Mimesis (2011) Movie Script

"Night of the Living Dead. "
The dead who live on living flesh.
The dead whose haunted souls
hunt the living.
The living whose bodies
are the only food
for these ungodly creatures.
"Night of the Living Dead. "
May! No!
A man is sick
and tired of working.
So he goes into his job one day
and starts blowing people away
with a semiautomatic handgun.
A kid is fed up
with his classmates and elders,
so he walks in the school
and starts shooting everybody.
And parents and officials
quickly gather
to figure out which movie it was
that caused this kind of behavior.
Whose fault is it?
Besides their own, of course.
Is it this movie?
Is it that movie?
And there's never anybody saying,
"Excuse me,
the guy was disturbed. "
No, no.
It's our fault.
I have personally been sued twice
and I take it as a compliment.
And it's not too bad for sales either.
Wow, that's... that's hilarious.
- What? Sucks.
- Men have been killing men
for a lot longer than I've been
walking the Earth, I'll tell you that.
And it probably
wouldn't be so disturbing
if we didn't have to hear about it
every time some guy went nuts.
The truth of the matter is this.
We are capable of heinous crimes,
yet we're always shocked to find out
that our neighbor
is not John Wayne Gacy.
I mean, big deal.
My parents used to live
right next to Jeffrey Dahmer in Ohio.
- Shh.
- Why are you shush...
- why are you turning around?
- No!
Your neighbor
is not John Wayne Gacy
because that's not the world
we live in.
We don't live in
"Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood,"
we live in hell.
You have a serious problem
if this guy's your hero. Serious.
Your neighbor is not content
with playing violent video games
- or watching terror porn.
- "Terror porn"?
No, no, this guy wants something
much more than that.
He wants to live it.
He wants to smell it.
He wants to taste it.
Today's sicko...
wants the real thing.
Yeah, he should know
'cause he's a sick man.
He should know.
- Clap. Clap.
- I'm not clapping.
I'm not clapping.
Everything he said is bullshit.
- Shut up.
- That's horrible.
When we was in line, he was a joke.
We got to the table, he was a joke.
- He's not a joke.
- And after we left, he still a joke.
- He's my hero you're talking about, D.
- It's a problem, that's your hero.
It's a serious problem
that that is your... hero.
Did you see? It's like Halloween
at the sorority house right now.
- Did you see that?
- No, I didn't see it.
- Did you see...
- I didn't see it.
You're a fan. You're staring
at the autograph? Seriously?
Okay, I'm not just a fan.
It's more than that. It's like a...
How do I explain this?
It's like a culture, okay?
- It's a lifestyle...
- It's a waste of time.
- It's a waste of time?
- Yes.
How is it a waste of time?
How is this a waste of time?
You can't fuck it.
- No, you can't fuck it.
- I know.
If you can't taste it,
it's not real. It's a fantasy.
Well, this made it a little bit
more real for me, okay?
On a fake script?
That's what we taught her.
- Thank you so much.
- Wow.
Can you say Child Services?
Stupid parents bring their kids
to these things
thinking they're frickin'
Drew Barrymore or some shit.
The energy put into that could go
into something more productive.
Sports, music, something.
I'm sorry. I just started doing
my thing right next to you.
I'll get out of your way
as soon as I find...
Don't worry, don't worry.
Take your time, take your time.
Attention, horror fans.
Tickets are still available...
- My name's Judith.
- Duane.
- Hi.
- Let me guess.
Yeah. How did...
How'd you...
Yeah, right. Russell.
You guys been here before?
- Eighth year.
- I haven't...
I like it. This is my fifth.
- I'm sure I've seen you before.
- Yeah. Yeah, you probably have.
This is kind of a new look for me.
What do ya think?
It looks... it looks good.
- Thanks.
- Lt looks real good.
So hey, listen.
I know of a little party going on
this evening if you guys are interested.
- Hell, yeah, we interested.
- You know what?
Thanks for the invite,
but we actually...
we're not going to be able to make it
because we got like a three-hour drive...
We would...
we would love to go.
Cool. Just don't mention it
to anyone.
It's invite only.
Very exclusive.
All right.
So will you be there?
I guess you'll have to come
and find out.
Okay. Okay.
L'ma come and find out.
Yes, I will.
- What was she on?
- Yes, I will.
- Did you see that?
- What was she on?
What are you on?
We can't go to a party.
- I'm on that. That's what I'm on.
- Good. Go ahead.
- I can't go to a party.
- Why can't you go?
Because I have to go to work
because I value my job.
- You can call a day off.
- I can't call a day off.
- You can make up something.
- Listen, I'm not going.
I think we're lost.
I think we should just go home.
How did I know
you were gonna say that?
- How did I know that?
- Clearly there's nothing down there.
"Clearly there's nothing
down there. " Yeah.
L... give me that. Let me see that.
Let me see the card.
- What is...
- It's hard to read the one part.
- Yeah, 'cause you sweated all over it.
- Okay, well, it's hot.
Maybe if you had an air conditioner,
I wouldn't be sweating so much.
- Maybe it wouldn't be a problem.
- Wow. Maybe if you had a car,
then you could comment
on my air conditioner.
Maybe then, maybe then.
- I sweat a lot, okay?
- Well, I know you sweat a lot,
but you don't have to
talk about my car.
It's a condition.
I have this thing where I sweat.
- Apologize.
- Apologize?! I'm not gonna apologize.
- Are you serious?
- Yes, I'm...
My God!
- Whoo!
- Let's go, let's go.
- Okay, okay. All right.
- Let's go, let's go.
- We got some jokesters here.
- Let's leave.
Look at this guy. Wow.
Wow. Look at that.
Let's party, baby.
- Let's party.
- All right.
Loosen up. You're biting...
you're biting your nails.
- I do it sometimes...
- Hey, look.
I'm not usually one to brag,
but I've got autographs from
the entire cast of "Carnival of Souls. "
The original cult classic.
Took me eight years
and 12 horror cons,
- but got every last one of them, man.
- Wow.
Shit, I even got an autograph
from Herk Harvey.
I mean, you guys know
who Herk Harvey is, right?
- Yeah.
- The director of "Carnival of Souls. "
The guy was a genius.
A revolutionary.
- Had he not made that movie, we...
- Shh.
We're at a party.
Relax. Have a good time.
- I'm relaxed.
- What is this guy saying?
Yeah. I'm having a good time.
Hey, yo. What time do you wanna...
what time do you wanna get going?
Do you wanna go soon?
- We just got here. Relax.
- No, I know.
It's just hard for me to relax
knowing I have to work in the morning.
- Like, early. Really early.
- Yeah, look.
Grow some balls
and then just call tomorrow
- and tell them you got a flat.
- No, I can't do that.
I'm like, kind of
in charge of people.
- Do this for me, do this for me.
- I can't... no.
- Do this... no.
- Really?
We just got here. Shit.
Hey, you're the guys
from the convention.
- Yeah.
- Thanks a lot, asshole.
Come on. Take it easy, please.
- You know these guys?
- Yeah.
They were talking the whole time
I was trying to listen
to the guest speaker.
Especially this one.
We were talking that loud.
I mean, maybe if he
wasn't full of crap,
you wouldn't be interested
in what we were talking about.
will survive forever
'cause somehow, some way,
we're all John Wayne Gacy's
Hey... I'ma be right back.
- No, no, no. Wait.
- L'ma be right back.
- Give me this. You won't need it.
- Okay. No...
Good. Yeah, I'll just...
I'll be right here.
No, okay, that's fine.
Yeah? Good.
Stop it!
Exclusive, my ass!
I told you there wouldn't be
any producers here.
- Slow down.
- Yeah, it was just a bunch of stupid.
- Little punks getting stoned.
- You're the one that wanted...
Hey, where'd we park our car?
I don't know.
- Which car did we bring?
- Where did we park our car?
- Which car did we drive?
- Stop yelling.
Nobody's yelling at you.
- Son of a bitch.
- Unbelievable.
All right, come on.
You can drive.
I need my glasses.
I don't know where I am.
Why didn't you bring
your goddamn glasses?
Stop swearing.
Wake up.
Time to play.
What the hell?
Fucking keg beer.
Where the hell are we?
What are you wearing?
What am I wearing?
I don't remember changing
into these clothes.
Me neither.
- Where is everyone?
- I don't know.
Lexis better have my shit.
- Maybe this guy knows.
- What's wrong with him?
He's probably still drunk.
- Really drunk.
- Hey, where's everyone at?
Ls the party back that way?
I don't know about this guy.
Let's go.
No, he's gotta know something.
Excuse me.
Seriously, I don't think
this guy was at the party.
Of course he was at the party.
He's just messing with us.
No, seriously, man.
We don't know where we are.
We just... we need
to get back to our friends.
No, I...
yeah, I get it.
Yeah, I got it.
Hey. Whoa, hey, hey!
Hey, get off of him!
Get off of him!
- Hey, what's going on?
- We have to get out of here.
- You okay?
- Get in the truck. Get in the truck.
- What's the matter?
- We have to get out of here.
Get in the truck.
Start it, start the truck.
- Get in.
- There's no keys.
What is wrong...?
Where you going?
There's no phone. Fuck.
Hey, what's going on?
We have to come inside, please.
Please, come inside.
Look, I'm not going anywhere
without you telling me what's going on.
They're after me.
Who's after you?
The fucking...
the fucking zombies.
Okay, don't you mean guys dressed up
as zombies from the party?
No, no, I woke up
in a cemetery in these clothes
and my... our phones
were missing and my purse.
And then this zombie came out
of nowhere and just starting biting him.
On his neck,
and there was blood.
Biting... biting who?
Who are you talking about?
Your friend. Your friend.
Your friend, he's dead.
- What?
- Your friend...
he just started biting him
and there was blood everywhere.
What are you talking about?
Are you high?
You think this is a joke?
Where's Russell?
I'm not joking!
He just came out of nowhere
and he started biting his neck.
Where's Russell?
No, don't go.
They're gonna kill you, too.
You're gonna be okay.
Shh. I think there's someone up there.
Don't make me shush.
They're gonna hear us. Shh.
Hey, let us in.
Let us in.
Open up.
Okay, come on. Come on.
Go get me some water.
Get some water!
Come on, Russ.
Everything's gonna be okay.
We going home.
Okay? We going home.
Where's the water?!
Stay with me. Look at me.
Come on, come on.
Drink this, drink this.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, Russ.
Come on, Russ.
Drink this.
Come on, come on, come on.
Come on, Russ.
Come on, Russ. Russ, Russ.
Russ, everything's gonna be okay.
I promise. I promise, okay?
Look at me. Look at me.
Look at me, Russ.
Russ, stay with me! Russ! Russ!
Look, watch him. Okay?
Watch him.
I think there's
someone here with us.
- What?
- I heard talking in the vents.
We gotta go.
Hold this.
- You're in different clothes, too.
- Yeah, I know.
Wait here.
I guess we didn't go back in time.
Look, I told you
to stay down there with Russell.
I heard a noise.
- Who is that?
- I don't know.
Let's go.
Hold this, hold this.
How many did you see?
Do you think there's more?
I don't know. Did you see one?
No, I ain't seen nothing.
- There's a zombie out there.
- Could you quit saying that?
Zombies don't exist.
We need to get him
to a hospital.
I told you! I fucking told you!
Come on, get in the house!
- We gotta get back in the house!
- Stop it!
- Come on, get in the house!
- Stop!
- We gotta get back in the house!
- Stop it, stop it.
We have to get back
in the house!
- Please, get in the house!
- Stop!
Please! Get back in the house!
Get in the house!
I told you.
I fucking told you.
I told you there were
zombies out there.
- Shut up.
- Did you see them?
- Did you see their faces?
- Shut up!
He wasn't gonna make it anyway.
Yes, I know that.
You made that perfectly clear.
Thank you.
What we gonna do?
What the fuck we gonna do?
I saw three of them out there.
Think there's more?
I don't know.
- Zombies usually travel in...
- Could you quit... zombies don't exist!
They don't!
Did you see this?
Damn it! Did you lock us down here,
you son of a bitch?!
- No! Look, no!
- Hold on one second.
- He's with us.
- With us, my ass.
He's the one who tried
to attack us with that pole.
- What?
- He was at the party, too.
Look, I'm sorry, man.
Been down here a long time.
We didn't know.
Yeah, well, how do we know that he's not
the one who locked us down here?
And how do we know that he's not
the one who drugged us
and put us in these
ridiculous clothes?
Look, these aren't
my clothes either.
Then how did you get down here?
I found some keys upstairs.
That's how I got down here.
- Fuck you.
- Hey, just shut up a second, all right?
You by yourself?
I'm coming with you.
Open up. There's people down here.
They're like us.
They got a little girl with them.
What was that?
Keith, my God.
Beg your pardon. Excuse me.
Little girl coming through.
Pardon me.
- Have you seen Alexis?
- No, I thought she was with you.
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Jesus Christ. My God.
- What is it, Daddy?
- It's nothing, honey.
It's just a dead bird on the porch.
Take her back, take her back.
What the fuck
is going on out there?
Who is that?
- You wanna know who that is?
- Yeah well, I asked, didn't I?
- Don't you walk away from me.
- Get off of me, man.
- Daddy?
- It's all right, baby.
Look, we've been locked up in that
cellar down there for 24 hours
freezing our asses off.
I think we have the right
to know what's going on, man.
Why I look like this and like we've
come out of some damn time machine.
You're right.
That's my best friend out there.
He was eaten
and attacked by zombies.
You know what? Fuck you.
I'm taking my family,
we're getting out of here.
- I'm gonna find my car.
- I wouldn't go out there if I was you.
Why, because I'm gonna
get eaten by zombies?
It's true.
Really? You're in on it, too?
You know what?
I wouldn't trust any of ya.
I think you're all high
on dope or something.
- You don't believe me?
- I don't believe you.
Follow me.
Looks like he's been here
a while.
At least a week.
I think dogs did this.
No, it wasn't no dogs.
- You're saying a man did this?
- It wasn't a man.
Who is he?
Look like the owner of the house.
Yeah? How do you know that?
'Cause of what he got on.
- Daddy?
- I said stay put!
- Karl, please!
- How 'bout you calm down, man?
How 'bout you don't tell me
to calm down?
Try explaining things to her,
then maybe she won't be scared.
- Explaining?
- Yes.
Why don't you explain to me
what's going on
so I can explain to her,
because you know what?
Right now I don't have
the slightest clue of what's going on.
- Honey.
- Stop.
- You really don't know?
- No.
No one else sees
what's going on here?
Well, you're all fans
of horror movies, aren't ya?
Let me spell it out
for you, then.
- "Night of the Living Dead. "
- The movie?
I have no idea
what the hell's going on.
This is
"Night of the Living Dead. "
We're all dressed like
characters from the movie.
I mean, hell, even the house.
Look, in "Night of the Living Dead,"
seven people are trapped in a farmhouse
and they're being attacked by...
But what about your friend?
Hey, guys? You know what,
I think you've all watched
one too many horror films, and we are
gonna get the hell outta here.
- That's right.
- Look, Karl.
- Do not go outside.
- Don't you tell me what to do.
- You trying to die?
- Come on, we are outta here.
I know it's hard for you to believe,
it's hard for me to believe it as well.
Look, I would love to sit around
and talk to you guys all day
about vampires and zombies.
It's very, very exciting.
But I'm getting my wife, my kid,
we're getting the heck outta here.
Look, I wouldn't go out there
if I was you.
Yeah, you know what?
The way I see it,
there's a dead guy out there
and there's a dead guy up there
and this is no place
that we wanna be.
So, honey, we're getting the car,
we're getting the key,
- let's get outta here.
- All right.
Come on, let's go.
I wanna go now.
Okay, good luck.
Shit. Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Back in! Back in!
Holy shit! Holy shit!
- Fuck!
- What the fuck was that?!
That's what I've been
trying to tell you!
- What was it?!
- Help me get a table.
All right, just prop it up.
All right, great, great.
This is good.
All right,
let's grab the other ones.
Let's get these other windows.
Come on.
Good job.
- Let's go. Come on.
- Are you serious?
Would you mind
putting that out, please?
- Are you kidding?
- What are you looking at?
- That truck.
- What about that truck?
- There's no keys.
- How do you know that?
- I woke up in that truck.
- You woke up in that truck out there?
- Yeah.
- Just like in the movie.
What's with you guys and
"Night of the Living Dead" movie crap?
Well, Karl, in
"Night of the Living Dead,"
the black character...
no offense, man...
arrives at the farmhouse
in a red truck.
You know what, I bet it was
that bastard who invited us here
- who set us up.
- Who invited you?
Some young guy who liked
my daughter's headshots.
Little prick.
Why, who invited you guys?
I... I don't remember.
I wonder if it was
the same guy that invited us.
If we could figure that out,
maybe we'll be able to figure out
who's behind all this.
What, then call the cops?
I'm just saying.
We could at least figure out
how many of them there are.
- Well, I saw at least three of them.
- All right, three.
That's a start.
You know what,
I bet I could hot-wire that truck.
And how you gonna get
to that truck without getting killed?
- Daddy?
- Watch out.
It's okay, sweetheart. It's all right.
Can you keep it down?
He's right. I mean, come on.
You're not exactly
an Olympic runner.
We know there's three of them,
but there could easily be
10 or 15 of them out there.
I don't think going out there
with a tennis racket is gonna cut it.
Do you?
All right.
So we'll set up some sort
of diversion or something.
Look, I saw a shed in the back
when I was upstairs
looking through the window.
Yeah, so?
There might be some stuff
in there we could use.
Yeah, how do you know
there's anything in there?
- It's worth a shot.
- Yeah, I don't know.
I think the truck's
the best bet.
Look, I think the truck
is a trap.
Yeah, I'm with him, man.
Could be a trap.
Look, it's only a matter of time
before they come in here bustin' up...
Look, all I'm saying
is rather than just sit here
and do what they think we're gonna do,
we be prepared.
So what I can do
is I can go to the shed
and if they see me
or if I'm in any trouble, I'll scream.
And if and when that happens,
you go for the truck.
That can be your diversion.
- Okay?
- Okay, all right.
- Only if you hear, though.
- Yeah, I got it.
Okay, okay.
I'm gonna want you
to take Kyra downstairs.
- Okay, baby?
- Okay.
That situation has now changed.
We're able to report
a definite course of action for you.
Civil Defense machinery
has been organized
to provide rescue stations
with food, shelter,
medical treatment, and protection
by armed National Guardsmen.
Stay tuned to the broadcasting stations
in your local area
for this list of rescue stations.
This list will be repeated
throughout our news coverage.
- Hey.
- Look for the name of the rescue...
Hey, they're saying we gotta get
to a rescue station.
Make your way
to that location as soon as possible.
Called this afternoon
by the president...
- Fuck me!
- ... presidential cabinet, the FBI...
Are you seeing this?
CIA has not
produced any public information...
Rescue station.
Whoa! What...
- Fuck.
- You scared the shit outta me, man.
Sorry, man.
I can't see fuck all up here.
- I thought you were one of them.
- What you doing up here?
Looking for Karl.
He's supposed to be
watching the front door.
He took off on me.
You haven't seen him?
No! Johnny! Help me!
Why'd you do that?!
They're using it to distract us.
Looks like they're feeding us footage
from outside connections somewhere.
I wouldn't be surprised
if they're watching us right now.
- Nice.
- Thanks.
I killed one.
He's in the barn.
So what happens next
in the movie?
I don't know.
It's been a long time.
The girl shows up to the house,
black guy arrives,
some zombies...
Look, why don't you just
fast-forward the movie?
I didn't see a DVD player.
It's a good thing no one's tried
to start that truck up, though.
- Why's that?
- Well, 'cause in the movie...
it blows up.
What's that?
- Karl!
- No, Karl!
- Outta the car!
- Get outta the truck!
- Get out of the truck!
- Get back in the house!
What are you doing?!
Fuck, fuck!
- Get outta the truck!
- Karl!
- Get outta the truck!
- Karl!
I got it!
- I got it!
- No! Hell, no!
Get outta the truck!
- What's going on?
- Get in the house!
- Where's Karl?
- Stop it!
Where's Karl?
Come on, baby. Come on, baby.
Take her inside.
He's still alive!
He's still alive!
Somebody help him!
- He needs our...
- Stay in the house!
- Stand back.
- He's alive!
- We have to go after him!
- I can't let you go out there!
I can't!
Think about your daughter!
Do you want to risk
your own life for that?
I am going out there!
To hell with him!
- Please, let me!
- No, no, no, no, no.
- I can't! I'm sorry.
- Please, let me!
I'm sorry. He's gone!
I'm sorry.
how many people survived
the "Night of the Living Dead"?
They're coming, man!
Come on!
They're coming!
Take the girls
down to the basement.
Let's go, go.
Downstairs, downstairs. Now.
Everyone, downstairs.
Now! Go, go!
Help! Please!
- Help!
- I'll get you, get you.
- Get the fuck off her!
- Fucking asshole!
- No!
- Help!
No, get away!
Mommy! Mommy!
Get away from her!
Get away from her!
Get away!
You all right?
Yeah, I'm okay, I'm okay.
I got you now, motherfucker.
Where you at?
Shit! Who the fuck are you?
See these?
Swear to God if you don't...
- I'll cut your fuckin' neck...
- My name is Owen.
I just killed a guy downstairs.
For all I know,
his name was Owen.
Look, I just went
to this party last night
and I don't know...
I just... I just woke up here.
- You woke up here?
- Yeah.
- Shit!
- It's me, it's me!
Who are you?
My name is Owen.
- It's okay. He's with us.
- What you mean he's with us?
He woke up here, too.
- Where?
- Ln there.
In there? I searched in there.
I've been moving around.
I thought you guys were after me.
Yeah, no, that makes sense.
When we heard you guys upstairs,
we kept quiet down in the basement.
Yeah, besides,
if he wanted me dead,
he had his chance.
- Hey, what are you doing?
- Nothing.
Nothing at all.
Well, I mean,
we got three zombies down, right?
And one more on our team.
Hey, but...
it doesn't make
any sense, though.
I mean,
in the "Night of the Living Dead,"
it was the black guy,
the blonde,
the husband, the wife,
the daughter...
and there were
two other people, right?
Yeah, so?
Where does this guy
come into play?
Night of the what?
Living dead.
You almost had me,
you son of a bitch.
Look, please don't kill me!
I'm sorry! I didn't mean to do it!
- I'm not a monster!
- Why are they doing this?
Look, you don't know
these guys, okay?
They're thrill seekers.
This shit gets them off.
"Why watch a horror movie
when you can live one?"
That's... that's
what Benjamin says.
So these sickos
are making a snuff film?
No, they're living one.
Shit! Get in the room.
- Get in the room!
- Shit.
- Come on!
- Fucker.
- Guys, wait!
- Come on!
Guys, wait! Guys!
Come on, guys!
No! No!
Owen, man, how many are there?
Six? Seven?
He's dead.
I remember...
I remember I asked Russell
if he believed in God.
And you wanna know
what he told me?
He told me that this is hell.
That we're in hell right now.
That it's this
alternate reality
where only good people go
and nothing bad happens to 'em.
I'm starting to believe that.
His birthday was next week.
If I would've just...
just stopped and listened to him...
he might be alive right now.
But I'm just always
thinking of myself.
I've seen this before.
Yeah, so have I.
That bitch.
Does this look familiar
to anyone?
- No.
- No?
You sure?
Take a better look.
I mean, really,
get a good look.
- Stay away from me.
- What's going on?
You wanna know what's going on?
Seems our little friend here
set this whole thing up.
- What?
- Yeah, she knows these people.
- Just wait.
- You let this happen.
- No, wait!
- You fucking bitch!
Wait! I didn't know
this was gonna happen!
They told me they were
just gonna play a game
- to scare you guys.
- So you did know?
No, no, no.
Please, help... help me.
Tell them that I didn't know!
You know her?
Yeah, he's not gonna help you.
His friend's dead
because of you.
Okay, I just met them this weekend.
They paid me.
They paid me to invite people
to this party.
They said to be selective.
They said that there was gonna be stars.
There are.
We're starring in a horror movie
where we all die!
Don't you see?
I'm in this, too.
- Okay?
- Yeah.
- You are.
- No!
- Get the door!
- No!
Get off of me! Please! Please!
Please, don't let them do this!
Please! I didn't know!
I didn't fucking...
I didn't know!
- I didn't know. I didn't know!
- Shut up!
I didn't... I didn't know!
- No!
- There you go, crazy fucks!
- Come get your bitch!
- Fuck you! No!
No! Damn it!
Please, don't do this!
Karen, come on! Fuck you!
Fuck you! Fuck you! Let me in!
- Judith.
- Get the fuck away from me.
Why are you doing this?
I know it's you, Patrick.
We're just playing a little game.
What's the matter?
You don't like role-playing?
Come back here.
Look, we can't
leave her out there.
Look, I'm serious.
They're gonna kill her.
I'm planning on it.
Look, come on, man.
You heard her, man.
She didn't know
this was gonna happen.
- She didn't.
- Yeah, maybe she did, maybe she didn't.
Either way,
she belongs outside.
- Look, move out of the way.
- Hey.
- Hey, don't touch me!
- Then don't touch the door.
We can't risk anybody else
going outside and getting killed.
We need you to get outta here.
No one survives
in the movie, okay?
No one.
Get the fuck out of my way.
Hey, don't...
Man, who the fuck you think...
Stop it! Stop it!
Stop it! Get off of him!
Get off of him! Stop it!
Fuck you!
That bitch is hiding.
We need light.
- My Judith?
- Yeah.
Let's go.
No! No!
Get off... get off me!
Well. Hi, babe.
Trying to escape?
I told you we'd be
playing a game.
You did wonderful.
None of this would've happened
without your cooperation.
You have to admit this is better
than any of our
haunted attractions.
I don't think you've ever been
to our place.
World's biggest haunted house.
The entire second floor is an homage
to the "Night of the Living Dead. "
That's where we got all of this.
Scaring people gets old
when you do it for a living.
You might say we wanted to...
make it a bit more interesting.
You know, we still need
to waste the filmmaker
if this is gonna look
a murder-suicide thing.
Then everybody will think this was
some director's break from reality.
Just in time
for the finale, Mr. Betz?
Fuck. Mimesis.
- Pardon me?
- Mimesis.
It means "imitation. "
More specifically,
life imitating art.
And in this case,
it seems as art
has inspired a couple
of sick fucks to imitate it.
Wait. Let the man speak.
What's it gonna be next time?
A heavy metal song?
- A video game?
- Or in this case, you.
A has-been filmmaker
who wanted to go out with a bang.
That's what everyone will think
when we're done.
You know what's so pathetic
about you whack jobs?
You're never inspired
to hurt yourselves.
No, it's much easier
to hurt somebody else.
Women, children,
animals, whatever.
Why is that?
Well, maybe
just deep down inside,
you're frightened little children
who didn't get enough love
from Mommy and Daddy.
Or maybe
you're just afraid to admit
that it's easier
to hurt other people
than to live and love.
You are pathetic.
Are you done?
Keith, what are you doing up there?
I'm getting the shears.
That's it. I'm done.
I'm so done. Fuck this house.
Dead bodies.
Kill fucking zombies.
Shit. Fuck.
Shit. Let go!
Let me go!
God damn it!
Let me see that.
He wouldn't do that.
A Romero zombie
wouldn't act like that.
Where did we find
that asshole anyway?
- We gotta go.
- Right.
Tell him to get his ass over here
and finish her off.
What's the matter with you?
You're gonna ruin
everything, all right?
You have no sense of style.
You don't understand continuity.
You're making a mess, okay?
Now why don't you get in there
and finish Judith off for me, all right?
- All right, got it.
- Thank you.
Shh, shh, shh.
Wait, wait. Relax, relax.
Relax, it's me, it's me.
It's me, okay?
I'll cut you loose.
Relax, relax.
Shh. Relax.
Payback's a bitch.
Ls that it?
Did we get them all?
L... I think we got them all.
No, this is all wrong.
The hero is missing.
We need to find the black guy.
He's gotta get shot in the head
just like in the...
just like in the movie.
I think the next one
should be...
"The... "
"Eyes. "
You know, I'm thinking that we should do
"Friday the 13th" next.
I mean, I know this camp
that would be perfect.
- Relax, "Barbra. "
- Fuck you!
Fucking little bitch.
Give me that!
No! Let go of me!
What do you want me to do
with this one?
The kid in the movie dies.
- I can't.
- Don't make me come over there.
I'm kind of busy right now.
I'm sorry.
Bitch! Fuck.
You should be thanking me.
You all got to live
a horror movie.
There you are, babe.
Tell them.
Tell them what a rush this is.
What can I say?
The movies made me do it.
Give me that.
No, they didn't.
We make our own hell.
We're coming to you live
from Pittsfield Township,
where events of a gruesome mass murder
are just now unfolding.
What we can tell you is that 10 bodies
have been found dead
and that number is expected to climb
before this is over.
Joining us now
is Lieutenant Bill Hinzman,
who was first on the scene.
Lieutenant, what can you tell us
about this horrific event?
It looks like we're dealing
with six or seven individuals
who tortured and murdered
complete strangers.
Can you please elaborate?
Well, the alleged perpetrators
kidnapped, drugged,
and then forced the group
to participate
in a deadly game of role-play.
we've heard that the killers
are trying to imitate a horror film.
Ls this true?
After questioning the survivors,
yes, that is true.
The killers are trying to imitate
a classic horror movie.
Can you tell us which one?
"Night of the Living Dead. "