Miles (2016) Movie Script

Your alarm!
Don't piss me off!
Hey there, easy on that stuff.
It's fine.
You all set for today?
Senior year!
Last time you get to say that.
Until college.
The only people who
care about senior year
are gonna live here
forever anyways.
So what's the big deal?
You don't know that.
I can't wait to be in Chicago.
Well, how do you plan
on getting to Chicago?
We don't need to talk
about this right now.
Okay, but I'm
definitely going to
Columbia college in Chicago.
It's a really good film school.
How 'bout when you need
a real job after school?
I'll get one in film.
we don't wanna be
late today sweetie pie.
There's a campus tour
in Chicago next month
and you'll see how cool it is.
Just not on a school
night sweetheart.
Yeah, Chicago's
three hours away.
I ain't driving that.
Why not?
If I were you,
I'd be thinking
more along the lines
of Springfield
community college.
We're having meatloaf tonight.
Will you be
joining us this time?
You ready?
I just need my backpack.
Let's go.
Have a good first day.
You too.
Ah, welcome back miles.
Are you our av guy
again this year?
All right, the next
Steven Spielberg.
Don't forget about
the little people.
You got it.
Okay quiet down everybody.
Good morning.
As you all know my
name is Mrs. Walton.
Welcome to senior English.
I hope that you all
enjoyed your break
and that you are ready
and raring to learn!
'Cause I sure am.
Let's get started with role.
"Miller in the morning"
with me, Scott Miller.
Cathy Voltmer is over there,
happy Saturday morning to you.
Big ticket giveaway coming up.
If you're into trucks I have
the perfect thing for you.
We're giving away
a pair of tickets
to the 37th annual
Midwest truck show
being held at the prairie
capital convention center
here in Springfield...
You okay?
Oh no!
Oh my god!
Are you Pam Walton?
Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes.
Hi, I'm Dr. Meade.
Oh good.
Our EMT's worked on
Ron at your residence.
Then I tried myself,
but as far as we could tell,
he was gone before he got here.
We did all we could
for him Mrs. Walton.
I'm so sorry.
That can't be.
He has an upper
respiratory infection.
We were just at the
doctor last week,
he's taking medication for it
and he said he's
feeling so good.
Well we think that a hole
had formed in his heart
which slowly filled the
lining up with blood.
And when it got too
full it just burst.
Can you check the files?
For what?
Well maybe you could
call Dr. Spalding's office
and they can send you their
reports of what we all...
Discussed last Tuesday...
To the x-rays.
He just said dad's
heart exploded.
He's dead.
I'll give you folks a minute.
He's dead, mom.
It's okay.
Ron is remembered by
his loving wife, Pamela,
of 23 years.
He is remembered by his
talented son, miles.
By grateful friends
and relatives.
This is a very hard
day for us here.
Every one of us gathered today
has been touched by Ron
in one way or another.
Well that was a nice service.
Yeah it was.
It's funny how two
people change over time.
Well I mean that he was so kind,
and sweet, and caring.
Your dad used to be so much fun.
I was so in love with him.
These changes,
they happen so slowly.
And then one day you
wake up and you realize
you're two totally
different people.
Your dad just got
so controlling.
He kept tightening
his grip on me.
I felt so cut off.
And I knew he was
fooling around on me.
I guess you probably
knew it too, huh?
You know I came
so close to asking
your dad for a divorce.
At least now we know the lying
and the sneaking
around is finally over.
I'm just so sorry he
wasn't nicer to you.
You're gonna want seconds?
Yes please.
Welcome, you have mail.
What the hell is all this noise?
What's wrong?
We don't have any money.
What do you mean?
I mean your dad
spent all our savings.
There's supposed to
be $30,000 in here
to pay for your college.
He bought her that car.
Oh my god.
He never let me go
through the bank statements.
He never let me do anything.
He... your dad, he was in
charge of the money stuff
and he just,
he just... he blew it all.
He blew it all.
Mom, it's okay.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
It's okay.
It's okay.
You don't have to go to school
today if you don't want to.
Are you not going?
I need a few days.
Should I take
dad's truck today?
Oh that's okay,
I'll drive you.
Hey hon, thinking of you guys.
Can I help you?
Yes you can, I'm Ron's wife,
is she here?
She ain't here.
What do you want?
When did he give it to her?
The car, the corvette.
My daughter got that car
a couple of months ago.
Well guess what,
I want it back.
Well you ain't getting
it back, it was a gift.
Let me tell you something,
if I'm the one making
the payments on it
and my son's college money
was used as a deposit,
I consider it my car, okay?!
Well it ain't yours,
it's hers.
Where is she? Is she upstairs?
Why don't you go home, Pam?
Don't you have a kid
you gotta take care of?
I would like to talk
to Jennifer, please.
Settle down, I told
ya she ain't here.
Now I don't appreciate you
coming over here to bother us.
Let me tell you something.
I want that car.
I swear to god, I will come over
here with a tow truck and
I will take it myself!
I want it back!
It's my car!
Do that and I'll
call the police
for trespassing and theft!
You should be
ashamed of yourself!
Making excuses
for your daughter!
Breaking up a family!
Your family was
already broken.
You're disgusting!
You are going off the deep
end coming over here like this.
That car is in Jennifer's name,
it's hers!
Shame on you!
You need some help!
You need help!
Get out of my face or
I'll call the police!
I'll call the police on you!
How dare...
Hey, open the door!
Hey miles, Mrs. Armstrong
is waiting to see you.
It's good to see you back.
So how's everything at home?
We're okay.
Oh good, that's great.
We're sure glad to
see you back, miles.
Thanks, Mrs. Armstrong.
So, what can I do for you?
I'm here because I'm
looking for a new college.
Oh, all right then.
Tell me what you're thinking.
Okay, I'm looking for
a school in Chicago.
I wanted to do the film
program at Columbia college
but it's too expensive.
Right, right.
Well it is an arts school.
You know, Springfield community
has a films studies program.
And I hear the one at
Southern is quite good.
Yeah, but it needs
to be in Chicago.
I'm afraid if I
stay here one more
day than I have to, I'll get
stuck here like everyone else.
Oh, right.
So is it too late
for scholarships?
Well, I have a list.
This is a pretty
common question.
So I keep this list of
college scholarships
that are available in Chicago.
Why don't you have
a look at that?
What's a
national merit scholar?
Oh, uh...
You don't quite
qualify for that so,
we should keep looking.
Men's volleyball scholarship
to Loyola university.
What's this?
It's just what it says.
Well that's in
Chicago isn't it?
Yes but you'd have to
be on the volleyball team.
Then I'll get on
the team, I'm good.
Sweetie, it's a girls' team.
Well is there a law
saying that a boy
can't play on a girls' team?
You know, we did
have this come up
with a girl in football
a few seasons ago.
And because of title nine,
we let her play,
but we never had a boy
wanna be on a girls' team.
I mean...
I'm just saying I think that
maybe you should continue to
look for other options.
Yeah, you're probably right.
So, I'm gonna need you
to warm the girls up.
Okay, start peppering...
hey coach.
Is it too late to tryout?
For who, for you?
Yeah I wanna play.
Well this is a girls' team.
Well if there's a boys' team
I'd be there.
Come on, please?
All right, well what the heck.
Go suit up and be back in five.
All right, ladies.
Please don't expect any
favors or any free rides.
This is a challenging sport.
A little more energy,
that's right.
Faster, faster!
One that brings the
best out of my girls.
Uh, all of my students.
Higher, higher, higher!
That's it, come on!
Come on, Penelope, do it!
I take this sport
very seriously,
and I expect you
all will as well.
A spot on this team
does not come cheap.
Ballet class.
So if you've come to play,
I want you to play hard.
But I also want you to
learn how to play well.
This is where we see
what you're made of.
This is where you bump
your distractions,
set your targets,
and spike your goals.
Not the worst I've seen.
Nice work, keep it up.
What are you doing
out there, Candace?
If you make the cut,
your name will
be posted outside my
office after tryouts.
I want those butts lower,
lower, lower those butts.
If your name is not on the list,
that's it.
No tears, no phone
calls from your parents.
All right?
I wish you the best of luck,
ladies... and miles!
Awe snap!
Love the enthusiasm.
I'm sorry,
I didn't see you there.
Most people don't.
Oh, before you pop a chub,
you should know that
everyone made the team.
How do you know?
Well eight people tried out,
eight people made the team.
Six on the court, two
on the bench, duh.
I'm miles, by the way.
Oh, but my friends call me P.
You can call me P.
Oh okay, um...
ooh, parental release forms.
Thanks, P.
You got it, girl.
Can you please just sign it?
Why would you wanna
join a girl's team
when there's so many boy sports.
I like volleyball.
Hey, I know the
football coach.
I bet he'd let
you be the kicker.
Do you want me to ask him?
No mom, that's okay just...
I don't know honey,
with dad gone
this sure seems
like a lot for you.
Mom, that's why I wanna play.
It's something to get
my mind off of him.
It'll be fun,
it's just a game.
Here you go.
Hey miles.
Tell everyone I'm doing okay.
We want everyone in this room,
in this school,
and in this town,
coming out to support us.
Let me hear you, Pondley high!
Here is the moment you've
all been waiting for!
Let me introduce you to the
1999 girls varsity
volleyball team!
Come on out!
So come on out for our first
game of the season against...
Walton's a fag!
Calvary high on...
Who said that?
Who said that?
For that, Mr. Roberts,
you can see me after.
So yeah, come and support us.
We'll see you next week.
Hey, let's hear it for
the lady warriors huh?!
So I went over there
and her delightful mother
Rhonda answered the door.
I felt like I was
talking to her bodyguard.
And then, she had
the nerve to slam
the door in my face right after
she told me that I needed help.
Can you imagine, like I'm the
crazy one in this situation?
And now that Ron is dead,
I just feel...
I don't know,
I feel so pissed off
that I'm the one left
holding the bag, you know?
And apparently now I'm
the one who needs help.
Why doesn't he need help?
Why does Ron get off so easy?
Dying is easy.
I just think he should have
to pay for his mistakes.
I feel so mad, it's not fair.
Thank you.
- Hi Pam, how ya doing?
- - Oh hi, Jean.
I'm doing okay.
So I got to thinking while
you were telling your story.
And I think I figured
out what you need
to make you feel better.
It just hit me out of the blue.
Oh yeah?
W-what is that?
You need to get
yourself some new d girl.
I'm so sorry, what is that?
Some dick.
And I know what you're thinking.
There goes Jean rambling
on about cock again.
But trust me, it is
essential that you
just go out and you
get yourself laid
straight away after
your husband dies.
While it's fresh, it still
feels like cheating.
Jean, I just feel like
we're around so many
people so it's very public.
I mean...
Ricky and I practically
only did it in public.
- Is that right?
- Like one time he just had me
just going up against a wall.
And I just accidentally
set off the fire alarm.
We just kept
doing it right there
in the indoor rain.
- It was glorious.
- Huh.
I just thought you
needed to know.
Well thank you, Jean.
I appreciate you giving
me that information.
It's good to know.
But listen, we're all
gonna go get a drink after.
It's our little tradition,
you gotta come.
Oh no, I can't, I wake up
early, I'm a school teacher.
- No, you gotta get back in the saddle.
- I'm a teacher!
Come on!
Have a beer, one beer.
Hey Brian, did you get it?
You get the poster?
Office space,right?
Okay here.
Did you know the Swingline
stapler guy in the movie
doesn't really talk
like that in real life?
Yeah, on "newsradio"
he's totally different.
Here, it's got his full name
and the login for a
lexisnexis account okay?
So you just run a search for him
and it'll tell you
all sorts of stuff.
Thanks, I owe you, man.
Would you like to reconnect?
Know anything about me?
Anything bad?
Shut up, he'll love you.
Knock knock.
Come in.
I'm going to group.
- Okay.
- Don't stay up.
Can I borrow dad's bronco
while you're at your meeting?
Oh honey, I don't think so.
I need to go to Michael's
first science project.
Plus I was thinking about
seeing the sixth sense again.
Fine, but be careful.
I will be, I promise.
Do you need money?
All right, here ya go.
And also make sure you
get gas on your way home.
Okay I will.
All right see you.
- Hey.
- Hey.
Would you like a cup?
Oh thank you.
Careful, it's very hot.
Pam, right?
I'm Lloyd.
Yes I remember.
Oops sorry, no go ahead.
No you go.
I insist.
Grab one.
Oh that was mine.
Can I help you?
Hi, I'm miles Walton
from Pondley high.
I'm on the volleyball
team there, um...
I sent you an email
but I wanted to also give you
a schedule of all our
games this season.
I wrote them down for you.
I'd really love it if you could
come and watch me
play so I could
be considered for a scholarship.
In fact, our first game
is coming up at home.
So if you could make it?
Well this is a first.
Never had someone come
to my door before.
So uh, how did you
get my address?
I'm sorry, I just
wanted to make sure
you got all my messages.
Oh I think I'm all set, miles.
Look, I've got a pretty
busy schedule right now,
but I'll be sure to let you know
if I can make it down
to Pondley, all right?
Thank you so much.
That would be amazing.
Okay, you have
a safe drive back.
Thank you.
Hey Pam?
That was a good session
don't you think?
Oh yeah, I thought it
was really good this week.
I feel like it's helping.
Yeah me too.
Yeah, good.
This is gonna sound
weird no matter
how I say it.
But seeing as we all
know we're singles here,
I was wondering if you might
like to have dinner sometime?
With me.
You don't have to.
Oh no, but would that be
kinda weird because
you're my boss.
Well I'm not
actually your boss
I'm your bosses boss.
Though I do have the power
to fire you on the spot.
Oh do you?
Well that was a bad joke,
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
It's okay.
You don't have to.
Let me just ask you this.
If we did go out,
would I have to tell Trent?
Trent our principle,
Trent Wilson, my boss.
No, you could if you'd like,
but I don't think
it's necessary.
Is that a yes?
Yeah I think it is.
All right, well good,
good, good, good, good, good.
You'll have to fire
me on another day.
You got it.
- Same way.
- Oh.
- You go.
- I'll go first.
Hey, you feeling ready?
All right I brought you these.
Got you the number you wanted.
Yeah, looking good, right?
Umm, what are these?
- Those are your bun huggers.
- Um...
You know,
your coochie cutters?
You hadn't noticed the
tight little shorts
the girls were wearing?
You know what, why don't you
just wear your PE shorts.
Yeah that sounds good.
Okay, all right I'll
see you out there.
All right.
Let's hear it for
our lady warriors!
Number nine, senior,
Wendy Prazda.
Number two, junior,
Penelope Walker.
Number 17, senior, miles Walton.
Let's hear
it for your home team!
That's 15 points, folks!
And a first set
for Pondley high.
Pondley high wins!
Your lady warriors win their
first game with a shut out!
Go Pondley!
Good game,
good game, good game,
good game, good game, good
game, good game, good game.
Good game last night.
Thanks, Rory.
You have a five?
So, are you really sticking
with this girls' team thing?
Yeah it's fun.
Well I heard some people
are ticked about it.
Yeah, like you're
trying to make
some big statement or something.
I don't know, I just really
like playing volleyball.
I hope it's really not that big
of a deal or anything.
Run, Lola, run, right?
The eye level camera
angles and long takes
when she runs are insane.
I just like the poster
because of her hair.
Thanks for the hookup and
good luck on the team.
Hey coach.
I just had a talk
with coach Tilden.
He said his girls
aren't comfortable
playing against your
team with a boy on it.
Why, 'cause they
know we're gonna win?
Girls regulation nets are
six and a half inches lower
than the boys' nets.
Oh please, can
we just play ball?
Look, I'm just passing
the message here.
Nah, he's going in.
All right then.
Pam Walton?
Oh hi, Marge.
I thought I saw you over there.
So you're still teaching
history over at Calvary?
Mmm hmm.
I was hoping I'd run into you.
I didn't get to catch
you at the game.
I wanna ask you about
something for Lisa.
My oldest.
Oh sure, what's that?
Your boy, miles,
what do you think
the chances are
he's gonna keep playing on
the girls' team like he is?
He sure slaughtered our
poor girls last night.
Well he is really enjoying it.
In fact, they're
actually over playing
their first away game.
How is Lisa liking it?
Oh she loves it.
Oh good, good.
Pam, the thing is,
is Pondley shut us
out in two sets.
And you know, it's funny,
but some of the
girls on Lisa's team
were saying that
it's not really fair
him being a boy and all.
I think there might
be rules about that.
Well, you know.
Boys will be boys.
And miles will be miles.
Besides, if the
conference had a boys' team
this wouldn't even be an issue.
Well they do have boys' teams.
But for football and baseball.
Well, just something
to think about.
Mmm hmm.
I should get going.
Okay, sounds good.
Please give my
best to your girls.
You take care now.
You, too.
Good job, miles!
Hey you're back!
I'm going to my group.
There's dinner and
groceries in the fridge.
Sounds good.
How was your game?
It was fine.
How many points did you score?
Uh, I don't remember.
I'm probably just
gonna watch the Goonies
in my room tonight
if that's all right.
That's fine, sweetie pie.
Have fun tonight.
Don't wanna be late!
You know, it's been so
long now since Angela passed.
And... so now that the kids
are out of the house,
it's starting, just
starting to feel like
maybe this is a new chapter.
Mmm hmm, you feel like
a whole new person, right?
Yes, yes, exactly!
So you know.
Well maybe it's time
to start working out.
Or just to try new things.
Try to push myself out of my
comfort zone, do you know?
Cheers to that.
That's what I'd like to say.
Cheers and to
having a lovely dinner
with a gorgeous woman.
Awe, well I wouldn't
say gorgeous but...
Oh, I sure would.
That's so sweet.
So when you shared that
story with the group,
about Ron's mistress
and the car.
Oh my goodness.
How are you not absolutely
losing your mind over that?
I don't know.
I mean believe me, I've had some
terrible, terrible thoughts.
I bet.
Put it this way,
she would not wanna
meet me in a dark alley, okay?
I'd knock her teeth out.
But I don't know what to do.
The thing is in her name.
Her lunatic mother protects
her like a bulldog.
And she looks like one, too.
Is that so mean
of me to say that?
No, you're so not mean.
What if you weren't so nice,
what would you do?
If you could do anything
about this right now,
what would you do?
Yeah, if you weren't so sweet.
You're gonna
think I'm terrible.
All right, this might be
the wine talking but...
Oh I'm so glad
you're still awake!
How ya doing, buddy?
So who is the date with?
How'd you know
I was on a date?
You never wear that
to a group meeting.
You also never wear
this much perfume.
I think that
smell is the wine.
So, are you okay with this?
With me going on a date?
Yeah we're cool.
I want you to have fun.
Was it good?
It was great!
So, who is he?
Are you ready for this?
Mr. Bryant.
The new superintendent.
Whoa, scandal.
Are you gonna get
in trouble for that?
No I'm not gonna
get in trouble.
We can be very,
very professional.
As long as I lay off the wine,
I think we'll be fine.
We should get pizza.
Way too late.
You should go to bed.
You're right.
See you up in the morning.
Love you.
I really do.
The reason that I wanted
to speak to everyone
is because we've had some
complaints about miles
playing on the girls' team.
Okay, what about it?
The Illinois high
school association
gave me a ring yesterday.
There's a petition going
around to stop him.
What do you want
from me, Trent?
He tried out, he was really
good, he made the team.
They're just jealous.
Well, that's the
issue here, Leslie.
They think there might
be an unfair advantage.
Can we find a way
for him to play
a more appropriate sport?
Appropriate sport?
No, this is his sport.
Mr. Wilson, I get it that
people are upset about this.
But since there's no boys' team,
I have to stay on
the girls' team.
Honey, let me ask you.
Why is this so, so
important to you?
Because, I'm trying to get
this volleyball scholarship
that'll get me into Loyola.
It's almost a full ride
and since you and dad
couldn't pay for it,
I thought I'd take
care of it myself.
So that's what
this is all about?
Yeah, it's the
only chance to get
to Chicago I still have.
Honey, I hate to have to
be the one to tell you this,
but it is extremely
difficult to get
a sports scholarship anywhere.
You have to be like really good.
He is playing fair and
square by state rules.
Unless Trent wants to put
together a boys' team for him?
You know that I can't do that.
It would take thousands.
We're strapped enough as it is.
And it'd be even
more phone calls.
Well he's staying.
If they're so worried about it,
tell 'em to practice harder.
We're barely into
the season, Leslie,
and already there's
an IHSA investigation.
Can't we quit while we're ahead?
No, we cannot.
And I will take this
thing all the way
to the top if I have to, Trent.
I don't have to listen
to all this horse shit.
I'm really not trying
to upset everyone.
Pam, I could sure
use your help on this.
What can we do here?
Honey, what about joining
the computer club or something?
You know, you're always
at home on the computer.
Yeah, maybe we could
expand your av duties.
I like playing, it's the
only sport I'm good at.
I know, but it
would mean so much
to the other teams
and their parents
if you would just consider
any other options.
Is there a law saying I
have to quit or something?
I'll tell you what.
I've never done this before.
But what is we got you on the
varsity baseball team, huh?
How's that sound?
Name the position, it's yours.
I'm sorry but I've
got to get to class.
Quincy high forfeits.
Come on!
Sub 17 for 7.
McCarthy forfeits the game.
Sub, 17 for six.
Miles, you're in for Paris.
Yeah, go.
17 for six.
Time out, Ursuline academy.
Come on, girls.
Just huddle up,
I'll take care of this.
What am I supposed
to do with this?
I can't play with
that kid on the court.
Good work out there...
It's the league rules
and everything.
What's the problem here?
What can we do
about this, Leslie?
You know I can't play with
that boy on the court.
Oh for god's sake,
why are you doing this?
You know why I'm doing this.
I got parents
breathing down my neck.
If that boy so much
as touches the ball,
I'm supposed to
call the game off
and nobody wants that.
Just let the kid get a little
bit of playtime, all right?
How 'bout until the
end of the set?
Sorry Leslie,
my hands are tied here.
All right, what are
we gonna do, folks?
Leslie, you know this
isn't coming from me.
I understand that Rick,
but grow a pair, will you?
I'll handle this.
We're fine, miles,
go ahead and serve.
You know what to do.
All right the game is called.
Ursuline academy forfeits.
All right, let's go, folks,
pack it up!
Great, just great.
Shake it off,
Brazda, it's done.
Shame on you!
Get your own team!
Knock, knock, can I come in?
Hey Steve.
Uh, mind if we have
a little chat?
Sure, what's up?
Um... So how's the
volleyball thing going?
A customer told me
about it the other day.
Pointed you out.
Oh yeah.
Yeah, a couple people have,
I had no idea it
was this big deal.
Yeah, people are crazy about
their volleyball
around here, I guess.
Right, yup.
So listen, I hate
to have to do this.
And I always hate
having these talks but,
I'm gonna have to let you go.
Well, I was doing some
poster inventory the other day
and I noticed a few
were missing.
I know you took 'em
and I can't have that.
But everyone takes those
old posters all the time.
Or they just end up
getting thrown out anyway.
Listen, I don't
wanna make this harder
than it needs to be.
So, if you just wanna
head home now.
I can man the booth
the rest of your shift.
And I won't say nothing.
I can just say you quit to work
the new multiplex in
Springfield or something.
Please don't fire me.
It's been a pleasure, miles,
and I wish you luck and all,
but I can't budge on this one.
I'm letting you go
and that's that.
So what are you gonna do?
You know what I
think you should do?
I think you should go
back to the theater
with every poster from your room
and ask them to take it
out of your paycheck.
That's what I think
you should do.
Mom, this has nothing
to do with the posters.
It's over.
Honey, I really
think this scholarship
business is getting out of hand.
You gotta get your
priorities straight.
I don't wanna
stay in this town
any longer than I have to.
And I don't wanna end
up like you and dad
and be completely unhappy.
This is my way out.
I'm not unhappy.
Mom, I'm sorry but you are!
You're so stuck in this town!
All you ever do is go to work,
come home and cook dinner,
and cut coupons every Saturday!
I don't want that and
I've never wanted that!
Okay and that's fine!
You don't have to want that,
I understand!
Don't want that!
But I don't see what the big
rush is to get to Chicago.
I mean, I don't see
that there's anything
wrong with you staying
here for awhile,
saving up a little money,
and then you can go to
the college that you want!
What's wrong with that?!
I knew you'd say that.
Well, sometimes
you gotta be a little
more patient with
this stuff, miles.
I'm sorry, mom,
but I'm not gonna let
dad screwing around and
blowing all our money
mess up my future.
And you shouldn't either.
In two months,
we get along fine.
You do love me don't you?
I think so but,
I have to think about it.
Hello, dear.
Hello, mom.
Have a nice time?
Jeff's awfully handsome.
Such a smooth dancer.
Thanks for coming in
on such short notice.
I need to let you all
know that the forfeit
petition has been
approved by the IHSA.
What does this mean?
Well there's a hearing
Thursday night.
Miles, you and coach Wayne,
you'll need to be there
so that you can answer
Bryant's questions.
Trent, are there
any other options?
Well, he could leave the team.
That's some option.
For god's sake,
just let him play.
Mr. Wilson,
what if I just sat out
for most of our games so
I don't bother anyone?
Well, you can ask
him on Thursday.
But it sounds like they've
made up their minds.
All right, that's all I have.
Great, thanks.
Listen, I just wanna say
I know this thing
has gotten a little
blown out of
proportion here and,
I can tell some feelings
are getting hurt
and I certainly don't want that.
I don't think anybody does.
But, I was just hoping
for the best for miles here
and not give him
any mixed messages.
You know?
I'm not sure I can
help you with that, Pam.
Miles is doing what
he feels is right
and that's good for him.
Right, but I think
I can be the judge
of what's best
for my son or not.
I think miles is
old enough to be
the judge for himself.
He's certainly
inspired me more than
any other high school kid
ever has.
And maybe, I don't know,
I think maybe
Pondley needs to see
this kind of courage
more than we realize.
More than you realize, Pam.
Is that okay?
Is it okay?
So I was thinking,
it'd be nice to have you come
over for dinner sometime.
Maybe even tomorrow night.
Sure, yeah.
I'd love that.
It'd be nice for you to
spend some time with miles.
I'm sure he'd like to
get to know you better.
Maybe you two could talk about
this whole volleyball thing
before the big hearing.
Oh whoa, whoa.
Hold on, hold on.
Please tell me,
please tell me that's not
what this is all about.
Are you sure?
I just get the feeling
it's a big deal to him
and I was just...
all right, well,
just so you know I'm getting
a lot of pressure
from other parents.
From all sides.
Miles being on this girls' team
is causing real problems.
That they come here
for a fair game,
and then this is not
what they signed up for.
And besides, is this really
the best way to make
this kind of statement?
He's just playing a game.
And I've never seen
him so passionate
about anything ever.
Except for maybe
moving away from Pondley.
if we don't make an
example out of this,
then all the teams are gonna
try becoming co-ed one day.
And all the students
are gonna think
they have some sort
of open door now
to challenge everything
they don't like.
So what's wrong with that?
Well for starters it
makes my job a lot harder.
Look, if he wants
a boys volleyball team,
there's a right way to do it
and there's a wrong way
to do it.
This is not the right way.
Don't get me wrong.
I would love to come to
your home for dinner.
I really would.
I like you very much.
I like you, too.
Well I'm glad.
I just don't want all of
that to ruin all of this.
Uh huh.
Okay, sure.
I'm gonna take a shower.
In there.
You have mail.
No way.
Oh hell yeah!
Please quiet down.
We have quite a lot
to cover tonight,
so why don't we just
get things rolling.
I'd like to jump right
into the matter of
student miles Walton
and his involvement
with the girls volleyball team.
Let the minutes reflect
we have Mr. Walton
here with us as well
as his coach, Ms. Wayne.
Ms. Wayne, can you tell us
how long Mr. Walton
has been on your team?
- The entire year.
- Mm-hm.
And was he approved to play?
Yes he was.
He tried out and made the team
with his mother's permission.
Okay, thank you.
Now as you may know,
we have a lot of opposition
from local parents.
Are you aware of that?
I am aware of it.
Now you have won six out
of eight games played.
Four of those six due to
opposing teams forfeiting.
Is that correct?
It is, but they chose
to forfeit, not us.
Well, Mr. Walton,
I hate to say it but the
Illinois high school association
has really carefully
considered your situation.
And in this case
they have decided
that miles cannot play on
the girls volleyball team.
Wait, why?!
And to ensure
your cooperation,
the board has been
advised to immediately
suspend Mr. Walton if
he should try to play.
You gotta be kidding me!
That's completely unfair!
If title nine says a girl
can play on a boys' team
then why can't I play
on a girls' team?
I am sorry, I truly am.
But they've made their decision,
and we have to
take it seriously.
Let the record reflect
Mr. Walton is hereby no longer
involved with the team.
That's not fair,
we want him on the team.
I second that.
Moved and seconded, thank you.
It's not about winning.
He has a college
recruiter interested.
He's coming to
our game tomorrow.
I have to play.
Here's the letter he sent me.
Miles, this is an
open and shut situation.
It really is, I'm sorry.
The kid is trying to
get himself into college!
Why the hell are you
trying to stop him?
Ms. Wayne, can we try
to keep this professional?
Just because a boy
wants to play volleyball
you try to shut it
down immediately?
Leslie, it would
really be in your
best interest to stop
talking right now.
- Lloyd please.
- - What, are we living in the dark ages?
Would you please
just look at this?
Just let him read his letter!
"Hi miles, you're in luck.
"I'm coming to see
your match this Friday"
"against mount Palasky..."
I'm so sorry,
but we are done...
let the kid read the thing!
We are done
discussing this matter
and moving on with our agenda.
You all should be
ashamed of yourself.
You're a bunch of
narrow-minded cavemen.
I move to suspend
Ms. Wayne for two weeks
without pay
effective immediately.
Wait, no!
Moved and seconded, thank you!
This is...
I just wanna run away from
this stupid small-minded town.
Look, I know this seems
like a big deal right now,
but in the grand scheme
of things it's really not.
I'm sure for you it isn't.
You'd live here
forever if you could.
Look, just try to finish
high school in one piece.
You can stay here
a little bit longer
and then you can go
wherever you want.
For what, so I
can start being some
unfulfilled zombie like
everybody else in this town?!
Like you and your
boss boyfriend?
How can you date
him knowing he's
holding me back from everything?
All right, miles,
that is enough!
You have no idea what
you are talking about.
I just wanna run
away right now.
Fine, you wanna run away?
You really wanna run away?!
Get out.
If you wanna be gone so badly
then run away right now!
If you hate where
you came from so much
and the people who
raised you then go!
I'd love to!
I don't care what
you do anymore!
Go all the way to damn
Chicago for all I care!
I will!
Good, I dare you!
Fuck finishing high school!
I'm so glad you're still here.
Well, I'm barely here.
I'm exhausted.
Listen Lloyd, this
whole volleyball thing
has really gotten out of hand.
Is there anything you can
do to help me out here?
Did you not see
what happened here?
This is my son, Lloyd?!
This is involves his whole
future, do you understand?
Can't you just let him stay
on for just one more game
is all I'm asking?!
I wish there was something
I could do to help,
I really do.
But then let him stay on
for one more game!
I just gave the final word.
If I go back on this,
I could lose my job.
Why don't you let miles
think about that?
Maybe think about
what kind of mess
he's making for everybody else.
Oh come on.
He pulls Leslie into this
and she gets all worked up.
Like it's some big act of
prejudice or something.
Come on, save that crap
for Chicago or whatever.
What is that supposed to mean?
Look, I know it seems
like a big deal to him
but he's a smart kid.
And he should think about
maybe it's not worth
rocking the boat like this.
You know what, Lloyd?
I think maybe
Pondley needs to see
this kind of courage
more than we realize.
And I think it is
worth rocking the boat.
Well I disagree.
You have mail.
Knock, knock.
Hey, you made it.
Oh are you kidding?!
There's no way I'm missing this.
Are you ready?
Listen miles, I'm
sorry about blowing up
at the meeting last night.
I shouldn't be speaking
for you like that.
No, it's good.
You stood up for me.
I know but,
this is a big deal for you
and I shouldn't be
making it harder
than it needs to be.
No, I'm glad to
have you in my corner.
I'm really sorry
you got suspended.
Oh no, that's okay.
I'd be lying if I said I didn't
kinda want the break, so...
But it did dawn on
me earlier today
that you're only 17.
You say it like it's so young.
That's because it is.
Are you sure you're
ready for this?
As ready as I'll ever be.
Can't quit now.
How else am I supposed
to get out of Pondley?
You could win the lottery.
Besides, you don't
really think they'll
do anything to me do you?
Oh I absolutely do.
Hey, so how are you feeling?
I heard the recruiter's here.
I hope they really let me play.
Yeah I hope so, too.
And I hope you
get a scholarship.
You're a damn good player,
Thanks, Wendy.
Okay, we're all
rooting for you.
Miles, you know you
shouldn't be here.
Just one set.
Son, I can't, we've already
been through this.
Mr. Wilson, please.
It's already been decided.
But he's already here.
It doesn't change anything,
I'm sorry.
Number 17 can't play.
All right, son,
you heard the man.
No, I'm ready to play,
I'm playing.
It's not happening, miles.
No, I'm playing.
Number 17 is ejected.
Let's not make a scene.
All right, I'll go.
Excuse me, excuse me.
- Can we talk about this?
- No, not now.
I hate this town
and everyone in it.
Why won't they let me play?
I'm sorry you
didn't get to play.
Why does this even
matter to them?!
I'm trapped in
this town forever!
Surrounded by people
who hate my guts.
No, no one hates your guts.
Then why are they
doing this to me!?
I wasn't supposed
to lose my job,
I wasn't supposed
to lose my dad,
I was supposed to go to Chicago.
Everyone and everything
is against me.
We're gonna get you there.
Thanks, mom.
This is a very exciting
and very proud moment.
And I ask you all
to stand please.
And it is my great honor
to present the Pondley high
school graduating class of 2000!
Hey, thanks for everything,
So you're leaving leaving?
You're not even
staying for cake?
I'll be back for Thanksgiving.
Well we're gonna
miss you around here.
Chicago's getting a good one.
And I don't know if your
mom told you the good news,
but principle Wilson
is retiring this summer
and I am on the short
list of candidates.
That's great, coach.
And you know that my gym door
is always open for my
favorite lady warrior, right?
Got it?
Got it.
Oh before I forget.
The girls on the team pitched in
and we got you
some train passes.
So you should be
all set for getting
yourself around the city
for the next few months.
Wow, this is so nice.
I don't know what to say.
Just come hug me
and get out of here
before I start to cry.
I'm proud of you.
Thank you.
You ready?
Take care.
You too.
This is it!
You all set?
I think so.
I'm so proud of you, honey.
Now remember, always
keep your wallet
in your front pocket.
Don't go anywhere
unsafe by yourself.
And you can always call
a taxi if you need to.
Mom. Come on.
It's a mom's job to worry.
What's this?
Mom, where'd you get all this?
I sold dad's bronco.
Awe man.
You didn't have to do all that.
It was time.
It was just sitting there.
It's for you to get
started in Chicago!
Thank you.
And this is a li'l
going away/graduation gift.
You can open it on the bus.
This is all too much.
I wanted to do it.
Are you sure you're
gonna be all right
while I'm gone?
We'll see,
it's a whole new world.
Yes it is.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Now go.