Mimamsa (2022) Movie Script

'DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid.'
'One such molecule which gives a different
identity to all the living organisms.'
'As we know,
we humans are at the top of the food chain.'
'Because we are educated,
cultured, intelligent.'
'It's easy to kill animals
till they are animals.'
'What if it is a human?'
'The same human who is
afraid of his own reflection.'
'A reflection!'
- Your brother got married yesterday.
Your sister-in-law must
be waiting for you at home.
Okay, tell me one thing. You will go home.
Will you wake up the sister-in-law
or straight away go to sleep?
Firstly, your sister-in-law...
Then full fun...
What is this, bastard?
Will you keep quiet for 2 minutes?
Will you let me check?
I had told you to do oiling.
- What?
- Car.
Did you see?
I think some shooting is going on.
- Come on, let's go and see.
- Come on.
- Bastard.
- Listen.
What's going on?
And nothing is happening with me?
Let me see.
I had told you not to drink.
You fall off. Stand straight.
There's no one inside.
See this.
This is open.
- What happened?
- Mobile.
Take it.
See this, mobile.
Wait. Light is starting in this.
The luggage is also lying here.
Hey, the car keys are also here.
Switch it on.
Shut up.
I won't go anywhere leaving my bike.
Idiot, you'll spend your entire
life driving a two wheeler. Start it.
- Wait. - It's such a nice car.
- Why to leave it?
It had begun. [BIRDS CHIRPING]
Just that it was someone
else's turn this time.
Who was behind this second brutal killing?
Sir, there is no mark on the body.
Did you inform Adhira ma'am?
Yes, I have informed.
Yes, Shiva.
- Sir.
- What do you think?
Sir, there are no marks on the body.
these two had seen the dead body first.
Yes, who from you two
had seen the dead body first?
- He had seen.
- I had seen, sir.
You are still having the
hangover of the night.
Yadav, take him.
Throw water on his face first. - Come.
Yes, you tell.
What happened? When did it happen?
How it happened?
Give all the details, come on.
Sir, we were leaving from
Kera wine shop at 2 in the night.
We saw a car on the way.
And the light inside the car was on.
we thought that someone is in need of help.
We approached it, that's it.
The dead body was not in the car.
How did you see it?
Yes, sir, the car was not locked.
So, Anil went inside and he
switched on the head lights.
We saw the body.
- Sir.
- Hmm.
Did you see anyone running away?
Any car or something?
No, sir, there was no one.
Yes, sir, ask me now. I will tell you now.
- Yadav.
- You came here again!
- Sir, he is very drunk.
- Come on.
- Take him away.
- Come.
Sir, my wife is alone at home.
Let me go home.
- I want to do.
- I will do it.
Tries were going on to save
the human beings on one hand.
And on the other hand, to save the animals.
Sir, first of all congrats,
for being a young Indian...
- ...and doing research on this topic.
- Thank you.
I think many countries
are using antibiotics.
We can treat many diseases.
Don't you think we are heading towards
the right direction, by using antibiotics?
Though we are in the right
direction but the path is wrong.
To use antibiotics so irrationally
just to treat the patients!
Our bodies are becoming
antibiotic resistant because of that.
And human life is precious. So, we have
many laws, governing the use of antibiotics.
But there's one more such field
which is using antibiotics freely.
I'm talking about...
...poultry animals.
Right from a cow to a hen.
We are giving antibiotics in
heavy dosages to all these animals.
- Sir.
- Yes.
But how is antibiotic
resistance is related to animals?
- What's your name?
- Palak, sir.
Palak, if I give you
antibiotics for each illness...
...for example, for common cold,
for upset stomach, for fever...
...then will come a point where your
body will become antibiotic resistant.
the medicines will stop working on you.
To increase their milk productivity...
...then they become antibiotic resistant.
When an animal become antibiotic resistant
and any bacteria or virus infects them...
...then they can't fight against it.
From where did it come?
From the swine, means from the pig.
It transmitted from pig to human, and then
it started transmitting from human to human.
Actually, human beings are
very similar to animals genetically.
the antibiotics that we give to humans...
...we give the same
antibiotics to animals also.
But how will this affect us?
To educate people and telling
them what is right and what is wrong...
...it was in the genes of Prof. Karan.
Whatever the question is the answer
was always ready with Prof. Karan.
But the question was different this time.
As they say,
there's no answer to each question.
In the same way, no human being is same.
What is the body? It's just the soil.
But this soil also
becomes dusty some times.
We just have to clean it.
One such hermitage
in the midst of the city...
...the scary truth of which was
limited to that hermitage only.
And the one behind this
scary truth was Matey.
Physical relation is also like money.
It's never enough.
Arrange for the remaining bodies.
Yes, Matey, I've informed.
- Madam.
- Yes.
- Both the boys haven't seen anything.
- Hmm.
So, I have called for the CCTV
footage of the traffic signal.
- Hmm. - Details of the car?
- I haven't arranged for it.
Is it? Should I send for the priest?
Are you waiting for the auspicious time?
Nadeem, do you remember
that murder on 25th September?
What was the name of the industrialist?
Vijay Singh.
Don't you find any connection between
fun shop and these two murders?
I think it's serial killing.
May be, maybe not.
But look at the condition of the body.
Totally nude.
Same, clean.
We will have to wait for autopsy now.
Ma'am, they have taken few samples.
Hmm. Did you find anything?
No, ma'am, nothing much.
Someone has done a neat job.
Still, we have taken a few samples.
Osawa sir will be able
to tell more about it.
Send your samples to that Osawa and tell
him that I want the reports today itself.
Oh shit.
Listen, don't tell anything to anyone,
don't answer to any question form anyone.
Madam, they are standing for a long while.
Talk to them for just 2 minutes.
This is the second murder in the city? What
does your department has to say about this?
Ma'am, give some answer. Ma'am, please.
Say something, ma'am.
- Ma'am.
- As you all have seen...
...the police department
has failed completely.
I'm Rashmika with cameraman Mayank,
for Global TV.
Excuse me, sir.
Excuse me.
can I please take 5 minutes of your time?
Listen, I'm done with all the questions
and interview, thank you so much.
Sir, but I'm not a reporter.
Actually, I'm a student here.
I have read your last book, sir.
That chapter no. 4...
- It is particularly...
- Thank you so much.
- Which college?
- YLU, sir.
Okay, YLU college.
- Okay.
- I must say, sir...
You are an inspiration for many.
Thank you, it's really sweet of you.
Thank you, sir.
If you don't mind can I take
one selfie with you, please?
Selfie? Yes, sure, okay.
Sure. Alright.
Just a second.
- Sure you don't mind? - Yes, sure.
- Okay, say cheese or...
- ...whatever you like to say.
- Cheese.
- Okay. - Yes, thank you, sir.
- There you go.
- Thank you.
- Okay, thank you.
Thank you.
Now this is the ribcage.
Just below this here...
...we will cut here with the scalpel.
How much money had your
father paid here for your admission?
Sir, 1 crore.
Medical is not your cup of tea.
Take away this scalpel.
Cut cucumbers and carrots with it.
It will be useful while drinking alcohol.
Wants become a surgeon!
Hello? Yes, I'm coming.
You guys carry on, I'll just come.
5 minutes.
Yes, let's use Motilal today.
Will you hit me?
You guys have wasted the money.
Sister, you get married and settle down
with someone. Where are my clothes?
Where are the clothes? Study.
Motilal, get one cut at least.
Oh no!
He is a full doctor.
Yes, Osawa.
- Doctor Soni.
- Tell me.
What knowledge are you
throwing away at kids? - Why?
- They are first year students.
- Yes.
- What's the need to go in such detail?
- No, not so much in detail.
- What no?
- You are also one of them... - Hmm?
...kids take admission in the morning and
become full fledge doctor in the evening.
No, I'm not going in so much details.
I don't have a dead body. - Hmm.
I'm using Motilal's body.
- Oh.
- We can't do cutting on it.
- This Motilal is also strange.
- Yes.
- Dead body with you in the morning...
- Yes.
...and a healthy young
man with us in the evening.
Very nice, he is a good boy.
Now you only tell me how
I can teach them in detail.
- And these surgeries are not a cake walk.
- I know that.
They will be able to perform the
surgeries tomorrow if they learn it today.
- Now look at you.
- What's look at me?
- You also wanted to become a doctor, Osawa.
- So what?
Could you be one?
Could you be one?
You are handling forensic autopsy
department in the end, right?
- Listen, dear.
- Hmm?
I'm happy.
And our job is not a small one, understood?
- Hmm, it's very difficult.
- Okay, leave all this.
Tell me, why you had called up.
Oh yes.
- One more killing has taken place.
- Hmm?
- DIG had called up.
- What are you saying? - Hmm.
What's going on? Can't understand.
Don't know who is
taking out his frustration.
What police is doing then?
What will it do? Investigation, what else?
They always do that.
- You don't use your brains.
- Why should I use my brains?
Nothing, I just informed.
- Okay?
- Okay.
I'm leaving now.
Okay, bye, take care.
Okay, listen.
Let me know if you get
any other information.
Doctor Soni.
I gave you the information just now.
- Yes.
- I'll give in future as well.
- No tension.
- Okay.
Dr. Soni, the great, oh my God.
This is the second killing
case during the fortnight.
The media is after us on one hand.
Sir, we are on it.
We are getting all the
information possible.
We have gathered all the information
from all the CCTVs in the area.
We are asking the local informers.
We'll get forensic report in the evening.
So, we will get some more leads.
We are tracking this 24-7, sir.
All the killings are so clear,
there is no single eye witness.
Everything was planned and done.
Whoever he is, is a very genius.
- Why, madam?
- Find the killer if he is so genius.
And bring him and recruit
him in the police department.
Because you guys won't
be able to do anything.
Politicians are pressurizing us.
- Go.
- Jai Hind, sir.
Jai Hind, sir.
Same routine since morning till evening.
Lectures and only lectures.
Prof. Karan used give
lectures to the outside world...
- ...and at the house...
- Hey, Karan.
Yes, aunty.
Keep your house clean.
Your house is stinking.
Aunty, I'm very busy since last few days.
I'll do the cleaning once I'm free.
I'll clean it up if you are not going to do
it. I'll bring the phenyl and clean it up.
Aunty, please, I'm doing it right away.
Keep your house clean.
To see life and all the living
organism from a different point of view...
...was the habit of Ronak Sehgal.
Karan Sehgal's elder brother
who lives in his own world.
And only one person
has entry into his world.
Will you have water?
I'll take some rest. I'm very tired.
You have achieved so
much at such a young age.
God knows how far you will go.
Don't talk about getting tired!
It's all because of you, brother.
You know everything, right?
Brother, please keep the house a bit clean.
Neighbouring aunty taunts me every day.
A big news is coming from Bhopal.
This is the second incident in the city.
Business Mukesh Yadav, whose dead
body was found in a deserted area in Bhopal.
- Who is after these serial killings?
- Humans were killing only animals till now.
Now, humans too.
You carry on. Food is ready, have it.
I'm going to my room.
Let me come in your room at least today.
On which subject are
you making your research?
I'll tell you when it's over.
You are not even married.
And we are married, we have a family.
You don't have to reach home on time,
we have to.
You don't have to give reports at home.
I've to work, Osawa, right?
You're harassing me on top of it.
Then why are you harassing me?
Okay, please.
See this. Taste is a bit off.
- Hmm.
- Did you understand?
Local anaesthesia was
used before killing them.
If I know correctly,
general anaesthesia was given.
Normally, general anaesthesia is given.
But local anaesthesia was given in
these two cases? So, what does it mean?
Who gave you this job?
I'm not a doctor.
You should have at
least a little knowledge.
I don't have, right?
That's why I'm asking you.
Now impart knowledge to her!
- I'm not Dr. Soni.
- Okay, please tell me.
When one wants to numb the entire body...
...general anaesthesia
is given at that time.
I know that.
And local anaesthesia is given to
numb a particular part. - I know that.
In this case,
the local anaesthesia is given in the neck.
The person is tormented,
but he can't feel the pain.
And yes, in all these cases, no one has died
because of the over dose of anaesthesia.
It means, the killer knows that how
much dose should be given and when.
So, you are saying that the
killer has the medical knowledge.
Yes, why not?
What happened to your hand?
Nothing, sir. I had taken Dr. Soni's
dog out for round yesterday night.
It was bleeding when I saw in between.
I didn't even realise it.
- Did the dog bite?
- No, sir? - Soni bit?
No, sir.
- Then it's okay.
- Can I go, sir?
Do one thing, dear. Clean my tiffin.
- Yes, sir.
- Wash it.
Thank you.
I don't the understand
the psychology of this killer.
Because all his victims are rich,
belonging to the upper class.
But no demand for ransom or anything else.
Then what's the psychological
motivation of the killer?
Is he sexually frustrated?
Sexually frustrated?
I can't say that.
For that, you'll have to go to
some psychological... You know.
You'll have to go to him.
You've Dr. Karan for that.
Kindly do not make me
meet any more doctors.
Let me get over you first.
- What's this?
- Hmm.
Give me this report by night, okay?
It's urgent.
- It's urgent, please.
- Hello.
All doctors are sexually frustrated.
- Is it?
- Not me.
Moti, bring it.
- Sir, can I go?
- One second.
Give this file to Dr. Soni.
Dr. Soni went home, sir.
Can I go now?
my marriage on the verge of collapsing.
I don't understand what I should do.
She always says just one
thing that I'm not giving her time.
The meaning of her
time is physical relation.
One after the other, continuously, the
story of dead bodies was not ready to end.
And the problems of
the sister were increasing.
I understand, sir.
It won't happen, sir.
Jai Hind.
What did you come to know?
Someone had come to take
morning walk at 5 in the morning.
He called up.
- Same pattern, right?
- Yes.
Body must be clean, no marks.
Did you find out whose body is this?
- He is Suresh Na rag.
- Hmm. - He is meat exporter.
The family has been informed.
Send it for post mortem.
Take this body.
Did forensic find anything?
Forensic team is still working.
Bur sir, where do I have to send the body?
You have to send it to my home,
Yadav, for tea and snacks.
Where do we send the body?
Where does the body go?
You'll send it for post mortem, right?
All the great personalities
are there in this department.
See this.
What do you think, whom does it belong to?
it can belong to the criminal as well.
But it's difficult to tell
it with surety as of now.
Then take the sample.
- Madam.
- Yes.
This case is becoming more complicated,
Have it.
find out where this Dr. Karan can be found.
Matey, is she right in saying
that I've ruined her life?
You are not meant to be a normally
married man and live an ordinary life.
Nor are you meant to run
after the small happy moments...
...for which an ordinary man craves.
You are born to do something special.
You are meant to do something
very big for the human kind.
But have I not served
humanity enough till now?
You have to do bigger than that.
And your life will be changed
when that work will be done.
And about your wife.
She if possessing the half knowledge.
Matey, I cannot satisfy my wife.
Bring her to me.
I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world.
- Birds, skies.
- Excuse me.
- Yes.
- Are you Dr. Karan?
- Yes.
- Umm.
Wow, I thought that might be some old
professor. You look quiet young. - Thanks.
Anyway, I'm Adhira Dixit, Crime branch.
Dr. Karan Sehgal.
I read your book yesterday night.
It was quite interesting, on...
...use of antibiotics in humans
and in animals, may be.
- What happened?
- I'm really sorry.
It's just that a normal college going
student reads 200 to 300 words per minute.
If someone is Phd or done Doctorate...
...the he can achieve the speed
600 to 700 words per minute.
You finished the book
containing 927 pages in one night.
Okay, it's possible.
Tell me, what do you want from me?
Your behaviour says that
you want to ask me something.
Wow, okay.
Let me come straight to the point.
- I need your help.
- For what?
You must have noticed that the
crime rate is gone up in the city...
...and there have been
a few murders last week.
Yes, which your team is unable to solve.
I wanted your help in the same context.
Dr. Osawa praises you a lot
and he said that you can help us.
Actually, I want to understand
the psychology of this criminal.
- I want to understand his
behaviour pattern. - Ma'am.
A human mind is just
like this Rubik's cube.
Not at all tuned.
To bring its all colours together
we need to use our mind.
This can help you more than me.
And as it is, ma'am, I help only animals.
Thank you.
Till when will you keep helping animals?
Help humans also a bit.
Ma'am, open your eyes.
Come out of the police station.
You'll find many people to help you.
This man... What does he think of himself?
Yes, Nadeem.
Matey, this is the last body.
Was the job done?
This is the letter.
Hello? Did you get the new bodies?
Will this do?
Yes, it's a bit rotten, but will do.
Arrange for 2-3 female bodies.
But... fresh!
Fresh? Have you come to buy vegetables,
brother? What's fresh and all?
Okay, it will be arranged.
But I cannot guarantee
that it will be fresh.
And yes, the rates have increased now.
Because I'll go directly behind the
bars if someone sees whatever I'm doing.
I'll take more money
from next time onwards.
You had increased the rates just
a few days back, and now again?
So? The risk is also increasing.
You used to say earlier that
even 10 days old body will do.
Now you want fresh only!
See, 15 days old ones go to the students.
And 2-3 days old ones go somewhere else.
You'll get the money, you do your work.
I know where does it go.
Matey's hermitage, right?
Tell your sir,
I'll blurt out everything if I get caught.
Look, son.
Don't threaten me
looking at my personality.
You will get caught later on. You'll be
found in any of these boxes before that.
Do your work without a noise.
You will get the money.
Do the work, you'll get the money.
Please come.
Will you take some drinks, biting?
- Let me drink at least some times, madam.
- Not in the car.
Did you meet Karan?
He shoved this.
He is a very strange man.
I don't understand whether I
should solve the case or him.
What was the information?
There's a boy in the Iqbal market.
He has a guava selling stall.
He has seen some people going
in the lake from here to there.
What's his name?
My name is Small Dictionary.
What's in a name? Tell me what do you want.
Can I get guava?
Has your mother sent you for the first time?
Have you come to buy condoms?
Stand straight. Why are you scared?
Tell me, how much do you want.
1 kg. Will do for me.
It will cost 6K.
Guava is for 60 rupees only. But other...
- I'll get it right now, right?
- Do you have the money?
Keep it here and go, and stand there.
Come on.
Take this. I've sprinkled the stuff nicely.
You've got better stuff than me.
Which one you are going to smoke today?
Bring it on my stall some day.
Pay attention to your guavas.
Madam, come to my stall some times.
Will you have tea?
Madam, we can't digest this tea.
I would have drank if it was cheap.
I sell guavas, right?
I've told madam which spice
do you sell along with the guavas.
Madam, one has to do
everything for bread and butter.
I would have left everything if I
had a government job like you.
I would have left all this.
Come to the point now, hero.
What did you see yesterday night?
Madam, 2-3 people were
going on the shore of that lake...
...carrying something in a
gunny bag yesterday night.
I saw.
Do you yourself also taste the spice
that you sprinkle on the guavas? - No.
Why are you wasting my time?
He is day dreaming. There could be
anything in that gunny bag. - Yes, madam.
There could have been anything. But,
madam, Matey's hermitage is on that side.
No one ventures that side.
Madam, actually it is the same place
where we had found the first dead body.
What were you doing there
if no one ventures there?
Madam, I've one more branch over there.
Will you recognise those
guys if you see them again?
how can I recognise them in so much dark?
Yes, if I see someone next time, I will...
- Does madam pick up the phone?
- Absolutely.
How can I not pick up your call?
You've found out one more diamond for me.
- So, can I leave, madam?
- No, tell me some more stories.
Yes, madam, listen.
The relationship of books and Prof.
Karan was something like this.
Prof. Karan cannot live without books.
In the same way as,
Ronak cannot live without Karan.
- Hi.
- Hi, sir.
How come you are here?
Sir, there's holiday in college today.
So, I thought that...
I had some doubts regarding the lecture.
Yes, please ask.
Sir, like this, outside! I mean...
- Oh.
- May I come in, sir?
Really sorry.
No problem, sir.
- Please come.
- Thank you.
How many times I have told you
that things should reach on time?
I'm getting calls from
there again and again.
Why are you shouting?
I got everything in the evening only.
- Is it fresh?
- Yes, sir, it's fresh.
I've done as you had said.
I've taken out the body
of the last killing as well.
And we don't have any body after this, sir.
We'll have to arrange for the next time.
Okay, I'll do something.
Till when will the dead body reach?
it will reach by today evening itself...
...in Matey's hermitage.
Here to help.
You wanted to ask something, right? Ask.
I think Hindu mythology and Greek
mythology have a lot in common.
Just the way Greek
mythology has Pandora's box...
...in the same way,
Hindu mythology has Karma.
I just finished reading a book about Karma.
It's really good.
Sir, can I borrow it for reading, please?
It's on that table.
Okay, thank you.
Karma, action and consequences.
Ronak believes a lot in Karma.
Who Ronak, sir?
My brother.
So, you don't live alone!
No, I live with my brother.
Whom do you live with?
I also stay with my sister, sir.
Is your sister also studying in college?
She's in the police.
- Adhira Dixit.
- Adhira?
She had come to meet
me in the college yesterday.
She needed some help regarding some case.
- So, what did you say?
- I denied.
Should I focus on my
research or should I help her?
Sir, can I ask you something
that may sound stupid? - Hmm.
Do you believe that the pain
and suffering that we impart to...
...the animals by killing them
cutting them is this also Karma?
But, sir, isn't that a cycle?
Palak, I think I should get ready now.
Sir, just one last question.
All these killings taking
place now-a-days will you...
I mean to say you could be a
helping hand to my sister, sir.
Palak, I and police are not a match.
Their way of working is different.
My style of working is different.
But I'll give it a thought
since you've said so.
Thank you, Karan.
That one... That is Matey's hermitage.
What happens in that hermitage?
That is not known yet.
Then why have you brought me here?
Yes, I mean, no, madam.
What's this, Nadeem, yes madam, no madam.
Don't you know that there's no point of
going there without an arrest warrant?
Have you brought me for picnic?
Come on, now alert the patrolling teams.
What else can we do?
The way our destiny is shining...
...I think the next murder
will take place any time now.
It will happen very soon.
Don't love the body, love the soul.
I think the killer is a sex addict
who enjoys in tormenting his victims.
In fact, he could be a necrophiliac.
One such mental illness
in which the orgasm is...
...achieved only by having
sex with the dead body.
Dr. Karan, you were not going to help us!
Ma'am, what am I?
Am I what my mind thinks,
or am I what I want to think with my mind?
You can never control time and brain.
You don't have much time as it is,
and killer has lost control of his mind.
Wow, thank you.
Yes, Palak.
Hmm, I'm on duty.
Yes, I'm fine now.
We'll talk in the evening.
Promise. Bye.
- Had Palak come to meet you today?
- Yes.
She said that we can
work together as a team.
Then I should thank Palak.
Imagine, killing can happen any time.
We didn't even think.
Battery is about to die. I'm hanging up.
And I'm going to put it on silent.
Don't call me back.
Coming. [DOORBELL]
- What's the source?
- Hi.
What's the source?
Yes, okay.
- We'll interrogate in the morning.
- Di, I'll take it.
How come so early today?
I thought of having dinner with you today.
Lucky me.
What did you do? Classes and all?
Tiring. Research work, lectures,
it was just tiring.
Had you gone to Prof.
Karan's house in the morning?
- I had called you.
- I was there with him.
Don't you find him a bit strange?
Why strange?
I mean, he is intelligent and all,
but there's something weird.
Something strange is
this also that you start...
...criticizing when you
are impressed by someone.
Let's have dinner. I'm very hungry.
Okay, I'll bring the dinner,
and you just rest here.
Okay, thank you.
Where are you? I'm waiting since long.
I can't wait more.
We have to take it on that side.
Come fast, the boat is ready.
Oh god.
Yes, madam, those people have come.
How many?
Madam, only 2 persons as of now.
But it seems some more
people will come in some time.
But madam, they don't have anything.
Listen, wait there. We are coming there.
Where the body has to be kept?
At least we have picked it up.
Nadeem, get ready. Dictionary had called up.
Those people have come.
Yes. No, we don't want any backup.
No, you and me.
- Where?
- Sorry, darling, it's an emergency.
I'm coming.
The puzzle seemed like getting solved.
Department needed just one clue.
They have got it.
But no one knew how important it can be.
The wait was for the right time.
And may be, that time had come.
Madam, the information is correct, right?
Your dictionary had said so.
Let's go and see how true is that.
But madam,
we should have called for more force.
Why are you so scared?
There will be only 2-3 people, that's it.
But they may have gun also.
Don't you have one?
It's not just to see,
you can use it as well.
Hello? Ambulance has come.
And it seems the gunny bags have
come in the ambulance this time.
- We are coming. Where are you?
- I'm here only, keeping an eye on them.
Is that madam also coming?
Yes, why?
Bring her with comfort.
The road is very bumpy here.
And our madam is little delicate.
- You bastard.
- Why are you using bad words?
- What is he saying?
- Nothing.
The luggage is ready.
It'll reach in some time, sir.
Yes, sir.
Be careful, there should be no marks.
Keep it.
Be careful. It should not get cut.
Yes, Osawa, listen,
I'll get back to you in some time, okay?
Not in some time. I want to talk right now.
The body of the last killing
is missing from the mortuary.
- What?
- Yes.
How? Okay, I'll get back in 15 minutes.
You are worried about 15 minutes.
I'm damn scared.
I'm worried.
- And you are saying 15 minutes!
- Please hang up now.
I'm on a chase, bye.
- Madam.
- Hmm. - It's here.
Yes, Dictionary, it's me.
Yes, madam, I've seen it. Yes.
I'm requesting you to
turn off the police light.
Turn off the light.
Madam, I'm leaving.
You handle now.
And do come on my stall, madam.
Come on.
Come on, slowly.
- Hey, hero.
- Yes?
Do you want to die?
Stop. Nadeem.
Hey, come out from there.
Sit here.
Sit here.
You were giving tea to Osawa that day!
What? Mohanlal.
Open this.
- Madam.
- Yes.
One more dead body is inside this.
See this, the murdered body.
Motilal, I won't spare you.
what kind of snakes are you nurturing?
Why, what happened?
That Motilal of yours is roaming
around here with dead bodies.
Motilal was stealing! No.
He himself is a dead body, by God.
He acts like a dead body in Soni's class.
Whatever it is.
He has been arrested with a dead body.
And youre missing body is also here.
- What are you saying?
- Yes.
Now do whatever you were doing
in the wash-room. I'll call you later.
- You work at Osawa, right?
- Yes, madam.
Tell me the truth,
why did you kill these people?
Madam, we haven't killed anyone.
Madam, he is right.
We haven't killed anyone.
Okay, so dead bodies came
walking on their won to you!
Madam, all those bodies are from mortuary.
That body was of murdered
which took place yesterday.
Look, Motilal, tell me the truth.
I'm asking you well mannerly. By the way,
I'm not well known for my manners.
Madam, I'm telling the truth.
We haven't done anything.
He is the one who had seen the body first
of the last murder and had informed us.
Have you seen any one of these
there on the day of the murder?
Come here, look carefully.
I had seen him, madam.
Madam, he is lying.
Why are you lying, hippo?
Madam, I'm telling the truth.
We haven't done anything.
Look carefully and tell.
Had you seen this man on
the morning the crime occurred?
No, madam. One day prior to
the day when crime occurred.
I had seen him and there
was a dog also along with him.
And this man was also there along with him.
How can you be so sure?
Madam, I'm so sure because I
go for morning walk every day.
And I had gone for
evening walk on that day.
Do you go for walk every day?
Yes, madam, I go every day.
- In the morning?
- Yes, madam.
Go in the evenings also.
Thank you.
Are you making us fool since long?
I haven't done anything. You went
there to do recce one day prior to murder.
Where to do, how to do.
And speaking rubbish over here.
Madam, I had gone there.
But to take Dr. Soni's dog for a stroll.
- Shankar was also with me.
- Come on.
Yes, ma'am, he was with me.
What do you mean by he was with me!
Tell that we haven't done murder...
...not killed anyone. Have you taken drugs?
Madam, I'm speaking the truth.
We haven't done anything.
Then why do you need the dead bodies?
I'm telling the truth, madam.
Dr. Soni used to order these bodies
for their students for the practice.
And some bodies used
to go to the hermitage.
Which hermitage?
Matey's hermitage, madam.
What happens with the
dead bodies in the hermitage?
we just leave it there and come back.
Is your mother sitting
there in the hermitage...
...that you go there to
drop the dead bodies?
- Sir.
- Tell madam the truth.
Sir, we haven't done anything.
Sir, we just leave it and come back.
We are not allowed to go in.
I had taken Dr. Soni's wife there today.
What are you doing?
What are you thinking?
Cogito ergo sum.
Cogito ergo sum.
I'm here because I think!
Your thinking is your identity.
Make one team and raid the hermitage,
right now.
I want Matey here, tonight, okay?
I'm going to Dr. Soni's house
along with the remaining team, okay?
And listen,
take the blood samples of these 3.
And get it matched the sample
collected from the crime scene, okay?
Listen to me.
Admit everything that you both
have committed all the murders.
You'll get little less punishment.
Sir, we haven't done anything.
Then rot here.
- Santosh.
- Yes, sir.
Get the team ready.
Bring out the car.
And lock them up.
I still have to meet Matey as well!
No one knew who was the next prey.
Only one thing was known.
There's nothing right
or wrong in this world.
Whatever is there...
...in your mind.
Hey, stop.
Mukesh, go inside.
I know who is the killer.
Dr. Soni?
- Dr. Soni?
Search here.
Hey, come out.
Search in the back side.
- Dr. Soni?
- Leave.
Ran away.
Come out.
Come out.
- Whom does all this belong to?
- Matey.
Is he a man or a woman?
Is there anyone else here?
Sir, all is clear outside.
- Did the team reach?
- It's on its way, sir.
Give me the sheet.
Take this, take care of them.
She is the follower of Matey Guru.
More than half of them ran away, bastards.
Brother, should I select
auspicious time for you? Open this.
- Be careful, Yadav.
- Yes, Nadeem.
- Madam, Matey ran away.
I think he is the killer.
Dr. Soni has been murdered over here.
We have found one girl.
She is calling herself as Dr. Soni's wife.
Bring her here, right now. Yes.
And listen, call up forensic immediately.
They all are already here, madam.
We are on our way.
- Corona virus has reached India.
What are you doing? You are
roaming here and there, watching TV...
Whom do you want to meet?
Madam has gone out. It'll take time.
- I'll wait.
- Sit.
What's this, Yadav?
You are watching TV on duty!
Madam, just see the news.
- These Chinese people eat any damn thing.
Look now, what new kind of
Corona virus they have sent here!
Yadav, all the viruses die in so much heat.
Swine flu has also vanished now.
Media is habituated to scare us.
You're right, madam.
These media people always scare us off.
Give, tell me.
- This is not Swine flu.
- Hmm?
This is Corona virus.
- Pratiksha, has Nadeem reached?
- Ma'am, he is inside the office.
- And listen.
- Ma'am, he is waiting for you since long.
Dr. Karan, what are you doing here?
Ma'am, I wanted to tell you
something very important.
One second.
Dr. Soni's body has
been sent for post mortem.
Call up and ask when the reports will come.
I want it in the morning, urgently.
Okay? I won't wait later on.
Come, sir.
Yes, Karan sir, tell me,
what important thing you wanted to tell me.
Ma'am, these killings are
taking place for some reason.
See this.
We cannot reach the killer unless
and until we find out the reason.
Killings are happening for a reason.
I had not thought that.
Just a moment!
- Yes Osawa.
- I found it for you.
- What?
- Yes.
Motilal's DNA matched with
the blood at the crime spot.
- Is it?
- Absolutely.
Go and nab him.
Osawa, you are amazing!
You are just so amazing. I love you!
Don't praise me so much.
By God! I will shy off.
Stick to him. I mean...
Get him on his knees.
- What?
- Yes.
Alright. Thank you so much.
Thank you so, so much.
Look here.
Dr. Karan!
Thank you!
You can leave.
The case is solved. We have the killer.
Yes Motilal!
Your DNA sample matched
with the sample at crime scene.
Honestly I didn't kill anyone.
Is it?
You didn't kill anyone.
- Then you...
- Ma'am, possibly he is speaking the truth.
Look, Dr. Karan.
Professor. Teacher. Whoever you are.
Please don't interrupt.
We are doing our job here.
Alright. And sir, good night.
- Nadeem...
- But I feel he's speaking the truth.
It makes no difference to the
process of law with what you feel.
Motilal! Whatever we ask...
Ma'am! Ma'am, please try to understand.
You understand.
Don't tell me how to do my fucking job.
- You are doing this.
- You did it. - No ma'am.
Motilal, if anything happens to
my sister I will fuck you up. - Ma'am.
- Ma'am, he's not the killer.
- Then are you the killer.
Cogito ergo sum.
I think therefore I am.
Your existence is your thinking.
I think therefore I am.
Tessera Fonos.
Go and mind it yourself.
T... Tessera... What did he say?
Tessera Fonos.
Means four killing.
He has killed four people.
Which was the fourth killing?
No one knew it.
I was missing here.
And on the other hand Ronak,
professor Karan's brother...
Brother! Brother!
Brother, come out.
Don't get angry. Slowly.
Brother, open the door.
Brother, open the door.
Maybe professor Karan found out...
...who the killer is?
But he couldn't do anything
though he wanted to.
'Did you see this corpse
is lying here since morning.'
'But police department is not here yet.'
'As per forensic report Dr. Osama says.'
'the serial killing in the city an
overdose of anaesthesia was found.'
Go... Good morning sir!
Mr. I. G.
It's 8 in the morning.
You are sleeping.
Serial killing is going on in the city.
I didn't understand.
Forget understanding.
Wake up and switch on the TV.
Do you understand?
Whatever killing you see in the city,
these guys are all rich.
And we are funded by them.
And you have our support, Awasti.
If anything is left open the
whole system will crumble.
I... I will check.
You have to check it out.
If you can't handle it then inform me.
No. No sir. I... I'll check. I'll do.
Even after I went missing.
Sister was trying to behave normal.
Maybe she knew.
The killer is more
important than one's sister.
But how long could she stay normal?
The frustration of me missing had grown.
And Motilal is not speaking.
What to do about it?
Go to hell.
Mate is missing. Motilal is not speaking.
What to do with Smruddhi?
Palak is missing since yesterday.
What should I do?
Sorry Nadeem!
I don't understand a thing.
Things are slipping off.
How did the case get so complicated?
Doesn't matter. I can understand, ma'am.
If you don't mind can I say something?
Let's speak to Karan once.
Maybe we'll get some help.
Come on Nadeem,
why do you want to complicate things?
You will drink some more.
We can try it once, right?
Alright. Call him. What else to say?
Why are you wasting my time?
I have been visiting here since a long time,
do you think I'm a fool?
How will I know if he's
missing or absconding?
You check, that's your job.
What happened? Why are you screaming?
Ma'am, I am coming here
since a month to file a complaint.
But no one is ready to listen.
They keep saying,
we'll tell if we find out anything.
Alright. Don't worry.
I will get your work done.
- Yadav!
- Yes ma'am.
Note down her report right now.
Ma'am, go to him.
If you have any problem
then tell me directly.
Thank you.
Did you see the condition?
What is this?
Nadeem, what is this?
I must get a missing
person's report written here.
Hence Awasti keeps scolding me.
As you'll won't write a missing
person's report unless I don't get it done.
What? What department is this?
How will you solve murder?
Or catch a serial killer.
I will get it done.
What will you get done?
- I will do it.
- What?
Did you find out from where
the video of Palak is from?
Ma'am, Palak and killer's
video is from the same number.
If that is so then get the details.
On whose name is that number registered?
Make someone call on that number often.
Yes. We are calling often.
It's ringing. No one is picking it up.
if it's ringing the phone is switched on.
Then who will trace the location?
Should I give even this idea?
I'll get it done.
Get it done. Get it done always.
- Where is Smrudhi?
- Inside.
In this world there is no right, nor wrong.
Whatever is there it is your perception.
Was Dr. Soni your husband?
How did Mate and Dr. Soni know each other?
Dr. Soni and Mate did business together.
After some time they made me their partner.
What business?
Chicken poultry.
All the sick chickens were made fresh,
and sold at the market.
What is the role of human dead
bodies in chicken Poultry business?
Dead bodies?
I don't know anything about bodies.
Is it? You don't know anything.
So what were you doing
naked in the middle of the night?
Dr. Soni forced me.
He said the Goddess at the ashram.
She will solve all my problems.
How will he solve the problem?
By making you naked.
Being intimate...
...with Mate.
And you accepted the offer.
You are educated, right?
This is the problem all over India.
More than their brains
people believe in aesthesis.
Ma'am, did you meet Mate
when you went to the ashram?
I don't know where he went after that.
I want to ask if you can
describe his physical features?
Disha, take her and make a sketch of Mate.
Come along.
Just a moment!
When you were at the ashram did you...
...see any girl in the
age group of 18 or 19?
There were many girls.
Of course. Still a thin, small...
...French haircut.
Or did you hear the name Palak.
Karan, yes.
Things are in advance stage.
Even my sister is missing.
So tell me what help can you render?
My brother is also missing.
What? When?
Since last night.
Did you file a complaint?
I went to Mr. Nadeem.
He said you have some work with me.
Yes. This...
Dr. Karan,
how do you know there will be four killings?
The language he used.
That was Greek.
Tessera Fonos.
Means four killings.
Three are done.
That means.
Is fourth killing of Palak.
One more thing is said some korgeto,
cogita in some other language.
- Cogito ergo sum.
- Yes. What is that?
Cogito ergo sum is a Latin statement.
By Renee Decart, it means...
I think therefore I am.
I think hence I am here.
Dr. Karan,
your philosophy knowledge is very good.
But is there anything
useful in these things?
By which we can really
find help about Palak's...
...kidnapping your brother's missing case?
Any practical thing.
Did Palak say something?
Any unusual thing when
she came to meet you.
No ma'am. It was a normal meeting.
- There was nothing...
- Ma'am.
There's a problem.
What happened now?
Hey! Switch on the TV.
'Breaking news from Bhopal.'
'The video of serial killer is viral now.'
'Although his face has a
mask and he can't be identified.'
- 'Let's show you the...'
- How did the media get the tape?
It means it's leaked.
No one had this video beside our team.
It means it has been leaked from here.
Is this an investigation or circus?
Who leaked this video?
- Yadav!
- Ma'am.
It went to my wife by mistake.
Did you see the outcome
of sending it to your wife?
Owasi will fuck us, will you go there?
Is this some drama?
Yes. Ma'am.
The video has come from Palak's number.
How did it come from Palak's number?
Ma'am, possibly when he caught
Palak he must have released the video.
As you were not with him.
What does this man want?
What is his problem?
The problem is not with the killer but you.
You feel you are the best.
But in life,
someone or the other is better than us.
Somewhere he feels you will solve the case.
Please calm down.
You are able to solve this case.
Thank you Dr. Karan.
Umm... do one thing. Go home.
We will give you any information
we get about your brother.
Thank you for the sound advice.
- Brother, it is not getting solved.
- Look at it carefully.
Life is also like this.
Our whole life is like this Rubik's Cube.
If you want to solve this then here...
Stability should be there.
And if you want to live life well
then you need these three things.
Take this.
This was easy.
I couldn't do it.
It was easy?
Try it.
I can't solve this small cube.
And you gave me a big one.
I don't have a mind like yours.
The day you solve it.
Consider that day you are matured than me.
Many things happen in life.
Which doesn't exist.
It is only in our mind.
Like placebo effect.
It doesn't exist.
You have an exam tomorrow.
Do one thing.
Make a video.
And read it.
Please have a seat.
You know.
Communism has a big physiological flaw.
Let me explain you by telling a true story.
About a baby girl.
When Dolly was a child.
She was separated from her
mother and sold in a black market.
The person who bought her kept her chained.
He hit her daily.
He didn't give her food and drink.
She was repeatedly raped.
In the end that demon killed Dolly.
We feel sad for Dolly.
My question is.
How much?
Is it how attached...
...I am to Dolly?
If Dolly was in my inner circle.
Inner circle meaning the people I love.
Mom. Dad.
Boyfriend, girlfriend.
Best friend.
Then I wish to kill that bastard.
If an incident takes place
in our city with someone.
Then I may take out a candle march.
But if the same thing happens
in some other part of our country.
Then my anger is shown
on a 'Facebook' post.
So deep down.
We all are very selfish human beings.
And Marx didn't include our
nature in the theory of communism.
And that's why it failed.
The people who are anxious,
let me tell you that Dolly was a goat.
A goat.
Would you feel sad in the same manner?
Sometimes we feel all the meat
exporters should be shot to death.
Great, great murders.
Brother, what are you doing?
I told you to knock when
you see the door closed.
Give me some good news, Osawa.
- Did you find out anything?
- Look.
All the three killings
are done in one pattern.
Secondly there are no marks on anybody.
Can you imagine?
How can someone do this work so perfectly?
This Rascal's perfection
has kept has on hooks.
Everyone loves his perfection. One is here.
- Perfection.
- Huh?
Then learn this perfection.
No sir.
This department is perfect in one thing.
Body weight.
Will you run?
Yes Karan.
Please check the
professions of all the killings.
If what I am thinking is right.
Then I know who the killer is.
- Nadeem, all the victims were businessmen.
- Yes. - What was their profession?
All were meat exporters.
Karan, these victims were meat exporters.
And the last one had animal
production and poultry breeding farm.
Antibiotic is used for animal
production and animal breeding.
I was right.
About what?
My brother is behind all this.
Sir, I don't understand one thing.
If his brother is the
killer then where is Mate?
He is at my home, stupid.
Don't be smart.
Sir, are you joking?
- Nadeem, is this the house?
- Yes.
Why are you doing this, brother?
Please come in.
- Hi!
- Hello!
Please! Please have a seat!
Actually the forensic team is with us.
We wanted some samples from Ronak's room.
Yes. The room here belongs to him.
It has his belongings.
And this side is the kitchen.
Yadav. Pratiksha, kitchen. Nadeem!
Let's go.
Please stay here.
I want some information from you.
Shiva, collect the samples quickly.
- I want each and every finger print.
- Absolutely.
So tell me, Mr. Karan.
Why do you feel your brother
is involved in these killings?
Brother stayed in his room
alone since a few months.
He didn't allow me in his room as well.
All the killings are of meat exporters.
I know. So?
Brother believed if animal killing is not
stopped. Then humans will have to suffer.
Okay. That is his thought process.
But it doesn't mean your
brother is doing these killings.
He used to read a book.
As per this book,
all the sicknesses in this world...
...is because of anti-biotic resistance.
Which we are using more on animals.
To increase their breeding capacity feed to,
weight ratio.
This is very crucial. Take this.
Mr. Karan.
What has the anti-biotic resistance
got to do with these killings?
There's an involvement
of anti-biotic resistance.
All the pandemic in the world SARS,
Ebola, Mers.
These happened because of eating animals.
Brother said if animal
killing is not stopped...
...then soon there will be a next pandemic.
Something is smelling.
We are not prepared for that.
This boy has kept dirt around.
Shiva! Take a finger print of this too.
Thank you Mr. Karan.
Do tell me if you have any
other information about Ronak.
Ma'am, make sure you nab him soon.
Because he's very smart.
Everyone believes he's very smart.
But some time or the other he
does a mistake. A human nature.
Listen. Keep this as well.
Can you solve this?
How much will you give me?
Ronak solved it in 5 minutes.
Ma'am, done.
- Got everything.
- Yes.
- Sure.
- Sure.
Let's go.
- Tell me when you get the information.
- Sure.
Let's eat. I am very hungry.
Sister was tired behaving
normal in front of the world.
But how long?
It is said,
no matter how huge your problem is.
Focus on the solution.
And my sister was trying to do that.
Mr. Nadeem!
Where is Miss Adhira?
At home. Why?
Sir, he is a sketch artist.
He will do Mate's sketch.
- Will you sketch?
- Yes absolutely.
Take him to Mr. Soni's wife.
Okay sir. Come with me.
Hey you!
I gave you to find a location
of a number yesterday.
- Did you find it?
- Sir, I already gave it.
- Whom?
- To Yadav.
Am I mad?
I asked for the location.
You should give it to me not Yadav.
- Get it now.
- Right sir.
Sir. Sir. I didn't do anything. Honestly.
Then how did your DNA sample match?
Do one thing, when you will be
presented to court after a few days.
- Then tell me.
- Sir! Sir!
The evening that I went,
I remember a man dashed me.
After that it started bleeding from here.
Do you remember the face?
No sir. He said sorry and left.
So many dash me throughout the day.
I won't remember everyone's face.
Are you kidding me?
- Go and sit.
- Honestly. - Go. - Sir!
- Where is it?
- Madam's residence.
- Which madam?
- Adhira's residence.
Oh no.
Placebo effect is the most
of use to make fool in India.
Politicians use this mostly.
They don't work. But show...
The video is from the same number.
Go and track the location. Run!
- Come here. Come here.
- Sir, I didn't do anything.
Look here. Have you seen him before?
- No sir.
- Did you meet him? - No.
Tell me the truth or I will bash you up.
Speak the truth.
Honestly, I swear. I never saw him.
Honestly sir.
Oh no.
This is Ronak, Karan's brother.
- What?
- Location.
Yes Nadeem!
Ma'am, Ronak is the killer.
His second video has come.
He didn't speak of killing in this video.
Ma'am, the number is same again.
Palak's number.
And the location is your house.
Be careful!
Just a minute, Nadeem!
I got a message from Palak's number.
I will check and call up.
Okay listen. Call up Osawa.
And tell him,
to match Ronak's sample right now.
The media shouldn't get this video. Get it?
Alright ma'am.
- Listen!
- Yes sir.
If this video is leaked then we all
will be in trouble, remember that.
Yadav! Please remember.
- Ma'am, what have I done?
- Reform yourself.
Hello! Yes Shiva.
All the samples we found in the morning...
...tell Osawa, we want a report
on them by tomorrow morning.
It's very urgent.
Yes Nadeem! I found Palak's phone.
I want Ronak arrested by tomorrow.
And listen. Call Karan.
Call Karan tomorrow. He is helping us.
Alright. Send a guy here.
We have to track the phone.
Good morning.
Pratiksha, is Palak's phone accessible?
- Nadeem is aware of it.
- Where is he?
- Is Palak's phone accessible?
- It's getting done.
- Where is Karan?
- Inside.
Is he your brother?
'Fooling people'.
Why is he doing this?
'Politicians use this mostly.'
I have no idea.
Ronak wanted to change the world.
Please come in.
Please have a seat, Dr. Karan.
Can you tell us what Placebo effect is?
Ronak was researching on Placebo.
But what is the connection of this theory...
...with your brother and our case?
Can you give some details?
Which means which is existing.
But not seen.
But it has an effect.
Dr. Karan, I'm sorry.
Don't go into these complicated theory.
Try to explain in simple
words what relevance...
...is Placebo theory
with our investigation?
What is the connection
with your brother's activity?
- Masturbation is the best example.
You know you trick your brain.
To believe you are with someone.
You trick your brain to
achieve the organism.
And boom!
But you are all alone.
There is no one with you. That's Placebo.
Nice theory.
You are very creative.
Hello! Yes.
The samples from Ronak's room
and the samples from the spot matched.
- Get an arrest warrant in Ronak's name.
- Alright.
Dr. Karan, I'm very sorry.
I know you are close to your
brother but we have to do this. And...
Palak is also equally close to me. So...
...it is very important I find
Ronak even on a personal front.
I hope you will co-operate.
Nadeem! Ma'am is here.
- Take her picture and details.
- Okay.
What happened?
That girl who was coming since
a month for the missing report...
...I told her to get the
pictures and write the details.
- Dr. Karan.
Thank you!
You can go sir.
All the best!
Thank you!
Take care of yourself, Dr. Karan.
Possibly Ronak will try to contact you.
So be alert.
I know my brother.
He will never contact me.
Now he has become the
the very definition of SAS.
Escort Dr. Karan out.
Pandey, is our team ready?
Then get them ready.
What a man!
'Get Ronak's arrest warrant ready.'
'I know you are close to your
brother but we have to do this.'
'Our whole life is like this Rubiks cube.'
'If you have to solve this then
here calmness, sharpness.'
'Stability should be there.'
'If you want to live life well
then you need these three things.'
'I can't solve this small cube.'
'And you gave me this huge cube.'
'I am not as smart as you.'
'The day you solve it,
consider yourself more matured than me.'
What is the...
Palak's phone is showing
connected to 'WhatsApp' web.
- Do we have the location?
- Here.
- This location is of Karan's residence.
- Yes.
Ma'am, this is Mate's sketch.
Yes Osawa.
We took the hair sample from Ronak's room,
That DNA matches with Mate's sample.
Many things happen in life.
Which don't exist.
But it is in our mind.
Like Placebo effect.
Mate's DNA sample was
found in Ronak's room.
So are Mate and Ronak connected?
- Sir!
- What is this mess?
Look here.
'The samples from Ronak's
room and spot samples matched... '
Ma'am! Ma'am! How do you know.
Ma'am, he is my fiance.
He's missing since last three months.
Three months.
Yes. Whenever I go to his house
either I find his house locked.
Or I meet his brother who
says his brother is not at home.
- Who? Dr. Karan.
- Yes.
Bhidekar Police station.
There is an odour coming
from that boy's house.
We are upset.
Alright. We are coming.
Which brother? Dr. Karan.
A neighbour of Karan called up.
His house is open and
there's some bad odour.
Hello everyone!
This is going to be my last lecture.
So I would like to deviate a bit.
I hope, you guys don't mind.
Bloody both brother making fool to us.
Let's go.
Life is like a cycle.
In which humans have separate place.
And animals have separate place.
But today, humans are killing animals.
For their benefit, taste.
For business.
Imagine if animals start killing us.
For their benefit.
My brother had done a
research on a similar topic.
- According to him.
All the viruses...
...SARS, Ebola.
Where did it come from? From animals.
My brother is with me all the time.
My brother is always with me.
Nadeem! Go.
Yadav, kitchen.
Brother says a day will come
when the entire world will suffer.
We have suffered earlier.
From Swine flu.
Ebola. But we controlled every time.
But how long?
Pandey, do you feel the smell?
He ran away.
I actually finished a book about Karma.
- It's good.
- Really?
- Yes.
- Sir, can I take it for reading.
It's outside on the table.
Okay thank you sir.
Can I take one selfie with you, please!
Just a second sir.
this time the number is of Palak again.
And the location is your house.
Oh no! He is making a fool of us.
Ma'am! It's clear.
I will tell you a true story.
Which my brother told me.
Story about a beautiful baby girl!
At a young age,
Dolly was separated from her mother.
And sold in black market.
The person who bought Dolly he chained her.
He didn't give her to eat.
She had been repeatedly raped.
And one day that demon killed her.
We feel sad for Dolly.
My question is, how much?
You feel very sad.
And if I say Dolly was a goat.
Just a goat.
You will still feel sad for her.
Sometimes you feel
all the meat exporters...
...should be shot to death.
So I killed.
My brother died.
Three months ago.
Because of Swine flu.
Doctors said the mortality
rate is point 5 percent.
We will save him.
But we couldn't save him.
I can see my brother.
In fact I didn't let my
brother go away from me.
Look here. He's standing here.
He's with me all the time.
A big round of applause for Ronak Sehgal.
- Did you check under the bed?
- Everything.
- Desk.
- Nothing.
What is it ma'am?
Vinegar sodium bicarbonate.
Why? To clear the smell.
Last time we found dead rats.
I can still see my brother.
He is always with me.
why don't you allow me in your room?
So that I don't get infected.
Isn't it?
Cogito ergo sum I didn't
understand the meaning.
Stay away.
I told you to know the
door before coming in.
I forgot.
- Forgot.
- I had told you about cogito ergo sum.
I think.
Do one thing. Make a video recording.
Don't ask again.
And these people who
are infected with mind.
What about them? Fucking bastard.
Ma'am, both ran away.
Remove it.
Will you drink water?
Yes. I will rest. I am very tired.
You achieved a lot in
this shot span of life.
I don't know what else you will do.
Don't talk about tiredness already.
What are you doing?
I am thinking.
What are you thinking?
Cogito ergo sum.
I think therefore I am here.
Your existence is your thinking.
Kick it.
Tessera Fonos.
Fourth killing.
Mate was the fourth killing.
It means Motilal is framed.
Karan, where is Palak?
Tell me,
you and your brother will be arrested.
I couldn't save Ronak anyway.
Where is Palak, Karan?
- With brother.
- Hello!
Hello! Hello!
Where is Palak?
Lift it.
Yes. Ronak died three months ago.
Since then Karan was
suffering from split personality.
And I was alive.
Just like Ronak was
important for Professor Karan.
In the same way me, for my sister.
Professor Karan created a
similar room for his brother.
Dark and sad.
Which was a reflection of
professor Karan's behaviour.
Yes. A reflection.
Right or wrong.
It's just a perspective.
I don't know whether professor
Karan was right or wrong.
Maybe he chose a wrong
path for a right cause.
Sometimes a person can learn
more by losing than succeeding.
There are many problems in the world.
Which are unsolved.
Like professor Karan gone missing.
And this case for sister.
But it's also true.
Sometimes solutions
to problems are with us.
And we, ignore them.
Human mind is just like this Rubik's cube.
Not at all tuned.
To bring all the colours together.
You need to use our mind.
As per professor Karan killing animal
is easy as long as they are animals.
What if he is a human?
Most of the world's population is
now living after lockdown future.
Because of the virus. There are over
3 billion people in 70 country territory...
...have been asked to stay at home.
There are now 1000 Covid cases.
'Corona Virus is
spreading rapidly in India.'
'The scientist say the virus has
come to humans from animals.'
'Due to which more than
1 lakh people have died.'
Oh no!
The pandemic has
spread in the whole nation.
Go for a long vacation.
Long vacation.
Enjoy at home.
TV and wife.