Midway to Heaven (2011) Movie Script

It seems like yesterday.
It's been three years.
To the day.
It's time for you to move ahead.
With what?
You're young, handsome,
If I were single I'd go
for you in a heartbeat.
In fact, I did.
That was a long time ago.
Things have changed
and I've changed.
Ned, I know you're trying
to ignore the situation...
I'm just tired of
women making overtures.
They must be desperate to
go for an old guy like me.
You're 43.
Yeah, but after 40 all
the decades run together.
What about Brenda Schofield?
Oh, you're kidding, right?
She's cute.
The only thing we
have in common is
that we're both mammals
and we walk upright.
Besides she reminds me
of my Great Aunt Violet.
Well, I think she's nice.
Ah, you never met my
Great Aunt Violet.
You're scared.
Spending the rest
of your life alone.
What about your jogging
partner Carol Holly?
Sounds like something you
sing at Christmas time.
Besides the woman's too forward.
I mean, I don't mind somebody
who's honest, but she's...
Well, sort of.
Well, she's not my type.
I think you like her.
This is fun.
Kate, don't do this.
Not here, not today, not now.
I'm happy with the way I am.
Liar. Look, if you're not going
to be honest then I'm
not going to talk to you.
Fine. Don't talk to me.
Thank you, for the flowers.
They didn't have your favorites,
so I got you these instead.
Ned and I lived with
our daughter, Liz,
in the quiet town of Midway.
Come on, buddy.
It's crisp and brilliantly
white in the winter,
breezy and brightly
colored in the spring,
warm and yellow in the summer.
But my favorite time of year
is the cool and vibrant fall
when the earth changes
its colors.
I met Ned in the third grade.
We passed love notes
back and forth
under the watchful
eye of Mrs. Reese.
I saved every one of them.
And there were junior high
dances, long walks home
after school, high school proms.
We married while in college.
Liz came along a year later.
Ned's career took
us to California.
He retired early and we
settled here in Midway.
A beautiful little town for
a beautiful little family.
History says the town got its
name because it was midway
between two settlements.
People here say it's because
it's Midway to Heaven.
Hey, you won a trip to Hawaii.
Ron, Ron, you are
now qualified, Dude.
You there, Ron?
Ron, yo, Ron.
I'm still here.
Ah, there you are, hey.
All right.
Sorry about that I had
the wrong button pushed.
Hey, Brother Stevens.
Hey, Scottie.
Working hard?
Yes, sir. Saving
up for my own bike.
Yeah, that ones kind of
embarrassing, isn't it?
Yeah, it's my little sisters.
Hey, you want to earn
some extra money?
How about mowing my
lawn on Saturdays.
Sounds great.
20 bucks?
How about 30?
You saving up for a mission?
No, I'm just a kid.
I'll tell you what I'll pay
you 35 if 10 of that goes
into a mission fund,
how does that sound?
Awesome. Sounds great.
All right, man.
Lock it up.
Thanks, Brother Stevens.
Hit the porch.
Hey, Buddy.
Out for your morning run.
Hey, Ned.
Hey, Carol.
Looks like you made it a little
farther up the hill today.
Yeah, with a little
help from my buddy.
How are you?
Ah, great.
Just been enjoying the
beautiful Midway sunsets
cuddled up with a good
book, some dark chocolate.
Yeah, me too.
That's what I've been doing,
catching up on my reading.
Except for the chocolate
part and the cuddling stuff.
So do you have a list or
do you choose as you go?
I have a list.
Maybe we should exchange
lists sometime.
I can bring mine over on
a tray with a casserole.
Let me know.
That's cute.
Come on Buddy.
How was your run?
It was good.
The usual.
Make it to the top?
One of these days.
Bump into Carol?
Every day.
She's a strange one.
I think she's smart, funny...
And blunt.
You seem worried.
Worried? Who's worried?
I'm not worried.
Well, I like her.
You would.
Hey, Lizzie.
Hey, Daddy.
Sorry to call so early, but...
Early. Are you kidding me?
I've already gone out
on my morning jog.
You know you could sleep
in once in a while.
Yeah, I tried that one time.
I didn't like it.
When are you coming home?
Tomorrow after a
couple of tests.
I just don't know
what time they are.
I have it written
down here somewhere.
Organization never was
your forte, was it?
Be quiet.
I look like a mess right now.
I should have never
cut my hair so short.
So would it be okay if... if I
brought a friend home with me?
Well, I was hoping that
we could just spend some
time alone.
Yeah, sure.
That's fine.
Thanks, Daddy.
Well, I'll see you, what?
5:30, 6, 6:30ish at the latest.
Yeah, which means 7ish at
the earliestish I know you.
I'll see you at 6ish.
Yeah, okay.
I love you.
And you are my idol.
My icon, the symbol of all
that is good in the world.
Yeah, not to mention the sole
source of all your income.
Yeah, especially that.
Bye. - Bye.
Did you really pull
another all nighter?
Here, I brought you
some nutrition.
Look at it.
It's like a bowl
full of vitamins.
So did you ask your dad
about bringing a friend home?
You're sure he's okay with it.
Cool. Today maybe you should
think about, I don't know,
taking a shower,
cleaning up a little bit.
You know, it wouldn't
hurt you to study.
Oh, that's still good though.
Hello. Hi.
Hey. How are you?
Look at you, looking good.
Oh, no, dad, my friend.
Dad, this is... oh
Dad... this is...
This is my friend, come on in.
This is my friend David
Markham and this is my dad.
It's a pleasure to
meet you, sir.
I like that view.
That is amazing.
Yeah, Dad and I like
to sit out on the deck.
It's always cool
out there at night.
Yeah, it's a perfect setting.
You must love it here.
Yeah, it's been comfortable.
Hey, you guys.
I made some dinner
reservations, but they're not
for a few more minutes.
Do you want to sit down
and we'll just talk.
So, David.
Yes, it's David.
Where you from?
Greenwich, Connecticut.
Do you know the Mitchells?
I went to high school
with a Melissa Mitchell.
Yeah, that's their little girl.
Do you know the parents?
David's actually a senior.
He's going to be
graduating this spring.
What are you studying?
I've got a double major
in history an philosophy.
Oh, that's too bad.
Not going to be able to
find a job with that.
Dad. David's actually planning
on going to medical school.
Is that right?
Yes. I'm thinking about
being a pediatrician.
You know, for the kids.
He's actually going
to Yale and Harvard
and Johns Hopkins
right after too.
Oh, stop.
So where did you say
we're having dinner?
I didn't.
Liz and I come here
all the time.
Yeah, everything on
the menu's amazing.
Yeah, it looks good.
And it's on me.
Oh, thank you Brother Stevens.
Call me Ned.
I will. Ned.
Welcome to the Snake
Creek Grill.
Can I get you something
to drink?
Just waters all around
would be great.
Thank you.
So how long have you
guys lived in Midway?
Since I was 10 when
Mom was diagnosed
with cancer Dad sold his
business to take care of her.
And came up here and he
built her her dream home.
She loved it.
So what business were you in?
Restructuring businesses mostly.
Dad's being modest.
He helps tons of businesses.
He even wrote a bunch of books.
Oh, no way.
I'd love to read one.
Really? - Yeah.
Have you had a chance to decide?
Yeah, yeah, we have.
May I have the blackened
chicken salad.
Oh, that's my favorite.
The salmon looks yummy.
I'll have the pork.
Okay. Okay.
Thank you.
So I finished that
marathon and just said I got
to start training for the next,
because I wanted
to improve my time.
And what was your time?
Well, for me it's
not about time,
but I did qualify for Boston.
So it is about time.
Well, not really.
It's more about the enjoyment.
So what does your dad do?
Oh, it's hard to say.
He's kind of got a lot
of irons in the fire.
What do you like to do?
That's my problem.
A jack of all trades
type of thing.
Master of none, huh?
No, he does everything well.
Oh, she exaggerates, but you
probably know that about her.
Yeah, I'm her dad.
No, really.
I mean, he was a sports
star in high school.
Choir, seminary, newspaper
staff, a mission to France.
Best 18 months of your life?
No, I served a full two.
You went two?
- Yeah.
Nice. That's great.
So, Liz, you moved here
when you were 10 you said?
Yeah. When we moved here Mom
was... she was pretty sick.
You know, she was going through
chemo and radiation treatments.
That must have been
really difficult for you.
Yeah. You know, she went into
remission a couple of times,
but you could see what
was happening to her.
Just didn't want to accept it.
Especially me.
I was a teenager.
I needed my mom.
I remember the night of my
junior prom she was so excited.
Can we talk about
something different?
No, no.
I want to tell David.
We picked out... we picked
out this gorgeous dress,
and on the night of the
dance all she wanted
to do was see me with my date.
She couldn't get out of bed.
I never made it to the dance.
She didn't last very
much longer after that.
If you'll excuse me.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I just need a
minute, that's all.
Why does Liz have to tell him
all about our personal life?
She likes him.
I can see that.
I can also see right
through him.
Well, come on, Kate.
This kid's too perfect.
I mean, he's too
good to be true.
No, he's just got it together.
Sure he does.
Star athlete, debate
team, pediatrician.
Just wait until some kid pukes
on his perfect little shoes.
I don't see the problem.
It's all this pretending
to be humble.
I mean, he's got it
down to an art form.
I think he's the real thing.
Come on, Kate.
This kid is slick.
He is... he's so slick.
He won't tell me what his
father does for a living.
He's being evasive.
He's like one of those
guys that when you...
That when you see them you
know right away that...
Saw the storm last
night too, huh?
Hey, take care of yourself.
Feel better?
All right you guys, good night.
Liz, I want you in the
guest room next to my room.
David, there's a
storage room downstairs
in the... I'm kidding.
There's a bedroom
down in the basement.
Well, it's still early
I think we're going
to go downstairs
and watch a movie.
All right.
Well, just don't stay
up too late, okay?
Yeah, no problem, Ned.
Come on, David.
On the way.
So what are we watching?
How about something romantic.
I can make some popcorn.
What do you think's
going on down there?
Do you think we should go check?
Yeah, I think so too.
Come on.
Come on Buddy.
Are you ready to
go get him, boy?
Oh, that got you.
That got all over.
Good boy.
Harold. This is Ned Stevens.
Look, I know it's
late, but I've got kind
of a situation going
on over here.
Do you know the Markham family?
Yeah, Gilbert Markham.
Does he have a son named David?
Yeah. What's the emergency, Ned?
Well, their son David is
dating my daughter Liz
and I'm just not too
sure about the guy.
Is this a prank phone call?
No, no, no, no, no.
It's just that he seems like one
of those kids who's, you know,
pure as the driven snow and then
he turns about to be somebody...
Ned, if I thought I could get
him to date my Abby I'd...
I'd fight you in a duel.
Okay. Well, thanks
I appreciate it.
Ned, has anyone talked to you
about the grieving process?
I'm fine. Good night.
What's up Dad?
What are you doing?
Well, I was trying to
get this speaker to work.
Where's David?
- I don't know.
I think he's downstairs.
I have a surprise for you.
I cannot handle any
more surprises.
Okay. Come on, Dad, just
give me five minutes.
Okay. - Just five minutes.
Five minutes.
- Okay.
What is this?
I sort of signed you up
on a dating web site.
Sort of?
Did you have to pay for this?
No, you did.
Okay, before you freak out
you promised me five minutes.
Here's all the women
who checked you out.
Checked me out?
What am I a library book?
Dad. Totally Awesome.
Oh, 68 years old.
That is an old picture.
She's cute.
No, she has cats.
- She's...
Cats. - Okay.
Jello Hello.
I like her.
- Next.
Too Much Love to Give.
Oh, step away from the cake.
Yeah, moving on.
One Hot Jogger.
You set me up didn't you?
You like this one?
I'm not going out
with Carol Holly.
You know her?
- He does.
Will you mind your own business.
Dad. - Sorry.
How well do you know her.
They're jogging buddies.
Please be quiet.
I think I hit a nerve.
You did not hit a nerve.
Well, do you know
where she lives?
About three blocks from here.
Does she have cats?
I don't know.
I don't know.
We jog on the same trail.
That's all.
Dad, she is gorgeous.
I mean, athletic,
interior designer.
Your five minutes are up.
I just think it's time you
thought about dating again.
I date a ton right now.
So this was your big surprise?
One Hot Jogger.
Well, at least you didn't
come out here to tell me
that you were marrying Davy.
David. - Whatever.
Deck the halls with Carol
Holly, fa la la la la la.
Hey, look.
Why don't you go grab David
and we'll head into town,
grab some food for dinner.
Well, I think... no,
I think we're going
to stay here and study.
Study? - Yeah.
Who are you and what have
you done with my daughter?
No, just come on you
guys take a break.
Let's go.
She is one hot jogger.
She's smart and educated.
Kate, I know.
All right.
Here's what I'm thinking,
grab a couple of steaks,
take them back, we'll
stick them on the grill,
douse them in my sauce,
grab some potatoes...
Dad... - Boom, nuke them.
What? - David doesn't
eat red meat.
Really? - I do a
little sometimes.
What is this medical or mental?
No, you know, if we
just do a chicken breast
on with the steaks
I'd be in heaven.
What guy doesn't
love a big fat steak?
You know, practically raw
with the juices dripping off.
Hey, you know what we could do,
sometimes on Sundays my mom
gets a turkey, puts it in one
of those plastic bags.
Super easy and comes
out nice and moist.
Oh, she has this recipe
for stuffing that is
so delicious we actually
say prayer after we eat it.
Dad, doesn't that
sound like a good idea?
I mean, besides turkey
is so much better for you
and that stuffing
sounds awesome.
Yeah, we can make
sandwiches with the leftovers.
So let's grab a big turkey.
Are you sure?
Yeah, we'll just find the
fattest turkey here you know
and stuff it.
Dad. - I'm sorry.
Did we hurt your feelings?
No, you know, one man's meat
is another man's poison, right?
Look, we'll just find a big
fat turkey, we'll bag it,
roast it, stuff it
and then we'll fall
down on our knees
and praise again.
Don't worry about him.
He gets like this sometimes.
Let's just call your mom and
see what we need for stuffing.
That was a verbal
tantrum you just threw all
because they wanted a
turkey instead of a bunch
of five pound sirloin.
What are you talking about?
I got a turkey didn't I.
I'm saying I like David.
The more I see the more I like,
but you won't give him a chance.
Well, Dudley Do-Right prays
before and after his meals.
He loves her.
Who wouldn't.
I mean, that's not
an accomplishment.
What I want to see is a sign
that this guy's normal,
you know?
What are you looking at?
Hey, Ned.
My mom's on the phone
she wants to say hi.
Oh, great.
No, my dad has officially
gone crazy.
That's a lot of filling.
I guess I know what we're
having for dessert Sunday.
Ned, are you making some pies?
Yup. - Is that...
Yup. - Oh, my gosh.
That's the lady from
the website.
She's... she's beautiful.
We can use the pie filling
for cakes, for pancakes,
funnel cakes, there's all
kinds of things I'm going
to use this pie filling for.
I'm excited actually.
Ned. I think you've
really topped yourself.
You're right.
I behaved miserably.
In fact, you know what?
I'm going to make it up to him.
Really? - Yup, I'm going
to buy humility boy a one way
ticket back to Connecticut,
and he can take his stupid
stuffed turkey with him.
And the pie filling?
Stuffed with pie
filling, that's right.
Hey, Carol.
Ned here.
Ned Stevens?
Yeah. I was wondering if
you wanted to get together
and start a book club.
By any chance am I the
first person you called?
Actually you were
the last person
on my list I just happened
to pick it up upside down.
Cute. So tell me, Ned.
Do you like me?
I like you.
Do you like me?
What are we in the third grade?
No, but I'm pushing 40
in case you're wondering
and I'm done with
subtly and indirectness.
That's cool.
I was married to a
man who's now married
to his former secretary.
I'm sorry.
Am I giving you too
much information?
No, no, that's fine.
It's just that since
then I've been
on this dating roller
coaster so if I tend to cut
to the chase you
can understand why.
Ned, do you really want
to start a book club?
No. I hate those things.
Me too.
Look, can we start over?
Hi, Carol.
Hello, Ned.
I was wondering if you'd like
to get together sometime?
You mean like a date?
Yeah, you know, just
get together.
Nothing serious.
You know I really don't want
to date you for five years just
to find out this
was nothing serious.
That's fair.
How about one date
no strings attached.
I can do that.
This Friday?
Dinner and a movie?
How about just dinner?
I think I'd like to have some
time to get better acquainted.
Sounds great.
So 6ish?
But I really did have my
heart set on a book club.
I'm sure you did, Ned.
All right.
Well, we'll see ya.
Hey, good morning.
Do you know what time it is?
Yeah, it's...
No, no.
Do you realize what time it is?
Well, I just thought
I'd get the turkey
in before we went to church.
David, church isn't for hours.
Yeah, well, I just thought
I'd get a head start.
David, do you feel like you
have to be perfect all the time?
I mean, don't you ever want to
be... I don't know... human?
I know what you're saying.
I know the impression
that I give,
but I got my share of problems.
Name one. Name one thing
that you're struggling with,
just one thing that you can't
do better than everybody else.
I'm forgetful Brother Stevens.
I told you to call me Ned.
There you go then.
Okay. I can't whistle.
Come on.
No, really I can't.
I just can't wrap
my head around it.
I can make the shape
and no sound comes out.
Well, a little bit of
air, but there's no tune.
Okay, fine.
I'm self centered
and I'm prideful.
I dwell on my weaknesses
and then I try to fix them,
and for some reason
that bothers people.
You're not alone.
There's a lot of people
that don't like me.
Look, I didn't say I
didn't like you, okay.
You know what?
Never mind me.
I'm cranky in the morning.
Sorry, man.
It's okay.
Hey, you know what?
I really think that we can get
to be good friends if we got
to know each other
a little better.
Ned, I love your daughter.
You know what?
What you're thinking right now
it's not a very good thought.
So don't think it.
Don't let it come out of your
head, keep it in your head
because what you're
thinking is not good.
Look, David, she's
too young, okay?
Maybe we should... don't.
I can... - I can't.
Hey, dad, what are
you doing in here?
I live here.
Let's go for a drive.
Okay. Well, let me just make
sure David has everything
he needs.
He's been working like a maniac.
Your maniac's just fine.
I am studying.
So what really happened
back at the house?
Well, David and I got
into a bit of an argument.
An argument?
Well, he didn't argue.
I did. He told me
that he loved you,
and before he could say anything
else I told him to stop.
Liz, how serious is
this thing getting?
I really like him.
That doesn't answer my question.
First tell me why this
is such a big deal?
Well, because top chef
back there just told me
that he wanted to marry you,
and you've never mentioned
his name to me before.
He really said he
wanted to marry me?
No, well, really
didn't say it per Se.
What did he say?
He was wearing an apron
at the time and, you know,
it just didn't seem right
to let him continue.
Dad, how could you not like him?
He's... - Perfect.
No, that's just it.
He's not perfect, but
he's wonderful and good.
Oh, I know he mentioned
all that.
He also apologized for
not being able to whistle.
But I'm sure he'll
have the figured
out by the time we get back.
This guy's not normal.
No, that's what I
thought at first.
I mean, he was way too sweet.
Well, sometimes your first
impressions are your right ones.
No, but he's a good person.
Don't forget, angelic, flawless,
impeccable, irreproachable...
Would it help if he
had a criminal record?
Probably I think, yeah.
His big fault is he's trying
hard to be a good person.
Little girls got to be
weary of that, right?
I mean, you'd immediately
dislike any guy I brought home,
wouldn't you?
Daddy, you know I love you.
And I'm not a little
girl any more.
You coming?
In a sec.
I went about this the
wrong way, didn't I?
You asking me?
I mean, David is
not such a bad guy.
He's so annoying and
completely wrong for Liz,
but he's an adequate guy
for someone else's daughter.
He's perfect for Liz.
I mean, it's natural for a
young girl to get blindsided
by somebody who's so
athletic, perfect, spiritual
and soon to be doctor.
She loves him.
What I have to do is
a little research.
I need to get passed
these surface feature
and probe the ugly
underbelly of the beast.
Perfectly natural thing
for a father to do, right?
Ned, what is going on?
I just can't rock
the boat right now.
I need to play it cool.
Bide my time until he slips up.
That's what I'm going to do.
Thank you.
Oh, hey, Liz, here's what I'm
thinking for your birthday.
Oh, you know what, dad,
that's actually something I
wanted to talk to you about.
Well, I was thinking about
my birthday and I really
like what the Markhams
do for birthdays.
Do for birthdays?
Yeah, you know...
You tell him, David.
Well, it's just something
we decided to do.
No, I know that, but
just... just tell him.
David talk to me.
Okay. We decided to
set a price limit
for the gifts this year.
Wow, that is really admirable.
No, dad, that's not the
most important part though.
Why would it be?
They also sing at
retirement homes
and volunteer at soup kitchens.
So much fun.
Dad, you cannot believe
what amazing singers all the
Markhams are.
- Yeah, I bet they're
like a regular Von Trapp
family, aren't you?
Well, I sing well.
Dad, don't you think
that's a good idea?
Yeah. No, what I'm
thinking is maybe we do one
of our old fashion
overpriced self indulgent
hedonistic birthdays.
You know, the kind that we love.
Yeah, I have everything
that I need though,
but I'm sure there's a family at
church that can use some things.
You know what, Liz?
Everybody's different.
I say that if your dad wants
to give you something
this year you let him.
David, that's great.
Seriously thank you.
Your welcome.
Yeah. Hey, why don't I
meet you guys back here
in about two hours, okay?
Okay. - Yeah.
Okay. We'll see ya.
You know, Kate, if I work
on that boy I bet I can
find a chink in his Armour.
And wouldn't that make
you proud of yourself.
How can I help you, honey.
My daughter came in
here a few minutes ago.
Where is she?
- I have no idea.
Hey, hold on.
Hold on honey.
Hey, you know what,
don't call me honey.
My daughter's not
even 21 years old.
She shouldn't be in a lousy
place like this, all right?
No offense.
Listen daddy, if she's under
21 then she's got a fake ID...
You know what my daughter has
never had a drink in her life.
And she certainly
doesn't have a fake ID.
Liz. Elizabeth Katherine
David and Liz.
Liz? Who are you?
Just going around and making
sure everyone's got everything
they need.
You guys good?
A couple drinks would be good.
Good. What are you
guys drinking?
Beer. - I'll have whatever.
I need to get a couple of
ginger ales for a couple
of my friends down
there at the corner.
Hey, wait a second.
Isn't that your...
I don't... all right.
This is... I apologize
more of a family matter.
Well, why don't you
tell me about it
and maybe I can help
you sort it out.
Dad, what's going on?
Is this man your father?
You know I'm beginning
to wonder.
Okay. Here's the deal.
I thought she and this young
man were going into the bar
and she's not even
21 years old yet.
That's when you decided
to just start yelling.
No, I... let me explain.
Okay, yeah.
Please do.
I don't know.
You know, let me call you back.
I'm sorry.
Where's David?
He went back to his apartment.
He didn't have to do that.
Yeah, he did.
In fact, I wish I
hadn't brought him.
What's going on?
What are you talking about?
Dad, I know you better
than anyone.
You know, Mom's been
gone three years
and you're still talking to her.
I just think you need
someone in your life.
You know, get acquainted
with some women.
Go out once in a while.
That refrigerator is
filled with casseroles
that have marriage
proposals attached to them.
So, maybe you should
think about it.
No, you know, it's
not even that.
It's I thought I'd
have more time.
For what?
Not time for, time with you.
Yeah. You know, I finally felt
like I was starting to deal
with your mother's death.
Dad, you weren't dealing with it
and you're still talking to her.
Yeah, but still, I
mean, I was comfortable.
Then you changed all the rules.
See, I thought you were
coming home with a girlfriend,
and then I see captain flawless
standing there in the doorway,
and I knew that everything
was going to be different.
I resented that and him.
See, I thought I'd have you
for another five or six years.
You know, you graduate
from college,
get your master's
degree, go on a mission.
You know, we talked
about all that stuff.
Those were the rules.
Well, yeah, I guess
the rules changed.
But I think I'm falling in love.
Wasn't that one of your rules?
Yes, but not this fast.
You're supposed to wait.
I guess life isn't
always predictable.
I guess not.
You know, I really think
Mom would like David.
She doesn't I asked her.
Welcome to Ripple's.
Oh, hey, Mr. Stevens.
Can I take your order.
Yeah, can I get a grilled
You're absolutely right,
Buddy, scratch that.
Jonah, let me get a double
bacon cheeseburger, extra patty,
can I get some fries
and some onion rings
and a chocolate marshmallow
shake, super size that.
Anything else, Mr. Stevens?
Yeah, can I get two beef
patties for my date?
Trust me, she'll love it.
I believe that everything
happens for a reason.
We're not just
tossed by the wind
And left in the
hands of fate.
But sometimes life sends
a storm that's unexpected,
And we're forced to
face our deepest pain.
And when I feel the
heartache begin to pull me
Under I dig my heels in deep
and I fight to keep
my ground.
Still at times the hurt
inside grows stronger
And there's nothing I
can do but let it out.
So just let me cry.
I know it's hard to see,
but the pain I feel
isn't going away
Today, so just let me cry
until every tear has fallen.
Don't ask when
and don't ask why.
Just let me cry.
When I agreed that God could
put this heart inside me,
I understood that
there would be a chance
that it would break.
But I know he knows
exactly how I'm feeling,
And I know in time
he'll take the pain away.
But for now, just
let me cry.
I know it's hard to see, but
the pain I feel isn't going
Away today.
So just let me cry till
every tear has fallen.
Don't ask when
and don't ask why.
Just let me cry.
I have felt joy the kind that
makes my heart want to sing,
So my tears are
not a surrender.
I'll feel that way again.
But for now for
this moment
Just let me cry.
Hey, Carol.
Ned Stevens here.
I'm not very good at this.
I'm not even sure what
I'm supposed to say,
but I think I was a bit
premature in asking you out.
There's still a lot
going on right now.
Plus there's, you know,
some other things anyway.
You know, you might think
about getting rid of that DVD.
Or at least put it
high enough on a shelf
that you can't reach
for it every time you
overload on junk food.
I don't really want to
talk about this right now.
What's wrong with now?
I'm a little bit confused.
Maybe I can help.
I don't think so.
Is it Carol?
You didn't even give
her a chance, did you?
I'm afraid.
Falling in love again.
Afraid that you might
be really happy
for the rest of your life?
You're my wife, Kate.
And another woman
changes everything.
You're trying to hold onto
something you can't have.
I never thought you
would leave me.
I didn't leave you.
I died.
Tell Liz you love
her no matter what.
And don't push Carol
out of your life.
What if one day a
whole day goes by
and I don't think
of you, not once?
You're better at
this than I am, Kate.
Not really.
Night Daddy.
Love you.
Night, baby.
Hey, Carol.
Ned Stevens here.
I'm not very good at this,
not even sure what
I'm supposed to say.
But, I think I was a bit
premature in asking you out.
Still a lot going on right now.
Plus there...
Hey, Ned.
How's it going?
Good. You, Len?
Oh, fine.
Kind of funny though
last week I had a couple
of strange phone
calls and I wonder
if you knew anything about them.
Yeah, a bishop from
BYU called saying
that somebody had called
him wanting information
about one of his ward members.
Then after I got a call
from campus police...
What does this have
to do with me, Len?
Well, both of them
said that the guy
who had called them was
Bishop Nelson from Midway.
Huh. I'm Bishop Nelson.
Yes, you are.
I didn't call them.
You didn't?
Ned, you know caller ID?
Then I'm pretty sure
it's a Federal offense
to impersonate an
ecclesiastical leader.
Yeah, probably is.
So who's David Markham?
It's this kid who's dating Liz.
I just wanted to do some
research that's all.
Well, have you ever met a kid
who just throws off glitter
when he smiles and
you know that he's...
He's not everything
you think he is.
But have you ever met a father
who thought nobody was good
enough for his daughter?
Yeah, but...
Okay. So you don't like
the Markham guy, huh?
No. No, no.
- Why?
I don't know, but
I'm working on it.
Liz like him?
Oh, she's crazy about him.
Maybe that's the problem.
Not my problem.
So, Len, I'm sorry
about the phone calls.
Forget it Ned.
Of course.
Oh, hey.
Ned. - Carol.
Hi. How are things?
Things are good.
Listen, Ned if you don't
want to go out with me...
No, no about that message
that I left the other day...
Yeah, it just it was
a little unexpected.
Yeah, sorry.
I'm just going through
some things right now.
Well, we all are.
It's not you.
It's me.
It must be me.
It's not you at all, Carol.
It's got to me.
- I insist it's me.
Me. - Me.
Ned, you're right.
It is you.
What's going on?
Ready to go?
Thank you, Susan.
You've been a lot of help.
I appreciate it.
And you're positive you've got
no record of a David Markham?
No, that's M-a-r-k-h-a-m,
you're sure?
Okay, no, no problem at all.
Thank you very much.
It's exactly what I thought.
And you have a good
day too, okay.
You know some day Liz is
going to thank me for this.
I think this is going
to be a bad scene.
Better now then later
though, right?
Hey Lizzy.
Hey, Dad. This is a surprise.
Yeah, I need to talk to you.
Yeah, what's up.
Are you okay?
Actually I've never felt better.
All right.
Well, I've been doing
some checking this week
and I know you think David
is a really good guy,
but and anything
I've done I've done
because you are my only
daughter and I love you.
But I don't want you to
have a life full of grief
and your husband in jail.
What are you talking about?
David is not who he seems.
You know, why don't you
just tell me what you need
to tell me.
Okay. I'm going to
rip the band aid off.
You know how you said David
got into medical school?
Well, I checked.
Yeah, I called David's
supposed medical school.
Well, I wanted to see
if he really got in.
Why would he lie about that?
Because he wants
you to marry him.
Dad, that's... -
No, you know what,
the school's never
even heard of him.
Well, how did you
get this information?
Well, because I called
the school and I told them
that I was his dad and...
Oh, so you lied to them.
That's not the issue.
The issue is that Harvard has
never heard of David Markham.
That's because you
called the wrong school.
He's going to Yale.
Hello. Well, hey, Ned.
How are you doing?
Hey, honey.
Our a cappella group
just finished singing
at the retirement home.
Really which one?
If I called that
retirement home would they...
Dad. - No, seriously, David.
Where were you really?
We were at a retirement
home, Ned.
Is that okay with you?
Now I'm going to ask Liz if
she wants to go with me to sing
at a hospital, but maybe
that isn't such a good idea.
No, it's a great idea.
David, I love to sing.
You know what, Ned?
I am sick of you jumping on my
case every chance that you get.
I don't know what
you're talking about.
Yeah, you do.
You know exactly what
I'm talking about.
You've got problems, okay.
You know what, just
go home, Dad.
Fine. You know what?
David, while you're
at the hospital why
don't you just swing
by the lab
cure diabetes.
Hey, Lizzy.
How was the hospital.
What are you doing, dad?
Nothing. I'm watching TV.
No, what are you doing to me?
You know what?
David's a wonderful guy,
but you're in the way
and I really don't...
I don't understand why.
If you're afraid of losing
me you need to get over it.
You and David barely
even know...
Dad, don't.
Don't make me choose
between the two of you.
I'm sorry mom's dead and I'm
sorry you're alone, but...
But that's not my fault.
And I can't fix it.
Liz is right.
I knew you'd side with her.
They're just kids.
You will lose your daughter.
I'm not going to lose Liz.
I think you just did.
Well, that's not...
That's a woman telling her
father to stay out of her life.
I'll go talk to her.
What are you going to say?
I don't know.
Tread lightly.
Thin ice.
Wish me luck.
Just go.
Hey, it's Liz.
Leave a message.
Hey, Lizzy, it's dad.
When you get this
give me a call, okay.
Oh, hey, what's up?
Hey, Amber, is Liz
here by chance?
No, I haven't seen her.
Do you know where
she is by chance?
At David's I guess.
Great. Where does he live?
Hey, it's Liz.
Leave a message.
If you're father
can't accept me,
then I don't know maybe this
whole thing is just a bad idea.
This is over a bad idea now?
Your father's crazy.
Just leave... leave
him out of this.
How can I?
You have no idea what
he's going through.
I didn't sign up for this, Liz.
No? What did you sign up for?
Hey, Lizzy.
What's going on?
I don't know.
I mean, David's in love with me.
Yeah, I know.
I know.
Honey, don't let my
temporary insanity come
between you two.
You really mean that, Daddy?
Yeah. I just got to get my
head on straight, you know,
do some restructuring,
that's all.
I'll come up.
That's okay.
But first I just want
you to know I'm sorry
and that I love you
Elizabeth Katherine Stevens.
And I love you Edmund Stevens.
You know you're funny.
Yeah, and I'm cute.
Yes, you are.
I think there's hope
for you yet.
So I'm not a total loss?
Not yet.
I know what you're getting at
and I'm just going
to need a day or two.
Carol won't wait around forever.
Thank you.
Do you think this
is easy for me?
It's not. Not at all.
You didn't bring a casserole?
- No.
Jewelry? - What?
Just making sure
you're paying attention.
Flowers are nice.
Can I come in?
Maybe. What's up?
My date will be here any minute.
Oh, really?
No. That was a joke.
So dinner.
Wow, an actual date
with Ned Stevens.
I'd say please, but it would
sound like I was begging.
Oh, we wouldn't want that.
- No.
No. How about one date
no strings attached.
I can do that.
And after the message you
left me it's going to have
to be somewhere really nice.
Can I choose?
- Yes.
The Tree Room and I like steak.
And lobster.
- Fine.
Let's go.
Right now?
Yeah. I've had the longest
day at work and I'm starving.
Yeah, all right.
Let's go. I'll drive.
So who are you rooting
for in the Super Bowl?
No, thank you.
I'm kinda full.
Ned, as you know.
I'm in love with your daughter.
Yeah, I know.
You can marry her.
And I haven't had a
lot of girlfriends.
I don't know why.
It just never appealed to me.
I've had lots of girls
that were friends.
It just never has gone
to that next level.
Just wasn't right.
That's great.
You can marry her.
I think that if you're living
your life right and you meet
that right girl then you know.
And I met Liz and I knew and
I just wouldn't feel good
if I asked her to marry me
and you didn't feel
good about it too.
So I'm willing...
you can marry Liz.
Thank you, Daddy.
I love you.
That was easy.
So when are you guys
thinking of doing this?
We want to do it
around Christmas time.
You know, we were
thinking Manti.
Say something nice.
Make him feel good about this.
All right.
- Okay.
All right.
Despite my best efforts,
Liz seems to be madly
in love with you.
Yes, I am.
And that's good enough for me.
David, you're not who
I imagined for Liz.
You're actually a lot better.
Thanks, Ned.
Nicely done, Ned.
Good for you.
Thank you.
All right.
Well, I've got a lot to do...
Okay. I'm sorry.
So are we engaged?
Yeah. Liz, pay attention
we're moving quick here.
So shouldn't we kiss?
I'm going to go.
I think so.
Liz and David are
heading back to school.
I'll bet you didn't tell
them you were coming
over here, did you?
What am I your secret woman?
No. Hey, hold on.
Liz is calling.
Hey, Lizzy.
Dad, I'm so glad I caught you.
What's up?
Okay. So we were almost
to the mouth of the canyon
when this car it drove right
into the river and, well,
David he jumps in and saves
this woman and seven kids.
Are you kidding me?
Yes, I am, but you
totally believed me.
No, we just ran over
something and got a flat tire.
And well, David doesn't
have a jack.
I could just smack him.
No, I know that feeling.
We're at junction 27.
Can you help us?
Yeah, I'll be right down.
Bye. Hey, Carol?
- Yeah.
Liz and David just got a flat
tire so I'm going to go help.
Oh, I'll go with you.
That's all right.
Just stay there and
watch the roast.
Ned, if you apologize right
now I might still go with you.
My apologies.
Ned? - Yeah.
Are you thinking about
kissing me tonight?
No, it's the Sabbath.
But it's not Fast Sunday.
Okay. That's cute.
I'll see you in five.
If you want to stay
in the car... okay.
Hey, Liz. - Hi, Carol.
I'm Carol Holly.
- Yes, I know.
You must be David.
- Yes, I am.
Hey, David come see
if the jack...
So are you two hanging out or?
A little.
Are you dating?
Well, I wouldn't... - Yes.
Yes. - Oh, really?
We are.
David, we need to get
the tire off... let's...
We should work on the...
Then she came running into
the room and she said, Dad,
what do you get when you
cross the Atlantic Ocean
with the Titanic?
I said what?
And she said about halfway.
Yeah, and then she asked
me what the Titanic was.
How old was she?
Oh, I don't know, four maybe.
That is so funny.
Yeah, it's a great memory.
Oh, how cute.
Hey, does sitting here with me
make you feel uncomfortable?
No. Maybe a little sometimes.
It's different for me.
Brian just left one day.
I came home and there
was a note on the fridge.
Wow. Was he having an affair?
No. I don't know.
I think the real reason he left
is because I can't have kids.
Oh, I was wondering.
You didn't say anything so.
It's not really something
that I like to talk about.
Did you guys ever
think of adoption.
He didn't want to.
Something about having his own.
Oh. Did he ever get his own.
Three. We don't stay in touch.
So how were you and Kate?
How were we?
We were...
Pretty close, yeah.
You'll always love Kate.
That's one of the things
I really like about you.
What else do you like about me?
Well, you're tall, you've
got beautiful blue eyes,
you've got a great smile.
You've got an all
right sense of humor.
Yeah, it kicks in.
Plus I love your
gospel doctor in class.
Thank you and I hear you're
a killer Visiting Teacher.
I am actually.
You know I visit
Brenda Schofield
so if you need me to lend you...
No, I don't want that.
Besides I think I'm already
seeing somebody else.
So tell me about her.
Oh, she's... she's
beautiful, independent, strong,
doesn't have any cats.
Lucky girl.
Is that because of
me or the cats?
Both. But mainly you.
You think so?
You told me once that you
didn't want to date me
until I was ready
to get serious.
I remember.
How serious do you
want me to be?
Pretty serious.
But how about that guy that I
see you walking around with?
What about him?
Won't he be you know...
Be jealous?
- Jealous, me?
Are you jealous?
No, I'm not jealous.
You're kind of a little jealous.
I'm not.
Ned, he's my cousin.
Really, okay.
We just hang out
every now and then.
Okay. That's fine.
I don't care.
So Ned do you like me?
Do you want to watch that
movie that we rented?
Which one was it?
Sleepless in Seattle.
Oh, fun.
A romance.
Can you handle it?
Yeah. - Really?
It's got Meg Ryan in it.
I don't want to
let this go.
I don't want to
waste one minute more.
When you need to know I'm
falling, I'm falling fast.
I can't stop myself, there's
no one else I'm falling,
I'm falling.
There it is I said it
and every word is true.
I'm scared, but I
don't regret it, no.
All I want is you.
What am I supposed to do?
I'm falling.
I'm falling fast.
I can't stop myself,
there's no one else.
I'm falling, I'm falling.
I don't want to be
the first to say it.
I don't want to be
the last to know.
You were there, you
were just afraid
Of letting go, letting go.
If this is real I
don't want to fake it.
I don't want to
hide anymore.
We don't have to be
afraid of letting go.
Just let go.
Just let go.
I'm proud of you.
It took me long enough.
So, now you can let me go.
You could stick around.
You'll be fine.
And, Ned, I won't be there
when Liz gets married,
or when she has her first child
and there will be
bumps along the way.
I won't be there to
help, to give hugs,
to wipe away tears,
but you will.
So make sure you enjoy
every step along the way,
every precious moment.
I will.
Sterling silver roses, Liz's
favorite, for her wedding.
Make sure you find
sterling silver roses.
Goodbye, Kate.
Hey, am I interrupting?
No. Not at all.
So are we okay, Ned?
Not if you keep asking silly
questions like that, no.
I'm sorry, David.
I gave you a pretty
hard time, didn't I?
You know, you were just
looking out for your...
You know, I was out of control.
I just needed some time.
I really do love her, you know?
I know.
So do I.
Hey guys, what you doing?
Just having a party.
I'll be inside.
So, Dad, you going to
come join the party?
Yes. Yes, I am.
It seems like I've
watched a million sunsets,
And stared at a
thousand full moons.
Sometimes it feels like
I've been here forever,
And sometimes it
all feels brand new.
I could never count
the heartbeats
From the day I was
born until now,
But not a single one
goes unnoticed by him
Who breathes life
in me somehow.
But if there were
no more tomorrows,
If I knew that I
could not stay,
I know how I'd spend every
minute if I only had today.
I'd hold you and listen
and I'd let the dishes
sit in the sink.
I'd tell you I loved
you over and over,
And for once I'd just
let the phone ring.
Then I'd remind
you of forever
And how our love
would never change.
If I only had today.
I'd wake up before
the sun did,
And I'd watch as
you quietly sleep.
I'd pray for time to move
slowly knowing the moment
won't keep.
All the gifts that heaven
is given every blessing that's
My way wouldn't mean
anything without you,
So if I only had today,
I'd hold you and listen,
I'd memorize every
detail of your face.
I'd tell you I love
you over and over.
I wouldn't let
excuses get in the way.
Then I'd remind
you of forever
And how our love
would never change.
If I only had today.
There's no time
like the present.
Life doesn't come
with any guarantees.
The sun will set
and time won't wait,
so while I have today,
I'll hold you and listen
And I'll let the
dishes sit in the sink.
I'll tell you I love
you over and over
For once I'll just
let the phone ring.
And I'll remind you all
forever how our love will never
Because I have today.
Because I have today.