Million to One (2023) Movie Script

["Try So Hard [feat. Bel-Ami"
by Aves]
A shame
Think something new
Under the sun, mm
What up, Food Gang Bang Bang?
This your boy Dre Shaw, and
I'm back with another review.
This time, we got
a Wicked Whopper.
Let's get into it.
Whoo, whoo [laughs].
This good.
This is terrible.
Things that you do
What up, what up, what up?
It's your boy Dre Shaw,
Food Gang Bang Bang.
This weekend,
I'm gonna meet y'all
at the Something
in the Water Festival.
Meet me there.
Matter of fact, beat me there.
Got it? Cool.
Mm, uh, but still you
Whoo, they loving the kid,
new followers.
Food Gang Bang Bang.
To cover up your games
This your boy Dre Shaw, man,
and I'm back with another
Food Gang Bang Bang,
and I got another hit on
my hands, y'all, whoo.
Yo, Tommy.
- How you feeling?
- How you, man?
- My man.
- Oh, lemme get some of that.
Ah! Man, ain't you out there
getting comped six-course meals?
- Them meals ain't free, Tommy.
- Then you need
to upgrade your
hustle, my brother.
You need to stick to helping
politicians scam people.
That's what you need to do.
[Tommy] That's not
what politicians do.
It's not?
You know, okay.
Let's shake this up, Dre.
So, you know what
I was thinking?
Why would I know what
you was thinking, Tommy?
Far be for me to
impose, but you know
what I think you need on
your little social media?
My little social media?
Why does everybody think that
they know what I'm doing?
It's not about just
taking pictures of food.
It's strategic.
How many followers you got?
- Me?
- Yes, you.
Oh, shoot, um, um,
- a solid, cool, uh, 1,200.
- 800.
Hey, got to round up, brother.
Look, here's what you need,
man, a partner.
- What?
- A co-host.
I'll pretend like
I didn't hear that.
Someone attractive.
- Fun.
- Fun.
[Tommy] Look, I watch
those TV shows, Dre.
TV, what's that?
It's always two, Dre.
Always two.
I see what you're saying.
Somebody easy on the eyes.
Give the world a
different perspective.
Ha! It's simmering now.
Oh, it's cooking!
- Food metaphor.
- Analogy.
Ooh, it'll let the world know
that, uh, you're an idiot.
Now, that was
unnecessarily hurtful, man.
Oh. I got a million followers.
A million people can't be wrong.
- Oh, they absolutely can.
- Absolutely not.
- And it's 800,000.
- A million, almost a million.
- But it doesn't mean anything.
- It does.
I'm talking about for you, Dre.
- It's just a number.
- Ten is just a number.
- A million is a bigger number.
- That's accurate.
It's a stamp
to let everybody know.
All the doubters, haters,
and naysayers know
that a kid from nowhere
has made it, bro.
But no one doubts you, Dre.
I made it on these shoulders.
- All right.
- These shoulders.
- All me, baby.
- Yep. All right.
- Now, lemme get some of that.
- Uh-uh.
All you?
- Mm-hmm.
- Hmm?
All me baby.
- You a hater.
- Talk to me.
- You a hater. Yeah.
- I hear you. Yeah.
Ochi chyornye
Ochi chyornye
That's a very
pretty tune, Carlo.
What's the name of it?
Ochi chyornye
[Woman] Oh, that's
the name, too.
I thought it was just the words.
Oh, yes, that's it.
Irene's got herself engaged.
- [Man] To whom?
- [Woman] I don't know,
Van something or other.
I think he's that boy with his
arm around that girl in pink.
- He's got lots of money.
- [Man] Well, he'll need it.
["I'm Seeing Stars"
by Duce Williams]
[engine revving]

I'm seeing stars
I'm seeing stars
["Psychic" by The Wildcardz]
If you stay tonight
Baby, I might let you take
All of me
Want you here, need you mine
In these sheets
Intertwined in our minds
Let me get a
Widow Jane, 10 year.
Baby, you gonna
end up right in my bed
Yo, what's her deal?
How the hell should I know?
Hey, hey, man, go on
somewhere, angry man.
He's angry for no reason, damn.
The chemistry is science
Better than what
you was fantasizing
Different kinda blue
- Can I ask you a question?
- Sure.
- Do you like this place?
- [woman] It's all right.
[Dre] See the
bartender over there?
- Mm-hmm.
- He was rude to me.
- Yeah?
- Hurt my feelings.
You do seem like
a sensitive guy.
I'm emotional,
but I can be very litigious.
You're not thinking about
suing the place, are you?
Suing the brakes
off this place.
But I can be impulsive.
I can see that.
So, you see my dilemma?
- I can.
- What should I do?
- Here's what you do.
- Talk to me.
You can tell him
you'll sue him,
but you'll give him a pass,
so every time he sees you,
he'll be on his best behavior.
- I like that.
- I solve problems.
I see.
What's your name?
Tatiana. What do you do?
Mm, you're definitely from DC.
I'm in the food industry.
Oh, I'm in the food game, too.
Hmm, you own a restaurant?
No, I'm a food critic.
You might have heard
of me, Dre Shaw.
I don't do it all stuffy
and stiffy how it sounds.
I add my own thing
to the food game.
Food game?
Can I get you a drink?
I'm still working on this one.
Can I stay for a while?
- Well--
- Here's the thing.
There's no shortages
of clubs and bars in DC,
so for us to be
at the same place,
at the same time,
on the same night,
it's like winning the lotto.
Look around.
Got the whole place
to ourselves,
our own personal mixologist,
and for us to not get
to know one another--
It would be irresponsible of us.
We'd be cursing the gods.
So, you're a food
critic and a theologian.
- Seems that way.
- It's an interesting mix.
So, you're saying
you're interested?
- I didn't say that.
- Well, you didn't not.
How do you know I believe
the same things you believe?
Well, you didn't
ask me to leave.
You haven't given
me the opportunity.
So, you want me to?
[Tatiana sighs]
I'm not sure.
But you probably should.
Why is that?
- You lost?
- I ain't lost.
I know where my seat is.
How 'bout you go find it?
"How 'bout you go find it?"
I'm gonna find my seat
'cause I want to find my seat,
not 'cause you all close
standing up on me all like that.
That's what your little ass get.
Hey, man, if you don't get
your angry ass on somewhere...
Fat neck.
[Tatiana laughs]
It's all good.
Dre Shaw got options.
Yo, hello!
Yeah, it's Dre Shaw.
Yeah, I'm sorry
I didn't get back to you.
Been a little busy.
Yeah, working 'cause
I'm a working man, yep.
I miss your face, though.
Yeah, I do, you know,
'cause a woman's face
without freckles is like a
night without stars.
Yeah, uh-huh.
What you doing?
["Memes" by Ollie Joseph]
The memes that I sent got
you laughing your ass off
You still buzzing
off last call
Gassing you up like fast car
[phone buzzing]
[Dre sighs]
[phone buzzing]
[Dre sighs]
Big bro.
[Isaac] Rise and shine,
baby bro.
It's early.
[Isaac] Half the day
gone already.
Everybody ain't up with
the roosters like you.
[Isaac] Boy, the city
done made you soft.
Listen, clear your calendar.
- Pack a bag.
- Why?
Monica and I decided to
get married this weekend.
When was you gonna tell me?
I just said
we just decided, dummy.
We don't wanna wait anymore.
Ain't no point to it really.
We're both ready.
Gonna get married
here at the house,
just the people close to us.
It's a little short
notice, don't you think?
[Isaac] I can't do it
without my best man.
[Dre] Come on, man.
Well, what you got going on?
You don't know
what I got going on.
What, your little
internet thing?
You not gonna keep
disrespecting what I do.
-Oh, what you gonna do about it?
-Drive up there, bust your head.
You gonna be getting married
with the white meat hanging out.
- Man, telephone tough guy.
- Yeah, that's right.
Yeah, whatever. I'm expecting
you here in the morning.
I love you.
What's wrong?
Who does that?
Who just hijacks
somebody's weekend
like they don't have
nothing else going on?
Do you have something
else going on?
That's not the point.
He's your brother.
He loves you enough
to ensure you're part
of such a momentous occasion.
That should mean something.
Mean what?
["Trilly" by FVMELESS]
Yeah, I gotta
keep it trilly on my soul
I'm the most selfish person
that I know here we go
Down the rabbit hole, got a
couple carrots round my neck
[engine humming]
Cycles going round and round
and round like a merry go
Stand for truth or fall
for any old scenario
That's why I keep my circle
smaller than a Cheerio
Cuz it's the company
you keep
Stay woke please
don't get caught sleep
End up sowing what you reap
[music continues indistinctly]
Yo, yo.
[Isaac] All right.
- Big bro.
- Baby bro.
Oh, man, good to see you.
[Isaac] Good to see you, boy.
- [Dre] Ah, oh, God.
- [Isaac] Yeah, man.
Mi casa es su casa, bro.
- [Dre] Thank you. Yes sir.
- [Isaac] Come on in.
And once we get through
the wedding, get situated,
gonna find a bigger
place out in the country.
That's what's up, bro.
Yeah, she's likes
a lot of land,
and I don't like people.
Match made in heaven.
You laugh, but...
This is country enough for me.
Monica's a good woman.
You're making
the right choice, brother.
Thanks. Still, you know, nerves.
Stop acting like
a little punk.
I knew it was
too good to be true,
you acting like a normal person.
- What?
- Why you gotta ruin everything?
- I ruin everything?
- Yeah.
Speak of the devil.
Once y'all start the speaking.
Then, she'll appear.
Oh, hey baby bro-in-law.
- Not yet.
- Oh, clock's ticking.
It's inevitable.
Mm, what's your name, cutie?
[Isaac] Wouldn't
you like to know?
I like 'em sassy.
That is so sweet of you
guys to get the bags.
What? I just got here.
Mm-hmm, right on time,
baby bro-in-law.
[Isaac] Come on, man,
get the bag.
Shut up.
[Dre sighs]
- Okay.
- [Isaac laughs]
Baby, what did you
do with the, uh--
Babe, it's where
it always is, babe.
- [Isaac] It's not, baby.
- Babe.
- Come on, babe.
- Oh, look at you.
You know she's
calling you a pig, right?
Babe was a pig.
Why do you hate love, Dre?
- I asked you nicely, Dre.
- What?
Did you say you were
gonna get some food, babe?
I didn't say that, baby.
[Monica] I thought
I heard you say that.
[Isaac] No, we got
a counter full of groceries.
[Monica] Yeah,
but then that means
I would have to make something,
and it's just that
I don't want to.
[Isaac] Oh, baby,
the party's tonight.
So, you're just
gonna let me starve?
That's your plan, just,
just let me starve?
Baby, we got the chef
and the whole nine.
I know, but it's
like I'm hungry now,
so if you could just find it in
your heart to just, you know.
All right, I'll run by Mixt.
- Oh, Mixt, that sounds good.
- [Isaac] Mm-hmm.
You should take Dre with you.
That way you guys can have
some brother bonding time.
- What? Monica, there you go.
- What?
Talking how you talk,
acting how you act.
- Hmm, someone's sensitive.
- Yeah, he is.
Is that because you
don't have a date?
Who said I don't got a date?
You, you sitting there
all solo and salty.
Dre Shaw got options.
- Third person?
- Dead giveaway.
[Monica laughing]
I thought we was
going somewhere.
Come on, boy. Let's go, man.
Damn, man. I hope
he mess up your food, too.
Yeah, and if he does,
I'm taking yours.
Uh-huh, you boys play nice.
["Truth Is... (feat. HoosDis)"
by Jinnie]

- Thanks
- Thank you.
Ooh, that's good.
So, how's your boy Tommy?
Ah, man, he's good.
Thinks he's gonna be
president one day.
Yeah, that's good.
- He's a good kid.
- Yeah.
Hey, man, can you not do
that social media this weekend?
- What?
- You know how you do.
Keep it classy.
Be present.
That was layered with,
like, ten insults, bro.

We gotta go fly fishing
while you're here.
Be like the good old days.
It'll Zen you out.
When'd you become
such a soft city boy?
If you wanna live out in
the country and spearfish,
fine by me, but we live in
a civilization here, bro.
It's the suburbs.
You, the locusts, and cicadas,
you can have it, bro.
Open air cleanses the soul.
[wistful music]
Yeah, something
Stacy used to say.
[fingers snapping]
Why you bringing up Stacy, bro?
I didn't bring her up.
[Dre] You just brought her up.
I didn't-- never mind.
Isaac, don't go down that road.
You know what I'm talking about.

We should be heading out, man.
[gentle violin music]
[attendees chattering
Boring-ass party.

You know any Kendrick Lamar?
His earlier work has a
certain je ne sais quoi.

Any Drake for the ladies?
[clicks tongue] Forget you then.

Oh, enjoying yourself?
What do you think?
What do you prefer,
a DJ with a laptop
and a bunch of pretty people
just standing around
taking pictures of themselves,
not talking to each other?
Witty social commentary.
You need to broaden
your horizons.
Dre Shaw got class.
So what
your brother's choices are--
Wack, square, stuffy?
He indulges me
and doesn't complain.
You think I think he enjoys
going to farmers' markets
and watching true crime
shows before bed?
That is the most wackest
thing I've ever heard.
Well, I'm sorry we can't
all eat Fruity Pebbles
for dinner in our 30s,
Mr. Highbrow.
He told you that?
We don't keep secrets.
We have a bond
that can't be broken.
Don't you like anything?
Food's good.
"Food's good."
Well, there you go.
Way to use your words.

I'm gonna turn
this up a notch.
See, the thing
about fly fishing,
people just wanna
throw it out there.
It's technique, tempo.
People wanna give
it a few pumps.
I just flip it out there
and will one of them
bad boys back in, you know?
Yeah, look, Isaac,
I love you, bro.
You getting ready
to join the family,
but, bro, I don't care anything
about what you
talking about, man.
[both laughing]
- Oh, my God, man.
- All right, all right.
They just want to see me
in the grave
Came out the lot in a wraith,
oh, no I can't wait
Dre, don't jump in my pool, boy.
Jump in the pool, Dre.
Dre, I'm serious.
- Don't do it.
- Do it [laughs].
Hasta luego, Placido Domingo.
Oh, my God.
All right, everyone.
Don't encourage this idiot.
Now, our wonderfully
talented chef, Tatiana--
Oh, snap.
Would like to inform
you lovely people
that dinner is served.
Okay, big time,
I see you with the private chef.
- [Isaac clicks tongue]
- [Gus laughs]
It's SiLVeR STePH yea
I was just inside the grave
But I resurrected
in like three whole days
- You again?
- What are you doing here?
You like causing
a scene, don't you?
- You're the chef?
- That's what the coat means.
Why are you being weird?
I thought
I'd never see you again.
Is, uh, freckles here?
Where you going?
I'm at work.
What are the odds?
What are the odds
that I see you again?
What are the odds of anything?
Plot twist.
Hey, wait up.
[diners chattering indistinctly]
Pretty good spread.
[diners chattering indistinctly]
I think everyone
deserves a great hat.
Do not embarrass me
at my wedding.
- Ray Jay dance.
- No, do not embarrass me.
[diners chattering indistinctly]
Yo, yo, yo, what'd I miss?
Hey, man, that dive
was a ten, bro.
Oh, what do you say, man?
[Gus and Dre laughing]
Lighten up, 'Saac.
[diners chattering indistinctly]
Tati, this food
looks delicious.
Wait, you don't
know her like that.
Her name is Tatiana.
Mademoiselle Tatiana,
the food looks magnifique, eh?
- Oh, my God.
- Thank you.
[diners laughing]
You did all this?
All right, everybody,
let me have your attention.
I wanna say thank you to all
of you for being here today.
It means a lot
to both Monica and I.
And I'm blessed to spend
such a special occasion
with such special people.
Even my baby brother
came all this way.
Look at you, boy.
Mom and dad woulda
been proud.
And even though I'm not
one for the emotional talk,
forgive a bro.
The drinks is talking now.
[diners laughing]
Oh, baby, what can I say?
Even though it's impossible,
I promise to do all I can
to try to make you as
happy as you make me.
I love you, baby.
I love you, too.
To us.
To us.
Hey, to all of us.
[Gus] To all of us.
[Diner] Hear, hear.
[glasses clinking]
["Salinas" by Boreis]
[diners chattering indistinctly]

I know, but I told
you I'm at work, Mark.
I can't talk right now.
Yeah, yes, I miss you, too.
Don't be silly. I'll call you...
- Mr. Shaw.
- Oh, Isaac.
- Is that a situation?
- This?
[Isaac] Uh, lemme talk to him.
Mr.-- I mean, Isaac--
Nonsense. Let me talk to him.
Hey, buddy,
Tatiana's a good cook, boy.
Should be against the law
or made illegal.
Hey, listen.
What's his name?
Mark, Mark.
All right, yeah.
So, we're having
a great weekend,
and I see Tatiana just
moping along kicking the can,
and I'm like, "What's wrong?"
And she's like,
"Mike's not here.
I don't know what to do."
And I'm like, "Get him on the
first thing smoking pronto."
You know what I mean?
So, I expect you to be here.
Don't make me a liar.
All right, hey, peace
in the Middle East, kid.
All right.
Oh, he, uh, he hung up.
But he sounds like a
real nice guy, you know.
It's turning out to be a
great weekend.
Let the festivities begin!
Um, I'ma hit the can real quick.
Wait, you did what?
What, no good?
Oh, you're speechless.
There's only one other time
that you're speechless.
[Monica] Don't start.
[Isaac] It's when--
I know when it is.
No, baby, don't get mad at me.
I'm just a poor,
innocent vagrant.
A what?
[both laughing]
What's so funny?
I just thought about how
delicious this is gonna be
when Dre sees
this man pull up here.
Like, it's gonna be--
Okay, what do you mean?
Oh, babe, how did you survive
before I found you?
Don't worry about how I did it.
I got it done.
- [Monica] Oh, is that right?
- Come here.
- [Monica] Is that right?
- Gimme some love.
[both laughing]
With your fine self.
["The Walmart Parking Lot"
by Leon Laudenbach]
Waiting for a spot
on an angled line
Driving to the outside
Wasting my time
Just wick it, bro.
What does it look
like I'm doing?
Boy, this a shame.
This why God created
grocery stores.
What you gonna do
when it all goes down?
Move in with you.
- They got catfish in this?
- Small mouth bass, bro.
Well, can you fry
small mouth bass, bro?
You can fry anything.
I'm proud to be
just who I am
Hey, sorry about earlier.
Bringing up Stacy.
That was stupid.
You ain't gotta apologize to me.
That's what you do, be stupid.
[Dre laughs]
Hey, thanks for coming, bro.
Wouldn't've missed
this for the world, bro.
Now, isn't this better
than being trapped by buildings,
blaring traffic in your ears,
and you stuck to that iPhone?
[both laugh]
Contributions that
they never gonna pay
I can't catch anything.
It's patience, bro.
Your instant gratification
like based lifestyle
holds no sway here
in Mother Nature.
Shut up.
This is supposed
to be a nice moment.
My bad. Oh, oh.
Caught one, boy.
- Lookie here.
- Oh, you really got one.
Mega deals sell
a whole lot more
Now, check your bag
as you're walking out the door
There's more to plastic
than a debit card
A damn good casket
when the times get hard
I can't listen to this.
You don't have no
Future, something?
Who? Boy, this is good driving
music right here, boy.
I can't live like this.
Somebody named Future,
that's just stupid.
What the hell he gonna do?
Tell me my future, dummy?
Kind of job
that gives you peace
- What's going on here?
- I don't know.
- Why does he look familiar?
- Boy, that's racist.
[Dre clicks tongue]
Oh, that's, uh, Matt, Mike.
Mike? Mike who?
- Tatiana's man.
- What?
Yeah, I invited him.
No good?
You're an idiot.
There he is,
the man of the hour, mm...
- Mark.
- Mark, Mark,
that's right, that's right.
This is my brother, Dre.
Brought your little bag
and everything, huh?
Always prepared, my friend.
Um, have we met before?
I have a million followers.
You might be one of 'em.
800,000, right?
Oh, snap, moving on up.
I wouldn't follow you,
but nice to meet you.
Okay, okay, let's head inside.
Let me take your bags.
[Monica laughing]
Very funny.
[Monica laughing]
Well, I have several interests.
Some can get pretty expensive,
but why deprive yourself, I say.
Art, on the other hand,
it's less of an interest,
but just one of those
things I'm good at.
Sitting in your seat,
ain't he, big bro?
Sat right on down, didn't he?
Art salesman, wow.
And collector.
I got into art after getting
my doctorate at Columbia.
Columbia, that's
Ivy League, isn't it?
Yes, it is.
You know your universities.
Are you an Ivy Leaguer?
No, she went to Towson.
That's a state school.
Well, here's the
one thing I, uh--
Hun, a little bit more.
Thanks, babe.
Here's the one thing I
learned in the art business.
You know how they say the
first meeting is the hardest?
Well, I can assure you
it wasn't hard at all.
[Mark laughing]
You know what I learned
in the street business?
We're from the suburbs.
And that's when a mother--
Boat, boat, boat.
I'm gonna head
for the boat, right?
Boat. Yes, boat. Tatiana, boat.
- Huh?
- Boat?
["Jell-O" by Egozi]
Somewhere on the scene
It got a little longer,
so it seems
I burned out, so to speak
Now, come a little closer
I feel a little lie
in the lie track
I felt a bit of bad,
but I came back
There's still a little light
in the light crack
Still a bit of good
So good
And I know just what to say
And I know just what to do
Do You 2?
You nervous, bro?
Ha. No.
[Dre laughing]
Ah, take it easy, man.
Ain't no sharks
out here in this water.
I'm fine.
[Dre laughs]
And we got life jackets,
tank of gas,
enough brewskis to last us
till the end times.
You'll be fine, bro.
[both laughing]
Come on, man, I'm trying
to drink my beer, boy.
My bad, man, my bad.
Two brothers and a sister.
- But you're the baby.
- What does that mean?
I have a sixth sense.
You were spoiled, too.
I don't like
where this is going.
No, it's a good thing.
When I was younger, yeah,
but as I got older,
it became a different story.
Parents are weird that way.
They love how they were loved.
Trust me, it has
nothing to do with you.
Do you have siblings?
Only child.
I see.
Don't do that [laughs].
[both laugh]
Well, my parents weren't
much to write home about.
They loved each other a lot,
so much that they
ran off together
and left me with my grandmother.
Somehow or another,
everyone has walked away
from me at some point.
I don't know if I'm so afraid
of it that I attract it.
[Monica sighs]
Abandonment issues much?
But not Isaac.
No, not Isaac.
- What's up, man?
- [Mark] Hey, what's up?
- Brewskis?
- No, I don't do domestic.
Excuse me.
How you doing?
How much longer
we gotta be out here?
Not much longer, I'm sure.
Good, because I didn't
come out here for all this.
It won't be that much longer.
I'm gonna go check on Monica.
[Isaac laughs]
Got yourself in a pickle,
didn't ya?
- What?
- Tatiana.
[clicks tongue] Come on, man.
- Poker face sucks.
- She like corn balls.
- That's good news for you.
- I just don't understand
how you bring your dude
to a place with your employer.
- I invited him. It's my fault.
- Still, still.
You better calm yourself down.
You acting a little
aggressive, ain't you?
Because you keep
telling me what I do
- and what I don't.
- You better simmer down
before you find yourself on
the wrong side of this boat.
Why you always trying
to throw somebody over?
I'm not a young boy no more.
Try it. Try it.
- Come here.
- All right, all right.
- All right, relax.
- Yeah, yeah.
All right, okay.
You know your big brother.
How's that?
You guys
are such gracious hosts,
and I don't even know you.
I shouldn't talk about
my personal stuff.
Please, I have Isaac
and Dre this weekend.
Girl, you are a welcome break.
Have you ever been
to a restaurant,
and the waiter describes
the meal exactly how you want,
how you need, and you get it--
And it's not what you thought.
But we're good.
You know, once you pull
back the layers, he's good.
We're good.
Sounds like a lotta work.
[mellow music]
I think we can
take him, big bro.
Easy work.
First, you hit him in
the head with a Corona.
I grab his legs, man overboard.
[both laughing]

Bama bam
Sitting here in my car
I ain't doing nothing much
Surfing on my phone...
Just down the hall
He just wanna hang it all
[steam hissing]
Hundred K. Perfect.
Where you from?
You need to travel, my friend.
Is that what I need to do?
Been all over the bubble.
Europe is nice, Italy, London,
but I'm partial to France.
Maybe you should live there.
[Mark laughing]
But the islands,
women love the islands.
Ain't that right, hun?
I mean, who knows?
I'm pretty sure
your little food things
can afford you travel
with your women friends, right?
Yeah, that's what
you need to do.
- Is that what I need to do?
- [Mark] Yeah.
You know what you need to do?
You need to--
[pans clanging]
But between you and me,
Belize is where you wanna go,
but, um, don't be where
I be [clicks tongue].
You know what I'm saying?
[Mark laughs]
All things the same,
Saint-Tropez is where it's at.
Women love it.
Took Tatiana there.
She had a ball.
Isn't that right, hun?
It was nice.
[Mark laughs]
Sure know how to pick 'em.
Excuse you.
Hey, bro.
Got a few errands to run.
Be back shortly.
Wait, what?
Hey, take me with you.
Man, I said we,
as in her and I, dummy.
- But--
- No, look.
You kids have
the run of the place.
Mi casa es su casa.
Don't leave me y'all.
Bye, Dre [laughs].
[Dre] Come on, I'll drive.
I'll do whatever.
I'll wash the floor mats.
I'll clean the tires.
Don't leave me.
Put me in the trunk.
["Carmen (Bizet)"
by Ohad Ben Ari]

So hot.

[Dre clicks tongue]
Your bartender
at your service.
Thank you.
Mm, oh, so good.
- I know, right?
- Oh, my God.
Not as good as you are
looking in that bathing suit.
Thank you. You like it?
I love it.
[Mark] You best believe it.
Best thing I've seen all day.
[Tatiana] Thank you.
We should lay down, let that
beautiful body get some sun.
Yes, I want to.
[Mark and Tatiana laughing]
Oh, sorry, man.
I know you're doing your
little social media thing.
- What?
- Excuse us, Dre.
[Mark and Tatiana laughing]
[Monica] I think
they're cute together.
Dre and Tatiana, you think?
In case you haven't noticed,
there's a slight issue
with the fact that
she has a man.
Oh, please.
That bama won't be around
much longer.
So, you got it all
figured out, don't you?
Well, when it comes
to affairs of the heart,
I have a sixth sense.
Noticing this is a sense?
Got it.
Yeah, it is.
Yeah, Dre's not ready
for a commitment like that.
Who said anything
about a commitment?
She's a nice girl.
I just think that
she'd be good for him.
All right.
Wait, let's go back.
Why would he not be
ready for a commitment?
Um, I'm not following.
Well, it's just that
Dre couldn't trip and fall
into a real relationship,
nor does he want to,
so what does him being ready
have to do with anything?
Babe, you're not
starting to read
into what I just said, are you?
Wait, you're not having--
- [Isaac] Me?
- Yeah.
What, babe? I'm,
I'm not nervous, of course not.
- Okay.
- Babe, I'm not nervous.
Baby, I'm ready.
Finally, some peace and quiet.
[Dre grunting]
Where is everyone?
Why does everybody
think I know everything?
Nobody think you
know anything, dummy.
[clicks tongue]
They out by the pool, I think.
Let's go out,
let off some steam.
That sounds like a great idea.
["Interstate Swangin'"
by Scootie Wop]
Ooh, yeah
Interstate swangin'
Talkin' my language, oh
Need a GPS,
don't know where to go
Until I find you I'll be
Interstate swangin',
Interstate swangin',
Interstate swangin',
Interstate swangin',
I'm on I-85
feel like forever
Trying to find something
tonight hope I'm close
To my destination
my heart racing
Talk to you daily
Yes, oh.
I need you for real
You a naughty little thing,
yes, indeed, mm, mm.
But I know that you're there
Interstate swangin'
Talkin' my language, oh
[Monica humming]
- [Monica humming]
- Oh, hello.
[Monica laughs]
Did I ever tell you
I love your hair.
Oh, thank you.
Hey, listen, wait,
you, you listening?
I am.
I'm so happy you're here.
That's sweet, thank you.
It's that I think
you're such a sweet girl,
and I can't imagine [sobbing].
And, and it's just
I [clearing throat].
Get it together, Monica.
[Monica exhales]
Can I, can I give you some
advice, not that you need it
- or anything.
- Um, okay.
One, always trust you.
You know, you know?
And two, whenever--
Wait, wait, wait.
What's two?
Oh, whenever--
One is enough.
Um, I'm gonna find Mr. Shaw.
I'll be right back. Stay here.
You know who can
help you find him.
Dre, yeah.
Okay, I'll be right back.
Stay, okay?
[Monica laughs]
I ain't no damn puppy.
Hey, Tatiana.
Have you seen Mr. Shaw?
No, look, I need to talk to you.
[sighs] Okay, what?
[speaking indistinctly]
Dre, Dre.
Come over here.
[Isaac sighs]
I gotta talk to you man.
I don't know what
she sees in him.
I mean, I went to college, too.
Yeah, he graduated. You went.
Hey, man, whose side are you on?
Shut up, man.
Do I look off?
There something wrong with me?
I mean, you look how you
normally look, so yeah.
Boy, I'm serious.
My neck tight, I can't swallow,
my back seizing up on me.
Well, which one is it, man?
- Is it your neck or your back?
- It's my neck and my back, man.
Calm down, man. Put a lid on it.
I'm in full control
of my emotions.
Come on, Isaac.
- Come on, man.
- What is that?
- What?
- You're the normal one.
I'm the dummy that does
the dumb stuff, remember?
Yeah, you're right, man.
You're the idiot.
You're the dummy, not me.
Thanks, bro.
Yeah, sorry.
Tighten up, Isaac.
[Monica grunting]
What is that?
[Monica laughing]
[Monica grunting]
Did you let her drink brown?
Did I let her drink brown?
Go get your lady, man.
Oh, geez.
Whole system
falling apart, damn.
- [Monica grunting]
- Hmm.
You fine.
Look, I got some work
stuff that came up.
- I have to head back.
- Now?
Yes, you know I take
my work seriously.
But you told 'em
you were staying.
So, who the hell are they?
Watch out, man.
I don't need all
this resistance, okay?
All those vacations
I take you on aren't free.
You should have a little more
respect for what I do.
I never asked you
to take me anywhere.
[Dre] Everything all right?
Yeah. Mark has to go.
Fine by me.
[Mark laughs]
You wouldn't know anything
about this, little man,
but duty calls.
You mean booty calls.
- What was that?
- You heard what I said.
Look, Mark, if you have to go,
just leave.
You know what? That's exactly
what I'm gonna do.
- I'll see you back in the city.
- No, you won't.
These are good people, and they
invited you into their home,
and you repay them by
being a condescending ass.
So, no, you won't see me.
Get the-- sing it, girl.
Tell him.
Fine, whatever.
Your loss.
Man, watch your mouth.
- Hey, Dre, Dre.
- What you wanna do?
- Bust a move.
- [Isaac] Get back here. Stop.
[Monica] Uh, not now, uh-uh.
Because he--
He ain't top notch.
["Letterz" by Scootie Wop]
Anything else? Okay.
Come here often?
Can I sit?

I'm so sorry about all this.
It's so unprofessional.
It's all right.
I'm having a good time,
If this is
the coming attraction,
-the wedding is going to--
-Barn burner.
[both laughing]
You drunk, ain't ya?
I'm fine.
I'm gonna take this one home.
You guys ready?

We'll get a car.
I don't know if you've noticed,
but I've had a couple.
Been drinking that brown.
- What? No, I don't--
- You know I don't mind.
- She let that tiger out.
- [Monica laughing]
- Okay, girl.
- Come on, man.
I know when I'm a third wheel.
Dre, hmm?
- Man.
- 'Kay
[Monica] Bye.
They're gonna be
together forever.
Let's hope so.
Need something?
Sorry about dude.
Don't be.
[gentle music]
[Tatiana sighs]
Nah, you?
I'm always hungry.
Make a mean bowl
of Apple Jacks.
What else you got?
[Tatiana laughs]
You get on that, and
I'll take care of the rest.
Can do.

Got us these.
You really like this?
Are you gonna rate my food?
I know about you.
Food Gang Bang Bang.
[Dre laughs]
People really like it.
Mm, that's all that
matters, I guess.
This is your passion?
Mm-hmm, it's the
attention it needs.
Too little, it doesn't work.
Too much, harmed it.
You have to be present.
And done.
[Dre sighs]
Hungrier than you thought.
Guess so.
No, I'm good.
I don't think we know
anything about each other.
I think you're right.
[Dre] What's your middle name?
Tatiana Erica.
That's a lot of syllables.
[both laughing]
[Tatiana] You?
[Dre] Mm-mm.
It's Andre?
If you call my parents ghetto,
we gonna fight.
Got a favorite song?
Mm [exhales].
[Tatiana clicks tongue]
"How Does It Feel," D'Angelo.
"Voyage to Atlantis,"
Isley Brothers.
It's not a competition.

[birds chirping]
[Monica groaning]
Morning, Jackie O.
[Monica sighs]
Not today, Satan.
Satan, that's me?
[Monica sighs]
You know I just be
messing with you, right?
Oh, God.
That's what happen when
you drink that Hennessy.
I don't drink Hennessy.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
You two.
'Saac sleep?
No, he was gone when I got up,
said he had a few
things to take care of.
I have a little time
before dinner.
[gentle music]
[Dre] Chicago?
Never been.
It's one of those places
that's half lovely, half not.
All my family's still there.
I'm the only one that left,
only one not married,
without children.
I dropped outta college
to go to culinary school,
and that didn't
go over too well.
I'm a rebel, it seems.
But you do what you love.
I do.
So, how can that be rebellious?
You haven't met my family.
[Dre laughs]
You coulda said
I don't know your family.
You said I haven't met 'em,
like as in yet.
You're speaking presumptuously.
I am.
But I've met yours.
Sorry 'bout that.
[both laugh]
You probably noticed no parents.
Car accident,
mom died instantly,
dad, shortly after
at the hospital.
Isaac remembers.
I don't.
I was too young.
It was tough on him.
He had an ex-wife, Isaac.
She passed.
Still not sure how
to talk about it.
Do you want to?
High school
sweethearts, inseparable.
She died from cancer
a few years back.
I'm so sorry.
Don't be sorry for me.
Be sorry for Isaac.

He almost...
I almost lost him.
That's why I try
to keep it light,
keep him from falling.
Beyond that, I don't know
what to do, but I'm good now.
Monica's here.
'Cause I was tired.
[Dre laughs]
I was.
She's an angel.
She saved him.
She saved both of us.

Hey, Stace.
I know you're not here.
You're up there.
[wistful music]
It's been a while.
Too long.
I'm sure you know Monica
and I are getting married.
Moved up the date [sighs].
She's not pregnant.
Just something we decided.
Oh, Dre's here.
That fool is still a nut.
But you know Dre's gonna be Dre.
I'm proud of him.

I haven't told him,
but he knows.
I was thinking about the place
where we--
well, you made me go
whitewater rafting.
You said I was screaming
at the top of my
lungs on the rapids.
[Isaac laughs]
What was the name
of that place, baby?

I can't remember.
I can't remember.
I read that, um, I'm supposed
to get rid of the things
that keep holding you back.

I'm down to this, baby.
[Isaac sighs]
I miss you so much.

I'll always love you, always.

[light piano music]

Look, big bro,
lemme get a picture.
I've been good.
I haven't got one all week.
- Hurry up and take it, boy.
- Thank you, man, thank you.
- Get over there with your wife.
- Lemme take it.
- No, no, no. I got it.
- Okay.
- I want you in it.
- Okay.
- Oh, those look cute.
- That's so nice, ah.
Hey, hey, hey, I can
do a family, right?
Finally, you know how
to take a picture, boy.
- Look, finally, right?
- [Isaac] Right, right?

[bells chiming]
Excuse you.
What's going on around here?
-And the diced onions--
[indistinct conversation]
Good morning.
Are you Tatiana?
Monica wants to see you.
I don't know if I told you
that I, um, grew up
with my cousin.
We were only nine months apart,
so for most of the year
we were the same age.
When we were young,
he used to play
with his toys, his wrestle men,
Macho Man, Hulk Hogan.
He loved his toys.
We were poor, so, um,
he would get one of his shoes
and sit 'em inside,
put their little arms up
like they were driving.
The shoe would be
a car or spaceship.
He did that for a long time.
[somber music]
Maybe longer
than he should have.
I think. I don't know.
And then one day,
he just stopped.
'Cause that's how it is, right?
One day, it just stops.
[sobbing] I don't know
where Isaac is.

[Tatiana sighs]
What's wrong?
Where's your brother?
What do you mean?
He's not here?
- I don't--
- Oh, man.
- Where are you going?
- Just keep her busy.
But I--
[Dre] Oh, man.
[Tatiana sighs]
[Tatiana sighs]
You guys know the drill.
Today's shaping up
to be a little--
I'm gonna be leaning on you
more than usual.
So, for now, just start
prepping for service.
I have something to take
care of, and I'll be back.
[Worker] Okay.
[Tatiana exhales]
What's the bag for?
Oh, can you, uh, do me a favor?
Take my keys, go downstairs.
There's a woman.
Her name's Toya.
Ask her to pull my car
around back,
and she's nosy,
so please don't tell her why.
Why would she need to do that?
So that I can leave
without being humiliated.
I can't do that.
Please, okay,
'cause this is hard enough.
I can't do that
because I believe in you two.
This is going to happen.
I mean, if you two don't
work it out, God help us all.
This is going to happen.
It's all being worked out.
Dre is on it.
Your big plan hinges on Dre?
This idiot.
Don't even think
about it, Dre.
What are you doing?
Fishing, dummy.
You know what I'm talking about.
I can't, Dre.
Why not?
I just can't.
Paul Bunyan, don't nobody
wanna hear that. Let's go.
If I gotta come out there,
it's gonna be a problem.
You ain't got no gear.
You soft as cotton, so whatever.
- Who you talking to?
- You, Charmin.
I got something for your ass.
- Whoa, whoa, what was that?
- Fish, dummy.
Do you know how expensive
these pants are?
Yeah, there ain't
gonna be too many more
of these "dummy's" either.
Got something for your ass.
[Dre grunts]
What's up bro?
I feel like I'm cheating on her.
I get to move on, be happy.
How's that fair?
I don't know.
Bro, she was a wonderful woman.
She had a big heart.
She would want you to be happy.
You have to let her go.
Without hesitation.
You said Monica makes you happy.
Look, if you want to get
outta here, I'm with you.
We can get in my car and drive.
I'm down.
But you gotta look me in my eyes
and tell me that Monica
doesn't make you happy,
you're not in love with her,
and you don't wanna marry her.
Can you do that?
[wistful music]
This is it.
Some people never get what
you and Monica have, ever.
This is it, bro.
[guests chattering indistinctly]
["Eine Kleine Nachtmusik"
by Mozart]

[Isaac] Come on, boy,
push this thing.
[Dre] I should punch you in your
head for running off like that.
[Dre] I didn't tell you to run
off like that, Crocodile Dundee.
[Isaac] Come on, man.

Hey, man. Come on, man,
let us through. We in a hurry.
Man, there's a water main break.
It's flooded.
-You gotta turn this car around.
You got to-- you don't
understand English?
You got to turn the car around.
Why you got to go live
in the country, man?
It's the suburbs, man.
I ain't get no time for this.
Man, where you going?
My house is a half a mile
away from here.
- You going on foot?
- Yeah, dummy.

Hey, man, here,
don't nobody touch this car.
I'm gonna sue the hell
out y'all company.
Man, this is broke-ass
company ain't got no money.
[Dre grunts]
[Isaac] Cardio up, bro.
Shut up.
[Dre breathing heavily]
Lay off them weights.
Classic male overcompensation.
What you don't understand
about shut up?
- Man, hurry up.
- Shut up, boy.
Nobody told you go run off
in the wood, like Black Jesus.
- Who you think you talking to?
- I'm talking to you.
All right, okay. Big bro, hey,
we got something to do.
- Yeah.
- Put your clothes on.
- All right, all right.
- Man.
Oh! Come on! Ah!

Hey, hey, come here.
Where have you been?
Never mind that. Where's Monica?
She's either upstairs
or on a train to St. Louis.
- [Tatiana sniffing]
- Oh, my God.
Oh, wait, wait, wait.
Now's not the time for that.
Where's Isaac?
He's upstairs. He's ready.
We're doing this.
- We are?
- Yes.
This is so exciting.
- [both laughing]
- What is exciting?
You know, all right,
when this is over,
we're gonna have a little talk
about your attitude,
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.

[Tatiana] Stop.
You're ready.
She's waiting.
All right.
[Isaac inhales and exhales]
[Isaac exhales]
[Isaac laughs]
Love you, bro.
Love you.
- Showtime.
- Showtime.
[both laugh]
["Sugar Coating" by Fiona Harte]
Wear me like
I'm going out of style
Stay here or leave
Whichever you believe
[Pastor] All rise, please.
There's just a little
bit of something here
A little bit
of something, my dear
So, I'll be
as clear as I can
I'm not sugarcoating
Just thought that
you should know
Every time I close my eyes
You may be seated.
You're the first place
that I go
- We are gathered here today--
- Hold up.
I got something to say.
[Dre sighs]
As a kid, you were my hero.
When I was a teenager,
you were a pain in my ass.
But even when I came into
my own, you were there for me.
Even at this moment,
you're my hero, big bro.
You deserve this,
all of this to be happy.
And I know Monica's up for it.
And Monica...
Thank you for things
you don't even know.
I don't know what I was
doing with this speech
'cause I don't know what to say.
It's a good day.
You're right.
They would be proud.
Look at us, man.
Look at us.
[Dre sighs]
[gentle piano music]
[muted conversation]

[gentle music]
Hey, lemme get that for you.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Guess you had enough of
my crazy family for one weekend?
My work here is done.
We didn't do half bad.

I should...
Hey [sighs].
Hey, maybe I'll see you around.
You never know.
You know, you shouldn't
lie to people, Dre.
You're much more than
your social media says you are.
Bye, Dre.

["Letterz" by Scootie Wop]
Let it breathe,
oh, yeah, let it
Let it breathe, oh, yeah
Ba, da, da, da
Yo, what up? This Dre Shaw,
and I just had some fire.
[Dre sighs]
That ain't it, that ain't it.
Come on, Dre.
Come on.
Yo, yo, yo, what up?
This is Dre Shaw.
And I'll meet you there
Be right there,
be right
[phone buzzing]
I'll be right, right
Stumbling up the stairs
Please come, I need help
Can't do this alone
Show me that you're there
We been through so
much in the past week
Can we start off fresh,
leave it in last week
'Cause I'm so gone
Friday night temptations
in that old phone, mm
They been trying to
separate us so long
But I want you in my life,
can't do it solo
'Cause nobody was meant
to be by they self
I'll take your hand
Congratulations, Mr. Million.
You saw that?
I might have checked up on you.
That's what you wanted.
A million followers,
but you're sitting here alone.
Not anymore.
Stay a while.
Yeah, okay.
["No Dub" by Scootie Wop]
Dej Loaf type,
I keep telling her to try me
Keep it on the low but I'm
falling for you high key
Check off every box
gotta do it like Nike
Who that gal dem right there
When she walk by
that's him right there
Aaliyah vibe
butter P nice hair
So unfair, I don't care, oh
You should take
my number, oh
I really wanna give
you mine and whoa
We could meet up somewhere
Baby, I don't care,
you should know
I don't want just anybody
Let me treat you like
somebody, oh, yeah
Drop the top on the Rarri
This forever,
we ain't stopping
You the life of
the party, no dub
Apply the pressure,
don't need no scrub
Shawty, you special,
I need your love
Need your love,
I need your love right now
I treat you good, babe
No time for Mickey D's,
don't need no hood date
I ain't trying to rush at
all, I know I should wait
I ain't perfect but I
love on you the good way
Can't go back, I know that
you got dirt don't hold back
Diamond in the rough
hope you know that
Might not agree,
but you show that
Show that, oh
I done made my decision
Just one second, girl,
listen up
I ain't trying
to run no game, oh
You should take
my number, oh
Really wanna give
you mine and whoa
We could meet up somewhere
Baby, I don't care,
you should know
I don't want just anybody
Let me treat you
like somebody
Drop the top on the Rarri
This forever,
we ain't stopping
You the life of
the party, no dub
Apply the pressure,
don't need no scrub
Shawty, you special,
I need your love
Need your love,
need your love right now
I don't want just anybody
Let me treat you
like somebody
Drop the top on the Rarri
This forever,
we ain't stopping
No dub
Apply the pressure,
don't need no scrub