Midnight Runners (2017) Movie Script

Korean National Police University
Class of 2015 Entrance Ceremony
May I have your attention, please?
Now, all candidates will move
to the Union Hall for a haircut.
Say farewell to your family
and friends promptly.
Listen to your superiors.
Don't skip meals.
Stay warm at night.
Stay strong, baby.
Come home if it gets too tough.
I'll be fine.
Don't you worry a thing.
You stay well and healthy.
Who are you texting?
Should we hug too?
You're right. I thought so.
- Bye, Dad.
- Hee-yeol.
I'm proud of you.
It's cold today.
Zip up before you go.
Company, attention.
Parade, rest.
Flight, attention.
To your parents. Present, arms.
Order, arms.
Left, face.
Forward, march.
Could you not cut it too short?
My sideburns take
forever to grow back.
Please. It took me a year
to grow my hair.
The sideburns
Right there. Don't cut it too
Excuse me.
Did you sterilize that hair clipper?
That's what I was afraid of.
Without sterilization,
it can cause bacterial skin infection.
What if one hair clipper
infected everyone here
Wait, wait.
Bacterial skin infection
This training is a condensed
2-week military training program.
I hope you all complete the training
by following your drill instructors.
Last year, 4 candidates out of 96
dropped out of the program.
You must remain alert till the end.
Yes, sir.
You kids better learn to speak up.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
That's it.
My father was Class of 1985
of Police University.
From early on,
my father taught me well
about public order and justice.
You'll eventually learn them here.
Order and justice are important.
I want to become
a police officer just like my father.
What brings you here?
What? You don't know?
You came here to fool around?
Attention, please.
All candidates report immediately
in full battle uniform
that you received today
to the center field in 3 minutes.
Anyone late will be
severely punished.
What the
1 min 40 sec left.
Run. Out!
1 min 30 sec left.
Come out!
Run forward.
Jump higher.
Squad, halt.
Get up!
Can't walk as a team?
Go again from 1 to 100.
Who's lying down?
Squad, halt.
Squad, halt.
Cross-country Roll, start.
Cross-country Roll, start.
Roll faster. Go!
Faster, faster, faster!
Roll faster!
Faster, faster!
Wake up. Roll faster.
Roll faster.
One, two, three, four.
Can I get more sausages?
Then some won't get any.
How can I eat all this rice
with just two sausages?
Put some of the rice back.
How can I?
You come and sit down now.
They're feeding us like
Aren't you gonna
eat your sausages?
Why not?
Sausage is made with sodium glutamate
and sodium nitrate, which are carcinogens.
So why won't you eat them?
Why would you eat
carcinogens on purpose?
Then I'll take them.
Sodium glutamate
Eat up.
Lift your arms.
Chest, 36.
Put your arms down.
Waist, 30 and 1/2.
Pull this up, please.
That's good.
You asshole.
Look front.
Pay attention.
Or you'll be seriously injured.
Yes, ma'am.
Call a medic now!
Stay still. Do not move.
As a commissioned officer out in the field,
you could face real danger.
In preparation,
here at the Martial Arts Center,
you'll choose one from Taekwondo,
Judo, Aikido, and Kendo
and train for 4 years.
Got it?
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
I understand you're upset
because two classmates
have dropped out.
But you're almost there.
Keep going.
Got it?
Yes, sir.
Always answer loud and clear.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Today is the final round of the training.
It's the Mt. Buphwa race.
According to our tradition,
candidates who can run up and
back down the mountain in one hour
will be accepted into the university.
But those who fail will be denied
entrance for lack of physical competence.
Those who fail to reach the top
will also be denied entrance.
Run with all your might.
Yes, ma'am.
Get set.
Watch your step.
Hey, help me.
I'm sorry, man.
You little shit.
What're you doing here?
Help me. I can't walk.
Sorry but gotta go.
I gave you my sausages.
I ate them because you wouldn't.
You asked first.
If you've eaten them,
I wouldn't have.
Shit, dude.
Please help me.
I wanna get into the school.
Damn it.
I'll buy you a steak.
My dad is a big-timer
at Majang Meat Market.
Korean beef.
Perfect marbling.
Perfect marbling.
Perfect marbling.
Climb on my back.
Come on.
Let's go.
Holy shit.
What did you eat?
You're freaking heavy.
We don't have time. Hurry up.
Let's go.
Lift your head. Go over there.
Jae-Hong, how many is that?
There are two left.
What the
We passed the hour mark.
Then go faster.
You try, asshole.
Dude, you ruined everything!
You crazy asshole.
I'm gonna throw you over there.
I'm sorry.
Hurry up.
Get down.
What happened?
I fell down running.
And I sprained my ankle.
Gi-jun PARK assisted me all the way.
Please accept him
into the university.
Plus I don't lack
physical competence either.
Shut up.
Yes, ma'am.
Raise your hand if you've seen
these two helping each other.
Put your hand down.
Raise your hand
if you haven't seen these two.
Candidates, on the ground.
It's our job to help people in need.
But you've neglected your classmates
when he was hurt.
How can you call yourselves police
when you only care about yourselves?
Even if you made it back on time,
you've all failed.
Get up.
You'll climb Mt. Buphwa again.
Lead the way.
Squad, move!
You two go to the infirmary.
Did we pass?
- Yes, ma'am.
- Yes, ma'am.
Yes! We're good.
Let's go.
Oh, my foot.
Where'd you go to high school?
Seoul Science High School.
Shouldn't you be at KAIS or something?
c.vtext[KAIST: Korean equivalent
of MIT]/c KAIST is dull.
KAIST is dull.
KAIST is dull.
I wanna do something unique.
I wanna do something unique.
I think going to KAIS is pretty unique.
All my friends went to KAIST.
At my high school,
going to Police University is unique.
You mean eccentric?
Why'd you come here?
Tuition is free here.
My mom has no money.
What about your dad?
I was raised by a single mom.
That's a bit blunt.
I'm not ashamed of it.
You're right.
So when are we gonna eat a steak?
Whenever you wish.
You wanna know something?
I can eat like a food fighter.
Well, we also own the butcher shop.
Holy cow!
Let's be best friends.
All right.
Are you a pervert?
What do you mean?
Don't rub it. Pound it.
Let's go again.
Don't disappoint me, bro.
Come on.
I do swear
I do swear
that I'll abide by
University's regulations.
As a member of the university,
I'll uphold honor and pride
and devote myself to my studies,
fulfilling my duty.
Hand down.
To the University president.
Present, arms.
2 Years Later
I wanna wear civilian clothes.
I hate the color green.
Especially this shade of green.
Hey, wait up.
Wait up.
List 3 sources of investigation
Examine victim, evidence, crime scene.
Passion, tenacity,
Big heart
Most abduction cases target
female adults and children under 13.
Time is the most important factor
in abduction cases.
A missing person's survival rate
falls significantly as the time passes.
What do you call the time period
that a victim's most likely to be killed?
It's the golden time.
That's for hospitals.
It's the critical hours.
Listen carefully.
For an adult female,
the critical hours are 7 hours afterwards.
Statistically, 70% of the victims
are killed during that time.
As I've said last week, today I'll teach
you very useful self-defense techniques.
Any volunteers?
I will.
- Hi-yah!
- Hi-yah!
When a suspect
attacks with a weapon.
When a perpetrator
attacks with a weapon,
you cross your wrists and
trap the suspect's arm.
Jump and boom!
See that?
Yes, sir.
His arm is stuck in between
my wrists.
Yes, sir.
Then you make a big semicircle
and bend his wrist.
Now the attacker is
bound to drop his knife.
See that?
Yes, sir.
Now, you'll strike his nose
with your palm.
If the attacker's still standing,
play your last secret card.
Strike the attacker's neck.
That looks truly helpful.
A round of applause.
What're you doing for Christmas?
I'm going to an Internet cafe
with Gi-jun.
I'm gonna hang out with my girlfriend.
You don't have a girlfriend.
I know.
You stupid fools.
What's this?
My girlfriend.
Where'd you meet her?
I don't see why
I have to tell you that.
Nope, I don't think so.
Gi-jun, make him talk.
Let me interrogate.
Where'd you meet her?
At a club.
Which club?
No way. I'm not telling you.
Which club?
It's club Octagon.
He met her at Octagon?
Is it expensive to get in to Octagon?
$30 for a cover. With drinks,
it'll get seriously expensive.
We won't order drinks.
How will you pick up girls
without buying them drinks?
Look. My mom said that
women fall for men with cute smiles.
Give me a smile.
Wow, you've got lots of teeth.
Shut your trap.
Try showing only up to your cuspids.
A little more.
This is no good either.
Darn you.
But you're better looking than Jae-ho.
Shit, he looks old.
That just looked good.
- This?
- Yeah.
- This looks good?
- Yeah.
Say that I'm better looking
than Jae-ho again.
You're better looking than Jae-ho.
Shit, he looks old.
- You got it.
- Oh yeah?
- I got it, I got it.
- You got it, you got it.
We're ready to go.
- Bang!
- Bang!
Hey, which one looks better?
Shit. They're all crap.
This one's better.
What about me?
It's a duffle coat and its twin.
What're you gonna wear?
I know what I'm gonna wear.
Shit, is that from a donation bin?
This is Cambridge Members.
Cambridge or whatever it is.
If you wear that, we won't get in
even with a $30 cover charge.
Then what do I do?
This is all I got.
This ain't good.
Let's get some help.
No matter how hard you try,
you can't flip Gi-jun over.
I can do it.
- Hi.
- I can do it.
Choose from here.
Choose what?
- What?
- Thanks.
No, that's brand new!
What're you looking at?
Wait, I have to focus.
Okay, got it.
Let me borrow this for a day.
Why should I?
Because we're friends?
Not good enough.
What do you want?
During judo class,
let me win by ippon
in front of everyone.
Crazy ass
A shoulder-throw?
You need cologne.
That smells great.
Let's go.
Leave Request Form
For love life.
Are you two up to
something no good?
- No, sir.
- No, sir.
Go. Your bus will leave.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you, sir.
I'm jealous.
Police Univ. To Gangnam
Jae-ho's clothes aren't half bad.
You look good in them.
You too.
Uh-oh. The bus is leaving.
- Oh, no!
- Wait!
Are you a cop?
No, we're still students.
Celebrity? Who?
Please wait.
A celebrity? Really?
I think a celebrity is here.
What the
It's Chansung!
Chansung rocks!
You rock!
I know. Put your hands up!
Is this what I think it is?
Holy shit. It's so packed!
No joke.
Wow, Octagon.
Let's go.
- Excuse me.
- It's AHN Soo-min.
It's AHN Soo-min. You rock!
She's from the TV show,
Unpretty Rapstar.
- What's up?
- Unpretty Rapstar!
Yeah, AHN Soo-min.
Holy shit.
- This place kicks ass.
- Kickass!
- Over there.
- Let's go.
Are you on your military leave?
Pardon me?
Are you in the military?
I see.
I'm a Police University student.
Oh, you're a cop.
Hi, sweetie.
Shit, he looks old.
Hey there.
You're cute.
Let's go dance.
What about me?
Where's mine?
You're so cute.
I'm cute. So cute.
Hi, sweetie.
What're you doing for Christmas?
What line of work are you in?
I'm a student.
Are you studying abroad?
No, at Police University.
So you're a police officer?
Yes. No, when I graduate.
Why would you do that?
You'll be poor for life.
MISSING: Sanmyung Group owner's
grandson CHOI
You really think
we should become cops?
What's wrong?
I've been thinking.
At least Jae-ho has a goal.
We don't.
I'm here because I'm penniless,
and you came here by accident.
After we graduate,
we'll be cops for life.
I don't know if this is right.
School is boring for me too.
Hi-yah, my ass.
They teach useless stuff.
I put up with it for 2 years already.
I can't drop out now.
What're we doing for Christmas?
I don't know. Christmas, my ass.
How about Italian? I'll buy.
I know. I'm sorry.
Let's get out. I feel suffocated.
What do you wanna do?
How about Internet cafe
right about now?
I think it's Overwatch time?
Die. Die.
Let's go.
Nerf this!
I love you too, girl.
All right. I'll be home soon.
- Hee-yeol, you saw that?
- Yup. The pink one.
I think God has given us
one last chance.
If she turns around right now,
it's a sign from God.
- Okay. Turn around.
- Turn around.
Turn around.
- Holy.
- Wow.
What just happened?
Holy geez.
- Jackpot! Sweet!
- No way.
She's gone. Let's go!
If we follow her like this,
she might take it the wrong way.
Then what should we do?
Let's just follow her.
Don't hit me, asshole.
It's now or never.
Go ask her number.
You do it.
You're better looking than me.
Come on.
I agree with you on that,
but let's do rock-paper-scissors.
Rock Paper Scissors!
Play or you go.
Rock Paper Scissors!
Rock Paper Scissors!
Don't do this now.
Hurry up.
One round only.
Rock Paper Scissors!
Go get her number. Hurry up.
What the
We almost got them!
It's dialing. Pick up!
Come here.
Pick up, pick up!
Please pick up.
- 911, what's your emergency?
- Hello?
I just saw a girl being kidnapped.
She looked like a college girl.
Some men knocked her out
and put her in a van.
Yes, I witnessed it myself.
Yes. Excuse me?
No, I don't know her.
The license plate number?
You know it?
37GU8338, a green Starex van.
- We got them.
- We can do this.
Pardon? What's wrong?
No way.
I have a really good memory.
Then what about 8838?
That's right. Hurry!
Then what about 8383?
Pardon? Oh, okay.
What did he say?
They can't find it.
They want us to wait here
for the patrol car.
How long will that take?
About 10 minutes?
10 minutes?
Let's go.
Go where?
We'll still need to go to the station
to make a report.
In 10 minutes,
we can go to Gangnam Police Station.
Let's save time. Come on.
Thank you.
Thank you.
We're from Police University.
We're here to report a crime.
Good evening.
Which floor is
Missing Persons Unit on?
They're getting ready
to be dispatched.
There they are.
Sir, they're here for
Missing Persons Unit.
What can I do for you?
We're Police University students
and want to report a crime.
What class are you in?
We're Class of 2017.
I was Class of 1999.
- Hello, sir.
- Hello, sir.
So what was the crime?
We saw a woman getting kidnapped
near Nonhyun station, 30 minutes ago.
Are you sure?
- Yes, sir.
- You knew her?
No, sir.
I see. We're on the move
on a Chief's special order.
Some business mogul's
grandson went missing.
I'll lead the initial investigation
and be back asap. Wait here.
Excuse me, sir.
For adult women, since the critical hours
occur during the first 7 hours of
abduction, - Captain, please hurry.
We were taught to
start investigating asap.
That's right.
You were taught correctly.
But the Chief's order comes first.
Wait here. I'll be back soon.
What do we do now?
It'll be too late when he gets back.
Then what do we do?
We can't go looking.
We're the only ones
who know she's kidnapped.
She could die without us.
That's true.
But we can't track her phone
or see the CCTV tapes.
What can we do?
I know you're smart,
especially at a time like this.
Think of something
you've learned from school.
Should we use
the 3 sources of investigation?
How do we do that?
3 sources of investigation.
Examine victim, evidence,
crime scene.
Let's do that.
What's wrong?
Nothing. Keep going.
We can't examine the victim
because we don't know the victim.
We can't examine evidence
because there's no evidence.
So we examine the crime scene.
That's true, but
Let's go back there.
I don't think we'll find anything.
Even if we don't, we should try.
Okay. Let's go.
Come on.
Here, here.
This is it. Thank you.
Wasn't it this way?
I think we're almost there.
I think it's here.
Hey, the van was here.
- Here?
- Yeah.
So if the van was waiting here,
it's likely that it was premeditated.
If it was premeditated, it's likely
that they're habitual offenders.
Which lowers the chance
of us catching them.
You're right.
Hey, look.
Wasn't the pink girl
carrying that earlier?
What's wrong?
You open it.
I think it's alive.
What's this? Blood!
It's Topokki.
Is it?
That's a lot of Topokki.
Maybe enough for 4 people.
Who cares?
You know of anyone who
freezes Topokki for later?
I've never done that.
It means she has people
to share at home.
Kickass lifestyle inference!
Only if we knew her address,
we'd find more.
There's not even a receipt.
We can't find her house, but
we might find the Topokki stand.
Because Topokki gets mushy easily
so people buy them near homes.
Freaking forensics.
Let's go.
Yes, iPhone 6. Pink.
What do you mean?
Mr. Hwang,
how could you do this to me?
You paid $300 last time.
I want $500 for this one.
Or you won't get the girl.
Is this from your stand?
It's too sweet.
It's not mine.
Are there many
Topokki stands around here?
There are a few, but
they're all about to close.
Let's hurry.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Where do we go?
Let's go this way.
Excuse me.
Are there any Topokki shops near here?
There's one Kukde Topokki shop
over there.
Over there?
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
Did you sell these Topokki?
Our scallions are rectangular,
but these are stringy.
It's not ours.
I'm sorry, but do you know
where this is from?
How should I know?
Try another place.
- Okay.
- Right?
Stop interfering with my business
and please leave.
We're sorry.
Let's go.
- No, it's not ours.
- Okay.
Is this a mistake?
Where to?
- Sorry.
- We're sorry.
- Let's go over here.
- Come on.
Hello, ma'am.
Could you please see
if this Topokki is from your stand?
I don't know anything.
Excuse me, ma'am.
It might be closed already.
Should we call Prof. YANG?
He worked in Serious Crime Unit.
He'll be more upset
if he knows what we're doing.
Gi-jun, listen.
Can we examine evidence right now?
Then can we examine the victim?
So calling Prof. YANG
would be a bad idea, right?
I know this isn't
the right time to say this.
But you know what I wrote
as the 3 sources of investigation?
Passion, tenacity, big heart.
I got it wrong.
Are you a moron?
I think so.
Come on. We can find it.
- Okay.
- There must be one.
There must be.
No one's here.
The scallion!
You're right.
- We found it.
- This is it.
Hello, handsome boys.
Is this Topokki from your stand?
Then do you remember
the girl who bought this?
I have a lot takeout customers.
She was wearing a pink parka
and had a very small face
Like this big.
She sounds like the girl,
who comes here often at midnight.
- That's her!
- That's her!
My goodness.
You wouldn't know
her house, would you?
Oh, I know where she works.
7-eleven over there.
I met her there once.
I saw her coming up from
the building's basement in front.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much.
The basement.
This is the place.
She must work at
the ear-cleaning salon.
What's that?
You rest your head in a girl's lap
while she cleans your ear.
If you work her up to it,
she'd let you touch her boobs.
Holy mother.
How do you know about this?
In high school, my friends
wanted to go so I googled it.
You went.
I didn't go because
they don't sterilize ear picks.
- You did go, loser.
- I did not, loser.
You so did.
If we get caught in this shady place,
we'll be expelled.
But we don't go in,
we'll never find her.
But we could get expelled.
Then don't get caught.
One keeps watch
while the other goes in.
I'll keep watch.
I don't want to either.
Do rock-paper-scissors.
- Is that all you know?
- Play or go. Rock Paper Scissors!
Get in there.
Please just this once.
Two out of three.
So damn bitter.
Rock Paper Scissors!
Get in there.
You always play rock.
Idiot, it's you who always
play scissors. Go!
Come on in.
Go to Room 3.
I'm actually here to find someone.
Room 3.
Yes, sir.
That looks yummy.
It's just ramen noodles. Geez.
Hold back the urge. I can do it.
I must.
Wow, sausage.
That's my favorite.
I can keep watch from inside.
Who are you looking for?
She's got a small face.
I don't know her name.
What about her body?
She's tall.
You know her?
What the
Oh my god.
It's so good.
I need sausage.
How cute! Are you in the army?
What're you doing?
The text
Yes, ma'am.
I'll start.
Lie down. What's wrong?
Wait, wait.
Did you sterilize the ear pick?
No, does it need to be?
No, ma'am.
Okay then. Relax.
Uh oh. That isn't good.
Oh man.
Hey, pigs!
Sir, just ignore him.
Kids like him end up criminals.
I think he's drunk.
Hello, pigs!
Hey, pigs.
You come here.
Stop right there.
Why would I do that?
You guys need to work out.
Stop, stop, stop!
I'm gonna go in deeper.
Okay, ma'am.
That's a big one. Stay still.
Is he Captain America
or something?
I think he realized his mistakes.
Justice rains from above.
You, pigs.
He realized?
Uh oh.
Stop right there.
Stop, you little punk!
You should come here more often.
Look at all these.
You know what? I'm not here
to get my ear cleaned.
Then why're you here?
Should I tell you?
Oh my goodness.
Dear Mama, get well.
What's wrong?
A few hours ago,
my friend and I saw
some men knocking out a girl
and kidnapping her.
Then I found out
that she works here.
Wait. Who?
She has a small face.
She's about 5'7".
Her hair is about this long.
We got a lot of girls like that.
Anything else?
I think she left work
around midnight tonight.
- Is it Yun-Jung?
- Yun-Jung.
- Her hair color?
- Brown.
Oh my. I think it's Yun-Jung.
What should we do?
Please calm down.
You know her address?
No, she ran away from home
a long time ago.
She ran away?
Yeah, she's 17.
Isn't it illegal to hire a minor?
I'm working illegally too.
This whole place is illegal.
So you don't know
where Yun-Jung lives.
She told me she lives with
her runaway friends nearby.
Should I ask the other girls?
Yes, please.
64 Nonhyun-ro 27.
What the heck?
- What's wrong?
- Run fast!
I got her address.
Run for now.
- What's with the patrol car?
- Just run.
What's going on?
Is this it?
Watch your head.
I think this is the place.
Someone's home.
Who are you?
I was told that Yun-Jung lives here.
Who are you?
We're from Police University.
We saw Yun-Jung get kidnapped.
Is someone else in there?
Okay. I'll open the door.
Gun-young, is Yun-Jung okay?
Shut the fuck up.
You hear something?
Hey, open up.
Pull it.
He ran away through there.
Go that way.
I'll go outside.
I'll go this way.
I'll go there.
Did you do that?
What do we do?
This actually works.
Do as you were taught.
As we were taught?
Come here.
Why'd you run?
Because you were
coming after me.
You must've run because
you've done something bad.
I didn't do anything bad.
Please tell me the pass code.
Don't be so polite.
Tell me the pass code, biatch.
Yeah, asshole.
- This really hurts.
- Tell me now.
Stupid ass.
How do you know Yun-Jung?
This really hurts a lot.
I'll tell you everything
if you let me loose.
I wired $1,000
You sold off Yun-Jung, didn't you?
I don't know anything.
I just told them her name.
To who? To Gun-ho?
He said he'll pay for runaway kids.
Who is Gun-ho?
He's just a guy I know.
Where's he right now?
Where is he?
Lamb kebabs. In Daerim-dong.
- I have his business card in my wallet.
- Find his wallet.
Come here, asshole.
He's loaded.
What're they doing to the kids?
I don't know.
You don't know what they'll do,
yet you still sold them off?
I need money.
No matter how poor you are.
Have you no shame?
Hegang Lamb Kebab
Let's go talk to the kids
at Yun-jung's place.
Get statements
from acquaintances.
It'll be dangerous for them
to stay there tonight.
I bet you're hungry.
We need to ask some questions
about Yun-Jung. Can we come in?
How did you meet Yun-Jung?
We met at the runaway shelter.
About a year ago.
Why did Yun-Jung
run away from home?
She said her stepfather
beat her all the time.
She said sometimes
he beat her unconscious.
Where's Yun-Jung?
Some bad men knocked her down
with a bat and kidnapped her.
Oh, Yun-Jung.
Oh no.
How could you tell
them that, crazy ass?
I thought they should know.
Is she hurt badly?
What? No.
She wasn't hurt too badly.
We're looking for her
so don't worry.
I can't live without her.
Could you please find her?
Please save her.
We'll find Yun-Jung no matter what.
So don't cry.
Take this.
And get out of here.
Find some place warm to sleep.
When we find Yun-Jung,
we'll call you.
I see a taxi.
Taxi, taxi!
Get in.
To Daerim-dong, please.
Where in Daerim-dong?
Here's the address.
For police to work,
someone needs to report a crime,
or police need orders from above.
That's right.
But no one'll report a crime
when a runaway is kidnapped.
Family won't know she's missing
because she's already gone.
Runaway friends are afraid of cops
so they won't call in.
They calculated the target,
place and everything else.
They're smart.
What do you think they're doing
to the kidnap victims?
Human trafficking.
Sir, please hurry.
Fucking bitch.
- Get her.
- Okay.
Please don't kill me.
Medicine time.
Student ID: Yun-Jung Lee
Guys, this is Daerim-dong.
I can't believe this is Korea.
Look at the signs.
This is China.
I've never seen anything like it.
What the
You guys.
Only Korean Chinese live here.
Many stabbing incidents
happen at night.
There are many ruthless illegals
that cops won't even touch.
You shouldn't walk around
if unnecessary.
Thank you.
This is the place. Thank you.
Thank you.
Let's go.
We close at 4 am.
Order from 2 servings.
He's pretty good.
- This game is fixed.
- Give me the phone.
The phone.
It's not fixed.
But how come I keep losing?
Stupid moron.
Not yours. The asshole's.
If I lose again,
this game is fixed.
- That's our guy.
- That's him.
- You sure the game isn't fixed?
- Yeah.
What do we do now?
First, let's order.
Stupid ass.
This place is expensive.
Shall we go?
- Okay, let's go.
- Sure.
- Let's go.
- Who are you?
Where's Gun-young?
Where's Gun-young?
Why do you have
Gun-young's phone?
Why do you have
Gun-young's phone?
Who are you?
Who the fuck are you?
Who are you?
Gi-jun, you okay?
We kick ass.
Let's get him to talk.
Where's Yun-Jung?
Where's Yun-Jung?
Start talking.
Tell us now.
I'll never tell you, shithead.
Crazy ass,
you think this is a joke?
Hold him down.
I said, talk.
Hell yeah.
What're you gonna do with that?
I don't know.
Start talking now.
What're you poking me with?
I won't tell you either, asshole.
Let's use words.
Words? He's freaking vicious
and ignorant.
I'm freaking ignorant.
I can stick this all the way
up to your mouth.
I won't tell you a thing, shithead.
Crazy ass.
Then die.
Hurry up.
Which way? Talk now.
- Hurry up.
- Talk!
This way.
We have a situation at Hegang.
We need to go now.
Gun-ho was taken.
Everyone, up!
Get out now. Hurry up!
Is this the right place?
Is this the right key?
Go up.
I'll go upstairs.
Please save me.
I'm in here. Please help me.
Save me.
Get us out of here.
What is this place?
What're you up to?
We're getting eggs.
We give the girls shots
and get their eggs.
You need to come here now.
Don't worry.
Even after we get their eggs out,
you can still screw them.
Fucking asshole.
This room?
No, all these rooms.
Open this door.
She's burning up.
Isn't this blood?
What do we do?
Let's take her to the hospital.
What about the other girls?
Let's take her to the hospital first.
Let's come back with the police.
Be Careful
Let's go.
Hello, shitface.
Gi-jun, go.
Hurry and go.
I'll hurry back.
Don't come near.
Get back!
Get back!
Get back!
Wait here.
Oh no.
You stay put.
Get him.
Where are you going, fucker?
Who are you?
The police.
Can I see your badge?
You shouldn't play cop.
This fucker can take it pretty well.
Get up.
Get up, bitch.
Get up.
Something's dripping down my face.
Your head's bleeding a lot.
I knew it.
It feels really hot.
I think they extract organs here.
Do something.
You go!
Be quiet.
It freaking hurts.
My shoulders hurt.
Where are our jackets?
It's all gone.
No wallet and no phone.
Let's get out of here for now.
Okay. No buttons either.
Was that you?
Run, run!
Get them!
It's a dead end.
Stop right there.
Police station.
- Police station!
- We're almost there.
We're safe.
Fuckers. Go get the girls. Now!
Where are they going?
Are they going back
to get the girls?
Let's go report them.
How may I help you?
There are girls locked up
in an abandoned building.
An abandoned building?
I don't know exactly where it is.
It's within a 5 minute
running distance.
Come with us. We can explain.
Let's go.
First, let me see your IDs, please.
They took our wallets and phones.
I have to see your IDs first.
It's part of the process.
Can't you just look up
our resident number?
I need your photo IDs.
If we don't go now, I don't know
what's gonna happen to the girls.
- We must go now.
- He's right.
We have to follow the process.
Is the process more important
than a person's life?
Because of the process,
we can save people.
Fucking police. Fuck you.
Fuck you?
- Gi-jun.
- Come on!
Are you gonna be responsible
if something happens to those girls?
Huh? Are you?
You punks.
We're sorry.
Let's go.
You two, stop right there.
- Stop and do what?
- Gi-jun.
- Stop it.
- You're gonna shoot us?
Yes, I am.
Shoot me then.
- I will shoot.
- Shoot me.
What's this?
3 Missed Calls
Why're they handcuffed?
They didn't have IDs.
And they made a scene
at the police station.
They're Police University students.
Please let them go.
Please show me your ID.
I'm Prof. YANG Sung-il
at Police University.
Sir, girls are locked up
in an abandoned building.
Someone's retrieving their eggs.
Where's this abandoned building?
In 2007, I caught an egg broker and
saw that ovulation drug for the first time.
A healthy woman normally
produces one egg per month.
With this drug, she can
produce up to 20 eggs.
Egg brokers connect infertile couples
and egg donors for a fee.
Listening to your story,
I think some criminal organization
kidnaps and locks up high school girls
and periodically retrieves their eggs,
like in an egg farm.
Sir, this is the place.
They're gone.
They were locked up here.
She had severe bleeding
and a high fever.
This isn't something that
a patrol division can handle.
Let me ask someone from RIU,
the Regional Investigation Unit.
Will they start
the investigation today?
No, not that fast.
Then when can they start?
They have their own schedules.
Internal investigation alone
will take 2 weeks.
2 weeks.
But you said the most crucial factor
in kidnapping cases is time.
That's correct, but there are
other lives to save also.
Every life is important.
Is there any unit
that can start sooner?
There's something called
intelligence-based investigation.
Special Investigation Unit and RIU
usually handle them.
But SIU is busier than RIU right now.
Then can we look
for them ourselves?
That's right.
They couldn't have taken
all the girls too far away.
I understand how you feel
but there's nothing we can do.
Go back to school.
Prof. YANG!
They were younger than us.
They were kidnapped and locked up.
You kids.
You're not police officers.
You're still students.
Even if we're students,
we witnessed the crime
and have evidence.
Why can't we do anything?
Don't get smart with me.
Let the adults take it from here.
Got it?
- You punks.
- Prof. YANG.
I know the license plate number
of the kidnapper's van.
It's an old green Starex.
I know you can run a plate number
with one phone call.
Please, just this once.
Please, I beg you.
Hi, Do-chul.
I know. It's been 10 years.
I need a favor.
Will you run a plate number?
- 8338.
- Let's go.
Yes, now.
Is that right?
Thanks. Bye.
It's an unregistered vehicle.
They have to manually search
the CCTV tapes.
The case's detective has to file
an official request to the CCTV center.
RIU will be done with their case
in a month.
They'll be able to help then.
How can we wait a month?
Then should they throw out
everything and work on our case?
That's not what I meant.
I'm done talking.
So you two go back to school
and study hard.
If you get involved with this again,
you'll be expelled.
Got it?
Yes, sir.
You kids.
Always answer loud and clear!
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Are they gonna be okay?
The upside is that
we still have time to save them.
Hey, where's my jacket?
Geez, what's wrong with you two?
Something came up.
I'll buy you a jacket. Sorry.
Forget it.
Did you go to the hospital?
We just got back.
Hey, your father still works
for the force, right?
You bet.
The chief loves my father.
Then he might have friends
at Gangnam CCTV center, right?
We know someone there too.
I'm too afraid to say it.
Just spit it out.
No, I can't.
Just tell us.
- Why not? Say it.
- Come on, loser.
You were playing phone games
during working hours?
How dare you?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
I bet you're sorry.
We're sorry, ma'am.
Hello? Good afternoon, ma'am.
This is cadet Gi-jun Park,
Class of 2017.
Long time no see.
How have you been, ma'am?
I'm good.
What do you want?
My friend was the victim in
a hit-and-run in Gangnam.
Police said the driver's car
was unregistered.
We'll have to manually search
all the CCTV tapes to find that.
It'll take days.
Yes, I heard about that.
It's really important.
Just this once, please.
All right.
License plate number,
make and model.
Time and place of the crime,
last place seen.
Text me all those.
Yes, ma'am.
I'll find it no matter what.
You catch the driver.
Yes, ma'am.
So there'll be no other victims.
Got it?
Thank you, ma'am.
- She said okay?
- This is great.
Now, we should prepare.
So now.
We get weapons.
Two police batons.
Two handcuffs.
Two Taser guns.
Two protective gear.
Is this correct?
Is this everything
Prof. YANG asked for?
I think so.
Return them by next Wednesday
in original condition.
- Yes.
- Okay, Wednesday.
Thank you.
Thank you.
I'll shoot.
Be careful.
- I did it.
- You did?
We can definitely catch him with this.
Heck ya.
We gotta get them out.
We can't use this.
Forget the eggs. Get her organs.
Please don't kill me.
Where are you taking her?
Please save her.
Please I beg you.
Are you okay?
Oh my goodness.
- Asshole.
- One more.
Just one more.
Last one.
Nope, cancel that. 98.
One, two, three, four
five, six, seven.
Eight, nine, ten.
They're dead meat.
Intelligence-based investigation starts
without receiving a crime report.
Police are first to recognize the crime
and start investigating.
Let's grill them all.
It's Medusa.
I almost shit myself.
Hello, ma'am.
What took you so long to answer?
I'm sorry, ma'am.
The van you're looking for.
It's 37GU8338, correct?
Yes, ma'am.
On Nov. 13th and 27th at 5 pm,
I have it turning left on Kyodae junction
toward Seoul Arts Center.
I also found something interesting.
On both times,
there's another Starex behind it.
With H Fertility Clinic logo on it.
It might be connected
so do your research.
Yes, ma'am. Thank you, ma'am.
H Fertility Clinic
Closed 2nd and 4th Sundays
I think this is where
they retrieve eggs.
2nd Sunday is
Two days from now.
You think we can do this?
You cracking up?
You scared, wuss?
Shut up, idiot.
The girls.
Let's go save them.
Stay alive until then.
Ms. Yun-Jung is a college student,
majoring in English.
To support herself financially,
she has donated her eggs.
I've met her myself.
She's healthy and outgoing.
She's tall too.
She's beautiful.
Yes, she is.
The cost of IVF with Ms. LEE's eggs
will be about $80,000.
Anything for our baby.
I promise you the most beautiful
baby in the world.
Have faith in me.
This, this, this, this.
This, this, this.
Get them in the van.
Young police officers, be ambitious.
There they come, 8338.
Hurry and get off the van.
Fucking bitches.
That's $20,000.
I put in a bit more.
Thank you.
To the operating room, please.
When are you gonna play next?
I don't know. If you got money
What's that noise?
Those fuckers are back.
That's a lot of thugs.
Let's go.
Gi-jun, you okay?
Geez. You scared me.
You okay?
What happened to your hand?
I'm sorry.
I think it's fractured.
What about your Taser guns?
They're smashed.
We're screwed.
What do we do?
Before they wake up,
let's go up.
Get up.
Doors opening.
What the
Excuse me.
Which floor is the operating room?
The 8th floor.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
My nose freaking hurts.
Lots of eggs.
I don't know about this.
Let's cuff him.
Okay. You go first.
No, you go first.
No, you hit him with the baton first.
You're gonna die today,
fucking bitches.
What the heck?
Let's gang up on him.
All right!
Cuff his legs first.
We're okay now.
- Where's the operating room?
- The operating room?
I think it's that way. Let's go.
We almost made a big mistake.
We gotta return these.
Come on.
Enjoy your right to remain silent.
- Stop right there!
- Stop right there!
Who the hell are you?
Don't you know what stop means?
Good job.
Is she okay?
She was put under
general anesthesia.
Where are the other girls?
Let's call Prof. YANG.
Prof. Yang
Then we'll get expelled.
We have no choice.
Let's call him.
Okay, let's do it.
You two have no regrets
even if you get expelled, correct?
I believe I've done the right thing, sir.
Same here, sir.
But Prof. YANG.
I still want to go to class, sir.
I thought we learned
useless stuff in school.
But it wasn't true.
I want to learn more.
How about you, Gi-jun?
I'd like to stay also, sir.
to be a police officer.
If we don't take disciplinary action,
it would set a bad precedent.
But in the end,
our students did the right thing.
They saved over 20 kidnap victims.
They should be rewarded
not punished.
Are you out of your mind?
How could you reward someone
who committed violence?
Strictly speaking,
they've committed a crime.
Are you crazy
calling our students criminals?
Then everyone should go catch
criminals instead of studying.
I think you're out of line.
They're not just regular students.
They're the future police officers.
- They're not officers yet.
- Expel them.
Prof. YANG, what do you think?
Someone talked about
setting a bad precedent.
If Gi-jun PARK and Hee-yeol KANG
neglected the kidnap victims
and stayed in school,
I think that would be
a worse precedent.
We taught them to be the first ones
to respond to civilians in danger.
But if they've neglected victims
so they wouldn't be punished,
I think that's more dishonorable,
and they should be expelled.
Personally, I was envious of the two.
We once had that kind of passion.
We weren't afraid of punishment
when it came to catching bad guys.
I think we've taught them well.
They're not like those selfish kids.
For others, they'd run all night.
It makes me happy that
we've taught them well.
So what do you want to
do with them?
You punks should study
with such enthusiasm.
Gi-jun PARK. Hee-yeol KANG.
You two should've been expelled.
But President showed mercy, and
you're to be held back a year.
Don't like it?
I like it, sir.
Thank you, sir.
And you have 500 detention hours.
Since you'll be in school one more year,
you should have enough time.
Don't like it?
- It's great, sir.
- It's great, sir.
You kids don't sound sincere.
- It's really great, sir.
- It's really great, sir.
- Thank you, sir.
- Thank you, sir.
How many hours of detention
do we have left?
473 hours
and 20 minutes.
Not bad. Let's finish it up
and go to an Internet cafe.
Let's go shoot guns.
What're you looking at?
Thank you.
Oh, this wind.
You're welcome.
You've survived.
Are you okay?
Let me see if she's okay.
Would you like a campus tour?
Come on.
You look so good.
I'm Hee-yeol KANG.
And I'm Gi-jun PARK.
This is our main building.
Midnight Runners will be back.