Milo (2012) Movie Script

[soft piano music] [water running] [ticking] [door opens in distance] [speaking Romanian] [speaking Romanian] [ticking] So, before I share some of my
feng shui insider secrets, on how to energize
your wealth area, I'd just like to take
a moment to talk to you
about this brand new, bamboo fabric range,
by Eco skin. Now, I'm joined once again by
my beautiful wife, Nadia, and my wayward son, Milo. There here to tell you how
they've got on with the
clothes, all week. Nadia, how does that feel? Bamboo fabric. Well Brand, it feels
smooth on the skin. Like silk or cashmere. And I love the design. There you go. Comparable with two of the most
luxurious fabrics out there. And believe me,
my wife knows. [chuckles] as I say, Milo has been wearing
the clothes all week, so, Milo. -What's the verdict?
-Great. -[Brand] Another subscriber.
-Milo. [speaking Romanian] -[speaking Romanian]
-[Brand] That's right,
no running. -And no Romanian.
-Sorry dad. -[man 1] Ok, careful.
-[man 2] Ok go on. [man 1] Steady, watch out
for that step. -[Nadia speaks Romanian]
-[Milo] Ok mama. [chatter in background] [Caitlin] Hey, you're the
next door boy, aren't you? [Caitlin] Do you know them? [Milo] Of course,
they're in my class. Then they're in my class too. Will you introduce me? [Milo] That's Tommy,
his father owns a bakery. That's Tommy's best friend,
Patrick. They call him Fanny cause his
last name's Fannigan. [chuckles] I heard there's a camping trip
next week. Are you going? -No.
-Why not? My dad says that children
who go on camps, have parent's that want
to get rid of them. [knocking] [soft music playing
in distance] Dad? -[knocking]
-[thud] [Brand] What have I told you
about knocking and waiting? I wrote a haiku. [scoffs] Bright colored pencils, moving ever, up and down, the sunny sky. Wow. I see a beautiful picture of us
summer landscape. It's good Milo, it's really
good, I'm very impressed. What's the key though? -The sunny sky.
-Good boy. Now what have you got wrong? It's a haiku. You've got five syllables
in the first line, you've got seven syllables
in the second line, but you've only got
four in the third. Come on, sit down,
we'll look at it together. Moving ever, up and down, the... -Clear blue sky--no.
-Dad. I really want to go on the
camping trip this year. [Brand] The indigo sky,
that's it! -Please can I go.
-[Brand] No. We've talked about this before,
Milo. It's not on the curriculum. [Milo] It's only a week dad. And I'll use my cream,
like I do all the time. [Brand] This is not
negotiable Milo. [Milo] Why? I bet if I
asked Grandad, he'd let me go-- [Brand] Now you listen to me
young man. Your grandad, has absolutely no authority
over you whatsoever. I do. [teacher] So once again this
is an identity project. That means I want to see
from your presentations what
defines you as individuals. Your past, your present
and your future. Sean I want to see
more of your future. Perhaps you can tell us which
particular job in the military
suits your personality and why. I want to see more materials
for your presentations after
the mid-term breaks, so you have enough
time to collect them. And Milo, I want to see more of
you and less of your dad. And I still want to see some
photos of you as a baby. I Haven't any. My dad lost them
when we moved house. [children chuckle] well then we'll find something
else to bring along, ok? -Miss, miss, I have an idea.
-[teacher] Yes, Tommy? What if Milo takes his camera,
goes down to the zoo, and takes a photo
of a baby skunk, then he'll have his baby
picture. -[children chuckle]
-[teacher] Tommy I will
not warn you again! [bell rings] -[Tommy] Ow!
-[children indistinctively
yelling] [Rochelle] For an act of
violence like this, I'm actually
required to suspend him. [Nadia] What about those
other boys rushing, are you suspending them too? I see them sticking up their
finger up like this. Every single morning. [Rochelle] Look I've given
this situation a great
deal of thought, and I think there's
a specific contact-- [Nadia] Of course, those boys
pick on my son, every day. And now they call him a skunk. Those little bastards. -[teacher] Please.
-[Rochelle] What please? That's why he lashes out,
what do you expect? Mrs. Mulder, two wrongs
do not make a right. I honestly fell punishment
isn't the answer here. You see there are wider issues
effecting Milo's alienation
from the group. I want Milo to be integrated. Because if he remains an
outsider for the rest of his
life, there'll be other bullies. More violence if you will. -Do you agree?
-[exhales] [Rochelle] Maybe it's time to
look this bee square in the eye,
and, get you more integrated. The upcoming camping trip
for example. I think that'd be a good
opportunity for Milo to spend
more time with the other pupils, -and actually make
some friends.
-[Nadia] He won't be going. -[Rochelle] Nadia, come on,
we haven't finished here.
-[Nadia] Yes we have. Thank you for not
suspending Milo, but I still want those boys
punished and off his back. [Rochelle] I'll hold a place
open for him, in case you
change your mind. [Caitlin chuckles] That's my
dad. That's me. What's the cream for? Can you keep a secret? -Do you promise you
won't tell anyone?
-I promise. I have a skin condition. That's why I'm not allowed
a shower in gym. Is it contagious? I don't think so. You don't smell like
a baby skunk to me. [Caitlin chuckles] -[chuckling]
-[Milo] Hey, stop. [Brand] Is that the kind of
impression you want to make? Answer me. -Caitlin didn't care.
-Really? Well, Caitlin wasn't the one, making a fool of herself, soaked to the skin on a
trampoline, was she? While you were busy acting
the idiot, she was busy
laughing at you. -No she wasn't.
-Yes she was, I could hear
her from the house. Caitlin isn't like that. Do we really know her? Look. [sighs] every time people find out
something, negative about you, they'll judge you for it. Everyone does it. That's why, we have to be so careful about
how we present ourselves. All the time. Do you understand? Do you? Hurry up sweetheart. He's letting you flog his base,
he must be losing his touch. [Brand] What's that
supposed to mean? Buying in to what you do,
selling that nonsense
over the internet. -Dad I have explained this to--
-I know better than
a carpet beggar. Nadia, darling, pour me some
more of that, will you? [Brand] Martha Stewart,
is she a carpet beggar? [grandad] Who? Never heard
of her, i-is she Irish? [Brand] No dad, she's American. And she's built a multi-billion
dollar enterprise based on
exactly the same principle. I suppose all these people out
there, who want to be screwed. Worse part is, you believe in
that feng shui orchid yourself. Feng shui. So... How's your photography
coming along champ? Haven't taken any grandad. You haven't lost interest,
have you? No. It's just... My cameras are confiscated
for two weeks. Are they? Not to worry. I'll dig out my old SLR for you. -And, how's school?
-[Milo] We're on mid-term. Everybody's going on the
school camping trip. They're leaving tomorrow. But I'm not allowed to go. -O-Of course you are.
-No, he's not. We have other plans. What other plans? There's nothing more important
for a boy his age. God, I remember the cold,
the snuggling up, the kiss chases,
building fires in the woods, I coopt my first real feel
for Christ sakes. He is going, no argument. How much? It said four hundred
on the form. Here, I have... Four and another hundred, to spend on the women,
on one condition. You send me a post card
when you get there. Thanks grandad Give me the money, Milo. -Give it to me now.
-It's my money,
he gave it to me. -Mom.
-[Nadia] You must do
as your father says. -But it's not fair.
-[Nadia] Maybe, but what
you did was wrong. [speaks Romanian] [speaks Romanian] [door opens in distance] [yells] [Nadia] And we think he's
on the bus to school camp. If anybody picks up this message
please contact us immediately. Thank you. [Nadia] Answer phone
at the school. They're probably on the
bus already. Maybe we should let him stay? -You support his disobedience?
-No. But Rochelle said it would
be good for him-- First of all I'm going
to finish my breakfast. And then I'm going to input
last week's sales figures. And then I'm going to go
fetch him home. Because if you or Milo or that
bloody medaling teacher, think that I'm going to let
him stay, you've all got
another thing coming. -I'm coming too.
-It's up to you. [indistinctive chatter] [Nadia] Please, just let me
go and fetch him. [Brand] No,
I'll handle it. [Brand] I'll be right back. Hey guys. [Rochelle] We'll be waiting up,
he's probably still on his way
here. I'll call you the moment
he arrives, of course. [Nadia] Ok Rochelle. [Rochelle] It'll be a relief for
all of us, I can tell you. -Ok.
-[Rochelle] Night. Bye. [Brand] Come on Nadia. We're gonna find him. I'm calling the police. [dog barking] -[tires squeal]
-[Milo grunts] [Star] Fucking hell. [dog barking] [Star whispers] Fucking hell. Fuck. [Mick indistinctively speaking
over phone] [Star] No, no, it wasn't that. That's my girl. The fuck the...
[phone line fuzzes] [Star] Jeez, it's a bulk? -No, no, it's the tendon.
-What? Wiped out over it-- the tendon! [Star] Tendon? Oh jeez Mick. I can hardly hear you--
[line fuzzes] [Star] No it's the
bleeding signal! Oh for fuck sake! [sighs] [phone ringing] -[Star] Yeah, Mick?
-[Mick] Can you hear? -Yeah, much better.-Look the car, get it sorted ok? Yeah, ok, I'll uh cover
it up right. I'm gonna lie low here. Best if you stay put too. Pick me up at the old
factory grounds, God I love you some of this. I love you too hotrod. [Star] You're not hungry? Well I am. [exhales deeply] So, what in the name of Jesus is
a young fella doing out in the
middle of the night, trying to wreck my car
with his ribs? I'm sorry. What day is it today? [Star] Tuesday. [Milo] I need to go
Dundee Fairth park. I've only got five days. -I can pay--
-Yeah, yeah, yeah,
take it easy kid, right? [Milo grunts] [exhales] [Star exhales] [water running in distance] [dog barks] [dog continues barking] Enough! Logan, down. -Stay.
-[dog growls] Come on you stay. Get out of there, come on. [dog growling] [grandad] A bloody fool,
that's what you are. A bloody fool. I gave him permission to go,
didn't I? -Yes dad, you did,
but he's not--
-[grandad] What? The boy takes after me,
of course he went. We should take it
to the police. They said any piece
information we can give them,
will help with the inquires. [grandad] Police are bloody
fools too. Gentleman I know. He used to be police,
now he's what you might
call a free agent. Agent mean well,
he forcing his mother. Took some artistic photos of
her, very compromising. She's a bloody fool too. [grandad] Connor,
Lucas Mulder here. I've got a job for you. It's about my grandson. [panting] -[dog barks]
-[Star] You see, he's kind of sweet
once you get to know him. I mean, if you go off running
to his territory without
introducing yourself, he'll bite you in the ass. So do you want to tell
him your name? Milo. Milo, Logan. So tell us, Milo, why are you so dead set on going
to Dundee Fairth park? It's my school camping trip. I promised my friend, Caitlin. She's only going to be there
until Sunday. [Star] Ah. Little knight in shining armor,
huh? Look. Any other day,
I'd take you anywhere. Especially considering I hit you
with the car and all, but uh, I got to be straight with ya, me and my boyfriend, you know, the fella
on the phone, kind of messed up. Borrowing some money. All places money. So, it looks like
we're stuck here. I mean just until Mickey
gets back. You're a bit of an amateur
photographer, aye? Here. Close your eyes, go on. Now open them. -Who is she?
-[Star] Me dopy. Glastonbury fair, 1978. Whatcha think? I was a fox, wasn't I? Now, I'm a cougar. Ah. Here, come here. Let's have a look. -[Milo grunts]
-Jesus. [exhales] Maybe I should try think about
getting you home somehow. I'm not going home. [sniffs] What does your old man do? [Milo] Feng shui consultancy
for Balance Living. -What?
-[Milo] He has a website, and when people buy the products
he mentioned in his podcasts, he gets a commission. Probably means he makes a
shitload of money, right? Yeah, he sells loads of stuff. He has over 20 thousand
subscribers. Yeah but, what the fuck you doing
with my cream? Well? Prince cream boy. I need to use cream. I have a skin condition. Oh. Well where else? [Milo] You have to make
sure it's everywhere. Everywhere. Like there? There? [chuckles]
And there? -[both chuckle]
-And there? -There?
-Alight stop. [classical rock
plays on cassette tape] [Star humming] Good yeah? [Star humming] Woo! Do you like music?
Do you listen to much? Not much. What? Don't like music? God, I listen to it all day. [Star] Stick to the
promises you made me Stick to the promise girl
that you made me I can't marry you,
till I go free -Ok love.
-[music stops] Get in the back there. Get in the back, go on. Keep your head right down now,
alight? [car horn beeping] [Star] There you go. [Star] Mick. Oh Jesus love, look at the state
of the cups everywhere. [Mick] Froze my fucking
ass off as well. [Star] What happened in there? [Mick] Well the big fucker
behind the counters, standing up, you know? -So...
-[lighter flickers] I take out my gun? And, point at him. But just when I went to, cog the hammer, I get this awful pain all
the way up my arm. And I look down at my thumb, and it was hanging down like a
fucking dead caterpillar. -[Star] Jesus Mick.
-[Mick] So, I drop the piece, and bend over to get a better
look at the thumb. And suddenly everything
goes black. -[Mick] What the fuck.
-[Star] Would you take it easy. -I was going to tell ya--
-Get off! [Star] But you just kept
rambling on Mick. He ran out in front
of me the other night. I mean he scared the crap
out of me. But uh, he's actually
quite cute. -So I'm keeping him
at the squat.
-No you're not. Are you mad? You've gonna have to start
thinking with you head
stab a woods, instead of your big
souled head. [Star] Listen Einstein I
couldn't exactly leave him
half run over on the road, now could I? Anyway, he doesn't
want to go home. He has beef with his folks. [Mick] Beef with his folks
ain't staying with us. Probably kidnaped him and
straight to jail. [Star] He might not
be staying with you,
but he's staying with me. Here, Milo. -Where are you going?
-To camp! [Star sighs] Come on. Mick is just fucking with you
head, we want you to stay. They're all gonna be gone
when you get there. Come on Milo. Please. Come on. [officer] Sweet tea does help,
believe it or not. [officer] Now I just need to
take down any new details, so, anything that might help the
team that are already out
there looking for Milo. My father's investigator found
Milo's rucksack on the road. -And where was it found?
-[Brand] In Naas. -Close to the ansap.
-Alright. -On the road to Dundee?
-[Brand] Yes. [Nadia] He's never
been anywhere alone. He wouldn't know how
to take care of himself. He's probably lying
in a ditch somewhere, -dead.
-Madam, please, I. [trembles] -[officer] Now is Milo
on medication.
-No. Yes. [trembles] His cream is still
in his rucksack. Sorry this is his medication? No, it-it's just skin cream. [officer] Sir, would you
just let her speak. What kind of medication
is it madam? It's for his skin. But we haven't told him
the truth. Nadia this has got nothing to
do with any medication. [officer] Sir, would you mind
leaving the room for a moment? Yes, yes, I would mind. My wife's obviously upset,
I'm not leaving her. Sir, you need to step outside. [scoffs] we have nothing to hide here. [officer] Well then it doesn't
matter now does it? What did you tell her? I told her everything. Give me your bag. -Why?
-Just give it to me. You can walk home. [dog barking] [grunting] [moaning] I don't intend spending
the best years of my life, doing time. Again. I've been thinking Mick. Maybe we should go to Amsterdam
instead of Portugal. I mean, we blend in more there. And you could just pull grass, without having to look over your
shoulder the whole time. Theses knees are hot
dry thermos babe, pain relief I can get anywhere. Tell you what though, That rich kid could turn out
to be a God send. And what the fucks
that supposed to mean? [dog growling] [Star] You can come
back in now love. [dog barking] [Mick] Hey, careful
with that kid. -Where does it go?
-[Mick] just put it over there
near the telly for a minute. [Star] Jesus Mick,
you can't keep everything. [Mick] What if we want
to fish again? Good boy. What do you reckon? Where the fuck do you think
he's going to go? You ok? Come on. [whispers] Asshole. [Nadia] He's Milo, my son. Can you please call this number
is you see him? -[Mick] Do you only have
books in your room kid?
-[Milo] Yeah. We have a huge telly
in the lounge. [Mick] Lounge you call it? And your mother,
does she work? No she never works. Don't you think it needs
more dry paper? [Mick] Na, fire burns
in the inside. And it needs air. -[Mick] Ah fuck it.
-Hold it, I'll go get some
more dry paper. Na, just get me
a jetty hand there. -Yeah.
-[lighter clicks] Ah. So you see kid. You always have to have
a plan B. [Mick] Ah kid, standing digging
out her old 60's collection. That means the parties
officially started. [Mick] Babe. -Mm, that's delicious babe.
-[Star] You like it? [indistinctive chatter] [chuckles] I'm alone on the dance floor [Star] Something about him. [dog barking] [Mick] What do you mean? [Star] I told him I'd take
him home, Mick. Not to we have a nice fat
wedge in our pot. Oh listen you soft
hearted hippy, if we don't get to Portugal
we're fucked. Anyway, what the kid don't know, won't hurt him. Do you want me to
get more petrol? -Bit of a pyromaniac are ya?
-[chuckles] Are you alright love? Your skin feels a bit rough. [door opens in distance] Milo, are you sure
you're alright in there? I'm fine. [Star] Jesus sake Milo,
how many creams do you need? Hey listen, Milo. I'm sorry but money's really
tight at the moment. How about we just take
one jar alright? I have money,
I can pay for them. [heavy breathing] [Mick] Alone, with no
telly in his room. Sunbed lounge Jacuzzi, medium sized BMW, re-touched touch. He should be able to get
about five thousand cash. Will the bank housing way. Plus of cars out,
legitimate expenses, and they, uh, make up of fifteen percent. Let's say about five thousand,
seven, eight, five. To be fair,
what do you think? Smell me Mick. You can see why it cost
a fortune. For God sake's dear, you can't
afford to be lifting stuff
at a time like this. I didn't lift it. He bought me it. Go on. -Smell me.
-[sniffs] Fuck me. That kids full of surprises. How much do you reckon? It's his money. Little fucker is spoilt,
gets whatever he wants. Mm, you're right. He was hysterical. [Mick] My ass is hysterical. He's playing you
like a cheap violin. -Have you got any glue?
-[Star] Get it yourself. You hysterical asshole. [Star] Milo. You're not hungry? He's locked himself in. That's my boy. [Brand] I apologize for what
happened at the police station. I agree Nadia we have
to do absolutely everything
that we can to get Milo home safely, and, I think that you are doing
a fantastic job. But his disappearance and
his condition are two
separate things. I just want him back. [Brand] Read it. Bright colored pencils,
moving ever up and down, the indigo sky. It's what he wants
for himself. A bright and carefree future-- -We just say no to
everything he wants.
-No. No, no, no. We made a deliberate decision, to keep him sheltered. So that he would grow up
confident and free. So that he wouldn't be picked on
or start feeling inferior. He's not confident. And he is picked on. I just want my son back. [Brand] So do I, Nadia. I just don't want you blabbing
about his condition. Imagine how much worse
things would be for him
if everybody knew. Look. I am absolutely sure that we
are going to find him soon. And when we find him,
yes I agree, he deserves to know the truth. But he also deserves
to hear it from us. Come here. [Mick] Mm, smells
delicious babe. Alright, I'm off. -Where to?
-To find a good spot
to do our little, trade off. I'm worried Mick. He's been in there for days. Don't be. When he smells those eggs. Hey get off. Listen Mick, all those creams. It's not just a fetish. There's
something wrong with him. [Mick] We can't exactly call
in a doctor now can we? Well what if he's dying? [sighs] God. I can't believe how fucking good
you are with kids, babe. Should've given ya
some of your own. Milo? Listen, Mickey's gone out, it's just me and you. I made soldiers. -Will you just tell us,
what's going on?
-[sobbing] I know you've got something
going on with your skin. A rash or whatever it is. Look Milo, I love ya. And I want to help ya. And Mick loves me,
and that's how he knows, I know that he loves you too,
you don't have to worry
about him. Will you just let me know
that you're alright? For fucks sake. Two can play at that game. Listen if you're not gonna tell
me your problems, well I'm
not telling you mine! Now listen buddy, you can't
stay in there forever,
do you hear me? And there are no secrets
in this house! [large sigh] [polaroid camera clicks] [heavy breathing] [heavy breathing] -[rain pattering]
-[soft thunder in distance] [phone ringing] -Hello?
-[Milo] Dad. Milo? Milo, my God,
where are you? -Is mom there?
I wanna speak to mom.
-Where are you? I don't know. Tell me where you are. A pub, [heavy breathing]I'm in a pub. Ok, ok, I'm gonna come
and get you, which pub? Somethings wrong. Alright, ok, um. Has anyone seen you? -What? Wait.-Milo it's ok, listen to me-- -[phone beeps]
-[heavy breathing] I need to speak to mom. She's not here, now listen to
me, this is important. Don't let anyone see you,
under no circumstances,
do you understand me? What's wrong with me? -Just Milo.
-[heavy breathing] I want
to speak to mom. -[Brand] Milo please,
do you understand?
-Milo? Milo honey, mama's here. -Are you alright?
-I'm handling this! Milo? Milo? [Nadia] Milo, are you alright? No. Shit, is he alright? What did you say to him? What? -What did you tell him?
-He shouldn't let people
see him like that. Our son is trying to call us
and you tell him not to let
anyone see him? [Brand] He'll call back. Lying, selfish bastard. You don't care about him at all,
you only care about yourself! [Brand] Just keep
your voice down. -[Brand] I'm not--
-Fucking stay away from me! [knocking] [Mick] Open the fucking
door, kid. [Star] You see Mick,
I don't think he's in there. Of course he's in there,
[mumbles] -[loud knocking]
-I'm warning you kid. -[thud]
-Fuck. [Mick] Open the fucking door,
or I fucking kick it in. [Star] Love, just listen
to Mickey, yeah? That's it, move. -[loud thud]
-[Star] Mick, take it easy. You fucker! Stop it kid,
I'm warning ya. [Milo breathing heavy] Holy, the flying Jesus. It's gonna be alright. [sighs] [exhales] [lighter clinkers] See now, Milo. With all that hair you have, your testosterone levels, are probably off the charts. I had an uncle once, now he had a lot of hair
on his chest. But not half as much
as you have. -And he had an enormous--
-Oh, [chuckles] would you
shut up. It's true. I'm just saying. I mean, your balls are
going to be as big as, mount Brandon. [Star] I just don't know
why your folks didn't tell ya. Must have been ashamed. Well there's nothing
to be ashamed of. In this house,
you're just Milo. And in this house, everyone finishes his dinner. -[Star] Come on Mick,
can you give us a hand?
-Yeah, sure. [gunshot] [gunshot] [gunshot] [Mick] Here, try one. Here, steady. Now, aim at that blue bottle. Fire. I'm not going back there. [gunshot] [Mick] Yeah you don't need grown
ups, you're your own man. I thought you rich kids
were supposed to be smart? [gunshot] -He hates me.
-[gunshot] He doesn't hate ya. -Then why didn't he tell me?
-Oh, I don't know. Sounds complicated,
your old man. I guess he's got his, complicated reasons. [Mick] But he's your dad. He surely wants you back. No he won't, not like this. Well your mom then,
she wants you back for sure. What's your dad like? Never had one. [inaudible] Lower gang fella, used to, oh let's just say I'm walking
since I was your age. Or a bit younger even. But I guess I turned out
alright. [gunshot] I haven't. Yeah, there's nothing
wrong with you Milo. You're a grand kid. Star. She'd do anything to keep ya. That shows you how much
of a good kid you are. We're going over to Portugal. You're welcome to stay
with us, if you want. Well that's if I can come up
with a plan B to get us
there now. I have some money. You can have it. [grunts] [gun clicks] [Mick] Come out with your hands
where I can see em. I'm warning ya. [gunshot] [gunshot] [Mick] Get your stuff
together babe. [sniffles] Milo! Swear to Jesus,
get in there love. [Mick] Some fucker up there is
snooping around with a camera. Here, put that on. Brand, Connor. Told you about him. And the photos of your mother's
finest hour, except it was only
about ten minutes. Where's Nadia? Out. Got it into her head that she
could find him herself with her
flyers and women's intuition. [grandad] Really? Connor said it was on the
notice board in a pub, Milo phoned you from. [Connor] Seems Mrs. Mulder
isn't doing a such a bad
job after all sir, [Brand] Where did you
take these? [Connor] About a mile outside
Whitlow, up near the
cement factory. There's an old camp site up
there that cleared to build
new holiday homes. Sam got those big developer
boards, but nothing seems
to be happening. Anyway there's a couple up there
in one of the abandoned
caravans. Squatters, he's with them. Just as I was mounting my six
hundred mill to getting closer, the old knacker started
shooting at me. This is not Milo. It's not my son. [Connor] You paid me
to find him. [muffled screaming] [music playing in distance] [soft rock music playing
in background] [indistinctive chatter] [Milo] Hi, can I have a toasted
sandwich, two packets of
crisps and Guinness please? -[bartender] Can I see
some ID please?
-[everyone chuckles] [Mick] Three hundred and
fifty-six euro in change. That'll get us over
to Portugal, alright. Just won't be in style
that's all. Sure don't care. Queen of the banana boats. That's me. [Mick] That's my woman. I can practically hear the cobs
in your brain woman. I already asked him. You didn't? You bastard. God I love ya. Hold on babe,
he didn't decide yet. There's enough money there for
the three of us, isn't there? -Just about.
-Then he's coming too. [Mick] That's his decision babe. [exhales] Do you really think his folks
deserve to have him back now? -Now do ya?
-[sighs] [dog barking] [door creaking] [car approaching] [grandad] Brandon,
get out here now. [Brand] They've taken him, dad. There's a ransom note. Come here son. -[loud thud]
-Oh! [Brand grunts] [Brand] I love my son,
do you hear me? So fuck off. [grandad] Stop lying to
yourself, Brand. [Grandad] I'll call you
when I've found him. You stay the fuck
away from us, you stay away from me,
you stay away from Nadia and you
stay the fuck away from Milo! We should be able to get into
showers after gym. Bleeding right too,
does she know? Oh now, what's her name?
Your wee girlfriend. -[Milo] Caitlin?
-[Mick] Mm. She's not my girlfriend. She's my friend, I don't want to
get in the shower with her. [Milo] Oh the trampoline! I want to be able
to go on a trampoline. I should put that down,
should I? Yeah. [chuckles] You put down whatever
you want, man. What else? I want a bike, so I can ride
to school by myself. Grand choice, write it down. You alright there babe? Am I alright? No, I don't think so. We're sitting here watching him
make a list of conditions, to go back to his own home. -For fuck sake.
-Star. What's on your list anyway? Share us, it's cool. A trampoline. A bike. These are things you have
to ask for. It's all fucking horse shit. I mean why do you even
want to go back there? -Common now Star.
-No, I want to know! I miss my mom. You miss your mom? Right. What'd she ever do for you? Have him squeeze you? Where is she now? I don't see her. She lied to you Milo. Your whole fucking life. I miss her. Doesn't want to stay
with us Mick. [sighs] With me. He made his own decisions dear,
it's what he wants. He's fucking ten years old. He doesn't know what he wants. So you want to be like his
folks, tell him what he
can and cannot do? [deep exhale] We're seeing him home, Mick. Forget it Star. I said, we're seeing him home. If that man are to have his,
even look at him crooked, he's coming with us, right. [sobs] [Mick] Alright. [Mick] So the next fight
the bulldog got into, you ought've had a,
had a machete. And he chomped,
bulldogs arm off. Do you know what he did? [Milo] No? [Mick] Bulldog picked up
his own arm, and battered the other
bastard with it. Battered him with his own
chopped off arm. [chuckles] Is that a true story? What? You don't believe me? This is a man who taught
me how rum, fight and catch the ladies. Three F's he's call it. Flitch and fight em,
f-who knows. But the other bastard wasn't
around to say otherwise. I can't tell you how to meet
your own man, kid. You're old enough. [Milo] Mom? [door opens in distance] [Nadia] Milo? [softly chuckles] [sobs] Let me look at you. Oh. Thank God, thank God. Oh. Thank you. -Thank you.
-[Mick] it's alright. [Nadia] No please,
Brandon w-- Come here Milo. Ok. Ok. I didn't know how to tell you. I didn't know. You'll forgive me, will you? [Mick] Come on babe. [Brand] Ok Milo, come on. Your mom will run you a bath. I'll see these people out. [Nadia] Thank you. How much was it you
wanted for my son? Five thousand was it? Plus. Eight hundred and seventy-five. Legitimate expenses man. We didn't even send it. -A hundred and eighty
is all I have.
-[Star] Come on Mickey. -But you can have this as well.
-[Star] Mickey! Should I uh, pop back some time? -For the rest?
-Get out of my fucking house. [clicks tongue] Milo. [sniffles] [speaks Romanian] [speaks Romanian] [speaks Romanian] [Milo] Star and Mickey
got me pizza every day. [Nadia] Really? [Milo] I had beer there too. [Nadia] They let you have beer! Did you hear that Brand? It's very nice. Mickey says it makes you strong. I have to prepare
for tomorrow's podcast. You get some rest. I think you'll probably
sleep for a week. I think your mom will too. See you in the morning. Dad? Yeah? Are you still going to help me
with my identity project? Of course I am. You are going to have the best
presentation in the whole class. Thanks dad. We'll take a look at it
in the morning, ok? That word is hypertrichosis, it's a genetic condition, it means, I was born like this. With hair all over my face, and the top part of my body. So... I forgot to say... It's rare. A rare genetic condition. So my parents, unfortunately, didn't tell me about
my condition, I only found out last week. That's why I didn't have any
baby pictures. So, I looked on the internet
and I found, all these famous
people have it. No. No. Have we gone out of our
fucking minds here? Look at this. Am I the only fucking sane
person in this house? Brand will you please stop
cursing in front of our son. You think he has problems
at school now? Wait until they see him
like this. They'll piss themselves
laughing, he'll be the joke
of the fucking millennium, -can you really not see that?
-Stop it. Milo for God sake. Do you really want people
to see you like this,
that's what you want? -To be a laughing stock?
-Star and Mickey didn't
laugh at me. Those fucking knackers,
do you know wh-- ok, that's not important. I am only thinking of you. You can't go out like that. -People will think--
-I don't care what people think! Well I fucking care! My God Brand! This is our son! -Shut up you stupid
fucking gypsy.
-[loud slap] [speaks Romanian] Milo, go upstairs now
and get rid of that hair. No! -[Nadia screams]
-Ah mom! [Nadia] Brand! Stop! Brand! Brand! Stop it! Stop it! -[Milo] Get off!
-[Nadia] Please don't do this! Brand! [screams] Brand! [screaming] Brand, stop! -[loud knocking]
-[Nadia yelling] [Nadia] Brand don't do this!
Stop! Stop! Bastard, stop! [Milo] Get off me! -Stop!
-Hold fucking still! Try not to touch it. Mom? Yes? Can I still say good bye
to Caitlin? [Nadia] Sure honey,
just give me a minute. [Caitlin] Hi Milo! Whoa. Whoa. Are you ok? We heard you were missing. Oh. The whole class is worried. What happened? I got lost on my way to camp. -You wanna play?
-[Nadia] Milo. [Milo] I can't. I'm going away for a while,
it's my mom. I just came to say good bye. See you when you get back then? See you. [speaks foreign language] Have you seen these people? [speaks foreign language] [speaks foreign language] -[man] Holidays?
-Yes, holidays. [girl speaks foreign language] [speaks foreign language] [speaks foreign language] Hey! Hey! Hey! [man speaking foreign language] [man] Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey! [speaks foreign language] [both chuckle] [soft music] [music fades softly]