Mighty Joe Young (1949) Movie Script

Look, Genevieve. Two men coming.
Let me see.
Oh, will you sell it?
Don't you understand?
I'll get my father to buy it.
You sit down.
That's it. You wait.
Just a minute.
Oh, I forgot.
He's gone down to the fields.
Well, then, I'll have to buy it myself.
It doesn't belong to me.
Oh, well, maybe Father won't mind.
Oh, well, I can make you understand.
I have fine things.
You trade with me for that.
One, two, three.
Here, look. Very nice.
Open it.
Open it.
Very funny. Make you laugh.
Oh, my goodness.
Don't be cross. Don't go. Look.
You trade all this for that?
Oh, good!
I'm being very bad. It isn't mine.
Okay, all right.
Oh, goody! It's all mine!
Jill! Oh, Jill!
Go away! Father's coming.
Hurry! Go away!
Oh, my goodness.
Isn't he sweet?
He's better than a doll.
I can play with him.
He has to have a name.
Joe. I'll call him Joe.
Oh, Jill!
I'll surprise Father.
Be quiet.
Won't Father be surprised?
Where are you?
What's all this stuff?
What on earth?
Jill. Jill.
Surprise, Father. Aren't you surprised?
Jill, where did that come from?
Oh, that's Joe, Father. Isn't he sweet?
Joe? That's a baby gorilla.
Two men had him.
They didn't speak Swahili.
Really, Jill,
you should have more sense.
Are you cross?
Well, for a tired man who just
found a gorilla in his bed...
...I think I'm behaving very well.
You cannot have a pet gorilla.
Please let me keep him.
Please. I bought him.
What did you have to buy him with?
Money and beads and toys,
and other things.
Other things.
Where's my big flashlight?
Well, that makes him partly yours too,
doesn't it?
I don't know what to say to you,
I'm sure.
I have worries enough
trying to run this farm.
I'm sorry, but you can't keep him.
I will not raise a gorilla.
How the little fella loves his milk.
Does he always take his nap to music?
Oh, yes. This is his favorite song.
- What's the name of it?
- Don't you remember?
It's "Beautiful Dreamer."
Very appropriate.
I think he's grown already, don't you?
Oh, he'll grow, all right.
That's just the trouble.
But, Father, now I have someone
to play with.
I know, dear. You're lonely sometimes.
If your mother had lived...
Baby, please try to realize
that the time will come...
...when we can't keep Joe any longer.
This will always be his home,
and we'll always be friends.
Listen, Jill, when he grows up,
he'll be dangerous.
I know that seems impossible
to you now...
...but that helpless little baby
will be 10 times stronger...
...than any man in the worid.
He'll weigh 7, 800 pounds.
He'll be a huge, fierce, dangerous gorilla.
Get me somebody
that knows what I want.
Find me an electrician with ideas.
No, no. No, no.
I tell you, it isn't big enough.
Look, I'm branching out into new territory.
I'm building a nightclub in Hollywood.
It's got to be something original.
It's gotta knock them dead.
Take them back to the architect.
Bring me new sketches.
- What about my steamship tickets?
- Mr. Fletcher's here.
Tell Fletcher to wait.
Tell them all to wait.
I gotta shake up my press agent.
I got a letter of introduction,
Mr. O'Hara.
- What do you want?
- I thought maybe-
Well, I'd sure like to go to Africa.
So what? There you are.
Where you been, asleep?
- This is a letter of introduction.
- Half a column on page 20.
- That's good for the Times.
- This is from Tex Wood.
- Two paragraphs on the theatrical page.
- Best I could do.
I want front page!
You gotta get in there and pitch, Windy.
- These guys don't even believe I'm going.
- Can you blame them? I don't believe it.
Max O'Hara going to Africa
to bring them back alive.
For what?
Why, there are 50 good animal acts...
...just begging for work
right here in town.
Can't I get any cooperation?
Hey, you. What do you think?
Don't you think I ought to go to Africa?
- Why, sure.
- There. There you are. There's a smart guy.
- He agrees with you. He must be.
- This is from Tex Wood.
I don't see why you can't get
front-page space, Windy.
We need a new angle.
That's what we need, a new angle.
Hello? What do you
wanna talk to him about?
Oh, you wanna go to Africa.
No. No. No-
Say, who are you anyway?
That's a letter from Tex Wood.
Sure. He puts on the shows
over at the Garden.
Yes, sir. Madison Square Garden.
Our show closed there last week.
- The rodeo?
- Yes, sir.
- You a cowboy?
- Yes, sir.
- Texas?
- No, sir. Oklahoma.
We rope and ride there too, you know.
I'm Gregg Johnson, champion roper.
All right. Well, what do you want here?
I saw in the paper how
Mr. O'Hara's going to Africa.
Now, there's a place
I've always wanted to see.
You reckon there's any chance
he'd take me with him?
Oh, for the love of Mike. Why would he?
We're opening a nightclub,
not a Wild West show.
But ain't there something I could do?
If I could just go, I might-
I got it! Hey, what's the matter with you?
What do I pay you for?
- I get all the ideas around here.
- Now what?
Got a new angle. Just thought of it.
It's great. I'll take cowboys.
- Cowboys? What for?
- To lasso lions, of course.
Maxie, you can buy all the lions
you want in California.
But I'm gonna send you stories
from Africa.
They'll fight to get them.
All you gotta do is pass them out.
Don't you understand? I'm gonna
be in terrible danger in darkest Africa.
You're late for the dentist.
Who's the greatest press agent, you or me?
Don't answer.
Hey, you, come on.
You're gonna lasso lions.
- I am?
- Sure. Come on.
Round up some of your friends
to help you.
We'll talk it over
while I'm at the dentist's.
Who do you think is gonna get
the worst of this, Maxie or Africa?
Hey, Ali, bring water
for this lion, will you?
- He's a big one, isn't he?
- He sure is.
Just as full of fight
as he was two weeks ago.
After you'd roped him, I thought
for a few minutes I'd have to shoot him.
Sure glad you didn't.
That's right, Ali,
give all simbas plenty maji. See?
Take the machina away.
Oh, Crawford!
Crawford, where are-?
Oh, there you are.
Look, I got another story to send.
Where's that telegraph office?
At Mdani, about 50 miles.
Have Gregg ride down, will you?
They don't know the way. I'll send
one of the boys after they've eaten.
Let's have a spot of tea. Ahmed.
Tea. I hope this never
gets back to Broadway.
I hope I never see another horse.
Well, O'Hara,
we'll soon be saying goodbye.
You satisfied with the results
of the safari?
Oh, sure. Just like I said, I got
a million dollars' worth of publicity.
I hope your nightclub
will be a great success.
As you've described it,
it'll certainly be unusual.
Unusual? Look, nobody's ever seen
anything like what I'm gonna give them.
I gotta get back. The date
for the opening of my club is all set.
Just wondering if I've overlooked
anything out here to make it bigger.
Well, I've read all the stories
you've sent back...
...and I really think you've made
the most of everything.
Yes, sir.
I sure made the front pages.
Oh, this is a great story I wrote today:
"How I Escaped From Pygmy Cannibals."
Pygmy cannibals? Did you really?
Was that today?
Yeah. They had me cornered.
I'd lost my gun.
They dropped a net over me
from a tree.
I was fighting, struggling,
but there was too many of them.
They were all over me like ants.
- How do you think I escaped?
- I have no idea.
Did I ever tell you
about the mad elephant...
...that seized me in his trunk
and flung me one half mile?
I went back afterwards and measured it.
You're catching on.
Hi, Gregg. How about a spot of tea,
old boy, as we say in Africa.
Much obliged. I'm getting
where I kind of like the stuff.
It took you six months, but you're
kind of getting used to me too.
Well, I'm rapidly reaching a point...
...where nothing can surprise me,
if that's what you mean.
What's the matter?
Sorry, I must have imagined it.
I guess you thought I was a screwball
at first, but my idea worked out.
Most successfully.
It's impossible. We're a hundred miles
from that country.
- It is! But how can it-?
- What is it?
Ali, my gun! Big gun!
What's the matter?
- What are they saying?
- Darned if I know.
Ali, stop! Come back!
Gregg, get your men.
Slim! Boys, get your horses!
Lay off. No shooting.
Catch it. Rope it.
Are you crazy?
You can't rope a gorilla!
- Hurry up! He's getting away!
- Give me that gun!
You're crazy.
- Give me that gun!
- Don't shoot him.
Wait! You can't rope a gorilla!
Hey, where's my horse?
Stand still.
Whoa, horsey.
Cut it out, will you?
Don't do that! Don't do that!
Can't you cooperate?
There he is!
Where did he go?
He must be around here somewhere.
Hurry up, boys! Get behind him!
Get your rope ready!
Get another rope on it!
Get behind him!
Get another rope!
Look out!
Get behind him.
Get another rope!
Hey, Gregg, watch out!
Hey, Charlie, help!
Hey, come here and help me!
Go on, get out there!
Get a rope on him!
Come here! Help me! Come on!
Where is he?
Don't let him get away!
Where did he go?
Help! Help!
Joe! Joe!
Help! Help!
Don't shoot! Joe, drop.
Drop it! Don't hurt him.
Don't do that.
Put him down!
Joe, drop it. Drop it, I said.
Help! Help!
- Drop it, I said!
- Help!
Joe, drop it.
What are you doing?
Why, my friend, he was getting killed.
Well, Joe is my friend,
and you leave him alone.
Joe wouldn't hurt anybody.
He wouldn't if you treat him right.
Who are you, anyway?
What do you mean by this?
Well, your friend,
he came into our camp.
Your camp? If it's within five miles
of here, it's on my land.
This is all my property,
and you keep off of it, you big bullies.
Come on, Joe.
Come on, I said.
All right, Joe.
Come on, Joe, leave them alone.
Mind me. Come along.
Joe! Come on, Joe, leave them alone.
We're going home.
Am I dreaming or did I see a gorilla
and a beautiful dame?
Where did she go? Find out where
she lives. I gotta talk to her.
Well, I reckon you're right,
but I just wanna see the young lady.
I just wanna talk to the young lady.
I just wanna talk to the lady.
Afternoon, ma'am.
Seems like you always come just in time.
- What do you want?
- I'm Gregg Johnson.
I come to apologize.
With a gun?
Well, I kind of feel safer.
You were gonna shoot Joe.
But, ma'am, he had Mr. O'Hara.
If you hadn't come along, he-
- Oh, I was so frightened. Joe would've...
- He sure would.
If you'd let him alone,
there wouldn't have been any trouble.
- We didn't know he belonged to anybody.
- He doesn't belong to anybody.
He lives here. Goodbye.
Wait, ma'am. Mr. O'Hara, the boss,
he wants to talk to you.
- He sent me to ask you if it's all right.
- He's afraid?
Well, you can't blame him much.
Please don't be mad at us.
Well, I'm sorry, but you see,
Joe's the only friend I have.
Excuse me for asking,
but where's your folks?
I haven't any.
You live here and run this place alone?
It's not so hard.
The servants and field hands
all worked for my father for years.
He died six months ago.
I'm sorry.
It's a right pretty place.
I reckon this is my kind of country.
- But don't you ever get lonesome?
- Sometimes.
No, it's my home.
I've lived here all my life.
- It's beautiful. I love it. l-
- Hey, Gregg.
Tell your friends they can come out.
They don't need to be afraid.
How do you do, miss.
That gorilla around here?
Oh, don't worry.
I won't let him hurt you.
- I'm Max O'Hara. This is Mr. Crawford.
- My name's Jill Young.
Pleased to meet you, and I do mean
pleased. Gregg told you we apologize?
And I'm sorry I shouted at you.
Don't mention it. Just a little
misunderstanding all around.
Everything's jake now, huh?
Have I got plans for you, young lady.
Just wait till you hear.
I'll tell you all about it.
Let's sit down.
Well, come in, but no guns.
- No guns?
- No guns.
Don't you see what a great chance
this is for you, honey?
You must have heard of Hollywood.
- Yes, I've heard of it.
- That's where I'll open my nightclub.
I wanna make you a star.
You'll be the talk of the town.
Everybody'll be crazy about you.
You'll get beautiful clothes, have your
hair fixed up. You'll be a knockout.
But I can't sing or dance or-
Who cares about that? All I want you
to do is walk out on the stage.
You and Joe. Don't worry about a thing.
I got a contract here, all expenses paid.
With options, of course.
Oh, think of it, honey:
Music, glamour, bright lights, Hollywood.
You'll love it. Come on, honey, sign.
Excuse me for butting in, Mr. O'Hara.
I guess you'll be sore at me.
But, ma'am, you've got an awful pretty
place right here.
Maybe you won't like it back there.
Hey, you keep out of this.
Of course she'll like it. Why not?
It sounds wonderful. I've never
been anywhere. I'd love to travel.
And go to parties,
have beautiful clothes.
You'll meet famous people.
You'll be famous.
Oh, quit rushing her.
Yes, you don't even
give her time to think.
Say, what are you guys trying to do,
stab me in the back?
That's gratitude, queering my deal.
I'm a square shooter.
I never went back
on a contract in my life.
She don't even need a contract.
You take me for a cheap crook?
Think I rob widows and orphans?
I never did anybody dirt in my life.
Never in my life.
- Everybody knows that.
- O'Hara!
Why, my word's as good as my bond.
- Look out!
- Joe, stop!
Put it down, Joe.
Put that rock down.
Be quiet.
It's all right. Friends.
Joe, put that down, I tell you.
Mind me, this minute. Stop it.
Aren't you afraid of Joe?
I sure am,
but I don't want him to know it.
I think perhaps you could
make friends with him.
It's all right, Joe. Now, calm down.
Behave yourself. Now, listen.
That's a good boy.
Look, Joe, banana.
Will you be a good boy
if I give it to you?
A banana, Joe.
Want another one? Here.
Go on, now. Go away.
Oh, boy, what an act.
I gotta sign her up.
Oh, honey, you're wonderful. Sign it.
Go on, honey, please sign it.
It's the chance of your lifetime.
What are you waiting for?
You don't wanna waste your life
up in the woods like this.
Let me show you
what the real worid is like.
Thank you very much.
Mr. Daniels.
- Upstairs.
- And I thought you knew...
...every headwaiter in town.
- Some joint, huh?
- I'll say.
Gee, it looks just like Africa.
That's a good one.
What do you know about it?
Never even been out of the state.
Hey, I sure hope
that's a thick piece of glass.
Sure it is, lady.
O'Hara had that made special.
That'll hold anything.
- Let's have a drink.
- You like to try our new cocktail?
- It's called the King of Beasts.
- He doesn't need it.
Shut up, sugar,
or I'll throw you to the lions.
Lions are just darling.
I simply love them.
- You know what lions love, don't you?
- No.
Sweet little giris like you.
Oh, Micky, stop.
What do you suppose lions think about?
A drink. Maybe they're thirsty.
Poor kitty. Have a drink.
Kitty, kitty, kitty.
Who's Mr. Joseph Young?
How would I know?
That's Mr. O'Hara's big secret.
- Maxie's sure got a new angle.
- Yeah, but he never ran a zoo before.
He says these are the biggest lions
in the worid.
Sure, they would be. Leave it to Max.
- What do you suppose this set him back?
- Boy, suppose it's a flop.
Come on, drink up
and go look at the show.
- Maxie, give. Who is Mr. Joseph Young?
- Give us the dope so we can turn in stories.
Yeah, we got deadlines.
Who is Mr. Joseph Young?
- You'll find out. Go on out front.
- Right this way, gentlemen.
The big show is just commencing.
- What's all the mystery?
- Tell us what it's all about.
Yeah, then we won't have to look at it.
- I'm warning you, this better be good.
- It will be. I'll join you in just a minute.
Holy smoke.
Max, I'm sick of keeping my lip buttoned.
This isn't the way
we used to put over a show.
Windy, you are looking
at the new Max O'Hara.
Dignified, restrained, artistic.
Classy. Go on out front.
You might learn something.
Dignified. Restrained. Artistic.
The shy type.
Hiya, Windy.
All right, Mr. O'Hara, it's about time.
All set back there? Jill ready?
How's Joe acting?
- Just fine.
- Good thing Joe likes you.
He sure does. I can handle him
darn near as well as she can.
Your attention, please.
The one and only Max O'Hara.
Ladies and gentlemen...
...welcome to the Golden Safari.
I know you have all read of my exciting
adventures in darkest Africa.
But I have never given out the story
of the most wonderful experience of all.
That was the moment
when I first met, face to face...
...the gentleman I am
about to introduce to you.
But first you must meet
his lifelong friend.
It is my privilege to introduce
this charming young lady.
It is she alone who can completely control
the amazing power...
...of the personage whose name
appears in lights outside.
If you please.
This tune is an especial favorite
of Mr. Joseph Young.
For the love of Mike,
what's this supposed to be?
- Has Max gone nuts?
- Give it a chance, fellas. Give it a chance.
Ladies and gentlemen,
Mr. Joseph Young of Africa.
Ladies and gentlemen,
I thank you for your applause.
Here you see 10 men.
I have combed the country
to find these men.
Let me introduce them.
First, Sammy Stein.
"Killer" Karl Davis.
Rasputin, the Mad Russian.
"Bomber" Kulky.
- "Slamming" Sammy Menacker.
- That's my boy!
- Max, the Iron Man.
- Wow, what a man!
- "Wee" Willie Davis.
- Look, he's got fur!
"Man Mountain" Dean.
The Swedish ngel.
The former heavyweight champion
of the worid...
...Primo Carnera.
Just look at them.
Every one a champion.
Look at those brawny arms,
those massive chests.
I ask you, is there one creature
in all the worid...
...powerful enough
to overcome that combination?
That is the question
to which we seek an answer.
That is the test we are about to make.
When I give the signal,
the fearless little lady...
...will bring my friend,
Mr. Joseph Young-
- My friend-
- Joe, stop it.
Ladies and gentlemen, I thank you.
Here, Joe, take it.
Now, boys, pull it.
Pull, Joe. Pull.
Pull, Joe, pull. Pull.
Pull, Joe. Pull.
Pull, Joe. Pull!
Pull, Joe. Pull.
Pull, Joe.
Pull harder, Joe. Pull, Joe. Pull.
Pull, Joe. Pull!
Pull, Joe.
Joe, what are you doing?
Pick it up.
Pull, Joe.
Help! Help! Let me go!
Let me down!
Let me down!
Go on, fella, get in.
Poor old boy.
Sorry I have to lock you up.
Well, Joe, I don't like it
any more than you do.
But I reckon that's the way
it's gonna be.
- Hello, where are you going?
- Jill's tired. I'm taking her to the hotel.
Jill, honey, everything turned out
like I promised, huh?
- You're on top of the worid.
- How-?
How long do you think you'll want us?
Don't you worry about that.
Your contract's good.
You and Joe will be working
for me from now on.
Take good care of my little star, huh?
...that sounds like a long time, doesn't it?
Yeah, it sure does.
How big is he? How big is he?
How big is he?
Give me your autograph.
- That girl from Africa.
- The one with the gorilla?
Hey, how about a pass to the show?
Miss Young, my name is-
I'd like to get a pass to the show.
Go on, eat your dinner.
Lost your appetite, haven't you?
Guess I have too.
Poor old Joe. I don't blame you.
- Hello. Been mobbed again?
- Yes.
Mr. O'Hara said he'd make you famous.
- How's Joe today?
- He won't eat.
I was so stupid. I never realized
he'd have to live in a cage.
Too bad.
Guess he's just too big for them.
My poor Joe, he's so unhappy.
That sign outside...
...I know just how he feels.
Ten weeks. It seems like 10 years.
Please don't cry, Jill.
Come on upstairs to O'Hara's office.
We've had enough of this.
Hello, children, come on in.
Well, we sure struck gold in California.
Business is great.
What can I do for you?
Jill's quitting.
Mr. O'Hara, Joe and I
are going home to Africa.
- Are you crazy?
- Max, you talk too much.
- Now she wants more dough.
- No, it's got nothing to do with money.
- I want to take Joe back home.
- But you can't. You signed a contract.
You know that contract's no good.
She's underage.
- Hey, maybe you put her up to this.
- You keep out of this, Windy.
Look, honey, you can't do this to me.
You're throwing away good money.
You're breaking my heart.
I'm a square guy.
I told you I'd make you a star,
that you'd have beautiful clothes.
You're famous.
You're all dressed up.
- I kept my promise, didn't I?
- Mr. O'Hara, I'm sorry.
I don't wanna seem ungrateful.
You've been very kind.
You think all this is wonderful.
I thought it was going to be too.
But Joe can't live in a cage, and...
- ...neither can I.
- Oh, honey, talk sense.
It is sense. We're not going to kill Joe.
Well, all right,
if that's the way you feel, but...
But you'll give me a little time.
I mean, I've got to get
another act to take your place.
I've got to protect my investment.
You wouldn't just walk out on me.
Why, of course, l-
I want to do whatever is right.
Sure you do. Now, I'm gonna
take you out and buy you a swell lunch.
Just to show you there's no hard feelings.
I knew you wouldn't let old Maxie down.
Don't you worry about a thing.
Just don't rush me...
...and everything's gonna
turn out all right.
You want to go,
I wouldn't try to talk you out of it.
I'd be the last person
in the worid that would ever...
- What's that?
- Big money for the big monkey.
Ladies and gentlemen...
...when the music starts again,
start throwing your money.
One table has a lucky number.
If Mr. Joseph Young picks it up...
...it means free champagne. Ready?
Pick it up.
Pick it up, Joe.
Your cap, Joe. Take off your cap, Joe.
Stop! Stop!
- Who got the lucky number?
- The monkey never even picked it up.
It's a gyp. O'Hara stopped the act so
he wouldn't have to give away a drink.
Cigars? Cigarettes?
Hi, babe. Sit down, join the party.
No, thank you, sir. Cigars? Cigarettes?
- Come on, sit down.
- I can't do that, sir. Cigarettes?
But, look, you've ruined my-
- Say, I'll have to pay for these.
- Shut up. Get out.
- Go on, scram. Get out.
- Run along, kid. It's okay.
Listen, you guys...
...cut out the rough stuff
or I'll throw you to the lions.
Kid's cigarettes will be on your check.
Enjoy yourselves, gentlemen.
- Who does he think he is?
- Insulting us.
- This joint's dead. Let's get out of here.
- Hey, wait a minute.
- I got a great idea. Wait a minute.
- I wanna have some fun.
Let's buy a drink
for the big monkey, huh?
- Where's O'Hara?
- Don't worry about him, he's gone.
Come on, everybody bring a bottle.
That's a great idea.
That grouch O'Hara,
let's show him we can have some fun.
Poor old monkey.
Bet O'Hara never bought him a drink.
Come on, follow me.
- You better eat something.
- I can't.
How could I let Mr. O'Hara talk me
into doing that new act tonight?
He's a fast talker.
Think of me letting Joe
stand up there...
...and be a target, a clown...
...for all those awful people.
I'll never do it again.
You bet you won't.
That's too dangerous.
There, you see?
I told you I could find him.
Look at him, very sad.
- He isn't having any fun.
- He needs a drink.
Make him feel good, like us.
Come on, fella. Won't you-?
Won't you join us, Mr. Young?
It's good for you. Forget your troubles.
Come on, that's a sport.
This is good stuff.
Watch me.
Good. See?
Now you take it.
Come on. Don't you wanna feel good?
Try it. It'll grow hair on your chest.
That's a boy. Come on, that's it.
- You think he'll like it?
- Of course he'll like it. Just what he needs.
Come on, try it.
He doesn't know what to do with it.
Hey, chum, watch me.
He caught on. Look at that,
he drinks like a gentleman.
- Look at him pour it down.
- He likes it, all right.
Here's looking at you, Mr. Joseph Young.
- Wants more.
- Why don't you give it to him.
- I gave him mine.
- Okay, big boy.
- We're showing him a good time.
- Sure. We're good sports.
And Mr. Young's a good sport.
That's right, Mr. Young.
- Look at that, two bottles.
- Can you imagine the size of his hangover?
Oh, brother.
What a headache he's gonna have.
I'd like to see O'Hara throw him out.
Please stop worrying.
I won't let O'Hara talk you out of it.
Just to make sure that he doesn't, I'll stand
on the pier until your ship is out of sight.
That's wonderful.
I wish I could make Joe understand
we're really going home.
But aren't you coming too?
But if you don't,
that would spoil everything.
You're always saying
what a wonderful place my farm is.
You mean you don't want to go back.
Listen, Jill, you can't go around
asking guys to go to Africa with you.
I don't. I'm asking you.
Well, of course I wanna go
any place you go...
...but I didn't figure
you felt like that. Do you?
Of course I do.
Great day in the morning.
Excuse, please.
Jumping catfish, what a thirst.
- Don't you wish you could do that?
- He's just a hog.
He doesn't leave any for us.
That's gratitude.
I'll bet you he could drink up
all the liquor in this joint.
Well, I'm not gonna buy him any more.
He's drunk. Disgusting.
Listen, Mr. Young, if you can't handle
your liquor, you shouldn't drink.
You drank all our good liquor,
you big moocher.
- You ought to be ashamed.
- What, again?
- No, lay off, will you?
- You drank it all.
I'll teach you.
Drink all our liquor, will you?
He'll get out!
- Look out!
- Help! Help!
He's out! He's out!
Look out! Look out!
Get out of the way!
Please, don't rush! Please don't panic.
Take it easy, will you? Don't run.
Take it easy, folks.
Help! Help!
- What's happened?
- Joe's loose. He's gone crazy.
- Help me get in.
- Come on.
That ape tried to kill me.
Hear that? Police.
- They'll shoot Joe.
- Keep them out. Give me just a minute.
Joe! Joe!
Stop it!
Stop it, Joe!
Stop that, Joe. Come on.
Come on, Joe.
Please get up, Joe.
All right, break it up! Break it up!
Wait a minute, boys.
Take it easy, will you, fellas?
- Out of the way!
- Wait a minute.
Hurry, Joe.
Shooting the lions!
Oh, no.
Your Honor...
...l'm not unsympathetic
to Miss Young.
But in view of the destruction and panic
already caused by this dangerous animal...
...I cannot allow sentiment
to influence me.
Again, I submit that the court order
should be carried out.
I'm very sorry, Miss Young,
but he must be shot.
He'll never break out again, lady.
Them new bars will hold anything.
There isn't anything I can do, Joe.
I tried.
They wouldn't listen.
Gregg and I were gonna take you
back home.
It was nice back there
at home, wasn't it?
Nobody hated us.
Nobody wanted to kill...
Now, lady,
you don't wanna act like that.
You don't wanna be down here
when they come to shoot him.
Look, you go and find O'Hara
and the young fella.
They're likely upstairs in the office.
Go on, now.
That's a good girl.
Well, it's after 8:00.
Where's Schultz and his court order?
- I don't like this job much.
- It's just like shooting a mad dog.
Well, let's get it done.
I got a date tonight.
Chin up, kid.
Max has a scheme.
I don't know what,
but we're not licked yet.
- But where did they go?
- I don't know.
But you can count on Max.
Those men are coming.
They'll shoot Joe.
- We've got a plan, Jill.
- We'll get Joe out.
- Get him out of the state?
- Out of the country.
- Joe's going back to Africa.
- You mean it?
Listen, honey.
I've been doing a lot of thinking.
If Joe gets shot, it's my fault.
You and Joe don't belong here.
I talked you into this.
It's up to me to get you out.
I'll get you back home
if I have to go to jail for it.
We paid the captain
of a freighter down at the harbor.
He promised us not to sail till 6:00
in the morning.
How will we get Joe out?
There's police there.
I've got a plan.
It will take split-second timing.
We've all gotta work together.
Now, listen...
Hello, Moran.
Just came down to take my last look
at poor old Joe.
Okay by me.
Just keep that girl out of here.
They'll be here to shoot him in a minute.
Too bad.
I got a lot of money tied up in you.
Goodbye, Joe.
I should have left you in Africa,
where you belong.
The old heart. Help me.
Upstairs. My office.
Easy, now. Easy, now.
You'll be all right.
My office.
- My medicine.
- Take it easy, I've got you.
Good evening, O'Hara.
What's the matter, Moran?
- Why aren't you guarding the ape?
- He took sick. I had to help him.
- My heart. Sit down.
- No thanks.
- Here's the court order. We'll do the job.
- No, don't go. Wait.
- I got a date.
- I haven't read the court order.
Nothing wrong with it.
- You coming?
- No, my heart. The strain.
- Come on.
- Let's go this way. It's shorter.
This won't take long.
Getting kind of careless,
aren't you, Moran?
Hey, he's gone!
Hurry, Joe, get in.
Hey, you, stop!
They got into a white van.
Get to a phone! O'Hara's office.
Schultz wants you up in my office.
Right in here.
Police headquarters.
Operator. Police headquarters.
Operator, wake up! Wake up!
Schultz, here's a tip-off.
A map of Las Vegas.
- They're getting out of state.
- Here I am.
- O'Hara said you wanted me.
- O'Hara?
Operator. Oper-
- I'll get that guy! Get to a phone.
- Get to a phone.
O'Hara ought to catch up along here
somewhere. Watch out for him.
Hey, take a look at this.
Get to a phone.
Turn in a general alarm.
Hold it. I hope the kids made it.
I'll take a look.
Here they come.
So long, Windy. Be seeing you.
- Step on it, Gregg.
- I gotta get some air in that front tire.
Give us some air in the left front.
Got a slow leak.
- You want I should change your wheel?
- No, I'm in a hurry.
Yeah, in a big white van,
probably heading for Las Vegas.
Calling all cars. Escaped gorilla
in large white van headed north.
Animal very dangerous. Shoot on sight.
Fine, it worked.
They think we're headed north.
- What happened? What was that?
- I don't know, but Joe's all right.
- Okay, Schultz, we go north, huh?
- Those roads are well covered.
That map may be one of O'Hara's tricks.
We go south.
- What you got?
- One for the tank, sarge...
...and has he got the horrors.
Running up and down the road,
yelling like a banshee.
Take him back.
I'll book him when he's sober.
Now, hold on. That's my old man's lingo.
Get me headquarters.
Captain O'Toole?
This is Obrinski.
Yeah, we just got a report on the gorilla.
This is the real thing.
Calling all cars. Escaped gorilla
reported at service station...
...Duane and Tilford.
Hey, that's not far from here.
Repeat. Escaped gorilla reported
at service station, Duane and Tilford.
They got us spotted.
They know we're headed south.
What will we do?
Look out!
What do you think you're doing?
Wanna get us all killed?
- Who you yelling at?
- Get off of the road.
You asked for it.
- I'll move the truck.
- Jill, get Joe out.
- What's the idea?
- How much gas has he got?
Oh, I get it. Half a tank.
- Help Jill.
- Right.
- Hey, you seen a big white van?
- Sure did.
- There's something funny about it.
- Going south?
- Yeah.
- That's it.
Hurry, Joe. Hurry!
Get in, Joe. Get in.
Take that road.
It's the back way to the harbor.
I'll see you at the ship.
I hope so.
There it is.
- O'Hara. What are you doing here?
- Was I going too fast?
Come out of there. You thought
you'd put one over on me, didn't you?
This is a great indignity.
I demand an explanation.
- Shut up. Open those doors.
- Wait! What are you going to do?
- Shoot that gorilla.
- It's empty.
- Don't open it.
- Get out!
Don't open it. You'll be sorry.
You'll be sorry. You'll get hurt.
Ready, boys? Open the door.
Hey, where's my truck?
Somebody stole my truck.
You smart aleck.
You got the gorilla in a truck.
- What you talking about?
- Where are they?
- Not your business.
- Come!
- Want him too?
- For what?
O'Hara, you're obstructing justice.
Where's that gorilla?
You better start talking, O'Hara.
- I think I'm gonna have a heart attack.
- Fine, have it in there.
Turn around. Back to that crossroad.
That's where they went.
I wonder how long Mr. O'Hara
can hold them.
I don't know,
but we better get off this road.
I wonder where that fool
thinks he's going.
Hang on!
Get out, Joe.
Come on, Joe, push!
Like this, Joe. Push!
- A truck just went down there.
- That must be it.
Push, Joe! Push!
Here they come.
There's the gorilla. Shoot!
Get in, Joe!
- No, you'll hit the girl!
- Get the tires!
- Come on, you, push!
- I will not.
Go in.
Two more. Two more children upstairs.
Children, where are you?
Get to the roof.
Joe! Joe!
Joe, in here.
Go back, Joe. Go up.
There's a baby up there, Joe.
Go up, Joe. Joe, go up.
My poor Joe.
It's all right, kid. There's nobody
in the worid gonna shoot Joe now.
No, no, no. It isn't big enough.
Max O'Hara, I didn't know
you were back in New York.
Read the paper.
I've been back for months.
Hi, Max. I got 200 giris for you to look at.
They'll be at the pool tomorrow, 10:00.
- They all gotta swim like fish.
- Sure.
It'll be the greatest water show.
Singers, dancers, jugglers, acrobats...
- ...all in the water.
- I can get you a great act.
- It could work on a raft.
- What?
- Monkeys.
- Nix. Cut it out, will you? See you later.
- Hey, what is this?
- I got a big surprise for you, Maxie.
What is it? Hurry it up.
I got a million things to do.
You've got time for this.
Wait till you see it.
Look at that.
The kids told me to spring it on you.
Crawford took it.
He went up there to visit them.
Hi, Jill.
Hello, Max.
Hey, they said, "Hello, Max."
And they lived happily ever after.
I sure hope so.
They will. They're back home
where they belong.