Midnight Run (1988) Movie Script

Come on.
Hey, Marvin,|what are you doin'?
He's mine, Jack. Get lost.|- Fuck you.
He's mine. Eddie assigned him to me.|What are you doing?
Straighten it out with Eddie.|I'll collect the money.
I almost got killed. He shot at me.|- Back off!
I'm taking him.|This guy's worth 1.200.
What the hell we fightin' for?|We're friends.
Nothing personal, but fuck off.
Take it easy. Jesus!|Marvin, watch out!
What the fuck's goin' on?|You guys ain't cops.
No, we're ballet dancers.
Your mother teach you how to react|to strangers?
Not shoot at 'em?
Hey, Marvin, thanks for the car.
You sleep, and I'll bring it back|a little later.
Got a delivery for you, Gooch.
Good. The soda machine's been out|for a week and a half.
Check that for me.
What've we got here?
All right.|Give you any trouble?
Did you give me any trouble?
Fuck you, man!|- He didn't give me trouble.
If you want your arms, walk.|- Fuck you, too!
Slap it.
Mascone's Bail Bonds.
No, it's cash only.|No checks, no cards.
I'm sorry, ma'am.|That's the policy.
I wish I could help you out.|Sorry.
Just dropped off Bouchet.|Is Eddie in?
So you finally|caught someone, Jack.
Jerry, is he in?
That's terrific.
Been tryin' to reach you.|What do you got for me?
You were tryin' to reach me?|Bouchet.
Bouchet. Good score, Jack.|Nine-hundred, right?
No, it's 1.200.|- No, nine.
That's 1.200. Come on.
No. Yeah, you're right.
My stomach's killin' me.|I'm goin' to Chin Loo's for breakfast.
I wanna talk to you.|- About what?
I'll talk to you over there.|- Could I have my money first?
Of course.|You think I'm gonna try to stiff you?
You? Never! He would never|try and stiff me.
Do I detect sarcasm?|- Never.
Where have I inherited|this reputation?
I have never done business|with anybody...
and Jerry is my witness,|that I have ever, ever, ever
Has that phone ever rang|with a complaint about me?
Never. So let's go.|I'll buy you some breakfast.
I don't eat breakfast.|- Then have an early lunch. Let's go.
You ever hear of Jonathan Mardukas?
The Duke. Yeah, I know who he is.|- What do you know?
He's that accountant that embezzled|millions from some Vegas wise guy.
He gave it to charity.|- Very good.
Only thing is, it wasn't a couple|of million. It was $15 million.
It wasn't some Vegas wise guy.|It was Jimmy Serrano.
I know.|I can read the papers.
Look, I don't wanna bring up|the past, but...
isn't it Serrano who ran you out of|Chicago when he was runnin' things then?
He didn't run me out.|- You gave up bein' a cop to do this?
All right, what's the point?|- The point, Jack?
I bailed out the accountant.|I didn't know who he was at the time.
Had I known, there was no way|I would've put up the bond.
It's only time before Serrano|vanishes this guy from the planet...
and I'm out $450.000.
You're out $450.000 on this guy?
No, because I got you. You're the best.|You'll find him and bring him back.
Yeah, right.
How do you know he's still alive?
Because this guy is crazy.
He sends postcards to Serrano...
tellin' him what a great time|he's havin' with his money.
How much time do you got left?|- Friday midnight I default.
I eat the $450.000.|- This Friday?
That's five days. Forget it.|You go find him. Give me my money.
Listen to me.
I'll give you $50 grand.
$50 grand? I gotta chase you down|for $1.200. Forget it.
No, Jack, please...|- Forget about it. What else you got?
This is it. If you don't find this guy,|I'm outta business.
Eddie, I'll do it for $100.000.
$100.000!|Are you outta your mind?
This is an easy gig.|It's a midnight run, for Chris sakes!
Maybe you haven't noticed,|but I'm tired of gettin' shot at.
I'm tired of this miserable fuckin'|business, every lowlife that I run into.
If you're gonna pay me,|you gotta pay me what's right.
You want me for this job,|give me what's right.
The guy is an accountant.|He's not gonna shoot you.
All you have to do is find him...
put him in a bag, hit him|with a rubber hose, bring him home.
That's easy for you to say.|Listen to me.
It's $100.000. No more, no less.|And I want a contract.
Contract?|- Right, and I want it in writing.
$100.000 and I'll have the Duke here|for you by Friday night.
Now, can I have my $1.200, please?
You do worse than any crook|I ever put a bond up for.
Stanley? Stan!
Hey, Big Dog. How are you?|What are you doin' here?
I need a favor.
I need to see the booking slip|of Jonathan Mardukas.
Here you go.
Yes, sir.
What's that?
The number he called|right after he was arrested.
Are you Jack Walsh?
Excuse me.|- Are you Jack Walsh?
Do I know you?|- Alonzo Mosely, FBl.
That's a nice badge.|How can I get one of those?
I wanna talk.
Call my social secretary.|- Very funny.
I wanna talk to you.|- Take your hands off me!
Geez! Take it easy!
It's a $10 fine for jaywalking in L.A.|- Oh, shut up!
I want to know if you're working on|anything to do with Jonathan Mardukas?
Never heard of him.|- I believe you have heard of him.
We've been working on this|Jimmy Serrano thing for six years.
Mardukas is my shot.
I'm gonna bring him in|to federal court.
I don't want any third-rate rent-a-thug|who couldn't cut it as a Chicago cop...
bringing him to L.A.|on some bullshit local charge.
Do I make myself understood?
Can I ask you something?
These sunglasses, they're really nice.|Are they government issue...
or do all you guys|go get 'em at the same store?
Do I make myself understood?|- Can't you take a joke?
Get him outta here.
Let's talk some more.|- Get the fuck outta here.
If I hear anything,|I'll let you know.
Have a nice day.
Thank you.
Could I have my sunglasses back?|- Here's your sunglasses.
Thanks. Thanks for this too.
"Alonzo Mosely".
How's that?
Looks fine to me.
Harold Longman, please.
Harry? Jack Walsh.|How ya doin'?
You got that address check|on that phone number for me?
Okay. Thanks a lot, Harry.|Say hello to Julie for me.
Okay, bye.
Thank you.
You Jack Walsh?
Who wants to know?|- Answer "yes".
We'd like to have a word with you.|- Yeah? What about?
It involves big cash, lotta prizes.
I'll make it short. The people|I work for are interested in your visit.
Yeah? Who do you work for?|- Your old friend from the Chicago days.
You're here for the Duke. You think he's|in New York, and we think you're right.
That's a nice jacket.|What is it, goat skin?
Come on, Joey, please, will ya?|Never mind him.
I hear you didn't cooperate|with my boss a few years back.
Is that what you heard?|- Yeah, but I got a news flash.
He'd pay a lot more for the Duke|than that bail bondsman in L.A.
How much more?|- How about a one with six zeroes?
Are you gonna propose?|- Propose?
'Cause if you're not,|quit starin' at me, okay?
You're staring at me.|- Joey, back off, will you, please?
Mr. Walsh, your car's located|in space number 206.
You can catch our shuttle bus|just through these doors.
Thank you.|- Here's my number, Jack.
Ask for Tony Darvo. That's me. They'll|put you through to wherever I am.
And be good to yourself|this time, okay?
Tell Jimmy I said hello.
Hello?|- Hello? Mrs. Nelson?
Alonzo Mosely,|Federal Bureau of Investigation.
How are you this afternoon?|- I'm fine.
Let me get to the point, if I may.
An agent in our Los Angeles office|discovered a detail...
that was somehow overlooked.
When Jonathan Mardukas was arrested,|you were the first person he called.
Is that correct, Mrs. Nelson?
Are you there, Mrs. Nelson?|- Yes.
This is a matter|of great concern to us.
If it's not too much trouble...
could you come down tomorrow morning|to 26 Federal Plaza?
I suppose so.
About 9:00 a.m.?|- Yes.
Just ask for Agent Alonzo Mosely.
Thanks for your cooperation.|Have a nice day.
Hello?|- Dana? It's Helen.
The FBl just called.|They want to speak to me about Jonathan.
Oh, my God! Helen.|- Helen, what's going on?
Jonathan, the FBl called. They know|we spoke the night you were arrested.
Hang up the phone, Helen,|right now.
Ah, sweet music.
Did you check this one?
What is it, Jon?|- I don't know.
Alonzo Mosely, FBl!|You're under arrest!
Get this fuckin' dog out of here!|Get this dog out of here, ma'am.
Not you. You stay there. Get the dog.|- Do it.
Heidi, come on, girl.|That's a good girl.
Don't move or I'll shoot you|through the glass.
Get over here.|Put your hands up against the wall.
Spread your feet.
Relax, there won't be a problem.
Put your left hand|behind your head.
That's it.
You're taking me to the airport,|aren't you?
You don't look like|an FBl agent to me.
Yeah? Well, you don't look|like a duke to me.
If you're an FBl agent, why not|just take me to the FBl office?
If you don't be quiet, this is going|to be the worst trip of your life.
You work for Jimmy Serrano, don't you?|- I don't work for that piece of shit.
Your bail bondsmen hired me to bring|you to L.A., and that's what I'm doin'.
I got money.|- I'm sure you do.
I'll give you whatever you want.|- Start by shutting up.
I know you two minutes,|and already I don't like you.
That's too bad.|I really like you.
I can't cuff you on a commercial flight,|and I've gotta check my gun in luggage.
But you fuck with me once,|and I'm gonna break your neck.
I can't fly.|- What?
You heard me. I can't fly.|- You'll have to do better than that.
It's the truth. I can't fly.|I suffer from aviophobia.
What does that mean?|- It means I can't fly.
I also suffer from acrophobia|and claustrophobia.
If you don't cooperate, you're|gonna suffer from "fistophobia".
Mascone's Bail Bonds.|- Jerry, put Eddie on the phone.
What's the progress?
I got him.|- You got who?
The Duke. He's standin' right here.|- You got him? Already?
Sure do. Wanna say hello? Say hello|to your bailbondsman, Eddie Mascone
Jonathan Mardukas in the flesh.|- Jack, I love ya!
How did this happen?|Where'd you find him?
I found him in New York.|We're at the airport.
Holy Christ! This is wonderful!|This is wonderful news!
I'll be in your office by midnight|tonight, and I'm tellin' you.
I don't wanna hear any bullshit.|I want the money tonight.
So empty out one of|your Swiss bank accounts.
You don't have to worry about nothin'.|This is the best money I ever spent.
See you in a few hours.|- I'll see ya later. 'Night.
What's that all about?|- Jerry Walsh got the Duke!
Walsh got the Duke?|- He got him! He got the Duke!
No kiddin'? This calls for|a celebration. I'll get some donuts.
How do you think Walsh|found him so fast?
Tony, this is Jerry.|- Jerry who?
Jerry Geisler. What are you doing?|- Eatin' dinner. What do you want?
I hate to bother you,|but I thought you'd like to know...
that Walsh found the Duke in New York.
They're flyin' in tonight.|They should arrive around midnight.
Don't forget me, babe.|- Yeah, kid, yeah.
Thanks. Good night.
Looks like your old friend|found the accountant.
They'll be flying into L.A.|around midnight.
Have them met at the airport.
You understand?|- Done.
Can I take your coat?|- No, that's fine. Thanks.
May I take your coat?|- No.
First class is nice.|I could make a habit out of this.
Good evening, gentlemen.|- Good evening to you.
Would you like a drink|before we take off?
Yes, we would like|one of your finest champagnes.
Let's see.|Look at this.
Only in America.|What a country. Huh?
Unbelievable.|I think I'm gonna have the steak.
How about you?|- I'm not hungry.
Why don't you get lobster? Then I can|get some surf and turf action goin'.
I got a problem.
I can't fly.|You're not takin' me seriously.
I'm takin' you very seriously.|- I can't be on this plane.
You think I haven't heard|your story before?
You think you're traveling with|a novice? Know what I'm talkin' about?
That's it. Settle in.|If you wanna get up and talk...
mingle with the rest of the passengers,|be my guest.
You ain't goin' nowhere. There's|a couple of nice-lookin' people here.
Better class of people.|Your class.
Probably all embezzlers, too.
Come fly with me|Come fly away
Just try and relax.
Look, I...
Just calm down.|Just relax and calm down.
Why are you gettin' so excited?|- It's not...
No! I can't!
No! No! No! I can't.
Just relax. Just relax.
What did I tell ya?|Don't pull that shit on me.
No! I'm tellin' you.|I can't do it.
Get over there.|- These things go down!
It's too big! It can't go up!
All right, everyone, just calm down.|What's the problem?
It's nothing, sir. Alonzo Mosely, FBl.|This man is in my custody.
I'm takin' him back to Los Angeles.|There won't be any more problems.
I don't wanna fly.|I can't fly.
You know you can't take a prisoner on|an airplane if he doesn't want to fly.
I do. I'm sorry.|I thought he was bluffing.
I suggest you find|some other mode of transportation.
What the fuck are you smilin' about?|- I love to travel by train.
Oh, yeah? What do you think|this is, a class trip?
Are you always this angry?|- Right now I'm in a great fuckin' mood.
When I'm cooped up on that for a while,|you won't be smilin'.
You'll be runnin'|for that fuckin' jail cell.
Still gonna make your schedule?
I'll make it,|with 14 hours to spare.
Oh, nice. It's a double.|There'll be a lot of room.
Glad you like it.|- Good. Very nice.
Thanks, 'cause it's starting|to cut into my wrists. Thank you.
It gets the skin after a while.
Get in there.|- What do you want? What?
Oh, come on. Come on.
No, you don't...|Why would you do that?
You enjoy yourself. This is my room,|and that's your room. Good night.
Hey, can I help you guys?|- Special Agent Mosely, FBl.
Are all you guys named Mosely?|- What the hell are you talking about?
You're here to pick up a prisoner.|- How did you know that?
He was afraid to fly,|so he got off the plane.
He left with an Agent Mosely.
Sir, that must mean Walsh|has your identification.
Is this moron number one?|Put moron number two on the phone.
Yeah, Jimmy.|He's right here. Hold on.
He's pissed.
You told me this guy|would be on the plane.
That's the information we got.|- "That's the information we got".
I'm gonna tell you something.|I want this guy taken out fast.
You and that other dummy start getting|more personally involved in your work...
or I'm gonna stab you through the heart|with a fuckin' pencil.
Do you understand me?|- You got it, Jimmy.
Tony, he ain't mad at me, is he?
Jack, I think this is illegal.
I don't think you can keep|a person in a bathroom like this.
It's very claustrophobic in here...
It is? Well, I'll tell you what.|When we get to L.A....
you can tell the prison psychiatrist|all about it.
There's no air.|There's no ventilation in here.
I told you I was claustrophobic.|Come on.
What do you think I'm gonna do? Jump off|a train moving 90 miles an hour?
Good. Thanks. Thanks.
Thanks a lot.
Sit down.|- Yeah, that's great.
Very kind of you.
It's much better.|Thank you. Good.
What are you doing?
What am I doin'? Arithmetic.
Arithmetic? Maybe I can help you.|I am an accountant.
I was thinkin', after I turn your ass in|and collect my money...
I'm gonna open up a coffee shop.
How much are you getting for me?
That's not any of your concern.|But I'll tell you just to tell you.
A hundred thousand.|- A hundred thousand?
Would you take a $100.000|to let me go?
Not by a long shot.|- Two-hundred thousand?
I never took a payoff in my life, and|I'm won't start with someone like you.
Why not?|- Because you're a fuckin' criminal.
You deserve to go where you're goin',|and I'm gonna take you there.
If I hear any more shit out of you,|I'm gonna bust your head...
put you back|in that fuckin' hole...
and I'm gonna stick your head in|the toilet bowl and make it stay there.
I have to tell you, a restaurant|is a very tricky investment.
More than half of them go under|within the first six months.
If I were your accountant,|I'd strongly advise you against it.
You would?|You're not my accountant.
No, if I were your accountant...|- I told you, I took you out here...
No, I'm just saying that|it's a very tricky business...
and if I were your accountant, I would|strongly advise you against it...
as an accountant.
You're not my accountant.|- I realize I'm not your accountant.
I'm saying,|if I were your accountant.
Jerry, how the hell could he miss|the goddamn plane?
He called from the airport!
All right. It's time to bring in Marvin.|Call him. He's in Pittsburgh.
Marvin Dorfler?|- Yeah, Dorfler.
Under "D" in the Rolodex for "jerk".
Can I at least|have some french fries?
I said no, pecker breath.|Now shut up.
Marvin?|Sweetheart, am I glad I got you.
Boy, do I have a job for you!|- I'm listening.
First of all, I gotta apologize,|because we were trying to find you.
It's an important job, but I couldn't|find you, so I gave it to Walsh.
But now he's fucking it up, so...|- I don't know why you hire that guy.
I know. I apologize. You are the best|at what you do. You know that?
Do you know Jonathan Mardukas?
No.|- Jonathan Mardukas, the Duke?
I never heard of him.|- All right. That's not important.
What's important is that you find him|and that you bring him back, okay?
Last I heard, he had him in New York.|Now I don't know where they are.
If you find him, I'll give you|what I'm givin' Walsh.
What's that?
Twenty-five thousand.
But you gotta have him back by Friday|midnight, otherwise the deal is off..
Don't worry. For $25 grand,|I'll bring him in on a silver platter.
Bring him anyway you want,|but bring him, okay?
Hey, scumbag.|- My name's Carmine, fucko.
Well, Carmine,|today's your lucky day.
Why is today my lucky day?|- Shut up!
Yeah. My name is Jack Walsh.
Excuse me.|John Wesley Walsh.
I think I lost my credit card.
Can you tell me|the last place I used it?
Yeah, 731-483-9521-13.
The Amtrak office,|Grand Central Station?
Yeah, yeah.|I remember that now.
Okay. Thanks very much.
Hey, maybe we oughta cancel|that card, huh?
Yeah. Thank you.
Familiar with the word|"arteriosclerosis"?
If you want, I'll outline|a complete balanced diet for you.
Mail it to me from "C" block.
Why would you eat that?|- Why? 'Cause it tastes good.
But it's not good for you.|- I'm aware of that.
Why would you do something|you know is not good for you?
Because I don't think about it.|- That's living in denial.
Living in denial?|- Yeah.
I'm aware of that.|- So you're aware of all your behavior.
Yet you do things not good for you.|Don't you think that sounds foolish?
No. Stealing $15 million|from Jimmy Serrano sounds foolish.
I didn't think I'd get caught.|- Now, that's livin' in denial.
I'm aware of that.|- So you're aware of your behavior.
Yet you continue to do things|that aren't good for you.
Sounds foolish to me. Don't you think?|- It was foolish.
But taking $15 million in mob money...
and giving it to charity|was good for a lot of people.
So you pissed off a mafiioso killer|just to be loved by fuckin' strangers.
That makes a lot of sense.|- Don't you want to be loved?
Lots of people love me.|- Really?
I got an ex-wife,|and a daughter in Chicago.
How do they put up|with all your sarcasm?
Beautifully. I haven't seen|either of them in nine years.
Think we should go see them?|- No, I don't think we should see them.
Thanks for the interest, though.|- The job must have been tough on 'em.
I didn't do this then.|- What did you do?
I was a cop.|- You were a cop in Chicago?
Then you know|about Jimmy Serrano.
Do you have a right to ask questions?|- I think I do.
No, you don't.|- I think I do.
No, you don't.|- Why not?
Dinner's over. Let's go.
I can see this is gonna be|some fuckin' trip, boy.
I wouldn't worry.|I won't be with you much longer.
What do you mean?
Knowing about Serrano, if I go to jail,|I'll be dead within 24 hours.
So sooner or later,|I'll have to give you the slip.
Glad you find it humorous.
Let's go.|- All you're leaving is $2?
That's 15 percent.|- That's 13 percent.
These people depend on tips|for a living.
Can I help you, sir?
Yeah, I'm looking for my buddy,|Jack Walsh.
He told me he'd meet me|on this train.
Yeah, Mr. Walsh.
He's in Bedroom "D", next car.
That next car?|- Yes, sir, that way.
Thanks.|- Sure thing. Have a good night.
One word and you're dead, asshole.
Holy shit! Son of a...
How the fuck you find out where I am?|- I ain't tellin' you shit!
Don't force me to do something!|- What's goin' on in here?
All right. Everything's under control.|Take it easy. Alonzo Mosely, FBl.
Radio ahead. I want the local police|at the next stop to arrest this man.
What the fuck are you talkin' about?|- That's enough out of you!
Get on the horn|and call the cops.
Is this good or bad news?
Mardukas and Walsh are on the Amtrak|headed to Los Angeles.
Another bounty hunter was arrested|after he tried to take Mardukas away.
I want the jet ready in 20 minutes.
Where's Jack Walsh?
He got off with the other guy|two or three stops ago.
His real name's Mosely.|- I'm Mosely!
I wanna make a collect call|to Eddie Mascone from Jack Walsh.
Mascone. Bail bonds.|- Jerry, it's Jack. Put Eddie on.
Jesus, Jack! Where the hell you been?|- I wanna talk to him. Where are you?
Where am I?|I wanna ask you somethin'.
How come Dorfler is on my ass? Did you|put him on this, you son of a bitch?
Wait a minute. Dorfler...
How could I put Dorfler on you?|I don't know where you are.
You had nothin' to do with it?|- Where are you? You got the Duke?
You're damn right I got him.|- Where are you?
Where am I? I'm somewhere between...|I don't know... Toledo and Cleveland.
We're gettin' on a bus.|- Bingo.
Bus? Don't get on a...|Are you outta your mind?
Shut up and listen.|We're gettin' on a bus.
I wanted to let you know|we're on our way. Bye.
Don't hang up!
Shit! What the hell|is this guy doin'?
I don't know.
Listen, maybe I oughta get|some donuts or somethin', huh?
Two one-way tickets to Los Angeles.
Still gonna make our schedule.|- I'll get you there on time.
Don't have any illusions.
lllusions?|- Illusions. Illusions.
I'm sorry, sir.|This card's been cancelled.
Huh? Has it been cancelled?
I'm sorry. That's a mistake.|Would you please try it again?
I checked it twice, sir.|- Please try it again.
Did you pay the bill?|- Shut up.
I'm sorry, sir.|It's been cancelled.
Ma'am, that is impossible.|I pay my bills.
There is no way|that could be cancelled. Shut up.
Please.|- It's cancelled, sir.
Would you like to try|another credit card or cash?
I don't have any other credit cards.|Please, just try that again.
All right.
Alonzo...Jack Walsh,|Federal Bureau of Investigation.
This is official business.|This man's in my custody.
I'm taking him to Los Angeles, okay?|Please try again.
Jack Walsh is not the name|on that badge, sir.
Would you like me to call the FBl?
Or would you like to pay cash?
How much is it?|- $264 for two tickets.
Here's a hundred.
Got any money on ya?|- A lot.
You call that a lot? Enough|to get you where I'm gonna get you.
One, two, three, four,|five, six, seven.
Got the whole fuckin' force|after me, huh?
Who the fuck are you?|- Special Agent Mosely, FBl.
Oh, goddamn it!|I didn't do anything.
Relax. Just wanna ask you|a few questions.
Yeah. Fuckin' "A". Help yourself.
What do you know|about Jack Walsh?
No. Come on. Come on.|Cigarettes are killers.
So are women.|- Not the right woman.
My wife stuck it out|with me through all of this.
Yeah, stuck it out with you|and all your millions. What a trooper.
I don't have millions, Jack.|I gave it all to charity, remember?
You didn't keep a little|for yourself?
I kept enough to get away and hide.|- Yeah, right.
When we change buses in Chicago,|you're gonna have a couple hours.
Be a better man. Use that time|to look up your ex-wife and daughter.
It's a perfect opportunity.|- Why don't you mind your own business?
Why is it you haven't seen them|in nine years?
Just to get you off my back, I'll tell|you. She married a police lieutenant.
And I'm not very popular|with the Chicago Police Department.
Why aren't you popular|with the Chicago Police Department?
What, do we know each other?|Get... What a... Take...
What did you do? Why aren't you popular|with the Chicago Police Department?
That really doesn't concern you.|- Did she hurt you, Jack?
Yeah.|- I'm sorry.
What are you sorry about?|- I'm sorry you're hurt.
I'm not hurt.|- You just said you were hurt.
I didn't say I was hurt.|You said I was hurt.
I asked if you were hurt,|and you said, "Yeah, I'm hurt".
You made me say it.|You put words in my mouth.
You're a grown man.|You have control over your own words.
Goddamn right I do. So, here come|two words for you. Shut the fuck up.
Excuse me. Walsh called Mascone about|a half an hour ago from outside Toledo.
He's on an interstate Coach Lines bus|headed for Chicago.
Come on.
Sir, what do we do with this guy?
Let him go.
Son of a bitch stole my cigarettes.
When's the last time|you had a chest X ray?
You know about secondary smoke?|You could give people lung cancer...
who are innocent|and tryin' to live healthy lives.
Why don't you just go back to sleep?|Leave me alone.
Do whatever you have to do.|- Put the cigarette out.
Why don't you shut up|and leave me alone?
Put the cigarette out, Jack.
Put the cigarette out.
A pain in the ass this guy is.
Thank you.|I thought you were putting it out.
No, I'm not putting it out.
Why aren't you popular|with the Chicago Police Department?
Sid's downstairs.
What's up?|- I think you and I should talk.
What are you hangin' around for?|Take a walk.
Somebody picked up Mardukas.|- It's old news. I'm on it.
I don't have to tell you what'll happen|if he becomes a government witness.
That won't be the case.
I assumed you were taking that position,|but I advise you against such action.
Relax. Have a cream soda. Everything|will be all over within a few minutes.
Who are these guys?
Hands on the bus!
All right, spread 'em.
It's the Feds.
Remember me?
Agent Foster Grant.
Alonzo, won't you thank me|for doin' your job?
Thank you, Walsh.
Let's get the fuck outta here!
What the hell are you doing?|- Keep moving.
Relax.|- No! Come on!
Hurry it up.|- What are you doin'? Are you there?
Wait a minute. Jesus Christ!|All right, I'm comin'!
Come on!|- I'm coming! Wait a minute!
Walsh, you son of a bitch!
God! My God!|- Shut up.
What the hell was that?|Why were they shooting?
Those are Serrano's people. They're not|waiting for you to get to jail.
You're turnin' me in.|Why are we runnin' away from the FBl?
I gotta bring you back myself,|otherwise I won't get my money.
I won't give you to the Feds.
"Alonzo Mosely".|Isn't that the name you've been using?
Let me see that.
Look at this wealth of information.|They got a tap on Mascone's line.
Son of a bitch!
What are ya doin'?
How far do you think we'll get|in a stolen FBl car?
What's that for?|- An inside joke between me and Alonzo.
Tony Darvo, line one.|- Yeah?
Sorry. It didn't happen.
It didn't happen? Say that again.|- It didn't happen.
There were cops all over the place.|A million fuckin' Feds.
It was a mess.
It was a real mess.|- Get off the line.
If they've got a tap...
Sidney, shut your fuckin' mouth!
Now listen to me, dummy.|Do they have Mardukas in custody or not?
I don't know. The cops|are swarming all over the place.
We couldn't see anything.|- Let me tell you something.
I don't wanna get another phone call|like this, because if I do...
I'm gonna get on a fuckin' plane,|and blow torch the both of you.
Are you gonna stop?|I'm on the phone! What are you doin'?
I should've killed Walsh|in Chicago a long time ago.
Don't say a fuckin' word to me, Sidney.
I'll bury this telephone in your head.
I can't believe this. I haven't seen|either of them in nine years...
and the first thing out of my mouth is,|"Can I borrow a few hundred bucks?"
I have a feeling this is gonna be|very good for you.
You look fine.
Who are you guys?|- I'm your mother's ex-husband.
Mom!|- Nice kid.
Hi, Gail.|- Hello.
How're ya doin'?|- I'm doin' good.
They mentioned you and him|on the news this morning.
They did?|- Yeah.
What'd they say?|Anything good?
No. Are you all right?
You're in a lot of trouble, Jack.
Can I come in|for a few minutes?
Can I come in for a few minutes?
I won't stay long. I just need|to borrow some money to get to L.A.
You know I'm good for it.
I don't have that kind of cash|in the house.
I'm so embarrassed.|I'm just in a jam, Gail.
You look beautiful.
You don't look like a criminal.|- I'm a white-collar criminal.
Jason, go upstairs now.
You shouldn't be here. If Ted comes|home, he's gonna arrest you and him.
Arrest us?|- Yeah.
Then we'd be in a lot of trouble, 'cause|I'm a little short of bribe money.
All right, Jack, don't start.|Please, don't.
How is Lieutenant whatever-his-name-is?
It's captain now.|- Oh, captain? Royalty.
I don't want any trouble.|Do you understand? Please.
It is not a good day for this.|I mean it.
I'm sorry my fugitive timetable doesn't|coincide with your social calendar.
I don't think she was saying that.|- Stay out of this, Jon.
Same Jack. You get your feelings hurt,|and then you just hurt everybody else.
I don't need one of your lectures.|- I'm not lecturing you.
I'm trying to protect you!|Ted is going to be home any minute.
We're all going out.|It's an important night for us.
What's so important about tonight?|Let me guess. Is it payoff night?
That's it! Get out!|- Let's not fight.
I'm in a big fuckin' jam!|I need to borrow some money...
to get this guy to L.A., and I'm out of|this miserable fuckin' business forever!
Can't you understand that?
You got so big.
I'm sorry. I'm gonna go now.|- No, hold on.
I'm sorry, honey.|We're havin' a...
What grade are you in now?|- Eighth.
Are you in the eighth grade?
Here's $40. That's all I've got,|but these are the keys to my car.
It's the station wagon|in the driveway.
I'll tell Ted|that it's in the shop.
And we'll worry about it|when you get back to L.A.
So, does he take good care of you?
Yeah?|That's all I wanted to know.
So what's he gonna say about this?
He'll understand.|- Uh-huh. That's love, you know?
Bye, honey.
Wait. It isn't much.
About $180 baby-sitting money.|- Oh, sweetheart, I can't.
Take it. Please.
I can't, sweetheart.
Hello. I'd like to make a collect call|to Eddie Mascone from Jack Walsh.
Mascone Bail Bonds.|- Jerry, Jack. Put Eddie on the phone.
It's Jack.|- Stop fuckin' around. Where are you?
Where am I? I'm in Boise, Idaho.
No, wait a minute.|I'm in Anchorage, Alaska.
No, wait.|I'm in Casper, Wyoming.
I'm in the lobby of the Howard Johnson's|and I'm wearing a pink carnation.
What are you talkin' about?
I'm not talkin' to you.|I'm talkin' to the other guys.
What other guys?|- Let me describe the scene to you.
There's these guys, see?|They've probably been up for two days.
They stink of B.O.|They have coffee breath.
They're constipated from|sittin' on their asses for so long.
They're in a van, probably parked|right up the street from your office.
But you guys are gonna have|to pack up your shit and go home...
because I'm onto you,|you dumb fucks.
Your phone is tapped. I'm not gonna use|this line anymore. Go to Chin Loo's.
I'll call you there in five minutes.|They can't run a tap that fast.
So long, everybody.
Excuse me, buddy. I got it!|I think it's for me. Jack, that you?
Listen. Wire me $500 to the Western|Union in Amarillo, Texas right away.
What do you need with $500 on a bus?|And why the fuck aren't you on a plane?
Did it ever occur to you that I am|a professional and have my reasons?
We are driving now, and I only have|enough cash to get to Amarillo.
We scrapped the bus.
Fuck the bus! I wanna know|what happened to the goddamn plane!
He doesn't like to fly.|- He doesn't like to fly?!
What the fuck does that mean?|Listen to me, Jack!
You gotta be back here in less|than two and a half fuckin' days.
A half million dollars of my money!|What the fuck is goin' on there?
Eddie, Eddie, Eddie,|I swear to God, don't start with me...
or I will shoot him and I will dump him|in a fuckin' swamp!
I am in no fuckin' mood for this.
Just send me the money, and|I'll have him back by the deadline.
You hear me?|- Yes.
Let's go.
Jerry, wire $500 to Jack Walsh|in Amarillo, Texas right away.
Amarillo, Texas.
Also, get Dorfler down there!|Find him and get him down there too.
You got it, Eddie.|- Shit!
One of those bottles of beer|should fall
Ninety-six bottles|of beer on the wall
Ninety-three bottles|of beer on the wall
Why were you so unpopular|with the Chicago Police Department?
'Cause of your personality?
What happened at your house?|What was that all about?
Your wife married|a corrupt police officer?
What was it all about?
That whole fuckin' department|was corrupt.
There's good and bad everywhere,|don't you think?
I'd say there's bad everywhere.|Good I don't know about.
What happened to you?
I wouldn't go on the payroll.
What payroll?
I was workin' undercover.|I was...
posted to this big heroin dealer|in Chicago.
Think he supplied the whole city.
Took me a year|just to get his confidence.
Just when I was about to nail the son|of a bitch, my fellow officers...
mysteriously discovered|seven pounds of heroin in my house.
So this big-time drug dealer|gave me a choice:
Get on the payroll like everybody else,|get out of town...
or go to jail for 30 years.
Well, I didn't get on the payroll.
And that's why I do this.
So when I find a criminal like you,|I bring him in.
I don't worry about anybody takin' a|payoff. There is no anybody, just me.
Why don't you get a new watch?|- I'll tell you when I know you better.
When are you gonna get to know me|better? I'll get to know you better.
You're not gonna know me better.|- Will you shut up?
That's what I mean.
How much money do we have left?
That's it?|- That's it.
We're starvin',|and you're buying cigarettes?
I need these cigarettes.
You have your whatever you're|gonna have. I'll have this.
What can I do for you boys?|- Coffee, please.
How much is the coffee?|- It's 53 cents.
How much is tea?|- Fifty-three cents.
I'll have tea.
Okay, and our breakfast special today|is chorizo and eggs.
Chorizo and eggs?|- Chorizo and eggs. Yes.
What is that?|- It's a Mexican sausage...
mixed in with scrambled eggs, and|it comes with hash browns and toast.
Won't be havin' that. Thank you.
What time you got?|- It's ten to 9:00.
In ten minutes, we'll be at the Western|Union office, we'll have 500 bucks.
I'll buy ya a juicy steak|or what ever you want, okay?
Chorizo and eggs?
Chorizo and eggs?|- I'll get you whatever you want.
You know, Jon, you're in this mess|because you're in this mess.
I didn't put you in this mess.|Do you understand?
If you had left Jimmy Serrano alone,|this wouldn't be happening.
Thank you.
I had a way out of this, you know.
Oh, yeah?
What's the thing Serrano's|most afraid of?
Goin' cross-country with you.
Gettin' knocked off|by his own people.
What I know|his financial transactions...
would not only put him away, but every|mob guy he ever did business with.
That's why he wants to kill me.
I was gonna put all his records|on computer disks.
I figured if things got too rough,|I could always trade them for my life.
What happened?
What happened was I got arrested|before I had a chance to do it.
Why didn't you just leave him alone?
You don't look like the kind of guy|who would be involved in that situation.
Why didn't you leave|that heroin dealer alone?
I was a mob accountant.
I thought I worked|in a legitimate firm.
When I found out I was managing|accounts who were friends for Serrano...
I couldn't just sit back|and do nothing.
But you still took|what didn't belong to you.
How can you be on a mobster's side?|- I'm not on a mobster's side?
You're on his if you're not on mine|- I'm not on anybody's side.
I got nothin' to do with it.|- You've got everything to do with it.
You're takin' me to jail|where you know I'll be killed.
That's not my problem.|- It's not your problem?
It's not your problem?
Did you read about me in the papers?|- Yeah, I did.
Were you on my side then?|- Yeah, I was.
Then why aren't you now?|- Because now you're in my way.
I'm in your way?
You want the money for turning me|in because that's all you're about.
You're just about the fuckin' money.
Hey, Jon, you think|whatever you wanna think.
Doesn't matter to me cause I'm gettin'|my $100.000 any which way you want it.
Let's go.
Hey, Tony. Hop-Along... Che si dice.|Got your camera. Take a picture.
Should I get one of these|at the airport?
Put that away.|I'm not gonna tell you again.
Tony, there they are.
How you doing, Jack?|Jimmy sends his regards.
Don't worry. We're not here for you.|We're here for him.
What are you staring at?|Are you gonna propose?
Drop 'em!|I said, drop 'em, assholes!
Who the fuck are you guys?|- Who the fuck are you?
You're dead.|You know who you're fuckin' with?
No. Why don't you tell me?|Make sure you speak into the microphone.
Very clever.|Give me the keys.
Come on, give me the keys!
The keys.
Looks like a package deal.
Goddamn it! Come on, both of you!
Who were those guys?|- You did it this time.
What are you talking about?|- Those are hired killers.
Hired to kill who?|- Hired to kill this guy.
Me. Can you believe it?
Hired by who?|- Jimmy Serrano, that's who.
Fuck. Why do they|wanna kill this guy?
Don't you read the papers?
I read the fucking papers.
They got away. Gray Dodge.|Get after 'em.
How did you know where we were?|Shut up.
Did Eddie put you on this?|- Of course.
That son of a bitch.|I have a contract with him.
A contract?|- I signed it Monday.
He called me.|Said you were fucking this up.
I'm not fucking anything up.|- You should've been in L.A. 2 days ago.
Don't tell me how to do my job.
I'm thinking not to turn him in|just to watch Eddie go down the toilet.
That's a good thought.|- What? Who's talkin' to you?
Yeah, who's talking to you?|He's not yours to take. He's mine.
Hear that?
Who the fuck is this?
Jesus Christ!
Do something!
You guys are the dumbest|bounty hunters I've ever seen!
You couldn't even deliver|a bottle of milk!
Will you shut the fuck up?
Where did he go?|- You think we lost him?
I don't see anything.|- I'm sure we're completely safe.
You all right?|- I'm fine. I'm enjoying it.
Marvin, give me a gun.
No fuckin' way.
Give me a gun!|- Give him a gun!
Don't fuck me.
Yeah, yeah.
They're not after me.
Just kidding.
You threw those away.
Always check the evidence.|Those were car keys.
There goes a hundred grand.
Eddie was gonna pay you a hundred?
What was he gonna pay you?
Son of a bitch!
Holy shit!|You got 'em.
What the hell are you doin'?
See you in L.A.
Jon, where the fuck are you?
Give me your hand.|I'm slipping. I can't hold on.
Where are you goin'?
Promise to let me go?|Do you promise to let me go?
Fuck you.|- Promise to let me go!
You're making it very difficult|for me to do the right thing.
I promise I'll let you go.
Oh, Jesus.
You all right?|- Yeah.
Thanks for saving my life.
Thanks for letting me go.
I'll let you go the second|you're in L.A. County Jail.
Come on.
That's right, down here!
Are you gonna stand with your thumb|up your ass or get me outta here?
This just came in.
Is this gonna upset me?
I think it's safe to say that.
Are you familiar with a potato dish,|lyonnaise potato?
It's a kind of fried potato.
But it's got an onion in it.|It's quite delicious.
It really goes beautifully|with steak, chops...
hamburger, cheeseburger,|any of your meat dishes.
It's just that|I have enough money to buy...
as much lyonnaise potatoes|as you ever...
Shut the fuck up.
I think you oughta think about it|a little bit, because it's nothing...
Wait a minute, wait a minute.
Oh, thank you, thank you.
Cover that.
Think you could give us a ride|to the next town?
Sure, jump in the back.|- Thanks a lot.
For every shit,|there's six nice people.
What's that?|- It's "hello".
I can say hello|in a lot of different languages.
Not yours, but a lot of them.
Welcome, sir.
I'm not lookin' forward to this.|- You think I am?
I don't understand your problem.|The guy's an accountant.
It's been bad luck.|Plus Walsh is good.
If he's that good,|maybe I should hire him to hit you.
I hope there's no chance of any of this|coming back to Jimmy.
No chance. Rented the chopper|out of Kansas City.
He's five times removed from you.|You're clear of this.
Clear as shit, you fuckin' moron!|The guy's still out there.
Let me tell you something.|I'm not interested...
in seeing either of you alive again|until you get the accountant, got it?
The end of the ride.|- This is it?
Is there a real town around here?
How far is that?|- Thirty miles.
Thirty miles. Jesus Christ.
What the hell kind of town is this?
Is there someone that can give us|a ride to Channing?
Is anyone going in that direction?|- No have a ride.
Excuse me. Is there a bathroom|in there I could use?
Is there a telephone here?|Telephone.
No telephone.
No telephone? Nothing.
Yeah, glad you're having a good time.
Fear of flying, you son of a bitch!
Get back here, you son of a bitch!
Get over here.
Fear of flying, my ass!|You son of a bitch, get out!
You're a goddamn pilot,|you son of a bitch?
I didn't feel it was appropriate|to share that with you.
I'm gonna fuckin' appropriate your head!|How do you turn this off?
Turn it off!
Hang in there.|I'm gonna let it down easy.
Oh, shit!
You're a goddamn pilot?
You're a pilot?|I'll show you pilot!
You'll love the coffee shop I'm opening|after I dump you and get my $100 grand.
All right, get back!
Get back! Everybody, back!
Give me the keys to the truck.|- You can't steal their truck.
You were about to steal a plane!|- I'm trying to save my life!
I should give 'em something.
Give me your watch.|- My watch? Shit!
Keep it.|It's worth a lot of money.
Get in. Stand back!
Get in. Get in!
Let's be fair about this.
You lied to me first.|At the river.
Get the...
At the river!
You lied to me first.|You got some fuckin' nerve.
No, you lied to me first.|- You lied to me first.
Yes! I lied to you first,|but you had no knowledge I was lying...
about my fear of flying at the river|when you lied to me first.
So as far as you knew,|you lied to me first.
I can't argue with you.|I don't know what you're talking about.
You're saying you lied to me first|as far as you knew.
What's the matter?|- I got an ulcer.
Yeah, I've got a fuckin' ulcer.|All your bullshit started it bleeding.
You know why you have an ulcer? Because|you have two forms of expression.
Silence and rage!
Get some milk to coat it.
Don't tell me what I need.|I need something to eat.
What will we buy it with? Dirt?
Drive to the next town.|I'll take care of it.
You'll take care of it?|What do you mean?
Drive to the next town.
But you lied first.
Now what?|- Give me that FBl badge.
The FBl badge?
Yeah, the FBl badge.
Uncuff me.
Uncuff you?|- Uncuff me.
Do you want to eat a nice meal?
Want some of that shit you eat?
Come on, uncuff me.
You fuck with me...
You'll hit me on the head|and drop in a thing.
Uncuff me.
Who's in charge here?|- Who wants to know?
The manager.
I'd like to see the manager|as soon as possible.
Yes, sir.
Yeah?|- Alonzo Mosely, FBl.
We've been tracking counterfeiters|passing phony $20 bills.
Have you received any $20 bills|in the last couple of hours?
Sure, all the time.
You get them all the time.|Would you take two steps backwards?
Would you mind|opening the register?
Don't touch 'em.
Excuse me.
Contract two, Hank.|Check 'em out.
Give him a pencil, please.
Do the litmus configuration.
You're doing the litmus configuration?|- Litmus configuration.
You seen any suspicious-looking|characters around here?
Do you live around here?|- Yeah.
How's it look?|- This one's bad.
Describe what the last man who passed|a $20 bill looked like.
Thirty. Tall.
About six feet tall?|- Six-five.
Dark brown hair?|- Light colored.
Sounds like our man.|- That's him.
We have to take these bills|for evidence. Make 'em a receipt.
This one's bad, too.
Notify the other establishments|of the situation.
What's the name of your establishment?|- Red's Corner Bar.
Are you Red?
Do you dye your hair?
Why do they call you Red?
It's short for Red Wood.|My last name's Wood.
What's your first name?|- Bill.
Thank you for your cooperation, Bill.
These are all bad.|Those are good.
We're gonna get this train.|- What?
We're gonna catch this train.|- I can't catch a train.
You also couldn't fly. Start runnin'.|- Wait! It's a freight train!
I can't do this!
I deeply feel I can't do this!
You like to travel by train.|Get up there!
What are you doin'?|- You promise to let me go?
Open the fuckin' door!|- See you in the next life.
Son of a bitch!
Open that fuckin' door!
Glad to see me?|I guess we're in the next life.
Don't overreact now.|- Don't overreact.
I won't overreact!|Get over here!
React? You do this again,|I'll throw you off the fuckin' train!
It's a bad...
Put your hand in there!|- All right. Easy, Jack.
There!|You son of a bitch!
You shut up! I'm not talking|to you for the rest of this trip!
Are you guys gonna let me go?|I don't know anything.
Is that a fact?
Why don't you quit?|Be cheaper for both of us.
Where are they?|- You got me.
Inspector?|- Shut up!
You listen, you son of a bitch.|I want answers right now!
What do you want?|I don't know nothin'.
It seems that an Agent Alonzo Mosely|and his partner...
were seen hopping a westbound|freight train near Channing.
Come on.
Jack? What?
How much further?|None of your fuckin' business!
Eventually I'll have to go|to the bathroom.
Shut the fuck up!
Did you ever have sex with an animal?
Remember those chickens|around the Indian reservation?
There's some good-lookin' chickens.|You know, between us.
There were a couple there|I might have taken a shot at.
What's with you and that watch?
You told me about|your feelings for chickens.
How private could the watch be?
What's the big secret?
Gail bought me this watch.|It was the first thing she ever gave me.
She bought it because I was always late|at least a half an hour.
So she bought it and set it ahead a|half an hour so I'd never be late.
Somewhere in the back of my mind I keep|thinking we'll wind up together again.
I don't know why I'm still hangin' on,|I'm still waitin' around.
I don't think she's comin' back.
I don't either.
Sometimes you just have to let go.
Just get yourself a new watch.
You're okay.
I think under|different circumstances...
you and I...
probably still would've|hated each other.
We probably could've been friends.
In the next life.
Yeah, the next life.
Great.|Accommodations were wonderful.
You got a smoke?|- Don't smoke.
That Fed took my cigarettes.|- You want your cigarettes back?
You'll have to go to Flagstaff|to get 'em...
'cause that's where|your pal Mosely went.
Just might do that.
Where are we?
My guess is Arizona. We've been going|west all night. I think we're near home.
I'm almost dead.
Look, the witness protection program|isn't so bad.
They'll give you a new name,|a new life.
I won't make it|to any witness protection program.
You don't know that.|- I know that, and you know that.
Serrano's gonna get to me before I get|to any witness protection program.
Do me a favor.
Don't pretend you care about me.|It really insults my intelligence.
Let's face it. The only important thing|about me to you is getting your money.
I'm tired of you making me out|to be some thug...
whose only concern|is a big chunk of change.
Did you know Serrano's people|offered me a million bucks for you?
Why don't you go for the big money?|You're doing his work for him anyway.
Working for him... You don't know|what you're talkin' about.
I do this shit 'cause I wouldn't work|for that low-life asshole.
What does that mean?|- Nothing. It doesn't mean anything.
Serrano is the heroin dealer|you told me about in Chicago?
Who owned your buddies and destroyed|your life? That's Serrano?
That's the guy|that you're takin' me in...
That's the guy|that's gonna kill me?
Hope it's a wonderful coffee shop.
Come on, we're gettin' off here.|- What?
We are getting off here,|Mr. Railroad Man. Come on.
What? No! What are you talking about?|Let's discuss this.
Find anything?|- Not yet.
They could've jumped off the train|anywhere along the line.
Trains have regularly scheduled stops.
The reason is 'cause people plan|to get off the trains when they stop.
That's how, generally, people do it.|They don't throw each other off.
That's the purpose of having stops.
What's this?|What are you gonna do now?
What are you doin'?
Oh, Christ! Christ!|Come on! Are you kidding?
They're gonna come out and shoot us,|for Chris sake.
What the hell?
Jesus. Oh, great!
You get it started,|and I'll run you over.
That's the best plan|I can think of.
Congratulations. Another crime.
Come on.
I don't like anything you do,|to tell you the truth. Nothing.
Where are we going?|- To the nearest airport.
I'm not the kind of guy that says,|"l told ya so".
They've been spotted|35 miles south of here near Sedona.
There are officers in pursuit.
Take the chopper.
This is the kind of situation|where something bad happens.
Goddamn it!|I don't like this!
Where are we going?|- You'll find out when we get there.
I've come too far.|Too far.
I'm too close.
Okay, I'm coming!|All right.
Come on.|- Right.
Here we go.
Am I lucky or am I just good?
Is that Marvin?|- Fuckin' "A", I'm the best.
Hello, Jack, ya dumb shit.
Come on, you fuckin' pain in the ass!|- Wait a minute!
If you move,|I'll tear your fuckin' lungs out!
See you in L.A.
Afternoon, sir.
You open?|- We're always open.
Hard day?
Hard week.
I know what you mean.
I could use a cup of coffee.
Thanks.|- You're welcome.
Keep it.
Gee, I've been lookin' all over|for these. Thanks, Alonzo.
Marvin, I have to tell ya,|I have this very serious fear of flying.
Yeah? Why don't you just relax|and sleep through it?
Forget your deadline. It's over.|That's the way that one went.
I know my rights.|You owe me phone calls.
Phone calls are not of paramount|importance to you right now.
It's that you're gonna spend ten years|for impersonating a federal agent.
Ten years for impersonating a Fed?|How come no one's after you?
Give this guy his calls.
Can I have a little privacy, please?
Mascone Bail Bonds.
It's Jack Walsh. Put Eddie on.|- It's Jack.
This better be good news|because you got five hours left.
It's not. I'm calling to let you know|that you're a dead motherfucker.
Wait a minute.
You put Marvin on this case,|you fuckin' piece of shit.
You fucking deceptive... You vermin!|- Are you fuckin' done yet?
You slime ball in a sea of pus!|What?
You blew it, all right?
You had the guy four fuckin' days.|Four days!
You could've walked him backwards|and not blown it, but you blew it.
When have I ever let you down,|you fuckin' rat?
Are you nuts, telling Dorfler|I offered you $100.000...
when I told him I'd give him $25.000?
Wait a minute.|When did you speak to him?
What's the difference?|- When did you speak to Marvin?
He called me ten minutes ago|tellin' me to go fuck myself.
Everybody's tellin' me|to go fuck myself.
Am I supposed to just sit|on my fuckin' butt?
Eddie, Eddie,|what are you talkin' about?
You got five hours left. Can you bring|the fuckin' Duke in, yes or no?
I thought he's bringin' him.
I just talked to fuckin' Dorfler.|He don't have the Duke.
What?|- Where's the fuckin' Duke?
Hello?|- I'll talk to you later.
Hello?|- Tony Darvo, please?
Who's calling?|- Marvin Dorfler.
Yo?|- Shall I put Marvin Dorfler through?
Yeah, put him through.
Marvin, everything's still|on schedule, pal, isn't it?
So Dorfler's working for you guys.
Who is this?|- This is Jack Walsh.
Jack, what are you complaining for?|We came to you first, didn't we?
It's Jack Walsh.|Hold on. Somebody wants to say hello.
Hey, too late for you, scumbag.
No, too late for you. I didn't come|this far not to collect my money.
You understand me?|I want the Duke back.
What the fuck you telling me for?|- What am I telling you for?
I'll tell you what|I'm telling you for.
I got some of the Duke's belongings,|including computer disks telling...
of Serrano's businesses, his|money-laundering operations, everything.
If I don't get the Duke back|in the next two hours...
I'm gonna turn those disks over|to the Feds, do you hear me?
I wanna meet Serrano with the Duke|in two hours at McCarran Airport...
where we'll make the exchange.
He's the only one who won't try|to take a shot at me in a public place.
If I see one goon within a mile|of that airport...
Listen to me carefully, the deal is off.|and I'm goin' to the Feds.
I ain't gonna bother Jimmy|with your bullshit.
You're not? Fine.
After he's busted, I'll make sure|to let him know you knew beforehand.
That's two hours from now,|McCarran Airport.
You got that, moron?|Have a nice day.
Tell Alonzo I wanna make a deal.
You wanna make a deal with me?
What would you do|if I deliver Serrano?
What do you mean, "deliver"?|- Conspiracy to destroy evidence.
What government evidence?
Will you let me take the Duke back|myself and collect my money?
Tell me more.
I'll tell you on the way. We have|to be in Las Vegas in two hours.
Marvin!|- No, it's room service.
Here, hold this up|so they know I took this today.
I amaze myself.|I'm always thinkin'.
Got it all figured out.
Say "cheese".
Don't do this.
There are no real computer disks.|Is that right?
If you give him blank disks and|he accepts them, is that an overt act?
If he just sets foot inside the airport,|he's committed an overt act:
conspiracy to obstruct justice.
When he shows up with the Duke,|you add kidnapping.
Anybody packing a gun:|conspiracy to commit murder.
The fact it's an airport, and Alonzo,|correct me if you think I'm wrong...
you can slap an interstate|transportation racketeering rap on him.
None of that means anything unless|you can get him to take those disks.
Don't worry.|I'll get him to take the disks.
Get a wire on this man.
No hard feelings about|what happened in Amarillo, huh?
Just one of those|spur-of-the-moment deals.
Where is he?|- Where's the money?
In the car.|Where is he?
Change of plans. I want two million.|- What?
I read the newspapers.|The guy got you for 15 million, right?
So I figure he's gotta be worth|at least two.
I'm a businessman.
How do we know you got him?
I want one million now...
then I'll call ya in 20 minutes...
tell you where to drop off|the second million.
Once I know it's there,|then I'll tell ya where he is, okay?
Not okay.|- Why not?
Are you nuts? What's Jimmy gonna say?|How are we gonna get the Duke now?
You got the answer in your hand.|- What are you talkin' about?
Think. When are you gonna learn|how to pay attention?
Look. See what it says there?
All right, this is it.|Tonight is the fuckin' night.
You understand?|I'm sick of all these screw-ups.
As soon as I get the disks from Walsh,|you drop Walsh and the Duke.
Understand? I get the disks,|you drop them. Okay?
You shouldn't do this.
Really?|What do you propose I do?
Send somebody with a cash offer,|but don't do this.
I know Walsh.|He won't take any money from me.
He's a self-righteous guy.|It aggravates me.
In his mind, this is clean. He gets|what he wants, I get what I want.
The guy's a fuckin' burnout.
Sit down, relax. Have a sandwich,|glass of milk. Do some fuckin' thing.
He's on his way.
He's heading north|on Las Vegas Boulevard.
Two miles from the airport.|We're on him.
Why are you smiling?
I feel like a cop again.
I'm finally in the presence|of greatness, huh?
The Duke.
The guy that steals money|from the scum of the earth...
and gives it to the unfortunates|of the world.
I wanted to meet you face-to-face.
Did you actually think you were gonna|steal my money and get away with it?
I stopped by here|to tell you two things.
Number one is that|you're gonna die tonight.
Number two, I'm gonna go home...
have a nice hot meal.
I'm gonna find your wife,|and I'm gonna kill her, too.
Joey, wait here for my call.|The rest of you start headin' in.
Here he comes.
Jack, long time, no see.|- Long time, no see.
You're still spendin'|all your money on clothes.
You know.
While you're in town...
if you wanna see as how, want|a free meal, let me know, it's on me.
That's the type of guy I am.|- You're a real sport.
Just give him the disks.
How's your mother?|- She's all right.
Daughter's gettin' big?|Growing up?
I was thinkin' maybe if we would've|done business way back when...
you wouldn't look like a guy|with a fuckin' cup in your hand.
I'm trying to make a living.
Jack, you got those disks...
or did you lose them|like you lost your job?
Give him the disks, Walsh.
I see you, but I don't see the Duke.
We'll worry about him in a minute.|- We'll worry about him now.
Let me tell you something, Jimmy,|this isn't a reunion.
If I don't see the Duke|in about five seconds, I'm walkin'.
You know,|you're still way too serious.
Really. Listen, why don't you|hand over the tapes?
We'll go get the guy together.|- I'll see you at the arraignment.
Hey Jack.
Where is he going?
You win. All right?|- I what?
You won. You want me to yell it|over this airport?
Where is he?
He's on his way.|- I said no goons.
Never mind him. You'll get what|you want. Didn't I just tell you that?
This is gonna give me a heart attack.|I know I'm gonna have a heart attack.
Since we have this moment,|there's something I've meant to ask you.
Doesn't it bother you that|another copper is fuckin' your wife?
Do you know they made|this guy a captain?
Can you imagine that? Go figure.|Made him a captain.
May I help you, sir?|- Give me a one-way ticket to L.A.
One-way ticket to Los Angeles.
Will that be smoking or non-smoking?
Take a wild guess.
How will you be paying for this, sir?
Shit. Look.|- What is it?
What the hell is he doing here?
A male Caucasian carrying a green|duffel bag, approaching the subjects.
Get him out of there as quickly|and quietly as possible.
Shoot him if you have to,|but get him out of here.
You okay?
Stand behind me.
It's all right.
All right, come on.
How's everybody doin'?|- Will you get outta here?
Back off!.
Who the fuck are you?|- Writing a book? Who the fuck are you?
Who is this guy?|- Jesus.
Marvin, you're missin'|the bigger picture here. Get out.
Wire's dead.
I didn't come all this way|for nothing.
Serrano's leaving. I don't know.|- Did he take the disks?
Serrano's got the disks.|- Let him go.
Did he or didn't he take the disks?|- I couldn't tell.
Serrano's got the disks.|He's got the disks.
Marvin, look out!
Look out!|- I'm not falling for that shit again!
Marvin, look out!
You stupid fuck, look out!
Serrano's got the disks!|- Move in.
Take it easy! Come on!
Ow! Goddamn it!|Who the fuck are you guys?
Jimmy, there's something I've been|wanting to say to you for ten years.
What's that?|- You're under arrest.
We'll catch up to each other|one of these days.
Maybe we will.
We still got our deal?|- We got our deal.
Wait a minute! What deal? Why the fuck|does he get special treatment?
See you in L.A.|- Watch your cigarettes with this guy.
What's goin' on?
Sorry. I got an hour and a half|to get you back to L.A. Thanks, Alonzo.
Mascone Bail Bonds.
Hello, Eddie, where's Jerry?
Never mind Jerry. Where are you?|Feds picked him up 20 minutes ago.
Yeah? What for?|- What's the difference?
I never trusted that guy.|Where the hell are you?
Where am I? I'm at the airport.
Guess who I'm with.|I'm with the Duke.
You got him!|You got him, Jack! I love you!
Yeah. You wanna say hello?|- Yeah. Put him on.
Yeah, say hello.|- Hello.
Hello, you son of a bitch!|We got you...
you son of a bitch!
Now say good-bye, ya lying piece|of shit, because I'm lettin' him go.
Would've been a nice coffee shop.
Oh, Jesus.
Holy Chri... I don't get it.
I did what I wanted to do.|I got you to L.A. before midnight.
I don't know what to say.
Don't say anything. Knowin' you, you'll|make me wanna put those back on you.
Thanks.|- No, thank you.
Thank you.
Something to remember|our adventure by.
This better be good.
This is good.
This is very good.
When I was making my getaway,|I thought the FBl was closing in on me.
Take it.|I took some traveling money.
Take it.
It's not a payoff. It's a gift.|You already let me go.
You son of a bitch.
You son of a bitch.|- I told you I had money.
I know you had money,|but I didn't know you had money.
How much is here?|- Neighborhood of $300.000.
That's a very respectable neighborhood.
I don't know what to say.
Take care.
Take care.|- See ya in the next life.
See ya in the next life.
Do you know what time it is?|- Twenty-five to 12:00.
Twenty-five to 12:00.
I would've made it.
Would you have change for a thousand?
Are you a comedian?|Get outta here, ya bum!
Looks like I'm walkin'.