Midnighters (2017) Movie Script

Is this thing on?
Are we on?
Alright, alright!
Who's ready to par-tay?
Grab your honey pot closer
and get ready to give him
a big old New Year's
Eve smooch.
Here we go now, let's
all join in, on my mark!
Ten, nine
eight, seven, six
five, four, three,
two, one!
Happy New Year!
There you are.
You missed the countdown.
I heard it.
You left me hanging
in there.
I don't know how you stand
workin' with these people
So are you gonna pay
the mortgage?
Happy New Year, Jeff.
Come here.
This is our year, Linz.
We're gonna
make it happen.
That was our resolution
last year.
Trust me.
This is the one.
- The cops will be out.
- I got it.
Wait, don't we need
to pick up your sister?
When I dropped her off,
she said she'd get a ride.
I bet she will.
I didn't wanna tell you
before the party
but I caught her going
through our closet earlier.
She left most of her
clothes in New York.
She was weird about it.
That's just how she is.
Did you think
about the offer?
I'll be done by April.
It's been eight months.
I'm sick of living
in a construction zone.
I'm on top of it, Linz.
What are you doing?
- Nothing.
- Stop.
What happened to that girl
I fell in love with?
The one who knew
how to live a little.
Remember her?
Oh, my God.
What did you do?
Hey, hey, hey, hey.
Can you hear me, brother?
Can you hear me? Hey.
Call 9-1-1.
Will you grab your phone?
You're gonna be alright,
We got, we got people
coming for you.
We're gonna...
just hang in there, man.
There's no reception.
Okay. Okay.
Grab his legs.
We gotta take him
Okay, okay, I got him.
Open the door.
Use this.
Hey, hey. It's okay.
Oh, Jesus Christ,
he's seizing!
- What do I do?
- Talk to him!
Okay. Hey, hey.
Hey, man.
Don't go towards
the light. You got...
You got stuff to live for.
Lots of stuff, right?
Hey, hey, hey! Hey.
Hey, man?
Can you hear me, man?
He stopped breathing.
- Are you sure?
- I don't fucking know!
Check his pulse.
He's gone.
Okay. Um...
How much
did you have to drink?
I... I wasn't counting.
We could say
you were driving.
I had
three glasses of wine.
Left. Go left.
Go back to the house.
- The hospital's in the other direction!
- Just do it.
- Jeff, we can't...
- We can't stay here!
We're gonna take him in,
I promise. We just...
We need some place where... w...
where we can think about this, okay?
Figure things out.
There's nothing
that we could have done.
Two hours.
That's all we need.
- For what?
- Sober up.
Then we'll, we'll drop
him off at the ER
- and pretend like it just happened.
- Whoa, whoa, no, no, no.
- I don't think I can...
- I'll... I'll do the talking.
- Two hours?
- Yeah, that's it.
- Then we'll drop him off.
- Okay.
Why don't you,
why don't you change out
of that dress, yeah?
Lindsey, come here.
It's probably sitting
in the middle of the road.
- We have to call the police...
- I, I have to go back.
No, no, Jeff,
please don't leave me...
I'll be back
in ten minutes.
I'll be back
in ten minutes.
You'll be fine.
Close the door behind me.
Wait, your shirt!
Hand me the hoodie.
That felt good, thanks.
So are we going inside
or what?
And you were doing
so well.
A couple
good pick-up lines
a ride on the open road
not desperate,
but not aloof.
So what do you say?
A guy I knew used to say that
people are either wolves
or they're wolves
in sheep's clothing.
So which are you?
Happy New Year's.
Happy New Year.
Let me go!
My sister's calling
the police right now
my brother-in-law
is getting his gun.
I'm warning you.
This is your last chance.
What the fuck was that?
It came from the garage.
I thought it was you.
Hannah, whoa! Whoa!
- Let me go, let me go!
- Hannah, Hannah! Stop.
- Get away from me! Get off of me!
- It's us. It's me.
- Hannah, it's us.
- Get off of me!
- Hannah, Hannah, it's us.
- Get away from me!
It's me! Hannah, it's me.
we're not gonna hurt you.
Shut up. Shut up.
- Don't go in there, Jeff, don't...
- Shh.
Oh, my God, careful.
What did I do?
What did I do?
Hannah, I gotta
get your shoes off, okay?
They're gonna believe me...
Sweetie, we're not
calling the police.
Why not?
Jeff hit him.
It was an accident.
We were trying to help,
I know, sweetheart.
I'm gonna get you
in the shower, okay?
Come on, Hannah.
Come on. I got you.
What's the deal?
She took two Ambien.
When I went back...
...there was a police car
on the road.
- Near where we hit him.
- I'm calling Bob Graham.
A lawyer's more likely to
turn us in than help us.
This isn't "Goodfellas,"
If you make that call
what do you think
is gonna happen to me?
Or your sister?
You do
what you have to do
but I'm gonna go in there
and I'm gonna find out
who this guy is
before we do
something stupid.
Oh, God, please don't be
so rough with him.
Here we go.
That's... that's
our address.
He was on his way here.
Is there anything
you've done?
Any reason
you could think of...
...that would make someone
come after you?
Because if there is,
now would be...
- How can you even ask me that?
- You work at a bank!
- I'm a loan officer!
- So there's money!
You should have been
watching the road!
Forgive me for trying to spice
things up a little bit.
Maybe if you weren't
always at work
letting Crisco
walk all over you.
My job is the only thing
keeping us in this house.
- How do you think that makes me feel?
- You don't seem to mind.
Yeah, well
you don't seem to mind
sitting on your ass
all day.
If the cops
found the license plate
they could be here
any minute.
We're gonna make it
through this.
But I need you
to trust me.
- I can't. I can't.
- Yes, you can, yes, you can.
If the cops come, we're gonna
tell them that we hit a deer.
We have to do something
about this mess, though.
Back there.
We'll deal with it later.
Him. We'll deal
with him later.
- You know what
this reminds me of?
- What?
That shit-hole apartment
we had after college.
Cleaning it after
we moved in.
Those brushes
my mom gave us.
Trying not to gag
on the bleach.
- God, it was so damn hot...
- Shut up, Jeff.
What time is it?
Uh, almost 8:00, I think.
I could use a little
coffee, if you don't mind.
Good morning, officers.
Happy New Year, ma'am. Sorry
to bother you so early.
Oh, I'm an early riser.
I'm Officer Varone.
This is Officer Campbell.
Um, you're
Lindsey Pittman?
- Your husband, Jeff Pittman?
- That's right.
I wondered who bought the old
place after Miss Dainer passed.
It's a real fixer upper,
but we're getting there.
You out late last night,
Mrs. Pittman?
Not especially.
We had a work event.
Anything unusual happened
on the drive home?
No, not that
I can think of.
Did you or your husband have
anything to drink, ma'am?
- No, we don't drink and drive.
- Any car trouble?
Why would there be
car trouble?
- Oh, the doe!
- Pardon?
Th... the deer.
We hit a deer.
Oh, thank you.
It must have fallen off
during the accident.
Was it okay?
Yeah, well, no, the... the,
um, windshield's broken
and the bumper has, you
know, some dents in it.
I meant the deer. There was
some blood in the road.
Oh, poor little thing.
Uh, she twitched a couple
times and then ran off.
Can we see?
Well, she ran off,
like I said.
So there's no body here,
He meant the car.
Mrs. Pittman,
We'd like to see it.
Is there a problem?
No, we don't.
Just want to have a look
at your vehicle.
Hey, Linz, we're gonna
need some more bleach
to cover up
the rest of this...
Um, good morning,
- Morning.
- Morning.
These gentlemen
want to see the damage
from the deer we hit.
They found this.
Oh, yeah, the deer.
You know, what they say,
"You don't really hit a deer
the deer hits you."
Is that what they say?
It was a big sucker.
Must have been about a...
...four or five-pointer.
Wife said it was a doe.
Buck, fawn, doe.
Lindsey knows as much about
deer as I do about nail polish.
Oh, we're donating
some clothes to charity.
Is that so?
Good for you.
It is the season.
Can I offer you
some coffee?
No, thank you, ma'am.
Caffeine keeps me up.
How fast were you traveling
when you hit the animal?
About 35 miles per hour.
That's a 45 zone.
Can I ask
what this is all about?
Well, we got a lot
of calls last night.
More than usual.
Noise complaints,
people seeing things.
Even found a broken
down car on Route 4
about a mile from here.
Not far from
where you hit the deer.
Alternator was busted.
No registration.
Stolen plates and...
Like I said.
Strange night.
We heard some fireworks
at around 1:00.
We just assumed it was
some neighborhood kids.
Yeah, it happens
every year.
Well, you've got a problem, Mr.
What's that?
We see you driving around
with this
we're gonna
have to write you up.
Of course.
I'll get it fixed today.
It's a holiday.
Tomorrow then.
Well, thank you for stopping by.
Have a Happy New Year.
Lindsey, do you have
any more conditioner?
It's in the cabinet
next to the sink.
Were you in the car
as well, ma'am?
The car?
No, I was in the garage.
- That's where it happened.
- My sister...
Let her answer.
What exactly happened
in the garage?
I'm... I'm sorry,
I just woke up.
I'm a little confused.
What's going on?
Ten-four twenty-two
It's alright, ma'am.
Go back to sleep.
She's going through
a break up.
I think she had too much
to drink last night.
- And one more thing, Mrs. Pittman.
- Mm?
Tell your husband to open the garage.
Those fumes are toxic.
I will.
Thank you, officer.
Okay, they're gone.
- I didn't say anything.
- You said enough.
- I'm trying to protect us and you're screwing it up.
- Jeff...
How was I
supposed to know?
You're the one
who brought him here.
You pasted his brains
on the wall!
she's been through enough.
I thought you called them.
Lindsey, please tell him.
- I should turn you in. They'd probably thank me.
- Stop!
I'm so sorry.
This is all my fault.
- No, it's not.
- Oh, come on.
I didn't know
they'd come after me.
What did you say?
- I didn't mean to.
- I knew it.
- You have to believe me.
- I'll handle this.
Who's after you?
For the first three months
we dated
I thought he owned
a juice shop.
Some organic
vegan bullshit.
The man in the garage?
That's who
you ran away from?
No, I've never
seen him before.
- Then who is he?
- I don't know.
Richard, my boyfriend
his real business
was stocks.
They took money
from old people
and never actually
invested it anywhere.
They just kept it and
sent out fake statements
like, Bernie Madoff.
Like you're
a model citizen.
Why would Richard
come after you?
- He wouldn't.
- He's a criminal.
He wouldn't.
He's dead.
His partner killed him.
You told me you left
because he hurt you.
I was just scared
you wouldn't let me stay.
I don't know why they
sent that man after me.
What happened?
Richard was nervous
about a handoff.
I came home
one afternoon
and the whole apartment
had been ransacked.
There was blood
He told me that if
something happened to him
I should go
somewhere safe.
So I grabbed the bag
and I came here.
What bag?
What's this?
An Indian
good luck charm.
Richard was into
stuff like that.
He gave me this.
Says it kept him centered,
whatever that means.
It's a claim slip
from Crown Hill Lodge.
- Did you know about this?
- No, I swear.
Ronnie and Joan had
their anniversary there.
It's a bed and breakfast,
way out in the boonies.
- I'll go grab the keys.
- Let me go with you.
- Not a chance.
- I'm sorry.
Fine. What do you want me to tell
the cops if they show up again?
Or would you
rather handle that?
I meant to thank you
for the phone
and the boots.
It's been a long time since I had
a Christmas with a tree and all.
You know we have
something in common.
I doubt that.
We both know what it's like
to live in Lindsey's shadow.
We have an arctic blast
rolling in later tonight
dropping down
to the mid-teens and...
Good morning!
I guess it's afternoon.
You must be, uh,
Lindsey Pittman?
Can I help you?
Yes, I am Detective Smith.
Is your husband home
by any chance?
Uh, he had to run out.
Do you mind if I come in?
I, I got a couple
questions I gotta ask you.
I talked to your friends this morning.
I... I told them everything.
Oh, it shouldn't take
long at all, I promise.
Okay, what would you
like to know?
Okay, to be honest
I was kinda hoping for a cup
of coffee while we talk.
It's been a long night,
you know.
New Year's Eve
and all.
Should I say anything or should I
just slide it across the counter?
Let me have it, Jeff.
You don't think
I can handle it?
I know how to talk
to these people.
This is my fault.
Let me make it right.
We can tell her
it was you.
I'll even embellish
the story.
You'll be the big hero.
It is your fault.
Don't screw it up.
I'll be back before
you can count to three.
So don't you have more
important things to do?
Yeah, it's just
paperwork really.
want to make sure
we follow up
on every lead.
Lead? We hit a deer.
I meant incident report.
Gotta make sure the foot
soldiers didn't miss anything.
So you said
your husband is out?
Uh, he's running
an errand.
New Year's Day,
must be pretty urgent.
Odds and ends.
Uh, do you mind?
No, no, have at it.
Now, about the deer.
Oh, well, like we told
them this morning
it was a... a four
or five-point buck.
I guess it knocked
the license plate off.
Dulls the blades, right?
You should tell my sister.
I had the same problem
with my ex.
Lindsey... I'm sorry.
Do you mind
if I call you Lindsey?
Does your sister
live with you?
- Temporarily.
- Is she here right now?
She's with my husband, but
she wasn't in the car.
I was always jealous of families
that spent the holidays together.
Never happened with mine.
No, my, uh, dad walked
out when I was seven
and my mom drank herself to
death a few years later.
I'm sorry,
that's terrible.
Oh, no, no, no,
it was for the better.
What doesn't kill you
and all, right?
My partner says
I talk too much.
Probably true.
I think
the coffee's ready.
In my opinion, that's
nothing a little hair
of the dog can't fix.
Mm, that hits the spot.
Nice and strong.
Thank you, Lindsey.
Now where's the body?
It wasn't dead.
It limped into the woods.
One minute you're alive
and then, boom!
Dead as a doornail.
where's your partner?
He's running an errand.
You know, odds and ends.
Do you have any creamer?
What the...
I didn't open it.
Holy shit.
This is...
This is $50,000.
Fifty thousand
fucking dollars. Yes!
- Merry Christmas.
- Shit.
Lindsey barely makes
this much in a year.
And that's before taxes.
- I get it. I really do.
- No.
You really don't.
She wanted to go to
Cozumel for our honeymoon
but we ended up at some
Radisson in Daytona Beach.
The breakfast buffet
wasn't even included.
I mean, this...
This is the break
we've been waiting for.
We can...
We can finally
get our heads above water.
Even if that bag had
a million dollars
it wouldn't fix anything.
She has me on an allowance,
for Christ's sake.
It's still true.
Oh, no.
My ex used to cry
all the time.
It made me wanna
strangle her.
Thank you.
Look, I know
what you're thinking.
You're gonna hold out.
Not gonna talk.
Protect your family.
Blah, blah, blah.
It's all
very noble of you.
But I have to tell you
that now is not the time
for nobility.
Some people say
the blood tastes sour
like, aluminum.
That'd be the hemoglobin.
Well, it's actually the iron in the
hemoglobin to be more precise.
Some people say
it tastes sweet.
I bet that's the glucose.
Sweet versus sour.
Must be something genetic.
But I always wondered if somehow
it was connected to personalities.
Like, like an astrological
sign or something.
I'm a Scorpio, by the way.
My astrologist says that we like
to get to the bottom of things.
Which brings me
to my point.
I can do this all day.
I could.
But eventually your lips will
begin to flay and at some point
your teeth are just gonna
pop right through them
and, pardon the pun,
but I'm sure your
pretty smile's
a real asset at the bank.
Wouldn't wanna ruin that,
now would we?
Where's the body?
In the garage,
we hit him with the car
and then he attacked
my sister.
Please, you can have...
Shh... shh.
Oh, you must be
a Capricorn.
So honest and forthcoming.
There's a flip-side
to that, you know.
Yeah, Capricorns, they
get taken advantage of.
Long hours at the bank.
The boss copping a feel
when no one's looking.
And then it's home
to Jeff. Jeff.
Yeah, I read about his go in the
College World Series. Ouch.
Blowin' a lead in the bottom
of the ninth, that's rough.
Riddle me this, Lindsey
how does someone like you
a born go-getter
end up with a testosterone-filled
joker like him?
Gerome, he's my therapist
he would have a field
day dissecting you.
All your fantasies
about white picket fences
the prayers that Jeff
might turn a corner
the desperate desire to fix
your screwed up little sister?
The sad truth is
you'll always be trapped
by the same dysfunctional
relationships you try
so hard to escape.
The cat got your tongue?
I didn't hear a question.
Where did they go?
You know...
...she didn't tell me
she had a sister until
we'd been dating for, um...
...three months.
Is that supposed
to hurt my feelings?
It wasn't that
she was ashamed.
I don't know.
Maybe she was. You'd
just been out of juvie.
Just say whatever it is
you're trying to say.
I'm not sure what she'll do when
we tell her about the money.
I could ask nicely.
Pretty please
with a cherry on top?
I think this might be
too much for her.
You mean,
don't tell her?
I'd never do that
to Lindsey.
You passed the test.
She's under a lot
of pressure, is all.
Scorpio and Capricorn,
There is always a spark.
Do you feel it?
'Cause I sure do.
If you need anything,
just whistle.
In here.
Hey, Linz,
whose car is that?
You forgot to call.
We got it, hon.
50 grand.
Did you hear me?
I heard you.
What happened?
Come on.
He happened.
He showed up
right after you left...
...and he knows
everything about us.
What are you doing?
- Softening him up.
- Stop it.
Don't even look at her.
Go back to your room.
We'll handle this.
Ready to talk, asshole?
Who else knows
you're here?
It tastes sweet.
No, no, no, no.
Here's a thought.
Let me talk
to your sister.
You sent a man to kill her and
now you wanna talk to her?
Either we settle this like civilized
beings or someone else dies.
Maybe you, maybe me.
No offense, but she doesn't look
like the type to chop off my balls
and shove 'em down my
throat, now does she?
She might listen.
We'd be right here.
No, no. Alone.
Not a chance in hell.
Come on, slugger.
You don't want me to
tell her about the stash
of Asian schoolgirl porn
you got in the cabinet...
You're not getting
Come on.
It's like baseball,
Sometimes you gotta call
in the relief pitcher.
in the ninth inning.
If there's porn in there,
he planted it.
I don't care.
I'm gonna go get Hannah.
You're crazy to leave
her alone in there with him.
There's more to her
than you think.
He wants to talk to you.
- You don't have to...
- I said I'd do it.
Are you sure?
Do you know what it was
like after you left?
'Cause our mom had
bad boyfriends before.
I can't apologize
for leaving, Hannah.
I didn't ask you to.
I thought you were dead.
- There was so much blood.
- No.
It was not mine, babe.
Not mine.
I told you that we would
always be together.
Is that why you sent
that asshole after me?
I had to make sure
that you were safe.
I was worried sick
about you.
I missed my little,
Hannah banana.
I missed you too.
Cut me loose.
It's startin' to hurt.
You shouldn't have done
that to her.
Babe, for Christ's sake,
I asked her for creamer
and she came at me
with a butcher knife.
I would never hurt
your sister on purpose.
Did you get the money?
Hey, we're gonna go
to Europe.
See the pyramids.
You name it.
Just the two of us.
We can even split it
with them if you want.
Does anyone else know
you're here?
No, babe.
We got a one-way
ticket out.
When you disappeared...
...I realized how I felt.
I couldn't say it before
but... I love you.
I can't let you go
right now.
Just... just think
about this
for a goddamn second, okay?
Let me talk to them.
I'll convince them
you'll be good
to your word.
How did it go?
He said
he'll split it with us
if we let him go.
That's all he said?
I think he means it.
Look, we can't keep him
tied up forever.
How can you be so naive?
You wanna talk to me
about naive?
There is a dead man
in your garage
and a live one
in your basement
and you are sitting
there eating
a peanut butter
and jelly sandwich
dreaming about
an island vacation.
Fuck you, Jeff.
Fuck you
and your $50,000.
He's just trying
to keep us safe.
What is it?
It's okay.
You can tell me.
When we were in the car...
...he tried
to get me to say
that we didn't
find anything.
He wanted to hide
the money from you.
You must have misunderstood
what he meant.
I didn't, Lindsey.
He wouldn't.
You can't trust Jeff.
Wait here. I might need
you in a bit, okay?
She's lying.
you don't believe me?
I have to check something.
It's the same.
It reminds me that the
world is full of sheep.
- Keeps me centered.
- Shut up.
What, babe?
Hannah's boyfriend.
Richard, Smith,
it's the same guy!
- It's his money!
- Him?
Bottom of the ninth, Jeff.
Lot of pressure.
Don't blow it.
- You think that's funny?
- Stop!
He'll break.
He will.
But not like that.
Tape his mouth.
You ever chip a nail,
There are a lot of nerve
endings in the fingertips
women deal with it
all the time.
Although we have
a higher threshold
for pain than men.
Helps us with child birth.
It's genetic.
Right here.
Guess I'm
the relief pitcher.
That's three.
There are seven more.
Seventeen, if you wanna
press your luck.
When I take this tape off
I want you to start
at the beginning.
Do you understand me?
She hasn't changed
at all.
You still got me.
That's worth somethin'.
It'll be dark
in two hours.
I know.
Both bodies
will fit in the car.
We can't murder him, Jeff.
It's self defense.
Smith, Richard,
whoever the fuck
this guy is,
he's gonna be after us
as long as he's alive.
You know that.
What would we do after?
There's a dumpster
out on Route 4...
No, Jeff,
what would we do?
I go back
to the bank tomorrow
like nothing happened?
You keep dry-walling
and handing out resumes?
We'll pick up the pieces
and move on
like we always have.
Where has that gotten us?
I mean, look around, this
isn't what we planned.
You don't think
I know that?
It's just a bump
in the road, Lindsey.
Once we deal
with this mess...
...and once we deal
with your sister...
Whoa! What do you mean,
deal with my sister?
- She lied to you.
- He manipulated her.
Look, we just need her
out of the way
for a couple of hours
while we deal with this
little shit show of hers.
When this is all
settled down
we'll, um, use the money...
...to set her up someplace.
Get her back on her feet.
Do you mean that?
Do I have your word
she won't get hurt?
Scout's honor.
She betrayed you,
you know.
But she's family.
So am I.
It's time.
I always hated finance.
But you work in a bank.
Funny how life turns out.
- You kept it?
- Yeah.
All this shit over
one little piece of paper.
It just didn't feel right
to throw it away.
Let's go.
I fucked up.
I have to tell you
It's about Richard.
It's just he's the guy
in the basement.
I know.
You're not mad?
Do you love him?
I don't know.
It's gonna be alright.
Come on.
Let me go! Let me go!
Hannah, Listen to me.
Shh, shh, shh. It's me.
Look, whatever
they have in mind
isn't good
for either of us
so you gotta do
exactly what I say
and we'll get
out of this. Okay?
- Now, follow my voice.
- Okay.
And get as close
as possible.
You got it.
Straight back.
There you go.
What if she can't breathe?
You ever get
five minutes of peace
and quiet
when she's around?
She's got strong lungs.
I'm gonna get the gun
and a couple of pillows.
There you go.
One more, one more.
Okay, now try
to get onto your knees.
There you go.
Little bit more.
Listen to me, we are gonna
get through this, okay?
I need you to get
the wolf's head charm
from your bracelet.
It's sharp,
you can cut with that.
Got it.
Yeah, that's right,
227 Thayer Drive.
Please just come
as soon as you can.
What are you doin'?
Why two pillows?
The money's gone
and you have two pillows.
- Help me!
- Shh, shh, shh.
They could hear us.
Just give me
a second, okay?
Just like a Band-Aid.
Just like a big
fucking Band-Aid.
If the money's gone...
...your sister took it.
I asked you a question.
To muffle the shots.
Now, put the gun down.
Shots? Plural?
One person,
one shot, one pillow.
What do you think this is?
A goddamned fairy tale?
Wake up.
Hannah is not on our side.
This isn't about sides.
...that's exactly...
...what this is about.
No! No!
- Please, Richard, untie me!
- Hold on.
It hurts me, it really,
really hurts.
Shh, shh, shh.
Please let me go.
You know, I've gotten
a lot of ass
over the years...
...but yours was
definitely the sweetest.
Calm down, calm down,
calm down!
She's my sister.
I don't care.
I do.
Go to sleep.
We made a vow.
We can tell each
other anything.
You want her
out of your life.
So do I.
Brutal honesty, Linz.
That's what marriage is.
Goddamn it!
Please, Lindsey...
...don't make me
hurt you.
I love you too much.
You don't even know
what that means.
Yes, I do.
Everything I did,
I did for us.
Don't you
understand that?
You're out of your mind.
We're gonna
work this out...
...or die trying.
Hello, Lindsey.
You've got a lot
more fight
than your sister did.
I like that.
Scorpio and Capricorn,
Can you imagine if we met
when we were single?
Well, technically...
...I guess we are.
What do you say?
- Drop the gun! Do it now!
- Last chance!
All units, all units...
Mrs. Pittman, we're here.
Ma'am, I really think
it'd be best for you
to stay with
someone tonight.
I think right now
I just need to sleep
for a very long time.
Well, don't go too far.
We'll have more questions
for you when you're ready.
Of course.
Ma'am, this place is
miles away from anything.
Why here?
Because it's miles
away from anything.
You take care,
Mrs. Pittman.
I will.
That was a bad scene,
And all over 50 grand.
Think she'll be okay?
Yeah, I do.
She's a survivor.
Hey, let's hit
that diner over on 87
for some corned beef
and cabbage?
- Oh. No, no.
- It's a tradition.
Have at it.
I'll stick with a burger.
Happy New Year.
It's after midnight.
Now, weren't
you here earlier?
- That was my sister.
- Oh.
Oh, oh, yeah. Yeah.
The... the one
who... who got the bag
and put it back.
Said she'd come
get it tomorrow.
Uh, although, uh,
I guess that's today.
She's not coming back.