Miele (2013) Movie Script

- Good morning.
- Good morning.
- It's cold today.
- No, it's fine.
Good bye.
What are you listening to?
- Horrible music as usual, eh?
- What did you come so early?
I must take the children
in half an hour.
- Want some coffee?
- No, it's you that I want.
- Want some coffee?
- No, no...
- I want you.
- Impossible.
Let's see what we got here.
Just in time,
I'm leaving tonight.
- For Padua again?
- My professor is waiting for me.
When will you be back?
Who's speaking?
I'm sorry,
I can't speak right now.
You should have contacted
our mutual friend about that.
Exactly. Call him.
I'm sorry but
this is the procedure.
Good morning.
Attention please,
last announcement
for immediate boarding
of the flight to Los Angeles
Good morning, Miss Basile.
It's our pleasure
to have you back with us.
- Did you have a good flight?
- Yeah.
- Do you need this, maybe?
- No, just the card.
And Miss Basile?
Would you like some coffee?
We have coffee in the back.
Okay everyone, let's
take out our passports
They don't usually ask for them
but just in case...
We want to make sure that we
have them because upon our return...
My dog is very sick.
I want to perform euthanasia
on him by myself.
My dog is very sick.
I want to perform euthanasia
on him by myself.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
I'd like a 'Lamputal,' please.
- Beg your pardon?
- A Lamputal.
My dog is very sick.
I want to perform euthanasia
on him... by myself.
Excuse me.
- How old is your dog?
- 14.
Poor doggie!
- What?
- Didn't you buy anything?
Yes, half a kilo of cocaine...
Last stance:
Forli, Saffi square
Forli, Saffi square
Good morning, Honey.
- Did she get the Vaxolon?
- Of course.
Give her another one
so she won't throw up.
First, 20 drops of this one.
- She's going to feel better, calmer.
- Right away.
I'm going to let the written
consent on the table.
All right, though you're
not going to need it.
There she is.
- Carla.
- How are you, Honey?
Are you going to ask me again
if I changed my mind?
Yes, Carla.
You still have the time.
I'm going to ask for a last time,
and I won't ever again.
- Do you want to stop?
- No.
I haven't changed my mind.
All right.
Did you find the chocolate bar?
I did.
- The one I asked you for?
- Yes.
I'll let you alone for a minute.
Ennio, listen carefully.
Listen carefully.
He must drink all the Lamputal,
it's crucial.
And don't forget,
don't ever touch the glasses
on her bedtime table.
Got it?
Only Carla can touch them
afterwards. Got it?
She has do it on her own.
Remember what we said?
Bring the tray.
Ennio, Carla needs you now.
You can't help her this way.
You must be strong.
I'll put the music you asked.
Thank you.
It is bitter.
Too bitter.
How long it will take?
A couple of minutes.
That little?
See you there.
I have to take some baits.
I'll ask her.
It's Luciano, we'll take
the boat out on Sunday.
Then we may go to your home
and eat fish.
No, I'll be in Padua, dad.
- I've told you about it.
- Right.
No, Irene must find her professor.
On Sunday?
I have an appointment on Monday,
early in the morning.
Yes, me too.
But I'll leave you my keys
to eat your fish at my home.
Sure, thanks.
Yes, certainly yes.
His name is Grimaldi,
he's an engineer, here in Rome.
In Rome?
Why sending me?
Only you will be
present at the meeting.
No families, no one.
Go there, give this to him
and explain to him the procedure.
He want to do it himself.
What do you mean by that?
We have never done it this way.
It's risky for both
the patient and us.
The 'hare,' as you call him,
is a reliable contact.
He is not your usual doctor
but he's very, very reliable.
I gave him your number
to explain the situation to him.
What is it?
What's going on?
I feel something like
an arrhythmia, a shiver...
but it's nothing.
You must be tired from the trip
and the jet lag...
Nothing happens for months and now
everything's happening altogether.
How many do you have left?
I had one and I bought two more
on my last trip.
- Were you careful?
- Yes, I was.
Mr Grimaldi?
May I?
Come in.
Good morning.
Good morning.
Come inside, I'm not biting.
Pleased to meet you, I'm Honey.
Beg your pardon?
Honey is the name
under which I operate.
- Take a seat.
- Thank you.
- Do you smoke?
- No, thanks.
Of course you don't.
So, tell me all the details.
I trust myself into your hands.
I have never died before.
Ask questions and
I'll try to answer them.
Right, questions.
Is it going to be painful?
No, not at all.
If you take the decision
to proceed
I'll give you instructions
you must follow carefully.
Then I'll give a substance,
It's a barbiturate.
You must swallow it.
Is this the only way?
No, there's an alternative
we call Plan B.
But it is ruled out in your case
since you don't want my aid.
Or am I wrong?
No, you're not.
Your case is the most unusual
because I always assist the patient
during the procedure.
I don't think it's necessary
to meet again.
Why then should I need you?
My doctor could prescribe me
tones of barbiturates.
You should have known
that the lethal barbiturates
have been withdrawn
from the market
and exactly because they're dangerous
they cannot be prescribed.
And where do you find them?
Do you make them yourself at home?
Are you an amateur chemist?
- I buy veterinary barbiturate.
- In Switzerland?
No, I buy them from Mexico.
You don't need me to tell you,
what you can find out by yourself...
But you told me to ask questions.
Right, I'm sorry.
I could jump through the window.
We are at the fifth floor.
But then...
The strangers, the neighbours...
for Heaven's sake!
My doctor told me that
you take care even...
of the background music.
Is this true?
This is very nice of you.
the repertory?
It's a personal choice,
that means you'll have
to tell me what you prefer.
Shall I put something to play?
Excuse me.
Never mind.
Listen to me please,
I can help you.
Of course only if you want it.
Do you have with you
this tetra...?
But if you permit,
you shouldn't do that by yourself.
Think it over.
You will need help.
These are the instructions,
we can see them together.
if you have any questions, doubts,
if you change your mind,
just tell me.
For Labrador...
Excuse me, can you take
our picture, please?
- With the church.
- Thank you.
Can I take a picture with you?
Thank you very much.
The 'Happy Birthday' set
or the 'I love you?'
Which is the biggest?
Both of them have 5 kilos of helium
but the number
of balloons is different.
The 'Happy Birthday' has 50
and the 'I love you' has 25.
These ones are heart shaped.
Which ones do you like?
Am I going to die by suffocation?
No, you won't.
You'll breathe normally
and faint immediately.
You'll feel a little
dizzy as in vertigo
because helium drastically
decreases the oxygen level.
You won't feel anything
after a few breaths.
Is this gas dangerous
for my sister?
No, it won't be dangerous.
Helium is an inert gas that
diffuses without causing any harm.
Otherwise they wouldn't use it
in children parties.
What did you say?
I didn't hear that.
I just said that
there won't be any danger
since helium is an inert gas that
diffuses without causing any harm.
Read it...
No, you read it.
'Due to the abrupt
deterioration of my health
I cannot say any more that
I'm living.
I decided to accelerate
the process.
Let everyone know that I did
everything by myself. Filippo Porcelli.'
But you won't need it,
you'll see.
I don't have any longer a lot
of things to see, right?
I'm sorry.
Any other question?
Can I do it in bed?
Yes, provided that
you won't be lying.
Look, we can stop at any time...
I'll ask again, tomorrow too.
You can say 'stop'
whenever you want.
See, Filippo? You can
still change your mind...
- Good bye.
- Come at 11:00.
Give me some time
to make myself pretty.
You really do a shitty job.
No, thanks.
I'll take it tomorrow.
She's leaving soon.
I must find a new flatmate.
What a shame, she's pretty.
What's her name?
Her name is Xiao Sing Sing.
That's why she is leaving.
Good bye, Sing Sing!
Good bye, Sing-Sing!
What's wrong?
Aren't you jealous?
Because you have to share me...
I wouldn't like that.
- What am I supposed to share?
- What's this?
- Isn't it your telephone?
- Mine doesn't vibrate.
Do you have another telephone?
It isn't mine.
It belongs to the department.
- Yes...
- For dissertation interviews.
- Hello?
- Good morning.
- Who's speaking?
- It's Mr Grimaldi.
- Carlo Grimaldi, remember?
- Yes.
I'm sorry to bother you again,
but I'd like to ask you
something about the procedure.
- Can you spare a minute?
- Certainly. Speak to me.
I'd like to know...
- Well...
- Yes?
Will traces of the substance
show up in the autopsy?
Definitely not,
it leaves no traces.
And as I said before
they rarely perform an autopsy.
In case of immedicable illnesses
doctors certify natural causes of death.
What immedicable illness?
Why, are you not...
No, my health is excellent.
Thanks for the information,
Good morning.
What the hell did you think?
I help ill people!
I'm not a hired killer!
You are nuts!
Do you realize what
the 'hare' did?
This pathetic spineless
friend of yours?
Did you know this story?
Did you know or not?
Tell me!
If you don't know, I'll tell you.
The old man...
is healthier than the two of us!
He said: 'My health is excellent!'
Do you understand, Rocco?
So what?
I don't kill depressed people...
sometimes it's difficult to see
where the limits
of our intervention lie.
- There are no rules.
- No rules?
- No, Madame.
- I have my own.
I thought you had yours.
Give me neurologist's number.
Give me his number!
Calm down and go home.
I'll call the neurologist myself.
Don't you ever make a scene
like this again!
- Good morning.
- Can we speak?
I want to cancel it,
there was a misunderstanding.
No, there wasn't,
we made a deal.
- Good bye.
- No, you lied to me.
- You didn't ask me anything.
- Yes but I thought you were sick.
You jumped to this conclusion.
And now, if you don't mind,
Miss Honey, I'm busy...
Where you go?
What are you going...
What are you doing?
Leave me alone!
Yes... no, I'll call you back.
Where you go?
What are you doing?
I want you to leave, please.
Where the fuck did
you put that bottle?
You must go!
What are you up to?
Leave me alone!
That's enough. Get out!
- You have to give it back to me!
- What if I don't?
Will you call the police?
You're the one who sold me
a prohibited substance.
I'll tell the police, if this is
what you want. Get out!
Fuck off, old bastard!
My girlfriend has guts, right?
Sometimes I feel
I'm out of breath
I have difficulty breathing.
My heart is beating fast.
What is it?
Why is it like that?
why is it doing that?
Everything's all right, Irene,
don't worry.
Everything's all right.
Dad! It's me, don't get scared.
- I could play 6 and 1
- You could.
Stop nagging!
Pick up yours, please!
- Good evening.
- Good evening, Professor.
The police came yesterday
and they asked about you.
What did they want?
They wanted to verify
your new address
They did the same for me
when I was transferred here.
They asked me if I know you,
they took notes of everything.
- It's all right now.
- Great, thank you very much.
- Good bye, Irene.
- Good night, Professor.
Next day, he send me
a message on Facebook:
'I think I saw
a spark in your eyes'
Can you call a number
from your mobile?
Just a moment... Bella!
If he answers, say that you dialled
a wrong number and hang up.
It's ringing...
I'd like to speak to Chiara...
What? I'm sorry.
Wrong number.
I'm sorry. Good bye.
He sounded too old.
Who is he?
- Please come in...
- Good morning.
I'm sorry for the other day,
can we speak calmly?
I can't take my eyes
from the screen.
Today contestants are
Gillian and Christina,
and Jaimee is their
wonderful quarry.
Take a seat.
Their parents are participating too.
Dad and mum.
They said 'No sex.'
There she is...
Now the two girls are slapping
one another.
You see, Christina said:
'I'm a nice, funny girl.'
And the blonde girl said:
'I'm sweet and passionate.'
Isn't it funny?
Sweet and passionate.
Sir, I came here to talk...
- To explain that...
- Can you imagine it?
'Hello. My name is Honey.
I'm shy and lonely.'
It is amazing, isn't it?
What's your problems?
The ugly TV shows?
I don't a give a damn
about ugliness.
The more ugly you are,
the better.
Who's ugly?
Is that why you want
to commit suicide?
Isn't it enough for you?
Is there a list of
acceptable reasons?
Would you prefer to tell you
I have a terrible secret?
That I must repent for a crime?
I don't owe you any explanation.
You sell, I buy.
This is not the case. I help.
But not people like you,
you can live!
Anyway, not all your clients
are at the end of their rope.
- You have no right...
- Let me speak, please!
As I matter of fact,
I had a full life,
a successful career.
I've gone everywhere,
even to Mexico like you.
I got married and divorced,
I have friends...
What else?
- Children?
- We didn't want any.
That was something
I and my wife had agreed on.
Believe me,
I lost my interest in everything.
Everything is so boring
and meaningless.
Of course, I know...
it's easier to help incurable people.
because no one can stand
the spectacle of a decaying body.
It is natural to feel pity
in that case.
Yet, when the illness isn't visible,
what do you do then?
Is it a caprice, an heresy?
What you do for money
everyone should have
the right to do.
The patient cannot have
more rights than me.
I beg to differ.
I had the same argument
with your doctor...
We don't do this thing or,
at least, I don't.
What? If you save me,
will it help you
atone for all the others?
I need no atonement.
I believe in what I do.
I don't want you on my conscience
because I disagree with your choice.
I really feel hungry.
What about going out for dinner?
Legend says, about
Sleymaniye Mosque,
that the architect took
advantage of the streams of air.
to reinforce the support
of its dome.
- Is everything okay?
- Yes, thank you.
May I smoke since
there's no one around?
Of course.
- No, thanks.
- The air that goes up...
and moves in parallel with
the pipes of the columns...
helps the support of the dome,
Approximately. Is it possible?
I doubt it,
but it's a fascinating story!
In fact, if you ever
go to Istanbul,
put a piece of paper
under the dome.
What's going to happen?
Nothing perhaps...
Will you tell me about?
What were you studying before...
Medicine but only for a few years.
Right, it takes too many years
and it is difficult...
And this...
let's say 'activity' of yours,
is it your job?
Don't you do anything else?
Don't you have any plans, ambitions?
What we're doing is important.
Please, don't start
with the ideology.
What are you supposed to be?
A cell of combatants
for the euthanasia?
With the prices you charge
only a few have the
opportunity of a decent ending.
You don't know
what you're talking about.
Anyway, you're free to believe
I'm doing this for mercenary reasons.
I don't care about what
you're thinking about me.
No, I'm sorry, I do care,
that's why I'm asking.
How do you practically do it?
Do you live with your parents?
How do you do it?
Do you keep the poison for dogs
hidden in your room?
What do you say to your mother
whenever you come back from Mexico?
My mother died ten years ago.
From illness?
What's this in your mouth?
- What?
- This here.
A 'piercing.'
For what reason?
I image it must have
a special meaning for you.
- Yes.
- Like what?
I read somewhere that
the Aztec priests
were piercing their tongues
with thorns of agave.
So what?
A new life was blooming
thanks to the blood of sacrifice.
- Like the flower of agave.
- What a load of bollocks!
Why bollocks?
Contemporary stupidity
knows no limits.
All right.
I have to catch up my train.
You can stay at my home,
I have a spare room.
No, thank you.
Make yourself at home.
If you need anything,
everything is over there.
Thank you.
- Good night, Honey.
- Irene.
My name is Irene.
Oh... much better.
Did you find anything?
Do you want to have breakfast?
Yes, thank you.
Okay, I'll call you back later.
Great, good bye.
What's wrong?
Are you still seeing her?
- Who?
- Her.
Her! No...
Yes, once in a while.
Are you still jealous?
Let's talk about it.
Some other time.
Give me that number.
I have to go.
- 0422?
- It's in Treviso.
All right, bye.
Irene, next week in Treviso...
it's about a young man.
I'm sorry, its battery
is running out.
Did it hit you?
Come on...
I like the Italians,
they're buoyant and friendly.
And the women are real beauties!
Italian women are so beautiful.
I like them very much,
joyful people.
I adore Italian women.
Sometimes I compare them
to Mexican women...
They're so tender, devoted...
They're cheerful, they like dancing...
Number 19.
Get inside, it's open.
To the right.
Carlo Grimaldi.
Leave a message. Thank you.
Good evening or, rather,
good morning.
Carlo Grimaldi.
Leave a message. Thank you.
- Hello?
- Is that you, sir?
- Sir.
- Hello?
I called you a zillion times,
what the hell!
When someone leaves a message,
you have to call him back!
Where are you?
Outside your house.
I was worrying about you.
As you can see, I'm still
in the world of the living.
Can I come up, please?
- No.
- Why not?
I'm coming down myself.
What do you want from me?
Let me be.
Delete my number.
It's the third time
you show up in three weeks.
Do you miss me?
You weren't answering my calls
and that stressed me out too much.
Stressed you out?
What a way to speak...
Cut the crap!
What did you want me to say:
I was worrying about you.
I was anxious, is that better?
It's of no importance.
Do you know what is important?
That I rushed here like an idiot
because I thought you killed yourself.
Are you feeling any better now?
Did you ease your scout's conscience?
Good bye.
You don't go anywhere.
- Scouts and bollocks!
- Don't touch me.
- I came here for you.
- You're nothing to me.
What a load of rubbish!
You act the stoic...
You're all talk but you don't
have the guts to commit suicide.
Are you scared?
Is that all? You're scared.
Overcome it!
The music is very nice
but makes me drowsy.
I think I'm going home
to take a nap.
- Did you get tired of me, today?
- Get tired?
You assaulted me!
You deserved it.
Who else will be there?
It's not that I don't want...
I'll call you later, bye.
Maybe, I'll move back to Rome again...
Whatever you wish,
you always have your room.
You came early.
- Are you nuts?
- The wet uniform is warming me up.
- Hello, Bella!
- Hurry up, they're waiting.
- What's this?
- You'll see...
Shall I leave her in your garden?
Bella, wait!
My God, wait!
- When are you leaving?
- Tomorrow.
What a bad luck!
You always have to leave.
How're things with Mr WWF?
- Good...
- Did you meet him?
- Did you screw?
- What do you think?
Does he want to dump his wife?
Enough with the interrogation!
- I don't know!
- All right, cool down.
I'm sorry,
I want go there again.
I got tired.
Get tired of what?
I'm sorry.
What do you think?
He says that he saw you in
his dream last night, Honey.
Thank you.
What is it?
Do you want to leave
the window open?
He wants to look outside,
through the window.
Can you help me, please?
Lorenzo, we can stop
at any moment you want.
Just say the word.
I can't understand him, Madame.
Goddammit, was it the Lamputal?
No, it was the vodka.
No problem,
I'll clean everything up.
That's it, I'll take it
to dry it up.
Mummy's going to tidy
everything up
and fix you another vodka.
I'll get you another glass.
- I'll get you another glass.
- No!
- Don't you want some vodka?
- Would you like some music?
What you want?
Do you want us to stay... with you.
We'll stay with you.
I shouldn't go away like that.
It isn't right.
I should have waited till the end.
There are rules.
I make mistakes every time.
There are words I can't say.
I never say 'I wish' or 'see you.'
We don't use future tenses.
Nothing that will remind them
that finally...
We have to be invisible.
They mustn't think that we're
going to return to our lives after.
He chose a song.
It was 'Black.'
It's a long piece,
it lasts for sever minutes.
He couldn't take it any more.
No more music.
No more vodka.
He did everything in a hurry.
No one really wants to die.
No one among all those I helped
the last three years...
wanted to kill themselves.
They want to live.
Everybody wants to live.
But what they live
cannot be named life.
They can't stand it any more.
Come on, what's wrong?
I can't do it.
Shitty place!
Aren't you feeling well?
You're so full of shit.
- Are you feeling well?
- I'm fine.
You keep telling lies.
You keep telling a load of crap.
You don't go to Padua,
you've never been there.
Your flatmate isn't Chinese.
You don't do any research.
- You know everything!
- Yes, why you go to Mexico?
Who you go to see every month?
Have you been following me?
Why you go there every month?
Leave me alone!
Speak to me honestly.
Is there anyone else?
I go there to buy
veterinary barbiturate.
To put down dogs.
What do you buy?
In Mexico.
Get out, go away! You're crazy!
- Arsehole!
- Get out!
Get out of my fucking car!
Go away!
You mean nothing to me,
If you want to stop for a while,
I can understand it.
I'll give it to Diego.
I want to stop this completely.
I can't take it any more.
- Sir!
- So, there you are!
I went to see...
the doctor, the professor
or whatever... Dial.
- Let me open it for you.
- A most gentle person...
Is he a mathematician?
He offered me coffee.
He said I should have
taken a taxi
instead of train, because
it's faster. Like you, right?
What's this?
A pretext to see me again?
Thank you, I would come
if you asked me to.
Even your ID is in there.
I could have never imagined
how absentminded you are.
- Would you come in?
- As you like.
You've never told me that
you live by the sea.
- Do you like it?
- It's very nice.
Too shiny though...
Too much sun, too much sea,
too much air.
Too much!
If it's good, it's too good.
If it's awful, it's too awful.
Am I boring, aren't I?
I am!
I don't have many things to offer.
Would you like a tea?
Yes, a tea, it's okay.
Help yourself to an ashtray.
Why the sunglasses?
I found them at home,
they must have been my wife's.
Do you like them?
There you are, you can keep them.
Thank you.
I'll be in Rome tomorrow,
if you want I can come by.
Don't you have a fianc
to spent Saturdays together?
An official one? No.
I'm going to smoke
my last cigarette
and leave to take
that famous train.
That's enough,
you must quit smoking!
Have you got any
method to suggest?
Or you rely exclusively
on my willpower?
- Sir?
- Yes?
Where you go?
It's on the other side.
I got distracted.
- Good bye.
- Good bye.
Don't hit me!
The long-time affair of...
and the super-mummy...