Midnight Stallion (2013) Movie Script

I think I love it.
You think you love it
or you love it?
I love it. Alot.
Thanks, Mum.
Happy Birthday.
Now, go thank your dad.
He picked the color.
Come here.
Happy Birthday.
I'm glad you like it.
Your Mum picked out the color.
I just nodded.
Thank God you're not a boy.
Let's go for a ride.
Hop on.
And wear that thing
you're best sharp breaking it in.
My dad used to say that a man...
in your case of view
for young woman,
doesn't chooses a hat,
the hat chooses him, or her.
You see, your hat defines you
just what color the person wears it.
I guess, that makes you a purple person.
Whatever that means.
Here comes trouble.
- Donald.
- Howdy, Jack.
- Rita.
- Hey.
Just in time to help me
rip some reelings.
The old Tom Sawyer ploy.
No, sir, I'm too smart
to be tricked into hard work
by you or Mark Twain.
- Sweet tea?
- My favorite.
That's what makes the drive
out here worthwhile.
But, you know, I feel
a little bit disappointed.
because I've been here,
oh, over a minute,
Jack here hasn't invited to go
duck hunting with him yet.
How are we gonna do that, Donald?
You shot them all last year.
That I did.
Thank you, darling.
What do you think?
Wow, really pretty.
When I get my iPhone,
I'm gonna get a cover that matches it.
Megan, go grap some apples
and fresh milk for Donald.
Well, um...
Me being the new
President of Chaney Bank.
I guess, you both know
what this business is about.
Oh darn it, Jack.
Rita, this is hard for me.
Ever since Brett Chaney
bought the bank,...
well, you know how he likes
to throw his weight around.
I'm still trying to get my head around
someone buying a bank.
Uh huh.
Like father, like son.
My dad never have much time
for old man Chaney.
It's changing world, Jack.
Not always for the better.
Well, young Brett is cleaning
house over the bank
and he's cracking down hard
on entirety debt.
- Now, you missed..
- We know.
Three payments.
That puts you $11,100 behind.
That's big number.
We can just have
a little more time,
- we can..
- 90 days in arrear is their limit, Rita.
Another miss month and
Chaney will foreclose on you.
What did I miss?
Now, I am sure you heard that
Brett Chaney is the new
owner of the bank.
He's gonna bring some of that
uh, east-cost the big city financial
learning to our once quiet community.
Just what we need.
Well, he says his roots are here.
He calls it "giving back".
He's talking big changes
and poor Donald DeBris
has become his foot soldier.
Come on.
We're gonna get going.
This one on our bill.
Uh, they're probably talking about us.
You know, I actually think
they're talking about their son, Ross,
who happens to be chatting up
your lovely daughter over there.
Ha ha...
How are things at the farm?
It is a small town pastor.
It's no secret that we're struggling.
Yeah. Milk prices are down and
water, fertilizer, fuel are all sky high.
things will turn around.
You just keep the faith.
If Dad were alive,
he'd know what to do.
He'd stop all those farming and milking,...
get back to horse ranching.
Oh, that would be great if
it makes any economic sense.
Horses are for hobby and not for business.
I keep telling Jack,
We need a smarter crop.
We need a high-dollar crop
that makes good use of our land
instead of growing alfalfa
to feed livestock.
This is not the place to be elienating..
Well, I-I didn't mean to rock
the arc, so to speak.
- I was just..
- It's okay.
Listen, you two have a fine day.
And don't you be
too tough on him.
Umm, Mum, Dad, this is Ross.
Hi, Mrs. Shepard.
Uh, I got something for you, Mr. Shepard.
So, you heard my Dad is sponsoring
a big horse race.
Somebody is gonna win big.
If you got a fast horse,
it could be worth your while.
Hello. I am Belinda Chaney.
I don't believe we've met.
Well, not officially,
but I've seen you at the feed store.
Oh, right, right.
You're the people who milk cows, right?
Well, we are one of
the suppliers for Milner dairy.
Oh, we gave up dairy years ago.
We are soy all the way now.
Brett Chaney, and you are?
Jack Shepard.
This is my wife, Rita,...
our daughter, Megan.
I see you got one of our flyers
We're just getting started.
I'm gonna this race big,
Turning it into a yearly event.
Put our little hometown on the map.
Milner could use a makeover, right?
Little nipstick on the pig, so to speak.
Uh huh.
I don't know.
I kind of like Milner the way it is.
We are a little old fashion.
Well, we're here to bring
some new fashion.
- Uh huh.
- Boost the town's bottom line.
What are all those doing
in your hands still, Ross?
Your job is to hand them out.
All of them.
I'll call you.
my phone
got turned off.
It's just temporary, darling.
Til things get better.
Any of those left in your hands
by the time we get to the escalade,
you're walking home.
You folks have a nice day.
I think that Chaney boy has
head over heels for you.
What are you drawing?
Our field. I figure out
row counting plant spacing.
I have an idea.
About what?
About the alternative crop.
I've been studying up on it.
What crop?
There is good money on it.
- Wheatgrass?
- Uh huh.
Wheat is a grass.
Help me out here.
No, there is a difference. Trust me,
I think this might be our answer.
Cows seem satisfied.
Horses before them.
But wheatgrass, for your information,
is not for cows, it's for the people.
It produces rich, delicious nectar
that is rich in antioxidants,
is healthy...
Where are you going?
Clear my head.
Let's go.
Come on, boy.
That even has horses here.
It just comes out
the most fertile cycle now.
It's a good lure for a wild stallion.
Oh, oh, be careful, my friend.
You may catch this operation, but...
someone is gonna
get hurt if you ask me.
- Or killed.
- Mum, don't say that.
That animal outran my horse
and Chester is
the fastest that we got
Can you talk some senses to him?
He wants to enter that horse
in Chaney's big race.
Look, don't push your luck, Jack.
Megan, bye-bye now.
Bye, Dr. Owens.
- Rita.
- AJ.
- Jack.
- Bye.
This is no ordinary horse.
He's wild.
One of a kind.
I know the type.
Which scares me the most.
Now, the wind will just blow
her sense to his direction,...
we got it.
He's ours.
Good morning, girls.
What's wrong, girl?
Are you alright? Did he kick you?
Look-look at me.
- Are you alright?
- He didn't kick me.
Huh, it says here that
wheatgrass is a high yield plant,
which grows well in our climate.
And it's 60 days grow cycle.
It's quick turnover, Jack.
Oh, our timing is perfect.
Plants go in early May.
This is sorry excluse for diner.
The family needs a proper meal,
a hot meal.
Family needs a home.
I'm trying to keep ours.
Like growing something
we know nothing about?
I know plenty about it.
I've been researching this and
I thought it through.
Please, just...
listen with an open mind, okay?
So, here is our situation: We're...
$11,000 behind on 3 months
of missed mortgage payments.
But, if we can pay up just one month,
that will buy us next 30 days.
Donald says that the bank,
they won't foreclose
unless we are over 90 days in arrears.
Follow me?
I've done the budget.
For the initial cost of
wheatgrass cultivation,
And we could, we could till
the front pasture.
we get to start the crop going
for just $9,000.
To plow our feed crop under?
You're dupping crazier, Rita.
Where are we gonna get
that kind of money?
Well, we talk to Donald.
And we ask for a bank loan.
I mean, not against
the land and the buildings,
that's all been mortgaged out.
But, against everythig else,
vehicles and equipment.
I mean, right down to our furnishings
and our life insurance policies.
- Here.
- What is that?
This is the loan proposal that
I made up for Donald.
As all of our assets and the values.
If the bank would give us $9,000
and we sell the Holstein...
Sell our stock.
We could pay off
one month of mortgage,
we could plan the grass and
still have $4,300 left over
for food and living expenses,
to carry us through till harvest.
60 days from planting to harvest.
That's still two more
missed mortgage payments.
That's right.
But if the crop looks healthy,
well, Tristate Co-op, they said they
give us half in advance of harvest.
The health food stores,
they cann't get enough of this stuff.
With what we already owe that would put us
almost $30,000 in debt with the bank.
This is the riskiest plan
I can imagine.
I know you disapprove.
And I know that your father...
probably would have disapproved.
This is long way from horse ranching.
You got that right.
But I also know this.
He would not want us to lose everything
he had worked so hard to build up.
Let's do this to honor him.
Just until we get back on our feet.
Okay. I'm gonna stand
behind you on this, Rita,
if Donald would
agree to give us a loan.
All right.
A toast.
- Oh.
- Oh, this is gross.
You got to be kidding me.
People actually drink this stuff.
And they will gladly pay
three dollars a shot.
Three dollars?
- For a cup this big?
- Yeah.
We just have to do over the grass
and then our job is over.
The health food stores,
they juice it, right on the spot.
- Another shot?
- No.
I wouldn't want to pride some
Health onto this daily dose of
antitoxic "Solyent Green",
or whatever it is.
Antioxidants, not anti-toxic.
- Three dollars a swallow?
- Uh huh.
Hit me again.
I love you.
Row me in dirty diver.
Three dollars for that much?
Damn, I'm in the wrong business.
This wasn't easy.
I went to the wire on this, Jack.
And uh, Brett uh,...
the bank...
is willing to give you $9,000 loan
on your collateral.
You got Belinda to thank
for pushing this over the top.
Belinda Chaney?
I had to listen to the virtue of this stuff
and other unpronounceable
health thing for almost an hour.
She asked me if
I wanted to try spelled flour,
I said F-L-O-U-R,
I thought I got it right.
You know what, with all the hype,
I'm just little surprise with the taste.
Tell me about it.
I grow, but I'll leave the drinking
to someone with money to burn.
You selling milk cows?
If what Rita has found out is true.
I trust her judgment on this.
I don't want to question
your good judgment.
But right now, it's field crop.
What if it freezes?
What about insects, birds?
What if the healthcare market softens?
Health does not go out of style.
We know the risk.
- Another shot?
- No, thank you, ma'am.
You're pledging the whole
bottle of wax on this one.
I...I just don't see
the backdoor work for you on this.
If... If this doesn't pan out,...
you're gonna lose it all.
Give me the pen.
All right then, let's get
these loan documents signed.
Tell me, Jack, am I looking green?
Because, I'm feeling green.
Easy, boy.
Well, come and get them, silly.
Till we meet again.
That's your name now.
Get in there!
Come on, cows.
Get in there.
Here you go.
Here you go.
Come on.
Come on.
It's okay.
He's cool.
Come on now, Midnight.
It's just an apple.
You got to trust me.
I need another apple.
Did you see that?
My whole body is shaking.
You're not the only one.
Hold on. I-I want to get
shot of you and him.
- A flash?
- I...
He let me touch him.
It was incredible.
What are you talking about?
The stallion,
I-I petted his mane.
Take me there.
- Now?
- Yes, now.
What are you gonna do?
I'm gonna catch me a stallion if I can.
Grap some oats,
while I saddle up.
Better take them back, darling.
I got to help your Mum.
Well, it's time to take
a well deserved breather.
Sit back and feel proud
of all we've accomplished.
Yeah, we successfully plant
an entire field of grass
that tastes so bad
even the cows won't eat.
Can you believe how happy
your father looked
till that last plant went on the ground?
And where were you this morning?
- Just riding.
- Uh huh.
How is Ross?
Stop it.
Wesaw Dad's stallion.
And now that the old McDonald
has done with all his farm,
how about showing me
the last place you saw the stallion.
His name is Midnight.
I named him.
I got a pretty good idea
where he hangs out.
Take me there.
I stand behind your plans, but that
doesn't mean I have to give up on mine.
It's gonna be dark in an hour.
Well, then...
First thing in morning.
There he is.
Let's go closer.
Easy now.
He's a wild horse and
we're in his turb.
You're not gonna try
to lasso him, are you?
No, not yet.
Not out here.
He likes apples.
All horses like apples.
What are you gonna do?
Listen to him.
Listen to him?
He'll tell us what we ought to do.
I can show you how
he lets me touch him.
Don't take that lightly.
He's dangerous.
And he is wild,...
- he is free.
- He's fast.
And he wants to play.
Look at him.
Feel what he's saying to you.
Okay, all right.
Show around I want to see
how fast you really are.
- And-and you heard him say all that?
- Clear as day.
I'm listening, Midnight.
- Quick, quick can you catch it?
- Like a rocket.
He's gonna make
one heck of a racehorse.
If anyone can ever catch him.
Go, we'll meet again, Midnight.
Dad, I...
I hardly think
he's gonna understand that.
Wh... What-what did he say?
Not sure.
Sound like "see you again".
And then something about
that purple thing on your hat.
What does that book say
about flash flood?
Alfalfa's party can take bad weather.
I don't know about the wheatgrass stuff.
This crop won't survive.
I am so sorry, Jack.
I push you in to this.
Rita, there's nobody's fault..
It's a peril of farmers.
Why can stuff go our way in life?
I mean, why everything
has to be so hard?
We'll pull through this.
We're not down yet.
Not by a long shot.
Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!
Hey, big guy.
Remember me?
We talked yesterday.
I'm Jack.
I'm just here to hang out with you.
I'll just let you come to me.
I'm not even here.
Nope, not me.
See, I'm not even looking at you.
I am not even be talking to you.
You don't have to be afraid of me.
So, what do you say,
you come meet me here?
His name is Midnight, Dad.
Stay where you are.
He knows me better.
What did I tell you about this?
- You said, listen.
- Yes.
So, listen.
Hello Midnight.
Missed you.
This is my dad.
I want to try to ride him.
No, I don't think
this tornado is ready to ride yet.
Then at least, come and meet him.
That's what I've been trying to do.
He's beautiful.
And I think he likes you.
Yeah, I think he does.
Let's see how much
he likes both of us.
We've built enough good trust for today.
It's time we're leaving.
I'm pretty sure
Midnight's got a busy schedule.
A schedule, Dad?
And that's pretty big word for a horse.
He's following us.
Don't look back.
Say something to him.
About his schedule?
Oh, about anything.
It's not so much of what you say,
It's how you say it to him.
Quick, say something else.
- You say something.
- You started it.
I don't want to fight about it.
Give him the wrong idea.
You're weird.
You can say anything you want.
Just make it sound good.
You go first.
Tell him a joke.
Ahh... this horse goes in
a grocery store...
Not that one dad.
That's why he left.
You think it was something you said?
I think it was that old joke.
Probably heard my sweet voice.
Or maybe his schedule opened up.
Easy, boy.
You're home now.
I know you're hungry.
How about some oats?
You won't waste any time, do you?
It's my turn to have a lord
get us out of this mess.
You sound just like your dad.
Only he didn't let them beat him.
Jack, whatever you do at this point,
I'm right there with you.
No-one is gonna beat us.
Me too, Dad.
Nobody can beat Midnight.
I'm gonna race them, Rita,
and I'm gonna win.
Can you break and train
the stallion in time?
I mean, that race is less
than two weeks away.
Mum's right, Dad.
You haven't even got
the saddle on him yet.
Well, that's why they invented morning.
Is that a steak dinner I smell?
Very funny.
No, it's blue box's night.
Deluxe. It's tuna and peas.
Where is Megan?
Two guesses.
Neither includes Ross this time.
She's with Midnight.
That horse scares me, Jack.
She probably tries
to break the Guinness record
on how many apples
that a horse can eat.
Hey, Midnight.
Here's an apple for you.
Easy, Midnight.
Can do this.
What are you thinking?
He is not ready for tame.
He is still wild.
You got to take it slow.
You can't expect him
to just let you ride him.
- Him?
- Without it...
What about her,
what about our daughter?
I will have no more of her
on this horse, I mean it.
She could have been
hurt or paralyzed.
Mum, I'm fine.
Nothing's wrong.
Not a word.
It is not his fault.
I shouldn't have tried to ride him.
Easy, boy.
I guess now is as good time as any.
My daddy used to say: Whe you get
dumped off a horse, get back on.
Dad, are you okay?
What does he say?
He says your ride isn't due till tomorrow.
Easy, Midnight. Let's just walk around
to get used to each other.
That's it.
Just follow me.
What's he doing?
Called "horse whispering".
- Like dog whispering on TV...
- Sh!!!
Just watch.
What's the prize money looking like?
I thought, I thought
you're talking to him. Sorry.
20,000, as of this morning, Mr. Shepard.
40,000 after Dad matched it.
40,000, did you hear that, Midnight?
That could buy a lot of oats.
Oh, oh, hey, hey. There is no way
you're getting back on that thing.
You're gonna break a leg.
Maybe it's too soon.
Okay, off, off, off the fence.
Easy, easy.
Come on.
You can do it.
You can calm.
Good boy.
Thanks for the ride.
Put the look on their faces.
Thank you, Teddy.
Oh, you know we need
two bags, right?
Yes, I know, Mrs. Shepard.
Manager wouldn't let me bring the other one
because you charge to the max this month.
- Sorry.
- Oh.
Right, yeah. I know.
We're gonna get that paid up.
- Bye.
- Goodbye.
You have to close your eyes.
Why, what is it?
About time...
Well, if I tell you,
it won't be a surprise.
Okay, but it'd better not be
a trick or something.
It's not a trick.
What are you doing?
- Keep them close.
- I am.
Almost time.
What's that?
I've ever heard this sone before.
I really like it.
Oh, uh, not the song.
The player...
I'm giving it to you.
No, I can't. I can't.
It's too expensive.
Don't think about the money.
It's a gift.
No, Ross.
Really, I can't.
You want to hang out afternoon?
There you are, Ross.
I've been looking all over for you.
We're running late.
Uh, late for what?
I thought you said I...
that I can get
a ride home with Dad.
That plan's changed.
Come on.
Bye Megan.
Hey, Mrs. Chaney, Ross...
Hi, Mrs. Shepard.
- How are you?
- He's fine. And we're late.
Come here.
I like you and you like me,
and we both want to do this together.
So, don't put me back in the dirt, okay?
Is that a deal?
You talk to him like he understands
every word you're saying.
Ah, I don't know if he understands...
every word I'm saying, but
I think he knows what I mean.
Connect with him, Dad.
He needs to feel like you're
a part of him, like a team.
We're sort of team.
He's punter, and I am the football.
We are better than team.
- We're like one.
- Talk to him.
He likes it when you do that.
I like it when you do that.
Oh, I'm so sorry, Dad.
Oh, that's okay.
Midnight loves apples.
It's a check all right?
I'm going to have to call this in?
- Hi, Mr. Shepard.
- Hey there, Ross.
On watch Today?
Yeah, Dad hired me
to help out with the race.
Eh, um, Mr. Shepard...
it's great that you enter
Midnight in the race, but...
$350 is a lot of money and,
you know, is not refunable.
Believe me, Ross, my whole life
seems to be nonrefundable.
You know, hold on,
be-before you do that.
What was that about?
Who you called?
My dad.
I tried to get him to give you
a break on the entry fee. But,...
he said if he did that for you,
he'd have to do for everyone.
I wish you hadn't done, Ross.
I'm no a charity case.
We're good there or not?
Yes, sir, Mr. Shepard.
We take those flowers too.
You'll have to pay for those inside.
Spend a lot of money we need for food
and living by entering that race.
I've heard the talk about the prize
money being over $50,000.
And I read in the newspaper
about all the professionally trained horses
are gonna be in this race.
Have you ever considered the odd
stacked against you actually winning?
With that kind of money,
we might even get this place
back to be a horse ranch operation.
Are you hearing a single word I am
saying, or are you still dreaming?
I hear you.
What's wrong with dreaming?
wrong with it.
It just scares me, that's all.
Because I don't have
a better solution any more.
I guess I'm the one who is lost.
Well, Midnight is gonna help you
find your way back home.
I got to go, just close it.
What is this?
Jack Shepard actually enters
a horse in run my race?
What this yoko thinks I'm running?
I've given some serious horserace here.
Not just any horse, Dad.
It's an amazing horse.
Did he pay the full fee?
Yeah, I took the money myself.
He's up to his neck in debt, he's got no
business wasting my money like this?
You know how silly you sound?
Your money?
He thinks he can win.
On what?
One of his farm animals?
No, Midnight is no farm animal.
Oh, no.
Not just a horse, is Midnight.
He's wild and powerful.
And beautiful too.
Power and beauty will not win a race.
I've seen him run,
nothing can catche him.
Come on.
How fast can he be?
Well, he's the fastest horse
I've ever seen.
And smart too.
He listens to Mr. Shepard.
What do you mean, "he listens"?
He horsewhispers, sir.
broken him without a whip or anything.
Spare me the rod.
Doesn't work on horses and
doesn't work on people.
You've the proof of that?
You don't know where
he trains, do you?
Donald called.
Brett Chaney got wind
of our crop failure and wants
Donald to start drawing up
the foreclosure papers.
You got to have a little faith, baby,
in me and in Midnight.
We can win this thing.
I know it.
Maybe I should just go and
buy a winning lottery ticket,
or maybe a meteorite crashes down
on the middle of our field.
I've heard they're more
valuable than gold lately.
Rita, please.
I'm working with what I got here.
What we got here...
Midnight won't let us down.
I'm sorry.
I just...
I feel helpless.
I-I want a future for Megan
with this doesn't happen.
She deserves that.
Hey, I want that too.
I'll make it right, I promise.
It's not like we're betting
our whole lives on a horserace here.
Not funny.
You're right.
Not funny.
I just try to lighten thing up a little.
Everything is gonna be okay.
I promise.
I know it's hard.
Maybe even impossible, but...
try to look at it as an opportunity.
And when the opportunity knocks...
Good afternoon, Jack.
Good afternoon.
What brings you here?
My boy tells me that
talk to horses.
And crazier than that, they listen.
My father taught me.
Yeah, my father was
a horseman too and...
he taught me the only thing these horses
understand is power and fear.
You are power and the horse is fear.
- That's not how I train.
- Hmm.
You look worried, Jack.
You see me at your door,
what-what you owe me.
We're working on that mortgage.
But we need time.
Well, that's why I'm here.
I want to sell you a 6-month extension.
Give you time to get back on your feet,
so, maybe, you can keep this place.
Six months would be life saver.
But how can I buy extension when
I can't even make the mortgage?
I don't want money.
I just want that stallion,
I see down in your corral, Midnight.
My boy, he's been around
horses his whole life,
and he says he has
never seen the faster one.
You give me the stallion
And I'll give you...
a year.
Now, that's more than winning,
and I even refund your entry fee.
All this for Midnight?
What do you think, Jack?
To race him.
With some strong and more training,
an aggressive Jockey on a horse like that
has the potential to go all the way.
National, Preakness, Kentucky Derby...
There I go again.
Belinda is always on me
for dreaming too big
and saying too much
and giving away my advantage.
Well that's...
I can't help it.
what do you say?
I do not know.
Can you give me
a little time to consider this?
All you want.
How about an hour?
I have to close some
real estate down the road.
Old man Biller.
I finally bought the farm.
Or should I say, he sold it?
I'll stop by on my way back.
You give me the word,
and I'll have my people draw up
those extension papers.
It's as simple as that.
You can't do it, Dad.
He'll beat Midnight.
You know he will. He said so.
Midnight is just as much my horse
as is yours. I won't let you.
First, that horse doesn't
belong to any of us.
It belongs out there.
His name is Midnight,
not "that horse".
He cares about us as much as
we care about him.
You know that.
You feel it.
At least, I thought you did.
I thought you were better
than Chaney..
I guess, I was wrong.
Oh Midnight.
Buddy, I just don't know
what to do anymore.
I really need your help here.
You know I don't want do it,
but I may not have a choice.
He's already the choice.
You're going to ride
Midnight in the race.
Our life and future are on the line.
Your future.
What about Midnight's life and future?
That's important too.
Not as important as
our home and family.
So, I give you a lifeline
and you turn me down?
I thought this property meant
something to you, Jack.
Dad's ranch and all?
It's only a horse we're talking about.
No, it's a special horse.
His spirit, his speed like I've
never seen in any animal before.
I decide to keep him.
And ride him in your race.
All right, well,
here is one for you.
I'll make you a bet.
I'll forgive you house debt,
mortgage and all
if you ride you horse in my race and win.
Hey, I'll even let you
keep the prize money.
But if you lose,
I get everything:
If I lose, you get everything anyway.
What's the catch?
I said, everything, Jack.
Including Midnight.
Do it, Dad.
Midnight won't let you down.
Unless, that horse isn't
as fast as you say.
Well, I guess we'll find out.
What are you doing?
I'm looking for a four leaf clover.
I want to make a wish.
I got it.
I already made one.
Mood doesn't much better than this.
You're right.
Except for one thing:
Riding Midnight across that finish line.
And I believe you will.
And Megan stands behind you.
And I do too.
Can you believe that little splitfire?
The passion in her heart
for that horse.
How are you gonna feel when
she has that passion in her eye for Ross?
We can't stay out too late.
I know.
Remember when we were like that?
I don't have to remember.
You were so shy.
Gosh, I love that about you.
Always coming up with these
silly reasons to touch me.
Like telling you there was
bee on your head?
So I could run my fingers
through your hair.
Remember our first kiss?
I remember you chickened out.
You didn't hold back.
I did what I wanted.
Hey, can I help you?
Hi, Mort.
Mort Gradley, real estate.
Nobody tells you I was coming?
Coming for what?
To get ready the property
ready to market.
Brett Chaney gave the listing, but...
I uh...
Hey, I didn't mean to intrude. Uh...
I thought you knew.
The property is not for sale.
Not yet anyway.
All right, I was just
gonna take a few pictures,
but I can see
this isn't a good time. So, um...
you folks have yourselves
a nice day, alright?
Well, my friend?
I may have really done it this time.
No pressure.
I just want you to know,
it's all on the line.
All of it.
Everything I love in life.
my daddy's ranch,
the whole shebang,
and a whole lot more.
Anyway, you know
what they say about...
putting all your eggs in one basket.
Midnight's smart, but I don't think
he gets the analogy, Dad.
He does.
If Midnight could talk,
he'd tell you how proud he is of you.
Just like Mum and I.
He won't let you down, Dad.
It's not him I'm worried about.
I'm the one who got us in this mess.
And now I'm talking to a horse,
ask him to get me out of it.
You go inside and
give your Mum a hand.
I'll be there before
she flips her bacon.
Mum! Mum!
Dad's hurt! Hurry!
I can't lift it.
- I can't breathe, get your Mum.
- Come on Mum, too heavy!
Oh no! Jack!
Jack, I am here, I am there.
Use Midnight.
Get a rope.
Do it!
Come on.
I got it.
Okay, Jack.
Just hang on.
Pull, Midnight!
Pull, Midnight!
Pull, Midnight.
Come on!
Come on!
I thought I lost you, Jack.
I've got more important things
to do than to die, honey.
But you might have lost that baby.
You need a real doctor, Jack.
You got at least three cracked ribs
and a hairline fracture to your wrist.
Could get worse.
You're a real doctor , AJ, and a friend.
Besides, a real doctor doesn't
give you a sugar cube when you're done.
I just can't have Chaney finding out
about this before I figure out what to do.
What to do?
You have to tell him you can't do the race.
He'll understand in your condition.
- He's not..
- He'll take it all, Rita
I sort of bet the farm.
Yeah, yeah, I've heard.
Look, Rita's right,
You family needs you in one piece.
Then I ride Midnight.
It's too dangerous.
- I won't allow it.
- So, you're just gonna give up?
Let Chaney take it all?
You're gonna give him Midnight?
I said no.
I hope you have a plan.
I've got to talk it over with Midnight.
He'll know what to do.
Talk it over w-with-with a horse?
Sounds like you're gonna need
more than a regular doctor.
I never should have brought
you here in the first place.
Using you in this crazy sting.
Making you some easy
taking out this mess that's
done nothing but
put my family in a place
that's up to me to find the way out of.
I can only do that, thank to you.
I owe you my life, Midnight.
I've come to return the favor.
It's okay.
I know you can hear me.
I need your help.
I know what my Dad did
was the right thing.
I would never do anything
to hurt you in any way.
I really need you right now.
Midnight, you heard me.
You really heard me, didn't you?
Well, listen up...
because I'm not done yet.
Did you take your pills?
Ah, they were like horse pills.
They were horse pills.
Where is Megan?
Hmm, somewhere by the barn.
You could have let her say goodbye.
I didn't plan it,
I just did it.
Seemed like the wrong thing to do,
consider the alternatives.
It's hard enough as it was.
You think she wants to come with me
when I break the news to Chaney.
Well, if I were you, I ask her.
When you've done and eat.
That's orders.
So, you're just gonna tell him that
Midnight up and took off
and you expect him to believe that?
More than I expect you to believe that
the horse and I have a heart-to-heart talk.
He decided he rather run away
than to live with Chaney.
Oh no...
Who's standing ther
right by your side,
Gets to get lost in your eyes,
Hold your hand,
Put a smile on your perfect face,
Who gets to carry you away,
every single day
When that picture
that you picture comes true,
I want to be in it with yyoouu.....
I want to be in it with yyoouu.....
I want to be in it with yyoouu.....
Every minute
I want to be in it with yyoouu.....
Okay, let's have a big hand
for Aaron Pritchett's band
and rocking start for today's big race.
Ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls, on your mark.
Vic Vickers here from
Tallahassee, Florida
to call the first annual Brett Chaney's
Chaney Bank Milner Classic.
Please, turn your attention to
the Chaney Bank mega-screen
Get ready in sets for a
good old country race.
This is a 3-mile course with
enough hazards and obstacles
to test the mental of the most
skilled horses and the riders.
And we are proud to welcome competitors
sequestering to win and all,
of all or some this way of horse
quest sample here today,
to inaugurate the first annual
Chaney Bank Milner Classic.
Nice try, darling,
but you can't do that.
I am the registered rider.
Actually, Mr. Shepard, anyone can ride.
You registered the horse.
No, it is too dangerous.
We won't allow it, absolutely not.
Ross, you go find your father.
Now! Go!
I'm racing him, Dad.
Midnight won't let
anything bad happen to me.
He's part of our family.
He saved you, Dad.
Dad, you have to talk to Jack Shepard.
There's a problem.
He broke his arm and Megan is
insisting that she rides in the race.
That could be a blessing.
What are you talking about?
I need you to ride our entry,
Steeler, in the race.
My jockey is no show.
Little creep called, he still in out route.
By the sound of his voice,
he's half-asleep or worse.
We have no one else, and
the race starts in less than 20 minutes.
I can't, I mean...
Why not, you're an excellent rider?
You're Chaney, Ross.
You can't back down when things get tough.
Brett, he doesn't want to race
against the Shepard girl.
Ride for the family name, Ross.
He'll take care of me.
I mean, if you don't believe me...
just ask him.
I'm holding you to that.
I think you just got your answer.
It's important, honey.
For all of us.
Someone has to ride Steeler,
otherwise we have to withdraw.
- Yes.
- Thank you, thank you.
I love you both.
We're gonna win this, Dad.
- Midnight's gonna win this.
- Well, Jack intents
to carry on his father's tradition by
trying to control an extraordinary
wild stallion named Midnight.
Number 2,
Martin Gainstamny rides Dixie Mae.
One more thing,
you get any ideas,
Chaneys don't lose.
And number one,...
our most prestigious entry
all the way from Chattanooga, Tennessee
Bixby Racing, the pride and joy: Steeler.
I must say, if this horse runs
anything like he looks,
well, he could be the one to beat.
Steeler will be ridden by
champion jockey...
Hold, hold on, hold on.
We have a rider change here.
Uh, Steeler made his mark
as undefeated wonder horse,
making it all the way
in the Kentucky Derby
where he made a stunning debut
racing half a length behind
the triple treat " In the Meadow ".
Okay, here is the update:
As a special note,
Brett Chaney doubles the prize money
just to be able to enter
a horse in his own race.
And if Steeler should win,
the prize money will be donated
to the charity Belinda Chaney founded,
"Women who served".
Well, with one exception,
all riders are on the starting line.
Any rider and horse
not in the position
by the one-minute mark
will be disqualified.
Some of you locals
might want to giving up
for your school-mate at Milner High
class President, Ross Chaney!
This young man following
the footsteps of his father will attempt
to further the Chaney legacy,
that has its mark on Milner.
Oopsy-Doopsy, we have
gotten another rider shake up.
Milner's old Jack Shepard was
injured in the farm accident yesterday.
And his young daughter,
Megan Shepard, will take his place
to top the wild and the tiger stallion
they call Midnight.
That is one magnificent horse
that looks like he may be missing
the wide open wilderness
that he knew note...
Let's hope that it's not too much...
Hold on, hold on, cowgirl!
This could be good.
If she timed out,
it's forfeit.
I could win before the race even starts.
Right now, it looks like a toss-up
if whether she can get this
powerful beast settle in time.
And when you get the clock
with less than 30 seconds to go
this race can be over
for her before it starts.
But not today, my friends.
Megan Shepard has tamed the beast
and Midnight and his courageous
rider are officially in the race.
- Yeah.
- Yes.
Why didn't you tell me
you were riding Steeler on the race?
I didn't know.
My Dad's jockey bailed.
I was the only rider he had.
You won't lose, Megan.
I won't let that happen.
If you let me win, Ross,...
I'll never respect you
or speak to you again.
You sure don't make it easy.
Just keep it an honest race.
Riders, are ready to ride?
10. 9. 8. 7. 6.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
And they are...
Ah, almost.
Uh, looks like our little Cowgirl's still
having problem with that wild stallion.
While Steeler takes an impressive lead
as they thunder down the track.
Midnight looks like he doesn't know
whether he is coming or going.
- You can do it, Megan!
- But, wait.
Miss Shepard is taking control
and they're in the race.
Unfortunately, trailing far, far behind.
Return your attention to the big screen.
Steeler holds his lead as
they head down the wilding hairpin,
followed by Avalanche,
Dixie Mae and Mr. Swiftie.
Just in from main track official,
Mr. Pike Galianlance of...
- And all happen...
- Come on, baby!
Oh, look, who it is.
Megan and Midnight.
The two got the pack and
gaining on the leaders.
You go, girl.
As they approach one of
the most difficult challenges,
just look at Steeler turning the water
into string of beauty.
Flashing in second place is Dixie Mae,
with Mr. Swiftie on her tail.
Oh, look out. Rider down.
We got a wash-out.
So much for Positive Thinking and
its rider's all over tube.
Mr. Swiftie continues in third.
And here comes Megan on Midnight.
This girl is in it to win it.
Steeler and Dixie Mae clearing their
first jump with Mr. Swiftie gaining fast.
Hold on. Mr. Swiftie doesn't like
the look of that jump.
Let's see if he's gonna go for it or not.
And Mr. Swiftie says "no way."
And it looks like that rider
and horse are out of the race.
And here comes Midnight.
This kind of spirit is
what horseracing is all about.
Look at her glide over that jumping.
Not slowing as they race
toward the homefront.
They're out of the wood and
breaking for the finish line.
Steeler dominating and maintaining
the lead he has held from the start.
And tremendous showing,
closing the gap is non other than the girl,
who is earning a place in our hearts,
Megan Shepard on Midnight.
Here they come.
Ross Chaney rides Steeler
to their first place finish
for heat number one.
And here is our gal,
come all the way to 4th position.
Let's have a big round
of applause for Midnight.
and the "no-stopping-me-now"
splitfire Megan Shepard.
Heat number 2 will start
in five minutes.
We really have a bad start.
Nothing to be sorry about.
It's not how you start,
it's how you finish.
So, you just take care of yourself, okay?
We're ready.
Horses are on the line,
and riders are in the saddles,
let's get ready to race.
It's the second heat.
Starting gun is up.
Riders steady in your mark.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1...
And now.
No waiting for Midnight this time.
Not by a long shot.
Oh, ouch!
All on the water hazard for nothing folks.
And that cowboy is going home
as Midnight dances its way
across the water in the third place.
Is that all you've got?
You say "when".
I am not even in high gear yet.
You mean like this?
And there they come first
out of the woods.
It's Steeler and Midnight.
Steeler and Midnight!
Talk about a comeback.
Miss Shepard not only
tamed the beast,
- she's riding him like a whirlwind.
- Come on, Megan!
This is gonna be a close one.
Midnight's gaining.
They're neck and neck.
They across the finish line...
And the second heat is first to leopard.
- Let's go, fast.
- What a race we have today, folks.
Who could imagine this?
- Are you okay?
- It was like we were one.
- He told me, Dad.
- I knew I couldn't count on you.
You do exactly what
I knew you would do.
What's that all about?
- Are you crazy?
- Crazy? How about stupid?
For thinking you'd hold up
your end of the deal.
- The race is not over.
- It is for you.
You can't do this.
This is my race.
I can do just about anything I want.
And right now,
I want Rico on Steeler.
What is going on?
Hey, I'm talking to you!
Who are you?
I don't like this, Jack.
It's my daughter up there.
I guess we know what
that means now, don't we?
You take care of her.
We're good.
Attention! If anyone needs
their business takien care of,
now it's the time to get it done.
The third and final heat
will start in two minutes.
Here's a shocker.
The internationally racing champion,
Rico Martinez will replace Ross Chaney
as the rider of Steeler.
Let's have a big hand for young Ross!
Martinez has raced in Pimlico,
Belmont and Churchill Downs.
that's right.
Home of the Kentucky Derby.
Your father and I want
you here with us.
We are a family, Ross.
The community needs to see that.
That's not the real reason, at all.
Tell me the real reason.
She's the real reason.
You don't want me with her.
We want what's best for you, Ross.
What about what I want?
There're better choices, Ross.
People need to see you have
a good taste and judgment
and who you spend your time with, Ross.
It reflect on us.
If you worry
what people think,
then you never should hire
that professional Jockey.
But worse, when you...
when you couldn't buy Midnight,
you bring in Steeler and
a professional racehorse.
And you put the Shepards
ranch up for sale early
because you knew that
they were gonna lose.
That is cheating, Dad!
- Cheating is a harsh word, Ross...
- OK, Brett.
- I'm sure he didn't mean...
- No, I meant exactly what I said, Mum.
And I don't want to be like Dad.
Well, you seem to prefer
the Shepard company do ours.
They care about people
and animals.
And I care about what
happened to them.
You don't know anything
about caring, Dad.
It's not something you can buy.
It looks like being a pro like Martinez
has been a game changer here today
as Dixie Mae has suddenly
dropped out of the race.
Even Midnight senses
the stakes have changed.
But, looks like Milner's own
Megan Shepard is not...
Horses on the line.
We're ready for the third heat.
It's virtually a 2-horse
one for the roses and
the 50,000 dollar perk.
3, 2, 1...
And now!
Steeler hopping in front of Midnight.
Holding on the wrong side.
Anyone thinking Rico Martinez was
gonna run away with this race,
better think again.
Midnight says, move over Steeler and
takes the lead on the onehorse bridge.
- Yes.
- Yes.
As they're heading the water hashish,
Rico getting back in the lead.
Come on Megan.
with Midnight on his tail.
It ain't over till it's over.
And Milner is not giving up
on their hometown girl.
And Midnight flies over the final jump
and they head from straight away.
Hey, what are you doing?
Stop hitting my horse!
And let go of my arm!
Come on, Midnight!
Go, Midnight!
I hear you!
I hear you!
Let's finish this thing.
I can hear the thundering homestead,
head out of the woods and
on to the home stretch.
Midnight in the lead.
Meaning, Midnight surging forward
to neck and neck. Neck and neck!
We got a full of pretty on our hands here.
No, wait. Midnight stuck in the middle
of the road as the roll down horse
pulling ahead of Steeler and
crossing the finish line first.
Midnight wins!
Megan Shepard has done it.
Taking that wild stallion, Midnight,
all the way to victory.
Got to be some mighty pround parents
in the stands right now.
Giving up for Milner's new shining star.
The winner of the first annual
Milner Classic, Megan Shepard!
These are for you Mum.
For believing in us.
Now, about that wish...
Did I just lose this battle also?
Oh, it's just about
a miracle, isn't it Jack?
- Do you know anything about this?
- No, nothing.
I hope we're not intruding.
You're not intruding.
Uh, what can we do for you?
Please, Jack.
Call me Brett.
Belinda and I figure we owe you
a Congratulations on your win.
I can't remember a race where
I have been more excited.
It was amazing.
I hope our son isn't,
well, not as welcome around here.
Oh, not at all, we like Ross.
This is Melvin Weigersdorf.
He is breeding scout. He saw the race
and he would like to speak to you.
Nothing changed.
Midnight is not for sale.
That's why you're here?
Well, Jack.
I'll let him tell you why. But,...
first I want to tell you that...
there will be no whips or mean of any kind
involved in my horse training in the future.
I've seen the result of
your talk-training with that...
Pharaoh stallion.
If you can do that with a wild animal,
We would sure be grateful for
lesson or two down the road.
Or you might get some tips from Ross.
He's picking up on it pretty good.
It's all about bonding.
I like to congratulate
you too, Mr. Shepard.
And I am not interested
in buying your horse.
But, I do think there is a good
business' sense, start up Midnight...
and I would like to be your agent.
I even have your first client line up.
My first client?
As a stud fee paying client?
Yes, sir.
That'll be Mr. Brett Chaney here.
He wants your stallion,
decides to start there.
For a healthy fee.
If you're game.
Oh, we're game.
You are all invited
to join us for lunch.
Well, unless you don't like barbecue.
Jack's thick, juicy steaks and
my homemade potato salad.
Well, I'm watching my figure, but...
it sounds too tasty to pass up.
We would love to join you.
Ross, come and help me get
some extra plates and things.
- Please.
- Thank You.
There's your miracle.
Brett, would you open this for me?