Mighty Express: A Mighty Christmas (2020) Movie Script

Calling all trains!
All aboard, let's make tracks
Mighty Express!
Mighty strong and mighty fast
Mighty, Mighty Express!
Put our crew to the test
Mighty Express!
It's Mighty time!
All aboard, we're on our way
Mighty fast to save the day
Mega Mission to the max
Let's make tracks!
Mighty Express!
A Mighty Christmas.
Christmas is tonight!
All we need is snow!
And there!
Is it Christmas yet? Huh?
Almost, Flicker!
Soon, the whole town will be here
for the big Christmas party.
Then we'd better decorate faster!
Did someone say, "Fast, fast, faster?"
Sorry, Nico.
I'm just so excited for Christmas.
Me too!
Looking Christmassy, Nico.
Nice job. Let's set up the spot
for the Christmas tree.
Allow me to introduce myself.
I'm Mandy Mail,
the best mail delivery train in town!
Need anything delivered, I'm your train.
Mandy is the newest member
of the Mighty Express.
This is
her mail carrier pigeon friend, Flap.
Hiya! Welcome to the team!
Carrie to Max.
Hi, Carrie!
I need help with a delivery.
Could you send a train?
I've got it! Super-special,
extra-important delivery coming right up!
"Dear Santa, for Christmas,
I would love a special delivery
of an orange-and-green football."
"That would be first class! Love, Carrie."
Signed and sealed.
Now to deliver all these letters
to Santa at the North Pole.
Hi, you must be Carrie.
You must be Mandy Mail.
I'm so glad you're here.
Well, I am the best!
So, where's this super-special,
extra-important delivery you've got?
Right here!
Mail? I mean, I've delivered mail before.
That doesn't seem very important.
Oh, every letter is important, especially
Another delivery!
Gotta go! Thanks, Mandy!
So much for something super-special
and extra-important.
The town Christmas tree!
Now that is an important delivery.
Perfect for me!
I mean for us.
Make way for Mandy Mail!
Great decorating, everyone.
Okay, let's light this tree up.
Making the switch.
-Wow, it's beautiful.
-And I'm the one who delivered it.
It's almost time
for the best part of Christmas!
No, the big town party!
And then,Santa comes!
I sent a letter to Santa
asking for a new bike!
Why does Diesel have my letter?
Mandy, weren't you supposed to
deliver those letters to Santa?
If Santa doesn't get our letters,
the Tracksville kids won't get presents!
We have to get these letters
to the North Pole! Calling all trains.
Please report to the Busy Board
for today's Mega Mission!
It's Mighty time!
Today's Mega Mission goes to
our newest team member, Mandy Mail!
What? Really?
Everybody deserves a secondchance.
Delivering mail is what you do best.
Go and pick up the letters to Santa
at Mail Station.
Deliver them to the North Pole
as fast as you can!
Mandy Mail never fails!
I guess delivering letters to Santa
is super-special and extra-important.
Mandy, it's time to
-Clean up!
-Tune up!
-Hook up!
-To the beat of my sweet track!
It's time to clean up
It's time to tune up
It's time to hook up
It's wash time! Break it down!
Scrub! Scrub-a-dub-dub!
Scrub! Scrub-a-dub-dub!
It's time to clean up
It's time to tune up
It's tune-up time!
Mighty Express
Check, check.Checkity-check-check.
And you are Liza-certified!
And now it's time
to hook up with the mail carrier car.
All right, Mandy, get the letters to Santa
and save Christmas.
I will save Christmas!
Now, you're ready to
Make tracks!
Make way for Mandy Mail!
I don't know if these letters will fit.
I think you need another train to help.
Help? No.
I can save Christmas all on my own.
But this is a lot of mail, Mandy.
I don't want any letters falling out.
Let me see
if Max can send someone to help.
Hi, Max. We need another train to help,
there's a lot of mail here.
I'll send Freight Nate.
He loves to haul big loads.
Nico will come too,
in case of problems with the track.
Come on! Close!
See? There. Don't need any help. Bye!
Don't you want to wait for Nate and Nico?
We made it here fast, fast, faster!
But Mandy left.
She has too much mail to carry by herself.
Oh no! This is a Christmas calamity!
Let's catch up to Mandy and help.
Come in, Mandy.
Nate and Nico are on their way to help.
No, I'm good. I can do it by myself.
I'm gonna be the one
to save this super-special,
extra-important Christmas delivery.
Mandy Mail never fails!
It's getting chilly.
I'd better go faster to warm us up!
Mandy! Slow down!
I never thought I'd say this,
but I need help!
-Don't worry, Mandy, we'll save you!
Mega-grappling claw, activate!
Mega-stabilizer legs, activate!
Careful. According to my calculations,
the ice we're on might
I've got this!
Thanks for helping me.
No problem! The Mighty Express
is always ready to help!
That's what you call teamwork!
By the way, you dropped some letters.
Oh no! I'm sorry. You know what?
I could use help with this delivery.
-Happy to be of service.
-Let's get the letters to Santa!
Chugga-chugga zoom!
Approaching North Pole Station!
Wow, look!
Santa's workshop!
Hello, Nico, Mandy, Flap, and Nate.
According to my calculations, it's Santa!
The real Santa!
And he knows our names!
-We've got a special delivery for you.
-Thanks to some help from Nate.
-and delivered.
What's all this?
Letters saying
what Tracksville kids want for Christmas.
-Is that a good "hmm" or a bad "hmm"?
-Well, I'm afraid it's not good.
It's too late to make any more presents.
It's time to make our deliveries.
And there's a storm brewing.
We need to head out soon,
or we'll get caught in it.
But we came all this way.
The kids worked so hard on their letters.
And now they won't get presents?
I ruined Christmas!
There, there.
You didn't ruin Christmas, Mandy.
Christmas is about so much more
than presents.
Like getting together
with family and friends.
Friends! That's it! What if
our friends come to help make presents?
Well, we do have a little time.
With help, we could make the toys we need.
Even Santa needs
a little extra help sometimes.
Okay. Mandy to Max. Come in, Max.
-There you are!
-Are you all right?
Yep! We got to the North Pole.
But we've got a lot of presents to make.
According to my calculations,
it'll take a long time. We need help.
We're on our way
with Brock, Milo, and Flicker.
This is where we make all the toys.
This place is amazing.
Thanks. I designed it myself.
Tinsel-tastic, isn't it?
I hope help gets here soon.
-We made it!
-Hi, Santa!
-Thanks for coming.
Oh my gosh!
I'm a big fan!
Good to see you too, Milo.
I'm so glad you're all here.
We have to hurry if we want
to finish the toys before the storm.
What's my job?
You're in charge of wrapping the gifts.
We brought your wrapping car.
What about making toys?
I thought I'd get an important job.
Mandy, when you're part of a team,
every job is important.
Then I'll be the best gift wrapper
who ever wrapped.
I'll be a "wrap star."
That's the spirit.
Now, let's ho-ho-go
before that storm gets here.
Happy holidays fromTracksville
Mighty Express
Wishing you the best
For the holidays this year
It's a Tracksville Christmas
At the top of our wish list
Is to have all of our friends
And family here
It's a perfect time of year
To spread that holiday cheer
To show the ones you love
How much you care
Let's make a Mega Mission
To spread that holiday cheer
Happy holidays from Tracksville
Mighty Express
Wishing you the best
For the holidays this year
Happy holidays from Tracksville
Mighty Express
Wishing you the best
For the holidays this year
And that's a wrap on wrapping.
Jolly good work.
Come in, Max.
Everything's set up for the party.
How's it going?
We finished the presents.
We have to deliver them.
Great. See you soon.
Over and out.
I don't like the look of those clouds.
Let's load the sleigh
so I can ho-ho-go before the storm hits.
-That's all the presents. Check!
-Let's hook up the reindeer.
Oh no! The reindeer can't take off
in this weather.
Does that mean no one
will get Christmas presents this year?
I'm afraid not, Brock. If the reindeer
can't pull the sleigh, then
I can do it!
I mean, we can do it.
We're metal and strong enough
to get through ice and wind.
We might need even more help.
Calling all trains!
Please report to the North Pole.
-Let's haul, y'all!
-Rescue Red to the rescue!
Penny, set, go!
This is so exciting.
Thanks for your help, everyone.
Okay, Nico, where to first?
Our first delivery is
to Bat Cave Tunnel to deliver these hats.-
Then, on Red, on Flicker,
on Penny, on Milo, on Mandy, on Brock,
on Nate, and on Faye!
And away we go!
Come in, Max.
It's almost time for the party.
How's it going?
We made it through the storm,
now we have to make the deliveries.
-Then we'll get there as fast as we can.
-Okay, see you soon! Over and out.
-Bat Cave Tunnel, straight ahead.
-Let's ho-ho-go!
Merry Christmas, my bat friends!
-Here you go!
-Come and get 'em!
-Here you go.
-Here you are.
That'll keep them warm.
Now, let's deliver these presents.
Oh no!
The storm got even worse!
We're snowed in!
But we have to get these presents
to the kids.
It's okay, Flap.
There's got to be another way out.
Look! Up there!
Yeah! But we'd have to fly.
Excellent idea, Penny.
Santa? According to my calculations,
trains can't fly.
Let's see about that.
I can use the magic
that makes my reindeer fly.
I'm not sure it'll work on trains,
but I ho-ho-hope it does.
Who wants to try first?
-All right, Mandy.
Now, get ready to fly!
Or not.
I'm flying?
All right!
Who's next?
-Me, please, Santa!
Where to now, Max?
Central Square Station!
It's getting late. We'll have
to start the party without everyone.
No presents? It's the end of the world!
I hear trains, but where are they?
They're up! Wow!
-All right!
This is a super-special,
extra-important Christmas delivery!
-Sorry we're late.
-I'm just glad you made it.
The partywouldn't have been the same
without you.
Mighty Express saved Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
-It's snowing!
Happy holidays fromTracksville
Mighty Express
Wishing you the best
For the holidays this year
It's a Tracksville Christmas
At the top of our wish list
Is to have all of our friends
And family here
It's the perfect time of year
To spread that holiday cheer
And show the ones you love
How much you care