Midnight Ride (1990) Movie Script

-And... how many days?
-Oh, one, maybe two. Three, three.
-To be returned here on...
-No, I'm not coming back.
-I'm going to Hendersonville to live.
Return here... Hendersonville.
I'll need your signature here.
And initials here. And here.
And I'll need a credit card, please.
Yeah. I'm packed.
This is sick. I don't have a credit card.
Oh, hold on.
I'm, sorry, but we require
a major credit card. Company policy.
Oh, wait, you,
you're not gonna to give me a car?
I, I don't think you'll understand
how important this trip is.
I'm sorry, sir. No card, no car.
-Okay, well, fine.
You can keep your... stupid car.
You forgot this.
Thanks. Now, get out.
Don't do this, Lara.
We may have some problems,
but I love you.
Don't make this more difficult
than it has to be.
Oh, come on, Lara.
You can handle difficult.
We got you out of Russia.
Why are you doing this?
Why? You know why.
You have your life, your job, you can't
be married to it and me at the same time.
I love you, Lawson.
I just can't compete anymore. I won't.
Just let me go, Lawson.
Have it your way.
I can't believe this.
-I don't wanna fight.
-Neither do I.
I just wanna disappear. Be swallowed up.
This is hard enough to me
without you making a scene.
Let's get some ice-cream.
You'll feel better.
You always do after ice-cream.
And if you still wanna leave me,
I won't stop you, I promise.
That's better.
Everything's gonna be okay. You'll see.
I'd help you out, but this thing's
a pain in the butt to walk on.
Lara! Don't do this.
I have no choice.
It's the only way. I've got to do this.
Please. Try to understand.
I'll get every cop in the state
after you!
You won't get two miles.
Hey, Lieutenant. How's the leg doing?
Great. I get the cast off
in less than two weeks.
-So, what are doing here?
-The little wife dropped me off.
She's running errands.
Say, Pete, I'd kill for a burger.
What do you say you spot me one,
I left my wallet at home.
-Thanks, partner.
-No problem.
Hey, man. What are you doing?
Lawson, I need my car, man.
You'll get it back.
Lieutenant Markman, please.
Come on, come on, answer.
Bev? Thank God, you're home.
I've done it. I'm leaving Lawson.
I'll explain later.
Look, I'll need a place to stay.
So, I will see you
in a couple of hours, okay?
Bye. Shit...
Hi, listen, you think,
I can ask you for a ride?
I missed my bus and I gotta get home.
-Where are you headed?
-Santa Barbara.
Great. I'm going to see a friend
just north of there, Hendersonville.
It's on your way. I'm Justin.
Oh, hi. I'm Lara.
What's that?
We're gonna find out.
What's the trouble, Officer?
-Where you folks headed tonight?
-Santa Barbara.
My brother and I were up here
visiting family.
Was there an accident or anything?
Don't I know you?
-I don't think so.
-Oh, well.
Sorry to bother you there's been
a landslide and the road's out.
Take a right, then the first left.
That'll take you down
to the coast highway.
-You drive carefully now.
-Thanks, Officer.
Wouldn't mind being her bucket seat
for that ride to Santa Barbara.
-You know it's funny you said that.
-Said what?
About us. Being brother and sister.
I had a sister once.
You remind me of her.
I do?
I liked her very much.
Hey, Lieutenant, how are you doing?
What are you doing
driving a blue and white?
It's along story. Listen,
you see my wife come through here,
-you remember what she looks like?
-Yeah, sort of.
-I don't think so.
-Brown Oldsmobile...
Oh, jeez, I thought I recognized her,
but she had some guy with her.
-I don't know, small, he's...
-And white.
-We didn't really get a good look.
-How long ago?
-Ten minutes, maybe.
I told them to take valley road
down to the coast.
-Do you mind?
-No. No.
They're really growing.
My finger nails.
Seem to be growing faster.
Seems like I just cut 'em.
-Can I take your picture?
-Not now.
Alright. Not letting you go
till I get a picture.
Come on.
-Stop following me!
-You stop running away!
I can't!
Unit 12, this is Lawson, can you hear me?
-Hey, we just hit a cop.
-I know.
-He was after us.
-More like after me.
That was my husband.
You. Damn! Fuck it!
I've gotta get to a phone.
I don't think you are gonna find one
out here.
-Who you wanna call anyway?
Just a friend.
Your husband's back there, remember?
The one we almost ran of the road.
I think we'd better keep going.
They'll have a phone. We're stopping.
You stay here, I'll be right back.
Hey, you. Move the car.
No parking there. This spot's reserved.
I'm making a call.
We'll only be a minute, alright?
Just a minute, no more.
-You, people, gonna rent a room?
I don't like her.
She's got a fake eye.
Yeah. I'm coming.
What do you want?
What's the matter with you?
Are you deaf, huh?
Did you move that car yet?
It's been over a minute so.
If there was something you want,
you'd better open up your mouth,
'cause I wanna get back to my show.
I want... that!
Hi, it's me.
I just wanted to say I am really sorry
about what happened back there.
Believe me, it was an accident.
I hope you're okay.
Look, I'll be staying at Beverly's.
Her number is 805-555-2238.
But please, don't call me.
Unless you have to.
Just give me some time. Okay?
Take care.
-All done.
-Well, let's get out of here.
Why did you take them out?
Better safe than sorry.
You get your ass out of bed, dammit.
What the hell's going on out there?
Jordan, it's me, Lawson.
I've gotta use a cab.
Lawson. Hold your horses.
I'll be right out.
Jesus. Damn.
Hey, my man.
What the hell happened to you?
That looks like shit.
I wrecked my car. A woman hit me.
-A woman hit you?
-Can you believe it, man?
Jordan, I want her back in the worse way.
I heard that.
The keys.
Good luck.
Thing ain't running worth a damn.
I owe you one.
Hey, you'll get it back here
by 8 in the morning, okay?
-One more thing.
What size shoes do you wear?
I am going to Hendersonville
to see an old professor.
He makes me feel good.
Like you do.
-Know what I mean?
-Not really.
What are you making there?
It's a present.
-For you.
-For me?
You don't like it?
Get out!
-You don't mean that.
-I said get out!
Get out! Get out! Right now!
Alright. I don't think
that you understand the situation here.
Look, please, get out.
Alright. Then I'll get out.
-I want you to like me.
-Then why are you doing this to me?
Lara, I am not going to hurt you.
Just... don't run away from me, okay?
I promise.
You want gas?
I am looking for a blonde woman
traveling with a younger man.
They're driving in a brown Oldsmobile.
-Have you seen them?
You've seen a brown Oldsmobile?
Two people, a man and a woman?
-I want a brown Oldsmobile.
Speaking in foreign language.
Hey, you. You're gonna like this one.
Now here, this is a good one.
This one makes you look
kind of... happy-go-lucky.
And here, you're worried.
But come on.
This is the best.
This one makes you look... alive.
But who the hell are you?
Who are you?
Now, tell me more, tell me everything.
Why did you leave your husband?
Why did you leave your husband?
We don't get along.
You don't get along.
Where did you meet him?
Lara, if I ask you a question,
then you've got to give an answer.
Where did you meet him?
The American Embassy.
Okay, I understand.
He got you out of Russia,
oh, this is very interesting. It's...
International intrigue.
How's everybody doing?
I'm looking for a blonde woman about 30,
good looking, traveling in a...
That makes two of us, bud.
Traveling with a younger man.
Driving in a late model brown Oldsmobile.
-Any of you here seen 'em?
-Who's asking?
The law.
Hey... somebody here call a cab?
Look, jack. I'm tired, I'm pissed
and I'm ready to kill.
So, don't fuck with me.
Oh, I know the postman said she likes me.
I'm starving.
I haven't eaten anything since yesterday.
Just turn right up here.
See if anything's open.
Why does it always cease to amaze me
that you're late?
-Stop bitching at me, alright?
-No, no, stop bitching at you,
-where were you?
-Yeah, I was bowling, alright?
Oh, bowling! Of course.
-Why didn't I think about that?
-Is bowling more important than me?
-No, it's not more important.
You are like...
If I see you move, even one inch,
you'll hurt real bad.
Shut up, alright?
Get in the truck, god dammit.
Don't touch me, please.
Quit being an asshole, Joan.
Oh, what're gonna do? Walk home?
I'd rather walk
than be with a jerk like you.
Then, well, fuck you!
Why are you talking to her that way?
Because she's a fucking bitch.
Who the hell are you?
What's that?
I think you'd better shut your mouth
and get in that truck of yours.
Crazy son-of-a-bitch.
Yeah, well, I hope I'll never see you
and your pink truck again.
See you later.
Come on.
My wife and I will drive you home.
Ah, gee. What, you sure you don't mind?
Where are you going?
Actually, I am going south on the 101.
It's right on our way. Perfect.
Drive, dear.
We're taking the little lady home.
-I really appreciate all this.
-You're welcome.
-I hope you've learned your lesson.
-What do you mean?
That guy. He could've hurt you.
He's not that bad.
I mean, sometimes he's a jerk but,
what, we've been together for a couple
of months or something like that.
If he treats you this way now,
wait till you've been married
for a couple of years.
I am not getting married.
Not to him, anyway.
Good. That kind of guy will
leave you down and dirty.
-Could you turn left up here, please?
Yeah. Well, thanks for the ride.
Oh, wait just a second, will you?
I'll be right back.
I'm walking you to your door.
-You know, like you don't have to.
-Oh, yeah. I do.
Oh, hey, let me get that for you.
Well, thanks again. And good night.
Yeah, well I, thought I'd just wait till
you got inside. Got some lights on.
-I think it looks okay in there.
-Please? I insist.
Go ahead.
What are you doing?
I just want to make sure you're alright.
Well, I'm alright now.
Do you mind, just...
What's the matter?
You think I'm gonna hurt you?
Look, there's no offense, but I really,
I don't, I really don't know you.
You're afraid of me, aren't you?
No. I just want you to leave.
I, I want you to leave.
Well, I just wanna take your picture.
You're pretty, okay?
No. Look, your, your wife,
she's outside waiting for you.
That's not my wife.
Don't you ever run away from me!
You hurt me.
Leave me alone!
Try and catch me now.
You crazy son-of-a-bitch.
-You alright?
-I think so.
-What happened?
-I got hit trying to hitch hike.
Come on. I'll give you a lift.
So, if you're from Montevideo,
how come you're way down here?
I'm trying to catch somebody.
Are you a policeman?
Yeah, as a matter of fact, I am.
Trying to catch 'em in a taxi?
It's a woman.
My wife, she smashed into my car.
-She what?
-Totaled the blue and white.
Why, I bet you she's in for a week
once you catch up with her.
Forget her.
The scumbag she ran off with,
that fucker's gonna wish
he'd never been born.
No, I'm not.
Put the knife down.
I put the knife down.
A good start.
-It's a nice gun.
-It sure is.
Why don't you put that down too?
I don't think so.
You're the guy I saw
driving in the car with my wife tonight.
Just an innocent hitch hiker.
You kill her?
You killed the girl on the beach tonight,
didn't you?
Bingo. Ladies and gentlemen,
we've got a winner here.
Pull over.
Take it easy, please.
-Pull over.
-Okay. I'm pulling over.
Just slow down. Slow, slow down.
-Think about what you're doing.
-Shut up.
Open door.
Get out.
Get back there.
Well, well, well.
Look in here.
No! No.
No! Stop! Stop!
Stop! Stop.
Stop! Stop!
You crazy son-of-a-bitch.
Me? No, I doubt it.
You, you're the one who's crazy.
Your wife's scared of you.
No. God. Damn.
No! God. No.
No. No. No!
You're crazy. You're crazy, pull over.
Stop! Dammit!
Have a nice day.
Hey, buddy.
-What happened here?
-I don't know.
It looks pretty bad.
Look. I took a picture.
Thank, God.
Boy, I finally found a cop
when I need one.
Listen. There's a woman in danger,
she lives right in...
You're busted.
Now, why did you leave me back there?
You know, Doctor Hardy would be
so angry with you.
Doctor, what?
He would say that your behavior
is very, very disobedient.
What do you want from me?
-I'll do anything.
-You'll what?
I'll do anything, anything you want.
If you let me go.
Really? Anything?
So... now you're trying to
bribe an officer, huh?
You are starting to act like a... slut.
-What am I going do with you?
-No, no.
Do you know what this is? Do you?
Now, don't cry.
Because I really don't want to hurt you.
Then let me go, please.
I'd like to.
You feel that?
You see, I am trying to help you.
You know that cop back there,
the one that's after you, your husband?
He thinks, you and I...
Are... close.
-I killed him.
-You what?
-Because I love you.
-Oh, God. No.
No. No.
Oh, you've got an ear bleed.
Don't touch it!
You'll get evicted. Good, good.
Because I've got to get a shot of that.
Come on.
You know the program.
Well, you know the program.
Oh, Jesus.
Come on.
Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop. Stop.
I'm a police officer, stop.
-Yo, pal. What's the problem?
-I'm a police officer and I need a car.
Well, shoot man, I can't help you.
I gotta get these cars up north
to a movie location.
You got five of 'em.
You know, if I don't get all five of 'em
up there by dawn, my ass is in a sling.
Look, buddy, this is a life and death
situation. I'm after a killer.
You want to jump in,
I'll give you a lift.
Hey, you're going in the wrong direction.
Sorry, man, I can't help you then.
Oh, shit.
Wanna see some of my special photographs?
I don't feel like it.
Too bad.
Here's one of my sister.
That's not your sister, it's me.
Never took one of her.
But you look just the same.
Guess what her name was. Lara.
Her name was Lara. Just like you.
I bet you two were real close.
This is my mother.
Here's another.
She's dead?
Yeah. Here, this is a good one.
Oh, God.
You killed your own mother?
Will you look at my pictures!
You're a monster. How could you?
You bastard.
You have no right to be alive.
You're free, Lara.
I'm letting you go.
You'll never get to meet
my psychiatrist, Dr Hardy.
He could've helped you.
-You're letting me go?
-Why not?
Well, you don't seem to like me.
Or my pictures.
-I'm going to Santa Barbara.
-Take a seat.
Long time, no see.
Don't be afraid.
Get away from me.
-You wouldn't shoot me, would you?
-Stay back.
And I thought you liked me.
All gone.
You really wanted to kill me.
Sorry, ma'am.
Firearms are not allowed on board.
Now it's time to see
where this coach is headed.
I never told you about
the night my sister died, did I?
Worst storm I ever saw.
Are you listening?
Buddy boy, you're dead.
So my old man's gone someplace.
And my "maw," she's drunk.
Talking crazy to herself.
It's freezing cold.
And my little sister's crying.
So I go, and I put her in bed.
Then I get under the covers with her.
Just to hold her
and make her feel warm, that's all.
What business did maw have in
coming in there like that, huh?
That was a very personal moment.
That bitch tried to make it
into something... dirty.
This is your Captain speaking.
Fasten your seat belts.
We're headed for a little turbulence.
Justin, slow down!
Justin, please. We're gonna get killed!
You son-of-a bitch!
Oh, God!
-Back off!
-Let her go, buddy.
-Put the gun down.
-No way.
I'm not gonna let you hurt her.
She needs help!
All I want's the car.
-So I can take her to see my doctor.
-Well, that's not gonna happen.
You've got three seconds
to put that gun down.
-One, two...
Do it!
-Okay. It's alright.
-Just put it on the car. And walk away.
The revolver too!
Now, let her go.
I wonder where the hell Baker is?
Okay, you guys go around the back.
I'll take the front.
Watch yourselves.
Where in the hell did Ross go?
I don't know.
What's that?
-They're dead.
-Watch out, there's gas all over.
Hold it!
That guy's got nine lives.
He's bad, Lara. Like you.
But don't worry.
Dr Hardy will fix you.
Now, now. Lara.
Don't you want to hear about my Maw?
So, Maw pulls the sheets off us.
She tries to grab me, but she can't.
Because I'm too fast.
I run, and I hide behind the couch.
That's the one thing that would
set her off, if you ran from her.
So, she sees my sister
running for the back door.
And she flips.
And she grabs the first thing
that came to hand.
You know what that was? Huh, Lara?
Back to my story. There's my sister.
She's trying to get out the back door,
scared to death.
Now what does Maw grab?
A dish rag?
A spoon? A head of lettuce?
A butcher knife.
But, it's in my head.
You think I can turn it off like a TV.
Now she's yelling.
"Don't you ever run from me!"
And I'm watching her
put that knife into my sister.
Like it was... a hair brush or something.
Hendersonville, here we come.
Oh, come on. Come on.
No! Don't die, fucker.
We're home.
This is it. End of the line.
Let's go.
Get over here and open this up. Come on!
Don't die.
Don't go away.
Listen, I have a patient for Dr Hardy.
Would you call him, please?
-Where's the patient?
-In the ambulance.
It's safer there. She has a history
of super temporal abnormality.
It's 5:00,
Dr Hardy isn't accepting any calls.
Well, I think you'd better call him.
She's dangerous.
-Where's the paperwork?
-In the ambulance.
Look, I'll handle it
with Dr Hardy directly.
He knows me.
I'm sorry to disturb you, Dr Hardy,
there's an emergency in reception.
Super-temporal abnormality, tell him.
Dr Hardy, it's me, Justin McCay.
-Did you miss me?
-How did you get here?
-I've been on the road all night.
I had to see you.
I don't think I can make it alone.
Look, Doc. I brought a friend with me.
She needs your help.
I, I told her that you
could make her better,
-the way you made me better, right?
You just wait there, Justin.
I'll be out in a second.
Right, Doc. You got it.
I'll be right there.
Listen, I'm gonna need an orderly.
You need radial keratotomy.
William. I need an orderly in reception.
You nearly tricked me.
Call the police. This man isn't
an ambulance driver. He's a killer.
-She's inebriated.
-He's crazy, and he's got a gun!
Take us to Dr Hardy's office.
-This way. This way.
-Oh, God, please believe me.
He murdered 10 people.
He's gonna kill me.
-Down the hall.
-Call the cops, now!
My name is Lara Markman.
My husband's a cop in Montevideo.
-Call them if you don't believe me.
-Quiet, please we're in a hospital.
-What's wrong with her?
-Nothing. I'm fine.
It's him. He's crazy.
She's been making up stories about
people wanting to hurt her,
-it's a very sad case.
-He's lying!
-No, I'm not crazy.
-This way.
Dr Hardy's office is
at the end of the hallway on the right.
Look up. If Dr Hardy fixes your brain,
then you can marry me.
-Would you like that, Lara?
-Dr Hardy?
-Yes, Justin.
-Thanks, we're fine.
Be good.
Hi. Are you, glad to see me?
-I am.
This man's got a gun. He's a killer.
Now, we're all friends here.
We like each other. We like Justin.
Dr Hardy is my best friend.
He made me feel better,
because he likes me.
That's right, Justin.
Is it true? Do you have a gun?
You should give it to me.
This lady is very sick, Doc.
You gotta make her better,
so she'll like me.
She needs ECT.
-I can't do that.
-You can. You did it for me.
-Fix her for me.
I've got a good idea.
First we'll fix you, Justin.
And then we'll take care
of your friend, okay? Okay.
Put the gun down, Justin.
-He's bad, Doctor.
-Justin put the gun down.
-And come on outside with me.
-Your husband doesn't like me.
-Come on.
You can lie me to the hood
of the car again.
We can drive around.
-Oh, really? You promise?
-You got my word.
Go with him Justin. Don't hurt the man.
-No! No.
Where's the shock room? I'm ready.
The keys.
Let's go.
Now you'll be feeling much better.
Okay, you can lie down on the table.
Lara. 1On the table.
But you said
you wanted to go first, remember?
No. You... said I wanted to go first.
You're not my friend anymore.
-I don't like you.
-I am your friend.
-I'm trying to help you, like always.
-Dr Hardy, you're a liar.
You hate me. You wanted me to go
with that guy who was gonna kill me.
That's not true.
You liar.
On the table. Sit down. Now!
Come on, Lara. Gotta get in there.
It's not gonna hurt.
Just the way you like it.
On the side here. That will get it.
If I give her her treatment first,
would you trust me, son?
Here, undo these. Let me help you.
-But you don't know...
...how to work the machine.
Justin, you could kill her.
I'm going to fix her. You'll see.
Remember what it was like...
...when they first brought you here,
we couldn't get you to speak.
Remember how bad you felt?
Then I gave you a shot.
Administered the treatment.
And then you felt better.
No more bad thoughts.
No more voices telling
you to hurt people.
-Cut the crap, Doc.
I'm still killing people.
I hear a rat.
I know you've been through
a terrible ordeal.
You'll be carrying the pain
for a long time.
If there's anything I can do,
I'll be here for you.
Justin was one of the worst cases
I've ever dealt with.
Profoundly anti-social,
profoundly sociopathic.
But I feel for him.
He never really had a chance at life.
Well, he won't hurt anyone anymore.
You, are one lucky lady.
That was your husband.
He's waiting for you.
You really are something, you know that?
I know one thing.
You mean more to me than my job.
I'm willing to give it a try.
How about you?
Come on, Lara.
What are you gonna lose, huh?
If it doesn't work out,
I'll leave this time.
No fuss, no muss.
I promise.