Milenge Milenge (2010) Movie Script

"She's full of life
she's full of spice."
"She's full of life
she's full of spice."
"She's full of life
she's full of spice."
"She's full of life
she's full of spice."
"There's a girl with
a heart of gold."
"There's a girl with
a heart of gold."
"Her presence makes life beautiful."
"She's full of life
she's full of spice."
"She's full of life
she's full of spice."
"Her innocent face."
"Her innocent face."
"That displays craziness."
"That displays craziness."
"Her innocent face."
"That displays craziness."
"She's like the blood
flowing through the veins."
"Her love is limitless."
"She's the apple of everyone's eye."
"Her presence makes life beautiful."
"She's full of life
she's full of spice."
"She's full of life
she's full of spice."
"She's full of life
she's full of spice."
"She's full of life
she's full of spice."
"She's full of life
she's full of spice."
"She's full of life
she's full of spice."
Priya. - Priya. Priya wait,
wait where are you going?
We're having lunch at my home today.
Honey, Simi, Neha everyone's coming.
You come along as well.
Sorry, I can't come today.
I've a show tomorrow
night I've to rehearse.
Priya, the show's at night..
..we're talking about lunch.
- Yes.
You'll miss a big
opportunity if you don't come.
- Why? Have you cooked lady fingers?
Oh no, her aunt is
visiting her from Bangalore.
And you know she's a
famous tarot card reader.
Honey, you know I don't
believe in these things.
I don't believe in destiny,
predictions its all nonsense.
Oh come on, we'll have lunch,
chat and have fun.
Come on, Priya, don't be a bore.
Come on.
- Come on.
Come on.
- Okay.
Okay, fine I'll come.
Priya, you were born in a
place that's surrounded by water.
Maybe in Mumbai?
Are you born in Mumbai?
- Yes aunt.
And in your childhood..
..when you were very young,
around six or seven.
I see tragedy.
And your parents..
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
You don't actually express that..'re more interested in
settling down than your career.
You are actually
waiting for Mr. Right.
Am I right?
What are you thinking?
You're awesome, aunt.
I've just one desire, aunt.
To get married, have
a good husband..
..a small house, two cute children.
My husband leaves for
the office everyday..
..and I look after my children.
So, aunt, tell me.
When will I find my life-partner?
Is that all you want to know?
Come on then, shuffle the cards.
Think about that and shuffle them.
Priya, you'll find
your life partner..
..on the seventh of this month.
Today's the first.
That means seven days from now.
- Yes.
You'll find him at seven
o'clock in the morning.
In a foreign country,
close to water.
Maybe on a beach.
Foreign country?
But, aunt, I've no program
to go to a foreign country.
You won't go, Priya,
destiny will take you there.
But how will I recognise him?
When you meet him..
..he'll be wearing
seven different colours.
Come on, Priya, come off it.
You're taking so long.
In the college you said you
didn't believe in destiny.
But here you're glued to aunt.
Honey, aunt is awesome.
You know what aunt said.
- What?
That I'll find my
life-partner in seven days.
I'm really sorry, aunt.
But I think your this
prediction is never coming true.
Because Priya wants
three boys and not one.
He wants a boy that
doesn't smoke, drink or lie.
You tell me in the current era can
one boy have all these qualities?
I've never met that boy.. I can't assure you
that he doesn't smoke.
Or I can't assure you
that he doesn't drink.
Nor that he doesn't lie.
But one thing is for sure.
That he'll meet Priya
exactly seven days from now.. seven o'clock in the
morning on a foreign beach.
'Divya's aunt truly
surprised me today.'
'She said that I'll find my
life-partner seven days from now.. seven o'clock in the
morning on a foreign beach.'
'He would be wearing
seven different colours.'
'My heart says that aunt's
prediction will come true.'
'How? I don't know that.'
'But my heart just
asks me one question..
..the boy that's going to be my
life-partner after seven days.. is he going to be? '
'And if he's in Delhi
where could he be? '
Wake up. - You always wake
me at the crack of dawn.
Let me sleep.
The sun rose hours ago.
It's already nine o'clock.
- What are you saying?
Why didn't you tell me earlier?
I was trying to wake
you up for so long.
It's over.
Bachchu, come here.
- What?
Come here, come here. Sit.
Give me a cigarette.
- Cigarette?
I don't have a cigarette.
- Why are you lying?
Who smokes in the bathroom? Give it.
You smoke cigarettes
in the bathroom..
..because of your father.
I always go behind the
house to have a smoke.
You do, don't you.
Pass me the matches.
Give it.
- If father catches us..
..he'll create an uproar. - Give
him a cigarette if he does. Okay.
Father's here.
Get rid of this.
- Son.
That's like an ideal son.
Dad, you?
- Yes, son, me.
Hail Goddess.
What are you doing, son?
You're the youth of today,
shake hands.
Give me an hug.
Give me a kiss.
Yes, that's more like it.
Priya. Priya. Priya. Priya.
Priya. Priya.
A wonderful thing happened today.
I feel Divya's aunt's
prediction is going to come true.
I don't understand
what you're saying.
There's going to be a
youth conference in Bangkok..
..from the 6th of the
students of the Asian countries.
So our college
has selected our group.
'You won't go, Priya,
destiny will take you there.'
'You won't go, Priya,
destiny will take you there.'
"l believe in destiny."
"My beloved is the most gorgeous."
"The heart desires you."
"lt desires you."
"The heart yearns for you."
"I'm lost in your love."
"l believe in destiny."
"My beloved is the most gorgeous."
"The heart desires you."
"lt desires you."
"The heart yearns for you."
"I'm lost in your love."
"We'll meet."
"We'll meet."
"We'll meet."
"We'll surely meet."
"My sweetheart, my beloved."
"We'll meet."
"We'll meet."
"My love, you don't know."
"My eyes search only for you."
"Won't you show yourself?"
"How long will you torment me?"
"Won't you show yourself?"
"How long will you torment me?"
"What's this craziness?"
"This craziness."
"My breath's smouldering."
"My heart's beating wildly."
"We'll meet."
"We'll meet."
"I'm lost myself."
"Look at what's happened to me."
"I've forsaken the entire world..
..and surrendered myself to you."
"Keen to meet you, I've
lost control overmself."
"We're so lonely."
"We're so lonely."
"l keep thinking
about you all the time."
"l pray to Lord for you."
"We'll meet."
"We'll meet."
"We'll surely meet."
"Killed me.
- Killed me."
"Killed me."
Hi, lmmi.
- Hi.
Send an ashtray.
Why do you smoke so much?
Do you know how
harmful cigarettes are?
Our body is like a temple.
We should always
maintain its purity.
Ashish, what's wrong with you?
Why are you so gloomy?
It's nothing, just..
Then tell us.
It's nothing.
It's about her girl.
- Girl?
Nandini. His girlfriend.
He promised Nandini that he'll
spend her birthday together.
The go ahead.
Nandini's birthday is six days later.
- Okay.
And six days later
she'll be in Bangkok.
Bangkok? - Yes, there's a
youth conference in Bangkok.
And the college has
selected Nandini's group.
That's why she's going there.
Then you go with her too.
How can I just go?
Nandini's group has been
selected by the college..
..that's why she's
going there for free.
If any other student
wants to go along..
..then he'll have to pay 50% amount.
That's your problem.
I'll solve it right away, okay.
O God.
I won't do this.
I will never do such a thing.
You'll have to do this for us.
I said I won't do it.
- You won't.
- Yes.
Calculate how much we owe him.
Counting the four
fritters that we just ate..
..we owe him Rs.9750.
- Yes, yes.
Rs.9750. Iook, Muthu, if
you want your money back.. tomorrow evening then
you'll have to do this for us.
If you don't then consider
that we aren't paying you.
Just a minute. Will you pay me
all my dues tomorrow? - I will.
Fine, I'll think about it and
give you an answer tomorrow.
No, no, I've decided.
I will do it.
May I come in, sir?
- Yes.
Sir, a boy has fainted
in the canteen.
Sir, there's froth
coming from his mouth.
Sir, no one knows what to do.
Please come quickly, sir.
- Come on, I'll take a look.
Don't push, don't push.
Muthu, don't mess it up, understand.
You're the one
that's messing up my life.
Go on. - O my God.
What's wrong with Tanker?
Sir, he has eaten too much.
- What?
Sir, pizza, flatbread,
burger, he ate everything, sir.
O my God. Call the doctor quickly.
- Sir.
Yes, Principal sir,
why have you called me?
Sir, I needed to talk to
you about your son, sir.
That's why I called you, sir.
Sir, why are you calling me, sir?
You're the principal of such an
esteemed college and you call me sir.
My name is Trilok.
Trilok Kapoor.
- Sir.
Sir, sir, sir. What can I do, sir?
It's become a habit as l
keep calling students sir.
What? You address
students as sir as well.
Sir, give respect get respect.
That's the principal of my canteen.
A canteen of knowledge.
Where students come
to dine on knowledge.
Your philosophy is
quite interesting.
So, principal sir,
what can I do for you?
Nothing for me but your son.
You know there's going to be
a youth festival in Bangkok.
Really? - And the Delhi
University has selected your son.
Delhi University.
- Yes.
My son.
- Yes.
- Yes.
My.. Kiss, kiss.
- Go ahead.
My, son, you're so..
- But, sir, there's a small problem.
But, sir, there's a small problem.
You'll have to bear 50%% expenses..
..of your son's boarding
and lodging.
I can do anything for you.
Only Rs.89, 750.
But you..
- Sir, you say Rs.80, 000.
Rs.9750 is the canteen's bill.
Don't worry, Mr. Principal,
he he's absolutely fine now.
Doctor, what was wrong with me?
Yes, doctor,
what was wrong with him?
Nothing, it was just fits.
But he's fit now.
- Thank you.
So, Mr. Principal, on whose
name should I make the cheque?
On my papa.. No.
Anyway, I'll write down
the figure and sign it.
You can complete the
other formalities.
Here you go.
- Here, sir.
Sir, Mr. Verma is coming.
- Verma.
- Verma?
Why are all of you so scared?
And who is Verma?
- Principal?
- He was. He was, dad.
Actually, he was the
principal for the last 22 years.
He retired last year.
And couldn't endure the shock.
He's slightly.
He still thinks he's the principal.
Take care.
Okay then, I'll take your leave.
Muthu, what are you doing here?
And wearing a suit
and outside my office.
Sir, sir, sir..
Sir, I was waiting for you.
Who is he?
- Sir, he's my father.
Trilok Kapoor, pleased to meet you.
- Pleased to meet you.
I'm the principal of this college.
- I know, I know.
What can I do for you?
- Nothing, nothing.
I had a desire to meet you..
..and that's been fulfilled today.
Shall I leave, Mr. Principal?
- Excuse me, gentleman.
I'm the principal and not him.
- I know, I know.
You were the principal of
this college, you still are..
..and always will be.
Shall I leave, Mr. Principal?
- Come. - Okay.
Sir, I'll see you out.
Bye, dad. Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye.
Immy. Immy. Immy. Immy.
- lmmy.
Immy, tell us what happened.
- Cigarette.
Say it.
It's done.
Dear, students, welcome to Bangkok..
..and it's impressive campus.
The college will be
providing and enriching..
..varied multicultural events
over the next five days period.
To make your stay more comfortable..
..we've arranged
excellent accommodation.
On my left, the male hostel.
On my right, the female hostel.
However the college has
strict guidelines in terms of.. students should
interact with each other after 8 pm.
You're in a mess.
- You're done for.
You said you'll wish
Nandini first on her birthday.
Of course, that's why I'm here.
Are you deaf?
He just said boys aren't allowed
in the girl's hostel after 8 pm.
What will you do now?
What are you thinking, Priya?
My heart says I'll meet my
life-partner on this beach.
How do you know this is the beach?
This is the beach
closest to the campus.
I'm sure this is the place.
- Right.
Immy, why don't you stop
puffing out this pollution?
Pollution. Do you know the
smoke from the cigarette..
..kills the germs in the atmosphere.
And that's why you're
breathing bacteria free air.
Immy. Stop discussing this nonsense.
And think about how we'll go
to the girl's hostel at night.
I'm smoking because I'm thinking.
He's always after me.
- Hi, guys.
Guess what? I've solved
Ashish's problem. - How?
Look, guys.
Boys can't go into
girls hostel at night.
But girls can.
And, Tanker, this is for you.
Guys, guys.
That means tonight we're
going to the.. girl's hostel.
- Yes.
I mean girls.
- Yes.
Let's go.
- Okay. - Okay.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday to you.
Happy birthday dear Nandini.
Happy birthday to you.
"Somebody lost money."
"Somebody lost peace."
"Somebody lost their life."
"Somebody's dead."
"The whole country is ruined."
"No entry in the lane of love."
"No entry in the lane of love."
"No entry."
"No, no."
Open the door!
Oh my, God. What now?
That's the matron
what will we do now?
I said open the door!
Straighten yourselves.
Girls, can you hear me?
What's going on here?
- Hello, ma'am. - What..
What are all of you doing here?
Nandini is our best friend.. we're here to celebrate
her birthday. - Yes, ma'am.
We're celebrating her birthday.
- Shut up!
Is this the time to
celebrate birthday?
All the students are sleeping.
They'll get disturbed.
All of you return to your rooms.
- Sorry, ma'am.
And come and see me in my
office tomorrow, understand.
Okay, ma'am.
- Run! Run! Run! Run!
Catch them!
Guards, catch them.
Run quickly.
This way, this way.
"Love me.."
"Love me the way no
one's ever loved anyone."
"Love me the way.."
And listen to what's written.
"My heart says her
prediction will surely come true."
What a silly girl?
She believe in such
things even in this era.
So what? I believe that her
prediction will surely come true.
What nonsense! What nonsense!
Today's the seventh.
- Yes.
That's it, today at seven o'clock..
..she's going to meet her
life-partner on the beach of Bangkok.
How can you be so sure?
Because her life-partner is
standing right before you.
- You? - Yes.
Take my advice you can't
win the heart of this girl.
I can, ask how.
- How?
Because I've her diary.
This diary is the way to her heart.
Her likes and dislikes
are written in this.
Now I'll need your help.
We can do anything for you.
- Yes.
You won't have to do anything,
come closer.
First, I'll need
a Xerox copy of this.
Because I've to return
her the original. - Yes.
We'll get it xeroxed..
..but how will you
return this diary to Priya?
I've a plan for that.
Secondly, I need
clothes with seven colours.
That'll be done too.
- The most important thing.
I've to sleep now because I need
to get up before seven o'clock.
Where's the 7th?
Excuse me.
I mean why were you playing
the guitar at such an early hour?
By the way my name is Priya.
Why aren't you answering me?
Sorry, I couldn't reply.
Actually, I observe a code
of silence for 1 5 minutes.. the morning.
I've a philosophy in life.
One should spend 15 minutes
in the morning with oneself.
By the way I'm lmmy, hi.
- Hi.
So, do you stay around here or..
- No.
I'm from Delhi attending
the youth conference here.
Where do you stay in Delhi?
- Vasant Vihar.
KD's girl's hostel.
- You stay at Vasant Vihar.
I stay at Vasant Kunj.
Strange, we live so
close-by and we met here.
So far away in Bangkok.
- I know.
You know, Priya, its all fate.
Destiny you know.
People meet when
destiny wants them to meet.
Do you believe in destiny, Priya?
I didn't earlier but I do now.
Then, Priya, consider that..
..your faith in destiny
has brought us together.
I didn't understand.
I mean if you believe in destiny..
..then this can't be coincidence.
And if this is a
coincidence then I would like..
..such beautiful
coincidences to occur frequently.
You're an interesting person.
If the listener's keen..
..then conversations
often become interesting.
Divya, he's so cute.
And he says such interesting things.
I feel like
listening to him for hours.
And you know what? He
too believes in destiny.
I'm so sorry.
- lts okay.
She's here, she's here.
Look. Congrats.
Was she suspicious?
- Suspicious.
She's so lost in your thoughts..
..that you could've
simply handed him the diary..
..and she wouldn't have realised.
Immy, what've you done to her?
I've only thrown in the bait.
She still has to fall for it.
Immy. Immy.
Immy, Priya is coming. - What?
Immy, Priya is coming.
- Hi. - Where were you?
I've been searching for you.
Yes, I was searching
for you as well.
Where's that smoke coming from?
I'll show you.
From this cigarette.
You're such a disgusting person.
As soon as I turn my
back you started smoking.
I mean this body is a temple.
You should always
maintain its purity.
You're suffocating everyone
with the smoke do you want.. burn everyone to death.
What if it had started a fire?
But what did l.. But l..
What did l..
- Shut up.
Yes, Priya, what were you saying?
What did I do?
- Shut up and get out.
I don't talk to smokers.
Yes, sorry, you were
saying something.
This afternoon we've arranged
for a discussion on anti-pollution.
Okay, alright.
And there's a topic on
anti-smoking as well.
I see.
And I want you to give a
lecture on anti-smoking.
Okay. Anything for you.
Friends.. - The lecture's
been going on for an hour now.
Listen, I'm going to have a smoke.
If Priya asks about me tell
her I'm in the bathroom. - Okay.
And now lmmy from
Delhi's KC college..
..will talk to you on anti-smoking.
Couldn't Priya find anyone
else to lecture on anti-smoking?
Friends, first I would
like to know.. many of you smoke cigarettes.
Okay, alright, excellent.
All of you are waiting here
for the past one hour, right
So all of you would want
to have a smoke, isn't it?
Isn't it?
Do you know.. when a
smoker wants to smoke..
..he can't think about
anything else but cigarettes.
And who would know
that better than you.
No one knows this better than me.
That's why I would want
those who want to smoke.. take their
cigarette out and light it.
You're feeling shy.
Fine, I'll light it. Just for you.
When the smoke enters your body.. also carries
thousands of pollutants.
Do you know, every cigarette
reduces five minutes of your life.
He's good.
And I'll prove it to you today.
Calci, come on up
- Calci. Go.
Ladies and gentlemen,
give it up for Calci.
Yes, Calci.
- Yes, yes, come on.
Do you know that he's been
smoking since the age of eight?
Daily. Everyday.
He looks like a 35-40 year old man.
But do you know what
his real age is?
Take a guess.
Only 24 years.
24 years can you believe that?
And that's not all.
Look down. Look down.
Look at this.
At this age he should be
having wavy dense hair..
..but all that's left are
these patches of baldness.
And the reason behind it,
this three inch long cigarette.
If you smoke this way..'re life will be
ruined just like Calci's.
You're great.
You're great.
Now, friends, take three
puffs of this cigarette.
Now diffuse it and
promise yourself..
..that this the last
cigarette of your life.
And, Calci, douse this cigarette..
..and make a promise that
you'll never touch cigarettes again.
Ashtray. Just a minute, I have one.
I've made arrangements.
Fantastic, ladies and gentlemen.
This is a new..
- Wow, you also had your cigarette..
..and gave them a lecture about it.
Immy, thank you so much.
You were really wonderful.
You didn't just give a lecture..
..but also changed the
lives of many people.
And you changed my life.
- Me. How?
I'll tell you that in
the evening at the bonfire.
"Sweetheart.. Iove me.. so much."
"That everyone's jealous."
"Love me the way no
one's ever loved anyone."
"Love me the way no
one's ever loved anyone."
"Love me the way no
one's ever loved anyone."
"Love me the way no
one's ever loved anyone."
"You're my peace, my sanctity."
"You're my love, you're my love."
"You're the one l
waited for all this while."
"You're my peace, my sanctity."
"You're my love, you're my love."
"Sweetheart.. Iove me.. so much."
"That everyone's jealous."
"There're many desires in my heart."
"How will the heart
express that to you?"
"You're my dream, my memories."
"You're my faith."
"You're my peace, my sanctity."
"You're my love, you're my love."
"The separation reveals my anguish."
"You dwell in my heartbeats."
"Sweetheart, the solitude conveys..
..that I've great
expectations with you."
"You're the spring that
filled my life with joy."
"You're my peace, my sanctity."
"You're my love, you're my love."
"You're my love, you're my love."
"Love me the way no
one's ever loved anyone."
"Love me the way no
one's ever loved anyone."
"Love me the way no
one's ever loved anyone."
So what do you want to do in life?
Lawyer or singer?
I haven't decided yet.
But dad wants me to become
the biggest lawyer of the city.
But lawyer tell a lot of lie.
And I've a problem I hate lies.
In fact as a child I was so honest..
..that I would get beaten
up everyday for something.
Let's go in there.
- Come on.
Priya, let's go somewhere else.
- Why?
- Okay.
Thank you.
So, how was the food?
Coconut water, sir.
- Can I say something?
The ambience of that hotel
was much better than this one,
You're right.
But they were serving liquor.
I've a principal..
..I don't go in any
restaurant that serves liquor.
Even I hate alcoholics.
You know, Priya, there
can't be anything worse.. this world than
drinking liquor.
Have you heard about 'Narad Muni'?
- Narad?
'Narad Muni' who creates
discords between Gods.
I'll tell you a story about him.
It so happened one day..
..Narad Muni appeared before a
person that never committed any sin.
And asked "What is your problem?"
He replied, "I've done
everything to impress God"..
..but I haven't
experienced the joy of atonement.
So I want to commit a small sin.
Narad replied, "No problem".
He showed him three doors.
Behind the first door
was a beautiful girl.
Behind the second was a man.
And do you know what
was behind the third one?
A bottle of liquor.
Narad said, "Either
do tarnish that girl..
..murder that man or
drink the bottle of liquor".
And that man thought the
smallest sin would be.. drink the bottle of liquor.
And he drank the bottle of liquor.
Do you know what happened next?
- What?
He was so drunk that
he tarnished that girl..
..and murdered that man as well.
You know since I heard this story..
..I just hate liquor..
and I hate drinkers.
What are you thinking?
I was thinking that..
..I never realised how l
spent these five days with you
And tomorrow when
I return to Delhi..'ll be difficult
to spend few moments.
I love you.
I want to spend my
entire life with you.
I want to grow old with you.
Will you marry me?
I'm not saying that we've
to get married right now.
Complete you education first.
Achieve success in your career.
I will wait.
One year, two year,
however long it takes.
Immy. I trust you more than myself.
Don't ever break my trust.
I love you, lmmy, I love you.
- Come in.
Hi, Calci.
- Hi.
Where's lmmy?
- He's..
Today's the last day
and he has disappeared.
He's actually in the main hall.
I'm going right there. I'll
send him here. - I'll come along..
No, no, no I going I'll send him.
- Okay.
'It's all fate, Priya.'
'Destiny you know.'
'People meet only when
destiny wants them to.'
'Just shut up and get lost.
I do not talk to smokers.'
'l haven't decided yet,
by the way.. '
'Have you heard about Narad Muni? '
'And if this is coincidence.. '
'One cigarette.. '
Where were you, Calci?
We've been waiting for you.
Immy, Priya wants to see you.
She's waiting for you in your room.
Let me finish this cigarette.
Immy, can I ask something?
How long will this go on?
Have you thought what'll happen..
..when Priya learns the truth?
I was thinking about that as well.
That's why I've decided that
this is my last cigarette.
And the last glass of beer.
I won't drink or smoke again.
What a joke.
Don't lie to us.
I believe that you won't
drink again. But cigarette.
You can't live without cigarette.
Forget 5 minutes..
..I can't live a moment
without Priya.
I don't know what's wrong with me.
It all started with a small prank.
I never realised when this
prank turned into friendship..
..and friendship into love.
I want to exactly like
Priya wants me to be.
Hey, guys, what do you say?
Immy, you've done the right thing.
Come on, guys, let's celebrate.
Immy, last cheers for
your last can of beer.
- Yes.
- Bottoms up!
So this is the real you.
I never came across a
liar and a cheat like you.
You played a charade of
love after reading my diary.
You kept toying with my feelings.
You never realised..
..what'll be my state
when I realise the truth.
Priya, please. - I don't want
to hear anything, lmmy.
It's not your fault, it's mine.
Because I believed
in destiny and fate..
..and blindly trusted you.
"Love is.. Iove is madness."
"Love is.. Iove is madness."
"Love is.. Iove is madness.
Lord. Lord."
"Love is.. Iove is madness.
God. God."
"l love you so much."
"Lord. Lord."
"l love you so much, it's
hard to say, sweetheart."
"What this madness has done to me."
"What this madness has done to me,
it's hard to say, sweetheart."
"l love you so much, it's
hard to say, sweetheart."
"What this madness has done to me,
it's hard to say, sweetheart."
"Love is.. Iove is madness.
Lord. Lord."
Priya, forget lmmy.
Get him out of your thoughts.
That's why I'm going to Mumbai.
If I stay here he'll
follow me and l..
But. Priya, you'll be all alone..
Don't worry about me, Divya.
I'm used to staying
alone since I childhood.
Priya, please.
The only thing I regret is..
..that she didn't give me
a chance to say something.
Immy, there's no point
in thinking about this.
"Wonder when I fell
in love with you."
"My love for you
crossed every limit."
"Everywhere I look only for you."
"You dwell in every
corner of my heart."
"Only you, just you."
"Only you, just you."
"Whether in solitude or in a crowd."
"l think only about you."
"l dream only about you."
"It's the anguish
that my heart faces."
"For love is the only
cure for a broken heart."
"Love is.. Iove is madness.
Lord. Lord."
"Love is.. Iove is madness.
Lord. Lord."
Priya, just..
- Please don't create a fuss here.
I don't want to talk to you.
Can you pack this?
- Yes. - Priya, l..
I'll.. wait.
Thank you.
Priya, listen to me.
I just want to talk to
you for five minutes.
Priya, if you've ever loved me..
..then give me five
minutes to say something.
Please, Priya.
Priya, I know that l
deceived you, lied and hurt you.
I had no right to read your diary.
But, Priya, that night in Bangkok..
..when I entered your
room to evade the guards..
..and I saw you l
couldn't take my eyes of you.
I never experienced
this feeling before.
And after that I said
every possible lie.. assure you that I'm
the guy you're looking for.
But believe me, Priya,
I didn't do all this..
..because I wanted to mock you.
But I did it because I love you.
Give me one chance..
..and I'll turn all
those lies into reality.
I'll be just like you
want me to be..
..just give me one chance, please.
Have you finished your five minutes?
- Just a minute, Priya.
You believe in destiny as well.
Just think why was
only your room unlocked?
Why did I find that diary?
I'm sure, Priya, that
destiny wants to bring us together.
Priya, you don't understand.
Just listen to me once, please.
Do you still feel that
destiny doesn't want us to meet?
Take a look at the mall's name.
You want to say that
destiny made you do..
..whatever you did.
Fine, then destiny
will bring us together.
Write down your name and
telephone number on this note.
Excuse me.
- Yes.
How much for this book?
- Rs.30.
Madam, your balance.
- Thank you.
Priya, that..
Why did you give that note to him?
Because if destiny really
wants to bring us together..
..then I will get
that Rs.50 note anyhow.
Fine. You did that
for your assurance.
And what about me.
Take a close look at this book.
As soon as I leave from here..
..I'll write down my name
and number on the first page.
And I will sell it
at an old book store.
What'll happen then?
Similarly, just like fate
brought you to my room that night.. will deliver this book to you.
Priya, this is not fair.
This might take a long time.
Priya, isn't there some way..
..through which we
can know right now..
..whether destiny wants to
bring us together or not?
There is one way.
'We'll take different lifts.'
'lf we press the
button for the same floor..
..and meet on the same floor..
then I'll believe..
..that destiny wants us
to bring us together. '
Hurry up, the lift's here.
- Batman, Batman, Batman.
Hello, how are you?
My son will be an actor someday.
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.
What.. what are you doing?
- Take it easy, it's alright.
Children are bound
to do that and not us.
Stop it, son.
What's wrong,
gentleman, you looked tensed.
What's wrong?
Do you want to tire yourself?
Stop. Don't do it.
Hey, dad.
Hey, dad.
- Hey handsome boy.
Son, you're looking
like a cool dude.
Total American.
No, no, son, give me a hug.
Kiss, kiss.
- Dad, this is the airport.
Okay, let's go.
Hey, dad, let me take that.
No, son, someday you'll
have to shoulder my burden.. let me do it today.
Tell me why did you
call me here so urgently.
Surprise. Surprise party tonight.
- Hi.
Hey, Nandini.
- Hi.
You sun of a gun, we're
meeting after three years.
And where were you?
We've been waiting for you.
I was slightly delayed.
Hey, where's the gang?
Immy, come here quickly.
How are you?
- How are you?
How are you? What's up?
Calci, you and cigarette.
You're responsible for it.
- l?
You made me hold it so many times..
..that now I can't do without it.
What would you like to have, lmmy?
Rum, vodka, whiskey?
Or would you like to
have beer like a good boy?
No, you guys carry on.
I don't smoke or drink.
And I've no intention of doing so.
Can I say something, lmmy?
Though you and Priya have broken up.
But that girl has changed your life.
She did change my life
but after leaving me.
Friends, friends,
friends, lend me your ears.
Immy, come here.
There are two joyous
occasions in a father's life.
The first when his son starts
walking without any support.
And the second when
that son gets married..
..and begins his married life.
And the second occasion
has arrived in my life.
Yes, this grand party.. on the occasion
of my son's engagement.
Why did you fix my engagement
without asking me?
What are you saying?
I talked to you on the phone.
You said that you like the girl.
Dad, I said the girl isn't bad.
That means the girl's nice.
Three years ago when
lmmy went to America..
..he stayed at their house.
Come here, dear.
And now Sophia will
stay at my house forever.. my daughter-in-law.
Because they'll be getting
married 10 days from now.
And I assure all of
you that 10 days later..
..their marriage reception party..
..will be much more
extravagant than this.
Come on, lmmy, how can
you go back from the door?
Come inside.
And anyway, mummy and
papa must be asleep by now.
I know, that's why I'm
wishing you goodnight right here.
And my goodnight kiss?
"There's something left."
I've what you're searching
for, Priya.
You've already
rejected six of my proposals.
This is the seventh one.
Say yes this time.
That's so sweet, yes.
It's loose.
That's okay, I'll adorn
it on the other finger.
But, Jatin, it's worn on the
wedding finger. - So what, Priya.
And anyway, this is
an engagement ring..
..and not the wedding ring.
I love you, Priya.
On the fourth.
You mean four days later.
But, Jatin, how will we
arrange for the wedding.. four days?
- Look, Priya..
..we don't need to organise a
big function for our marriage.
What's the date today? 30th.
On the 2nd we'll arrange
for a small engagement party.
On the 3rd I've to go to
Delhi for a ad-film shooting..
..and you're coming with me.
On the 4th we'll get
married in the court.. our hometown
Delhi and catch a flight..
..on the same night for
Australia for our honeymoon.
- Okay. Whatever you say.
My star!
- lmmy. - How are you?
How are you, lmmy?
- Good.
Priya. She's my fiance.
And, Priya, lmmy Shrivastav
is a very old friend of mine.
Hi, Priya.
- Hi.
How are you?
Where were you for the
last one year?
What can I say?
Last year I suffered a huge
loss in the share market..
..that I almost went bankrupt.
What are you saying?
Is everything fine now?
- Yes.
Everything's fine now.
Destiny you know.
A person gets only what
he's destined for, Jatin.
Let's move.
Hey, lmmy.
- Yes.
I'm leaving.
- Listen, Jatin.
Yes, tell me. - Listen..
"l tried to forget you."
"But the heart doesn't concur,
and says to me."
"There's still something left."
"O Priya, O Priya,
there's no one like you."
"O Priya, O Priya,
there's no one like you."
"O Priya, O Priya.."
"l tried to forget you."
"But the heart doesn't concur,
and says to me."
"There's still something left."
Honey, Jatin proposed to me again.
- What?
This time I said yes.
- Great, Priya, great.
You've done the right thing.
When are you getting married?
Four days later in Delhi.
Four days later in Delhi?
Just a minute.
Why do you look so sullen?
Honey, two strange things happened..
..when Jatin proposed to me.
The ring that Jatin gave
me was larger in size.
He adorned the engagement
ring in the wrong finger.
So what, Priya.
After all it's the
thought that counts.
After that we went for Dinner.
There we met Jatin's friend.
Do you know what his name was?
And his friend also
talked about destiny.
I feel really strange since
these two things have occurred.
Come on, Priya, it's
been three years..
..since you separated from lmmy.
And he must have
forgotten you until now.
And, Priya, as far as
destiny is concerned..
..don't talk to me about that.
Because whatever happened with you.. simply coincidence.
This is just coincidence,
lmmy, coincidence..
What are you saying, Ashish?
Shut up. What are you doing?
What are you saying?
When I came out of the
club there was a bookstall.
When I stopped the car
at the signal..
..a person was singing
"Priya, Priya".
When I look the
other way to avoid him..
..I see a banner of Priya saris.
And take one guess what's
the name of the receptionist..
..whom I asked for
your cabin number.
Priya Arora.
- Exactly, Priya Arora.
Even if you believe that its
not coincidence but destiny.
But you're going to get
married to Sophia after eight days.
That's the problem.
- What's the problem?
Since my marriage has been
announced I feel strange.
I feel like fate is telling
me what I'm doing is wrong.
Oh my God. Again fate, destiny.
What do you want to do, lmmy?
Ashish, I want to look for
Priya once more. Please.
You've always helped me.
Don't back out now.
"There's still something left."
"There's still something left."
We're searching for the book..
..and you're watching
these magazines.
"l tried to forget you."
"But the heart doesn't concur,
and says to me."
"There's still something left."
Pahaadganj! Pahaadganj!
Get down, Pahaadganj!
Thief! Thief! He stole my bag!
Thief! Thief! Catch him!
We've searched all book
stores of New and Old Delhi, lmmy.
This is the last store left.
It's all pointless jabber,
cut the crap.
Dear, I'm telling you as
soon as Tillu arrives..
..I'll handover the shop to
him and come home to fix the tap.
Disconnect the call now,
I've to give customer the bill.
Gentleman, do you have this nuisance?
- No.
Don't ever take it.
Since I bought this.. wife doesn't
let me rest a moment.
She calls me if the milk curdles.
She calls me if the
neighbours quarrel.
She calls me if the
pigeons sit on the terrace.
She keeps calling me until
the battery doesn't go dead.
Excuse me. Excuse me.
Give me that book.
- Which one?
Yes, that one.
Just a second.
Captain, what's wrong?
What are you saying in English?
So you have another copy
of this book?
That's strange, why
don't you buy this one?
Actually, three years
ago a friend of mine..
..Priya Malhotra, wrote
down her name and number..
..on the first page of
the book similar like this.
This.. is my card.
If you find another
copy of this book..
..I'll pay you Rs.5000 for it.
It's all pointless jabber,
cut the crap.
Rs. 5000 for this book?
Brother, this seems
to be a issue of love.
Don't worry, if ljjas gets
another copy of this book..
..then I'll inform you.
Ijjas, I hope you won't
write Priya Malhotra..
..and some wrong number on
that book and sell it to us.
First we'll..
- Side-hero, you've disrespected me.
My name is ljjas.
I'm a true Muslim.
I pray five times a day.
And a Muslim that
prays five times a day..
..won't tell a petty lie
for Rs.5000.
I apologise, ljjas, its his habit.
Get his habit changed.
- Brother ljjas.
Tillu, you've arrived.
Look after the shop..
..I'll go fix the leaking
tap of your sister-in-law.
- Fine.
Where to now?
Ghaziabad, Faridabad, Gurgaon?
We might find your book there.
Come on.
Excuse me.
- What is it?
I want to sell these books.
- Show me.
They're very old.
You'll get Rs.30 for it.
- Fine.
Dear, congratulations,
congratulations. - Thank you.
How are you?
I was very happy to hear
about your engagement.
Tell me something, dear.
Where did you find the Rs.50 note..
..that had lmmy's number on it?
What's wrong, dear, you're silent.
Mrs. Gandhi, I'm
getting engaged to Jatin..
..and not lmmy.
- Jatin?
- What's wrong?
What are you discussing about me?
Mrs. Gandhi, he's Jatin.
Jatin, she's Mrs. Gandhi.
I used to stay with
her as a paying guest.
She's like a mother to me.
Hello, Mrs. Gandhi.
- Hello.
How are you?
- Fine.
Excuse me, he's waiting.
- Fine, I'm coming.
Will you excuse me?
Please enjoy the party.
- Thank you.
What's wrong, Mrs. Gandhi?
- Nothing, dear.
Three years ago when you
told me lmmy's story..
..I would look on both
sides of every Rs.50 note.
But I won't do it any more.
When are you getting married?
Tomorrow I'm going
to Delhi with Jatin.
And we'll get married there in
the court day after tomorrow.
Best wishes in advances
on my behalf.
Why are you looking so gloomy, lmmy?
I've been calling you for so long.
I want to choose the
colours for the sofa covers.
I like this one, and you?
- This is nice.
Immy sir, this is your
old stuff. Take a look.
Is there something you still need..
..or else I'll give
it to the junk-seller.
"There's still something left."
"There's still something left."
Look, Priya came to
Mumbai from Delhi..
..for a six month course, right.
- Right.
That means her credit card
must be of a bank from Mumbai.
We'll have to find
that bank from this bill..
..and from that bank we've to
get Priya's address, simple.
Welcome, sir, welcome.
- Thank you.
My name is Prem Singh.
So, what can I show you?
We sell from underwear-vests
to three-piece suits.
Tell me..
- No, you don't understand.
I didn't come here to buy anything.
Exactly three years ago me
and my girlfriend came here.. buy a scarf..
- Three years ago.
- Sir, the management has a rule.
If the customer wants
to exchange his goods..
..then he has to do that within
three months, not three years.
- You don't understand.
I don't want to change anything..
..I want to find out the
credit card that was used.. make this
payment was of which bank.
You're a strange man, sir.
You don't know which
bank's credit card you carry.
Listen, stop this
pointless chatter and keep this.
What is this, sir?
What is it?
That's a Rs.500 note.
Sir, he's trying to bribe me.
Take your note and get out
of here. Come on, get out.
Ashish, what are you doing?
You're trying to bribe an
honest man like Prem Singh.
- Sorry.
Okay, okay.
Mr. Prem Singh,
there must be some way.. find out the bank's name.
Sir, bend down.
Actually, sir, I'm the head
salesman of this department store.
- Thank you.
Actually, the
management gives me a quota..
..for making sales
of Rs.50000 everyday.
Buy something and
complete my quota..
..and I will do your work.
Oh God. He's a cunning man.
- Oh no, sir, I'm not cunning.
I'm a good salesman.
Here, sir.
Sir, give me that old bill.
- What?
Sorry, sir, our computer doesn't
have the detail of your bill.
It contains only one
year old sales records.
What do you mean? What do you mean?
Sir, leave me. Leave me.
I learned that today.
Actually, our old sales
record is in our storeroom..
..which is in Chandni Chowk.
Listen, sir.
Today they've a holiday.
And tomorrow you can't
go there without me.
Fine, tomorrow you're
going there with me.
- Okay.
"Slowly, softly.
"Slowly. Slowly."
Ma'am. Ma'am, your phone.
- "Slowly, softly.
"Slowly. Slowly."
- Hey, sweetheart.
Where are you?
- Jatin, I'm editing a song.
Hello, hello.
- Hello.
Baby, I can't hear you.
Just a second, I'll go out.
Yes, Jatin.
- Baby, there's a slight problem.
We can't go to Delhi tomorrow..
..and we'll have to postpone
the marriage for two days.
- Actually, a big music director
..has given me a big break, baby.
For playback singing.
Two days? But I adjusted
all the schedule accordingly.
Look, Baby, if you want l
can cancel this recording.
No, it's okay. Don't do that.
Baby, are you angry?
- No.
That's my girl. Okay, bye.
- Bye.
- Yes.
Just like you're throwing
these old bills on the ground..'ll have to pick
them up as well. - I know.
I found it.
I can't believe it. I found it.
Ashish, where are you?
You found it. You
found it. You found it.
I found it. I found it. I found it.
Careful, what are you doing?
Stop it.
Let me confirm it.
I will kill him.
Why are you taking off
your clothes..
..the bill is just torn.
Ashish, hurry up.
Hey, this is a car I can
drive it I can't make it fly.
What if we miss the plane?
Immy, I'm driving it.
- Come on let's go, Ashish.
Mamma mia, man.
- Hello?
When I came home dad informed me..
..that you suddenly left for Mumbai.
Yes, actually there
was a call from America..
..and I had to meet
the client urgently.
But when will you return?
I'll be back in one-two
days as soon as I finish work.
All the very best.
- Thanks.
- Darling.
Jatin, I'm thinking of
going to Delhi this evening.
Going to Delhi?
But, baby, it's important for
a boy and girl to be together.. get married.
Stop joking, Jatin.
You will be coming to
Delhi four days later.
So I thought of
meeting my old friends.
Okay, Sweetheart, whatever you say.
And anyway, I'll have to
listen to you after we get married.. why don't I start
practising now?
Thank you, Jatin.
- Okay, sweetheart, bye
Please, be seated.
This seat?
- Yes.
"We'll meet."
"We'll meet."
"We'll surely meet."
"My sweetheart, my beloved."
"We'll meet."
"We'll meet."
"Your passion is admirable."
"Always dwell in my heart."
"We'll surely meet."
"We'll surely meet."
"My sweetheart, my beloved."
"We'll meet."
Hi, Priya.
- It's for you.
What is this?
Two air-tickets for Delhi.
You were missing Delhi yesterday,
weren't you?
So we're going to Delhi
this evening.
And anyway tomorrow
is your birthday.
So this trip to Delhi is
your birthday present from me.
Oh, Priya, you're such a doll.
We'll go to Delhi, stay with Dviya.
Eat, drink have a ball, go shopping..
..and have lot of fun.
"Why doesn't the heart understand?"
"lt keeps desiring for you."
"Why doesn't it understand
the difficulty of love?"
"What's the answer
to these questions?"
"To our meetings."
"What's the answer
to these questions?"
"To our meetings."
"We'll surely meet."
"We'll surely meet."
"My sweetheart, my beloved."
"We'll meet."
This is the arrival we
had to go to departure.
You should've said that before.
I'll have to turn
around for departure.
Do you want me to go?
No, no, it's okay.
We'll walk it down.
"We'll meet."
Taxi, taxi.
- Taxi.
Santacruz west.
- Sit inside.
Where are you from?
- We're coming from Delhi.
How long will it take?
- lt'll take around two hours.
Two hours?
But someone told me that
the airport is in Santacruz.
Sir, just like there's New Delhi,
'Purani' (Old) Delhi..
..similarly there's Santacruz
east and Santacruz west in Mumbai.
It's very far, Worli, Dadar,
Byculla.. - Fine, hurry up.
Come on.
- Yes, here we go.
Priya, we're back in Delhi.
I'm so excited. - Yes, madam,
where do you want to go?
Connuaght place.
- Okay.
No, please take us
to hotel Royal Cliff.
Why Royal Cliff?
Aren't we going to Divya's house?
It's been eight months
since Divya shifted from Delhi.
Madam, quickly tell me
where you want to go.
Just a minute.
Then why did you hide it from me.
I understood, Priya.
You haven't come here to
celebrate my birthday..
..or to do shopping, but
to look for that lmmy.
- I don't want to listen to you.
I'm leaving.
- Honey..
I don't want to hear anything.
- Listen to me, Honey.
If you want to chase
that old ghost..
..then I'm not with you.
- Honey.
It's true that I'm
here to look for lmmy.
In that case, Priya,
I'm not with you.
You'll have to do this alone.
This is ridiculous.
You're getting
married four days later.
You're going to start a new life.
And you're trying to search
for that three year old shadow.
Honey, please try to understand.
I have to do this.
My heart's still saying..
..that lmmy is my life-partner.
Fate is gesturing me..
..that if I don't try to
find him one last time..
..then I'll repent it all my life.
I promise you, Honey.
If I don't find him
in these three days..
..then I'll forget him forever.
Priya, are you telling the truth?
I am so sorry.
I am with you.
Come on, Priya. Let's
go to lmmy's college.
Are you okay?
- Priya, it's Gucci.
Wow, what a wonderful purse.
Priya, don't you have one
that's exactly the same?
But yours costs Rs.2500.
What's the price of this?
- Rs.120.
Just 120 and that too made in USA.
This Mumbai's USA.
Ulhasnagar Sindhi Association.
This one has an extra C.
So what?
- lts one extra and not one less.
I'll buy it.
Madam, I don't have
change for Rs.50.
Give me Rs.20 change.
I don't have change as well.
Maybe madam has it.
- Priya.
Priya, do you have change for 50.
Take a look.
Priya, I've taken change..
..and kept a Rs.50 note inside.
Sorry, ma'am.
There was no student
by the name of lmmy..
..that studied here.
But he said he was from
this college.
Immy must be his pet or nickname.
But until you don't
tell his pet or nickname..
..his surname I can't help you.
Even I don't know his real name.
Everyone would call him
by this name.
We went for the Bangkok
festival three years ago.
Just give me a second.
Sorry, his name isn't
there in this group as well.
Priya, were you so madly in love..
..that you didn't even ask his name.
You don't even remember the number..
..that he wrote on the note.
And you didn't ask him
where he lived in Delhi.
How could I have
remembered the phone number.
But yes, he said that
he lives in Vasant Kunj.
Vasant Kunj, do you
have his address?
I didn't ask him that.
- Brilliant.
You mean to say we'll look
for him in entire Vasant Kunj.
Have you gone mad?
Vasant Kunj is such a huge area..
- We can try.
I always knew, you made a
big mistake by coming here.
Destiny, fate, it's
just your imagination.
I know you won't find lmmy.
This is a special evening
on Radio Mirchi 98.3 FM.
Come on, let's go.
Bumper to Bumper, and you're
listening to Archana.
Today we have with us
upcoming choreographer..
..Ms. Priya Malhotra who has..
..traveled all the way
to Delhi from Mumbai.
But hold on, hold on.
She isn't here on a
professional trip..
..but to look for her love lmmy
that separated three years ago.
I wish you all the luck,
Priya, you're on.
Immy, this is Priya.
I just want to say that..
..I've forgiven you for whatever
happened three years ago in Bangkok.
Immy, I put you
through a difficult test..
..relying on destiny.
I made a big mistake.
Forgive me.
I've come to Delhi
only to look for you.
If.. if you can hear me
then please call me.
I want to meet you.
I want to see you just once.
I want to express my true feelings.
Immy I love you.
I love you very much.
Priya, relax.
Priya, please.
Priya, that's your first call.
- Hello, Priya. Hi.
My name is lmmy as well.
But I'm not your lmmy.
Priya, actually I and my
girlfriend had a quarrel a week ago.
That's why I can
understand what separation means.
But, Priya, we've patched up today.
That's why I called
to wish you good luck.
Thank you.
Hello Priya, I heard your story.
I wish you get your lmmy.
Hello Priya..
Ms. Priya, don't worry.
You'll surely find your lmmy.
Hello. Hi, dad.
Son, what's happened? What's wrong?
You were supposed to
return two days earlier.
Yes, actually.. I didn't get
the documents I wanted..
..because it's a bank holiday.
- Fine, son.
But try to come
as soon as possible..
..because Sofiya and the others..
..are eagerly waiting for you, okay.
Don't worry, dad, I'll
be back by Monday evening.
Very good.
Kiss. Kiss.
That's my boy.
It's said that
destiny is biggest of all.
Honey, go back.
Little more.
But personally I believe that
faith is bigger than destiny.
Because if a man has faith..
..he can change his destiny.
He has that strength.
Faith can move mountains you know.
The girl whose address
I'm asking you for..
..her name is Priya.
And I love her a lot.
But three years ago I lost her
forever because of my mistake.
Excuse me, ma'am.
- Yes, what can I do for you?
Will you please call Priya?
Priya Malhotra. - Priya
Malhotra lived here two years ago.
Aunt, do you know where she is now?
- Yes.
But, son, who are you?
- My name is lmmy, I'm from Delhi.
Oh, God. You.
You're lmmy.
- Yes.
Could you hold this please?
Oh my God.
- Aunt.
Just as I imagined.
- Where is Priya.
It's pointless now.
You're too late now, son.
Priya got engaged four days ago.
I attended that function myself.
And the next day she left for Delhi.
Along with her fiance.
If she's in Delhi we can
find her, Mrs. Gandhi.
There's no point in
finding her now, son.
Yesterday was the fourth, wasn't it?
- Yes.
Yesterday was
Priya's wedding in Delhi.
Wedding? You're surely mistaken,
Mrs. Gandhi.
I wish I was mistaken, son.
Priya has begun her
new life from yesterday.
Maybe you two weren't
destined to be together.
Forget him, son.
Immy. Immy, wait.
Your story is really
very strange, Priya.
When my prediction came true..
..then why did you go
against destiny.
I keep cursing myself
for that, aunt.
I wish I had forgiven lmmy.
Pick a card, Priya.
Pick another card.
I'm sorry, Priya, l
can't help you this time.
You tested destiny and
now destiny is testing you.
I'm so sorry.
Tillu, how much should I charge him?
- Rs.30.
Here, brother.
- Okay.
Just a minute, brother.
Show me that book.
Sorry, Brother, l
can't sell you this book.
What are you saying?
I just paid you.
- Yes, here's your money.
And give it back.
But how can I return it..
..I just bought it from you.
- How do I explain you?
I've a suggestion, you paid
me Rs.30, didn't you? - Yes.
Here, I pay you 20 more.
Give it back for 50.
- But I want this book.
It's all pointless jabber,
cut the crap.
He's a stubborn man.
I've another suggestion.
Take 50 more, return
that book to me for RS.100.
No, no, I don't want
to sell this book.
Take 100 more. Give it back for 200.
200. fine, take the book.
- Thank you.
Brother ljjaz, are
you feeling alright?
I mean, you sold that
book for Rs.30..
..and bought it back for 200.
Tillu, you won't understand this.
This is the question of Rs.5000.
Not just that, it's the
question of someone's love.
- Pardon me.
But does the holder of
this card stay here?
Yes, what do you want with him?
Ask him to come down with Rs.5000.
- For what?
For this book.
- Rs.5000 for this book?
It's all pointless jabber,
cut the crap.
You won't understand it.
It's a special book.
Please call him.
Look, he's out of Delhi
at the moment.
I suggest that you give
me this book.
By the way who are you?
Are you his sister?
- No, I'm his fiance.
Oh, fancy. You're his cousin.
What do you care how
I'm related to him.
Give the book if you
want to or take it back.
Why are you getting angry?
I want to give the book, here.
Just a minute, I'll get the money.
- No, no, no.
When you trust me then
I trust you as well.
Just tell that captain
to come by ljjaz's shop.
He'll pay me the money
and thank me for it too.
Okay, I'll leave now.
She's fancy.
Son, you're back.
Very good. Very good.
Have you finished your
job in Mumbai?
Yes, dad.
- Very good.
Go up quickly,
Sofiya is waiting for you.
Today's the henna ceremony..
..and she's adamant that
she'll go home to get ready..
..only after you come back.
Go quickly, go on.
Guess who?
- Jatin?
Hi, sweetheart.
- When did you arrive?
I arrived two hours earlier..
..but you two were
missing and the hotel was full.
So I booked a room in
another hotel..
..and set out to look for you two.
Is everything alright?
- Why are you so serious?
Sofiya, I want to confess something.
- Confess.
I didn't go to Mumbai for work..
..I went there to look for Priya.
Priya? Who Priya?
What happened? Why are you so quiet?
Poriya, are you thinking
about cancelling the marriage?
What are you saying, Jatin?
Then come on lets get out of here.
Let's go to a restaurant..
..and celebrate the last
night of my independence.
Now the three of us just you two.
I don't want to be a spoil-sport.
Shall we go, Priya?
Bye, see you, Honey.
- Bye.
Sofiya, I'm saying
this to you today..
..because we're going to
start a new life tomorrow.
And I want to begin
it on an honest note.
I'm really sorry, Sofiya.
Please, forgive me.
Goodnight, Mrs. Jatin.
Don't forget tomorrow.
Be there on time in the morning.
Bye, darling.
- Bye.
"The anklet and bracelet conveys.."'ve to go to
your beloved's house."
Kiss. Kiss.
Look. This is your wedding
gift from your dear friend.
Wear it quickly
I'm sure you'll look
really nice in this.
And you know what..
..someone's having a
henna ceremony in this hotel.
I saw the bride. She
looks very pretty.
"The green glass bangles."
"I've worn them in your name."
"Radha now belongs to Shyam."
"I've worn them in your name."
"Radha now belongs to Shyam."
"I'm so lost in love I'm
worried about any consequence."
"I've worn them in your name."
"Radha now belongs to Shyam."
"I've worn them in your name."
"Radha now belongs to Shyam."
"I've worn them in your name."
"Radha now belongs to Shyam."
"We'll meet."
"We'll meet."
"We'll meet."
Stop right here.
How much?
- Rs.120.
Madam, I don't have change.
That's okay, keep it.
Thank you.
- It's alright.
Excuse me.
- What happened, madam?
Give me that Rs.50 note.
- Here.
What happened, Priya?
- I can't believe this.
It's been lying with me
for the past so many days..
..and I don't know it.
- Oh my, God.
This is a miracle, Priya.
Call up on this number quickly..
..and go see lmmy.
- Don't worry, Priya.
I'll handle Jatin.
What are you waiting for,
Priya, just go.
Hello. Who is this?
Is lmmy at home.
- lmmy sir is not at home.
He's getting married today.
Where is he getting married?
- At hotel Royal Cliff.
I'm going there as well.
Madam, pay me my fare.
Where are you going?
"We'll meet."
"We'll meet."
"We'll meet."
Just like you got my note..
..I got your book, Priya.
Fate is punishing me, lmmy.
I found you...only
after you got married.
Fate hasn't punished us, Priya.. has brought us together.
I didn't get married.
'l haven't done any
favour to you, lmmy.'
'Destiny has done all this.'
'For a while I grew selfish.'
'But when the priest
began the mantras.. heart said that
feeling that I've cheated you..
..won your love by
deceit won't let me live.'
'That's why I stopped
this marriage.'
'Exactly three years ago a
child pressed all the buttons..
..of the lift and delayed me
from reaching to you, similarly..'
"Uncle, Uncle.'
'That note came back to me
three years later through a child.'
Immy, I love you.
"l am searching."
"l am searching."
"Everything ended.."
"Everything ended.."
"..but there's still
something left."
"l am searching."
"l am searching."
"l am searching."
"There's a feeling.."
"..inside me."
"Everything ended.."
"..but there's still
something left."
"..but there's still
something left."
"There's a restlessness
in my heart."
"l am searching."
"There's a feeling inside me.""
"Everything ended.."
"..but there's still
something left."
"..but there's still
something left."
"There's restlessness
in my heart."