Milan (2004) Movie Script

Hey Lino!
Get up, you'll be late for work!
Ken, hurry up!
You'll be caught in traffic
going to your school.
Oh Lino, before I forget, Connie called.
She said you should pick up Father Sammy...
...and drive him to Batangas
for Dad's death anniversary mass.
Lino, are you listening?
Yes, Sister.
Come on, kids, let's go!
You'll be late for school.
Let's go! Come on!
Hey! This machine is too hot.
- I'm fixing it.
- Boss, that bender machine is critical.
- One, two, three!
- Nobody has worked on it since last night...
...because we fell short of cylinders.
- We'll go over capacity.
- Excuse me.
- The motor will give in.
- But Machine 3H is already loaded, right?
Isn't there a spare drive motor in storage?
- But that's not in good condition, Boss.
- What do you want me to do, Lino?
If we don't meet the deadline,
Mr. Navarro won't honor the contract.
Then all of us will be fired by
that crazy Korean that owns this place.
Let it be. Just load it.
Why did you resign?
Maribel, start preparing the food.
Uncle Lino, let's fight!
Hey! Come here!
Come here!
Damn it, Lino!
You're already 25 years old.
Life is so hard these days...
There are so many fresh graduates
from good schools who cannot find jobs.
And you're so lucky to be in one
that's in line with your course.
What will Andy say?
He went out of his way just to get you that job.
Anyone will find it hard to get a job for that boy.
It's always the same.
Either he resigns or gets fired.
You are so arrogant. You act as if you're rich.
What's wrong with what Andy did?
Of course he had to save himself.
He has to think of his family.
- The problem with you is you lack focus.
- "Here they go again."
- You don't know what you want...
- "Picking on me again."
because you want everything.
Please tell them to shut their mouths.
As Dad always said...
What do they know about what's best for me?
As Dad always used to say: Mom spoiled him.
That's why he has remained that way.
What do they know about
what I go through each day?
What do they know about what's best for me?
Only you knew, Mary Grace. Just you.
You are my life.
Cut it out. Lino...
Another day has passed.
Another night will pass.
Each moment is spent in loneliness
because you're not here.
Where are you?
When are you coming back?
When will I be happy again?
Are you absolutely sure?
This is the only thing Mom and Dad left you.
Are you sure you want to let it go?
It's only temporary.
I'll use it as collateral for the money
I'll need to go to Milan.
I'll pay you back after I find Mary Grace.
What if you don't find your wife?
We've had no news at all from that Mary Grace.
- Mother, you can manage here, right?
- Yes.
Let's go inside.
Her cousin Erning...
- has been trying to find her endlessly...
- Stay away from there, kids.
but to no avail.
- Easy.
- I mean, we can't keep...
Pestering him all the time.
He has three jobs to worry about!
Are you all good? Have some dessert!
Yes! We're full.
What can we do? I pity her father the most.
- Hey girl, wipe his sweat, won't you?
- Yes ma'am.
He's worried sick about her.
Put this in the refrigerator,
we'll serve it later...
I'll follow you later.
- We're expecting more guests.
- I'll just go to the wash room.
Straight ahead.
Your son-in-law's terrible!
I've been committing sins because of these lies!
- Can't we just tell him the truth?
- Are you out of your mind?
Didn't Erning say that your daughter...
specifically told us not to tell Lino anything?
Do you want her to stop sending you money?
Isn't her rice cake the best?
Lino, why don't you spend the night here?
You can go home tomorrow.
I have to be at the placement agency
first thing tomorrow.
Placement agency?
I'll follow Mary Grace to Milan.
Go ahead!
Tell us when you're leaving
so I can tell Erning.
If you ever find her, please slap her for me.
That thoughtless, shameless child!
She's been gone over a year and not one letter...
...not even a single dollar for her parents!
Her sister in Hong Kong is much better.
She doesn't make much,
but she keeps sending money.
- Aunt...
- I think we ran out of beer.
- What do you want?
- Go, buy some.
Sister, come on, let's eat.
- Balloons for sale!
- He's so cute.
Balloons for sale! Here.
Hurry up, will you!
Is it far yet?
- They said we're almost there.
- Right!
But we've been walking
for more than four hours.
Somebody please tell them to slow down.
I'm exhausted!
- All right.
- Yes, please.
- I'm exhausted too.
- It's so cold. It's killing me!
My feet are turning to ice.
I can't go any further. Let's rest!
If we stop, those "agents"
might leave us here to dry!
Have a little more patience;
we'll get there soon.
That's how it is.
My cousin said we have
to make it across the border...
...before the sun comes out
so the guards won't see us.
- This is like World War II!
- The Nazi's versus the Jews.
- Those Moroccan agents ripped me off!
- It's a good thing that it's cold.
- Ouch!.
- I think sweat is out of style here.
I feel terribly cold.
This is nothing! It's not even winter yet.
- It's good, though.
- Wait!
It's air-conditioned outdoors.
And the breeze is different here.
It's fragrant and clean.
We're a thousand miles away
from polluted highways...
And polluted rivers...
From traffic, from thieves...
- Rotten cops.
- Corrupt politicians.
- Wise guys.
- Crooks.
Bomb threats.
- Floods.
- Tons of garbage.
The peso!
No more mango trees...
- or macopas.
- You're so sentimental...
No more sampaguita flowers either,
or guava leaves.
I'll miss my girlfriend...
My family...
My kids...
We haven't even crossed the border yet
and all you want is to go home.
Let's go.
- Where's your fighting spirit?
- You're right.
- Of course I miss my family.
- A better life is waiting for us in Milan.
And they say Italians are really kind bosses.
That's exactly what my cousins are saying.
Much better than my Singaporean bosses.
Right. That's what they're saying.
It's easy to bring the whole family here...
The whole family and everyone else.
Yes! That's true.
Life is so hard in the Philippines.
Get down.
Oh my God! Your nose is bleeding.
Lie down.
At the airport, we took different planes.
Hong Kong, then Morocco.
We landed on different airports,
but all in Germany...
And Malta.
Then they brought us here.
They met us at a certain place.
Then we crossed the mountains...
We crossed rivers...
You could hear dogs barking...
We didn't have jackets,
but out of fear we didn't feel the cold.
From Frankfurt to Italy, we got caught.
They put us in a van then straight to prison.
Sometimes there are casualties.
Back then the border was really tight.
They kicked the shit out of me when I was in jail.
It wasn't only our money
that was at stake but our lives as well.
Did you see how huge those police dogs were?
They could have swallowed us.
Those Moroccan agents are really good.
If not, I would have lost the 300,000 Pesos...
that I borrowed from my brother.
- Thank you!
- Thank you!
My God!
Why did you change your Euros
with those Moroccans?
The exchange rate is bigger in Milan.
They told me we might get hungry
during the train ride.
But they're crazy! You shouldn't believe them so easily.
My God!
We were in Switzerland for only a month...
and they said we needed this and that.
Now I'm almost out of money.
I'll just watch you eat.
Sorry ma'am.
What a snob!
But she's pretty.
Ma'am Flora.
My sister told me all Italians are good-looking.
Look at him, he's old but he still looks good.
But they have...
What's that, Kathy?
- Bad smell!
- Hey!
She might understand us.
My goodness! How can she understand Tagalog?
- Hey you, you smell bad! See?
- Kathy!
Sister! I'll go ahead. Bye.
Hello? Yes. Sir, good afternoon.
Can I please talk to Ernesto Ma...
Hello? Yes sir, good afternoon
Mr. Ernesto Malibay, please?
- Ernesto?
- This is Lino. I need to talk to him.
Hello? Sir, good afternoon. Mr. Ernesto Mali...
No. English only.
I need to talk to Ernesto Malibay.
Hello, sir please don't put down the phone
I need to talk to Ernesto Malibay.
This is Lino I need to talk to...
Please don't put down the phone. Hello?
Hello? Sir, this is Lino. I need to talk
to Ernesto Malibay.
No. I don't understand. I only speak English.
I am a Filipino. Filipino. Ernesto Malibay.
Please. Please, sir. Don't put down the phone.
Erning. Ernesto Malibay. I need to talk to him.
Hello? Sir!
That tricycle is still new
and I invested a lot of money on that.
Your emotional blackmail won't work on me.
Stop using my niece just so I'll say yes, okay?
Honestly, you're too much!
Miss? Miss!
- I've had it! Goodbye!
- Miss? Miss!
They said he moved two months ago.
By the way, here's your change
for the phone card.
Better yet, buy one more so
I don't have to give you change.
You again?
I told you I'm not paying for that stupid tricycle.
Hello, mom? Okay, yes, mom...
I'll send the money next week.
Okay. I love you, mom.
What now?
So they fooled you.
I mean, if that's what they told you, to call...
- What's his name?
- Erning.
Yes, that Erning, the moment you got here,
then you were swindled.
Well, he doesn't work in that house anymore.
Who's the jerk that duped you anyway?
- Mama.
- Your mother?
- My wife's mother.
- Your wife?
I came here to look for my wife.
Thanks a lot, Jenny.
Don't mention it.
You're lucky my tenant moved out
two weeks ago.
You have to give me two months deposit,
two months advance.
Now if after two months
and you find that Erning...
and decide to move out,
I won't return your deposit.
- ls that so?
- Of course!
Is that how it's done here?
Yes, of course!
Truth is, somebody's keen
on taking up this space.
But I pity you so I'll just turn her down.
Naturally, she'll find another place.
If you suddenly decided to leave, I'd lose money.
You're so stiff.
- As if you danced so well yourself!
If only my foot is not sore.
Look at her!
- Isn't she stiff?
- Sleep it off, Attorney!
Loosen those muscles...
- There you go!
- Tidy up those things, will you.
- Easy! Your heart might give in!
- No way.
Hey! Why did you turn it off?
- We have tenants here!
- Blame it on Jenny!
Watch it Jenny, you're hurting my feelings!
You're too much! You think you're so great?
If we hadn't taken you in, where would you be?
You would've been deported!
I brought you from Rome to Milan.
Here we go again!
Every time we argue you
always have to bring that up.
Hey, Jenny!
Lend me a phone card! I ran out!
How many?
As many as you can!
Here are your pillows and blanket.
Newly washed. Wait, I'll get some bedsheets.
I don't like sharing my things
but since you have nothing...
I'm willing to give this to you...
for just 15 euros. Anyway it's second-hand.
We all take turns cleaning the house. Here.
If it's not your schedule, don't lift a finger.
Don't try to be nice
or they'll take advantage of you.
If you want to eat their food,
you have to give your share.
If not, buy your own food.
Smoking is not allowed indoors.
If you want, you can smoke outside.
And don't ever hang your underwear inside the room.
I can't stand messy people. Wait...
Here are your keys,
one for the main door...
One for the room. There.
We sleep in one room?
You got a problem with that?
No. Just asking.
You think you're my type?
It's not that...
Don't ever try anything funny
because this is what I sleep with.
And I will not think twice
about using this on you.
So, no trespassing beyond this line.
That's your space, this is mine.
This is my cabinet, that's yours.
I value my privacy.
This must remain closed at all times.
Do you snore?
You mean to say...
- He went here to look for his wife?
- You call that love?
They'd been married only a month
when his wife left.
That's how she managed to leave.
Lino wouldn't let her go-what's her name again?
Ah, Mary Grace...
unless they got married first.
Meanwhile, the poor girl's family let her leave...
only after she promised to lift them out
of their miserable poverty.
Life as a soap opera!
Life as a Filipino, full stop!
I wish I looked like a movie star
I wish I had lots of money
I wish I was a good speaker
I wish I could be your boyfriend
I wish...
- "I'm your boyfriend"
- That's enough, Love.
- We still have a lot of work to do.
- "so you'll no longer weep"
I said stop it!
- because of your womanizing boyfriend.
- "Dump him."
Hey, Lino, have some freshly brewed coffee...
for a fresh start in Milan!
The beans are from the Philippines.
The best!
Everytime somebody comes over
from home I specifically ask for this.
By the way, I'm Attorney.
- You're a lawyer?
- Yes.
Back in the Philippines.
All the cases she handled were against her.
My own Love embarrasses me.
There's nothing to be ashamed of, Love.
That's all in the past.
Me? I was a dancer in Japan.
Jomar, the small guy you saw last night?
- He's a son of a district official.
- My God, Baby...
If his brothers hadn't brought him here
he would have ended up being a murderer!
And Vangie, the fat girl?
She's the sane one among us. A teacher.
- A teacher?
- Yes, a teacher.
What about Jenny?
Jenny doesn't share stories about her past.
All I know is, just like me,
she didn't finish college.
She doesn't need a degree. She's smart.
She's smart, all right.
That's why she rejected you
and that's how you ended up with me.
Your husband left you.
That's how I ended up with you.
And I treat Jenny as if she was my own child!
That's right.
She's crazy sometimes that's why we fight all the time.
But I love that kid. I took care of her.
Here's your jacket.
We still have to pick up the transients.
Eat something, Lino.
Hunger doesn't suit your good looks.
Yes, transients.
Meaning, those phonies from
the Philippines with nowhere to stay.
- There's food, but there's no rice.
- Wait! Wait!
We only have time to cook on weekends.
Go on, eat it.
Those are leftovers from last night
so we won't charge you anything.
Phonies! Those with phony passports.
Like you.
Is that your real name on your passport?
These transients don't have jobs yet.
Some have relatives in Italy,
but they live far from Milan.
We take them in while they
wait for their relatives.
That's why we're renting an apartment this big.
It's more expensive, but it's a business.
Living in Milan is expensive.
You have to be creative in finding ways
to make money.
That's where The Young
and The Restless is a genius!
Who are you talking about?
She doesn't rest as long as
there's money to be made.
How much rent is she charging you?
200 euros.
200 euros!
12,000 pesos! The nerve!
Let's go, Love.
- Jenny's really wise. Smart!
- The transients are waiting.
- Bye!
- Bye!
How old are you?
What about your studies?
I don't know.
I have to work to save
for my sister's placement fee.
Excuse me.
You started the morning already depressed.
Nobody's home. You're all alone.
I feel like crying.
I ask myself what am I doing here.
Sometimes, I regret it.
I had no friends. I knew nobody.
If I had to go somewhere,
I went by myself.
They brought me to their friend's place.
They were renting a house.
It's hard to look for lodgings sometimes.
Filipinos pack their houses full.
There were several of us.
All packed in a tiny space.
Rent is expensive.
You need people to split it up with.
Excuse me, are you a Filipino?
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Do you know her?
- No.
Please look again. Maybe you've seen her.
- No, we haven't.
- Sorry, we're in a hurry.
Excuse me. Wait!
Excuse me. Are you a Filipino?
Excuse me. Wait!
Are you a Filipino?
- Hurry, we'll be late!
- Haven't you eaten?
I just took a quick bite.
Excuse me. Miss, excuse me.
Do you know her?
No, I don't. Who is she anyway?
My wife. Maybe you've seen her before.
No, I'm sorry.
- There's a lot of Filipinos here.
- Miss, excuse me. Maybe you know her...
- No, sorry.
- Maybe you've seen her...
What about her? Wait, Miss!
- Miss, just look at the picture...
- I don't know her.
Miss, wait!
Miss, wait!
Excuse me, Miss. Are you Filipino?
Do you know her?
- No!
- Please look at it carefully...
- Please! You may have seen her before...
- No!
Help me, please!
Can you speak in Tagalog?
I don't understand you.
Please help me.
This woman in the picture...
She's my wife. She's here in Milan.
Please, help me.
Please, look at the picture, maybe...
My God, it's almost ten o'clock.
Where could he be?
He doesn't know his way around.
Please, Jomar...
My feet are killing me, Vangie!
My employer made me clean
the swimming pool the entire day.
Let Jenny find him. He's her tenant.
His things are here.
He didn't bring much cash.
- His Euros are intact.
- What happened?
- Where are they going?
- Let's go!
- They'll look for him.
- Wait.
- Where will they search?
- Let's go!
Wait a minute!
We looked everywhere. We can't find him!
Did you look in the other street?
I'm so tired.
I'm dead tired!
Let's try again tomorrow.
We'll report it to the police. Let's go home.
Go with her and I'll leave you.
Is it that street or this one?
We've gone around several times already.
What's her name? Jenny?
We've gone around several times already...
I'm so tired.
I really don't know.
I have an early job tomorrow.
Let's go. Stop eating.
Sorry, Love.
Let's go home.
What do we do now?
Something might have happened to him.
This is Cordusio.
You know how to take the Metro, right?
You can't just cross. Wait for the green light.
There, now you can cross! Let's go.
This is not the Philippines.
They follow the traffic lights.
You have to be alert
or you'll get run over.
Come here.
- Lino, you see that?
- What?
That one.
That's where Filipinos hang out.
There'll be more of them after five o'clock.
That's when they get off from work.
I have to go, I have another job waiting.
You already know how to get back home, right?
You have your map?
You have my number?
You know how to use the pay phones?
Call me if you get lost.
Okay, go!
Wait, Lino!
What about your food?
If you get hungry...
Hey! Wait!
Your euros?
That's for water or soft drink. It's up to you.
Wait! The light's red!
Now go!
Such a nuisance.
I don't recognize her.
I don't know your wife. Sorry.
Maybe she's in Rome.
There are many Filipinos there, too.
How far is Rome from here?
- Here...
- I'll pay you on Sunday.
- Me too, Jenny.
- You owe me a lot already.
- I'll pay you in two instalments, okay?
- Take it easy. Don't flaunt it.
You know it's illegal to sell here.
- Jenny, one phone card.
- I'll pay it next Sunday.
- What's new?
- I'm paid already, okay?
- Okay. Here.
- Jenny?
How's it going?
Maybe she's in Rome.
Do you know how much money
I've lost just now...
by staying here?
My God, do you plan to hire me
as your nursemaid?
Jenny, how will I find her?
This is Milan!
We're somewhere right here.
How can you be sure
that she's not here, or here, or here?
Do you know how many Filipinos are here in Milan?
In Rome?
There are 43,050!
In the whole of Italy, do you know?
I don't know either.
And that's just the number of those
who've had themselves listed.
What about those unlisted?
I'm just being practical.
If you plan to cover the whole of Italy
you have to save up.
Find a job.
I didn't come here for work.
That's not how it's done.
You should keep your eyes closed.
Like you're in deep, deep prayer.
And when you turn, do it fast, very fast!
- Okay!
- Do it.
Or else the bull won't grant
your wish to find Mary Grace.
One more!
My dearest Mary Grace...
I've arrived in Milan.
It's true what they say.
Italy is stunning.
"But sad."
"Because you're not with me."
I wish we could both see things together...
breathe the same air...
feel the same cold breeze.
I won't stop until I find you.
I don't care where or how long it takes.
I'll tell Ma'am Laura to give the job
to Attorney when Eva leaves.
- Thanks, bye.
- Bye.
You're an engineer?
I'm a mechanical engineer. Why?
You don't look the type.
You act like a kid.
There are people here
helping me out...
- Hurry up.
- I'm almost done.
...people I met here.
Filipinos like us.
Put it in the middle so people would see.
It's incredible how many Filipinos
are living here.
Many of them are professionals like you.
Some are even better educated
than their Italian employers.
But your diploma here can only get you so far...
to somebody else's toilet.
Ouch! What's your problem?
There's a cop.
That's not a cop, stupid.
He's a ticket controller for the Metro.
They work their asses off day and night.
On top of that they find ways
to earn extra income.
Sometimes, I get tired just looking at them!
Even at parties...
I look at their faces
and see sadness written all over.
Sometimes I wonder if
they kill themselves with work...
just to cover up their loneliness.
I think of you often.
I wonder if your life here is the same.
What are you doing out here?
Jenny has Italian lessons.
Italian lessons?
Giacomo is here.
Yes, Jenny's teacher.
He's her "I" boyfriend.
"I" is our code name for Italians...
so they won't know we're talking about them.
He's not Jenny's teacher?
Jenny is his teacher.
She taught him to bathe.
Our life here in Italy is full of "S".
Like me. Like Vangie.
At least you're together.
She's not my wife.
My wife is in the Philippines.
Vangie has a husband back home.
I just got back from the Philippines, you know.
It was fun.
Everyday is like a feast.
Before, they treated me like a nobody.
Now they treat me like a king.
Not a son. Not a husband.
Not a father.
A goddamn king.
- Bye, Jomar.
- Bye, Giacomo!
Bye, Lino.
Bye, Love!
I got that from Giacomo.
One for you and one for my brother.
It's going to be winter soon.
You'll need that.
Don't worry.
Not all Italians smell bad.
Do you want a massage?
No, thanks.
We have an early day tomorrow. It's Sunday.
We'll look for Mary Grace.
Jenny, what do you say if we go to Rome?
Jenny, come here!
Jenny, look!
Help me look for her, okay? Here...
Too bad he's taken.
Where does that leave you?
Orly, please!
Just help me distribute those, okay?
All the way to Selaria.
Here, Weng. I know you have
a lot of clients in your salon.
Post it, okay.
- Sure!
- Thank you!
- Bye!
- Bye!
Okay, I know you have to go back to work.
- Okay.
- Bye, Lino!
Let's go!
Aren't we going in there?
- Let's go inside.
- Lino! Lino!
Come here!
Forget it Lino, let's go.
My feet are killing me.
Okay, do what you want.
I'm going home!
- What?
- Where are you going? Wait!
- Stop bugging me, ok?
- Jenny!
Hey Jenny! I don't know this place!
Get lost! I hope you get lost.
Where are you going?
- You're on your own!
- Jenny!
I'm sick and tired of this!
I can't take it anymore!
I'm tired too, Jenny.
Listen here, stupid.
Am I the one looking for a missing wife?
Isn't it you?
We've searched everywhere.
We've asked so many people.
Wait a second.
Hasn't it occurred to you
that you can't find your wife...
because she doesn't want to see you?
My God, Lino!
It's no use looking for someone
who doesn't want to be found!
First of all, I'm not stupid.
Secondly, my wife won't hide from me...
because thirdly, she loves me.
Vangie, where's the letter?
In your room.
Hey, you're early.
How's Weng? Well?
Lino, let's eat.
Love, let me.
- I got it.
- No. I'll clean it up.
You'll still iron the clothes later.
This is bad for your hands.
- I got it.
- I'll do it.
Go there!
Lino, let's eat.
Don't worry about her.
She's just depressed because
her father wrote her a letter.
But what if he leaves?
That's why we have to help.
So he knows what's going on
with your friend.
What happened to Jenny's father?
Jenny, are you awake?
I know you are. You're not snoring yet.
- Jenny, I'm sorry.
- Forget it. I said forget it!
Don't get upset with me.
- Okay, okay.
- Sorry, I didn't mean to...
- Ouch!
- Jenny, I'm sorry.
- Don't touch me. Ouch!
- I'm so sorry, Jenny.
I didn't mean to...
- Jenny.
- All right.
Jenny, I'm sorry. Here, let me...
- No, no. I said I'm okay!
- Let me...
I said leave it!
- I'll massage it.
- Fine! It's all yours.
Sorry, Jenny.
Please don't get upset with me.
Others will do anything just to come to Italy.
You're here but look at yourself.
You've been here for almost a month.
Lino, how much money do you still have?
Even if I give you back your deposit...
that won't get you far.
What happens when you've run out of money?
How will you survive?
How will you pay off your debt?
Do you plan to go back?
I have nothing in the Philippines to return to.
What do you want to do with your life?
I just want to be happy.
My God! That's what we all want.
Okay. What will make you happy?
Mary Grace.
The last time I remember being happy
was with her.
You know...
I've had several girlfriends...
but only Mary Grace...
Mary Grace...
gave my life some direction.
Only Mary Grace truly loved me.
Only her and my mother.
The rest of my family think I'm a loser.
They're the only ones
who can do anything right.
Do you think Mary Grace doesn't love me anymore?
Do you think she doesn't want to see me?
Do you think...
It's gorgeous here!
Jenny, the view is so beautiful.
This is great! And this...
You know what, we can also
have this in the Philippines.
But we don't have enough funds.
We have enough funds.
There's just too much corruption.
Make sure you do a good job.
Ma'am Provati is rather picky...
but she's really nice
once you get on her good side.
And they're not stingy.
It's quite a long walk. It's exhausting.
Mother of God, Lino!
You haven't even started and you're already tired.
You can't have any creases showing.
Ma'am Provati doesn't like that.
You can start dusting. Go on.
After that use the vacuum cleaner.
Hey! Don't leave that here. Remove it!
Be careful!
Lino, what do you think you're doing?
- You told me to vacuum.
- Don't drag it, lift it!
Lino, they trust us to take care
of their things...
just like we trust our house help
in the Philippines to do the same.
Jenny, are you really going to leave me here?
They need just one helper,
that's why I gave the job to you.
I have three other jobs, anyway.
I have to go or I'll be late.
You already know what to do, right?
Make sure everything's clean.
Oh Lino, don't forget to feed Luca.
I told you, he's Madam's baby.
When you kneel before the toilet,
you can't help but cry.
Nobody told me about the real work
I should've expected.
I lost so much weight. I was always exhausted.
My employer would insist
I go to work even when I was sick.
My mind wanders off when I start working.
I always get burned. Look.
Sure, I find the work difficult.
But come payday, their money is mine.
What are you saying?
I don't understand you, sir.
What did I do?
What's he saying, Jenny?
Jenny, talk to me!
What's he saying?
I don't understand him.
Hold on, tell me what did I do wrong?
- Don't shout in here!
- He started it!
You shouldn't have answered back.
You should've let me handle it.
That bastard was insulting me
and now it's my fault?
Why didn't you feed the dog?
I tried.
How many times did you try?
The dog almost bit me, Jenny.
You should've tried calming him.
Luca is a good dog.
- Yes, as good as his owner.
- Madam is our boss...
So, we're the same level as the dog.
Is that how lowly you think of our work?
If that's how you think of us
domestic helpers...
then don't ask me for any kind of help!
And don't eat our food.
That's dog food!
Why don't you just go back to the Philippines?
Go back to your old life!
Jenny Kintanar?
I'm Rochelle, Rochelle Trinidad.
It's Rossi now. I'm already married.
We were classmates in kindergarten
up to elementary, remember?
By the way, Ricky, this is Jenny.
Jenny, this is Ricky.
What are you doing here?
I'm here on vacation.
So are we. We're now based in Austria.
She was just a snot-nosed kid.
We were classmates in St. Paul.
St. Paul College?
The bullies at school teased her a lot.
Cross-eyed fish! Cross-eyed fish!
Sometimes my Dad and I would give her a lift.
Because one time, she fell from a jeepney.
Because of her bad eyes.
She loved the smell of our car!
But my brother Perry hated her. He was a snob.
A snooty college boy...
who hated ugly people.
How many years has your Dad been in prison?
Don't get mad. I pestered Vangie.
Thirteen years.
I was about nine then.
I grew up while he was in prison.
You want to know why he's in jail?
Nothing much.
For being too nice...
Too trusting.
I don't know. Too stupid?
They say he was accused of fraud.
Bounced checks.
He was duped by his business partners.
Many were telling him not to trust those people.
But he said, give them the benefit of the doubt.
He said, don't judge.
In the end, he was the one judged.
His partners fled to the U.S.
My Dad was really stupid.
Your mother is a housewife?
When the crisis happened she couldn't take it.
Even my brother couldn't take it.
Up to now.
Up to now.
From whom did you inherit
your strong will and intelligence?
You don't inherit that.
You learn it.
Because you need to.
You know what...
I worked as a bar hostess just to get here.
I would even model nightgowns in the club.
If they had a thin wallet? No touch!
A thick wallet? Touch!
Sometimes I still feel so cheap...
but I had to do it.
needed to do it because
many people needed many things.
I'm an aunt...
a sister...
a daughter.
I get tired of it, too.
Sometimes I just want to say, screw it.
Anyway, it's time to sleep. That's life.
- Jenny...
- Lino.
Damn, don't make me cry.
Nothing will be left of me.
"All I want is to hold you forever"
"And all I need is you more everyday"
"You saved my heart
from being broken apart"
"You gave your love away
and I'm thankful everyday"
"For the gift"
Jenny, I have to go.
I still have another job. Bye.
"Watching as you softly sleep"
"What I'd give you if I could keep"
"Just this moment"
"If only time stood still"
"But the colors fade away"
"In the years will make us grey"
"But baby in my eyes you'll still be beautiful"
"And all I want is to hold you forever"
"All I need is you more everyday"
"You saved my heart from being broken apart"
"You gave your love away
and I'm thankful everyday"
"For the gift."
Perry needs to have a sense of responsibility.
He will learn that here in Italy.
You should pay off your debt gradually.
That's what you promised your brother.
Lino, this is for your nephew.
Yes, mom. l've saved up for his placement fee.
Ruth! Sister! How are you?
- Did she get the package?
- Yes, yes...
- Did you get the presents that I sent?
- Did they like it?
Just leave it here. I'll take care of it.
You know how it is.
I have to put up with being a servant.
But soon I hope to get a job
more suitable to my qualifications.
"You gave your love away"
"l can't find the words to say"
"And I'm thankful everyday"
"For the gift"
Slowly. I can't read that.
How are you today?
Say it with confidence.
Panache and style matter here a lot.
Otherwise, you're just an average Filipino.
How do you say...
"Thanks for all the help you've given me?"
How about, "I'm so handsome?"
And, "You're so beautiful?"
Come here!
Go around!
Come here, they're gone.
I've been in Italy a few years now...
but this is the first time I got to see Venice.
It's beautiful!
You work too hard, that's why.
You don't stop even on Sundays.
We should enjoy ourselves. We work hard for it.
This is my treat!
Wow! You're a big shot now, huh?
Now that you're making lots of money.
Jenny, this is my way of saying thank you
for all the help you've given me.
Thanks, Jenny.
- Your turn.
- One more.
- That's it!
- You look like a movie star.
There! You're really pretty. One more.
Stay there. Stand up. That's better!
- Hi!
- Hello!
Vangie and Jomar, I'm sure you're dying of envy.
Venice is wonderful.
- This is so much fun!
- Yes, it is.
There are no more shots left.
- Come here, feed them.
- I don't want to.
- Come here. It's fun!
- I don't want to.
Come here.
- I said I don't want to!
- Give me the camera.
Stop it!
Why not?
They won't hurt you.
It just tickles a bit, that's all.
I don't like pigeons.
Why not?
They only get close to you because
they want something from you.
After they're done with you, they'll leave you...
and move on to the next.
What about you?
What do you want from me?
What do I give you?
You've taught me so much.
direction in life...
to stand on my own two feet.
And most of all...
Yes, mom.
- How did it happen?
- It just happened.
It was an accident.
We even joked about it before.
We said, "What if we had a baby...
made in Italy?"
And now it's here.
It's done.
And there's nothing I can do about it.
I'm so stupid!
I'm so stupid!
What about your family back home?
Nothing changes.
I'll keep sending money for my children.
What if they find out?
I don't know. I don't care.
What about you?
You and Jenny?
- What about us?
- Don't pretend.
It's obvious.
Join in the fun. Leave that first.
It's Attorney and Baby's anniversary.
Later. I'll just finish this.
That's why you're so cranky.
You're all work.
I'm not cranky.
I'm just tired.
That's why you should relax.
Even God rested on the seventh day.
That's because He has no
dependents in the Philippines.
Let me have a bite.
Filipino cuisine is the best!
Jenny, who tastes better: Filipinos or Italians?
I'm just curious.
When was the last time you had sex?
You're nuts.
- Let's dance.
- Let me finish this first.
Do that later. Let's dance!
"I wish you grant my desire"
"I wish I could be your boyfriend"
"I wish I could be your boyfriend"
"So you'll no longer weep"
"because of your womanizing boyfriend"
- "Dump him"
- "Dump him."
"I wish I could be your boyfriend"
"So you'll no longer weep"
"because of your womanizing boyfriend"
Sometimes I don't know
what to do
He says you're not picking up your phone.
Hello, Jaime!
"I'm dreaming..."
"that you will be with me"
Have a seat. Please sit down.
Thank you.
I mistook you for an Italian.
You're so beautiful!
You're beautiful, too.
Where did I put that...?
There it is.
Are you sure it's this apartment?
We've been here for almost a year.
I haven't heard of a...
what's her name?
Evangeline Castro.
As far as I know, I'm the only Filipina in the block.
Wait, can I get you anything?
- Soft drink? Juice?
- No, thanks.
- I'm okay.
- Please.
I rarely see anybody from back home.
I seldom go out, you see.
You have a child?
A baby.
He's almost six months old.
He's a handful!
That's why this place is a mess.
That's my husband.
I married an Italian.
I don't like Filipino men.
Mary Grace!
Wait a minute, okay?
- Come here.
- Where have you been?
We couldn't reach you.
You turned off your phone.
We've been waiting for you.
I can't join you guys.
I have a terrible headache.
Don't you know what the occasion is?
It's Lino's birthday.
That's enough.
You can do it.
Come on.
"I was hurt before"
"I wish for the crying to stop"
"The thinking"
"The wondering if you will come back"
"I keep asking myself when"
"Could it be that you're already here
even though I do not see you?"
"I feel that you are next to me in my loneliness."
"I keep hoping..."
"someday, the loneliness will end"
"When will you come into my life?"
"How long before this longing ends?"
"My heart knows no time"
Happy birthday. I owe you a gift...
Love, I can't go home yet.
I have to postpone my trip.
Don't get mad at me, Love.
There's been an emergency.
My employer's wife had an accident.
I couldn't leave them.
I owe it to them, they've been good to me.
Don't worry. Next year I'll spend Christmas there.
I already asked their permission.
How are the kids?
A Play Station?
All right, what else?
Whatever they want... It's okay.
Just tell me how much,
I'll send the money right away.
Okay, bye.
I love you.
I need to work extra hours.
When that child comes out you'll have to rest.
I need to earn twice as much.
For your family. For my family.
I'll get going.
Jenny, if you hear of any extra jobs, please tell us.
Of course.
We'll all chip in for your kid.
It's so complicated.
I really screwed up this time.
Don't take after me. Don't, Jenny.
I know where Mary Grace lives.
I've already gone to see her.
Vangie, what's wrong?
My unborn child... it wants to kick you.
What are you going to do?
Hey, don't!
- Stop it!
- I said, stop it...
I have a surprise for you.
Are you ready?
- You like it?
- Wait, hold on. Lino, stop it!
- I've got something to tell you.
- Cut it out!
- What?
- Lino!
Are you tired? Didn't you like what I did?
- No.
- You want a massage?
- Lino.
- What?
We need to talk.
- About what?
- Mary Grace.
- You need to know...
- I don't want to talk about Mary Grace.
Wherever she is...
I hope she's happy...
because I'm happy where I am now.
It's your loss...
Cut it out!
- Ouch!
- Ouch!
I want you to always be happy.
I've spent my whole life...
thinking of what's good for other people.
This is the first time somebody's
thinking of what's good for me.
Is that me?
Is that me? That's me!
When somebody here
shows their love for you...
And you're so far from home and
don't know when you can go back.
That's the hardest test.
We didn't keep in touch.
They'd call only to ask for money.
It's hard not to fall for someone.
You long even for someone to just talk to.
Someone who'll accept and like you.
This one I really love.
This time I was the one who did the courting.
She's the one for me.
It's wrong, but you can't help it.
- You asshole!
- You're the asshole!
You've been bossing me around all day!
I can't do everything!
I only got two hands and I'm dead tired!
You're just lazy!
Who are you calling lazy? I'm not lazy!
- That's enough!
- What's the problem here?
Say it in Tagalog! You're still Filipino!
- Enough, Lino!
- I'm fed up with you!
- Same here!
- Enough!
Enough! Lino, stop it!
Show some respect!
- Sir Esting, please accept my apologies.
- It's nothing.
My apologies too, Jenny.
ut please tell that Lino
that he's not in the Philippines.
He's not an engineer anymore.
Here, we're all equal.
We're all helpers!
It's true.
The Italians look down on us.
But believe me, having a Filipino
supervisor is the worst!
Worse than the boss!
Good thing I didn't quit
until I got that job in the factory.
You're damn lucky, Lino!
It's so hard for Filipinos
to land a job like that.
He's lucky the former owner is
Jenny's friend.
How can you lose with Jenny by your side?
Attorney, my darling wouldn't
have gotten the job...
- if he didn't have the brains.
- She's crazy.
He scored highly on the test,
that's how he got the job.
I didn't plan on staying
a domestic helper forever anyway.
- There.
- Gin!
- You win again.
- He's so lucky.
- Damn, you're on a roll!
- Damn it.
- Another game?
- I need this.
The rent on the new apartment
is killing me.
So pay up, pay up!
You and Jenny moved to your own place?
- Yes!
- They moved in next door.
Wow, you're so rich...
Pay up.
you're finding him annoying, huh?
The word is obnoxious!
- That's what you call confidence.
- What's happening to you, Jennifer?
Mother of God! He forced you to move.
- Now who's paying for the rent?
- Phone card, please.
- I'll pay it on Sunday.
- Okay.
It's also for my brother when he arrives.
Can't you see you're spoiling him?
What's wrong? Are you still mad at me?
Come on, cheer up.
Come on.
You want to watch a movie?
Why don't we go shopping?
Don't you think it'd be a good idea if we moved?
To Padova, maybe. Or Verona.
Just that.
Maybe I'll find a good job there.
A much better job.
I thought you were okay with the job
at the factory?
It's hard to move up.
there's racial discrimination.
Most of them are Italian.
Be more patient...
You know what?
Maybe they'll be even more impressed
with you if you...
if you don't use your cellphone so much.
What cellphone?
Tony told me that
they've been watching you because...
you keep on using your cellphone
during work hours.
Go on, believe what they say.
Hello, Jenny?
The cell phone signal is weak here.
Lino, you should've borrowed
Ambet's car like I said.
Let me do it.
Just get a blanket and pillow covers.
Perry, this is only temporary.
Until we can afford a house of our own.
That's where we'll all stay,
when mom and Net-Net arrive in Milan.
It's freezing!
Lino, can you turn up the heater.
It's not even winter yet.
Lino and l
will take you to Venice this weekend...
while you can still take the cold.
I told Jenny we should wait till summer.
Just this once so we can tour my brother.
Next time we'll bring him to Rome
or another place.
Hey Jenny, can I smoke here?
- No.
- Yes. It's okay.
I'll open the window.
My brother's a chain-smoker, you see.
Don't cause any trouble
in your mother's house, okay?
Let me speak to Grandma.
Mom, I told you I didn't want
to talk to the kids.
It's too depressing.
I said I don't know.
Maybe next week.
A co-worker of hers
will go back to the Philippines.
Mom, you know I'm not into sight-seeing
or any of that.
Okay, I better put down the phone
before I freeze to death here.
You know I get rashes
if it gets too cold.
Right. Okay, bye.
Here, buddy, thanks.
Jenny said I could use it.
I'll just buy a cigarette.
I need it to take a crap.
Hurry up!
There! Now you have a lot of pictures.
I'll send it all back home.
Are you enjoying yourself?
- Do you like it here?
- I got dizzy in the gondola.
- It was so shaky.
- Never mind...
- You'll have a better time in Rome.
- Jenny, Perry, I got us some pizza.
Pizza again?
I'm sick of pizza. Is there rice?
No, I mean real rice.
Filipino food like Adobo,
sour soup, shrimp paste...
Yes, I know...
It's just that Rose Marie
all of a sudden got a few hours off.
She'll take me and Perry to her sister.
They might have a job for Perry.
Sorry, Lino...
No way, Jenny.
I'm not going to stay
in that huge mansion all by myself.
And it's on top of a mountain!
I'll go out of mind there!
But the couple still go there...
Only during the summer. And sometimes not even.
Still. That's 1,500 euros.
Over 90,000 pesos a month!
The rest of us have to do at least
three jobs to earn that.
It's such a waste if it went to someone else.
- And besides, I already told Rose Marie.
- You should have asked me first.
Wise up, Jenny.
There are things much more important than money.
If you really want that job, then take it.
Or give it to Lino.
Where are you going?
I'll just take a walk.
It's time to eat.
Here. Try this on.
It's great! It looks good on you!
Where will I use this?
It's so heavy and uncomfortable.
You'll need this in winter,
to protect your feet from the cold.
You can also use it on the vineyard.
What about this one?
- Try it. Or maybe that one...
- Don't force him if he doesn't want to!
Let's go.
What's your problem?
- You're the one with the problem.
- Perry, Lino. Where do you want to eat?
- Me? You know what?
- There's a chicken place...
If you don't want me around just say it.
I don't want to bother you guys.
- Perry, hold on...
- Listen, you're now in Italy.
- Lino, don't answer back.
- If you're not happy here, go back.
You're really a bother...
if you have that attitude.
I'll just go for a walk.
- What's wrong with you?
- Don't pick on me.
But you're the one who made a scene.
I just told the truth.
Is my brother bothering you?
What did he do to you for you to insult him?
For Christ's sake Lino, that's my brother!
What about me? What am I to you?
What kind of question is that?
Just answer it!
What am I to you? Who am I to you, Jenny?
And why are they more important to you?
They're my family.
- They need me, Lino.
- Damn it! And me?
What about me? What about us?
For me it's just you, Jenny. Only you!
But for you it always has to be your family.
Who gives a damn about me? Especially now.
All you think about is your brother!
- That's not true.
- That's what you think!
When they ask you for something
you pretend to be annoyed...
but you always give in anyway.
You're always the one giving!
Why? Because they're your family?
And just because they're family
that gives them the right to suck you dry?
They're all lined up waiting
to be showered by blessings from Milan!
- That's not true!
- Don't you see?
Do you even have the time
to look at yourself and see...
how pathetic you've become?
You're all work.
Work and money!
- Money, money, money!
- That's not true!
- That's not true.
- Yes, it is!
What's not true!
Everything l've given my family...
I've also given you.
Every single thing.
What more do you want from me?
I don't know.
You're not happy with me anymore, Lino?
You're unhappy again.
I am not an idiot!
I am not stupid!
You made a fool out of me!
I am not an idiot!
I am not stupid!
You made a fool out of me!
I am not an idiot! I am not stupid!
You made a fool of me...
You made a fool of me...
It was winter.
We were in the middle of the mountains.
One of the guides talked to me.
He was also a migrant, from Algeria.
There was a problem, he said.
He liked me, he said.
Choose, he said.
Him, or the mountains.
Him, or the dogs at the border.
He threatened the lives
of the Filipinos I was with.
He left me when I got pregnant.
Marco saved me from falling.
I'm your husband.
I had a right to know.
A number of times I thought about calling you.
Or writing...
but what for?
My life has been ruined.
I didn't want to ruin yours, too.
It's still better that you didn't know.
Hate me.
Curse me.
What happens to us now?
I waited for this moment for so long.
I searched for you for so long...
but why does it feel...
that now you're here...
it seems that I don't know you anymore?
Why do you now seem like
a distant beautiful memory, Mary Grace?
We have to prepare for
the next delivery tomorrow.
Yes, Sir Esting.
Jenny, I'm going home.
I'm going back.
- No cheating!
- Attorney, no cheating!
Happy! We're happy!
- Jenny is out!
- Jenny, you're out!
- Jenny is out!
- Remove one chair, Jomar.
Okay. Just wait if Bernie wins...
No cheating. You two, hurry up.
Vangie, watch out for Baby!
Attorney, play the song already!
- Come on! Hey, Jomar...
- "I was hurt before..."
Stop that.
Get it off your chest.
We said we were going to celebrate right?
No sad songs, remember?
Get it off, Jenny.
Keeping it in won't do you any good.
- You'll get sick.
- That's enough!
Cry, Jenny. Get it out of your system!
- Enough!
- Cry, Jenny! Cry!
- I said, enough already!
- Jenny, go ahead, hit me!
- Jenny, Attorney.
- Enough!
- You have no idea!
- Jenny.
You have no right!
- Jenny.
- You have no right to hurt me like this...
You have no right!
I'm so tired of you...
so sick and tired of all of you!
I'm so tired of all of you!
- You have no pity! None at all!
- Jenny.
- I'm tired of living your lives for you...
- Jenny.
I'm tired of living your lives for you...
I'm so tired...
You have no pity!
You have no right to hurt me...
You have no right...
You have no right to hurt me.
I am so tired...
Now we can go home when we want to.
And now we're entitled
to a vacation leave, with pay!
And the 13th month bonus!
So? Last chance?
They've passed the law.
That means amnesty for us.
We're legal.
So let's go to the consulate?
Let's go. To the airport.
I'm really sorry. I ruined your plans.
I know I have to get my act together.
But I'll do it back home. Not here.
I will get up from where I fell.
But I promise not to give you and mom
any more headaches.
Just every now and then, right?
Right. Every now and then.
Tell her to hurry up. The line's very long.
For Christ's sakes, Love! Where are you?
- Keep my place, okay?
- Okay!
is it too late to go back?
Should I simply answer your question...
or do you want me to hold you? Tell me.
When we were together...
I wished for only one thing.
Your happiness.
For our happiness.
And I thought we were happy.
But now I ask myself...
even if I had done everything
that you wanted me to do...
would that be enough to make you happy?
The things you said about me were true.
But you're not the only one who's tired.
You're not the only one who gave.
You're not the only one who loved.
Happiness is not something you give,
don't you think?
It's not something you get...
from someone else...
or from being in a certain place.
It can only come from within you.
You're the only one
who can give it to yourself.
But, Jenny...
I can't make up
for what's missing in your life, Lino...
because I myself am not complete.
Jenny, I love you.
Do you love me because you need me?
Or do you need me because you love me?
That's what I keep asking myself.
Until we know the answer...
we're better off like this.
How did you feel when Jenny
ceased to be a part of your life?
More than anything, I got scared.
What will happen to me now?
And how did you survive?
I worked.
How did you find work?
From the people I met when Jenny and I
were together, many of them Filipinos.
The most important thing I learned
from living here in Milan...
is the value of hard work.
The rewards come after.
I also learned to be patient.
That nothing will come of losing your temper.
When I get upset about something...
I only have to look at how beautiful Italy is.
How's your relationship with your family?
We're okay.
They know...
I've made a life here for myself.
They have their own lives too.
Right now what's important for me is that...
I find myself first here in Italy before
I can go back to the Philippines.
What about Mary Grace? Do you still see her?
We're friends. We call each other.
She also has a life of her own.
How's her husband and her child?
They're okay.
Do you intend to have your marriage annulled?
Yes. l've moved on.
We've filed for annulment.
Have you thought about going back?
Jenny's going to the Philippines.
I'll look for Jenny.
I'll look for her.
You're going back home?
I love you.
I need you.
That's my answer.