Milla (2017) Movie Script

So, 5...
5 and 3,60, that's 8,60.
Ma'am, good morning!
Ah! Careful.
A sandwich for me, too, please.
You still got bread?
Then, with a sausage.
Which dressing?
What do you have?
Ketchup, mayo, mustard...
and harissa.
Ketchup, mayo.
We share?
-We share one?
We'll only have one.
One sandwich?
Yes, only one.
-And some fries too, please.
-Come on keep up!
Fries, 1 euro? 1,60?
1 euro.
1 euro of fries please.
Hurry, they're after us!
You're losing your tomatoes!
I know.
Move it!
Come on!
They saw us?
Come on hide, hide!
How much?
30, 35...
Want my help?
Yes, help me.
What if you do like that...
spreading them out a little.
Like this.
You're fucking it up.
I'm not fucking it up, as you say,
I'm helping you count.
Nice, no?
We're at 60.
50, not bad.
You look happy!
No, but... you're screwing me up!
No, I'm helping you count, look...
No, you're not helping me.
Now, you're at 90.
Want some nail polish?
Shut up Milla!
Really don't want any?
-I got you all mixed up...
-Yes, you really did.
-Looks great on you!
You're not very playful today.
Shut up!
You also want me out of the way?
Either you count with me
or you shut the fuck up!
Well... I'm not counting with you.
and change.
There's too many.
Got a problem?
You told me to shut the fuck up,
so I shut the fuck up.
One, two...
Great, you can count.
You're pissing me off.
I'm the one pissing you off?
Pass me a sweater, please.
You're cold?
If I ask you for a sweater,
means I'm cold.
I'm afraid.
What are you afraid of?
I'm cold.
Shit! It's broken.
A Young Man in Search of Love
Is This The World
We Want To Live In?
A President to Kill
But which one?
German Police Launch
a Worldwide Search
Shattered Princess
The Snitch
The Republic
Lots of crap on your left.
That red thing.
That red... yellow thing.
You can also come and help me!
I'm helping you from up here.
You've got some stuff there...
Candy wrappers, gross.
You're gross.
You've got some too...
Over there, it's full of...
For fuck sake, Leo!
Not my fault your garden's a dump.
Here we go again!
You're gonna break the bed!
You, crazy girl, you fall down
and get back up laughing,
but your laughter is a spit
in the world's face.
Nasty laugh Milla, beautiful Milla.
You, when the beast takes over,
and come your "I don't care, fuck off,
I'd like to see you in my shoes".
I read a sentence that was like you
when you don't speak.
"I'm tired of the pretty,
I'm tired of intimacy,
"I ride on storms,
and I'll drown with no one to save me".
No Milla, you won't drown, you float.
Forget the seamen walking
with kilos in their feet.
I see them, they're wrong.
They think the burden's on their shoulders
but it's in their feet.
Their mouths, their punching fists,
are in their feet too!
So, obviously, it doesn't work.
You get it?
Let me start over.
We're here
but we don't know where we at.
We're elsewhere, everywhere.
You, and your "I don't care, I float".
Me, with my burdened feet
like the others.
A bit to the bottom,
a bit with the wind.
Take me Milla, lift me up just alittle.
I'll go anywhere with you
and you can invite a 1000 children,
hair in the wind
crying really loud.
Look, Milla, Look! Listen!
Do as you want,
the world is collapsing,
ordering you to stand up straight.
All it takes is to move, the head,
almost invisible,
for it all to come to pieces.
But not us.
All this, you know already.
Mechanic apprentice,
with 3 years vocational certificate.
Looking for apprentice with vocational
certificate for agriculture production.
Looking for roofer, insulation worker.
Not serious should abstain.
Then, abstain.
Recruiting accounting assistant
for unlimited contract.
You'll be in charge of payroll,
social tax for our customers.
Fuck off.
Few years experience essential.
You'll prepare the documents
for termination of employment contracts.
Firing people.
I think that's it.
Screw them and their certificates.
Apprentice cook, apprentice zinc roofer.
Want a cookie?
Yeah, at least eating,
I can do with no degree.
There's nothing!
I saw a funny one...
Good deals!
My Love,
you're the only one
and I want to shout out that I love you!
For me,
you're more than my other half,
you are me,
and without you, my life is meaning less,
I love you. Benoit.
That's cute.
Certificate required!
I'm kidding.
You're going to make love
with the Chinese guy?
-Yeah, I think so!
Later on!
You suck!
What's yours?
It's hot!
The book?
What is it?
The Spy of the Vatican.
I lied to you.
I lie and you don't even know it.
You don't even care.
That's true!
The ways of the Lord
were definitely impenetrable.
You believe in the Lord?
Not at all.
I'm bored!
I just took your book away
and you're bored.
I was already bored.
Let me...
Not so great!
just like that.
You're all over.
It's just fine.
The second one...
We switch?
Don't even think about it...
or this one.
A bit of blue...
It's ugly.
So you want to play?
Let's play.
You're gonna be beautiful...
A true high, your shit.
Wait, I think I spilled some.
No worries, wait.
You're going to look gorgeous!
Then you'll just...
A little bit more...
A true woman, like that.
With your hairup...
You're stupid.
No, look... you're so pretty.
It's to...
So, the menu tonight...
Ham and cheese.
Not so fun!
Don't be so disappointed.
I'm not disappointed, thanks.
It's a great feast.
But you didn't give me any cheese.
Did you cut yourself?
I didn't get hurt.
That's your cheese!
I'm good!
You're thirsty?
Don't want to get the wine?
I'll get the wine.
In the kitchen.
I got to serve it too, right?
Of course.
Some strength!
We'll need a...
Well, I think that...
You know the shoe technique?
It'll break!
It worked.
Nice and bubbly!
-To your new job!
Do you know Froo-Froo?
I knew it before you!
You know the mall.
What will you do all these nights
without me?
I'll dream about you.
I think it's clean, no?
It's black!
We twist it?
Over there.
-You should wash too!
-No, I'm ok...
It's been a few days, no?
Get in here,
so I step all over you.
I'm the one who'll step all over you.
Always sulking.
I don't like doing laundry.
-Black like your soul.
-Like your feet.
Like my feet.
Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birthday, Leo!
Andnow, I propose we sing it in Basque!
A song!
A song, a song!
What are you having, Leo?
A whisky!
Ok, ok! Coming up!
Where did my lovers go?
The ones that loved meso
Back when I was beautiful
Farewell unfaithful ones
They are I don't know where
At other loving dates
Though my heart hasn't aged
Where did my lovers go?
A long cry of pain
just pierced the storm.
It's what we've feared,
oh God, it's a ship wreck.
Stronger with the flow,
the mighty weather raged.
All name their loved ones,
all lament and cry.
Four fisherman, alas,
have drowned off Cape Levi.
Under the fury of the wind,
at all black wave turns,
slipping past the lip of the cape.
And leaps like a torrent
into the dry harbor.
Dragging along
more than one frail ship,
all in pieces,
cracked and quaking
unto the dying rocks.
And the swelling waters roll,
broken bodies, dismembered vessels,
piles of pebbles, clothes and silt.
Oh, to other misfortunes
your goodness defies.
You who reign in heaven, and whose foot
rests on the Demon's forehead.
Taski Clean Rug.
Taski Foam Rug.
Taski Rubber Rug.
It's the brand?
Punctual stain removal...
Spray twice.
Periodically, Taski TR 101
and Taski TR 103.
Shampoo, injection, extraction...
That's good.
Marie, I hate you...
You don't keep your promises.
I don't know what to say, Marie...
Marie, I can't breathe, can't sleep,
can't eat anymore.
What are you laughing at?
There's stains here.
It's not stains. It's water.
There's none left?
There are.
See, works fine my hiding spot.
I'm too short when I...
Come on, you can reach there.
You're short and pregnant,
but not crippled!
He came back,
the one on the third floor?
You know the one who screams.
Yeah, he came back.
He's weird.
There's only weird people here anyway.
Apart from you, you're not weird!
Me, I'm me!
Don't inhale, it's no good.
Come on, cut it out.
Go to your party.
You're going to fall!
Come on, get back up.
Come on!
I'm stuck, I can't!
Thanks, how much is it?
3 euros.
Mom didn't find the chew-chew!
You don't need it,
we're going to play a game.
We'll look for it after!
You're cold?
You're not there?
Come on!
Otherwise, I eat your legs, look.
No, I'm the boss, not you!
Stop now, Ethan!
Can I dressyou now, please?
Enough, now!
Oh, come here.
A kiss?
Look, sit here like this.
You're okay?
What's wrong?
Your chew-chew? We'll go get it.
We go look for it?
We put this on, and go look for it.
And now you're laughing.
You're making fun of me!
Watch out!
Raise your arms?
Mommy... cool.
Wait, here.
Great. You stand up?
No! Cookie.
You don't want it?
So Mommy doesn't eat?
No, you eat that, and Mommy eats this.
Not that.
So what do you want?
You just take everything I have.
But you're wasting. Look.
So, then you eat this.
Then you eat it!
No milk!
Either you take this...
there, but you eat that.
Hey, come on!
That's it, Mom eats this.
No, Ethan, it's a waste.
Look, you've got a lot there.
Well stay mad. I'm eating.
But you asked for this, so eat it!
You're not funny at all.
That's good.
In the mouth.
No, we have to finish!
Open your mouth.
Go down, I'll bring the stroller.
Mommy... don't like this.
'Ank you.
Get out of there.
But Leia, come on.
You do it?
She's kidding me.
Get out of there, banana!
What is it?
The Friends of Every Color?
Daddy, Mommy...
And what are they?
and Daddy.
What is he saying?
It's the mom, the dad,
the little girl.
It's your mommy?
The candy?
No, it's the globe.
All the continents in the world.
What's next?
My daddy and mommy.
My daddy!
Your daddy?
But where is he your daddy?
He's in the sky?
What do we take now?
Another book?
It's cold.
No, it's still cold.
That's it!
It's rain, look!
Ready? Rain!
Look, on the truck too.
You do it?
You're not playful.
You're sad?
No bath.
You don't want to finish the bath?
You're already rinsed now, anyway.
That's it!
Mommy's right, she found it.
Go ahead! I won't fetch it!
You're going to be punished
if you keep hitting.
You shouldn't have thrown it!
You wait!
Stand up.
We finish, and we'll go get it?
Come on, calm down.
Look, you're sitting on Mommy.
You're sitting on Mommy.
You were sitting on my feet.
Get back there.
Ah, no, don't bite me!
Specialized Educator,
I think that's what I want to do.
You're right.
There's some trainings in Caen,
Paris, or Rennes.
The little man can't go with you.
Well, anyway I won't have any...
I'll have no other way.
You'll take him with you.
I take him everywhere I go.
Every job I'll find,
he'll come with me.
That's how it is.
But without work...
There's no money!
That's for sure.
Can't live off government money...
Welfare is just bare minimum.
It's not much.
-Like 700...
-There's financial aid?
There's some,
but it's not enough to live on.
No, but to pay for your studies.
There's not much either.
Not much, it's the same.
You've got to have Mommy and Daddy,
Especially these days...
Yes for sure.
It's good?
Got some all over my fingers.
On your skirt!
I'll put it in the wash tonight.
Good thing it doesn't stain
once it's cooked.
It's ok.
Why do we put them upside down?
To sterilize sit,
it's a way to sterilize.
Because the air gap... damn.
The air gap is at the bottom.
-See, like this.
There, so... 3,90.
V1 - to record, you do this.
Kiwis are unit priced,
so you have to count.
The client just put them like that.
6... so it's 3 euros.
3 euros.
And zucchini at 1,90.
Oh yes, that's zucchini. 1,90.
I'm He-Man!
Wait, we brought it in wrong.
Got to turn it around like this.
Watch yourself.
Here is your chew-chew.
Don't want it?
Small this.
Small this.
That one's small?
Wait, look.
It won't bother you this way.
This one's small?
You do it with me?
This one.
Looks good!
Looks good?
The other one.
You blow on it?
Don't touch!
We'll have to remove it with...
Wait, you keep moving.
Wait, there's one finger left.
It's the...
What's this finger called?
The... thumb.
The thum'.
Done! You blow?
Looks good!
The second one?
Do like this to dry it.
What are you doing with that?
Don't take it off now!
We'll do it after.
Yes, after!
You give me your hand?
That one.
This one's already done.
Got to blow on it. Like this!
The second one?
Into the light.
Don't! You'll get it all over,
you've already put some on your t-shirt.
No, on Mommy.
You've put some on Mommy.
That's it!
No, look there's still the thumb!
The thum'.
Yes, the thumb.
No, floor!
No, no, no!
No, no,n o, floor, floor!
You don't want it
to fall on the floor?
No, floor!
We'll wash it after,
don't worry.
That's it!
No, there's still some, look.
Yes, Mommy's.
That's your glass
and that's Mommy's.
What do you want?
The two of us.
You already drank from this one.
It's the dog.
You eat? Good appetite.
How do you say?
Good appetite?
You blow.
Blow on it.
No, don't take so much!
I'll give you some more.
Come on, sit! We're eating.
That's water.
It stings, but it's fine.
Titi, Mommy.
Good appetite.
Calm down!
It's only my finger.
You go?
Come on, move.
You dont want me to pet you,
but youre not leaving.
You're crazy.
Come on.
Shut the fuck up!
That's it!
A hug.
No, no hug.
Come here for a hug!
Its a good hug this one!
It's great.
Don't want to hug like that?
Don't want to hug?
A hug with Mommy.
No Mommy.
No hug?
No hug!
Eat, Mommy.
Good night.
There's no more candy.
No. Mommy is tired.