Midnight Show (2016) Movie Script

How was that?
Do you like it?
Mom is sleeping.
Yes, only dad and
my sister are not sleeping now.
Please wait.
Why haven't you switched it off?
The movie is still playing.
The electric cost is high.
You're so annoying!
Why did you have to do that?
I am tired of it.
-Naya, Naya.
You're so easy to scare.
-Anybody would be scared if...
...you do that to them.
That is what
makes you so interesting.
You are funny without
trying to be funny.
Hey, why are you so serious?
My child is sick.
You don't want
to borrow my money?
It's fine. You can pay me
back after pay day.
No. I am sure
you will not accept it,...
...when I pay you back.
What is wrong with this cinema?
I thought that is a bestseller...
...movie but
how come no one is here?
It's as expected.
Mr. Johan has no connections.
He just got this movie now.
People have watched it already.
Might as well I go home.
Are you okay?
-I'm okay.
If you're sick,
just apply for leave.
I am confused with
what we are doing here.
It's becoming more unclear
as the days go by.
I was selling tickets before,
then I checked the tickets,...
...clean the toilets and now
I manage the concession stand.
I can't wait to leave this place.
My child is sick at home.
What do you think?
-We can't leave.
You know that, don't you?
Excuse me, sir.
What is it, Lus?
-May I leave earlier today, sir?
I don't feel so good.
-You've been here less than...
...three months,
but you're away on most days.
Last week you said
that you were sick.
Before that
your grandfather passed away.
Before that you were sick too.
Now what is it? Sick?
I doubt you are just
making up excuses not to work.
I don't know
it's going to be like this,...
...but I promise to come in
much earlier tomorrow morning.
Can I go, sir?
-Yes, okay. You can go home...
...for the night,
but please remember.
You have to be here
by 7 o'clock tomorrow morning.
Yes, sir.
Please excuse me, sir.
Be careful out there.
It's not safe outside.
There are cases like these...
...during the week.
Kidnapped and murdered.
The world has gone mad.
-Yes, sir. I'll be careful.
-Naya, please be on standby...
...for the midnight show.
-Mr. Joe allowed you to go home?
Yes, he did.
So what else is there to do?
-Just the toilets.
-Who are you leaving with, Nay?
With Juna.
-Are you two dating?
No. He is just
being nice and caring.
That's good.
You are pretty.
I am sure lots of men
wants to be with you.
-Poor him. He's hoping.
Nay, I hope
your child feels better soon.
Yes, thank you.
-I'll be in at 7 o'clock tomorrow.
Oh, okay.
-So I can help you.
No problem.
Juna, I'm leaving now.
-Mr. Joe approved your leave?
Be careful.
I am going home.
Happy now?
-Yes, it was even funny.
What is so funny?
So annoying.
Do you know that the movie
was based on real events?
No 12-year-old would
kill his own father.
Yes, it is possible.
I read in the papers,
he was sent to prison when...
...he was 15 years old.
Yes, and he was released recently.
Imagine this.
We are playing his movie,...
...and he comes here
to watch that movie,...
...and he likes it.
Hey, Juna.
-Please put it away.
You better not ruin that mask.
I don't care.
You have to pay for it.
No, sir.
There are no audience?
-Not yet, sir.
Just close it up then.
-What? We are not playing...
...the midnight show?
-If there's no audience,...
...why are we showing it?
I was expecting
some profit from this movie.
We are in crisis now.
You are right.
-Maybe because it's raining, sir.
Sir, someone is here.
What should we do now?
Are we going to remain
open or not, sir?
Shall I play the movie, sir?
-Yes, even though there is only...
...one person,
we still have to play it.
Go back to work.
Hello. Yes.
I have arrived
at the meeting point.
Yes, I have the stuff.
After I handed you the stuff,
please leave my family.....
Hello? Hello! Hello!
Good evening.
How many tickets please?
Two please.
-Two tickets for...
...the midnight show.
-It's still free seating?
Yes, where do you prefer?
Rp. 3,000.
The balance is Rp. 2,000.
-Just keep the change.
He has a lot of money.
-So she can buy Bakso.
Just Bakso?
-Thank you.
Please proceed to
the concession stand.
How much?
Rp. 100, sir.
What else do you want?
Honey, I am going
to the toilet first.
Good evening, welcome.
Welcome, sir.
Which movie, sir?
Excuse me, sir.
Are you watching the midnight show?
Excuse me, sir.
Are you buying a ticket?
Two tickets?
Two tickets for Studio One.
Thank you.
Good evening, how many tickets?
Just one.
-For Studio One, sir?
It's free seating.
Where would you like to sit?
One ticket for 11:30 pm. Thank you.
That is the souvenir
for the movie Bocah, sir.
Would you like to buy it?
Are you here alone?
Are you going
to see this movie too?
My name is Guntur.
What is your name?
If you are bored with
your boyfriend, you can call me.
Sir, please leave
my girlfriend alone.
Don't look for trouble.
When did I become your girlfriend?
Sir, even your girlfriend
didn't admit you're her boyfriend.
So it is okay
if I were to court her.
Is it okay if
I break your head now?
Stop it.
Don't indulge him.
Sir, this cinema is not
a place for immorality.
If you can't afford a hotel,...
...just use my money.
-Let me go!
I can finish you in one go.
Please don't fight here, sir.
Stay out of it.
If you keep this up,
I will cancel the showing...
...and I will not
be refunding your money.
I will also call the police.
Listen to me.
Before you leave this building,...
...I will finish you.
Come on, Juna.
Open up the studio's door.
Jun, please prepare the movie.
Yes, sir.
-Where is Allan?
I don't know, sir.
Please tell him,
he has to be more proactive...
...if incidents
like this happens again.
Yes, sir.
-Please also tell him to...
...close the front door.
The audience will leave through...
...the back door.
One ticket?
Any seats?
Studio One at 11:30 pm.
Two tickets.
Thank you.
Sir, two tickets.
Are you still waiting for...
...someone to take
the other ticket, sir?
One ticket, sir. D-12.
Drink your coffee.
It's still hot. Be careful.
Is this coffee or urine?
You can't even make coffee.
Are you sure
it will sleep much better...
...if I break its neck?
Very well, I'll do it.
Are you scared
being alone down there?
Lusi has gone home.
I don't know where Allan is.
What movie is this?
-It's a horror movie called Bocah.
People are tired to see
a film with Susanna in it.
No one is ever tired of Susanna.
How long is this film?
-About 90 minutes.
What's the matter?
Thinking of your child?
I am afraid by the time
I get home, the neighbour...
...who is taking care
of my child is already asleep.
Just go home now.
I'll find a way to tell Mr. Joe.
Just go on home.
I'm sure you're scared.
What's the movie about?
-It's a rather strange movie.
15 years ago,
there was a boy named Bagas.
He killed both
his parents and his sister.
He poisoned his parents
and then he killed them.
He mutilated them
and burnt them up.
When he was about to
kill his sister, he said.....
Juna, that's enough.
Please stop, okay.
Naya, Naya.
Are you bored?
Why don't we talk about...
...the possibility of me
being your new husband?
Come on, stop it.
Why are you always talking...
...about this?
I am bored of hearing it.
I am serious.
-Isn't it obvious that...
...it is impossible?
-If I propose to you four...
...more times,
that will make 50 times.
That's why you should stop.
Plus, how much are you making?
I am sure you couldn't
take care of me and my child.
Don't think like that.
Who do you think will run...
...the cinema in the future?
Mr. Joe doesn't have a child...
...or a family.
I will run this place when he dies.
Don't simply say things.
-I was just kidding.
Why don't we do
the thing we always do?
Look at that man in a hoodie.
I am sure he is here
to watch some porn.
People like that
has a very high sex drive.
He is ashamed because
he is here to watch porn,...
...that's why he is
wearing a hoodie like that.
What about that couple then?
-I am sure they really want...
...to go to a hotel,
but it was raining and...
...they didn't want to get wet,
so they came to the cinema.
Oh, so they would
rather get wet in the cinema.
I am sure they don't care
what movie is playing now.
Honey, sorry.
Sorry I can't be with you.
Your mouth smells like a cockroach.
-That's impossible, honey.
I've sprayed my mouth
with cockroach repellent earlier.
In that case,
I want to break up with you.
Honey, please don't.
-I want to go. I want to break up.
Okay, just go.
You want to be with...
...the toilet cockroach,
don't you?
What about that uncle?
-That elderly man?
-He is a regular here.
That uncle?
Maybe he is actually here...
...to see his mistress,
but she is not here yet.
So now he is waiting.
Maybe he will be paying her.
What about that man
who was fighting earlier?
How come he is not here?
He is not here.
Maybe he changed his mind.
I know.
He is a robber.
He was here to rob this cinema.
I am sure he has Mr. Joe now.
Stop it, Juna.
Please don't start again.
Why are you always saying that?
Okay, I'm going to the toilet.
Are you the one who has been
terrorising me all this time?
Please don't kill me.
In this briefcase,
you will find documents...
...you need to punish
the people you want. Please.
You will also find
some money in this brief case.
Please don't kill me.
Help me!
Be careful!
Please help my friend!
Close it up!
Find some cloth.
A black out?
Allan? Where is Allan?
Mr. Joe is upstairs.
You wait here.
I'll look for Mr. Joe and Allan.
-Lock the door.
Mr. Joe!
-Who's there?
-Don't come closer.
Mr. Joe. Allan.
Mr. Joe. Allan.
Mr. Joe.
Mr. Joe! Allan!
Mr. Joe!
Hold on. How is it?
Where is Mr. Joe?
Allan? Where is Allan?
-I don't know where Mr. Joe is.
Allan is dead.
Allan is dead?
I was looking for the keys.
The keys that were usually...
...with Allan are missing.
What about the phones?
What do we do now?
-We are done.
We are so dead.
-Be quiet.
He'll find us.
Take care of your boyfriend.
He is not my boyfriend.
He is my customer.
Do you see what
condition he is in?
Why did you force me
to quit my job?
Why did you bring me
to a place like this?
Do you want to kill me?
Wake up. Wake up!
Everybody, keep quiet.
There's someone outside.
Juna, what do we do now?
Who is that?
Mr. Joe.
Mr. Joe!
Mr. Joe.
-Get out of the way.
You can't open the door.
Do you want all of us to die?
Get out of the way!
No, no, no!
Please, please.
Maybe there is another way.
Please don't kill me. Please.
Please, please.
Why did you stop me
from going out there?
If it wasn't for you,
Mr. Joe would still be alive.
Yes, but he was going
to kill all of us.
I was caught stealing
in this cinema before.
Instead of reporting me
to the police, Mr. Joe gave me...
...a job.
I owe my life to Mr. Joe.
If it wasn't for him,
I would still be nothing.
Because of him,.....
I just wanted to save
all of our lives.
Please forgive me.
I can give you anything you want.
I have lots of money.
I have a lot of land and...
...I will give all
of them to you. Please.
Please forgive me.
I still want to live.
I have a family.
Maybe we have to wait
till Lusi gets here in the morning.
You know how Lusi is.
If she sees that Allan has not...
...opened the cinema's door,
she will definitely go home.
What does the murderer
really want?
Is there a person who goes
around killing people without...
...a reason?
There are no psychopaths.
-Maybe this is just...
...a normal robbery.
-What do you mean?
What is that?
Whose money is that?
Whose money is this?
-It belongs to the person...
...who was killed in the studio.
Maybe the murderer was initially
targeting money in this bag.
So we accidentally
witnessed that murder?
Or is it because
we are holding on to this money?
Are you crazy?
Just give him everything.
It's better than
all of us being killed.
I choose to leave with this money.
What do you mean?
Nay, you can use this money
for your child's treatment.
No. I don't know
how to explain it to you.
I will never treat my child
with the money that I know...
...nothing about.
I don't want to.
Can you two stop talking
and help me think of the way...
...to help Ihsan please?
There is a first aid kit
on the second floor.
Can you help get it for me?
I don't care if
you two hate me but please,...
...Ihsan has done
nothing wrong towards you.
Okay, let me get it.
-No. Let me.
No, come on.
We'll both go upstairs.
We'll find the way out.
You stay here and take care of him.
Lock the door.
-No. I'm coming too.
I don't know who you are
and I don't trust you.
What if you leave me
and Ihsan right here?
Okay, fine.
Take this with you.
Be careful.
Mr. Joe.
Be quiet.
Why can't I open this door?
-You can't.
Don't even try.
You are not strong enough.
Only Allan could open it.
Juna, we can't be here
for very long.
We have to find something
to open that door.
Find whatever we can.
Come on, while he is not here.
Come on, Jun.
We have to let Mr. Joe go.
Please don't be like this.
What if he finds us?
Hurry up, come on.
Come on, Jun. Juna.
Is this the photo of your child?
-If I were to have a child,...
...will my child be ashamed
to have a mother like me?
You will never have a child,
if we don't get out of here.
You think I can change
if we get out of here?
Of course you can,
as long as you help me find...
...the first aid box now.
You think I have a nice life?
My husband left me when
my child was four months old.
In my case, my parents
sold me off since I was nine...
...years old,
and I don't know where...
...have they gone to.
Since then, my heart is dead,...
...but I don't know why,
but since I met Ihsan,...
...something in me
came alive again.
I found it.
Sarah. Sar.
How is it?
-Did you find it?
Were you able to open
the grille upstairs?
Let's go to Ihsan now.
Slowly. Move slowly.
I think he's gone.
-We must help Ihsan.
What is it?
-I want to talk to you.
What is it?
-We have to leave them.
Are you crazy?
-We need to get help.
If we both go,
we can go much faster.
Yes, but we can't do that.
Imagine yourself in their shoes.
You have any other solution?
-I don't have any other solution.
I don't know.
Do you hear something?
As soon as you can, run.
Juna. Juna!
What about Juna?
-We'll come back for him.
You want money, don't you?
I can give you the money...
...that you targeted.
Let my friend and I go.
Was it your first time killing?
Yes, Juna.
Help! Help me! Help!
Sorry, but I will not
fail this time.
This is all about this bag.
What? Just take everything.
What is really inside here?
What is this?
I know these names.
-Who are they?
This is Bagas, the boy
who was sent to prison...
...15 years ago,
whose movie we're playing now.
Yes, but he is in prison.
-He was released two months ago.
So are you saying
the man who killed Ihsan...
...was the same man
we are watching in the movie?
Not the actor in the movie,
but the real killer.
They will never send a child
to prison for 15 years?
Seno. Seno Waruyo.
-Yes, Seno.
He was the judge in that
child's case 15 years ago.
Bagas' case.
This is revenge.
...Bagas is not alone here.
I noticed one of the audience
was acting suspicious.
Who was it?
Oh, that guy.
That guy who was fighting...
...with your boyfriend.
He didn't even go
inside the studio.
I was waiting out front,
and one person didn't go in.
Maybe he is doing all this
to get revenge on the judge.
Please help me.
What is this money for then?
I think the judge wants
to redeem himself, but he couldn't.
I got through.
Police! Police!
Hello, sir.
We are calling from...
...the Podium Cinema.
We have a killer loose in...
...the premises, sir.
Please come immediately, sir.
We are in danger.....
What happened?
-I got cut off.
Try again.
Hello, sir.
I was the one who called earlier...
...from the Podium Cinema.
We are in danger of being killed.
The killer is still here, sir.
Please send help. Yes.
Hello! Hello!
-That was in vain.
I don't want to die yet.
My child still needs me.
We must get out of here.
You close this door
and don't open it unless...
...it is me.
Juna, no. I am scared.
Lock this door.
Bagas! Come out now!
Bagas! Bagas!
I am sorry.
Honey, honey!
What? What do you want?
Help! Help!
Please help me.
Please don't do this to me.
So rude!
What have I done to you?
What do you want?
What have I done to you? What?
I am Tama.
I am Tama Andreansyah.
I am Tama.
Pratama Andreansyah.
I am the director
of the movie called Bocah.
The movie was based on
real events, murders by...
...a child named Bagas Prokoso.
The murders were committed.....
Please don't force me.
I can't read it any more.
So rude!
Don't touch my family!
Don't touch my family!
You can beat me up.
You can torture me,...
...but don't touch my family!
No. No!
I will do whatever you want.
In this recording,...
...I will re-enact
and do a re-construction...
...of the murder
cases 13 years ago.
Is that what you want?
I have been punished.
-This has nothing to do...
...with the law.
-Calm down, sir.
I know you're confused,
but if you want us both...
...to survive this,
just do what he says.
Read it. Read.
I am Purnomo.
The judge on duty at
the hearing of the murders...
...and mutilation cases,...
...where Bagas Prokoso
killed his parents,...
...and in this recording,
I will be playing Heru.
You can never
get away from the law.
Help me, Muhsin!
I want to go home! Help!
Hold this.
Read it.
Read it.
Hey, you want to be safe,
don't you? You want to be safe?
If you want all of us
to survive this,...
...I am begging you,
please read it.
I am Dessy,
the reporter who hid the facts...
...about the murders
by Bagas Prokoso.
I also gave the case facts
to the film-makers who were...
...making the movie Bocah.
In this recording,
I am playing Yuli.
Help! Help me!
I am sure there is another way.
Please don't this.
I am not guilty, please.
Such an animal.
You are nothing more than...
...an animal!
This doll is Lia,
Bagas' younger sister who...
...were always tortured
by their own parents,...
...Heru and Yuli.
Please don't make me
kill them. Please. Please.
Don't kill my family.
Just kill me!
Sorry, I have to.
Let me go!
Let me go!
I regret using my profession
in the wrong way,...
...but I regret
dying in your hands more.
Do I have to mutilate
their bodies too?
With this I admit that
the movie I made was wrong,...
...and I defied
all the facts there was.
Now give back
my wife and my child.
I understand.
Yes, I was wrong.
I shouldn't have punished
a 12-year-old child like that.
Such a dog!
Let them go!
Just kill me!
What is my connection
to all this? Let me go.
Let me go!
My bike. My old bike.
Not me please.
My child doesn't have anyone...
...else but me.
A child?
What an irony?
I want my wife and child
to be saved too.
No. I don't want to.
Please don't kill me.
I have done nothing wrong.
Not me, please. No.
Please don't kill me.
-I have created hell.
No! Not me.
-And I have to redeem it...
...with blood.
I am sorry.
Juna, Juna.
Come on, I know you can.
Don't leave me.
Juna, no. Please.
Lusi? Lusi.
I want my wife
and child to be saved.
Thank you, Lusi.
Thank you.
Lusi, thank you.
Bagas, come here.
Bagas! Lusi!
What did you break?
I told you so many times,
don't play in the living room.
You broke everything.
You're giving me a headache!
We are all here now.
All because of you, Bagas.
You are free now,
but you disappeared.
He was ruined by the movie
and people who were unfair to him.
Even though my parents
never really took care of me,...
...but Bagas
would always take care of me.
I am sorry.
If only that movie was...
...never made.
If only Bagas was never...
...ruined by that movie.