Mikolo (2023) Movie Script

And there I was,
hiding for my precious life.
Making sure these
monsters don't find me.
(Babablu)- Ah!
How did I get here?
Oh my!
What am I doing in a forest
by a volcanic mountain
inside Gbagi village?
And suddenly "boom"!
This big demon appeared behind me.
I turned around,
and screamed
Oh my goodness!
(Habeeb)- Ahhhhh...
It's not a demon...
Maybe a jaguar or gorilla.
Demons don't even live in forest...
(Habeeb)- Why are we even talking
about that? (Funke)-Habeeb!
(Habeeb)- They live in...
(Funke)- Stop interupting!
That is very rude.
(Habeeb)- Oh I am sorry.
(Funke)- Baba blu, please continue.
(Babablu)- Alright!
Where was I?
I wasn't afraid...
I picked up a piece of rock and shouted
Come at me!
Come at me all of you!
Fight me!
Oh you don't me? It's okay.
So what happened next?
I was ready to destroy them.
The warrior of the forest appeared.
Yes! Irumole forest.
They call him "Abula".
He controls all the creatures with a flute.
I have never seen anything
like that before in my life.
I saw it.
I saw everything!
He has a pointy ear like a cat.
No you did not.
Oh babablu! We are already running late.
I am sorry ma,
I will be done in a giffy.
- Mummy.
- Yes?
Where does grandma live?
Babablu said where she lives
has a lot of mountains and..
There is a volcanic mountain there too.
Where your grandma lives
is a small quite town.
With lots of mountains around it.
What kind of mountains?
I don't know.
But you grew up there.
Have you packed all your things?
My comic!
Look at this.
These are wild animals.
I know what I saw.
Maybe you were tired and fell asleep.
It was a secret place in the kingdom.
And only you saw it?
Can you draw them?
Do they look like this?
Like how?
I know more than you, stop arguing.
- It's okay.
- Yes ma.
- Please help me give the trash to the collectors when they come.
- Okay ma
Alright, Thank you very much.
Not animals. Demons, strange creatures.
Not true, prove it.
No I won't
You're an unbeliever.
Me, unbeliever!
Me? A scientist? You're
calling me an unbeliever?
Look at this nine years
old boy with a big mouth.
- I am ten actually
- Nine-plus
- You're Nine-plus!
Oh God!
- See I don't have your time.
- You won't have my time.
- Such little child.
How do I find the forest?
- Funke
- What is this?
To find the forest.
- Coming
- Let's go!
- She's already going into the car.
- Are you not the one wasting her time?
What's that?
None of your business.
Humans can't survive in forests alone.
- He is lying.
- Yes they can. Tarzan, Mowgli.
They are not real.
- Yes they are..
- No they are not..
Yes they are, you're just dumb.
No I'm not. You are the one
that's just so childish.
Childish! You big head.
- I'm big head?
- Yes!
- You are big...
- Big what?
- Say it! I will just slap you.
- Funke
- Mummy he started it!
- I didn't.
I don't want to hear it.
One more word from the both of you,
I will park this car
and smack the two of you.
I have a headache for goodness sake!
- What is it,
do you want to kill me?
- Mummy
- Yes, funke
- Do you want to ease yourself as well?
- No.
Will daddy come this holiday?
It's been a whole year.
I miss daddy.
Okay! Don't worry I will ask him.
Okay, we have to go now
it's getting late, let's go.
- Are you okay now?
- Yes I'm okay.
Your grandma will be
very excited to see you two.
Do you remember
what she looks like?
I bet you two
will have a lot of fun.
Are you divorcing daddy?
Oh my goodness!
Funke, where did you hear that?
He never comes
to the house anymore,
and this is the
second holiday without him.
Yeah but I have told you,
your father works
far away from home.
Then why don't you
let us call him?
Young lady!
- What is that supposed to mean?
- I want my own phone.
There's no way
I'm giving you a phone.
And, you and I have
talked about this Funke.
I've told you, your
father is a very busy man,
and he calls whenever he can.
And I always let him
talk to you when he calls.
I've been calling him
for the past one week,
he has not responded
to my calls or messages.
I'm doing everything I possibly can.
And that is very very unfair of you Funke.
I'm sorry Mum.
I just...
I miss him.
I miss him too.
It's okay.
Mummy look at this.
When you believe in the
impossible things long enough,
they become possible.
I'll remember that.
Funke my baby!
Hello my dear.
- Hello.
- How are you doing?
My boy, how are you?
What did I tell you
guys about greeting your elders?
- Good evening Ma!
- Good evening Ma!
- That's it,
welcome my beautiful grandchildren.
- That's better.
You have a pendulum clock,
home tv, a compact disc.
- Grandma!
- Yes my love.
- Is this a gramophone?
- Habeeb.
I'm not that old.
That's not a gramophone,
It's just a record player.
Be careful with it.
And who's going to
carry your bags inside for you?
- Please don't
stress my grandchildren
- Lara! Lara!
- Ma!
- Go bring the
kids' lauggage inside.
Habeeb! Stop
touching everything.
It's okay, they're just kids.
Leave them alone.
And why is she this skinny?
Because she's very
choosy, she will not eat anything.
But mummy you
were also a skinny little girl.
- Look at her classmates.
- Give me that.
That's a greeting card,
people used to give this
on peoples' birthdays.
Greeting cards, so cool.
A real parrot!
- What's it's name?
- Oh that one, it's name is "Tanko".
Your mother brought
it home on her fifth birthday.
As a gift for herself.
Come here kids. Come take a look at this.
Isn't she cute?
- Wow.
- Wait, mummy you were an explorer?
Your mother? She was
a wild adventurous little girl.
And that is why people called her
"Lola the inquisitive girl".
You know what that means?
An inquisitive person.
Your mother, she wants
to know anything and everything.
She will always ask questions.
Okay... It's time for you to go and change,
your room is ready.
- Quickly go and freshen up.
- Help get their things inside.
Freshen up and then come back.
We'll continue the gist
and you'll have your juice.
(singing)- Lola the inquisitive girl.
Whoa! This must have been mummys' room.
Habeeb! We can see
the mountains from here.
Whoa! Kites!
- Grandma!
- Yes my dear.
Where's the Imulore forest?
"IRUMOLE' Now say it correctly!
Good girl.
And where did that one come from?
It's an old neighbour, who
likes to tell them silly stories.
Do you know what Irumole means?
Magical creatures, spirits!
The only thing I've ever seen in the forest
are animals and some
of them can be so wild.
I told...
I need water.
- Water, wat..
- Have it, have it.
Thank you, thank you.
Careful, careful boy, take it easy.
Why were you talking while you're eating?
Are you alright? Sure?
You see that's what
happens when you talk too much.
When you believe in impossible things
long enough, they become possible.
Funke baby!
Grandma, good morning.
Would you like to do something today?
Would you like to go
visit the warm springs?
Though it's a river,
- but the water inside is hot.
- Oh my God, thank you!
I know what a warm spring...
I know what it is.
Thank you grandma!
- And you know what?
- What?
If you leave early, you might be able to
catch a rare golden catfish.
What! Oh my god! Habeeb!
Habeeb get ready!
We are going to a warm spring.
- A what?
- You need to hurry up.
If you want to see the golden catfish.
Wait! But there's no such
thing as the golden catfish.
- Yes there is.
- But I don't want to go any...
- What's that?
- Mind your business and get ready.
Mummy I have to go.
- Today?
- Yes.
I have a training,
it will take four weeks
And I need it for my promotion.
I..I need to start
thinking of my own future.
- Omolola.
- Yes Mummy.
Is this about your husband?
- Answer me,
- Is this about Malik?
- It doesn't matter.
He can stay over there in the U.K.
I personally don't have any plans
to go over there and stay with him,
because my career is here.
I cannot leave my career behind...
Will you atleast tell your children?
I don't know.
I have made so much
sacrifices for those children.
Mummy I have to go to Lagos.
It's okay, I will handle things here.
The children will be fine!
But my dear, think about your children?
I know Malik will do the right thing.
- Do you understand?
Think about them.
- Jay-Jay is here.
Good morning Ma.
It's the same Jay-Jay.
Jay-Jay! Is he still the sweet Jay-Jay
that we used to know?
Aunty Lola, good morning ma.
- Welcome!
Thank you ma.
Ofcourse... I bought
him the keke for business.
And then to help me do things around the...
That's nice.
- Welcome Jay-Jay
Thank you ma,
I'm coming.
Jay-Jay, you are here to
pick up my children right?
That's why I am here.
- Please watch them closely.
Look after them for me,
don't let them leave your sight.
- Alright ma.
- Especially that Funke.
Tell me the secret you old bird.
I know you know
about the Imulore forest.
- Funke!
- I'm coming!
- Where's your brother?
- He's coming
Is the weather not too
hot for this that you're wearing?
- No it's fine..
- I think you should take it off.
Funke go inside and take it off.
- But mum...
- Will you go inside and take it off
and stop arguing with me!
Where is this one carrying a big bag to?
- Look, leave my
grandson alone. Let him be.
Not this way,
it has to come like this.
Hey, young lady come here.
See, your mother needs to rest a bit.
Jay-Jay will take you
wherever you want to go
and show you anything that you want to see.
- Just don't be naughty.
- Okay granny...
- Bye mummy
- Bye my darling.
Hey, Habeeb!
Please don't wander away.
You know I won't mum.
And this one, don't you think you should
leave it inside for today?
- No mum, you know this is a...
- A special gift from your dad.
- I have heard.
But if it should get missing,
you will see my true colours.
Bye mum!
- Love you.
- Bye Granny!
- Jay-Jay,
please take care of them.
Very inquisitive.
Habeeb, what are you doing?
Do you want to spoil the car?
- It's not a car, it's a tricycle and I know about it.
- Thank you Jay-Jay.
- Liar! Who taught you?
- You too.
Habeeb put your ipad inside,
do you want them to steal it?
Ah! No one steals phones here.
This isn't Lagos, this is
Gbagi they don't steal here.
I love you Gbagi town!
I love you beautiful mountains!
I love you papa and mama goats!
And I love you chicken and birds!
Sit down, sit down.
What if you fall down?
Do you want to get me in trouble?
Please, relax!
We're almost at Odogbono.
- Odogbono...
- Yes
What is an Odogbono?
It's a warm spring.
[Vilagers exchanging pleasantries]
Wait for your brother!
- Habeeb hurry up!
- I'm coming.
Hold on!
Uncle Jay-Jay, is there
really a golden catfish?
How hot is the spring?
Ah! See, you
can use it to make hot "Eba".
Does that mean the hot water is going to go
"poof" from the ground?
Those are geysers, and you can only find
geysers near volcanic mountains.
Mr know-it-all! What makes you think
that there are no volcanic
mountains around here?
Uncle Jay-Jay! Is there a
volacanic mountain around?
- Volacanic what?
Volcanic mountain.
You know like, those mountains with hot
stuffs coming out of it.
Just say lava! Ah!
- Lava? I don't know what that is.
No! Like this ones. Can you see them?
- Irumole forest?
Ah! It's real? I knew
it, I knew it was real.
That means I'm right and you're wrong,
and Babablu was right too.
- Come on
- Let's go, let's go.
- Where is it, where is it?
- It's here, see it.
Your grandma said I should take
you to see the gold catfish.
- No...
- Yes!
Why do you like
dangerous things Funke?
Because I'm not a coward like you.
Haha, very funny, I'm not a coward.
- Yes you are.
- No I'm not.
- Yes you are.
- Fine!
Uncle Jay-Jay, take us
to the Iramole forest.
- Irumole forest.
The forest.
You people don't want
to see the gold catfish again?
Okay, get ready to walk. Let's go.
You"ll walk, I'm saying it now.
Don't say I did not tell you.
You'll walk! It's okay, let's go.
I have told you.
- You guys, hurry up!
- I'm coming.
Habeeb, walk faster.
You guys are being too slow.
Whoa! That's a
huge tooth, is it real?
Leave me alone. It's
from the big bush meat.
Like a Lion?
Like a Jaguar?
- Don't stress me.
- Uncle Jay-jay.
- Yes.
That's the Irumole forest!
It's so beautiful.
That's amazing.
This was so worth it.
Hurry up, take a picture.
You guys, go and take your pictures and
let's leave here on time.
What are we doing?
- This has taken all day.
It's so beautiful, I could
literally live here forever.
There're so many mountains.
Let me see.
Babablu was right,
there's smoke coming out.
Who's Babablu?
He's a neighbour. He says that the forest
has spirits and monsters.
- Babablu does not
know what he is talking about.
How does he know?
Nobody knows, there's no bridge.
Nothing comes to this place, nothing!
Yes, I knew it, it was fake!
I was right. In your face!
Now give me that.
Hold on, do you know what this is?
Is this sweet?
[Yoruba]- This looks like
that 'babadudu' sweet.
I don't know what this is.
Habeeb, we have to come back tomorrow.
- Maybe we can like...
- Wait, you and who will come
back to this place? Me, come
back to this place tomorrow?
Even if it is said that it's on
this mountain that my problems
would be solved, I will
never come back to this place.
Despite how you have stressed me?
You both still have strong bones unlike
mine that is weak already.
So I should come back to this place?
- Don't try that nonsense with me.
Are you both done with your pictures?
- let's go!
[Phone ringing]
Hello ma.
- Good afternoon, how are you?
Yeah, I hope you're still
watching over my kids for me?
Yes, I'm watching over them.
[Crowds jubilating]
I know she's going to be worrying you
that she wants to go to a forest,
- Don't listen
to her, please I'm begging you.
- Don't take her to any forest.
- That will never happen ma.
- No, don't worry ma.
- And I hope she's not running
around causing
any problems for you?
Ah, not at all.
Is it not her voice I am
hearing in the background?
- I'm in trouble, this
girl has caused big trouble for me.
Please, please!
(Fisherman) Who is
your father in this village?
- Please don't be angry. Please
don't get angry with her.
She threw our food away.
Please be patient with her,
- they came from Lagos.
- So what if they are from Lagos?
I'm sorry.
Funke, what are you doing? Don't
you know this is people's food?
- I'm sorry,
please don't get angry.
This way, this way.
(Fisherman) I'm sorry, my friend.
I will report you to your
mummy, naughty children!
- Just to receive a call...
- Oh! I forgot my binoculars!
'Bino" what?
Binoculars!, It's on the cliff.
What sort of...?
What kind of, what
kind of rubbish is this?
- Uncle Jay-Jay.
- Yes,
I thought you said animals don't come here?
- Maybe it's a bird.
- No, look at the teeth marks.
Look, lets get going. Maybe you had
finished it before leaving it behind.
What was that?
- Stange magical creat...
- No, let's just go,
maybe it's a squirrel.
Let's go!
Come on, let's go.
- How are you?
- Fine.
Let's go.
What's that?
- What was that?
- Nothing, let's go.
- Ma'am there were some trouble,
Especially with Funke.
She carried a man's fish
and threw it into the spring.
Because of this, fish has
become scarce in the village.
Everywhere was scattered
and it was very chaotic.
Good evening grandma.
Who is there? Hello...
You better come out.
This isn't funny!
Who are you?
Oh no, no, no! Get away, get away!
Oh no, no, no, no, no, no!
Oh my God!
Tanko, shut up, please.
Oh no, no, no, no.
Come out. What ever you....
Strange... Magical... Creature.
Are you from the 'Irumole' forest?
Please, please, please, please. Stop!
I love all creatures, I promise.
What are you?
It's okay. You can come out now.
Come here.
You scared me.
What am I going to do with you?
Oh! Do you know what this is?
Do you know Babablu?
You don't like it?
That's.. That's fine.
Are you lost? Do
you want to go home?
Where's your
home? Are you okay?
Eww! Uh great,
you ruin my book.
Are you hungry?
What exactly do you eat?
Oh, you like the dog from
my book? His name is Mikolo.
And he loves food just like you.
I shall call you "Mikolo".
Don't worry, tomorrow
I will try to get you home
and get you food too. But for now,
we have to keep this a secret.
This is like our little secret!
Funke! I...
I had a bad dream.
- O... kay
- No, really, I saw a monster
- He was breathing fire, like he was so big.
- Fire?
But you said Monsters don't exist?
- Well.
- Exactly, so you are lying?
No I am not, it's just a bad dream.
Monsters don't exist,
- And no animal can breathe.
- Fire.
- Look!
- What's funny?
- Look at it now.
- What! So you have a new teddy bear?
I don't want a teddy.... Ah!
What is that? Grandma!! Open the door.
I am going to die... Grandma open the door!
Habeeb, you are not going to die.
Calm down, it's harmless. Look.
- Oh my god, I am gonna die.
- We are not gonna die,
and it's not a dragon.
- It's a big wolf with fat face feathers.
- No it's not!
That's not even a real thing.
- Habeeb calm down.
- So what is it?
Meet Mikolo!
- What is a Mikolo?
- So you know those creatures
Babablu is always telling us about right?
Yeah the other time when we went to the
I-MU-LO-RE forest,
while we were on the cliff,
it must have entered our
bag because the other night,
I saw a lot of fire flies and
then they were like "poof"
and I was like "ahhhh"
and then I met, "Mikolo".
Come on, he is harmless.
Habeeb, come, he is harmless.
I promise, he is harmless. Habeeb.
What a baby! Habeeb wake up.
- Are you children okay?
- Yes granny.
But why did you lock the door?
It's jammed, we will open it.
Jammed? Alright, open it so that aunty
Clara can come clean the room.
- Aunty Clara!
- Grandma don't worry,
we will clean it ourselves.
- Really?
- Yes granny.
Ahh, good children.
I will be going out now,
- Aunty Clara will take care of you okay?
- Okay granny.
- Bye.
- There is a special open market
this evening, when I come
back, we will go together.
- Okay.
- Alright.
That was close.
What, shouldn't we
tell mum? Or grandma?
No! Never, never ever!
Do you know what they
would do if they find out?
- Call the police?
- No, you know old people,
they will scream everywhere,
they will tell the neighbours
All the villagers will come here and
you know what they would do next?
They will torture him to death.
So what should we do now?
We have to get rid of it.
No! We just need to take him back home.
- What! What if it's a carnivore?
- He is not.
- How do you know?
- I don't but like...
What if?
- Yep! We have to tell mum
- No...
Oh no...
Come down.. Come down...
Someone might see us.
Hold on, I think...
Mikolo, do you want this?
Hey boy! Do you want some sweets?
Oh, my God! Oh my God.
Oh my God, oh my God.
Carnivore! He is going to eat us.
Oh my god, I am
too smart to die,
I have not even gotten
my nobel prize yet!
What if he has diseases?
Like rabies, or ebola
or even the corona
virus, it's still out there.
Funke you are not
listening to me.
Don't shut me... That's...
Spit him out!
How do we feed him?
- I...
- Take it back to the cliff.
We can't even leave it here,
grandma will be back soon.
I know but then she'd
go to the market.
- Wait! we can go to the market.
- What did you say?
Yes, we can go and try
to find something he loves.
- No.
- Yes.
- No
- Ye...
- Why are you making him to dissappear?
- I don't know?
Just keep it quite.
- We are coming!
- We are coming!
Grandma said I should
put this in the kitchen.
No don't worry I'll take it.
- It's heavy.
- No...
- Let me carry it for you.
- Habeeb, Habeeb will help me.
Habeeb come.. come here.
If you need anything,
I would be at the shop.
Okay. Bye..
- Are you thinking what I am thinking?
- Of course!
Funke! Habeeb! Get dressed
grandma is waiting.
Okay Aunty Clara.
- This is a very bad idea
- Better don't tell anyone,
or else, I will change
your ipad password.
- You don't know my ipad password
- Yes I do.
BigHab1b, capital letter 'B',
capital letter 'H' and the I is number '1'
So... You want to buy a bucket full
of meat, do you have the money?
- Umm..
- Umm what?
Well, we umm... Habeeb
Habeeb wants to draw them.
Draw? So you want to waste a
whole bucket of meat because
Habeeb wants to draw them?
Then we can get fish
instead.. Big fishes,
lots of them.
- Your mouth looks like a fish.
- My chicken trader,
I hope you're doing great today?
Thank you ma'am
- It's been a while.
- Yes it has.
- I hope you're making profits.
- Yes, thank you.
- Can you sell to me a good chicken?
- Sure, get one for her.
- Grandma smile for picture.
- Wow, that's nice.
That is beautiful! Where's your sister? Tell
her we are going to the fish place now.
- Please prepare this for us,
we will come back and get it.
Funke! Don't you
want the fish again?
I do.
- Come, what's in that bag?
- Nothing.
- What is inside that bag?
Habeeb, come here. Is
there something you wan...
- What's happening
with these children?
What is wrong with children?
Mikolo! Stop.
- Oh my god.
- Mikolo. Carnivore.
No. Stop, stop. He's
not dangerous guys, stop.
Leave him alone..
- Grandma is awake
- Where am I?
Clara, Clara, bring water for grandma.
Grandma please stay calm.
Where are my grand children?
That thing carried Funke away.
What took Funke?
- What about Habeeb?
- Habeeb is in his room.
I'm in serious trouble.
What took Funke away?
Habeeb, Habeeb.
Wait! If you could fly this high, why
didn't you just fly home?
Did you do something
bad and run away?
I knew it! You are naughty boy,
and you ran away from home,
Never do that again.
Habeeb, where is that thing? And for
how long have you people had it?
I'm talking to you? What
has it done to my Funke?
Grandma, it's not dangerous.
We just found it lost at the cliff.
I know how you feel.
Sometimes I just want to leave
home and explore the world.
You know. There's so much to see. Adventure
is really out there.
But my mum gets worried a lot.
My Dad is the explorer,
He would have loved to meet you.
I don't know what happened to them,
we used to travel together alot,
and have lots of fun.
How about you, how are your parents?
Do you even have parents?
Are there others like you?
I think we should start going home.
It's always hungry! It spoilt the tablet.
He even tried eating Tanko.
- Really?
- Look
- Where? What is it?
- Whoa! He doesn't appear in photos.
- Good evewning Ma.
- Lock the door and come in here.
Come in and close that door for me.
- Didn't you hear me?
Close the door!
So where is that thing?
- Grandma, I can explain.
- Funke if you dare lie to me.
I'm going to spank you.
So tell me where is it now?
Grandma, he was just scared,
he is not harmful. I promise!
He is not harmful? That
strange looking thing?
Where is it? Tell me.
- Where is it?
Where is it?
Blood of Jesus!
- Jesus...
- No.. No. Stand back, get away.
- Funke, come here now!
Grandma tell him to leave. Get out!
What are you doing here? leave!
Leave Mikolo alone, I won't
let you have him. Leave!
- What have you done?
- Jesus!
Leave him alone.
Leave him!
- Funke I said come back here.
- He's not yours, drop him!
You are going to hurt him!
Drop him and leave!
- Funke!
- Habeeb what are you doing?
Leave him alone. Leave him!
- What's happening?
What's going on?
- No... He's leaving!
- Come back here.
No! Grandma get him!
No! It's Mikolo.
- Who is this?
Give us that animal,
don't make us hurt you.
What is he doing?
Give us that animal now.
- Don't let him leave.
Follow him.
Habeeb! You will come
and sleep in my room tonight.
Leave Funke be,
okay. Let her be.
Funke, your mother wants to speak with you.
Hello. Funke.
Funke. Pick up that phone
I want to see your face.
Let me see your face.
Funke. What have I told you about
this reckless behaviour?
Oh Mummy! It was real.
There're real creatures out there.
It found us, we were
just trying to take it home.
What nonsense strange
creature? Where is the proof?
Because Habeeb couldn't
show me any photos.
Yes, but that's...
Will you keep quite
while I'm talking to you!
I'm sorry.
For God sake Funke!
Why did you do this to me?
I can't catch a break with you.
You were supposed to be
mature and watch your brother.
But no, you don't care.
All you care about is yourself.
And that is a very selfish
behaviour, you know that.
You care about only yourself and
your silly strange creatures.
That's enough, you've scolded her enough.
Everything is over now.
Don't be so angry, she's just a child.
- Is this bush meat?
- It seems like it's bush meat.
I now believe in impossible things.
Let's find Mikolo.
I love you so much.
You're the best brother
in the whole wide world.
- But no, I can't drive a tricycle.
- You can, you still have one at home.
- No. That was my 7th birthday gift
- It's the same thing.
No, it's not. This is a machine.
- Where did you even get the keys?
- It's an internal combustion engine.
You know, like a car or a generator.
And besides, this tricycle
belongs to grandma. Let's drive.
- I said press the throttle
- That's what I'm doing.
- No you're not.
- Yes I am.
And you said this would
be easy peezy anyway.
Come on, it is easy peezy.
You're not just listening to me.
- Just press that throttle.
- That's what I'm doing.
- We will get caught.
- I think I've figured it out.
- You'll get us killed..
- What! I can't hear you.
- I said you would get us killed.
- This is so much fun.
- Funke, you're terrible driver!
- I'm the best driver in the whole world.
- Oh my God, you're going the wrong way.
- What?
- I said you're going the wrong way.
- We're going to go get Mikolo.
Oh my God!
Stop the... tricycle!
- What?
- He's not on the cliff.
I've been trying to tell you this, they
did not make it to the irumole forest.
- How do you know that?
- Look.
- What is that?
- You don't know what this is?
- It shows you where you are on earth.
- I know what GPS is.
- What is that?
- That? That's from my watch.
The one daddy bought for me. It's
very special that it let's him know
everywhere we are.
- Oh my God!
- I know right? It's so cool.
No.. It's not cool. Does
mum know about this?
This is very bad, you know they
are fighting right? Oh my God!
Everything is going to get much worse.
Don't even go there. Calm down.
I put my watch in my bag before
giving it to that strange man.
There are probably on this surulere street.
Oh my goodness that evil man
is probably trying to eat him.
- I know.
- Poor Mikolo.
Alright, let's go.
I'd be tracking but
slow down, don't kill me.
Just calm down.
Alright, turn. Turn.
So.... What's the plan?
We don't have a plan?
This is a bad idea.
We're going to get into trouble.
- Shut up and stop being such a baby.
- But I am a baby.
Come on.
You have to distract them
so I can go get Mikolo.
- How?
- I don't know.
Aren't you a genius?
- I am but...
- Just go!
- Where did Habeeb go?
Has he gone to sleep
in his sister's room?
- I'm in trouble! Where
are these children. Habeeb!
Come on let's go see the football match.
Mikolo.. You're alive!
- Is the generator not coming on?
- Stop shouting at me,
the generator isn't coming on.
It serves you right!
Where's Mikolo?
What have you done
to him? Where's he?
Answer me!
- Pick up, pick up.
Hello, Bose's mother.
I'm sorry, but are
my grandchildren with you?
They are not with you? Thank you.
Who else do I call? Jay-Jay.
Hold on okay..
Hold on I'm trying.
Mikolo. Hold on, I'm
getting you out of here.
I'm trying okay, I'm trying.
Hold on.
Please take this girl out of here.
Take her out of here please.
Leave me alone!
Go on.
Hold on.
Mikolo! Stay back,
go away! Go away!
Mikolo, please. Mikolo please.
We have to leave.
Mikolo we have to leave.
Stand back.
You're the Abula? Protector
of the Irumole forest creatures.
Mikolo. Mikolo. Come on
Mikolo we have to go.
Thank you.
Come on Mikolo,
Let's go. Come on!
Come on, come on,
Come on. Hurry up.
Alright, time to go.
Oh my God.
Ah! Get off the car
Funke, it's the crazy man.
- It's the Abula.
- The what?
The protector of the
Irumole forest. Get in!
- Hurry up.
- Alright..
- Let's go, what are we waiting for?
- It's not starting.
- But they are coming.
- Oh my God!
Come on, start the tricycle!
Why didn't you just
leave your ipad for them?
What? no way.
Oh my God! It's not working.
- Mikolo..Grrrr...
- Grrrr
Come on...
Get up, come on we have to go.
Come on, let's
go. I've done it!
Come on, hurry up.
Let's go.
- Tell Mikolo to help us go faster.
- No, he's tired.
- Oh no!!!
- What?
- Brakes are not working anymore.
- Push harder.
Come on Habeeb.
- Ah!
- Oh my God! Mikolo!
Come on Mikolo,
go faster, hurry up!
Are we almost there?
Please go, go,
go, go. Get down.
Hello mother.
- Move, move, move.
- Hurry up we need to go Mikolo.
I know you're tired
but we have to go.
Keep going Mikolo.
Hurry up!
- What's he doing?
- I think he's calling to his parents
- What now?
- We wait.
- What's happening to Mikolo?
- I think he's using all his energy,
to build the bridge.
This is beautiful.
This is impossible!
(Chuckles.. ) Strange..
Magical.. Creatures.
I now believe..
Habeeb come come,
let's go. Come on!
Go Mikolo.
- Habeeb walk fast!
- You're holding me,
so how can I walk fast?
- Umm... Funke.
- What?
- You want to see this?
- Oh my God, Oh my God.
- Mother!
I have been calling you but haven't
been picking my calls.
I'm sorry. My phone ran out of power.
Where are my children?
We have been searching
for them since last night.
Infact I have not slept a wink.
- Officer
- Madam, calm down!!
There's already a search
party out for your children.
- Please go get
updates from them. Thank you.
My children? Gone missing in one day?
It's okay my dear. The head
hunter has sent all his men.
Since last night, they have
been looking everywhere
around the mountain, searching..
I don't know. Nothing
will happen to them.
And I don't know what that strange
creature has done to the children.
Strange creature?
- Lola, I'm sorry.
I didn't want to tell you.
The strange creature. It came
home with them the other time.
You cannot even place it. It doesn't look
like an animal, you can't call it a bird.
Neither can you call it a... I don't know.
And the strangest thing, is that when
you take a picture of the creature,
it dissappears. It dissappears.
- All my years on earth,
I have never seen anything like it.
I've never seen such a
thing before in my life.
It doesn't appear in pictures.
My daughter. Please
don't cry my daughter.
- Mother.
- Yes?
She told me everything. She told
me everything, I did not believe her.
I shouted at her. My mother,
I'm a terrible mother.
Omolola don't blame yourself!
Let me tell you some
thing, we will find them.
No weapon fashioned against
my grandchildren shall prosper.
We are going to find them, and I've
never seen such a brave child as my Funke.
Sorry, we will find
them by god's grace.
Ah! My Son. Thank you for coming.
Welcome! Thank you my
son. It shall be well with you.
Thank you so much. Look at her,
I can't stop her from crying.
Please, console her.
I'm a terrible mother.
I shouted at my baby and
she was right the whole time.
It's okay... Everything will be fine.
I'm here now. I'm
not going anywhere.
And please don't say that, you're upset
but you're not. You're a fantastic mum.
Okay. I'm the one who's terrible.
I'm sorry okay but we will find them.
I promise you. We will
find them, I promise we will.
- They've not found them?
- Not yet, but we're looking everywhere.
Head Hunter, thank you.
We've not found them yet.
- Any luck?
- They were sited with a funny looking man
in a tricycle last night.
They saw them with him.
- And which way did they go?
- By the warm spring
Alright, thank you.
Malik! And you my darling, the Head
Hunter said some men spotted them
inside a tricycle
yesterday with a black man.
- I think I know who the man is.
- Mother who?
He was a strange looking man you
know. The man that came to pick
the strange creature I described to you.
He himself, you cannot
say he is a man or a boy.
He's... He has.. He has a...
Does he have white
marks painted on his face?
Yes. Yes.
- Does he play flute?
- Flute?
- Flute
- Yes, yes. When he wanted to...
He played the flute.
He had a flute with him.
- Are you ready?
- Yes!
- Are you ready?
- Yes!
Okay, let's go... Olo-lo-lo..
- Olo-lo-lo..
- Bugawon
- Olo-lo-lo..
- Bugawon
O-lo-lo..., Olo-lo-lo..
- Olo-lo-lo..
- Bugawon
O-lo lo.... Sorry
- Hello Babablu!
- Hello Madam.
I came to your house,
I didn't see your car.
- Babablu
- Madam
Funke and Habeeb are gone!
Gone where?
They've found the creatures
you were talking about Babablu.
And that man.
The Abula?
I think so..
Ah! Then they are safe.
- He will protect them.
- But he's the protector of the spirits
and not people.
Hmmm. You have a point.
So Babablu, what do we do?
How can we find this 'Irumole' forest?
We have to be sure they are there.
No one can enter the Irumole forest,
without the permission from the trees.
I.. I gave Funke an
amulet, that is the key.
Find it!
- What does it look like?
- Like a wooden coin.
With a rope attached to it. You
should see the image of a creature
on it, looks like a monkey.
- I've found it!
- Good.
So go, when you get to the cliff call me.
I'll tell you what to do.
Okay, please keep
your phone close to you.
I will don't worry.
See, Funke is a warrior!
Habeeb is a genius!
I'm sure they're out there, somewhere
flying with 'Jankoriko' and then
rolling with 'blabalamama'.
Okay, thank, thank you Babablu.
Wait! How do you even
know all these things?
I think they made it into the forest.
What? How do you know?
You're tracking them? How?
It's Habeeb's smart watch.
The one you bought for him?
So you prefer to be tracking your children,
rather than coming here to stay with them
and protect them.
Lola... Look we can talk about
this later, but we need to go now!
But I said I was sorry.
You won't call, you will not return
my calls, my messages. Nothing!
Sorry now. What else do you want me to say?
Is it that you think I
cannot handle the kids?
That you're tracking their
movement up and down.
Lola this thing was Habeeb's
idea from the start.
I didn't know I could track his watch.
And if my mother didn't call
you, you wouldn't have come.
No! I did not call him.
I did not call him.
How. How long have you been around?
I bought my flight ticket as soon as I
got off the phone after our argument.
I came to the house, I was calling
and calling. You didn't even answer.
Well it's your house as well,
you should have just knocked.
I guess I just wanted to surprise
the kids that's why I showed up.
And then I called your mother. That's when she
told me you were here and broke the news to...
We are here! This is the place.
Funke! Habeeb!
Did you hear anything?
Lola what happened to you? You
used to really love adventures like this.
Well I got married to you,
I started having children.
- Funke!
- Don't you get it?
Funke is exactly like the old you.
Brave, adventurous, caring.
And Habeeb is just like the new you.
Keeping secrets from me,
and always focused on his computer.
Well, that's not entirely true.
- That's enough both of you!
Both of you are just
behaving like your children.
See, I am tired. I can't go
further, I will be here waiting.
Habeeb! Funke!
- Habeeb!
- Funke!
- Babablu.
- Now, both of you,
knee down at the edge of the cliff.
Put the amulet down.
- Knee down?
- Yeah.
Now, hold each other's hands.
Okay, then what?
Now look into each other's eyes.
- Are you looking into each other's eyes?
- Yes!
Look into my eyes.
Okay and now what?
Give your husband a sweet kiss.
- Babablu!
- Oh yes, yes, yes.. The Amulet.
Touch the ground and repeat after me,
- Bangadulaga.
- Bangadulaga.
- Swanga zurangaga
- Swanga zurangaga
- Zudanga zungaga
- Zudanga zungaga
- Zungangan zungangangan
- Zungangan zungangangan
Dont look down. Come.
And hence if you believe in
the impossible long enough,
they become possible.
- Funke!
- Habeeb!
Let's go.
- Funke.
- Habeeb
- Habeeb.
- Funke.
- Hey baby.
- Funke.
Funke. Funke!
Funke, I just came to say that I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry for...
being too harsh on you. I'm
sorry for not believing in you.
I was just afraid. I was. I was afraid.
But now, now I believe.
I believe in the impossible.
And the two of you, you mean the
world. You mean the world to me.
Funke, please come back.
Habeeb! Your daddy is here come back.
My little warrior princess.
Hey big boy.
Daddy is here.
I'm sorry I haven't been around
enough, all that is going to change now.
Again here, and I'm
not going anywhere.
I love you!
Please come back.
- Mum
- Oh my baby.
- Mikolo!
- Mikolo!
- Daddy!
- Mummy!
I missed you so much dad.
- Can you see it mummy?
- I can see.
So, are you guys staying for the holiday?
- Yes!
- Yes!
Mummy, Mum, meet Mikolo.
Hello Mikolo. Thank you
for taking care of my babies.
- Are those...
- Yep! Mikolo's mummy and daddy.
Wait! So Mikolo is a girl?
My glasses!
Whoa! So cool.
Thank you mummy Mikolo and daddy Mikolo.
Thank you!
- Habeeb.
- Habeeb.
Come over here.
Funke come here.
Funke come out!
Mummy is playing football with
daddy and she is really winning.