact.
Always wear a bra.
Reminds them not to touch.
Unless you tell them to.
Ty baby, cocktails
for my friends, please.
I got you.
So how much do you make here
versus lap dancers?
When you know what you're doing,
pole pays the rent,
and the rest
is discretionary income.
-I see you brought guests.
-Meet my friends, Micky.
Classically trained
like yours truly.
And I know we need more talent
since Candy and Licorice left.
We can always use girls
who know how to put on a show.
I'm in.
What about you?
Ow! Not so rough.
[intense music]
Uh, I gotta get home.
[Micky] Hey.
For cab fare.
Subways get dangerous at night.
Keep your options open, Nadia.
[door opens]
[door shuts]
[dogs barking]
[door opens]
You were out late.
Subway was delayed.
You're up late.
Looking for work.
Everyone wants a car
or a clean record.
Apply anyway. You can explain
things at the interview.
Once folks find out
about my record,
they either assume
substance abuse or worse.
I don't get to explain
a damn thing.
I was hoping,
after three months,
someone would give me a shot,
that there will be something
with health insurance.
You just concentrate
on staying sober, for Rose.
Yeah, well.
You working at a community
center is not paying bills.
Don't worry.
I'll figure it out.
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[music continues]
[line ringing]
Hello. Is this Micky?
[Alibi Music singing
"Came To Play"]
Dead girl like come to play
Dead girl like come to play
[Paris]Okay, remember
to keep the core tight.
-Hug the pole.
-Oh, my God.
-It's just like a Pirouette.
I told you,
it's literally like ballet.
Except, instead of a guy
doing all of our lifts,
we've got our trusty man
of steel.
-All right, let me try again.
-All right.
Uh, Micky told me to come early
for training.
[Paris] I'm glad
you changed your mind.
I was just teaching
Juliet here some moves.
And she's been a star student.
That's why they loved her
in Russia.
Yeah, but you're also
a good teacher.
Thank you.
You know, I kinda do
wanna open, like,
a ballet, jazz, stripper-fusion
kind of studio one day,
in the future.
When the booty stops
bringing in the Benjamins
[Paris grunts, laughs]
All right, Nadia, let's go.
Your turn. All ready.
Mm, mm.
Yeah. Can you please...
Okay, come on, let's go.
-Okay, see? How's that feel?
It's like the stag leap
I'm used to,
but if a beam got in the way.
Paris calls it our man of steel.
-Star student.
-[Nadia chuckles]
-Paris showing you the ropes?
-Ooh, no.
Ropes are the next lesson,
followed by whips and chains.
[Micky] Yeah, she's teasing,
listen, when I opened this spot,
I wanted to create a safe place
for the ladies to make money
and for everyone
to enjoy themselves.
Safety is Micky s job. He was,
like, a bodyguard, right?
Yeah, something like that.
Anyone harass
my baby ballerinas,
say the word, and I'll fix it.
Thanks for looking out.
I'm looking forward to tonight.
I'm sure you'll all
knock 'em dead.
Uh, all right, let's talk
what you're gonna wear.
Ooh, yay!
If I were to say your name
Would you answer?
Take the hand
of a lonely dancer
I know it's funny
when I move like that
Breathe too deep
and kind of lose my track
'Cause you you're always
walking on water
I feel like
such an impostor
But if you give me the chance
to love you
Oh I'll love you
So if you need me now
I'll show up at your door
Yeah you can take it all
and I still give you more
I couldn't see before
but now I know it's true
I do I do
it's always been you
Who makes me feel okay
when I've been broken down
I think you know me better
than I know myself
You take the quirks in me and
let the light come through
It's true it's true
it's always been you
[indistinct song playing]
You were phenomenal out there.
You know that, right?
Thank you.
To your first performance.
You know, it's amazing
seeing someone like you here.
-Someone like me?
-[chuckles] Cheers.
I just mean, with your training,
you should be in Carnegie Hall.
Maybe I don't wanna be on stage
in a tutu.
I wanna make people
feel something when I dance
and I wanna feel something.
And I'm supporting myself,
so I'm not ashamed.
Uh, you shouldn't be ashamed.
I didn't mean, like...
God, uh... How do I say this?
You made me feel
some type of way.
[song continues]
[male announcer]There you are,
it's prime time
on the main stage!
Y'all better grab
your passports
and make some noise for Paris!
[instrumental music]
I'm on my way big endeavor
I keep my crown on forever
[scoffs] Nadia.
Uh, my friend's
still learning the ropes.
Mind if I let her watch?
Now you can run run
you can run
Now you can run
run you can run
Come on
Come on
Uh, don't touch.
Run you can run
Now you can run run
you can run
I said don't do that.
I'm a dancer.
[intense music]
-No! You crazy?
You like spanking girls?
Let's go!
Get out of here!
[indistinct chatter]
I don't wanna see you
back here again.
[door shuts]
So, when do I dance?
Now you can run run
you can run
Now you can run
run you can run
[upbeat music on stereo]
Cherry poppin' present.
You got me something?
You should've saved your money.
-I was terrible out there.
-Girl, it's just nerves.
All right, tomorrow I'm gonna
make sure that you get some
good stage time,
get in your zone,
forget about all the guys
out there.
It gets easier, trust me.
All right, enough. Open it.
Oh, right, thanks.
[chuckles] Girl, no.
That's what they're called.
Pleasers. Stripper lingo.
-[Paris] You gotta learn it.
-All right.
-[Paris] And you're welcome.
You know, we're so used
to putting all our weight on our
toes, that six inches
is nothing.
Juliet guessed your size
from your ballet shoes.
[instrumental music]
My lady.
Okay, now, that is a sexy foot.
[music continues]
[Nadia] Okay.
I feel like a sexy Cinderella.
Oh, well, honey,
call me fairy godmother,
'cause tomorrow
you're gonna shine like magic.
[Paris] Damn. Little something.
Oh. Little something.
Little something.
-Little something.
Oh, yes. Ha-ha-ha...
[indistinct chatter]
[male announcer]Hi, y'all.
her Pandora's Palace debut,
we got some new booty
on the stage.
How about y'all
make some noise for
Naughty Nadia?
Loving on you baby
I know
that we haven't talked
But it's the way that
My body don't know
how to walk
I wash away 'cause...
to swim
I'm about to lose the wind
I'm about to jump right in
Will you?
[crowd cheering]
Save me if you wanna
Can you fix the fever?
[indistinct singing]
Am I going crazy?
Something about your hands
in the dark
[both laughing]
[upbeat music]
Hey, hey, you think
I could get a dance?
-I'm on break right now, sorry.
[indistinct song]
[intense music]
[Nadia]So what goes down
in the champagne room?
Yeah, nothing much. The usual.
-Private dances?
-Yeah. Sure.
-And what do those entail?
-I mean, what do you expect?
Uh, that guy
that you tossed out before,
thank you for doing that.
He was implying
that girls do more than dance.
-You wanna do more?
-No, of course not.
Good. You two are artists.
You don't need to get caught up
in the back rooms.
But if a guy
asks for a private dance,
I wanna know
what he thinks is on the table.
I'm not trying to get in
over my head.
Well. You feeling
over your head, call me.
Or you can just call me.
[chuckles] I would love to get
to know you more, Juliet.
Outside of this place,
of course.
[instrumental music]
[music continues]
[door opens]
[music continues]
[instrumental music]
[Ty] I swear, you get finer
every time I see you, love.
Promise you'll stop by,
have a drink with me tonight?
Not gonna leave me hanging,
all right?
I'll see you then.
-Did you have a good night?
-I did.
Did you?
Yeah. Sure.
I saw you bring that guy
into the champagne room.
Do you make more money
doing whatever you do in there?
I didn't fuck him,
if that's what you're ask--
I wasn't implying.
Guys think that
they can get laid in there.
But what happens isn't sex.
It's, it's complicated.
[chuckles] It's complicated
doesn't sound legal.
Yeah, well, speeding isn't
legal, but everyone goes
ten over in the fast lane.
It's expected.
And if no one's enforcing it...
You'll see how much money
can be made.
Tomorrow before our shifts,
we'll make it a party.
Oh, and, uh, bring Nadia.
[upbeat music]
Oh. Ow...
Oh, shit.
Rose is at school.
You need to pick her up
in an hour.
She's gone?
No. She needs lunch.
Taken care of. I was gonna
leave you grocery money.
But I can't expect you
to spend it on food.
I barely touch that.
You know, I have learned not to
expect you to take care of me,
but I'd hoped you'd stay sober
long enough
to be there for Rose,
to contribute something.
I'm only in this position
'cause of how I had to pay
for your formula, your diapers,
your food.
So don't be acting
all high and mighty.
You don't get to drinkmy money.
Your money?
You think you're the only one
who can make men
to spend a little money?
You don't even know
what you're talking about.
You ain't teaching baby ballet
until the dark side of night.
-I'm working.
-Yeah? Doing what?
I took a night shift
at a burger joint.
You said it yourself,
"Teaching at a community center
ain't paying the bills."
-Nadia, where are you going?
-My other job!
I have a new student
starting today.
[instrumental music]
I guess you're getting
another private lesson today.
Um, okay, let's just start
with plies.
Very nice.
[cell phone chimes]
[upbeat music]
Oh, that's beautiful.
Let's go to second position,
Down. Uh-huh.
Plank the knee. Hm.
Oof. Ooh, you look good as hell!
You got a date tonight
or something?
I actually don't even know
what it's for.
Okay, if you really wanna start
making more money,
you need to start dressing
like it.
Put this on.
You've already given me shoes.
I can't have you buying
my clothes, too.
You're borrowing from my closet
this time. Okay?
After a few nights of fishing,
you're gonna be able to buy
yourself all the designer
dresses you want.
Wednesdays are slow.
So we go reel in
some new clientele.
So we're bait?
Oh, no, baby. We are not the
bait. We're the barracudas.
[Paris]We just show off at the
most expensive hotel lounge,
pretend we're having
a girls' night.
Go straight for the rich guys
and give them the attention
they've been craving.
This is our friend, Juliet.
-Isn't she beautiful?
-Oh, yeah.
[Paris]You can always tell
the size of their bank accounts
by looking at the watch.
Everyone knows Rolex.
You need to know Patek,
Millie and Piguet as well.
And we won't be the only pretty
girls there in the crowd
but we will be the most fun.
No strings attached.
After a few shots
and some ego stroking,
they're gonna feel like
they're ten-feet tall,
like they own the entire room.
And once we have 'em,
we reel 'em in,
let 'em know
how much we love to dance
and that we're dancers.
The real deal.
We invite 'em to
the perfect place, a strip-club
where they're sure to have
the time of their lives.
We're doing them a favor.
We're making them feel like
they're part of the in-crowd.
Girl, we entertain
for a few hours
while the club
charges for drinks,
plus 200 an hour per dancer.
Any guy alone at a swanky hotel
loungeis DLA,
desperate, lonely
and anonymous.
Everyone wants to have fun,
but these guys,
what they really want
is permission to escape.
They're begging for it.
Heh, girl, we're gonna have
them spending their kids'
inheritances with a smile
and moving in ways that's gonna
have their head spin.
Both heads,
if you catch my drift. Heh-heh.
[instrumental music]
[Juliet]Just because somebody
has money doesn't mean
they deserve to get taken
advantage of. My dad--
Don t be surprised if you see
your daddy in here. Okay?
Most of the guys in here
are somebody's daddy.
You know how much money
these guys spend
betting on stocks
to move a fraction of a cent?
We spend years, years,
perfecting our art
and our bodies.
We have value, too.
-We need more drinks.
-I'll go get 'em.
[rap song playing]
Tell Ty I want my usual.
three with the hard stuff.
Thanks, Ty.
[Ty] How are those guys
treating you all?
All right, I guess.
Juliet's guy's too drunk
to be a problem.
Mine's a little handsy.
I'm glad
I'm delivering these then.
Leave those. I'll take them.
[ominous music]
That should make them nice
and, and docile
before the check arrives.
It's only a sedative.
They're not gonna know
anything about it.
Unless you tell on me.
-I won't, but--
-[Micky] You all are my girls.
[Micky] And it's my job
to make sure that you get paid.
And that's not gonna happen
if I have to throw out every
single guy that gets fresh.
I just wanna make sure
that you and Juliet stay
champagne room virgins.
Just taking care
of my baby ballerinas.
Thanks, Micky.
[music continues]
It doesn't add up, Frank, okay?
I know what Tony said.
But this is a business,
not an ATM machine.
It's not like the business
I was in before.
Not that I bring that up
for any particular reason,
because I'm a lot happier
doing this than I was that.
[indistinct chatter]
Let me rework the numbers
and get back to you.
In the meantime,
let me take care of you.
Hey, Paris.
Come meet my old friend.
[Nadia] Paris?
Get some sleep, Nadia.
I'm making a new friend.
Take our man
to the champagne room.
Give him
the special VIP treatment.
[suspenseful music]
Have a good day, girls.
It's just a few more lap dances.
[footsteps approaching]
Nadia, wait. Please.
I know I messed up.
And I know I'm not the mom
that you...
and Rose deserve.
But I'm trying really hard.
Twenty-four hours.
One day at a time.
Good for you.
I'm gonna start helping out
around here.
And I'll hopefully get a job,
pay the rent.
And maybe I can get something
with health insurance
to help pay for the surgery.
It's just,
you have so much talent,
and I just want people to know,
like, who you are.
I know you wanna help, mom,
but you can barely
help yourself.
I'm trying.
People don't get second chances.
The guys that I got mixed up
with, the old-school Mob types,
they made me think
that I was making money.
But I didn't know the price.
I need to go to work.
[instrumental music]
Hey, this is Paris' spot.
Micky told me I could have it.
-Juliet, you seen Paris?
Maybe she went fishing
without us.
But her car is outside
and her bag's still here.
And she's got the stage tonight.
She's fine, Nadia.
She's a grown woman.
[eerie music]
Maybe someone else can get
some time in on the main stage.
[instrumental music]
[line ringing]
Hey, Paris, it's Nadia.
Juliet and I were wondering
if you were coming in tonight.
I hope you're not sick
or nothing.
Call me.
[music continues]
I'm gonna talk to Micky,
if you care.
[eerie music]
[rap song playing]
[male announcer]Hey, fellas,
if you broke,
put your stinking ass
on the club.
Paris isn't backstage.
Have you heard from her?
I thought she'd have told you.
You two always seemed close.
We haven't spoken
since last night.
-Paris quit. Yeah.
Things went well with the guy
I introduced her to.
Spent the whole night
in the champagne room.
Then came back and told me
she was quitting.
Running off to Miami
to be with him.
She left with him?
But she loves dancing.
Champagne room's
not about dancing.
-It is to me.
-It wasn't for Paris.
She said she didn't do that.
But her car is still outside.
This is... Enough about Paris.
You are a true dancer,
you and Juliet.
And I think our baby ballerinas
are ready for prime time.
I'll go get ready.
Yeah yeah
Yeah oh yeah
Yeah oh yeah oh yeah
No no thought
he was a nice babe
[men cheering]
Thought it was
the right way
[indistinct singing]
And look
what I had to suffer
I've done my time...
I'm looking for the one
I can't lose myself to none
Our baby ballerinas
have set the bar too high.
Yeah. There's no one else
I'd rather watch.
[song continues]
And when I get out there
I couldn't take a leap
[crowd cheering]
And when I get out there
gonna take a leap yeah
And put myself out there
out there
[knocking on door]
Customers are requesting you
on the floor.
I'm actually gonna leave a bit
early today. I have a date.
And going forward,
I'd like to confine my work
to the stage
and to the champagne room,
if that's okay with you.
It's a strip club, Juliet.
Yeah, and clients value me
for my artistry.
People that we bring in
think that they're on a date,
so they act different.
I don't think you understand.
Honestly, Micky,
I just don't wanna risk it.
People out there can get
really handsy and aggressive,
and I just don't think that
I should have to deal with that.
So you don't like the work
I mean, it's not like
I wanna be here forever.
I eventually wanna go off
and see
what the world has to offer me,
like Paris.
It's weird, though, she hasn't
returned any of my calls,
and I'm honestly
getting kind of worried.
I was thinking about
putting in, like,
a wellness check or something.
[ominous music]
You wanna talk to the cops?
[Ty] Julie, you ready, my love?
Oh, and, Micky,
I do really appreciate this job.
It's given me, uh, independence.
And you and Ty make me feel
really safe.
So I'll see you tomorrow.
-You always look so good.
See you, Micky. Have a good one.
[dramatic music]
-Thanks for getting dinner.
-My pleasure.
You know I could have took you
somewhere nicer, right?
This counts.
I've been tortured my whole life
with fancy dinners.
French fries are freedom.
You know,
I'm pretty low-maintenance.
You? Low-maintenance?
-You're kidding me, right?
-Okay, you're right.
I'm far from low-maintenance,
it's just with all the training,
I never really had time
to do any of this.
It's been difficult for me
to make real relationships.
-Even friendships.
-Well, you have that now.
-I mean, with Nadia and Paris.
-Paris just ghosted me.
And I haven't known Nadia
for that long.
Yeah, they're my friends.
But this is the first time
I've ever been able
to make my own relationships,
do what I really wanna do
and live my own life.
I'm happy to hear that.
But what is it you wanna do?
Ah-ah-ah-ah ah-ah-ah-ah
Ah-ah-ah-ah ah-ah-ah
Uh. Check, please!
I'm all alone
But I don't feel safe no
Just like I lose every card
I play mm
Washing the blood
off of my hands
Washing the blood
I set fires
that I can't put out
Smoking the stage flames
in my house
I will make a voice
inside my
-What's this?
-It's a private dance.
For your eyes only.
I am a demon
living under my bed
But I'm changing
Look, Juliet,
as much as I would love
all of this,
you know my feelings for you
go a lot deeper
than a dance, right?
On my side but I still cry
I want better days
Yeah I still cry
For better days
Ooh ooh ooh
On my knees on my knees
let me pray
Let me fight
till I wake up say
Girl I know I'm dying
Yeah yeah
Oh oh oh oh oh
[hip-hop song playing]
[male announcer]Let's see some
bachelorettes in the house.
Bottle service available
all night.
Hey, Nadia.
You did well in Paris' spot.
You like working here?
Can't see how I'd make the rent
without it.
-You haven't heard from Paris?
-Hey, this is about you.
And you're doing a little better
than making rent
on a one-bedroom in the boonies.
Your address
was on your application.
Oh. I take care of my mom
and sister.
Half of what I make
goes to them.
-They know what you do?
-Uh, no.
My mom, she'd get worried
that I get into other things.
I won't, though.
And I know better.
[Micky] Girls call him
Handsome Johnny.
You want me to bring him
to the champagne room?
- Bingo.
- I don't usually go after...
specific guys. We, uh, just look
for the ones with nice watches.
This one has
a really nice watch.
He's a looker, a little less
generous with the tips.
But we'll make sure he pays.
You know, I haven't done this
without Paris.
Enough about Paris!
It'll be a real good night.
Double the norm. Easy.
How'll I know
I've the right guy?
You can't miss him, you might've
seen him around, he has this
large spider-web tattoo
on his neck.
And, Nadia, he's bound to have
a friend or two.
-Bring Juliet.
-Yeah. Okay.
[ominous music]
[line ringing]
Hey. Hey, it's me. Yeah. Yeah.
Um, w-wait, listen.
We're on for tomorrow night.
I need your help to set up.
It doesn't matter.
I need you here.
This is the reason I pay you.
So shut the fuck up.
[music continues]
[dramatic music]
[indistinct song]
Let's keep it going steamy
Do you wanna party
with me?
I'm gonna see you move move
move your body
I see you coming closer
Hello, I wouldn't wanna intrude
on your ladies' night,
but I would love if you both
join me at my table
and my tab.
How generous.
I'm Juliet.
Shall we?
Move your body
[song continues]
Huh. We can all squeeze.
[Johnny] So, what brings
you girls out tonight?
Uh, drinks and dancing.
-[Juliet] We're dancers.
You look familiar.
Uh, do you ever go
to the ballet?
-We're ballerinas.
-Classically trained.
Oh. I'm with
some black swans, huh?
So you are a fan of ballet.
No, I'm more of a movie guy,
but I appreciate
beauty and grace.
Then you should see us dance.
-We should all go somewhere.
Oh, do you know a place
around here
with a stage and good music?
[song continues]
Let's get some more champagne
over there.
Johnny, it's good to see you.
Got a great table for you.
Ah. And I'll get you
some drinks ready.
-All right? Yeah.
-Good, good. Put it on my tab.
Because you're all gonna be
taken care of tonight.
Champagne room's almost ready.
[snaps finger]
Ty, drinks, shots, all around.
[indistinct chatter]
[Micky] Shots
for the heart-breakers.
[indistinct song]
You want a lap dance?
[Juliet] It's what the girls
do here to pay rent.
[ominous music]
And when in Rome...
[music continues]
Juliet, have you seen the owner?
Is something the matter?
I, uh, wasn't sure if we were
taking these
to the private room.
Don't want us to drink too much
beforehand and get too sloppy.
Yeah, Sal'd need a gallon
before he feels anything.
[music continues]
Nah, I'm good.
My hands are occupied.
[ominous music]
[intense music]
Uh, uh, Mick, it's me.
Do me a favor, please?
Send Juliet home.
She doesn't deserve this.
Don't get her mixed up
in all of this.
a spoiled little rich girl
to piss off her parents.
No, she's not.
She's supporting herself.
[scoffs] She's slumming it
for shits and giggles.
I mean, the minute things
get rough, she's running off
to mom, dad
and, and their money.
And you're crazy if you think
she's inviting you
to Thanksgiving.
Plus, I can't risk Nadia
going to the police about Paris.
Nadia and Juliet
won't stop asking questions.
And if Nadia were
to disappear, too, mn-mn...
[inhales sharply]
Yeah, uh, uh, that's it, Mick.
Juliet and Paris
weren't that close.
And her and Nadia
compete all the time.
I know you see it on that stage.
If Nadia were to fall off
the face of the planet,
Juliet would just think
they weren't that close, right?
Come on, Mick.
[music continues]
I'm afraid
that's an uncomfortable level
of risk for me.
What about you, Ty?
What risk
are you comfortable with?
All right.
Make it clean at least?
And, uh, I'll leave the body
the police could find it.
Fix it to look
like a robbery. I...
Give 'em an open casket.
It's the least
you can do me, right?
Yeah. I drugged their drinks.
They'll be so out of it,
they won't know what to do.
And I'll leave
those pretty faces untouched.
Thanks, Mick.
[intense music]
we should get out of here.
[Johnny] Champagne room
should be ready.
Juliet, we should go
to the ladies' room, freshen up.
You know, she's pretty
fresh enough for me.
Come on, we're gonna
go to, uh... Hey!
Uh, I wasn't done with my dance.
[Johnny] All right,
far be it from me to interrupt.
Join us when you're done.
Hey,youorder a coffee.
[pop song playing]
[ominous music]
[footsteps approaching]
[Johnny] Whoa,
where are the lights?
I'm a lights-on kind of guy.
[eerie music]
Where's Nadia and the other guy?
Um, they're coming.
W-what's going on?
Yeah, Mick,
what's all this about?
Our partnership isn't working.
You fucking kidding me?
[Johnny] You're family.
There's no getting away
from the family.
-Watch me.
[Juliet] Ah! Micky.
Ah! Micky, Micky...
Please! Micky, please,
I just work at your place.
I'm gonna miss you dancing.
[Nadia] Lower the gun.
[eerie music]
Paris didn't quit.
What did you do to Paris?
You, you killed her!
-[Juliet screams]
[Juliet] Nadia...
[Nadia] Juliet! Get the gun!
-[Juliet groans]
-Let's go! Let's go! Let's go!
[groaning, breathing heavily]
-[Juliet panting]
-Go, go, go, go!
-Stay with me.
[crowd screaming]
[Ty] Micky! Move! Move!
-Okay, this way.
[Nadia] You all right? Hang on.
[camera whirrs, beeps]
[ominous music]
-Mick, Mick! You good?
All thanks to you. They were
supposed to come in together.
Well, they didn't.
Plus, killing's your specialty.
I'm just cleanup.
Leave the body.
Grab the tarps down.
Are you crazy? The cops
could be here any moment.
And a club full of people
just saw those girls run out
with guns. We can't let them
find the body.
Sure we can.
We know exactly who did it.
[music continues]
[operator]911. What's
the nature of your emergency?
[ominous music]
[breathing heavily]
Who are you calling?
Micky knows where I live.
I have to warn my family.
[line ringing]
[cell phone vibrating]
Mm... Hello?
I need you to get Rose
and get out of the house.
What? Why?
I don't have time to explain.
There's money in a shoe box.
Nadia, tell me what's going on.
In the closet, top shelf.
Okay, I-I'm not doing anything
until you tell me what's wrong.
I lied about my other job.
I've been working in
a strip club. Pandora's Palace.
-The owner is--
-Micky Valle?
Just come home,
and I'll protect you.
[Nadia] You can't. I know
you want to, but you can't.
You need to take care
of yourself and Rose.
-Get the money! Go!
[intense music]
[breathing heavily]
Nadia, Nadia...
[Juliet] Nadia.
"Security camera footage shows
two armed suspects
leaving the scene of a murder,
identified as
Nadia Georges and Juliet Gold.
The suspects are considered
armed and dangerous
and were newly-employed
exotic dancers
at Pandora's Palace
Gentlemen's Club."
[Nadia] "The victim, John
Palermo, aka Handsome Johnny,
was an alleged...
of a major crime family."
...trying to pin this on us?
[Juliet] Oh, my God!
How could I be so stupid?
My mom had my whole life
planned out,
and I wanted to figure it out
myself, and...
I have to call my parents.
They can call
and, like, hire a lawyer.
-They can figure out--
We can hide-- What the fuck?
We're dealing
with the Mob, Juliet.
If they can't get to us,
they could go for our families.
I wanna go home.
[inhales sharply] I just
wanna go home.
I wanna go home.
[Juliet] I just wanna go home.
[Juliet breathing heavily]
[ominous music]
[Juliet]I only wanted to dance.
Oh, honey, whatever you were
doing, it was not dancing.
And I know, I know it was that
girl who drew you into it,
the one in the security footage.
Someone like that, no money,
uh, it makes sense for her.
-You know?
-I chose to dance there.
Ballet had become
about competing,
and I wanted to dance for joy.
Was it joyous
pleasuring men? No!
Uh, showing gangsters
your moves? Come on.
[sighs] Your father
already spoke to the attorneys.
All right? You give a statement
to the police.
And then you'll go to Europe
for a time.
And then, um, that'll help you
avoid any questions.
I think I could call
the Royal Ballet of Flanders.
I danced under
the director there for years.
[Alicia] Don't worry, No, honey.
I will get you back on track,
all right?
[sighs] What time is it
in Belgium?
[line ringing]
Carl, it's Alicia.
Uh, I need a favor.
No, no, no, nothing like that.
[Alicia] It's a little
complicated. Um...
I knew I could count on you.
Yes. Are you still in Paris?
Oh, fantastic.
Why are you still here?
Because I'm your mother,
and I learned a long time ago
you cannot run away
from your past.
You have to face it head-on,
or it would haunt you forever.
Where is Rose?
at a friend's house.
It's the safest place for her
to be right now.
When you pick her up,
you need to leave.
There's enough in here for
two plane tickets to Florida.
First and last month's rent.
-Nadia, I'm not going.
-Mom, you--
Listen, I called some people
who I knew from before, okay,
when I was working,
and they put me in contact
with the boss
of the guy who got killed.
The club owner shot him.
-I figured.
Micky Valle was a Mob enforcer.
That's why you need to leave.
That's why you need to explain
what happened
to Tony Malcusco,
Micky s old boss.
-He'll listen to you.
-No, mom, please.
Please, mom.
No. This is yours.
This is for your surgery
and for your life.
Listen to me.
-Look at me.
Look at me.
Ineedto take care
of my daughter.
You understand?
[cell phone vibrating]
-We need to go to the police.
You crazy? Micky will kill us.
-Or the Mob will--
-Protect us.
They have to be used
to Mob informants, or--
Best case, they arrest us and
we're shot on our way to court.
Micky was a hitman, Juliet.
[Nadia]The police ain't
protecting us from that.
My mom, she knew some of these
guys. She said they'll listen.
You'd rather deal with the Mob
than law enforcement?
Trust me, they'll get us killed.
And if I'm with these Mob guys
and you're with the cops,
you'll get me killed.
I gotta go.
[ominous music]
[eerie music]
[door shuts]
[Juliet] Framing me won't work.
Oh, hey.
It's the mad swan.
You should
just come clean, tell the cops.
[Micky] The cops can't save you
from the family.
Once you meet them...
you'd wish I took the shot.
That guy was shaking you down.
And I have no reason--
You're on camera
with the gun that killed him.
Doesn't mean
they won't kill you.
What if we strike a deal?
I'll corroborate your story.
I'll say that a stripper
killed him. Just not me.
I saw the security footage, you
can say that Nadia killed him
and she grabbed me
out of the club.
I thought you two were friends.
She was the competition.
[dramatic music]
Yeah, Ty, uh, told me that.
Now, I didn't believe that
until right now.
You're something else, Juliet.
[music continues]
I can't wait to introduce you
to the family.
When did you learn
how to read these cards?
[Tony] Long time ago.
[chair creaking]
[instrumental music]
I knew your mother. She was
sent to me once or twice.
Thank you for meeting me.
Wanted to see the girl
accused of killing a main man.
[Nadia] I didn't do it.
Micky Valle killed him.
And he's pinning it
on me and my friend.
Micky was on my payroll
for years.
Whatever job I gave him, he did.
No complaints.
Why would he kill a main man?
Why would I?
You don't like guys putting
their hands
where you don't want 'em.
You think I mind
if people touched me?
You knew my mother.
Oh, she minded.
She just had a kid
to take care of.
But you?
I had a friend, a dancer.
I think Micky killed her, too,
right after she went to a room
with a guy.
Head full of white hair,
goatee, mole on his cheek.
-Sounds like Frank.
-[cell phone ringing]
When did you last see him?
Boss, it's Micky.
You don't tell me when
we have to talk. I tell you.
[eerie music]
That is interesting.
I'll see you at the club
within the hour.
Your old boss says
he has someone
to corroborate his story.
A witness.
He's lying.
He says you know her.
[music continues]
Did you know
he planned to kill me?
Not at first.
But when you did,
you didn't try to stop him?
I don't make the orders here.
I follow.
-You said you cared about me.
-I care about myself more.
And given what
you're about to do, I thought
you'd understand that.
They're coming.
You say exactly
what we talked about.
No additions, no subtractions.
[music continues]
[Micky] Thanks for the sit-down.
I figured it'd be best
you hear from the source.
I know you're a dancer,
But it's time to sing.
So last night
I was dancing for Johnny,
and he got excited and he wanted
to take Nadia and I
someplace more private.
And we both know
what that meant.
[Juliet] And she was dancing
for his friend.
She wanted to finish her dance.
So Johnny said that
she could finish her dance...
while me and him went
to the champagne room and...
Micky shot him.
Lying sack of shit!
-[intense music]
[Nadia whimpering]
Juliet, Juliet!
Come on! Come on!
You fucking son of a bitch.
We're in a respectable business.
Oh, girls...
[ominous music]
[Micky] Come on out.
I just wanna talk.
[music continues]
[music continues]
[Micky] Where are you?
[Micky panting]
Come on, where are you?
Come on, I'm gonna need pretty
girls everywhere I go, so...
And who's gonna hire you now
except for the back rooms?
[ominous music]
[coughs, groans]
I'm not a prostitute!
I'm a fucking dancer!
[intense music]
-[glass shattering]
Say hello to your fucking maker.
[Nadia gasping]
[indistinct chatter]
[instrumental music]
I rolled the dice
I may have even
want to want so tight
I'm not good love
that's what I'd say
Don't know how
I didn't scare you away
It's a funny thing
I was disappoint
And you think that it's
the last thing you want
You said it first
but I get stuck
Stuck stuck
So I'll just spell it
I'm taking off you
Oh it's no surprise
Hello. Welcome to Parisian Pole.
Thank you for coming
to our grand opening.
[Alicia] Um, we have a 25%
discount now for first-timers.
So you've come
at the right time.
My daughter can tell you more.
She's the owner.
But basically if you are
interested in signing up.
[Juliet] All right, ladies,
welcome to Parisian Pole.
I opened the studio so I could
help women of all walks of life
feel their most sexy,
confident self.
I wanted to combine
traditional pole
with other types of dance
such as ballet and jazz,
so women could really dance for
themselves and dance for joy.
This is my Beginner Pole One
class, it's great for newcomers.
And I'm so excited
to have all of you.
[Juliet] And I see
I have some familiar faces.
So, Alice, can you come up and
show me what we did last week?
[applauding, cheering]
Okay, remember.
Yes. And make sure
you keep looking at them.
Don't look away. Give them
some sustained eye contact.
Whoa! Let them know who's really
in charge here. Perfect.
-Now, Sue, come on.
[Juliet] And, mom, you're next.
-Okay, walk me through this.
[Juliet] Beautiful! Oh, mom!
Oh! Mm!
Isn't she amazing?
All right, everybody,
get up there.
[instrumental music]
You look like a princess.
I feel like I'm gonna throw up.
[woman on PA]Nadia Georges,
two minutes.
-Oh, well...
You're gonna be just fine, okay?
You got this.
I'm so proud of you.
Oh, my babies.
Oh, my gosh.
Okay, all right, I love you.
[music continues]
[classical music]
[music continues]
That's my baby!
[breathing heavily]
[instrumental music]
My ice out of control
pocket's getting swole
We get stone shine
and my wrists don't roll
It was a long time ago
been on top for a while
Never had a platform whoa
You see my diamonds dancing
so turn up the radio
All is white in the sky
look up and see the snow
It's a big banga big bang
It's a it's a big bang
a big bang
Ice ice I'm shining
Ooh look at these diamonds
got a mirror on my ear
You do your makeup
as I'm driving
I'm right behind you
So much ice I change my tires
I ring with all this bling
it is much to be desired
I'm on fire you inspire
got this work but you retire
We go higher who inquire
I'm so icy
as I'm supposed to be
Walk up
in the jewel I hated
It's the north powder me
So much snow up on my body
Santa might propose to me
My ice out of control
Pocket's getting swole
We get stoned shine
And my wrists don't roll
It was a long time ago
Been on top for a while
Never had a platform whoa
You see my diamonds dancing
so turn up the radio
All is white in the sky
look up and see the snow
It's a big bang a big bang
It's a it's a big bang
a big bang
I got a light on my life
So it's only right
that I ice somewhere nice
I try to do it twice
as a necklace to bracelets
These are brand-new
ain't no faceless
You can't get
you no replacement
Diamond ring no engagement
I call the shots
Like I'm playing
better make me my payment
These rocks
as big as a meteor
Baby what is you saying?
It's so rocky it's shining
It's so heavy it's blinding

But it's ice
they be rhyming
B-but I love me my diamonds

My ice out of control
pocket's getting swole
We get st