Millie (1931) Movie Script

Hey look well if it isn't Jack Maitland
tearing up the town again who's out in
the front seat Milly Blake Milly
oh well it wasn't any of these rags
going on before her old man died that
girl needs a father huh really knows how
to take care of herself and don't I know
it well maybe she does oh I love this
I've never read fast enough I get a
thrill out of it I want excitement I
want to live to go everywhere see
everything is still everything
how would you like to go to New York.
Millie oh I love it.
Oh it'll be a long time before I get
there I guess
how would you like to go with me
that's the one thing I won't do
I thought we settled that a year ago at.
Miller's car well I mean it I think
you're the most beautiful girl in the
world and I'm the man to take care of
am I being proposed to you're getting
the news broken to you gently that
you're going to be mrs. Jack Mason of.
New York
see that looks funny it looks great
anything else sir
ice water if I wanted to take out I'll
call you I just.
Nellie my darling you're trembling it's
just excitement mrs. Jack Maitland
are you sleepy no no why don't we try to
pay you up now
no it's only two hours oh I see here who
is your boss my husband you love him yes
great of him
I guess I'm silly of course you are now
come on darling and get some rest
you're all tired out a little rest of
the worlds of good I have to Telegraph.
Telegraph yeah my mother oh good heavens
I'll telephone her you get to bed
hello give me long distance please
hello mrs. Blake this is Jack Maitland
if Milly wants to talk to you hold of
our please yes home phone Oh Milly Milly
come on darling this is long distance
step on it.
Oh you having anything to put on oh here
please hurry honey hello dear I'm not
read I'm married Jack Maitland we're in
a hotel in Greenwich Mary what if your
marriage is such a fine manner Jack.
Maitland what are you crying about.
I never got married before how can I
tell I'll write to you when we get to.
New York
did you tell her yes what did you say
she said for you to be good to me
you didn't think of that such a big girl
I don't know my little thing
yes dear do you want your bath now huh
you do as your mama give it to you oh
you dear mother loves you so just come
on stand up up sugar oh you're getting
so big Connie I don't know my little
girl come on
should we go in alrighty come in time
for the baby's bath miss Maitland oh let
me give her back with it I'll do it just
like Yahoo and make them
don't tease all gone please let me I'm
sorry miss Maitland say old baby you
said well what's that all about
oh it's not governance you think she
owned my baby oh we see it about ten
minutes a day Oh Jack don't be cross
honey it's awful I haven't got a thing
to do all day long until you come home
too bad about you isn't it a beautiful
home all the clothes that money can buy
in a car to ride around in that doesn't
make up for being lonely yes little bags
are all packed and the cars at the door
yes Oh jack are you gonna go away again
this weekend my business demands it oh
forget business for a couple of days
let's be like we used to just the two of
us are you going to start that again I'm
sorry I I won't talk about it anymore
you're a sweet kid.
I thought she was going to forget again
this morning forget what kiss me will
you see I didn't over Jacox I mean a
real kiss the way you used to
there you are
well what's the matter no don't you love
me anymore well of course I do sweet but
you don't kiss like you well good
heavens dear I can't waste all my days
billing and cooing I have business to
look after well business didn't bother
you when we were first married you don't
love me anymore that's what it is I
loved you when I married you and I love
you now well then why do you leave me
day after day I get so lonesome I could
die do you think I'd go away because I
want to are you always kicking well why
shouldn't I kick I like a little fun for
a change I like a little loving once in
a while what do I guess you're downtown
all day when you do come home at night
you go to fame you snore listen I'm not
going to stand here argue with you I
have a train to catch
good morning Millicent good morning
mother how's the baby oh she she's just
like a little angel what's the matter
sweetie I'm afraid I was cross with Jack
this morning oh he'll get over it
I'm sure of that it takes time for young
people to adjust themselves to each
other and a whole lot of patience you do
like me a little don't you I love you
Millicent I was thinking only this
that if I had a doctor I should want it
to be just like you I could just hug it
and faces was a thing to do
maybe the check now hello what why Angie
wake her sure when did you get New York
and you never told me my auntie and I
grew up together well I didn't bring you
because I thought you might be too proud
to talk to me well then I got thinking
you might get sore if I didn't so I did
so she did oh I live with a girl named
Helen oh I'm I'm working so you're a
salesgirl at mayson's I'm a salesgirl at.
Macy's you've got the day off I got the
day off
tell her to meet you in front of Mason's
at 1:00 can you meet me in front of.
Mason's one o'clock one o'clock all
right I'd like to see you pretty bad
goodbye I got her to come you got her to
come she's coming in spite of you yes I
know how to talk to a friend from home
without you telling me did you tell her
how to bring your room rent
you will get your money now will you say
fight I never knew they had cabarets
running in the daytime yes it's a place
for tired businessmen to relax in oh
same as usual Yeah right I'll take
ginger man yep I come here pretty often
yes I I see you're rather well acquitted
it isn't hard for a girl to get
acquainted in this town no img' don't
try me I'm your friend tell me how did
you happen to come to New York well I
got engaged to a man who got a divorce
in Mexico you would well how can a girl
tab is gonna happen in Mexico hello miss
Riley oh hello max I'm looking for my
girlfriend oh nevermind there she is a
very wrong idea miss Riley miss Blake oh
well mrs. Maitland now is it not well
just Milly if you like won't you have
something creme de menthe not hard to
manage you know this is a pleasant
little which part say what's that crack
I beg you beat it beat it go on beat it
oh well I hope you don't misunderstand
my dear no I I don't
oh then I can relax they honestly Millie
you're a good egg oh so say I I like to
call my home
and suppose we have didn't you know gee
that'd be swell where the phones right
over there by the door
I'll show you Millie oh don't bother I
can find it
hey you know Angie I like that Dame what
ails you
well the dirty cheater who him her
husband that one with the blonde dirt
but whatever major bring her here you
little moron know why even here all the
time I've never seen all we have that
blonde Dame in here five days a week
really yeah we are she comes we'll get
her out of here
tell your sick tell her anything
so we have dinner here Oh No the food
here is terrible Milly let's go to.
Catherine yes laughs are we gonna have
our dream oh we can get some drinks over
there yes it's so stuffy in here I feel
a little faint yeah come on Milly let's
blow how I love this tune airplane let's
watch him dance a few minutes oh oh come
on Milly let's not in here
unless not dancing mama sit down with
you all right good
I'll bet that Dame can talk her father
was a blacksmith really.
Oh beautiful what can we do for you Lily
no Wyatt hey what are you butting in
here for please will you come on let's
get out of here you're with me
damn anyhow you keep quiet this is my
wife that wouldn't mean anything to her.
Oh your wife you keep Richard if
everybody the place in here let them
come in
well mrs. Maitland we'll have a showdown
and right now
tell her what I am to you or I will come
on tell me what he is to you he does
know what she's talking about
I don't well I'm his sweetheart that's
what I am and you don't mean a thing to
Millie wait will you hold her so that
was your important business let me go.
Vincent please would you come out of
here my side right get your hands off me
you and I are throwing cheap.
I'm really I'm terribly sorry jee-m'nee
you look kind of sick honey don't you
think we'd better go I'm all right Milly
will you come out of this place that's
good enough for you it's good enough for
me but you can't be seen here from now
on I don't care where I'm seen as long
as I'm not seen with you
come in yes I see oh now this is a
heaven divorce dropped you into fluid
heaven you're on the elevator oh it
isn't so bad
well I'm with marriage from now on I'll
pay my own way
haven't you salvaged some good clothes
anyway this is nice
yeah slip it on we'll take you to the
domino room and show you all and we'll
get you a job in the courses just like
we started with I don't get your quick
offer but I can't afford to go out night
well you certainly can't afford to stay
home night haha not at this stage in the
game I've got to get up in the morning
early and look for work what work well
if coolest what were you gonna find time
for opportunity well don't you call a
good job an opportunity well I wouldn't
call it very substantial now what just
what kind of job would you like well
what I don't know I want I see you're
just gonna pass up everything and become
a working girl yes I guess that's it
what I can't understand is giving up
that baby and not collecting for it
I think it's unnatural but wouldn't it
be selfish to take her away from that
beautiful home
and besides it it isn't really not
giving her off I call her up every night
and I see a sundae
isn't she a darling gee.
I suppose nothing matters when when
you've got something like that
no thanks I have my dinner at home but
if I ever come to Akron I certainly will
you know I could use you very nicely in
one of our shows
thanks mr. Knox but I don't want to join
your show or any shells for that matter
no thanks I bet all the rich brokers I
kid in the last two years right here
good morning mr. Davian good morning
Millie hello yeah hello ma in cigarettes.
Keith Marc it's a lucky thing for you
you haven't got miss Blake in your show
lucky how well you'd never find another
girl lovely enough to match up with her
oh that stops me I bet you went to bed
early to crack them out that good I
stepped around till 4:00 what do you
certainly down look it no I have to get
my good old eight hours or I'll never
get anyplace just what is your ambition
money Oh to keep my independence
perhaps a little comfort finding it
difficult sort of really you know
independence seems to be a hard thing to
hang on to well how about the comfort Oh
lots of offers oh I see then I'll have
to wait my turn in line huh oh no you
would well that's interesting
there isn't any line and that's
hello Milly well how's the press this
morning not so good Jim hmm what a crop
of eyes you three yeah you ought to see
that the tonsils why don't you boys go
up to my room and I'll Canada mix you a
pickup oh thanks Julie
the disease bankers have such tender
hearts and well why shouldn't they run
the country
don't ask me riddles Mon let's get the
lifesaver well as I was saying
see you later Tommy so long Milly
haha Marty I could let him get away with
that as sick as I am.
Oh Tommy why don't you slow down you'll
never get anyplace until you do I wish I
felt as good as you look uh-huh
well you gotta start the night before
for that hello Milly sorry I was late
oh that's all right what's the idea this
is my day off say when you take a day
off it's a national holiday what do you
say we go to Coney Island and celebrate
no Tommy I wouldn't risk having you
oh don't worry I take that risk 365 days
a year
what do you say I can fix it with the
editor all right I'll go get that pickup
and be right back
if we go to Coney No pick up okay no
pick up well for heaven's sake
hey who's been gilding these lilies
we're just back in Saratoga
mm-hmm what a season we've had oh
they're lovely
you know mr. rock don't you I'm afraid
We're launching a cherry yeah what's
going on there a trade convention soak
your head would you guys come along dear
no I'm going to Coney with Tommy what a
man I have my moments hmm I'll be back
in a minute
uh-huh what in the world do you see in
that egg oh he's a nice boy and he
doesn't try to pull me she goes out with
men for the darndest reasons baby saw
maitland in Saratoga and of all the
parties he threw you know Millie every
time I think of you turning down that
maitland oh I get chilblains but I'm
through the nine I'm through when I'm
through with a man I'm just beginning
let's go huh all right you don't mind if
we run I'll bring us up sometime
yeah don't let Milly eat too much no I
uh-huh come on dear look at her going to.
Coney with a reporter I don't know what
it is but that town you two came from
leaves a terrible mark what kind of a
mark oh shut up.
I know I know what I like
thanks burst well they taught me I never
knew before I could do it on ice cream
soda you didn't you know what you need
to got him
that's right you know what I need is a
well don't look at me and say it I held
a wife's job one this would be different
maybe be different but it still be a
terrible position I'd rather be in the
tobacco business do I uh you don't
mmm good night good night
be a geranium and bloom out in the rain
and when the bird returns without I can
barely see just because they grow in a
sign of a coffee before you spill one
would say that they would never again
everybody jelly you've come to spend
your vacation tell me I thought you
might need some reinforcements about now
hey Millie we're saved the Marines are
here hey I'm glad to see you oh there
might give me that hey wait a minute
wait a minute you don't know how heavy
that is
lead the way Millie right come on
hey what brings Jimmy damia here what
brings Jimmy Damer anywhere day it's
nice seeing you again miss Millie yeah
that'll be all night yes sir
good night miss Millie good night miss.
Dylan I make myself well I might have
one say Tommy Jimmy Demers out in the
kitchen all alone with Millie she should
show I sake don't be silly.
Jimmy's my pal and don't you worry about
little Millie
well I I guess the party's over
I don't know when I've had a better time
you know you're wonderful to talk to.
Millett I loved hearing about your
travel it must be wonderful to see the
world I I want you to see my Mandarin
roads don't you think you should put
them in a museum for everyone to see now
I keep those for people I like that's
the kick in having them I see well
suppose we toddle along we mm-hmm we we
party seems to be over I'll see you home
will you naturally have you a hat that's
all I came in our host
he'll be alright
great kid tell me what's in the other to
have gone to the Turkish bath Johnny
well let's get going shall we my cars
yes Justin
good night Jim good night
what's the idea and I seen you home
not this trip you're kind of slow making
up your mind down to Milly no my mind's
made up
good night I see good night Emily
nobody home Hey look at this joy it's
all cleaned up we must have a little
fairy in our home
since when did Tommy take they're
leading the women's fashion page
hello Tommy look okay and everything
I've gone romantic on you.
Oh Tommy you're so sweet I was just
thinking about you I know I could feel
it all the way up Broadway I wish you
didn't have to work we ought to have had
today together but aren't you grateful
for what we have sure I am
gee I'm happy are you darlin I am too oh
come on Milly marry me won't you
I want something to hold us together but
tell me love will do that if it Canton
the rest doesn't matter darling oh it's
like I said Tommy I tried it once and it
didn't work out now I I wouldn't marry
the best man living and you all that to
me but I'll stick to you down
good luck Mele you deserve it you
certainly do thinking oh I didn't think
the answer had that much good sense well
I'm a big shot now private secretary and
everything well that calls for a few
hearty congratulations I think it's just
swell the way you kept abreast with us
all I've been lucky that's one reason
I'm getting that party tonight at the
claritin we'll be there those another
practices double celebration it's for.
Tommy's good luck too
say what's that reporter bull doubt of
you now.
Jimmy Damien's giving him a publicity
job in the hay market site oh right
isn't that grand
it's a surprise to Tommy doesn't know
what it's all about that's what I've
always suspected oh now stop it why
don't you get mr. Dame here to do
something for you for a change
yeah why don't you stop hooking up a
little Millie these things don't last
you know I'm not worried after four
years haha it's time you started I've
decided it's time I looked around for an
advantageous marriage oh really I feel
I've done all it can be done with the
present situation here you are honey
well I'm gonna call Tommy excuse me so
now she's got him in the bank well he
won't have to worry about money anymore
no but the bank will go go you can't.
Oh Tommy it's gonna be a wonderful party
you can come late can't you but you know
what these assignments are but but it
won't take all night you can come any
time before daylight and tell me I got a
big surprise I'll tell you what the
party you'll be sure and come now oh
honey I don't know what time it'll be
though so long
she's not a man she's merely the redhead
and War two for gasps look out for your
heart look out for donors she's merely
the redhead with dangerous curves she's
good and she's bad
she cannot disguise an angel if you've
ever met you never forget that merely a
what's a little surprise next us wrote
it you like it.
Oh Jimmy I love it I have one written
for you I didn't have any idea Tommy be
so late maybe he's out on a special
assignment yes yes yeah blonde a
brunette Oh Jimmy that doesn't sound
like you well I'm not worrying if you're
not yes I've been around the world
several times I'm I'm starting again
just as soon as I can straighten out
some matters in Omaha
oh I just love to travel you know I've
given up the idea of marrying for love
I mean acute love hmm someday I hope to
marry a nice conservative gentleman just
to travel suppose we have lunch tomorrow
I want to show you my itinerary.
Oh mr. Hawksworth and you
let's you and I - certainly.
I think I'll go phone tell me
you applaud me just a moment won't you
I'm so sorry
oh it's nothing
oh sorry
who's throwing your party Millie Blake
potami Rock say there's a de Mille to
have her brain taken out and renovated
I'll say so passing up a boy like Jimmy
damn yard a lot of cheap reporter player
for us sucker
haha stalker out of that and you'll be
doing something so maybe I couldn't what
do you mean I could tell her whose
apartment Tommy rocks parked in right
this minute
well hello Millie I didn't see you what
do you mean oh don't pay any attention
to Amelie you shut your trap Rosco go on.
Rosco you saw did not finish it sure I
will get out no I won't she wants it
she'll get it
go on he's in magic Bourbons apartment
you're a liar Oh am I all right I'll
show you.
Oh give me a nickel someone say you beat
your medley little she can't call me a
liar here's your nickel what do you want
to listen to a song Billy get me blind
three three four - oh come on Millie
let's go she's tight let me alone
hello that you match this is Clara say
listen dear I left my bag at your
apartment this afternoon and all my
money's in it
listen I thought your boyfriend could
bring it down but if Tommy's coming down
why can't he slipped me the bag I'm
sitting right to the table right with
the door Oh nobody will see him okay
well how will you like it when I get the
bag you won't know just watch my table
it's right for the door.
What's Wrong mili what why the sudden
boy he's just wandering my tummy could
be you'll be along soon
thanks Tommy that's alright.
Hey look out million others in water no
well come again hmm.
Timmy I'm a redheaded woman look out for
me we've been expecting you
for we are you Jim I'm fine come sit
Tommy now that the little white haired
boys here let's bring the big surprise
we'll say what is all this surprise for
you Tommy they're going to start you all
out in the world right hey Millie Millie
oh let loose Jimmy say don't you like it
mr. Tommy Rock doesn't know it yet but
as the result of his recent achievement
in New York journalism it gives me the
very greatest pleasure to offer him the
position of publicity director after he
market Bank say will you take it Tommy
I suppose it's thanks to you will you
take it anyhow will I take it oh boy
I was ready finish it to me why of
course mr. Rock will take anything
without bothering where he finds it even
apartment numbers don't mean anything in
mr. Rocks life he simply gets the idea
that he is necessary on the inside and
and goes right in for Millie you just
heard mr. Rock say he'd take this
position well now that he's in such as
taking mood I'm going to ask him to take
something else
okay well Millie what ails you I'm just
fixing things up for your blonde friend
I'm big harder hey what's the idea
before I go anyplace with you you're
coming somewhere with me what are you
gonna do
never mind there's something I've got to
do now hey why follow you no sir you
follow me Jimmy I'm a redheaded woman
what's the idea of coming here many I
don't know I thought there were a few
things around here mr. Rock wouldn't
need my picture for instance wouldn't
like that around I made them myself just
to make things kind of home come on put
yourself together
don't you worried about.
Oh George say the swirly marilla tickets
here with you yes get er Johnny ah
thanks George well if I don't see you
again Merry Christmas Merry Christmas
yay hello time where are you going with
that turkey oh oh yeah Christmas dinner
with a white mom stuff you know ha ha
well you'll be a little late for.
Christmas dinner in Albany won't you no
that's a real Errol Thursday the day
before Christmas
oh well today is Christmas yesterday was
Thursday Thursday
well whatever became a Wednesday for the
teleporters find out about this
hello Jim hi mark Merry Christmas
same with you what's wrong with Holmes
he's lost something yeah yeah
what Wednesday Oh who you dining with
tonight Jim I'm dining alone Oh who's.
Millie playing around with now at this
moment it may be a grand you or it may
be anybody think I'll give her a ring
that story's been boiling in the icebox
a six-month yesterday
oh we must forgot yes dear
say what's the matter can't you stand a
healthy story since your marriage my
married life has done nothing to my
sense of humor you're right about that
answer it yourself it's probably another
division of your love parade can we drop
you somewhere I'm sending y'all lilies
me don't you drop me anywhere Oh change
oh don't be silly she just trying to
Tommy Rock after six months say has it
ever occurred to you there are brains
that remember six months well we must be
coming alone bye bye Oh dolly they're
malleable why don't you and I go
someplace huh well angel come on over
not for that gang you got then did you
get my present uh-huh I was swell to me
well I don't know why you said it
because it's gonna go right back I still
pay my own way.
Oh Jimmy how you swear they listen why
don't you give me a New Year's party at
the lodge
you can't does that put you in a better
frame of mind Olli I have a nice
what's the idea about New Year's you
heard me I can't stand this Milly why
not you won't be there
Jimmy day Mia one of the field a that
shall laugh yes and after two years it's
getting on my nerves
oh fuck it forget her you don't know
Milly she gets in your blood I never
knew a woman like her
but milli run along you spend Christmas
with your wife I don't understand I
thought I've changed my mind
goodbye Merry Christmas and a Happy New.
Oh call me CI I just want to wish a.
Merry Christmas remember the last one we
have together I haven't been giving it
much thought
but thanks for the good wishes horse a.
Millie I'm feeling kind of low couldn't
I drop over for a little while no I'm
sorry ty I'm busy
but Merry Christmas and thanks for
calling up goodbye
don't cry Milly you know what you need a
good drink.
Merry Christmas hey what are you talking
about get everything you want have a
shit sure everything science of that
know that old Jimmy Daniel you can
calling up all night father lost his
keys wants to get in no way he can only
come here once I say so
hey I don't want the matter with you
that Tommy rock quarry you know you're
those flowers sure all the elders have
hey why don't you get him out of your
you're nothing but a building tramp.
Ellis you understand
you never really been in love
oh hey listen I was an actor in Toledo
wine is right my I know oh I didn't mean
to make you cry I'm sorry.
Hey the only thing I ever got love
another old track Oh full trial
Payment with you please
hello hello hello
well she still goes to the best places
doesn't it to evolve he'll spoil it
what happened anyway oh you know how.
Milly always used to be insisted on
working and doing as she pleased I could
never be with unless she wanted me to
finally got on my nerves
well you can laugh mark you never knew
her praises be she looks good to me
though even if she has a daughter
seventeen is she is she anything like
he's going to be a queen really have you
seen it no no I haven't seen her since
she's a little kid so hi
I sent her a present once and I never
got my head bitten off get an eyeful boy
you'll wish you were back at college
taking her to parties yeah where do you
ever see me I'll let you in on a little
secret to please my old mother I go to
oh yeah the kid attends with old mrs.
Macklin or see I know the McClure is
slightly say mark call for me Sunday
with him go.
Church the walls will fall in
hello Milly how are you I'm fine
say have you seen anything of Jimmy day.
Mia tonight why yes there he is over
there let me have a table why sure
he'll tell mr. Damian that I want to see
him immediately
not okay can you bet all right.
Oh Jim fine yeah we're there all right
will you excuse me I'll be right back
oh hello Millie hello Jim hi I haven't
seen you forever Salam sit down I wish I
couldn't tell him but I'm rather pleased
sit down
sure sure
well what's on your mind there's
something I want to talk to you about
I'm worried yeah what about I've heard
from half a dozen people that you're
seeing around the maitland home oh yeah
well Maitland and I have got a business
deal together why should that why are
you because you're seeing my little girl.
Connie and I got a minute Millie just a
minute it's not my fault if she happens
to be home when I'm dining there you've
taken it to the feta yes but her
grandmother's been alone why she's a kid
of 16 that wouldn't mean anything to you
mm-hmm well I'm much obliged for your
good opinion of me however I don't think
it's anybody's business where I go or
with whom no no well this happens to be
my business if you hurt my baby I'll
I'll stop at nothing.
Oh what Rach
please Jim won't you do this for me it's
only for my peace of mind it's not much
I'm asking only to keep away from my
little toe sure sure if your soul
brought up about it all right thank you
will you shake on it sure you've always
been a good friend Jim feel better now
a lot fine we'll stay for old times sake
huh for all time Hey
what do you sit down and have a drink
with me I wish I could marry but I'm
very busy tonight yeah I know well
I'll be down next weekend
isn't it something new you're coming in
from school every weekend don't you say
our name so I school you know and also.
Jimmy's gonna take me to the matinee
next Saturday it's good of you Jimmy to
drive her out to school oh not at all
it's only a matter beyond the labs lucky
for me we were going at the same time
we'll be seeing you next week as our
telephones good goodbye goodbye
you come back in a couple of hours well
you make yes
oh yeah you come on and sit by the fire
thank you that's why limes take off your
now the Hat now you sit down and make
yourself comfortable I'll take off your
galoshes we've got a warm-up those
pretty little legs I'm warmed by the
fire huh
hello this is Mike miss Millie yeah say
maybe I'm talking out of turn but I just
felt I had to tell you this but listen
if it gets past you it's gonna cost me
my job well I picked up your daughter
with Damien tonight at her home but.
Mikey was taking you to school wasn't it
well he didn't take in a school stopped
over his large up in the country instead
yeah they're there now they can't see me
think was just a lot hello hello hello.
I think I can talk your grandmother out
of her objection if you'll just have
patience oh I'm crazy to get started are
you I've always wanted to be an actress
ever since I was a baby well I think
you're quite old enough to do as you
please now oh you're a peach to say that
uncle jinuk Emma
I'll give you $50 if you put it up to 16
in prepare $50 we'll keep it there
gee it's great to be here talking about
my career
there are fully valid with the girls at
school yeah yeah not not quite so
conventional huh well if I'm going to
have an artery I certainly can't be
bothered about conventional shuttin or
not but I hope your grandmother won't
mind I'm adding here yeah I suppose she
would yeah I suppose so yeah not so good
huh well you know that my preparing for
the stage is a secret that my being is
part of that so I don't think it's
necessary to mention it I don't think so
either we have a little more cider do
you think I would can't possibly hurt
because my nose does it but I like it
yeah well house tomorrow.
Oh down.
I would have such a good time and I was
you out for Jimmy yeah well now suppose
we forget the uncle part of it for just
now and and you call me Jimmy
all right Jimmy
all right and just for that I'm going to
show you something.
Oh Oh how good you like it now you just
slip that Mandarin code on you yeah yes
indeed now let me see it and if it
matches your beauty it's yours it does
really uh-huh oh oh oh
Jimmy you're the most wonderful man in
the world
you're the most beautiful girl I ever
come on coming you better go upstairs Oh.
Millie what do you want say what do you
mean break in here you dirty swine after
all your promises where's my little girl
how do I know she isn't here no no
you don't know who this woman was no you
didn't see her when you were struggling
with mr. Damien no didn't you try to see
her no did you hear this unknown warnley
the house I don't know
you will answer yes or no I don't know I
said miss Blake
you've already testified that you heard
a woman leave the house just after the
shot was fired now weren't you
interested in seeing who this person was
who might have been a witness to the
shooting I don't see why not
because you already knew Your Honor I
objection sustained what were you doing
when you thought you heard this woman
leave the house I can't remember miss
Blake you received a long-distance
telephone call from a New Rochelle pay
station didn't you I don't know where it
came from who telephone I don't know
what did that person tell you I can't
remember she can't remember didn't they
tell you that Damir had another woman at
his Lodge and didn't you enraged by
jealousy go out there and shoot him Fame
it any way you like I don't know what
I'm up here for anyway your honor
there's no need for any further question
miss Blake
don't you realize that by refusing to
answer you are placing yourself in a
very serious position I can't quite see
why this defendant was placed to
understand Your Honor the defendant
refused confiding I hope that by placing
on the stand I might get some
enlightenment myself any further
questions excuse.
Court is now adjourned until 2 o'clock
here comes a felon.
Well Dada what do you think yep got one
chance we've got to play it hard paws.
Millie same as ever
won't budge an inch her silence has put
her in a tough spot gee we've got to put
this thing over our you probably got to
stay on the job I'll do my part
write down how I say that the a Oh Frank
let me a good cigar
you boys do a little more work on it we
got to keep them thinking our way don't
over hi hi T whoa hello boys
well how'd you like it this morning oh
you got the case all sewed up I'll say
we have I was just saying you proved the
clearest case of jealousy I've ever
heard of jealousy was the motive all
right I proved that beyond a doubt how's
this pointing an accusing finger at the
attorney for defense the orders voice
rang out like a pistol-shot
cherchez La Femme he cried find the
woman is that a headline I read it there
cherchez la fte no I think I'd better
say it in plain English find the woman
well I use the French in the paper you
know what's in it gives it more class
well that won't be bad sure we're gonna
have a big afternoon
say this little town will be on the map
for a while anyhow if you tried this
case in New York you'd be the next
well thanks gentlemen Oh now if you'll
excuse me I've got to get back in the
courthouse don't forget to hear my
summarization this afternoon
we'll be right there ready I only hope
we can put this over boys oh my let's
tummy mouth hello Mike what are you
doing here say what's the idea what do
you mean well I don't like the looks of
this thing and from now on you can count
me young or whatever Mike it gave us
your word you keep out of town through
the trials over yeah that was because
you guys know what help Mele well it
hasn't done any good so far and I'm
going to District Attorney
no you can't do that well we're all
familiar you know that well I'm not so
sure you've got to believe us now they
got us almost lick we've got just the
one chance and you're not gonna spoil
everything all yeah I am well I don't
know the way things have been handled it
all looks the kind of screwy who was
this other woman who was there with Dame
ear at the time isn't it reasonable to
suppose that she was the one who took
the place of the defendant who faded by
a life of dissipation had been discarded
from Dame ears affections she won't tell
you why she took that long ride in the
middle of the night with a gun in her
hand to shoot down a man in cold blood
but isn't it clear to you her motive was
jealousy and what right had such a
defendant even to the privilege of
jealousy there's no palliation no one
distraught with grief and an
overwhelming sense of injury committed
this crime and if this isn't soul why
doesn't the defendant produce the other
woman find that other one never come
here as she can and tell us otherwise
oh honey why did you come
did you think I wouldn't your honor what
does this mean it means your honor we're
gonna place this young girl understand
the unknown woman the daughter of this
defendant what Your Honor we mean your
honor to prove that Millicent Blake went
to the lodge that night and shot Jimmy.
Damian not from jealousy but to rescue
her innocent sixteen-year-old daughter
from this dragon Harden who had iord her
there under such circumstances that the
shooting was justified this is most
unethical I guess we fixed them take a
look at that jury look at all sandy crud.
Sanders cherchez La Femme
giel fellas pull this frame-up we just
could be better let the governorship get
out of Manhattan you solemnly swear that
the evidence you give in this case to be
the truth the whole truth and nothing
but the truth so help you God
yes sir what is your name my dear.
Constance Maitland is that lady your
mother yes
then juror number nine said that he'd
ashot anyone that tried to make an
actress out of his daughter what's that
kid putting her arms around her mother's
neck was the most beautiful sight I've
ever seen I hope she keeps them there
it'll be good for both of them you
driving Milly back to New York Tommy
me what gave you that I did I don't know
I was just wondering here they come.
Oh Lady Maitland certainly stuck buyer
will solve a couple of other people
it looks like Millie's going back home