Mikhael (2019) Movie Script

Did Sir reach?
- He reached early in the morning.
Will this be trouble?
He's really worked up.
The deceased is Johnny,
from Irinjalakkuda.
A medium range businessman who makes return
trips to Dubai, once every two months.
He was on his way home,
from the airport.
What do you think?
He is a carrier?
The car which was parked there during
the incident, was taken from here.
I don't remember much.
You don't remember?
Do you give cars
so irresponsibly?
There wasn't much bargaining.
He took it for a test drive.
He didn't come back.
I've given a complaint
to the police.
Sir, don't try to threaten me.
It's been quite long since
I started this job.
It hasn't been very long
since I started this job.
Put him in our car.
No, sir.
It was Johnny who came.
The one who is with
Adat Georgettan.
You know him, right sir?
Around 30 cases were captured
in the past one month alone.
Per day, around 100 kilos of
gold goes out from here legally.
And much more, illegally.
The profit is quite less
in this gold business.
Since its a business with less profit,
what do we do?
We'll find ways to
increase the profit.
The biggest gold merchants of India,
are in Kerala.
In the shops in Thrissur & Ernakulam alone,
around 150-200 kilos of
gold are sold per day.
Where does this extra
gold come from?
That's where the roles of people
like Johnny come into play.
Johnny who was a carrier for Adat,
did that job for someone else.
They finished him off,
and took the gold.
This is a warning for
many people, as well.
We may not be able to stand
up against Adat George, sir.
Let's try....
if we can!
Georgetta, move your car.
The boys don't know
how much it is worth.
They will ruin it.
Yeah right!
Then they will know what I'm worth.
I want to see which player would
dare to kick the ball to my car!
Move the car.
The boys are really naughty.
If they say that they
will kick, they will.
Ask him to call foul.
Shouldn't you play carefully?
Or else, we'll have to
come for the penalty.
You're new, right?
Come to my office.
Don't count me among those who come
to your office to enjoy your feasts.
Get into the car.
Move your car, sir.
Let me play.
It's a business that my
forefathers started.
Not just you, even if your
father comes and tells me,
I will spit at you saying 'Get
lost, you watch-dog in Khaki'.
Why are you so arrogant?
Don't show me your attitude of
selling that shit-coloured metal.
Get into the car.
Get going, sir.
this is not Tamil Nadu,
to finish him off in an encounter.
You won't be able to bear
George's counter attack.
Sir, I have statements
against him.
I will present him
before the Magistrate.
Sreenivasan is from Tamil Nadu.
He doesn't know the
usual procedure here.
You should have
acted accordingly.
Now your fate is
to suffer for it.
If he has done something
foolish, please forgive him.
I have never been
drenched in the rain.
Let alone the raindrops
from the tree.
You also sit.
Jerry, what are you doing?
Eat your food properly.
You can be a powerful businessman like
your dad, only if you eat food properly.
I don't want to be a businessman.
I want to be a police officer.
'Death will come one day'
'Remember, oh man'
'Your actions in this lifetime
would follow you'
'Perform good deeds'
'Without being lazy'
'Death will come one day'
'Remember, oh man'
'Your actions in this lifetime
would follow you'
'Perform good deeds'
'Without being lazy'
Three among the four policemen who went to
arrest George Peter that day, were killed..
including Sreenivasan sir.
They used to get things
done with bribes.
But now, they get it done
with their physical might.
It's George Peter who
controls everything.
I am waiting for my death now.
We can't do anything, sir.
Let me see if I can do something.
Sreenivasan sir also
said the same thing.
Good quality Garcinia
is not available now.
We have to buy coriander and chilly
and get them crushed ourselves.
Mom is particular about that.
So whatever dish I make,
it will have that quality.
So it's not my special
culinary skill or anything.
I'll call you later then.
If the dish is good,
send some here.
What do we feed you here?
Haven't I told you not to call me sir?
That's it.
Now tell me.
What do we feed you here?
Georgetta, forgive me.
It's red rice!
Didn't you just show the arrogance of getting
first class Palakkad red rice to eat?
I didn't have any other way
to get my sister married.
That's why I carried gold away from
here in my pocket, little by little.
And did your sister get married?
It's over?
Why didn't you call me then?
It's not a sin that can't
be absolved with a prayer.
There's a fasting this evening.
'Death will come one day'
'Remember, oh man'
'Your actions in this lifetime
would follow you'
'Perform good deeds'
'Without being lazy'
'Death will come one day'
'Remember, oh man'
Both the deceased used to
kill and steal together.
Now they can be buried together.
There would be people to
question this, right?
This is only a breeze.
The storm is yet to come.
Let's see.
The blade from this batch.
Whom did you give it to?
I don't really note that here.
I want to know who
exactly bought this.
Apart from hospitals, some nursing homes,
and some practicing doctors also buy this.
I need the list of those doctors.
That will be quite difficult
I am ready to face that difficulty.
The loss is not only for you.
If you intend on killing
each other for this...
there won't be anything left.
I don't trust you.
Hey Marco!
If I have done it,
I will admit it with pride.
My b are strong
enough for that.
Abraham, enough!
Marco has come here to talk,
upon my request.
It's out of his respect for Davichayan.
This Davis doesn't have to kill
George, to expand my business.
The Mangalorean who killed
your dad, Marco Sr....
To shoot him right on his chest,
George came to me for help!
When the war starts, George used
to hold his hands like this,
and show that he's about to begin.
And when it's over, he used to
raise both his hands and laugh.
Then who is it?
For what?
That's what.
That's what we need to find out.
All of us need to know
who killed George.
Somebody is trying to
be more evil than us.
Shall I leave, Ichaya?
- Okay.
If you have any brains,
this is the time to use it.
If you finish off Marco,
nothing would be over.
What's your wage like?
This is not the time
to measure my loyalty.
Think properly
about what I said.
I need both of you.
That doesn't mean that we should
spare the one who killed your son.
How was this situation created?
Who is behind this?
Davichayan killed 3 people
in the middle of the road.
He thought no would give
a witness statement.
But he was wrong.
Some Johnny from Pala,
gave a witness statement.
He bumped him off.
Even though he took the
case to the Supreme Court,
he got trapped.
Now he's on life imprisonment.
He's in a sanatorium, claiming that
he's under treatment for mental health.
He rules sitting there.
The Abraham who died now,
is his eldest son.
It is said that God calls good
people back early, right?
Considering that,
the last one who should
be leaving this earth,
has died now.
Heartfelt condolences to you.
Wasn't it Marco who did it?
Eagle Eesa.
I've heard a lot about you.
If the game is interesting,
cheer for the players,
without taking sides.
If you are intending
on enforcing your law,
we're not the old police officers who
would enjoy watching it from a distance.
We don't need a referee here.
Let's go.
He came during the rain.
On his neck,
there was a chain, with
Saint Mikhael's locket.
I need a list of doctors from
all the hospitals in the city.
Especially a person who wasn't on duty,
on last Monday afternoon.
A man who predominantly uses his left hand,
than his right.
A born left-hander.
A leftie!
This Patrick is a combination
of both Narada and Shakuni.
He has planned some operation.
Have you brought your gun?
- Sir.
It is quite troublesome to
follow someone like this.
The most valuable head
next in line, is his.
My calculations haven't gone wrong.
Our people are all around.
Whoever he is,
he will come in search of him.
When and how, is
what we don't know.
I'll call you later.
Come on, man!
I am waiting.
Did you see all those cars?
They are all his people.
But, there's one rat among them.
You bloody!
What the f@#$!
Who was it?
Did you see him?
Tell me.
You're taking my dying declaration?
Yes. I saw him.
I saw him very clearly.
Then tell me.
First you save my life.
Otherwise, I know...
You will finish me off.
Patrick, who is it?
Tell me.
- Obey what I said.
Bring the sketch artist and the
Magistrate to record the statement,
immediately to the Medical College.
- Nothing will happen to you.
Not to the Medical College.
- Sir.
To the best hospital in this city.
Okay sir.
Send all this people away.
- Okay.
Each and every corner should be
under our control. - Yes sir.
Don't let anyone inside
without checking them.
Specially check the vehicles
that come through the gate.
Patrick, who has done this to you?
Come on, tell me.
Patrick, I'm asking you.
Who has done this to you?
Come on!
Come on! Bloody hell, Patrick.
Tell me who has done this to you?
You should step outside, please.
This whole place is
under our control, sir.
We can't trust even the shadow around us.
When there's light, it will disappear.
That girl is really strong.
If you can't, tell me.
Take a decision.
Hey! Keep quiet.
The one who won
should be praised.
When the fallen rises up,
the winner should fall.
You can do it, Jenny.
Come on!
- Jenny!
Attack through the right side.
She's a left hander.
Right side will always be weak.
Take it as an advantage.
- Mike, please.
You escaped because
of pure luck.
You know how many competitions
I've won, when I was young?
Mike, you're such a braggart!
You came with me and made me lose
the little confidence I had.
I said it so that you
don't get injured.
I'm a doctor, right?
Why don't you do something
that you actually can?
I'm really tired.
I have to sleep.
Drive carefully.
Don't teach me how to drive.
As if you're some old aunty!
This is why you got beaten up.
Who's that?
Where are you looking when
you're driving? You loser!
Come on, hit me.
Hit me on my chest!
Have you told anyone at home?
If you don't look at the
road while driving...
I'll kick you and rip you apart.
Got it?
Such losers!
It was his mistake, right?
For bringing me here alive.
My dear...
- Thank you.
Aren't you coming in?
This has been going
on for so long.
Who's a stranger to you here?
Whom are you being
so adamant against?
I'm not interfering
in your life, Mummy.
I like to see you happy.
Like that, let me be adamant.
For Jenny, Antony is
like her own dad.
But he's not our own dad, right?
Hey! Are you a doctor?
What the hell? You've been
scribbling for so long!
Examine him, man!
Who are you?
You'll examine him only
if you know who I am?
Who let him inside?
I don't need anyone's
help to come in here.
Examine him, man!
Chetta, he has a breathing problem.
Can't you see that we're giving him Oxygen?
Please go outside.
Aren't there any other
qualified doctors here?
Is he the one to bring death
to my brother in law?
Hey! You go outside!
I am the doctor here, right?
- Is it?
Then you go outside.
- I'll go.
My second wife has only one brother.
And he's lying here,
waiting for his death.
My dear brother in law.
Don't just keep staring,
and at least take an X Ray!
He is calling me.
What is it, bro?
Please go outside,
you moron!
What is your disease actually?
I have cough.
Hey! Don't cough like this.
Isn't this a hospital?
When did it start?
It's been one month.
Can't you see some other
doctor for such diseases?
What else is wrong?
My foot pains, when I walk.
Let's do an MRI scan.
MRI is very good for that.
Michael, come with me.
You lack responsibility.
When someone comes to casualty,
haven't I told you to prescribe
the needful tests and scans?
Yes, but only if it's
needed, right sir?
Michael, son...
if you can prescribe it, do it.
Casualty has a target.
If others can do it,
you can also do it.
Otherwise, this James will have
to interfere in your matter.
That might not be good for you.
By painting everyone
else in a bad light,
one person alone needn't
be all truthful here.
Got it?
A Karate practitioner
is an artist as well.
He can conquer not only someone's
body, but his mind too.
Haven't you heard of Jackie Chan?
Bruce Lee?
Jet Li?
Tony Jaa!
Your biggest fortune is that you
got someone like me as your coach.
As a sportsman,
you can make money,
gain fame and respect,
and you'll get several accolades.
Only I know the ways to achieve them,
and that makes me unique
from other coaches.
Even after knowing all this,
why didn't you get any of that, Chetta?
- No. Sir.
Sir, you'll hear a mouthful from me.
Breaking my son's arm
is called practice?
What happens here?
I want to know.
Well, it happened
between the practice.
In fact, this is the first time.
It's Gerard.
Gerard did it deliberately.
He has a grudge against me.
Who is this Gerard?
Gerard Peter.
You and your stupid
monkey-style haircut!
I've warned you several times.
Haven't I told you that there's no place
for personal rivalry during practice?
I didn't know...
that his arm would break
with just a touch.
I'll punch you!
And it was not deliberate?
- No.
Master, Gerard behaves
indecently towards girls.
He wants to fight
with girls, it seems.
He speaks indecently towards
Maria and Riya.
This is your final warning.
When will you reach back?
Don't roam around
too much at night.
He doesn't even know to
take care of himself.
You have your mobile
phone, right?
Don't find faults
with Mike, Chachan.
I have my phone with me.
I'll sort you out today.
Stop there!
Stop there!
I'll finish you today.
- Come! Come!
Stop there!
- This way!
Hey you!
If I see you in this Panchayat
ever again, I'll break your legs.
He's messing with
this Valavil Varkey!
Why did you run?
Why did he hit you?
A politician was brought
here after an accident.
I gave him just one injection.
He died.
- Injection?
Hey! It's not the injection's fault.
It's like this in casualty.
The relatives of some patients,
will feel relieved only if
they hit the doctor.
These are his party workers though.
So it's risky to
be a doctor, huh?
Anyway, you could have hit him back.
Haven't us Christians
learnt from the Bible,
to show the other cheek, when
we're slapped on one cheek?
Doesn't the Bible say 'An eye for an
eye and a tooth for a tooth', as well?
Even Jesus had picked up a cane.
You're quite something, huh?
You'll get me beaten up again!
But it's bad to hide
after getting slapped.
They have left.
Why are you doing all this?
You just came here, right doctor?
You will learn soon.
They didn't touch you
because you're lady.
Or else, you'd have
been slapped for sure.
If they touch me, I'll complain.
Even we have
associations, right?
However much we treat them,
God takes back 10% of the people.
From that, the relatives of 3%, would leave
the hospital after hitting the doctor.
Michael, what about the matter I asked you?
What matter?
Keep quiet, Doctor.
What did that Doctor say?
That she likes me, I am
handsome, 'I love you', etc.
She says it daily.
- Oh God!
- Did she propose to you?
I get 3-4 proposals daily
in this hospital, dear.
Might be in your dream.
Anyway, I liked her.
You did?
- Yes.
You really liked her?
- Yes.
Then you marry her.
Got it?
She liked her, it seems.
It was a real surprise for me.
I didn't expect it at all.
Who? Me?
Why did you bring all this?
Can't you come without all this?
- That is Anna.
Where is your son?
My dream, my hope and my life.
For the past 3 years,
we have been in love.
You never told me that
you had a girlfriend.
You are yet to know
a lot about me.
I didn't like her.
Just... Jealousy!
One minute.
I'll be right back.
- Yes. I know.
Happy Birthday to you...
Happy Birthday Dear Anna!
Happy Birthday to you!
Thank you.
Thank you.
Will you marry me?
Anna, will you marry me?
What is this, Michael?
To spoil such a good day.
What are you saying?
You know what?
Varghese and I have been in
a relationship for a year.
What about us?
There's nothing between us.
And, I was never satisfied
in our relationship.
Who doesn't like a change?
You'll get a much
better girl than me.
And we will always be friends.
You needn't have dumped.
You can wipe it off later.
She dumped me.
Will it be Aju Varghese?
Who does she think she is?
My bad luck that I felt like
giving her a ring then.
Oh God! My money is also gone.
Anyway, I wasn't very
interested in this.
I just tried for the sake of it.
Are you sad?
It's good.
It will go away after quite some time.
But how could she...
You need at least a minimum sense to
understand that girls are cheating you.
Wait and watch.
There won't be another
girl in my life.
Oh no! Don't say that!
There are 3-4 girls who
propose daily, right?
You should select one from them.
Hey! You're overdoing it.
Shall we go home?
I'm not coming.
- Is it because Chachan is there?
Yeah. I'm not coming.
Has our papa held
me in his hands?
Papa's main hobby was to carry you around.
Ever since Papa died,
I feel like that I
don't have anyone.
All of us are there, right?
Me and Mummy...?
How did Papa die?
Papa, shall I drive?
Is that necessary?
Go! Go!
To the left!
Slowly, son..
Hold it straight.
Mike, a car!
It was Ichayan's fault.
Why did he do such
a foolishness?
Mike shouldn't have done that.
If he hadn't done that...
my husband would have
been with me now.
He became the reason for
his own father's death.
I shouldn't have said that.
I gave him a feeling that,
it was him who ended Papa's life.
After that, my son
hasn't stayed with me.
He must have been hurt.
He never got close to anyone after that.
He didn't speak to anyone.
Are you an idiot?
We asked you!
Didn't you kill your dad?
I'll make him talk.
There's a rat amongst them.
Yes. A rat.
You are crazy.
Go to sleep.
Rat means, a spy.
The one who gives
information to the police.
Someone like that is calling sir
and giving him information.
Who would that be?
Is there any benefit
if you find him?
The investigation is happening only
according to Eesa sir's calculation.
And sir is not revealing much.
That means, you want to be a worker
who's bigger than the leader.
Your tongue is a disaster.
Otherwise, you could just hang around
with him, listening to him, right?
But if you want to catch the rat,
you have to become a cat.
That means, you should get rid of
the thought that you're a tiger.
You go to sleep.
Good night.
If you want to find the informer, why don't
you just check your sir's call details?
That's right.
Great! So you didn't
know all this, huh?
I don't think of
such simple methods.
You understand the seriousness
of what you're doing, right?
And I feel something fishy.
I found our killer.
I was in search of the rat...
But there's no one like that.
What I did must be really bad
in your point of view...
It's a doctor who calls you
and gives you information.
Dr. Michael.
A young doctor who handles the
casualty department at Star Hospital.
He called you from the location
where Patrick was shot.
According to my inference,
that doctor is the killer.
After shooting Patrick.
the doctor reached the hospital.
You took Patrick him to him,
in a half-dead condition.
He finished off
Patrick very easily.
His movement is clearly shown
through the mobile signals.
Michael contacts you often,
and you also contact him often.
Now tell me.
What's your role in this?
Why did you make me a
witness to this drama?
I underestimated you.
You have an investigative inquisitiveness
that's mostly found in women.
Otherwise, instead of
looking for the killer,
you won't look for
the informer, right?
Don't trust even your own shadow...
It will disappear as soon as light appears.
It was you who told me that.
Are you challenging me?
- No, sir.
I just want to know the truth.
A dog pees with its legs held up.
And comes back and smells it,
so that it doesn't forget its path.
What you're doing
right now is that.
We're going to take
Dr. Michael into our custody.
I've taken permission
from higher officials,
since I felt that you're
also involved in this.
If you give answers to
my doubts correctly,
I may be able to understand you.
To clear your doubts,
I'm not a teacher
who's teaching you.
For smoking in a
Government office,
you can charge a petty case.
That's all you can do now.
Just a minute, sir.
A dog raises both its hands
and stands on its legs.
I needn't tell you want
that is for, right?
Sorry sir.
You are under
police custody now.
I said you have your own limitations.
Sir, you're still standing
where you were earlier.
If the Doctor is taken into custody,
things would go out of control.
Freeze all actions.
Don't take Michael into custody.
I'll tell you the whole story.
His story.
History of Mikhael.
- Ashok!
Stop all actions for the time being.
- Okay sir.
Did you think that if you complain,
that Master would get rid of me?
You're a champion, right?
You beat me first.
Then you can be a champion!
You're becoming weak because
you aren't eating properly.
Would anyone say that you're
from a good family seeing you?
Eat it, I say!
Eat this egg as well.
Eat it!
What happened to you?
With energy consumption...
being the buzzword in
developing economies...
around the world,
fears of an energy crisis...
looming ahead are not
totally unfounded.
The non-renewable nature
of fossil fuels...
makes complete dependence on
these for future energy needs.
A very dicey affair.
Renewable energy sources are
the best bet in this scenario.
She's not eating anything.
She doesn't want to go to class either.
What do I do?
What is this, Jenny?
Gerard did something foolish.
That's all, right?
It's me...
He died because of me.
I shouldn't have done anything.
It happened that day because
Gerard hurt you, right?
That boy's father is here.
You don't worry, dear.
From tomorrow, be a good girl
and come to class, okay?
Why are you sad, dear?
He was this uncle's son, right?
But this uncle is not
being sad, right?
My son made a mistake.
I don't understand why he
ended his life for that.
He must have been really sad.
He must have been humiliated.
He has a habit of winning everywhere.
That's why.
Do you think my son
would have cried then?
He must have wept before he died.
Right, dear?
It's not your fault, dear.
It's not your mistake.
Then why are you sad?
Be a good girl and go to school.
After going to school...
you should do something
for this uncle.
Not very soon...
You can take your time.
Once you get back to school,
and become all active,
you should do what I say.
Gerard jumped, right?
You should go to that terrace.
And just like he jumped,
you should also jump from there.
Won't you do what this uncle said?
I need that.
Only then I would feel relieved.
No one else needs to know.
Your mummy or step-father or anyone!
If you tell this to anyone....
I will kill all of them.
Won't you do this for uncle, dear?
Not for me...
For Gerard!
... scarcity and the need for water
conservation and management.
Given the abundance and
renewability of water,
it is difficult to imagine that we
may suffer from water scarcity.
The moment we speak
of water shortages,
we immediately associate
it with regions having
low rainfall, or those
that are drought prone.
We instantly visualize the
deserts of Rajasthan...
and women balancing 'Matka's.
He's following the
child and scaring her....
Waiting outside the
house at night....
Following her
everywhere she goes...
You should do something.
If this is the case, she's saying
that she won't go to school.
She's quite petrified.
Why is he scaring my child like this?
What wrong did she do for that?
I need to talk to Jennifer.
What does he tell you, dear?
That I should also jump from the
school terrace, like Gerard.
I am scared of him.
Why are you so scared, Jennifer?
He said that he would kill Mummy
& Chachan if I don't jump.
He is a mad man.
He's saying that Gerard is
waiting for you in heaven.
So, just obey what
that uncle told you.
What happened to you?
It is that boy's fate.
Why should you be sad for that?
It's not all that.
- Then?
What's the point in telling you?
Will you be able to help me, Mike?
It's my fault.
It's because of me.
What all are you saying?
What mistake did you do?
Let's go.
Class is about to start.
Did that girl jump, sir?
How long has it been
since you came here?
To the crime branch?
It's been 2 months.
I still haven't
understood you so far.
I demanded you to be in my team,
because your records were impressive.
I always have that respect for you, sir.
- Yeah right.
- Did you catch the rat?
Sir, I'll be right back.
It's my wife.
Don't believe whatever he's saying.
See that you don't get trapped.
Listen to it fully.
And see to it that you don't get hurt,
and that you don't
lose your job.
If you need anything,
call me.
I'll tell you the rest of the story.
I've sent your share
to your account, mom.
Business hasn't been great this month.
Don't shout at me for that.
Why has business been dull?
My son died very recently.
I couldn't take care.
Your son?
Or the business?
Even if I have to kill someone,
I'll get my business back to normal.
I have to give a feast to the poor
kids at St. Antony's this time.
That's an offering I made.
For what gain have you
made this offering for?
When I see my Jerry eating something...
I used to feel really happy, mom.
If I buy something for him,
if he likes it,
my heart would fill with pride.
Then I would ask him,
'Did you like it, son?'
Then I'll ask again.
'Did you like what I bought you, son?'
Then he would nod
yes, in return.
Then I would ask again.
'Did you like it?'
Then he would get furious.
'My dear dad! Please shut up!'
It's really nice to
hear him say that, mom.
Only when we lose something,
we would realize the value of
everything we've achieved.
I was sitting here and
crying all this while.
I'm fed up!
I'm fed up of crying!
Didn't you ask me, mom?
For what gain am I
feeding those poor kids?
You can realize it gradually.
One day, if I die suddenly,
what would you do, mom?
What is it?
What is it, dear?
There's no one here.
I know that you're angry with me.
I'm a cursed woman.
Please forgive...
all your Mummy's mistakes.
I've hurt you...
I've hurt you a lot, my son!
Nothing was on purpose.
Let's celebrate this Christmas
together at our house.
I need you!
We need you, Mike!
Are you even listening to me?
Please forgive your
mother's sins, son.
Please stop it.
I don't want to hear all this.
- Forgive me.
It's not my mistake.
I know.
They will kill us.
Jenny & Mummy must have
been really scared.
Jenny is saying that he
would kill all of us.
Aren't you scared, Michael?
It's not fear.
I don't know what to do..
- Doctor, an accident case.
'Let's celebrate this Christmas
together at our house'.
'I need you!'
'We need you, Mike!'
'Please forgive your
mother's sins, son'.
'At the shore of the lake of pain'
'Crying all alone'
'There is no one else with me,
on this path that is turning dark'
'Your face is filled with tears'
'Which shore would
offer you solace now?'
'The heart has become
as thin as a raindrop'
'Grief that's burning in
the ember of memories'
If Ancy was alive,
she would have been really
happy that you came here.
The happiness of our close ones.
We should get it done as
soon as we can.
Or else, we don't know what
may happen tomorrow...
No one would be able to
replace your parents.
Right, Mike?
'Her wounded mind that has
only sweet words for me'
'As I reject them,
her eyes tear up'
'My mother's heart was melting'
'As I stood there like a statue,
unaware of it'
I'm not able to do
anything without Mummy.
It feels like Mummy has
gone somewhere for a while.
Mummy used to say...
'If something happens to you,
Mike will come to your rescue,
like Mikhael, the guardian angel'
'There is no one else with me,
on this path that is turning dark'
'Your face is filled with tears'
'Which shore would
offer you solace now?'
He is destroying our family.
Didn't Jenny tell you?
That he used to threaten that
he would kill Mummy & Antony?
It was a brown car that hit her.
It was an accident.
There's no evidence
to prove who it is.
Both you and I know who it is.
George Peter.
I can't do anything to him.
Then why are you playing the clown,
claiming to protect the people?
Go and fall at his feet, kiddo.
Fall at his feet and
request him to spare you.
I can't do anything.
If you have to do something,
you need to be sure about your father's
name that's displayed on your chest.
Swearing at my father?
You're feeling weak, right?
You can go back in the police vehicle.
It's a painkiller.
Buy & have it.
I'll prescribe one with a
higher dose for you, soon.
I don't want to torture anyone.
I want to live peacefully.
But they are not allowing
me to live peacefully!
I don't have any grudge
against that girl.
But when I close my eyes,
my Jerry comes and tells me,
'Make her jump from there,
just like I did'.
What's wrong with me, doctor?
You're mad.
And I know that better
than anyone else.
That's why I come
to see you, doctor.
I don't have the medicine to
stop you from torturing people.
You just have to
console me, doctor.
I'll manage for one week
with that peace of mind.
Try to approach life
with peace and restraint.
No one can return what you lost.
Read the Bible once in a while.
Go to the Church.
When I read the Bible, I'm reminded of those
Jew rascals who crucified Lord Jesus.
I'll lose my peace of mind.
What they did was wrong, right?
George, pray to God.
You will get peace of mind.
He will show you the right path.
If we say that God exists,
we can't reject the presence
of Satan too, right?
He is making me do
all these things.
The blood on your backside
hasn't faded yet...
And you're waging a war
with the king of this town?
I burnt the car that killed my mother!
An eye for an eye,
and a tooth for a tooth.
I will settle that score.
Some stranger came and hit you.
You didn't understand
what happened.
You're not sure if you can
identify those who hit you.
This is how I'm going to write the FIR.
It's fine, right?
Find better lies and
keep them ready.
You will need them.
Don't try to scratch me with fire.
Fire has to be
extinguished with fire.
- No!
'Death will come one day...
Remember, oh man!'
'Your actions in this lifetime
would follow you'
'Perform good deeds,
without being lazy'
'Death will come one day...
Remember, oh man!'
I made a mistake in your case.
In your case,
it was your dad who made a mistake.
I want to know who exactly bought
this blade from this batch.
Apart from hospitals,
and some practicing
doctors also buy this.
I need the list of those doctors.
The doctor you're looking for.
I know him.
Dr. Michael.
He's the one who
killed Georgettan.
I've reported it to the Crime Branch
DYSP who handles the case now.
Don't you shit what you eat?
You need to be loyal to the
place which feeds you, you dog!
Just tell me what should
be done with him.
It's not Mikhael who should
be performing the last rites.
It's Asriel.
George Peter, who used to threaten you,
has been murdered.
The murder weapon was a kind of surgical
blade commonly used by doctors.
Are you saying that
Michael did this?
Doesn't Michael stay with you now?
- Yes.
Michael's father, John...
He was a martial arts trainer, right?
- Yes.
What do you mean?
Has Michael learned martial arts?
During his childhood.
I need to talk to Michael.
Your dear sister Jenny
is calling you.
I'll attend the call.
I'll attend it myself.
- Where are you now?
Police has come home.
Mike, why did you do this?
Even Christ has used
a cane, right?
What are you doing?
Don't worry.
I know what I'm doing.
Are you busy?
Yes, dear.
I am!
Your brother will be back.
Bye, dear.
Good morning sir.
Have you come to take
me into custody?
I am on the side of
justice now, sir.
I realized that justice and law are
two different things, only now.
Sir, it was ours and Michael's
necessity to eliminate George.
But Michael did not have any
personal grudge against Patrick.
Why did he kill Patrick then?
I told him that he has to eliminate
Patrick as well, to live peacefully.
he's a double-gamer.
He was the 'Shakuni' who used to
be the advisor for both gangs.
But I went wrong there.
- Yes.
Like cancer cells that keep growing
even if they are destroyed...
this will keep continuing.
Only a specialist doctor can burn
the cancer cells in a better way.
He is!
Find the person responsible for
George Peter's death, and kill him.
That's my goal.
I was given this job by Patrick.
There's no one to pay me now.
You killed him.
Since I'm loyal to the food I've eaten,
I'm doing my job now.
Your sister...
I'm going to finish off
that cute girl, Jennifer.
Don't worry. I'll kill her quickly,
without causing any pain.
Only then it would hurt you.
That pain is my wage now.
Do you want to know...
how to kill someone quickly
without causing pain?
The blade...
has been stabbed into a
major artery of yours.
Within 3 minutes...
because of internal bleeding,
your heartbeat would stop.
Your eyes would remain open.
Until the blood stops
flowing to your veins,
you can sense everything.
And slowly you will die.
Killing without pain...
This is how it's done!
Well, what are you up to?
Since when did you start this OP?
You'll know my true colours.
You've been testing
my patience for long.
Sir, this was a case that
needed special attention.
I said a lot with my mouth.
Now don't make me use my hands.
You won't be able to bear it.
This is the last warning for you.
Sir, what would the
findings be like?
An underworld that kills each
other in a gang war, right?
We should make it like that.
As far as I've heard, Marco is much more
dangerous than his elder brother George Peter.
If he had decided to kill him,
Marco would have done it by now.
Wounding him, poking on it and
hurting him even further.
That's his goal.
What is it, sir?
- He looks too mysterious.
Take him to casualty quickly.
- Okay sir.
Sir, I have one more doubt.
Your doubts aren't over yet?
For you to help him so much,
who is this Dr. Michael?
What's his connection with you?
How far have you progressed
in that investigation?
While Dr. Michael was studying
at the Medical College,
you were the Medical
College Circle Inspector.
I don't know anything more.
I know him.
I got the report from the
local police and started out,
without any
pre-conceived notions.
In front of everyone,
especially in front of his sister,
Michael was a naive guy.
Is this Mike?
What I saw there...
was the smart medical student
Michael, whom I knew.
In pure Malayalam,
one who has sex with a corpse.
You also don't say that, sir.
He is my younger brother.
My brother, whom I raised.
He had a tiff with a seniors' gang,
two days back.
All the students are
against him now.
If police stays in campus for long,
it would be a big problem.
Sir, his food was spiked with drugs,
and they put him there,
when he was unconscious.
He will give a complaint tomorrow.
You should hand it over
to the police, sir.
Rest, I will take care.
Move, man!
I'll bring the bike back, soon.
Didn't you hear me?
Didn't you understand?
He can't give us the bike.
Hey psycho!
I need this bike.
Give me the key!
If you call me that again,
I'll break your leg.
Should I call one who murdered his own
father an angel, instead of patricide?
I heard that you will break our
legs if we ask for your bike?
Light it.
Light it.
Didn't I ask you to light it?
You don't need to study
here, wearing a coat from now on.
If someone asks you,
tell them that you lent it to seniors.
If you give a complaint,
I will charge a case.
But they will fight the
case and make us lose.
There are restrictions for the
police to enter the campus.
Can you hit them back?
There's a rule for the
market and the campus.
Whoever wins in a fight...
He will be the hero.
He will rule that place.
You should beat them
up inside the campus.
I can do everything that's
necessary for that.
My dad has taught me everything
that's necessary for that.
Where fear ends,
life begins.
What is it?
If I lend something,
I have a habit of getting it back.
Such guys should be killed.
Well, sir...
Didn't you charge a case upon
Ameer's complaint after that?
No, man.
He didn't wait to give a complaint...
Not being able to bear
the humiliation...
He was gone!
He was a doctor, right?
He took some medicine,
and killed himself.
Sorry, sir.
Do you think you can leave from here,
after doing something to me?
If I can come in here
while you were sleeping,
Francy knows how to leave
from here as well.
You are after all only a Junior!
You swore at my dad so nicely!
That was a mistake.
After killing my brother,
you're saying that
it was a mistake?
Yeah. I'm gonna make
the same mistake too.
No! Please!
The one who killed Abraham
is roaming around freely.
Aren't you ashamed?
Isn't it better to die?
They are even taking
over our business.
It's all good for you in here, right?
Sleeping at eating 4 times a day,
with police protection...
They killed Patrick as well.
It's not Marco.
Whoever it is,
shouldn't we finish them, Papa?
Shouldn't we finish them?
We have to!
Where is Michael?
I don't know.
Marco Junior.
Heart, Lungs...
Kidneys, Liver, Pancreas....
Aren't you doing the blood test?
I'm not so cruel.
What are you saying?
What do you want?
Don't get angry.
I didn't ask you to
sleep with me, did I?
Where is Michael?
I want to meet him.
He said he's going to stay
away for the time being.
I don't know where he is.
I'll inform the police.
For me...
Police is like this!
Everyone has gone crazy!
There's no point asking for
security from the local police.
You go away somewhere
for the time being.
I'm not scared of anyone.
This is not the time to show heroism.
Try to move to some other place with
your sister, for the time being.
- What are they doing?
They are here.
They are fine.
Where are you now?
- I'm on my way there.
Whoever it is, don't
open the door.
It's our servant.
Whoever it is,
don't open the door.
Can't reach her!
The police will stop the
vehicle within 2 kms.
I've informed the control room.
There's a child inside, you dog!
If something happens to her...
This is my circle, sir.
If they shoot at the police,
we'll shoot them back.
Sir, within the 7 km radius of the city,
we don't have coverage
only for these 500 metres.
While we check with
the speed of the van,
within those 500 metres,
they would have transferred the
child to some other vehicle.
Track all the calls that Michael receives.
- Sir.
Someone brought this to the hospital.
A number is saved on this.
He asked to call that number.
Dr. Michael?
You're the one who started a
firestorm, when there was no problem.
You came in my way!
If you want your sister,
I should see Marco's lifeless body.
If you're not able to kill Marco,
don't think that you can
see the girl again.
And the policemen should stay away
from this game and playground.
That's good for both you and us.
I felt this was better.
There's one more in the boot.
- How is she now?
She is okay.
Don't worry.
I've brought the vehicle
and medicines for you.
You haven't grown enough to
prescribe medicines for a doctor.
The dose is quite high for this one.
Why should I speak softly? Give some glucose at least.
- Did someone die?
What is it, bro?
You don't worry.
- Doctor, this is not right.
They were strangers.
He always has a cold.
- There were 5-6 people.
If it was just one or two people...
I would've tried a hand at it.
- Did they say anything?
They hit me without saying anything.
But I did curse them quite a lot.
Your guy here?
Dr. Michael!
He did this.
Then why didn't you report his name?
He's a tough nut.
He bumped off George,
Patrick and Murugan.
If I report this,
he will kill me too.
You better be aware of his true self.
Tomorrow, you shouldn't
end up in trouble.
Did you recognize me?
I am Gerard's uncle.
While you sleep,
it looks like a
rabbit is sleeping.
Lie down.
What's the matter?
I came to examine her shit.
Where is it, doctor?
We are all living because
of the shit in our tummies.
One day if we get loose motion,
we will be done for!
Right, doctor?
Shouldn't you stay
with the child?
Vultures are flying in circles over her.
You go to sleep, dear.
Michael John.
There's a punch only when I call
your dad's name along with yours.
To call along with yours,
I don't know your dad's name.
Mr. Marco...
I'm taking you into custody.
We have a statement...
that you killed Abraham.
So, that's all I need.
I haven't reported the fact that
I've taken you into custody.
This one night, you can
fight against each other,
or even kill each other.
And William,
as per records...
you are not normal.
Whatever happens....
you'll be safe!
- You b@#$@!#D
Don't shout.
Don't waste your
energy unnecessarily.
I'm not going to give you
anything to drink or eat tonight.
A night for you guys to fight
it out between yourselves.
Or else, just hit someone's head with
this shovel while they are sleeping.
Even if at least one person dies,
that's great.
If I follow the penal
code for everything,
I'd be the one who would face losses.
I should realize that, right?
Okay guys!
Have a bad night!
Fight each other!
Kill each other!
3 days!
They shouldn't realize the
difference between day & night!
Breathe calmly, bro!
Submit that report to me.
- Hey!
Hey, you!
Are you romancing?
You look like a flirt!
Find a solution to my
brother-in-law's problem.
What is this?
Looks like my brother in law would
breathe in all the Oxygen in Kerala.
You don't know me!
- Hey!
You son of a gun! If you don't
behave, I'll smash your face.
No, sir.
- Get lost.
What's the problem?
No problem, sir.
- It's nothing.
Be cool!
I know that you're handling this
hospital very well, Michael.
You're not angry at me
or anything, right?
Why sir?
True. Why should you
be angry at me?
I am slightly busy.
That's why...
Very bad boys!
I thought you would fight
with each other and die.
Let the court decide.
Court would be a wrong
decision, Eesa.
It's not some non-bailable case, right?
I need to sleep.
Once I wake up,
I need to do certain things.
Marco was granted bail.
Let everything happen
as per the law.
Do you think what
we did was foolish?
No sir.
- Why?
Law and justice are not the
same most of the times, sir.
In a small investigation I did,
no one among the gang who ragged
your brother Ameer is alive today.
All four of them died in a car
accident that happened in Tamil Nadu.
You are a good investigator.
It's the 'Sacred Arrow'
festival 7 days from now.
I had made an offering that Jerry would
carry the Sacred Arrow for this festival.
Now you should carry it.
Even otherwise, only you are
left in this family to carry it.
Before that, you
should destroy them...
Both that girl and that Satan!
He's asking me to fly!
He's asking me to fly!
Let's fight, Doctor.
Your sister is the referee.
If you defeat me here...
You can take your sister back.
If you lose...
She will jump from here.
Jenny won't move...
Until one of us wins!
Jenny, count!
Jenny, count!
I said count, Jenny!
I sliced your nerves.
Don't get too excited.
You are losing blood.
If you get medical
attention immediately,
you will live.
Help me!
Help me!
I will not hurt you.
Why are you helping him?
If he survives, won't
he torture us again?
I am a doctor, right?
Even if it's one life,
I have to save it.
Since you brought him at the right
time, it would help 3 people.
It was a brain death.
To absolve the sinner
through penance,
I am not God.
Aren't you doing the blood test?
The price to be paid
for the sin is death.
I am....