Milos Brankovic (2008) Movie Script

My name is Milos Brankovic.
I was born in Belgrade in 1977.
My story is commonplace - happy
childhood under the sanctions
After the NATO bombing I studied
and graduated in architecture.
I am sure that, if you come to
film me in five years' time,
I will have constructed several
facilities - precisely here!
This is my city!
sub fixed by levellord
for and
I was in Prague and London,
I've been through Athens,
Vienna and Rome,
I saw Napoly and Verona,
bright sunny, shining Crimea.
I was looking at luxury
and wealth,
many charms I met that time
But, nowhere,
nowhere I have found,
what my beloved city has got.
My Belgrade has a heart,
and pure love in it,
Belgrade spreads
his arms to everyone,
gives the same joy to everybody.
Admire the
charms of Paris,
Prague will always be
the golden city
Lollypop. From today you can
kill your hookers by yourself
Kill the first and then
you never call me again!
What do you think you're doing!?
I'm not doing this any more
I have better things to do.
A bullet through her neck and
the lady who
screwed the minister,
discretion guaranteed!
Come on. Come on...
No, you do it!
No, you do it!
But, I can't, she's moving!
Won't hit her...
And besides,
my hands are shaking...
There you go!
She's not moving now!
C'mon. C'mon
Hello. What's up...?
The pigeons are fine?
Oh. Goddard. You're a tiger!
There's no doubt!
Do you see, I can't do it?
No. No. No.
I really can't do it!
Left, left... it's OK
Boys, can I offer you a drink?
Later, landlady.
When we finish the job.
As you wish.
What are you doing?
Leave it alone!
What do you have
against our Association?
Instead of joining us
you are disturbing us!
I'm not against you and your
association but this building
- is a state-protected monument...
- Josipa... My love...
...what is more than obvious
you could see if you had not
put this board over it!
Take a photo,
let people see how impossible
it is to be free
and different in this country!
Josipa will publish it in
her's newspapers tomorrow.
Everybody reads Incognito.
This house was built in 1936 by
the architect Jevrem Brankovic
Master work -- PUBLIC GARAGES
Good evening.
I ordered chili-pepper hamburger
Three cheesers and a dog!
Hey, it's my turn!
Oh. Haven't realized it...
give the boy what he wants
Mustard. Ketchup, mayonnaise.
Thank you.
There's not enough dressing,
buddy boy
It'll be tasteless
What do you want?
Let's add some more dressing!
Now, it tastes good, buddy!
- Hey, cut me loose!
- See. Now it's good, buddy boy.
Let me go. Let me go...
ta... ta... ta... ta
Milos, Misko,
Charcoal. Bone,
Branka the Bum and me...
Clamp, Clamplet.
Misko, you're gonna bring this
much cash on Friday.
You got it?
To buy off mummy,
priest and yourself.
Get lost, Misko!
Go snitch us on to the cops!
Make sure you do it!
Good morning!
Good morning, professor!
I didn't expect you so early!
I came earlier.
I'm printing my masterwork.
Very nice!
Tiny little garages,
pretty public garages
for tiny little cars,
just as you were telling me
One of these days,
I'll go to the university to
schedule your Thesis defense.
Go. Have a rest.
Take a day off, you deserve it.
Thank you professor!
Milos Brankovic, struggling
with a group of citizens
who were expressing their
democratic rights...
...blah, blah, blah...
and bullshiting about politics
That's great idea!
And the money?
There are so many
clients out there...
and for me to take money
from them. Man.
I need to have a text.
Sit down and write a good one.
What should I write?
Atheists' Association,
non-governmental organization,
they've got a lot of money...
I'm going to reel them in,
and concerning that movie...
that's not exactly what we need,
but, it's OK.
Duke, the director I mentioned.
Saw this and came up
with an idea to make a movie.
He'd like to talk to you.
You know I hate it.
What you filmed, is something
hardly told, even to you
Which reminds me...
Mira, she is a lawyer.
You can film her, too.
I'll be busy for a while.
Have started to film an
extremely fucked-up documentary
What's so fucked-up in filming
people now and after five years?
No, it's not that,
it's something else
shall we go to
the party tomorrow?
You know don't like
those fancy disgusting parties
Let's share some joy of living
with few other people?
I'm sharing joy of living
only with you
Oh. The artist, the rebel!
Who gives you the right
to publish my photo
in the newspapers?
First of all...
I can publish always and
whatever want in Incognito...
And to shorten the sleepless
winter nights!
It's your own fault. You have
to understand and to apologize.
your term is in half an hour!
I'd like to give you back
your lost valuables,
as every honest citizen.
It was left behind on the
crime scene, Milosavljevic.
Local criminals!
You know... that's,
at least 10 years in the slammer.
Every year... one grand.
Wait! That's...
...that's ten grand
for being stupid!
Milosavljevic, you work for me.
Don't you ever forget that!
Don't call me Milosavljevic!
Shut up, shut up.
It was urgent. I should...
Yeah. Yeah... It's not shit...
it was a dog shitting.
This share and the other money
put in the same envelope.
And the dead line, you know...
Ok. Hmm. Ok Ciao.
Shall we go to the cinema?
I can't.
I must go to the studio.
So, why in the world
did I come here?
A few minutes ago they
call me for the shooting.
How could I let you know
if you don't have a cell phone?
How can they bother
you whenever they want?
It's dynamic and hard work...
not gentlemanly like yours.
Are you feeling a little pemsy?
Why don't you take a break,
but for a longer time?
Milos gets a job,
travels to Barcelona because
he won the international prize
for the restoration of
Gaudi's buildings.
I like that!
So, we see that the boy is really
That he has style and brains!
Get it? That's how the movie
begins. Huh?
Before that, we put
the documentary film.
Bombing, The Hague Tribunal,
Kosovo... Get it!? History galore!
Wait a moment!
What do we need it for?
- To defline time and place.
- Who gives a fuck?
If it was a sanitary pad
commercial it would be OK!?
Globalization of the pussy.
Political corectness!
But this is a film!
Buddy, from that globalization
and the big companies,
my friend,
we should be taking money!
So, did you contact
the sponsors?
Well, I'm working
on the Campaign
for the Atheists' Associations.
Alexandra taped me this morning.
It's a great idea to film people
now and then again
after five years.
Do you love her?
We know each other since
we were five,
and you never told me a thing!
If you're really interested
we are out of step.
who isn't following the steps?
It doesn't come without pain.
You are so wrong!
Stupid men... sadder than death!
Why don't you come over.
I can't,
I have an important meeting.
Is something burning?
No, it isn't.
Why are you angry?
I have a meeting, honestly.
OK, Ciao.
Yo. Bro. That guy Milos
really likes video games!
C'mon, c'mon...
Up, up, up...
C'mon... up... hurry,
Clamp. Goddard.
Why is he wearing himself
out for no reason?
Goddard. Come here!
Nice necklace!
My old man sent it to me
from Munich.
Give it to me.
Look, handsome,
when I say action... Let it fly.
Do you have to film it!?
Absolutely! I bought a tape for
the money you gave me.
Did you call the police?
Do I look like a moron to you?
I'm sorry. A bad habit!
What now?
I know a few hoodlums.
Can ask around
who could have done this.
And then what?
If we find out who did this.
You might buy your things back.
Outstanding legal advice!
And what did you expect?
Just forget it!
This icon my mother
has finished just the day before
she and father
died in a car crash.
Milos doesn't want
to talk to you
Thank God.
What's that for?
Don't stare.
Go ahead and shoot!
A few days ago. Some producer
showed up in our television
He wants to make some
historical movie
So, what?
Well, I was thinking of
introducing you to him
It might be good
if you have a talk with him.
Well, It would be
Your master's thesis
is really good!
Your grandfather would
have been very proud.
Thank you professor.
My basic idea was
to solve the problem
of parking space in the city.
Only if we find investors.
We'll see what can we do, Milos.
Excuse me, professor...
Is there a problem if get
next salary in advance?
Oh. I'm sorry,
I forgot to go to the university
and schedule your master
exam at the faculty.
maybe you didn't hear me well.
But can I get
next salary in advance?
No, no. Ok. Ok. Sure.
Thank you.
Thank you professor.
Bobbo, let's change our clothes...
What happened with the jeep?
I have to save
a little more money.
Let me remind you...
Your sister is in New York
thinking I am doing great here.
Well, aren't you sweetie?
What do you think would happen
if mother finds out?
You'll get it, I promise!
Did you bring the money?
Someone robbed my apartment
and took everything away.
Well maybe you could find out
who did it...
I'll pay to get my things back.
What's this? Where's the rest?!
It was that much the last time.
It was more... Right, Bum?
That's right!
And, what now?
Let's fuck him!
Hello? Hello?
I can't hear!
Shut up, can't hear
a damn thing!
All right. All right!
Come. Untie him!
We've gotta go!
Open it!
They're so cute...
40 highflying, carrier pigeons!
In this box there are 5 kilos
of ganja and a kilo of horse.
Start dealing. I'll come
tomorrow to see how it goes.
Come on. Open the trunk
and load in.
We'll put on the seats,
make two rounds...
Two rounds, huh?!
You're doing some racketeering
not telling me, huh!?
No, boss!
Come on. Open,
let me see if it's not!
- Get him out
- Come on!
Miki, buddy...
You, motherfuckers! I'll shave
your brain. Motherfuckers.
You wanna be killed like rats,
you motherfuckers?
Don't Smallpox!
Why are you smiling?!
Why?! Huh?
Let's hear it: One-two...!
Sorry, Milos!
Louder! One-two!
Sorry, Milos!
Go on, beat it!
Did you see anyone from school?
Seldom. Only Mira. Remember her?
Her mother is Russian.
Hold it,
didn't she commit a suicide?
No way, that is the one who
has been married three times.
Right! Knew there was
something tragic about that girl.
Hey Milos, there is no way
you didn't fuck Mira.
You two were together
all the time.
We were just kids.
Kids?! You were about 19 or 20.
Today. Kids of 15 or 16 are so
experienced they can retire.
Since when did you get smart?
Well, you taught me,
I owe you!
Hey, Barac!
Sit down, this is Milos,
my childhood friend...
- Brankovic.
- Barac.
Major, Borislav Barac!
Does it have to be right now?
Well, all right!
I'll be back in 15 minutes.
Which minister
did this one fuck?
Well, no,
this one escaped from Moscow.
Oh. Yes. I've been keeping
this since the last time
And I told you that I won't do
this any more!
Well then,
who'll take care of her?
Call me tomorrow,
I have the man for you.
Bastard... But I need him.
Keep this for me.
It's a gift.
What do I do with this?
I wanted to give you a Bible.
But it's a bit strange, isn't it?
Keep it for me.
And... I don't want to shoot that
much any more.
- My hands are scorched with piss.
- I don't understand.
You piss on your hands, and then
the cops can never prove that
you fired a gun.
No shit!
A friend of mine has an agency.
Here, take a look.
Just forget about it.
Clamp tells you
not to be a bigmouth.
What are you doing with him?
A business relation.
He's racketeering me.
If I don't sell my drawings...
They torture me... Piss on me.
Why did she run away
from Moscow?
She didn't want to have a sex
with the dog of some big tycoon...
I told Oleg to hook them
on dope first.
When they get into a crisis,
they' fuck with the devil,
let alone a doberman!
So, how it was on Kosovo,
the holy Serbian land?
Fabulous! There were some
Englishmen, Americans, Germans,
Shiptars and us, of course.
I still have a video tape at home.
Do you wanna see it before
I sell it to Oleg in Moscow?
You have to stand at least two
meters away from the patient.
Or else you'll get blood
all over you.
And you never shoot into
the head but into the neck.
That way the death is immediate
and the patient doesn't suffer.
Come on!
Grandma's partisan trophy...
It will do.
With the next donation
we'll get you a real one...
Did you come to apologize?
Join us, we're tolerant!
I have to go now. You two have
things to talk about.
Ciao, see ya!
Alexandra must have told you,
I have a plan to make
a historical movie.
...I don't want a famous
director... a big shot...
I want some kid, a rookie.
Someone dedicated, who bites...
Get it?
What's the subject?
It's a movie about emperor
Dushan the Great.
If you are interested,
I have the script here.
Hey, handsome?
Calva jenuex. Ciao, Goddard.
What are you doing?
Look handsome,
a documentary, "Men and Pigeons'
Cinma vrit!
Look, when those guys
in Oberhausen see it,
they' I get hemoroides from
falling on their asses.
Everything else is bullshit!
Movies, clips, televilsion...
... Merde, merde, merde!
Excusez moi,
je ne vous pa derange.
I am leaving,
I don't want to bother you.
Au revoir, jenuex
Who's this museum item?
That item is Mihailo Colovic,
He was an
ultra-leftist communist.
A Baader-Meinoff follower.
The Berlin Wall has fallen,
and so has he... As an artist...
I have been calling... The answering
machline was switched off.
Dropped by,
but you were not at home.
I didn't want to leave a note.
You will tel me what is
going on... Just a moment.
What are you reading?
This is you!?!
It's me.
It isn't what you think it is.
You must believe me.
Call me.
Oh. Well... Why don't you call her?
I suppose it is Alexandra.
She must be tired from being
constantly out of step?
Let's kiss like we used to...
When we lost our virginity.
Remember, it happened in this
very room, but in the past life.
Who believes, is delusional!
We made a wonderful campaign.
So, Duke... Why the fuck we need
that movie about that Brankovic?
Did you fuck Alexandra?
No, I didn't. She doesn't
call me. I don't give a shit.
You are right.
I'll make commercials and clips.
Anyway, you can't live out of
a movies.
prof.dr. Egon Cohen
Professor, what is this?
I've made a deal with the
Minister of construction
to announce a public tender for
the project on parking space
problem in Belgrade.
It will be published tomorrow.
We will win for sure.
The construction starts
immediately. What do you say?
My project is signed with your
name? I don't understand...
How come you don't understand?
To win the competition,
project has to bear my name.
I have been working on it for
two years. The project is mine!
Milos, how can you be so vain?
The work is far more important
than the author.
At the cost it never gets built,
the project is mine!
Your tiny little project is
in my tiny little computer,
and it carries my signature.
You have to excuse me now,
but I have to take a shower.
I'm going to attend
some promotion.
Look I see the way you look at
me... Thank you, honey.
It's up to you. I really have
to go now. See you. Ciao!
What's up?
What's wrong with you?
What happened?
The bathtub is full.
I'm waiting for you.
Well, well.
Where have you been?
I came to take my project!
Leave it!
Atheists' Association:
Do you have a light?
Are you also going to see them?
I'm going to give them money.
Everyone has a judgment day.
Why didn't you eat something?
Why are you still
wearing a jacket?
It's cold.
What's wrong?
Would you lend me your old car?
You may drive it
if you can start it.
Our Father which art in heaven,
Hallowed by thy name,
The Kingdom come.
Thy wil be done in earth.
Give us this day our daily bread,
And forgive us our debts
as we forgive our debtors
For thline is the kingdom.
And the power, and the glory.
For ever. Amen.
In the name of the Father and
The Son and the Holy Spirit,
Holy martyrs who have fought
well and earned a crown,
pray to the Lord
to have mercy on our souls.
You are completely pale.
What's wrong with you?
I want to sell my apartment.
I am leaving the country!
What's this all of a sudden?
Can you find me a buyer
for the apartment?
The other guests are waiting...
Did I call for you? Did not!
Go on, get lost.
I don't need you!
Get lost before I... Nurse!
Can you do it faster?
We are doing our best...
This is the best place
for the cable TV.
This man is simply mad.
What does this mean?
This is your father.
He was a priest. Wasn't he?
Tell me about professor Cohen.
I used to work for him,
but quit.
You had a fight?
No, why do you ask?
This is professor Cohen speaking.
Milos, think it over.
I'm doing this for your own good.
Stop sulking and come back
to work. See you!
We must go down to
the police station.
What for?
I Believe I don't have to use
these. We are civilized people.
Are you arresting me?
Not yet. Are you guilty?
Could you explain me,
what it is about?
First, where have you been
last night?
At home. With a friend of mine,
Milos Brankovic
From when and until what time?
Whole night. Until morning.
Get him in...
I envy him!
You're one extremely pretty
and attractive girl.
I assure you that you're going
to lose your job because of this.
Wait a minute, please.
To give you the phone number
of my superior officer,
so you can tell him that.
Milos, this girlfriend of yours
... a great cunt.
Would you write down his number?
No, thank you! I can manage.
It was my pleasure. See you.
Food and booze are here.
Branka and me,
we are taking my car,
and you two take Milos
to the party.
Branka, my love. Tell us
what to do to this fagot?
I propose letting Apollo
(the pitbull) loose and watch
how it fucks him up the ass!
I'm always in for a good laugh!
Help me!
Shoot me. Shoot me!
The boss said they
could beat me...
What kind of people are they?
They... They are worse
than animals.
I entered in all of this to survive,
and now everything earned...
I spend on dope.
I've been through every
possible humiliation.
When some of those girls
disappear, nobody is alarmed.
Their relatives and police
unsuccessfully search for them.
Final score often is just a
harsh word-missing
Films like this one are sold and
exchanged all over the world,
and on bizarre porn websites.
God only knows how I managed
to escape from Kosovo.
They call it "safari".
They bring various homeless
people. Prostitutes. Disabled.
Then they release them
into the forest where they
become live targets!
Mainly foreigners are engaged
in this kind of manhunt!
It was trully a miracle that
I managed to escape.
They force us to get pregnant
and then sell our children.
I am now eight months pregnant,
and don't know what to do!
Of course. Showdowns among
criminals are commonplace
in this line of business.
Here you can see one of the
bosses who survived a showdown.
One of the violent treatment in
this chain of humiliation
for this girls is making
a porno films.
The catalogue of the girls
is humiliating, too.
This documentary has been made
thanks to our journalist.
She applied for the job abroad,
following the newspaper add.
Then she infiltrated in
this women traffiking.
I saw the documentary...
I'm sorry.
Why didn't you tell me?
Milos, what's going on?
Throw that shit out of
your mouth!
All you lefties and democrats,
should be hanged
by your balls!
And your sophisticated
Philistine world
is supposed to be better?
No, it's not! Somethimes I feel
like turning it into spit.
Where are the other tapes?
It's Mira.
I sold your apartment.
Your neighbours gave
the best offer,
Sonja and Josipa
from Atheists'Association.
I mean,
it's logicall,
they got enormous money
from European donations.
Man, they could hardly wait
for you to move out.
Now, they own your grandfather's
whole house.
I'll bring you the money
these days. See you...
Turn the lights on!
Why Milosavljevic?
Is it yours?
Why do you keep pestering me?
Some tough gang you have!
A paralytic took them off
and even fucked their
dead girlfriend!
They were mine.
Nothing is yours. Nothing...
Except, maybe, a wet shit.
And, what is yours?
What do you have?
Have my homeland,
which can sell any time.
Where is the gun that
I gave you?
Do you want some coffee?
Do you remember that cop
that you met at the bar?
He's got the gun.
You didn't tell me whether
you want some coffee!
Have you heard my question?!
Smalpox, I am fed up with you
and hyenas like you!
What have you just said!?
don't give me the evil eye!
Milos, I have a short fuse!
Remember this: from this day on,
stay away from me!
Major, Sir, I have discovered
some interesting information.
You see, I've found the
architectural design project
by Milos Brankovic in the PC we
took from those little gangsters.
This tells us that
they stole it from him.
Another interesting thing is
that the project I found is
identicall to the project by the
late professor Cohen.
Brankovic worked for him
for a while.
Here you are. I've scanned
everything for you to see.
It is the same project.
This one in Brankovic's computer
is with the earlier date.
In proffesor's computer is
everything the same
but signed with his name.
And the drop of blood in the
bathroom belongs
to the professor's nephew.
Brankovic's fingerprints
are on the paralytic's gun
You'll have to move out
in a month.
I'll move out before.
You don't have to run.
I know what tears you up
and how you feel.
You're protected by my alibi.
That chick really screwed me.
Her name is Alexandra
She lives somewhere in Vracar,
don't know.
I want you to find her.
That's all.
That's him!
Who, him?!
The one who put me
in the hospital, man!
How come that you know him?
You might be interested in something.
Tell me.
Your friend Milos Brankovic,
nice guy, from a nice family,
killed your gang a little,
you idiot!
Drink my sweet juices!
Atheists' Association:
I don't like it when someone
hangs up on me! You, ape!
What have you done, Milos?
I was indebted to you
before today,
but from now on you owe me.
Don't you ever forget that!
Get out of here,
this is a land of devils!
Run away!