Midnight in the Switchgrass (2021) Movie Script

I once heard an old proverb
about hunting. It goes like this:
"Lions are born knowing they're predators.
Antelopes understand that they are prey.
Humans are the only creatures
on earth given a choice.
I don't know who said that,
but I'm pretty sure they never imagined
a place like pensacola.
This morning,
a $5,000 reward is being offered
by the family of Lucy baylor,
a 16-year-old pensacola girl who
disappeared last week.
Investigators for the county
sheriff's department
said in a press conference
Tuesday morning
that there are people they'd like
to talk to about the disappearance,
but said
they are not necessarily suspects.
Holy Christ!
Victim is a Caucasian
female approximately 20 years old...
Trauma due to...
I didn't know
they'd called y'all already.
No, I was just a bit east of here.
Thought I'd have a look.
Be my guest.
Yeah, it looks like he dragged her
from the road.
No. She was killed at a primary location
and dumped here last night.
How the hell can you
reckon that from here?
You got an ID?
Sarah kellogg.
Twenty-six, couple of possessions,
couple of solicitations.
Last known was Tallahassee.
Can't find the missing report.
- How's your wife?
- Pain in the ass as usual.
Get high resolution pictures
of those bite marks
- before the heat hits triple digits.
- Yeah.
- You still owe me a beer.
- Yeah, I know.
Hey, no more coke
till I see some titties in this room.
Shut the fuck up, walton!
Shut the fucking door, bitch!
Tracey, get out of here.
Evening, ma'am. Care to join me
for some pancakes?
You need a friend, little girl?
Come on, let's get you out of the rain.
Hey, where you going?
Hey! Ah!
Don't make me chase, huh?
You all right?
Hey, you all right?
Come on. Come on, let's get you
somewhere safe.
Come on.
Don't fuck
with me tonight, Karl. Fuck you.
- I just do my job. That's it.
- Why don't we switch places?
How about you come in here
and shake your ass
and I'll sit in the car
and eat fucking burritos all night?
I think your guy's here.
Copy that, Karl.
Knock, knock.
Oh, you've got to be
the stupidest bitch in pensacola.
You remember me?
I see a lot of people, baby.
Not like me, you don't.
You're sexy as fuck!
Don't worry, I sent
your goofy-ass little date packing,
so I don't think we'll be disturbed.
I caught you back in Loxley, didn't I?
Which makes this second offense
punishable, doesn't it?
This is not our target.
Well, this is my beautiful universe.
And every fucking thing in it...
Belongs to me.
Just like earth to god.
So that means all of you working bitches
belong to me too.
You understand what I'm saying?
Fuck this, I'm coming in.
So you're one of those bitches, huh?
Can't hear unless bleeding. Well.
I'm coming in.
This is not our target.
- Just give me two minutes.
- For what?
You gonna do your makeup? Hm?
'Cause what's gonna happen...
Doesn't have shit to do
with looking pretty.
Now, lift up that skirt...
And bend.
Look what I got.
Now, I could put you in a dumpster
and feed you to the little piggies.
And you know what else?
Nobody would give a fuck!
What about you?
Too much of daddy kicking mommy
around the trailer park?
- No!
- Ah!
- What did you do?
- It's not him.
Goddamn it!
- Oh, Karl.
- You promised me!
What the fuck did you want me to do, Karl?
He was beating the shit out of me!
- This is gonna be bad.
- Karl...
- Let's get the fuck outta here.
- Okay, let's go.
Oh, fuck.
As we walk through
the valley of the shadow of death,
we see temptation all around us.
Who among us is not tempted
by the earthly delights
of fornication, intoxication,
and the like?
Who among us is immune
to the urge to partake
in such gratification?
- Who among us...
- That's my daughter. Bethany.
Heading home to see her now.
You wanna stay with us tonight?
My daughter would love you.
Well, it's settled then.
I understand this
is emotional for you, Byron.
It's not about emotion.
Well, shit, we all got
our nuts kicked in over this shit.
And truth is, you still young.
And you too good a lawman to get wrapped
around the axle over just one case.
Oh, excuse me. Seven unsolved murders
is more than one case, sir.
You know we can't confirm
those connections.
Listen, the Sarah kellogg scene,
it matches, sir.
The bite marks, the positioning,
the profile, everything.
Let me bottom line this, Byron.
- You can't reopen this.
- Excuse me?
- You've been moved to something else.
- When?
- Right now.
- Okay. Let's... let's engage the FBI.
- A multi-jurisdictional capital offender.
- You're joking, right?
You gotta move on. We don't have a choice.
All right.
You know, nobody's ever stood up
for those girls.
And I just can't seem
to reconcile that no more.
Headquarters is frustrated.
He is fucking lucky to be alive.
They pulled the plug on us.
Operation safe highway
is moving out of Florida.
- When?
- Now.
On to interstate 5
in the beautiful northwest.
No, you go to headquarters
and you tell them to fuck off.
It's not your operation.
The minute I got made bait and trap,
it became my operation
and you fucking know that!
There's nothing I can do.
Okay, look, Karl,
last night's fuck-up was on me.
Okay? I fucked up. I'm sorry.
I have communication
with over a dozen active offenders
who are chasing down these girls.
My biggest target is lined up for tonight.
I'm tired of having this conversation.
I'm doing that fucking sting tonight.
- Bullshit!
- Watch me.
The sheriff's department
is working closely
with state law enforcement
to determine if there's a connection
between this case
and a string of similar abduction cases
that have occurred along the I-10 corridor
in recent months.
A spokesperson for the county
said that they cannot comment,
as this is an ongoing investigation.
They are asking anyone
with information to come forward.
- Help you?
- Good afternoon, ma'am.
My name is Byron Crawford.
You hear to purchase the property,
Mr. Crawford? Well, it ain't for sale.
No, ma'am.
I'm with the Florida state police, and...
May I ask if you're related
to Sarah kellogg?
Some prick cop called asking
some downright rude questions.
Said they found her outside pensacola.
I apologize, ma'am.
It shouldn't have happened that way.
I'm truly sorry for your loss.
You drove all the way down here
just to tell me my daughter been killed?
Yes, ma'am.
That's how it should be.
I'm sorry you heard otherwise.
You might as well come
and sit for a while.
This the part where you tell me
you ain't gonna rest
till you catch the son of a bitch
that killed Sarah?
Uh, no, ma'am.
Anybody that telling you that
is, uh, telling you a lie.
Odds are against us in a big way.
Well, don't beat around the bush
or nothing, Mr. Crawford.
I guess I appreciate the honesty.
Maybe I will take you up
on that drink after all.
Good move.
Some days it's best to be drinking.
You from the panhandle,
Mr. Crawford?
- No, not far, up in Marianna.
- Ooh.
Y'all always been, uh, round Tallahassee?
Tallahassee? Shit.
Family's been in this house
damn near 100 years.
That's me and my twin sister, Caroline.
I still remember getting
that picture taken.
My mother could not stop fussing
with those damn dresses.
Ma died that summer,
coltier factory fire in thomasville.
Oh, that's terrible, I'm sorry.
My father was wounded in Korea.
After my mother died,
it was like a switch flipped in his mind.
He would drink.
Started in the morning
and be talking to himself
by the time we got home
from school.
Scared the hell out of me.
We'd run and hide in the switchgrass.
We'd play for hours.
It'd get dark.
We never noticed.
Until he'd come out for us...
Angry like a crazed dog.
I can still hear his voice.
Sometimes, he caught us.
Sometimes, he didn't.
We'd just wait.
Just had to wait.
"Till the clock strikes midnight,
Caroline would say.
Just like cinderella.
Can I get you a beer instead?
No, ma'am, I'm...
I'm fine.
Sarah reminded me so much of Caroline.
Both always looking to escape.
And shitty taste in men.
Sarah had a steady boyfriend?
Hell, I wouldn't even know.
She'd been gone damn near a year.
I'm gonna get out of here.
But, um...
If you need anything...
Just give me a call.
- How'd she die?
- Excuse me?
You know, how was Sarah killed?
Well, then can I ask you a favor, Mr.
By the grace of god,
someone happens to catch this...
Devil that killed my baby girl,
will you come back and knock on this door?
Good evening, ma'am.
Oh! Who's that?
Hi, babe.
- Lord, I'm so blessed.
- Mwah.
Is that daddy?
- How was your day?
- Oh, you don't wanna know.
I got two phone calls this morning.
The first was a missing person's report.
Sixteen-year-old girl vanished from
a truck stop outside pensacola last night.
And before that, a concrete salesman found
a dead body off I-10 by the state line.
- Was it her?
- Nope.
Just some prostitute
from east Tallahassee.
This job...
I used to feel god's presence, but now...
I don't know.
You've got his love in your heart.
You know that.
And that's why these girls
need someone like you.
- I have faith in you.
- Mm...
Is it burning, mommy?
No, honey, it's just steam
from the hot water.
- Good timing.
- Smells good.
Elbows off the table.
Now, what you reading now?
It's called watership down.
You gotta be the smartest
eight-year-old in the whole panhandle.
She's awfully young for that book.
What we got?
- Meatloaf! My favorite.
- Loaf, corn.
- This is gonna be bad.
- Feel free to leave any time.
- Nobody's forcing you to stay.
- We could lose our badges.
We're not gonna lose our badges, Karl.
I've been working this guy since Loxley.
- Call the locals.
- Nobody gives a fuck about these girls.
I don't want you to get hurt.
- Okay.
- I mean it.
Okay, fine, this will be the last one.
And then we'll pack up and we'll go
to rainy-ass Seattle.
- I'm not going.
- What?
- Kirsten's gonna divorce me.
- Bullshit.
She got a fucking attorney.
Karl, I didn't know. I'm sorry.
Fuck it. He's a no-show.
Let's get out of here.
Johnson's still out sick. I'm gonna have
to ride his load up to mobile.
Tonight? Pete, we were gonna do
that bookshelf.
I know, baby, but there's just so many
jobs right now, and not enough drivers.
You know, we're out here
in the middle of nowhere
with two neighbors we barely know.
Well, this is why we got full bellies
right now, ain't it?
Just seems to be happening
an awful lot lately.
You wanted me off the road.
A manager has to be available, honey.
Just get a bit lonely out here sometimes.
And I can't help but miss you, Pete.
I'll wake you up when I get home.
All right?
- Promise?
- Mm-hmm.
I'll quit if you want.
- I will.
- No, you wouldn't.
Hell, yeah, I'll quit right now.
- You want me to quit?
- No, don't do that.
All right.
- I love you, baby.
- I love you too.
- Drive safe.
- Love you, baby.
- Good night, daddy.
- Good night, baby.
All right. Bye.
Lose your key?
Oh, don't be shy, handsome.
Why don't you come have a drink?
I could use the company.
All right.
Why not?
You ain't no cop, right?
How old are you?
I sure do love this song.
Be much obliged if you danced
with me, sugar.
Yeah, that's about it.
You a good girl?
What's that, hon?
You a good girl?
You're a dirty little girl, aren't you?
You're a dirty, disgusting prostitute!
It's okay.
Oh, man.
There you are, Mr. ball.
I wonder if there's anything in here.
Come on in, dear! Time for dinner!
Coming, mommy.
Help! Is anybody there?
It's a restricted area.
Boss ordered a lockdown.
- Who's in charge over here?
- Detective yarborough.
Thank you.
Hey, you gotta sign
the security log. Come on!
- Don't take it personally, kid.
- Shit.
Whoa, whoa!
Did I miss a jurisdiction
reassignment, my friend?
Nope. Just having a look.
Uh-huh. Why do I get the feeling that you
ain't being honest with me, Crawford?
And that's no bueno at my crime scene.
I'm being honest with you.
I'm just out here...
Excuse me. Are you in charge here?
- Get these bozos outta here!
- Hey, buddy.
We're the FBI.
Well, nice to meet y'all, but what the
hell do you want at my crime scene?
We target assholes who hunt underage,
potentially trafficked girls.
Well, listen,
I appreciate the efforts you making
in our little part of the world.
- But why are we talking here?
- We had set up
a low visibility prostitution sting
here last night.
The sheriff's office never mentioned
anything to me.
It's not a perfect science.
Well, obviously not, all right?
Because I got a 20-year-old girl
with her skull cracked in six places.
This target last night, he have a name?
Okay, no, no. This has gone
far enough, all right?
Protocol dictates that my lieutenant
talks to y'all superior. Okay?
So quit while you're ahead, sweetheart.
- I killed that girl.
- I hope you're kidding.
No, I mean, that should've been me,
I'm supposed to be protecting these girls.
Bullshit! You could have died last night.
Hi. My name is Byron Crawford,
and I'm an agent with the fdle.
You said this target had no-show
at a scheduled meeting before?
- Uh, where was that?
- A few nights ago.
The oasis motel. Pensacola.
I was afraid of that.
A young woman reported
that her 16-year-old sister went missing.
Thursday night outside the oasis.
I'd love to hear anything else
you got on this guy.
If you remember anything else
from that night or, uh...
Get any additional info
on the suspect, you know,
give me a shout.
- Hi, daddy.
- Hi, baby.
Working on the bookshelf?
Mama will be so happy.
Let me help you.
- I love you, baby.
- I love you too, daddy.
I love you so much.
- Come on, let's go play.
- Mm-hmm.
All right.
I think I saw that girl at the oasis.
She was walking to the service center,
like a zombie.
How about you come
in here and shake your ass
and I'll sit in the car
and eat fucking burritos all night?
I didn't think too much of it.
And then that assault came in.
We'll get him tomorrow.
Get up.
Wash your arms and legs off
with the sponge.
Do it.
I can't see. I can't...
I can't see!
It's right here, sweetheart.
Here we go.
Here we go. Come here.
Is that better?
Use the sponge. Here.
- Hello.
- Hey.
- What can I get you, man?
- I'll have what she's having. Thanks.
First time the FBI voluntarily showed up
around this stretch, huh?
Doesn't seem to be a shortage
in crime, does there?
Well, I appreciate you reaching out.
I'm gonna give you some background.
Couple years ago,
I got assigned two Jane Doe cases.
Both drug-friendly truck stop prostitutes.
Both dumped off the 1-10.
Both strangled, assaulted, bitten,
and bodies suggestively staged
in view from the highway.
Now, nobody wanted to touch it.
Just an impossible to get around.
And then another body turned up.
And then another.
Until we had six.
And a bona fide serial killer.
Who worked that for the bureau?
A whip-smart analyst
with the state bureau built the profile,
FBI gave it to a behavioral specialist
to confirm what we knew.
White, male, truck driver, mid-30s,
but nothing groundbreaking.
Some people, they just think that...
The girls, the hookers and the druggies,
they got what they had coming.
What do you believe?
Hard luck in life don't make you
any less of a human.
Everybody needs a chance
to get back on their feet.
Few days ago, a body was discovered
up by the state line.
Same m.O. To a t. And then
last night at the motel,
it was still him,
but it was just rushed, improvised.
- Why the break in routine?
- Honestly...
I kinda think he was looking for you.
But my question is... why?
I started communicating a few weeks ago
through an online ad.
Decided to meet up
at a motel in Loxley.
Some locals jumped prematurely,
started making arrests.
I didn't blow my cover.
After a little more... e-flirting,
we decided to meet up
at the oasis a few nights ago,
and some low-level pimp
spooked him off.
Stayed on me, though.
We were supposed to meet
at the mustang last night.
- He'll be long gone by now.
- I can set him up again.
It's too dangerous.
That'll never get authorization.
You just said that you think
he's looking for me.
He's gonna wanna try again.
Do you think that girl that disappeared
from the oasis is still alive?
I don't know. Maybe.
Okay then,
who reported her missing?
I got a call from her sister,
Heather Wallace.
- Heather?
- Hmm.
I'm the one that called.
Are you a cop?
Just here to help.
- You brought her here?
- I didn't have a choice.
I borrowed some money
from people that I thought was my friends.
And boom, next thing you know, I'm here.
And I was told I had
to pay it off. You know?
It's not totally bad all the time,
but it's not for no 16-year-old.
That's what I told him.
Said she's off limits.
That shit didn't last long.
- Who?
- The skinny fuck who runs this place.
Thursday the last night
that you saw your sister?
Yeah. Calvin got his girls
fucked up on something nasty
and had all these guys come over.
Said it was a group thing.
All I remember is telling Tracey
to get the fuck out of here.
Tracey, get out of here.
So she left, and never come back.
Where does Calvin stay?
The room at the far end.
Since the accident.
Got busted up in a car crash.
It's kind of funny.
Will you find her for me?
Yeah, I'm just gonna go
have a chat with Calvin.
You said... that if I'm quiet,
and if I'm good, that you'd let me go.
You've been a good girl.
Yeah, you been a good girl now.
Oh, sweetheart.
You got nowhere to go.
Better off here with me.
How can you do this?
You have a daughter.
I know you do!
- I heard her voice!
- Hey!
Don't you talk about my daughter!
I know, I know.
Don't talk about my daughter.
She was sent to this earth
to absolve me of my sins
and bless me with a greater understanding
of eternal, holy love.
I et it out.
I know. I know.
Just let it out, let it out.
It's all right.
Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm.
That's right.
I would never do this to my daughter.
Um, Stacy, she told me to come see you,
like, about a job or something.
Who the fuck is Stacy?
You gotta be
the stupidest motherfucker
in all of pensacola.
I thought you'd be long gone by now.
What the fuck, lady?
I'm only gonna ask you this
one fucking time.
- Who did you send away Thursday night?
- What?
You said you sent my date packing
- Who was he?
- Fuck if I know! I was high, man!
How many girls' lives
can I save right now?
All right, he was a truck driver
who's been around a couple times.
That's all I know.
All right, I went up to him,
asked him what the fuck was up
and he pulled off quick.
Big Dallas told me
he had some new girl in 106,
so I went up to see who it was.
- And you know what the fuck happened.
- What does he look like?
- A white truck driver!
- Who does he drive for?
- How the fuck should I know?
- Fucking think, you twink!
Okay, I had someone point him out.
He tried to cuff one of my girls.
That's it.
Lightning bolt.
He had a lightning bolt on his truck.
It's a pickup.
If you're not gone in three days,
I'm gonna kill you.
My daddy never beat my mom, all right?
You said I used to watch my daddy
throw my mom around the trailer and shit.
Only thing I ever saw my dad do
was put a 12-Gauge to his head
and blow his brains out
in the bathtub. I was eight.
My mom sat in the station wagon
in our garage until the gas ran out.
We all got excuses, Calvin.
Three days.
Man. So is this the nicest place
you could find for a going-away meal?
- There you go. How about you?
- Thank you.
I'm good, thank you.
Looks like you're feeling better.
Not as good as you.
You look like a giddy fucking schoolgirl.
Last couple of days have stirred up
some shit for me, though,
I'll be honest.
When, um...
When I was a freshman,
I got myself into a bad situation.
And I'll spare you all the gory details,
but basically it involved
an upperclassman,
too much booze,
and some internal bleeding.
My best friend got worried
and she told her mom,
and her mom told my dad
and then it became a family issue.
- He was a cop, right?
- Mm-hmm.
He went after that kid
and his whole family.
He lost his job.
And, uh... that's when my parents
got divorced.
I had no idea.
Well, maybe if you ask somebody
about their life every once in a while,
you'd know that shit.
Fair enough.
He and I actually started taking
taekwondo classes together after school.
Winning tournaments gave me something
to talk to him about,
something to share and...
It, uh, gave me a way to make him happy.
- I think you should leave too.
- We are leaving.
Leave the operation.
Get reassigned. Let me help you.
I know this shit bothers you.
Oh, you do? You listened to my sad story
for two fucking minutes
and all of a sudden you think you should
tell me what I should be doing?
Fuck that. I like doing this shit.
I like having the opportunity
to blast these motherfuckers,
I know why you're fucking leaving.
What the fuck are you talking about?
You're leaving because you're weak,
but don't project that shit onto me.
You wanna know the truth?
You're fucking toxic.
If I stay, you're gonna get me killed.
Good luck in Seattle.
These are gonna work like shit in there.
Yeah, he told me he's gonna be wearing
a plaid shirt and some jeans.
I'm supposed to meet him
at the bar at ten.
I don't like this.
This is an uncontrollable environment.
Yeah, but we don't need control.
All we need is, you know,
a fingerprint on a beer bottle
or a cigarette butt, a strand of hair.
The handlebar is one
of the wildest spots in the panhandle.
Okay. Just don't blow your cover
if some guy grabs my ass.
["Octane" by Jacob bunton playing I
I'm in position. No sign at the bar.
This is one fucked-up shithole.
Hey, baby. You want a free mustache ride?
Are you good?
You took the wind out
of that motherfucker right there.
I told you to behave.
This is on me.
We're always looking for a new bouncer.
I think I got a possible hit.
That guy wearing flannel,
he is right across the bar from you.
Ah, shit, I think he made me.
I'm gonna go after him. All right.
All right, he's moving.
Hold your position.
Hey! Hey, wait up!
Hey, wait up! I wanna
talk to you for a sec!
Can I get a beer, please?
Thank you.
- Last one for you, buddy.
- Whoo!
Best live music in north county,
but the patrons leave a lot to be desired.
I said wait up! I want to talk to you!
Bro, what the fuck is this?
State police! Don't move!
You sure do look familiar.
Have we met?
I'm just passing through.
All right. You sure?
'Cause I'd never forget
such a pretty face. Cheers.
I didn't do nothing, man!
Why you chasing me?
- Why you running?
- It ain't mine, man!
Just holding for my cousin!
- Just a drop, man!
- What?
Get the hell out of here, all right?
Suspect not the target!
Cover could be blown!
Repeat, cover could be blown!
They got this funny
little motel down in Loxley.
Off the I-10.
Called the Loxley Piper inn.
Quite the eccentric place,
you know what I'm saying?
Excuse me. Where's
your closest bathroom?
I ombardo! Lombardo!
Best bet to avoid
a line right there.
Keep the seat warm for you.
Excuse me! Hey!
Police! Step aside! Excuse me!
Police! Look out, watch it!
Crawford, I made contact with target.
Yo. Asshole, what you think you're doing?
All right, let him in.
Just hang onto my arm.
Lombardo, answer me!
Lombardo, do you copy?
Hey, hey, hey.
Did you see that woman with the long
black jacket, dark brown hair?
- Did you see her?
- Yeah, every five minutes.
Fucking al
- yo.
- What?
Actually, I saw her.
She was all fucked up.
She could hardly walk.
She left with some dude.
- With who?
- Her brother? I don't know.
She don't have a fucking brother!
She didn't fucking leave
with her fucking brother!
- Hey!
- You got fucking shit for brains?
Goddamn it! Fuck!
- Hi.
- Lombardo?
This is lombardo. Sorry I can't get
to the phone right now.
But leave a message.
- Oh, hey, honey.
- Baby, are you coming home?
- Our baby's so fussy.
- She's got a fever?
- Yes, I need you.
- All right, well...
I'm working late tonight,
but I'm gonna come by the house.
- All right?
- Why?
I'm gonna see you soon.
I'm gonna pick up a few things.
- Okay.
- All right. I love you.
I love you, Byron.
Look who's awake.
About time.
I'm not going through
this again, Byron James.
We agreed that, when I got pregnant,
that this family would come first.
We agreed that that little girl
would come first.
I don't mind being here all day
caring for your sick baby
because I know that you're gonna walk
through that door every night.
You gotta promise me
to always walk through that door.
You gotta promise me that you won't leave
Bella and me alone, baby!
Baby, baby. Hey. I promise, okay?
I promise. I'll be back. Okay?
But you need to trust me right now.
And I need to go, I need to do my job.
I'll be back. All right?
That's how we do it, me and you.
Hey, you ever heard of Jesus?
Enjoy. Take care.
- Hey, Fred.
- Byron, what brings you out this way?
- Bit of time-sensitive business.
- Mm-hmm.
What can I do to help?
I need to see your video
of that altercation
Thursday night from outside
your overnight lot.
I gave that to the police
the next morning.
Can't one of them local yokels
help you out?
I don't need to see
the mohawk's cameras, Fred.
I need to see your cameras.
Byron, I don't know
what you're talking about.
I only got one set of cameras here.
How long we known each other for, Fred?
Since high school, I reckon.
And during that time, I've looked
the other way on all types of bullshit
that's come crawling out
of this godforsaken cesspool
under your watch, Fred.
And I never said a goddamn thing
or asked for anything in return, okay?
Now, that's mostly
'cause I never liked you
and this whole operation
makes my skin crawl.
But I'm coming to you now and I am asking
you personally for a favor.
Now, it's fair to assume I'd owe you one.
Mills, can you hold down the gas station?
- Sure, no problem.
- Follow me.
Okay. Okay, right here.
Okay, this fat guy
gets a little handsy with that hooker.
And then... boom!
This guy blasts him from behind.
Wait, stop it there.
- Who's that?
- Hell if I know.
Where did they go?
Where does he take her?
I don't know. That's kind
of weird, they just disappear.
No, no, wait. Wait. Wait.
Stop it. There.
That truck, what freight company is that?
Looks like Southern harbor.
Yep. That's their flag.
Whoo! Thank you, Fred!
All right.
Fucking pervert.
- Hello?
- Can I help you?
I'm not sure. My name is Byron Crawford.
I'm with the fdle.
I'm trying to locate
a Southern harbor driver who...
That would be our customer service
department, on the other side of the dock.
I was just hoping
you'd get logs from last week
and see who might have passed through
the mohawk on I-10
last Thursday evening? I know...
Let me stop you right there, Mr. Crawford.
I know what you're doing.
So I suggest you get a court order
- and I might be able to help.
- But ma'am...
I can appreciate the thankless
and difficult nature of your job,
Mr. Crawford,
but I will not get stuck
explaining to my boss
how this information was obtained outside
the letter of the law.
I completely understand, ma'am.
I appreciate you
explaining your predicament.
I appreciate you understanding.
You know, my predicament
is that seven times in the past 26 months
I've sat down with family members
to deliver them the news
that their daughters,
granddaughters, nieces,
sisters, wives, and mothers
had been brutally murdered
and dumped like garbage
along interstate 10.
And I can't drive out to another family...
And deliver that news again.
He hurts women, ma'am.
He hurts girls.
And he's hurting someone right now.
Just give me a minute,
Mr. Crawford, okay?
Not your fragrance?
That color sure does
look good on you, though.
Well, you're a smart one, huh?
It's okay.
I kinda like the smart ones.
You like that dress?
Belonged to a friend of mine...
A few years ago.
She sold the most beautiful flowers
from this little roadside stand.
Flowers, sir?
She was so pretty.
She made me this little cute bouquet
to give to my wife.
I kept the dress for myself.
You can have it.
I want you to have it.
That's all right.
Get some sleep.
You're gonna need it.
- Shit.
- Hey.
- Any luck?
- No.
Couldn't find one driver that logged on
to that stretch of the I-10
after 10am last Thursday.
Are you sure this is everybody
that drove on Thursday?
I truly appreciate
your willingness to help.
- Have a good night.
- You too.
Hey, babe.
- Byron? Ow you doing?
I need you here, you promised.
Our baby...
- She still not feeling better, huh?
- No, she's not.
Urgent care should be open soon.
- I need you here.
- All right.
- I love you.
- I'll be home soon. I love you.
Please take care of yourself. All right?
What if a driver calls in sick?
- The load just doesn't sit, right?
- Of course not.
Another driver picks it up
or we have a temp driver.
- But it would show up on that list?
- Yeah, or they wouldn't get paid.
You know, but sometimes, supervisors,
if they've previously been drivers before,
they'll step in and run the load.
But they would show up on that log?
No. Managers are salaried, so they don't
have to submit a timesheet log.
Well, how do you like that?
One of our drivers has been out
on medical legve.
A temp has run their load for the past
two weeks, but not Thursday.
- A manager signed for the load.
- Who?
Peter hillborough.
Hey, daddy. Cutting up
some wood before dinner?
Hey there, buttercup.
- What you doing down here?
- I wanna help with the work.
I appreciate that, honey.
But... you know the equipment in the shed
is very, very dangerous.
- I know, I know.
- All right?
I just wouldn't want one of those saws
to cut your little arm off.
All right.
Come on, let's go.
- Dinner's gonna be ready soon.
- Mm-hmm.
Is somebody there?
Tracey, are you in here?
Tracey, please tell me
that you're in here.
I talked to Heather.
She misses you so much.
She wants you to come back really bad.
You saw my sister?
Tracey, baby, are you okay? Are you hurt?
I don't know.
My hand and...
My stomach hurt so bad.
He puts a needle in me
every night and I can't move.
I need you to listen
to me very carefully. Okay?
I need you to do absolutely everything
that you can to get out right now.
I can't.
I can't, he locked me in here.
There has to be a way out.
This is life and death.
I can't.
He's gonna kill you tonight.
Then he's gonna put me
in that fucking thing.
So I need you to do this.
Okay? I need you to do it for Heather.
'Cause she loves you.
I know you're tired.
But you're so strong
and you're gonna do this.
Because Heather needs you to.
Saturday? Promise?
I promise.
Zoo, Willy t's, and the creamery.
- It's a date.
- It's a date.
It's time for you to get some sleep.
And I'm gonna go to work.
I love you, daddy.
I love you too, baby.
- See you in your dreams.
- All right.
Get out of those clothes.
Put your pjs on for once.
One, two...
Three, four, five...
Twelve, 13, 14, 15...
Twenty-three, 24, 25...
Daddy! Daddy! Daddy!
Somebody's outside
running through the field!
Oh, no. Oh, no...
Pensacola police
are still seeking information
on the disappearance...
I know what they're doing here.
It's gotta be in there...
Oh, for the love of god!
- Let me help you.
- Help me. Please help me!
He has another. Please call the police.
- Hello?
- Hi, ma'am.
How are you?
My name is Byron Crawford.
I was hoping to have a few words
with Peter hillborough.
You just missed him. He went to check
on an elderly neighbor.
But, you know, come on in. Um, he should
be back in just a few minutes.
Mrs. cubber!
Peter hillborough.
No, no!
Mrs. cubber!
No, please!
No! No! No!
How can I help you?
I got somebody here
I believe belongs to you.
Oh, is it Charlie?
I just found him outside in the road.
He almost jumped in front of my truck.
Charlie, now you know better than that.
- Let me bring him in.
- No, no, it's okay.
- You don't have to do that.
- I think he might've hurt a leg.
- You don't have to do that.
- Best if I set him down, have a look.
Well, looks like he's just fine after all.
- Thank you, thank you for...
- Folks know you live alone.
I just want to keep an eye out for you.
It'd make my wife feel a lot better
if I had a look around.
Well, why don't...
Why don't you come tomorrow?
I will.
Peter, please.
Suit yourself, Mrs. cubber.
Wouldn't want Charlie to get to chewing
on this beautiful stitching.
Look, please.
Look, I really gotta ask you, please...
Look, I'm gonna have
to ask you to leave. Now.
All right, Mrs. cubber.
Yeah. You go ahead and have yourself
a good night, Mrs. cubber.
We'll keep you in our prayers.
Are you sure I can't
get you something to drink?
Oh, no, ma'am. I'm all set.
Y'all... y'all lived around here long?
We moved out here about five years ago.
How far away is the neighbor's place?
- Um, about half mile. Mm.
- Half a mile.
Wake the fuck up!
Where the fuck'd she go?
You hear me, bitch?
Where the fuck is she?
Tell me.
Tell me!
You know where she is, don't you?
Don't you?
Don't you!
I I don't know.
Yes, you do. Yes, you do.
Fucking bitch.
Where the fuck is she?
Well, I should be going.
Are you sure? He should
be back at any moment.
He came for the person in the grass.
You won't tell me, huh?
Oh, yes, you're gonna tell me.
Tell me where the fuck she is.
I'm gonna fucking tear you apart.
I'm gonna fucking tear you apart!
I ombardo!
Well, you sure are something special,
though, aren't you?
I guess I'm gonna have
to take care of some business.
Don't you worry.
We'll have our time together.
We'll have a little party.
Just you and me.
How's that sound?
Don't worry.
I ain't gonna hurt you.
I won't hurt you.
I just need you to get some sleep.
It's gonna be all right.
Just relax now.
It'll be dark soon.
It'll be dark soon. Shh...
I need you to be extra quiet
for me, all right?
Go to sleep.
I can't leave you alone for one day.
The doctor said that your throat
has to heal before you can talk.
Lucky for them, huh?
You are the toughest son
of a bitch I've ever known.