Milan Talkies (2019) Movie Script

'I am not a perceived reality.'
'Our love...'
- 'Why don't you understand?'
- 'Why don't you understand, Doctor.'
'You stupid clown.'
'You are looking right at him.'
'In my city of dreams...'
'You wouldn't know trust.'
'Go on Simran.'
'Go on and embrace your life.'
No Kumar, I am scared.
- Scared?
- Yes.
This is no time to be scared, Neha.
Because we no longer have that luxury.
It's either us...
...or this Anti-Romeo Squad.
Cut. Cut-Cut!
'Pink stole bundled
with matching a suit.'
'So cute.'
'With the wind under our feet...'
' we go sailing over
every hurdle that comes our way.'
'With the wind under our feet...'
' we go sailing over
every hurdle that comes our way.'
Turn. Turn.
Push him. Push him down.
- And now you.
- Are you crazy?
- He's was manhandling me.
- I quit.
"Whatever we do...
- We do it under the broad daylight."
- "...under the broad daylight."
"Whatever we do...
- We do it under the broad daylight."
- "...under the broad daylight."
"Whatever we do...
- We do it under the broad daylight."
- "...under the broad daylight."
"Whatever we do...
- We do it under the broad daylight."
- "...under the broad daylight."
What's going on here?
Coochie-coo...lovey-dovey, huh...
Haven't you heard about
the Anti Romeo Squad?
"We're the News channel,
and the newspaper here."
"Guys, we're the leaders of the
next generation."
"We're the upcoming stars."
"We are completely unhinged..."
"...and yet we dream
about touching the sky."
"Whatever we do...
- We do it under the broad daylight."
- We need the vehicle for a day.
And what about the money
that you already owe me?
I'll pay you in full.
Son, looking at what you're doing...
...will you ever have enough
to pay me back?
And no one's ever going
to say yes to marry you.
So even dowry is out of the question.
So why make such films
in the first place.
Look, aunty,
we got 500,000 likes on our Video.
- What do you think you're doing?
- Aunty...
...we're also getting advertisements
on our Youtube Channel.
We've also been invited
to the Jabalpur Film Festival.
Mom, tell the driver
to get the vehicle.
Give Annu the keys.
Of course, of course.
Such a wise-guy.
'Where is he?'
'The Emperor who controls even the life
that's been bestowed by God himself.'
'Watch your tone, Salim.'
'Salim's Anarkali shall not die
in a cruel Emperor's captivity.'
'I want his seal on this order
of her release.'
- 'Anarkali cannot be set free.'
- 'And why not?'
'Quiet. '
'A Prince should not
forget his priorities.'
'What priority can
be above even love?'
Very good. Very good.
- The emperor's orders is your duty.
This cannot be my duty.
In the entire film industry of Allahabad.
Look here,
What a beautiful shot
covering everything.
No one can do it.
- That's Kurban's uncle.
- Does he even look like an uncle?
Hey you...
Listen carefully, you're never
giving any role to my uncle again.
He's made a mess.
I am missing Mughal-e-Azam
so I can clean up his mess.
No way anyone can make the neighborhood
kids perform the way I made them.
Who knows films better than Usman.
- How long has it been?
- Listen...
Oh no...not a power cut now.
- Didn't you fix the generator?
- This show was on popular public demand...
Where's the bottle? they will tear up the seats.
Where do you think you are going?
- Hey...
- Coming.
Anarkali is not fit for you.
And why not?
Take me in your arms like you
always did with your favorite son.
What else...
It's not your cup of tea
Sit down.
Shower me with that same love
that you always did.
Treat me like your son,
and not the Crown Prince of India.
Is Anarkali still unfit for me?
What a statement?
No doubt I am a father
that loves his son.
But I cannot ignore my
priorities as the Emperor.
I cannot toy with the fate of India...
...for the sake of my son's love.
Nothing stays constant,
whether its fate,...
...time, kingdoms, or Emperor.
But a person blessed
by love is the only one...
...that stays constant
in this ever-changing world.
You will have to change.
Fantastic. Fantastic. Amazing.
Salim, you will have to change.
- How much do you have?
- 55 rupees.
Of course, Vishal Bhargav,
Request his father to lend us
his Mercedes for a couple of hours.
He won't entertain
us until we don't pay him.
I have already tried.
The rate is 3000.
And we are fresh out of money.
We can only resume shooting
when we get more money.
No need to worry.
The University has
announced the exam dates.
Now that's some good news.
Go on then.
Call all the restless students
who want to pass the exam.
- And call them directly to the office.
- But this time let's raise the rate.
- English will cost you extra.
- Why?
- Because English is expensive.
- I see...
When you pass with merit,
you'll also get a job instantly.
Yeah, what's up with you?
I want to pass Botany with merit.
I want to prepare for MB.
Consider it done.
But first, we'll require some advance.
10,000 each.
- But that's too much.
- Really?
See this guy.
Even he didn't have 10,000 to give us...
...and he's still selling tea.
The rest is for them.
I think you should apply
for Polytechnic instead.
I'll need some advance right now, Anu.
Otherwise, you can find someone else.
Phatu, come hither.
Got some money?
Come here.
5000 now,
And 5000 when the job's done.
Here you go.
I still have to meet up
with the Botany and Maths teacher.
You're charging extra for English...
...but everyone else is still working for
the same rate as they did three years ago.
Show some love for your country.
We'll get you 45%. I am.
Here comes the hero.
So the hero, which is me...
- making love to his heroine.
- Yeah...
And the villain is watching everything
from outside the window.
What exactly are we making?
Hey...out of the way!
- Watch where you are going!
- Boss...
You're so thrilled to hear the scene.
Are you okay?
Imagine the public's reaction.
You know what, Maithili...
...I'm even scared to
hand him a glass of water...
...because he's just
waiting to pounce on me.
Mind your own business!
I am too young right now.
It's not my age to have kids.
There is no cure for a man's lust.
- Listen, lower your hands.
- No.
Listen, lower your hands.
I promise I won't do anything.
No, no. Move.
What are you doing?
Let me go.
- Let me go.
- What happened?
Stay back.
- You're scared of even my touch.
- Yes, I am.
Don't you trust me?
- You don't?
- No
- You don't?
- No
I am leaving then.
- Should I ?
- But I do trust you.
But not your intentions.
What if we go too far?
We'll be getting married, Kusum.
Wait a minute.
Swear on this Holy water of Ganga.
- Okay.
- Yes.
You have no dearth of females.
You're such a leach.
What do you do when you're acting.
Don't you feel anything
when you touch them?
For a fact, I am a man.
I do feel something.
That's why I keep it strapped down.
Do what?
Strap it down.
Strap it down.
What do you mean?
What on earth are you doing?
Someone might see us.
- Look here.
- Not a chance.
- I am doing this for you.
- No.
- Take a look.
- This is too embarrassing.
Look at all the effort
I take only for you.
Even you can do something
for me in return.
- Stop resisting me.
- Stay back.
Don't come any closer.
No, no, let me go.
- Someone might see us.
- He's in that boat.
What happened?
There he is.
How dare you?
And with one of our own.
Please let me go. Let me go.
I haven't done anything.
Please...just let me go.
She is my student.
Thank God we arrived
in the nick of time.
Or else he would've tainted her.
Kusum is safe.
Let's cure this problem from the root.
I haven't done anything.
No, no.
Can't control your restlessness,
can you?
No, no, no, no.
Keep him on routine injections.
- He's your son, isn't he?
- Yes.
He's a smart boy.
He fled the scene
carrying his 'thing'.
I've sown it back.
Excuse us for a minute, madam.
And keep him away from television,
films, and magazines.
Or the stitches will come off...
...and all our efforts
will be in vain.
"Whatever we do...
- We do it under the broad daylight."
- "...under the broad daylight."
"Whatever we do...
- We do it under the broad daylight."
- "...under the broad daylight."
Who on earth would
want to watch his film now?
- Since they chopped off his 'thing'.
- So what now?
- Do you want to replace the hero?
- Make me the hero.
Yeah, right...listen to him.
- What else.
We already shot 15
days of footage with him.
Anu. What's going on?
Oh, Brother.
Greetings, brother.
- Are you in the middle of a shoot?
- We were...
...but we're in a bit of a predicament.
Our lead actor, Arvind.
- Hero.
Poor guy got in trouble with
those boys from across the river.
Yeah, I know.
They chopped off his 'thing'.
That's exactly why I am here.
You don't have to worry, brother.
We'll deal with him later.
Oh, we will deal with
them sooner or later.
But who is playing your hero now?
- We're on the lookout.
- We'll find someone.
- Sooner or later.
- Find someone?
You hero's right here,
and you still want to go out looking?
I'll play the hero.
It's a cinch for me.
You? I mean...
I am tall.
Look at my sharp mustache.
And a commanding voice.
I am the original star of this city.
- Who can do it better than me?
- Right. Right...
...when I've decided that I'll
play the hero then no one can stop me.
Spare him, please.
He is just a kid.
Spare him. Let him go.
He is just a kid.
You will do the film.
And it will be a blockbuster.
The city will go gaga over you.
Let's start shooting next month.
Next month?
Why next month?
Let's start immediately.
We're running low on finance.
How much do you need?
We're short of 50,000.
- Farzi.
- Boss.
Give him 50,000 and start shooting.
Kurbaan, give him the costume
and start the shoot.
- Hurry up. Hurry up.
- Come on.
- And give him his dialogues too.
- Come on.
Where is the heroine?
Congratulations. Congratulations.
You look amazing.
I'm sure no one's seen
such a handsome cop like you.
I mean people will be
eager to get arrested by you.
The crime rate in the
country will take a big dip.
- Anu...I've something to say.
- Of course.
It's a little personal.
What are you doing?
Taking your blessings.
You just turned my dream into reality.
If only I had started early...
...then, I would've been an artist.
And not a criminal.
I need your blessings.
You have my blessings.
May you break all records
in the field of acting.
Now wipe these tears
and rehearse your dialogues.
I'll go ready the shot.
So finally you took
some time off for me.
'That's the sad story
of every cop, Rashmi.'
That's the sad story
of every cop, Rashmi.
'But I thought you would understand.'
But I thought you would understand.
'People look down on us.'
People look down on us.
'But we've adjusted to their views.'
But we've adjusted
to their views, but...
I expect you to show
some feelings for me.
But we've adjusted
to their views, but...
I expect you to show
some feelings for me.
I expect you to show
some feelings for me.
And if its getting unbearable for you,
the...then...then no one can stop you.
What the...
Hide, boss.
- Pehalwan Gang has attacked us.
- Where?
Spread out.
What the hell is this?
It's a fake.
Attention Kaptan
Singh and Pehlwan Singh.
The Police has you surrounded.
Don't try any bright moves,
or you won't make it out alive.
- Shahbaaz. Wait...
- Surrender yourself.
- For your own good.
- Wait.
I say it again.
Surrender yourself.
I'll be back, Anu.
And finish shooting.
Let's go.
You won't be seeing
the outside world too soon.
- Do you still have the money?
- Of course.
Then now we start shooting for real.
Pack up for now.
Let's go.
"Screw you world,
because we care a damn."
"My mind's loaded,
and heart's about to explode."
"Screw you world,
because we care a damn."
"My mind's loaded,
and heart's about to explode."
"We'll do what the heart says..."
"...and fear no one."
"We'll do what the heart says..."
"...and fear no one."
"Let's show the world..."
"We're a big fan of BigB."
"Yes, I am the local angry man."
"When I lose my temper
you can't escape my wrath."
"We always take what we like."
"Those who need that
extra buttering up."
"Those who need that
extra buttering up."
"Let's show them now..."
What do you think
you're doing, mister?
Careful with that thing.
Brother, Where can I find Anu Sharma?
Looking for a chance to act?
Not acting.
- See those two boys making a racket.
- Yes.
And that lad standing
quietly next to them.
- Yes.
- That's Anu Sharma.
- Thank you.
- Welcome.
- Mister, are you Anu Sharma?
- Yes.
What an amazing performer.
An expert in shooting and cheating.
both require copying to an extent.
Ones melodramatic
and the other's skill.
What about you?
- Are you looking to act?
- No, not acting.
Shut up you two.
We have a new candidate.
Continue your discussion elsewhere.
You look like you haven't
made progress in a long time.
No, no, it's not me.
I quit studies the
moment I flunked class 8.
I happily bid adieu to it.
Because I was better without it.
The situation is that my niece failed
her BA exams last year.
- What are her subjects?
- That I don't know.
Why don't you come
home and ask yourself?
- Okay...and where's your home?
- Malvi Nagar.
My brother-in-law's
name is Janardhan Panda.
He's pretty popular in our area.
Ask anyone and he'll personally
guide you to our home.
But it will cost you.
These services are not for free.
How much?
That's the rate.
Son, it's more than what I
spend on my entire family in a month.
That's not my concern,
But I have to grease other palms.
It's not an easy task, you know.
We risk our lives for this.
And if in case we get arrested,...
then we're looking at 5 years imprisonment.
You got to add all that up.
I get it.
It's a kind of social
service what you're doing.
Whatever, but it's not free.
We're not asking
you to do it for free.
We're looking for a discount though.
Can you show some generosity
towards this poor priest?
Just a minute.
Let me make a call.
Hello. What's up?
He makes films too.
- Preparing to shoot?
- I'll smack you with my shoe.
You have to change
the heroine's dress.
It's no good.
And if he shows off,
we'll hire someone else.
I am arranging the money.
If you can pay advance,
then maybe I can do something for you.
And, I would like to see the girl...
...or I might just end up
helping the wrong girl.
Of course.
But first, let's see how generous
you are feeling towards me today.
what's the point of seeing her.
She will accept
whatever is her destiny.
I'll give you 5000 discount.
Janak Kumari.
Here I am.
Come, dear.
Just like I help souls across...
...similarly, he helps fools across.
He's an expert in copying.
And he's come here to help you.
That's my daughter Janak Kumari.
My name isn't Janak Kumari.
It's Maithali.
So says on my form as well.
Fine. Nice.
I'll need her roll
number when she gets it.
- Or you can even send it over.
- I'll bring it to you.
The Advance.
There you are, brother-in-law.
It's settled then.
See you then.
Please. that's how it's done.
It's the first time you've
done something sensible.
Thank you.
Otherwise, as the saying goes...
Brothers-in-law never bring
you any good fortune.
Who is that guy?
It's high time, boss.
You should get married now.
Marriage is okay,
but what about the stuff that follows?
Come here.
Hold this?
Give me that.
What are you doing, boss?
Let it be.
Are you going to teach me now?
Don't teach me.
- Don't try to teach me.
- Let him go!
Pandit Chim Ali.
From Rajasthan.
That's me.
I want you to review
a birth chart for me.
Enough. Wrap it up.
Why do you want your
sister to marry this guy?
What's the problem?
Mars and Saturn have
a strong influence on him.
Meaning he's short-tempered
and easily provocative.
Your sister is not safe with him.
In fact, no one is safe around him.
Not to mention Jupiter, Rahu, and
the Moon together in the 12th house.
Is he sick?
Don't know.
Cancel this wedding right now.
Why? What's wrong?
You would like your sister
to marry a man, wouldn't you?
He is not a man.
I've heard that you're
a very wise man.
There must be some solution to it.
Take a good look
at this piece of wood.
If you keep it in
water even for a decade... won't turn green or light a fire.
Stay away from this guy.
He doesn't even belong in the society.
In fact, he belongs in jail.
That will be 1000 rupees.
I am letting you live.
That's your fee.
I guess this is your birth chart.
Did you have to say that?
What...What are you doing?
I will show you stars and planets...
Look, Mr. Ghanshyam Das,
don't threaten me to go to the Police.
There are already 5
cases registered against me.
The truck didn't arrive on time
because a riot broke out in the city.
Tell me. what does Maithali mean?
- Maithali?
- Yes.
It's one of Sita's names.
But why do you want to know?
No...just like that.
Bring that.
"Every bud doubts me."
- Let's go.
- Of course.
You too. Come on.
"There's a storm brewing..."
Stop, father. Stop.
Try a different song for a change.
Because this one's been done to death.
People are fed up of it.
Loafer. Dharmender.
Its how people addressed all my life...
We have Kuljit Singh...
why did you change the channel?
Consider it to be educational.
Which you never did.
Time changes every person.
But your father has been constant.
You didn't even spare our kid.
Sobha, why bow before the
time that changes a person's nature.
And you...
You are an illusion.
- An illusion under the garb of a...
- How are you doing?
He carries his phone
even to the dining table.
What? 10 days later,
But I am already shooting now.
Fine, I won't miss this opportunity.
Okay, done, done.
I am off to Mumbai.
They are offering me
a job as an Asst. Director.
No one's going anywhere,
We're all staying right here.
- No one's going anywhere.
- What is your problem?
No. What is your problem?
- Do you have a problem?
- Of course, I do.
Because we have a good home,
a successful business.
What's in Mumbai?
Because I want to do something solid.
I don't want to play
around all my life.
Not everyone gets to
play around all his life.
You're life's on the right track,
so don't mess it up.
I spent 5 years in Mumbai.
And all you get is humiliation and
no appreciation for your hard work.
Time speeds past.
And just because you
had a bad experience... can't hold the entire
film industry responsible for it.
You couldn't do it
because you didn't have it.
Let it be.
Finish your sentence.
You know I hate it when you do that.
What didn't I have?
If I lacked talent, son.
You're not going to be a
superstar either. Take it from me.
And you are not going.
If in case you sneak out
or try to storm out of here...
- ...I will drown myself in the river.
- Oh, God.
What a temper.
Stop teasing me.
Drink some water.
We're done.
Finish your meal.
No one's sneaking
or storming out of here.
When I get my calling, I'll
take your blessings before I leave.
- I see.
- Yeah.
I am an MBA.
M B A.
I also know a little English.
I am willing to do any work.
Even as a security guard.
I'll give myself six more months.
So that after I am dead people
don't complain that I was a coward.
And Cut.
Phattu, come here.
Focus the camera on him.
Very nice. Very nice.
Come here.
That boy was amazing.
He was citing the truth.
This is the situation these days.
It's happening all
over the country right now.
Here's the advance.
And Maithali's roll number.
I see...
You can sit under the shade.
- That way.
- Yes, dear.
Go on.
I will need her mobile.
You mean her mobile number?
No, I will need her mobile.
Her mobile phone.
Because I need it.
Do you want me to explain
the entire process now?
We called Bhola to play
the role of Inspector Tiwari.
But he backed out at the last minute.
Didn't show up.
Turn this way.
- He's going to play the inspector.
- Him.
What say, uncle?
No, I've never faced
the camera in my life.
It may be too overwhelming for him.
And it's an important role.
Not to forget he's
got an action scene.
With riots and everything...
And the one where he angrily cites his
dialogues in front of the chief minister.
- I don't think he can...
- Wait a minute.
Hang up that phone.
- Anu sir.
- What?
Praise the Lord.
You've been tied to a tree.
And you're screaming at the top
of your voice while challenging them.
You'll say that once you break free,
you'll kill each one of them.
The camera's on that side.
I want to hear you roar. Okay.
Lunch break.
- Lunch break everyone.
Let me go and I'll show you
what I'll do to all of you.
Or I'll never show my face again.
You really thought...
...I'll be scared if you tie
me to a tree.
So, you need to pass your exams...
...because your marriage depends on it.
I was supposed to
get married last year.
But unfortunately, I failed my exams.
And the wedding was canceled.
But, my father managed to convince
them to wait for another year.
As he is highly educated...
...he wants even me to...
Rascals...I will gut
all of you like a fish.
Untie me.
Anu sir, are we finished yet?
What's the name?
I told's Maithali.
- I meant him.
- Him
- Charandas.
- What?
Charandas Panda.
What the...
I would prefer committing suicide...
...over marrying someone with that name.
We'll think of something else.
Even I am not too keen on his name.
And what about him?
I guess we'll begin to get
along eventually after the wedding.
Stop being so formal.
You're not married to him yet.
Call him by his bloody name.
...please don't get too personal.
Don't you want to take ice-cream
for brother-in-law?
I am warning you.
Anu sir...
Sir. Excuse me.
Sir, please untie me.
You cannot do this to me.
The law...
Anu sir, I can feel
a sharp pain in my chest.
Anu sir.
Do you have a mobile?
I do.
Anu sir, I can feel
a sharp pain in my chest.
- Tell me.
- Give it to me.
But why...
Even your uncle was
asking too many questions?
What? Why?
Give it.
I'll tell you why.
"Whatever we do,
- we do it in broad daylight."
- " broad daylight."
"Whatever we do,
- we do it in broad daylight."
- " broad daylight."
"Whatever we do,
- we do it in broad daylight."
- " broad daylight."
"Whatever we do..."
Got it. Got it. Got it.
Hold this. Hold this.
Give the watchman 1000 rupees.
500 for his efforts,
and 500 his reward.
- How much longer? We've got to go.
- Wait. Don't be so impatient.
Come on, hurry up.
What took you so long?
This is the rest,
after the discount that you gave us.
- What is your name?
- Maithili.
Come on, hurry up.
We're running out of time.
Now listen, we've installed
new sim cards on everyone's phone.
The phone's on silent mode...
...and there is only one number
stored in the contacts.
And you've to send your question paper
only on that number.
Put your phone back to where
you found it when the exam's over.
We don't have your
personal contact numbers...
...and we haven't given you ours.
So how are you going to contact us?
There is no need for that.
We will call you.
Now leave. All the best.
- Uncle.
- Go on, dear. All the best.
- Do the best...
- Why don't you see her inside?
No, I was just trying
to boost her confidence.
Pass the question paper.
Pass the question paper.
All the best.
Is everything going as planned?
- Did you get the question papers?
- Yes, we did.
Now hurry up.
The students are waiting.
Tea and snacks will keep coming.
So hurry up.
What's the answer to this one...
If only you had studied properly,
then it wouldn't have come to this?
That's not it, sir.
I am racking my brains.
I'll come up with an answer.
Got it, sir.
- How was your exam?
- Very good.
- Don't worry, uncle.
- I see...
You should begin
preparations for the wedding.
Anu sir,
when will I get to perform next?
If you can tell me in advance,
I can prepare for it.
The other day, I...
I haven't studied any of this.
What is that?
Question paper, sir.
What just happened.
What's going on there?
Luckily he didn't
disclose anyone's name.
But now frequency jammers have
been installed all over the campus...
- ...and mobile phones have been banned.
- Hey you...
Don't hold these meetings in here.
I don't want cops at my door.
- It's...
- I don't want to hear anything.
- Brother Usman.
- Cops are not coming here.
Jammers, huh.
What are we going to do now?
First, we need to
teach that lad a lesson.
Why are you crying now?
You've made their lives hell.
And I said this very clearly.
If anyone makes a mistake,
then its all over.
No one's getting a refund.
I specifically said that.
Didn't I? Remember?
And listen...
If anyone asks me questions...
...then I will beat
you all black and blue.
Please save me, brother.
Save me.
Get lost.
Please save me, brother.
Save me.
You wasted our money.
Come on.
Go on.
Go on.
We'll show him, all right.
But I want my money back.
Don't say that.
I'll think of something.
Help you pass your exam.
Maithili's desk is
next to that window.
Second one.
That one.
We can see it from here.
We'll see it very clearly.
I fail to understand why you're
taking such a risk for this girl?
Why do you want to hear
it from the horse's mouth...
...when it's clearly
evident on his face.
See for yourself.
What's evident on my face?
You are in love, lad.
And we're the uninvited guests
to this wedding...
...waiting to get pummeled.
You're not helping her pass her exams
so she can marry someone else?
You're helping her so
that you get to marry her.
- What on earth are you saying?
- You heard that right.
It all starts with a kiss,
leading all the way to...
Phatu, don't talk nonsense.
See...that hurts, doesn't it?
That proves I am right.
He's right.
Tell us.
I don't know.
Every time I look at her,
I feel something inside.
- How do I explain this?
- Great.
You did the right thing
by telling your friends.
But you'll get the girl
when she flunks her exam.
And if she aces her exams, then
she will be married to someone else.
That's the deal, right?
It's not confirmed
yet that she loves me too.
What do you mean?
Do we look like idiots running around
the longitude and
latitude of this college.
I won't let that happen.
Even if my love's one-sided...
...but, I won't give anyone
the opportunity to say...
That Anu's girlfriend failed her exam.
She will pass with merit.
I gave her my word.
"Thanks to all the
Engineers and doctors."
"Because I have a degree in love."
"And life's useless without it."
"The future looks dark..."
"...and yet we dream
to touch the moon someday."
"Whatever we do,
- we do it in broad daylight."
- " broad daylight."
"Whatever we do,
- we do it in broad daylight."
- " broad daylight."
- "Whatever we do...
- Up. Up... Got it. Got it. Got it.
Come in, Charlie.
Come in.
Charlie Speaking.
What is the question, Tiger?
Note it down.
In 6th Century B.C.
What is B.C?
British Columbia.
Shut up.
Write an essay on the Political
situation of Western India... the 6th Century B.C.
How else will students
pass their exams?
Chandragupta Maurya's...
Give me that.
Who is speaking on this frequency?
- It's me.
- Who?
- Who is speaking
- Hello.
Jignesh, exams are in progress.
We would like your comment
on the security arrangements?
Yes, Deepak...
What is going on here? Don't
you know students are writing exams?
What are you doing?
- It's an interview, sir.
- Oh, an interview.
Well, sir. Do you think
the students are cheating...
- Out of the question...
- Let's go. Let's go.
Sorry for the delay, sir.
So why call me here?
Why did you show
up in the first place?
I thought maybe you need help
with some research...
...since you make films.
If its research I wanted,
then we could've met at the tea-stall.
Then why call me here?
Two-large whiskey...
Do you drink whiskey?
I won't accept anything until
you don't tell me what this is about.
Come closer.
Sir, you know that I make films.
- Yes.
- Yes...
And that requires to
be pretty close to girls.
I had a job for you.
If you say no, we'll both share
a drink and forget this ever happened.
But if its a yes...
"I want to stroke your tresses..."
"And anoint your forehead..."
- "The feelings in my heart..."
- Sir...
Get lost.
"...I want to..."
Today is the last day of your exams.
So don't try anything
that you haven't done yet.
Meaning no cheating.
How is the paper?
It's pretty easy.
I'll be right back.
Sir, your coffee.
Here you are.
- Get me the English newspaper.
- Okay.
He's asking for the English newspaper.
Go on to the staffroom.
I'll see you there.
Jai Hind.
It's me.
- These are the questions.
- Okay.
- And here's the answer sheet.
- Okay.
- Get to work.
- Okay.
And hurry up. We don't have time.
Sir. Here's your English newspaper.
You're back, dear.
I guess you left a blank paper today.
Not at all.
I solved the entire paper.
Did you get the answers?
Hey mister, according to our deal...
- you owe me 3000 rupees.
- What for?
Maithili solved the
question paper on her own.
With such tight Police security...
I sent her the answers.
And you want me to believe that.
Maithili will tell you how.
I wrote it on a piece of paper,
Yes, yes...
It said that your job's done.
So no need to meet again.
Absolutely right.
You don't even have her phone number.
So what now?
Stand outside her house every day?
Another show's over.
Only a couple of days more,
and this place will be deserted again.
The paper was awesome.
Look at these handsome
guys in Badmaash Company.
She is here.
She is here. Maithali's here.
Call him.
Are you calling, Anu?
Of course.
I'll go arrange for the tickets.
- Dude.
- What?
I have some good news for you.
Better brace yourself.
- Are you standing next to your wall?
- Stop talking in riddles.
Your first lady's coming.
With some friend of hers.
I can see vermillion on her forehead.
- What?
- He meant her friend.
Don't confuse me.
You almost scared the life out of me.
It wasn't me, it was Phattu.
I am coming.
Come soon.
Let's go. Let's go.
Now, look.
I told you to hurry up.
But no, you wanted to wear
matching earrings, Matching bangles.
Wait a minute.
I will talk to the manager.
- He will do something.
- We came all the way here.
- What can the manager do?
- It's you?
No tickets, huh!
I'll arrange for something.
Mayank. Phattu.
- Who is he?
Yeah... What?
Do you have extra tickets?
- Yes, we do.
- We don't want it.
- We do.
- I was going to return it.
But why?
- How many do you have?
- Six.
- Six?
Six? There you are.
- Come on. Come on.
- We'll pay for our tickets.
Money is not a problem.
Just come on.
Listen...this seat is empty.
So...why don't we shift to this side.
Whoever comes later,
can sit on that side.
We'll see when he comes.
Let him come.
If you don't like him,
we'll tell him to sit here.
They are trying to be smart.
They are not that bad after all.
I know these kids.
- They helped me pass...
- Look at their faces.
"It was important to look like
businessmen in order to do business."
"To make more money, it was
crucial to look like we had money."
You didn't give a reply.
What for?
The question I asked you.
Did you say something?
Not at all.
Bloody pervert.
Let's go get some tea.
Would you like some tea or coffee?
Let's go take a stroll outside.
Maithili, give me your number.
You can call if you ever need tickets.
We won't.
You can even give a missed call.
Take my number instead.
Your husband wouldn't like that.
I'll introduce you two.
He won't mind when he sees your face.
I'll get some popcorn for you two.
What a leach.
Jal (Water).
Because water is life.
Now we had to get in their land...
...and put them out of business.
Listen, I will be right back.
I will come along too.
I'll be absolutely fine on my own.
Wait here.
- I'll be right back.
- Okay...
"...but different business."
"First we took report on the biggest..."
"Samples are okay.
but what about price."
"Charlie, we are new..."
It's a small answer.
Yes or no.
You can even nod if you like.
I never thought I'll
be asking you this.
In fact, I didn't even
ask for your mobile number.
And I had to ask in
front of an entire crowd.
I am getting married.
Will you marry that
Charandas willingly?
But I will have to
once I pass my exam.
- You should've let me fail.
- Out of the question.
Imagine what the people will say.
Anu's girlfriend is a failure.
You took so many risks
in order to make me pass.
- I did.
- Thank you.
I did what I had to.
But, I can do anything
to get you closer.
Me too.
Even I can do anything.
What can you do?
I can do whatever you can.
I see...
You haven't answered my question yet.
Why should I?
If you really love me,
then guess it yourself.
Hey...Come here!
I was looking for you, sir.
I have the money.
You said you're a man if your words.
So how can you go
back on your words now?
Who says that I am?
- I have brought your money.
- Good morning, sir.
You were supposed to send me a girl.
So what happened?
Who do you think I am?
A pimp?
If you ever set your
eyes on that girl again,
I will rearrange your face.
Lower your eyes whenever you see her.
Like she is a Goddess of sorts.
the entire city will clean your clock.
I took a risk.
I brought her paper outside.
The Police were posted everywhere.
You see, professor...
Good morning, sir.
You were supposed
to give us Botany notes.
I have a headache right now.
Later, okay.
Seriously, brother Usman.
The place looks like a garbage dump.
I mean at least keep your workplace
neat and clean.
This is my room.
I'll keep it as I want.
She is coming over, understands.
And girls hate garbage.
This is why you're still a bachelor.
Don't try to get wise with me.
Still a bachelor.
Even I was in love.
The Shakespearian kind.
But this society didn't approve of it.
Let it be.
She is here.
This is brother Usman.
- He's like...
- An older brother to him.
Yes, like a brother.
- Come, let's have a cup of tea.
- Hello.
Brother, we'll handle it from here.
Look, I've already loaded the film.
Keep checking on it.
- Understand?
- Yes.
See you.
How long do you have?
How long is the film?
The film's two-hour long.
It used to be even longer.
But these bloody multiplexes...
...cut it shorter in order to
adjust more shows.
You don't talk, do you?
This is all you care.
Is this why you love me?
For this obscenity.
I've heard that when
love is pretty new...
...there's a lot of sex involved.
That's what I heard.
And when love grows old.
Then they do it only a couple of days.
Like on Holi-Diwali-or-Birth day.
Listen...we won't let that happen.
We'll talk and make love too.
Anu, someone's at the door.
Someone's at the door.
I knew that two shows
can't run in the same theatre.
Your love will get me fired
from my job.
Can't you hear the racket?
"I end up being jobless."
"Little boredom, little madness."
"Everything seems sentimental."
"I feel empty inside."
"It's the side effect of love."
"Since its already struck,
then be prepared."
"We call it love."
"It's the best feeling you can have."
"Since its already here,
then be prepared."
"We call it love."
"Love's full of hassle,
but it's a must."
"Even if I get beaten,
but you got to die for it."
"Love's full of hassle,
but it's a must."
"Even if I get beaten,
but you got to die for it."
"I keep looking at my phone..."
"...and lose my sleep over it."
"The heart says I've had enough, man."
"And yet he's the apple of your eye."
"We call it love."
"It's the best feeling you can have."
"Since its already struck,
then be prepared."
"We call it love."
What took you so long, father?
"6th June."
"I met with Anu in
Milan Talkies today."
"And we got into little trouble."
Brother-in-law, I've brought
the details that you asked for.
And I feel this Santro
car is the best choice.
It's economical. Fuel-efficient.
and spacious like any sedan.
It's Korean.
No, thank you. I will pass.
Hold it.
What was my mistake this time?
Remember why I slapped
you the last time?
It was when you saw me
strolling around with Uma.
You were madly in love with that
Jaiswal's daughter.
And I can see the same
situation building up again.
I swear brother-in-law,
I am not involved with any girl now.
And, since that day...
Please, hear me out.
Since that day,
I've turned completely moralistic.
The glow on Maithali's face... the same that you had.
If anything goes wrong, Hariya...
...this small car which is luxurious
like a sedan...
...will mean nothing.
- Says who, brother-in-law.
- Papa...
There is no balance on my phone.
Can you recharge my
phone's talk time, please?
Hold this.
- Okay.
- I won't do anything.
Give it here, dear.
Now listen carefully.
Your exam results are due soon.
If you manage to pass, then we'll
start preparing for your wedding.
No more going out of the house.
If anyone wants to meet you,
then he can come home.
- Please, papa...
- Enough!
Is that 73 or 7?
- That's 73.
- Wow...
"Love is a bundle of trouble,
and yet I accept it."
"When you feel a connection,
no logic applies."
"Love is a bundle of trouble,
and yet I accept it."
"When you feel a connection,
no logic applies."
"Be careful,
and look in every direction."
The Malvi Nagar Ram-Leela Committee...
...welcomes all of you
to the Celebration of 2010
"We call it love."
And now for another announcement...
Sonu Samrat who owns the Blue
motorcycle 7599 has donated 51 rupees.
"We call it love."
Scorpio UGS-5050 has donated
151 rupees to the committee.
From Mr. Vishambhar Das Goel.
Another request,
who has kept her name anonymous.
She says,
see you tomorrow at Milan Talkies.
Please note that down.
See you tomorrow at Milan Talkies.
I can see hurdles.
But no need to worry.
Things will settle down in a year.
In fact, we don't match
birth charts in love marriages.
But my advice is...
...that we should match the birth charts
of the in-laws first.
Whether the son's birth
chart matches or not...
...but the mother-in-law and
Papa, can I go to the temple.
I made a pact that I'll go and pray
if I pass my exam.
Yes, of course.
She passed her exams with merit.
My beloved daughter.
And I had to recharge my mobile phone.
The mobile revolution has
sent this country to the dogs.
People even eat while walking.
It's clearly been
said in the scriptures.
That food,
women, treasure, and praying...
...should be done behind closed doors.
- No.
- I won't make any mistake this time.
That's not that question.
The show is a houseful.
Completely houseful.
The crowd will tear up the seats.
We haven't met for a month,
brother Usman.
Then meet her someplace else.
Meet her someplace else?
We are not living in Mumbai...
...that I can meet her on the streets,
or the train, or on the beach.
Have some mercy.
And I know you like love stories.
She's here.
No, no, I won't tolerate this here.
No respect for me.
- Such a virtuous place this is, but you two...
- Boozing is allowed here.
- What?
- Booze...
What booze?
You two have crossed all limits.
You know I can't say anything to you,
Except for one thing.
Stay in control.
Don't get carried away.
The movie is playing.
This is wrong. wrong.
Now we'll have to put up
a "Do Not Disturb" board here.
How long do you have?
Only 15 minutes.
I said I am going to the temple.
I am not letting you go today.
Which temple?
Answer the phone.
- It's Anu.
- Answer it.
He's right here.
And listen.
Don't talk rubbish with me.
Some things are possible,
and some are not.
Don't expect me to put myself
in a mess so you can impress the girl.
- I am not stupid.
- What is the matter?
- He's impossible
- Yeah...
I see...
Okay. Okay.
Don't worry, dude.
- Have fun.
- What fun?
I cannot do this. Count me out.
Phattu. You know what,
I shouldn't be going in there.
- Understood.
- Yeah.
But if Anu's idea works...
...then I will handle the situation
Go on.
I am not coming.
Come on.
Take the Lord's name and...
Hail Sri Ram!
How can I lie to God?
I cannot lie to God.
You're going to be a Lawyer
in the future. So get used to it.
- Greetings, priest.
- Greetings...
Lord Nandi is drinking milk!
Lord Nandi is drinking milk!
It's a miracle.
It's a miracle.
The place is packed now.
And the crowd's still pouring in.
Also, this incident has been recorded
in the history of our city.
You will never find
a friend like me, Anu.
No one's going to
call you Phattu anymore.
Go on.
Now call your father.
And tell him that
the temple is packed.
And it will take me at least an hour.
Big deal.
I should be thanking
your friends, not you.
Do I have to become the Prime Minister
to make you happy?
Even if you become the Prime Minister,
you'll do it for the country.
But what about me?
I'm going to be this country's
biggest film director.
Again, you'll do it for your country.
But what about me?
All I know is that I'm
going to be a film director.
That's all.
I don't know.
But you'll make films only for me.
Whether anyone likes it or not,
but I should like it.
That way you will be my hero.
Your hero is Ranbir Kapoor.
But he's out of my reach.
But you are not.
I'll have to settle for you.
"9th July."
"No one can do what
Anu did for me today."
"I think Anu can do anything for me..."
Maithili, get dressed and come down.
And please dress properly.
- She aced her exams with merit.
- I see...
Maithili was visiting the temple.
And a miracle occurred.
Here you go, mister.
So Charandas.
It's not an easy job to score 73%
marks while handling all the chores.
Here you go, son.
She worked really hard.
Have one.
Just one.
Then let's decide on a wedding date.
Listen...come here.
- Kurban.
- Maithali.
Why is Anu's number unreachable?
He fell sick yesterday
after he met you.
He's down with fever and cold.
I see...
"I surrender my heart to you..."
Where can I find Anu Sharma?
Anu Sharma?
What do you want with him?
I...I want to talk to him.
- It was personal.
- I am his friend.
Please tell me if know where he lives.
I don't have too long.
Anything wrong?
No. Nothing wrong.
I am his girlfriend.
I see...
Since when?
I guess you're one of those friends
whom Anu doesn't tell anything.
That's not true. That's not true.
Come. Come with me.
Come on.
How are you?
I've been trying to
call you since last night.
Your friend brought me home.
Which friend?
Oh, God.
By the way, I am Anu's dad.
Sit. Sit.
He's never done anything
to make me feel like a father, so... don't have to be formal either.
Give him this medicine.
Your love mixed with this medicine
will cure his fever instantly.
- You want me to...
- Yes, of course.
Anu, it wasn't easy
for me to come here.
I wanted to talk to him in private.
- She's trying to tell you to leave.
- I get it.
I am getting married next month.
- Papa.
- Yeah.
Her father...
I am getting married next month.
I will talk to your father.
Not a problem.
No-no, not you.
He hates filmy people.
He hates filmy people.
Then he won't like you one bit.
This red one is nice as well.
No, no, I'll get one from Beneras.
Show me something really nice.
Then how about this one in yellow.
This one's pretty nice as well.
Where were you?
Come sit.
Look at these beautiful saris.
What is all this?
This is for you.
- Look how beautiful...
- Why are you doing all this?
For you, dear.
How about this red one?
I don't want any of this.
Take it back.
Don't buy any of this.
Please leave.
I swear I'll stop
being so melodramatic.
Swear on God.
This understanding that we have...
...I don't think any father-son
has that.
Please, don't go.
I've already made up my mind.
I am not leaving forever.
Of course not.
We're throwing you out of here.
If anyone finds out...
...then people will lose faith
in the father-son relationship.
Our relationship is an
example for the world, father!
That's true.
Just a minute.
What the...
I mean the boy's
eloping with the girl...
...and you expect the family
to stay quiet. You deserve one.
- What was that?
- You deserve one.
I've done my duty by slapping you.
Go take your mother's blessings.
Go on.
Doesn't matter where you go,
but don't go to Mumbai.
I am warning you.
Go to Mumbai.
No other place will do.
And don't do anything wrong.
And don't get beaten up.
Please tell me how
did he become so tall.
Oh, God.
Be careful.
I've had this question in my mind
since the time you were born.
Let's go. Let's go.
Come on.
There they are.
Maithali's there too.
Hurry up.
Get the other boat too.
You will have to pay
for this with your life.
Stop, dear.
Go on. Go.
We'll get you.
There's nowhere to go.
Listen to me, dear.
Come on.
- Jump. Jump.
- Run.
Catch him.
Come with me. Come on.
What are you all looking at?
This is not a film.
Go back inside.
- Stop. Stop. Stop.
- What?
This is our personal matter.
- So what?
- Get them out of here.
- What are doing?
- Sushila.
You won't raise your hand on her.
And I mean it.
She is a grownup now.
You never thought even once... the world's going to look down
on me and you after this.
Now this door will stay closed
until I say otherwise.
Try to understand
my situation as well.
Charandas will never be able to
look anyone in the eye again.
Even I will have to face humiliation
for the rest of my life, Mr. Shukla.
But none of this is our fault.
Just tell me what can be the
solution to this problem.
I am prepared to give more dowry
if required.
Janardhan, all we can offer you now
Is our sympathy.
Not a proposal.
The client's asked
for four kilos of mutton.
The best ones.
Kurban, let's go.
Shut the shop and let's go down.
Why? What's wrong?
Are dreams are coming true?
A film unit has come
down here from Mumbai.
And they are making
a feature film here.
I won't shut shop for film,
or anything else.
It's in the newspaper,
they require local artists.
Even after wasting 4 years
you didn't learn anything.
Art and Culture.
I was so emotional.
For a brief moment
I felt pity for them.
But I smartened up at the right time.
I am over this acting business.
And you should...
They are holding auditions for
character artists in Hotel Kanha-Shyam.
Keep him back.
And hand me my shirt.
And listen,
we should go completely prepared.
First, we'll write an application.
"To the director, "so-so" production.
And we'll write it
on our own letterhead.
Get the letterhead.
It's covered in dust.
Hello, hello. Hi.
- Hi.
- Myself Deepak Mishra.
Amar Ujala.
We would like to meet the director.
We'll meet the press
at the press conference, sir.
No, no, we're not from the press.
- We are actors.
- We're artists.
- Show them our picture.
- Look here.
This queue is for auditions.
Everyone's waiting for their turn.
Please wait, and I'll call you.
- This is Allahabad.
- You don't get it.
A famous artist who hails from here
once said...
"The line starts from where I stand..."
What to do?
The place is so crowded.
Seems like the entire
city has come down.
And even we have to stand in a queue.
Even the hotel guys are auditioning.
- I am the director...of this film.
- Director?
- Where the hell were you?
- I will tell you everything.
Do you have any idea about
what happened after you left?
A lot happened.
And I will tell you all.
Amar Ujala.
Why didn't you call, you rascal?
I have a lot to tell you.
Let's talk in the evening.
Babli, are you sure you saw Anu?
Yes. That was Anu.
How can I forget his face?
He was in Civil Lines taking pictures.
- Yes?
- Where can we find Anirudh Sharma?
Please ask them.
Where can we find Anirudh Sharma?
- Here?
- Yes.
Wait here. I'll be right back.
- Let's go inside.
- As I said I don't know Marathi...
The TC made him get off
the train at Igatpuri station.
He has no ticket.
And he has an injured arm.
Where is your ticket?
How did you get hurt?
Sir...i feel asleep.
I'll catch the first
train back to Allahabad.
- This is just a minor...
- Do you think you own the place?
Where do these guys come from?
They increase Mumbai's population,
Crime rate...
- ...and we've to work overtime.
- I don't know Marathi, I've been trying to...
This is Marathi.
What have I done?
Let me go.
They kept me locked up for 12 days
without any trial.
I called papa immediately
after I got out.
Papa said that Maithili got married.
What could I do?
I told him not to
tell anyone about me.
I don't see any point in that.
I was already in Mumbai.
I wanted to work in films.
I knew my job.
So I stayed back.
You're making that sound so easy,
I stayed back.
Do you have any clue about
what happened here after you left?
Maithili got married to a goon.
Guru Panda.
Do you believe that I was
having a good time in Mumbai?
I wanted to forget her.
So I didn't come back.
And you forgot her.
That's why you came back.
I returned, all right.
But I haven't forgotten her.
Why are you crying?
I've told you not to drink here.
The room starts to stink.
This is not how the
room begins to stink.
This is how it stinks.
What do you think you're doing?
Are you out of your mind?
Now the place is going to stink.
Now it will stink.
Like this.
Now it will stink.
Now it will stink.
What are you doing?
- Hail Mahadev!
- Hail Mahadev!
Babli's here. Babli's here.
Come on. We've arrived at the temple.
Come on.
- Hail Mahadev!
- Hail Mahadev!
Meet us at the flower shop now.
- But...
- What's keeping you?
- Hail Mahadev!
- Hail Mahadev!
Listen, I forgot to get flowers.
- I'll be back in a jiffy.
- Okay, but hurry up.
Come on. Let's go buy flowers.
No, Babli.
Honestly, Anu still loves Maithali.
He said that to me personally.
And we all know that Maithili isn't
too happy with her marriage either.
Fine. I will tell her.
- Mister, give me some flowers.
- Are you happy?
- Otherwise...
- I am very happy.
Now please leave.
Will your son tell
brother-in-law any of this?
He has started to speak yet.
I see...
Son, repeat after
me...Maithili loves Anu.
Say it, son.
Say it.
I wish you had waited a little longer.
Then maybe Anu and
you would've been together.
You two could've been together.
It wasn't my decision to make.
What's done is done.
This is my life,
and I will deal with it.
Just tell to forgive me
and forget everything.
Why are you crying?
Because I haven't forgotten
him either, Babli.
I have my entire life ahead of me.
And I cannot spend
it with this drunken idiot.
I want to meet him, Babli.
You shouldn't forget
that you're married.
Stay back. Stay back, son.
Babli's calling.
Fine, hold on.
Anu, call for you.
- Who is it?
- It's a girl.
- Who is this?
- Maithili speaking, Anu.
How are you, Maithili?
I want to meet you.
So you can slap me on the other cheek?
No. To apologize.
I've already forgiven you.
The way you say that, makes it sound
like you've forgotten all about me.
No, no, how is that possible?
Can you see me?
I am on the roof of my house.
Right here.
Where are you?
Do you see that shining light?
Anu, I want to make another...mistake.
I did commit that murder.
But, what's the point now?
Soon I will find all the evidence.
And then, I will rip the
life out of you, whatever is left.
Cut. Cut. Cut...
That midget...
Hey, midget.
What are you doing?
Why is your shirt unbuttoned?
Button it up.
Who is this guy? Who is this guy?
Hello, brother.
Who is he?
You don't know.
I've invested money too.
Come, come.
Enough, enough.
I heard in the newspaper that
there's a film crew in the city.
So I bailed myself out immediately.
So, what role do
you have in mind for me?
there are no roles left for you.
- They are all very small roles.
- Shut up.
And stop yapping your mouth.
I didn't bail myself out
of jail to do smalltime roles!
What is that midget doing here?
Hello, brother.
No worries.
I mean come on, look at these people.
Maithili is coming
to meet you tomorrow.
Anu's girlfriend. Coming tomorrow.
Here. Coming tomorrow.
No kissing.
The film crew will shoot around
various locations in Allahabad.
Films are a dirty business.
This film will be directed by
Anirudh Sharma.
Anirudh aka Anu hails from this city...
Guru, could it be him?
Is he back in the city?
Finally...he's awake.
Why do you drink so much?
And even if you do,
then drink the better stuff.
Come here.
- Come on.
- What?
Why are you always so stiff?
Come here.
Cheap alcohol and cheap sex
do more harm than good.
Get my point.
- Maithili.
- Babli, you're all dressed up.
Where are you going?
Its Monday.
So we're going to the temple.
Why don't you pray
for me as well sometimes?
Since you are already married.
Let me know if you
have someone on your mind.
I'll pray for you too
Tell me.
What's wrong with your uncle?
Where is Maithali going?
- To the temple?
- What temple?
Haven't you read the newspaper?
You two have been
married for three years...
...and yet Maithili has no children.
She has gone to the Shiv Temple,
with my permission.
Don't doubt her.
- The Residency.
- Come.
Come on. Let's go.
Stop here.
What's going on here?
So this is a shooting?
Oh, God. Look at all the people.
Take that thing inside.
We'll need 24,000 for those fittings up there.
Maithili's here.
You know what, you take care inside...
...and I will handle them.
You guys are here.
You know what...
Come here. Come on.
All these people in a Burkha.
You two are in a burka as well.
You see, we're shooting
a wedding scene today.
Come, sit. Come on.
Wait here, I'll call Anu.
Don't go anywhere.
I will be right back with him.
- The actor has a flight to catch.
- Phattu...
- How are we going to do this?
- Phattu...
- Where is Anu?
- In the van.
Come with me. Come on.
- Come on.
- Come on, everyone. Hurry up.
What are you two doing here?
Everyone's waiting.
Get up.
But we thought...
Would you know better, or me?
Come on, get up.
- Don't worry.
- You guys are still here.
Hurry up.
This is where I left them.
This is where I left them.
Swear on my mom.
She was right here.
Even I can see that.
Where can she go?
I made a promise, and won't
give up until you two don't meet.
Don't you worry?
Anu... I have a flight to catch.
Is the shot ready?
Yes...come on.
Go sit next to the groom.
The clergy will read.
Take the glasses off.
Come on.
Yes, from right here.
Track it.
On the groom.
Roll sound.
Where the hell are we?
Don't get nervous,
and make me nervous too.
I am getting nervous.
Calm down.
- Be quiet.
- Silence.
Who is talking?
What is going on here?
They are saying action.
Silence. You two are talking so much.
- Mind your own business, you fake bride.
- Be quiet.
And action.
- What are we doing?
- Cut-Cut-Cut...
We came here wearing this burkha.
Why happened?
Who is talking?
Who is talking here?
You. You two.
Throw them out.
Get up.
- But...
I said get up.
Come on, go out.
See...I told you.
Be quiet.
- You sit here.
Listen, Maithili.
I am trying to say something.
I know him too well.
He won't say it directly
that he hates me.
But embarrass me instead.
That Anu is playing games with me...
...because I slapped him.
This is his revenge, Babli.
- He's calling.
- Who is it?
- Babli, where are you two?
- Listen, Kurban...
What happened?
Who do you think we are?
I came looking for you.
You called us to humiliate us,
didn't you?
No, I...
You will delete the
numbers of all his friends.
- Now.
- I am doing it.
We've nothing to
do with him any longer.
Not at all.
- And you won't give me any of his messages.
- Okay.
- Understand.
- Yes, I do.
- Don't be so upset.
- Let's go.
- Listen...
- Come on.
- Listen...
- Come on.
A heartfelt apology letter
from film Director Anirudh Sharma.
A heartfelt apology letter
from film Director Anirudh Sharma.
The film director has admitted
his mistake and claimed...
...that we often end up hurting the
sentiments of people during shooting.
He's a sly guy, sister.
You never met him.
What else...
He said that he angered
someone yesterday...
...and I felt so embarrassed
that it's affecting my work.
What an imposter.
I can't get rid of the thought
that I hurt the sentiments...
...of that person who
came to meet only me.
What a rascal.
Keep the phone down
and concentrate on the food.
Babli, please let me talk to Anu.
I deleted all the numbers
because you said so.
I don't remember any of it.
What's the matter?
Getting emotional after
your anger calmed down.
It was all my fault.
He's even printed an apology
letter in the newspaper.
Babli, please do
this one thing for me.
I will never ask you
to do anything again.
What? Tell me.
"Happy Holi."
"My t-shirt's purple, sweetheart..."
"...while your stole's yellow."
"Turn your gaze and look at me."
"My t-shirt's purple, sweetheart..."
"...while your stole's yellow."
"Turn your gaze and look at me."
"The color of your lipstick..."
" casting a spell on me,
"Don't mind today because its Holi."
"Don't mind today because its Holi."
"Don't mind today because its Holi."
"Don't mind today because its Holi."
"Why do you keep smothering
colours only...on me."
"This is my chance,
and the situation calls for it..."
"...and a little flirting is okay."
"I'll give you a warm welcome,
"Because I've dipped
my sandals in color."
"Don't mind today, because its Holi."
"Don't mind today, because its Holi."
"Don't mind today, because its Holi."
"Don't mind today, because its Holi."
"It's no dieting."
"Let me offer you a sweetmeat
laced and get you high."
"Let it be..."
"...I am sure your
mother paid for these."
"Your tone is rude,
but your face is cute."
"Everyone's going crazy."
"Don't mind today, because its Holi."
"Don't mind today, because its Holi."
"Don't mind today, because its Holi."
"Don't mind today, because its Holi."
"Don't mind today, because its Holi."
"Don't mind today, because its Holi."
"Don't mind today, because its Holi."
"Don't mind today, because its Holi."
- Move. Move.
- Wait. Who are you?
- I want to meet with him.
- Let her through.
Let her.
- Babli...
- Anu, it's Maithili.
Stop, Maithili. Stop.
Anu, please get me out of this hell,
I want to start all over again, Anu.
And with you.
I will get the best lawyer.
We'll get your divorce papers ready.
- Anu...
- Enough, Maithili.
I am there.
And I am promising you.
I will take you away from this hell.
Is that his Mumbai's number.
Of course.
The heroine was getting
too close to Anu.
Anu sir, am I looking good?
Anu sir, this...
Anu sir...
You thought I will never find out about
the love story brewing behind my back.
Give that to me.
Leave that alone.
Shut up. I will slap you.
I... I...
- Let me go.
- Guru!
Do you want a slap?
- Shut up.
- I haven't done anything.
- Let me go.
- Get out.
- I said get out.
- Guru.
And don't let me catch you here again.
- Babli...
- What's the matter?
- Where do you think you're going?
- Hey...
Don't raise your hand on her.
You're her husband, and
you have every right to.
But I am her father.
I won't endure it.
I see...
My wife's writing
love-letters to her old lover...
...and I shall do nothing.
What evidence do you have
that she wrote a letter to her?
I saw Babli taking the letter!
I went to the shooting!
And you want evidence,
don't you?
It's all in here.
Now listen.
8th October, meaning 8 days ago.
Today I met with Anu
in Hotel Kanha Shyam.
- All those old memories were refreshed.
- Enough!
No need to read ahead.
She has also described various
methods to deliver the letter.
In the newspaper.
Where do you think you're going?
- Tied to a kite.
- Let her go.
Let me finish first.
You can take lessons from this
book on how to humiliate someone.
- Oh, so she's married.
- Yes, sir.
She has been married for 3 years.
But she is not happy.
Her husband is very violent.
Any children?
No children.
- What does her husband do?
- He's a hooligan.
Shot ready.
Just a minute.
Start sound.
Catch that rascal.
Who are those guys at the back?
Who are they?
Who are they?
I am going to break everyone's head.
Take my advice and stop whatever
is brewing between you two.
Don't forget that she lives with me.
I will choke her
to death in her sleep.
- Get the car.
- I'm done with this humiliation.
I made sure that he lands straight in the
hospital and no one could be saved him.
Neither the Police or his lads.
He fell flat on the ground.
And remember one thing.
If you try to forge
a bond with that guy again...
...right now he's in the hospital,
but I will burn him alive.
In front of your eyes.
We will not spare
Guru Panda this time.
No one's going to do anything.
This matter is closed.
- You just wait and watch.
- that clear.
The crowd watching the
shooting turned violent...
...and created a racket...
You are his friend.
- How is Anu Sharma now?
- He isn't dead.
Tell us something.
And, whoever did this...
...I want to tell them that
he will recover soon...
...and finish his shooting.
The toilet's downstairs.
I am Maithili's friend.
I have a message for Anu.
Please tell him that Maithili
will never see him again.
"I made tall claims
when we were in love."
"But this distance made me realize..."
"...what you mean to me."
"I made tall claims
when we were in love."
"But this distance made me realize..."
"...what you mean to me."
"Once we separated I understood
the value of love."
"I will love no one else,
I made this pact with myself."
And cut.
It's a wrap.
Is that wrap for good.
- Yes, sir.
- Congratulations.
You did a good job.
Great job.
I really have to appreciate that.
Great job.
Our efforts will bear fruit.
The film will be a hit.
Whether the film is a hit or a flop,
but life should always be a hit.
And life's Super hit when you get what you
wanted from the bottom of your heart.
You should close
this chapter for good.
And let her go.
Is she a bad habit that I can quit?
I must have done something,
that she came in my life.
She is my reward for my good deeds.
I cannot forget her.
It's impossible.
- Communication with Maithili is impossible.
- No. Never.
- We beg you.
- I know. I know.
But if she sees my film just once.
That's it.
The film's almost over.
Are you leaving?
- Sister is the breakfast ready.
- The film crew wrapped up their...
...shooting yesterday.
After shooting for 40 days around the
city, the unit of the film 'Saabit'...
...left for Mumbai...
Traffic Jam on Shashtri Bridge.
You won my heart.
And you're leaving now.
You will forget all about me,
But I won't.
Dude, I will never forget this favor.
Once the movie releases,
then I am a cinch in for MLA.
Listen...don't forget.
Let's go.
Hop in, brother.
Give it to me.
What's in it?
I am Anu's dad.
Hello, uncle.
Where did you buy this shirt?
I just want Maithili
to see my film once.
That will be the proper
end of this story.
What do you mean?
Brother Kaptan, let's go.
Good news. Good news. Good news.
It's time to rejoice and celebrate.
Releasing this Friday
in Milan Talkies... the film made
by our very own hometown
Star director, Saabit.
Fantastic. Fantastic.
- You look amazing brother Kaptan.
- Did you buy the ticket or not?
Of course, I bought the tickets.
I booked half the hall.
- Long Live...
- Sangam Arts.
Go ahead, brother Usman.
I know, I know...
"Catch him."
- My face is hardly visible.
- Maybe later on.
"Happy Holi..."
"My t-shirt's purple, sweetheart..."
"...while your stole's yellow."
"Turn your gaze and look at me."
"The color of your lipstick..."
" casting a spell on me,
"Don't mind today, because its Holi."
"Don't mind today, because its Holi."
What happened, boss?
All okay.
I feel terrible for brother Kaptan.
Anu should have at
least shown his face once.
This is completely wrong.
I feel brother Kaptan
has been treated unfairly.
I will go talk to him.
Let me go talk to him.
What are you doing?
How will we go back?
How will we live in this city now?
If I catch that Anu
Sharma in the city again...
...I will kill him.
Keep an eye on his house.
Yes, boss.
"My t-shirt's purple, sweetheart..."
"...while your stole's yellow."
"My t-shirt's purple, sweetheart..."
"...while your stole's yellow."
You saw that idiot's film.
Of course not.
I was just humming a tune.
But that song is from his film.
I see... I don't know.
Look at this.
He went to see that boy's
film and also humming his songs.
I warn you.
If anyone else sees his film,
then I will leave for good.
- Do I have any respect, or not?
- Of course, you do.
We're in conversation
with Writer/Director...
...Anirudh Sharma recently
released film Saabit.
Hello, sir.
This is your first film,
and its also managed to
garner a pretty good response.
I never imagined this, but it is
actually getting a very good response.
Is this film connected
with your personal life?
I don't know...
But there are some characters
that are connected with my life.
I see...
And I would like to
request those people that...
...this is their film,
and they should go watch it.
Have you lost your mind?
The TVs smashed to pieces.
Don't try to be over smart.
I am doing what I am doing.
Why do you have an objection?
That bloody...
- Hello.
- Hello, sir.
Can you come to Kanpur?
For a prayer service.
Actually, Janardhan used
to come down from Allahabad...
...but, these days he's unable to.
So, can you come down?
I'll send advance as well.
Of course.
If anyone calls on this number...
...can you talk to
him in a female voice.
Female voice?
Of course.
This is your aunt speaking.
But Maithili,
I don't want any trouble.
Just take care.
If I stay out of the
house for more than an hour...
...then everyone starts calling me up.
I just want to see the film, uncle.
Okay. Okay.
You hardly have any clients.
So how did you get a client in Kanpur?
Someone must have recommended my name.
They also sent advance 2500 rupees.
I am only asking because
you've beaten more people up
than you've done any good to them.
I hope you don't have
any enemies in Kanpur.
Even if I do, I will take care of him.
I am going completely prepared.
Will you bring a
bag for me from Kanpur?
I've heard they are pretty good.
- Did you lock the door, dear?
- Yes.
- Milan Talkies.
- No.
Excuse me.
Who are you, dear?
Why are you crying?
Maithili, it's you?
What happened?
Brother Usman, I want to see the film.
But I arrived too late.
What are you wearing?
I snuck out of the home.
Just show me the film.
I would,
but it's almost halfway through.
No, I want to see the full movie.
I can't come again, brother Usman.
The show's over.
Let's start your personal show.
Come on.
Sit wherever you like.
"Whether we live in
palaces or on the streets."
"Or under heavy guard."
"But no one can ever separate us."
"Not in Church,
not even in the temple."
"Not even on the
threshold of any mosque."
"I saw God only in your face."
"Our love story is still incomplete..."
"...then so be it."
"I shall not love anyone else
other than you..."
"...I made this pact with myself."
"...I made this pact with myself."
- "I saw God only in your face."
- What happened?
Did you like it?
'But make films only for me.'
'Whether anyone likes it or not.
but I should like it.'
'You will.'
'If you do'll
always be my hero.'
Was it good?
Go on, then.
Even I'll lock up the place and leave.
You're here.
- Hello brother Usman.
- Hello. Hello.
I know its too late
and I am troubling you.
But I didn't want her
to go alone at this hour.
- It's okay. I'll take her home.
- Will you?
Hi, Maithili.
Brother Usman, I cannot go home.
Anu is coming.
After two days.
In Milan Talkies.
For me.
But I just spoke with him yesterday.
He was asking whether
Maithili saw the film or not.
Because he wanted me to see his film.
But the film's over now, so go home.
Brother Usmaan,
we couldn't meet or talk
before he left, but...
Remember that guy says in the film...
"I will come back for you."
I will come back to you
when I become successful.
On the same day that was the most
beautiful day of your life.
9th July.
9th July.
Don't you remember?
You guys spread that rumor...
Oh yes, that Lord
Shankar is drinking milk.
That day we got a little extra time.
Go home.
Please, brother Usman.
"Wait for me on 9th July."
"Same place where we always met."
This might be just
a film for the world...
...but for me,
this is a message, brother Usman.
Anu will definitely come.
Today is 7th July.
Two days later,
on 9th July, he will come for me.
He will...
Look dear.
If I go home now and get caught...
...then I will never
be able to come back again.
You're putting me
in a predicament, child.
- No, no, no.
- Wait a second.
Maithili, if you believe he's coming,
then let's talk to him.
But you can go home till then.
Just a second, brother Usman.
Hello, Anu.
This is his friend Mayank
Goel speaking from Allahabad.
Please tell him its very urgent.
Let her talk.
Talk to him.
He is busy.
I mean he's giving
narration to some big star.
Salman Khan?
- I won't go home.
- This is a cinema hall.
Go home.
I won't go.
I will stay right here.
She is so stubborn.
Won't go home.
And what did he say?
He must have said something.
As I said, sir.
I couldn't talk to him.
Someone else answered the
phone and said... sir is busy,
he's narrating a film to Salman Khan.
- Salman is on?
- Salman is on, uncle.
- Congratulations.
- Thank you.
He's Salman Khan.
He's not easily available.
Our daughter is missing.
And we doubt it's your son's doing.
- Only doubt.
- And he's talking about Salman Khan.
Only doubt.
Wait a minute.
Why do you doubt our son?
- Look, sister...
- He's in Mumbai.
- Sobha.
- Listen...
- Look here, I don't talk to women.
- I get it.
- Sobha.
- This is a Police Station.
- Sobha, this doesn't suit you.
- Sobha.
That's her name.
It's a small-town mentality.
What small-town mentality.
We live in a small town,
so we have a small town mentality.
His career is at the peak, but these
guys are trying to drag him down here.
Don't be such a wise-guy.
Calm down.
I know what feats your
son accomplished in the city.
This is a Police Station,
not your home.
And let me tell you one thing clearly...
If I find out that one
of you is involved in this...
- Even the Police cannot save you.
- Hey, ...what nonsense.
Look at him.
- Calm down.
- I'll teach you a lesson you will never forget.
What do you think you're doing?
Stop cleaning up the place.
Who asked you to do any of this?
People will get suspicious.
The Police have arrested Kurban,
Phattu, and Mayank.
And also taping Anu's phone.
There is no way to communicate
with him. And keep the windows closed.
People are always keeping an eye out.
I brought some food and clothes.
I am making things
difficult for you, right?
Frankly speaking yes, you are trouble.
But after watching so many films,
I've become so melodramatic myself...
...that Usman won't betray you.
- Will you eat my cooking?
- Yes, I will.
I've got gourd and lentil.
As well as bread.
Eat properly.
- Well, I am leaving.
- Okay.
Take care.
Brother Usman.
Can you get some things for me?
What kind of things?
Mascara, a pencil, and a bindi.
Banwari. Hariya.
Maithali's phone rang.
Her phone rang four times.
Maithali's phone rang four times.
Call the Police.
It doesn't have to be Maithili.
Could be someone else?
I suggest that we check
the local hospitals.
Why do you always talk so negative?
It would've never come to this
if you thought positively.
Maithili left because
she wasn't happy with you.
You couldn't give her any happiness.
I cursed myself a dozen times
for letting her marry you.
I often wanted to
drown you in the river.
If anything happens to Maithili, Guru.
Then I swear,
this time I will fulfill my desire.
What do you think?
What time will he come?
I came to see him at 12.
"I know it's not
easy for you to come..."
"...I admit I have doubts too."
"And yet I eagerly await you..."
"...because that's the least I can do."
"I know it's not
easy for you to come..."
"...I admit I have doubts too."
"And yet I eagerly await you..."
"...because that's the least I can do."
- "I will fight even against fate..."
- He'll arrive until the next show.
"...your lover's determined."
"I shall love no one
else other than you..."
"...I've made that pact with myself."
Milan Talkies. And make it quick.
- So Anu.
- What is this?
Let's go.
- Where?
- Brother Kaptan wants to meet you.
You work for Kaptan, do you?
We'll meet later.
Let go. Let go.
I said let go.
I am not hitting you.
How dare you mock brother Kaptan?
I quit my profession and started this
travel business because of you.
I thought I will do business
and acting together.
But business is all time low... you humiliated
me in your film too.
Who is responsible for this?
I can only apologize now.
I was embarrassed, and publicly too.
I will clobber you
with my shoe 50 times
in the middle of the city...
...and only then will I forgive you.
Come on.
What if I launch you?
Introducing Kaptan Singh.
- He's lying again.
- Shut up.
Do you know when you see your
name on the screen in big letters...
...Introducing Kaptan Singh.
Now I am going to
clobber you 100 times.
Bring him.
My next film is with Salman Khan.
And there's a role of his friend.
And it's just amazing.
Are you planning on
staying for a few days, Anu?
Start building up your body,
brother Kaptan.
Don't worry,
I am joining the gym tomorrow.
And keep sending me
your pictures on WhatsApp.
Why would he remember us now?
He's making his next
film with Salman Khan.
Our local lad.
With the best heroines at disposal,
why would he come here for Maithili?
I am speaking out of
40 years of experience.
He won't come.
I have a lot of experience
in the film industry.
But you just play the film on
the projector, but its made in Mumbai.
You mean to say that until you're
not posted in the Police Headquarters...
...i should not regard
you like the Police?
"I will come back for you..."
"...On the most beautiful day of your life."
You're leaving without
giving an answer.
I was returning home, you know.
We met on this day at 12,
so I thought...
We're meeting after 3-long-years.
- I never thought that you...
- What?
Whether I will understand
your message or not?
That's how I am.
Life won't be easy at first, Maithili.
But you see,
we'll pass this life exam with merit.
Without cheating.
Where will you take me?
It can fall any day, but
this will be my final resting place.
- Don't talk rubbish.
- This place is so peaceful.
- Let's go.
- Come here. Come here.
- Brother Usman...
- Let's go get some fritters.
This is the time to get fritters.
Mister, let's go. Hurry up.
- Malvia Nagar.
- Why Malvia Nagar?
I came back for you.
And I won't leave without
taking your family's approval.
- I mean it.
- You're making a big mistake.
Now that I've developed some courage,
let's make this mistake.
It is what it is.
Go on. I am right here.
He's outside.
I guess he ran away again.
Guru Panda was dragging some guy.
And he looked furious.
Guru! Guru!
Let him go!
Hurry up.
Come on.
Guru, don't hit him.
- Hey...
- Guru!
Shoot. Shoot me.
Don't get too excited, father-in-law.
Or I will actually shoot.
Save yourselves today.
I will deal with him tomorrow.
What are you doing?
I am your son-in-law.
Catch them.
Who pulled the chain?
Nothing stays constant,
whether its fate,
time, kingdoms, or Emperor.
But a person blessed by love is the only one
that stays constant in this ever-changing world.