Mimosas (2016) Movie Script

Let's cut the distance short
through the mountains.
I want to get there as soon as possible.
Through the mountains?
There is no path to Sijilmasa
through the mountains.
Why do you want to endanger us?
Let's take another way.
Trust in the Sheikh's word.
I trust him,
but I don't trust the mountains.
Let's go.He protected us
from bandits and death.
Let's go.
But I warned you.
Come on, let's go!
Keep going on, muleskinners!
Let's go!
Move it!
The foreigners want to go
through the mountains.
-Through the mountains?
What are you going to do?
I don't know.
I think the Sheikh's wife has the money.
Be careful with the guides,
they are keeping an eye on you.
It's not the season
to go through the mountains.
I don't understand this decision.
Give me the list of drivers for today.
730, Ansiou!
Come here!
Ikel al'Hassan, 676.
Come on, Hassan!
Who else?
608, Ajjaj Mohammed.
Consul, aren't we going to work?
384, Ouelali.
Same thing for three days.
Seddiq, 426.
We've been waiting all morning!
Let us finish with the first ones.
Then it's your turn.
He worked yesterday and today again.
606, Taqi Raqibi.
Move it!
604, Madany.
Here you are! Go!
Mohammed Shakib Ben Omar.
The little brat?
He can't even drive!
What are you doing?
He lacks experience.
He doesn't know anything.
But he is blessed.
We are blessed, too.
Shakib has no experience,
he can't do it well.
I know he's inexperienced,
but he's a good co-driver.
Today I'm going totell you a story.
A story about Earth, about its creation.
You'd better entertain us today,
little brat.
Brats hang out with other brats...
But me, as you can see,
I'm a mustached and bearded man.
And the story I want to tell you,
you can tell it to others if you want to.
God created our father Adam from dust.
From clay.
He called the angels to bow before Adam.
One of them was called Imlis.
You know who Imlis is?
Iblis, not Imlis.
It's the same. Iblis. Satan.
Iblis started to fool
human beings.
At that moment,
he observed
how God breathed a soul into them.
He started bowing down...
With humility and obedience...
Little by little...
What is this nonsense?
The Devil doesn't prostrate.
He refused and was arrogant
and became of the disbelievers.
God's truth.
God's truth, indeed. But for whom?
For a man
that, at prayer time, doesn't pray?
Think about what you say.
All these people around us are listening.
Let me finish the story,
and interpret it
as you want.
So the Devil started to bow down,
with his fellow angels.
He started to bow down like this,
little by little.
In the last moment,
he stood up all of a sudden
and saw how God
brought a soul into the human being.
Since then, the Devil has known
the secret of humankind.
So he plays with it as he pleases.
Come, I've got a job for you.
Let's go, Shakib. Hurry up!
Get in.
The Sheikh wants to kill them all or what?
Making them go through this path...
He's got to have his own reasons.
He's got to have his own reasons.
This way is not for horses.
It's a goat's way.
Do you think we can pass through?
Yes, we can.
Careful with the rocks!
Be careful, master. Lean on me.
I'm fed up.
He doesn't want to stop.
He is stubborn.
We can't take it anymore.
We are all going to die.
Give me some water.
This path is too risky.
I won't go one step further
if you want to go through the mountains.
-Ahmed, do you want to drink?
If we continue through the mountains,
death will be certain.
That's what we want.
That's what we want.
He said the same thing I said.
What is my mission?
Why I was chosen?
You have to take care of a caravan.
Their Sheikh is about to die.
The caravan must arrive safely.
Got it?
Did you get it?
No, I didn't.
I'll tell you again, it's easy.
You're going to take care of a caravan.
Their Sheikh is about to die.
The caravan must arrive safely.
That's it.
Why did you choose me?
It had to happen someday.
Do your best
to make it through the mountains.
It is the Sheikh's will to die
near his loved ones.
By the way,
in the caravan,
there is somebody called Ahmed.
Take care of him.
That's a good place
for a nap.
Where is he going?
It seems he's going to die.
Alone? Like a dog?
These people are hard-hearted.
They haven't found the Sheikh yet.
We must tell his wife.
Why did you let him go?
Did you find something?
When you were
just next to the Sheikh's horse,
did you find anything?
I didn't.
They've found the Sheikh!
We are coming to help you!
Wait for us!
They've found the Sheikh!
Ahmed, they've found the Sheikh!
Wait, wait!
What's happening, Ahmed?
I think I've seen something.
I'm looking for the Sheikh.
Be careful with the belongings.
You can't do this to us.
His last will was to be buried
next to his loved ones.
My deal with him
was to take him to Sijilmasa.
Now that he's dead, the deal is broken.
Nobody will visit his grave here.
And the corpse won't be preserved
if we don't go through the snow.
We are going back.
I am sorry.
We'll bury him in the nearest city.
Or find someone
that can take the body to Sijilmasa.
You heard him? Let's go back!
Excuse me, madam.
I can take the body to Sijilmasa.
I know a way through the mountains.
You can leave peacefully.
I promise you
we'll bury the Sheikh in Sijilmasa.
Why did you say you knew the way?
What kind of question is this?
We got paid, didn't we?
You know
there's no path through the mountains.
There should be one.
You are lying to them.
We are carrying a corpse
through the mountains.
And you don't know the way.
What are you going to do?
I don't know...
You, help me.
When you don't know what to do...
Do this and you'll be enlightened.
Do it, my friend,
and you'll understand what to do.
He's a bit weird.
Why did you let him come?
He insisted.
He helps...
He doesn't disturb. Let him stay.
Don't blow smoke in my face.
Come here.
Sit down.
Why are you coming with us?
-I want to work.
-Work as what?
-As a shepherd.
-A shepherd? Do you see a herd here?
We only have two mules.
I'll herd them.
-Herd the mules?
I'll herd them.
-What's your name?
-My name is Shakib.
Shakib? Where does this name come from?
Listen, from now on
we'll call you Pot Face.
If you don't like it,
we'll call you Pot Face.
That's how we call the new ones.
Are you fine with it?
You've got a Sheikh face.
-A what face?
-A Sheikh face.
That's the truth, I assure you.
A Sheikh face. And you've got a pot face.
Him? A Sheikh face?
He's never been to a mosque.
May peace be with you.
Now you can go to Sijilmasa
or anywhere you want.
Go! Go!
The Sheikh is gone!
The Sheikh is gone!
The Sheikh is gone!
-What happened?
-The Sheikh is gone!
-Where did he go?
-That way.
He was tied to the mule!
If you've seen him,
why didn't you stop him?
How could I know?
He was perfectly tied up!
He was tied!
I tied him up myself last night
before you went to sleep.
What are you saying?
We were supposed to look after him!
He can't have gone too far.
Are you sure you tied the mule well?
I didn't find him there, either.
There is no sign of him.
Look over there!
Forget it.
We won't find him.
Don't worry, Sad.
The Sheikh knows the way.
It's our mule!
God is greatest!
God is greatest!
Where is Sijilmasa?
I don't know,
I thought it was going to be there.
I don't understand.
What are we going to do?
Let's cut the distance short
through the mountains.
Are you kidding me?
Let's go.
Let's go, in the name of God!
Say, "Glory be to God."
Glory be to God. We are many now.
Everything is all right.
Today, tomorrow...
Everything is all right.
Glory be to God, everything is all right.
Everything is all right, glory be to God.
Glory be to God, everything is all right.
Be careful with that rock.
Go on.
Be careful, Pot Face.
Go on.
We are in the mouth of a sleeping giant!
Keep that in mind!
Mohammed, what's your job?
I do anything.
What's your daughter's name?
Her name is Ikram.
Can't she speak?
She was born like this. It was God's will.
There is no god but God.
Is her mother alive?
She's dead. May God rest her soul.
-Is she your only child?
-May God help you.
Sad. Sad!
I'll handle this.
May the peace be upon you.
Where are you going?
You don't seem to be from around here.
It's none of your business.
None of my business?
Have a nice trip.
Where are we going to sleep?
We'll go on.
It's cold...
Better cold than something worse.
-Move on!
-Come on!
Come on, move!
It doesn't want to cross.
Do you think it can cross?
No, it can't.
It's difficult.
Ahmed! Have you forgotten what I told you?
When you don't know what to do,
do this invocation.
Why are you looking at me?
Stop looking at me. All right?
It's you who is looking at me!
Get away from me!
Mohammed, come here!
Come on. Sad, quickly!
-What's going on?
-Go look for a way.
You climb this mountain
and Mohammed the other one.
Don't stay together. Go!
Calm down. Which way do we go?
That way. Straight ahead.
But there isn't any path there.
There is one.
Go with God! Run!
Is there any path?
There is a path we could take!
It's a tiny passage but we can go through!
I'm coming down! I'll show you the way!
The mules won't go that way.
They will fly.
Don't you have faith?
What are you saying about faith?
Do you have faith? Are you praying now?
As always.
Don't you see my eyes fixed on the sky?
I'm praying right now, standing.
I pray sitting...
I'm always praying.
Hurry up!
Are you all right?
They are here!
Come on!
Be careful!
-Where is Mohammed?
-Get back!
-Shut up!
-Where's Mohammed?
Ahmed! Help me here!
What do we do with the Sheikh?
At least I got you out of there.
Are you angry with me?
You didn't get us outofanywhere.
It wasn't me who told Mohammed
to climb the mountain.
I can do it better.
It's hard for me. It's my first time.
I'm still a beginner.
If you do it well, I'll do it better.
Trust me.
Trust me.
If you do it well, I'll do it better.
We've been heading east
for a long time now.
It should be there.
Those two birds...
If they fly away, we'll bury him here.
If they don't fly, we'll keep going.
Ahmed, where are you going?
I'm leaving!
I'm fed up with this!
So I have to take care of this alone?
Ask Pot Face to help you.
Bury him wherever you want!
Ahmed, come back!
It's not about burying him here or there!
We didn't do anything big in our life!
It's the first time!
And you know it!
One of the birds flew away.
That must have a meaning.
Don't get angry.
What meaning?
A meaning!
It has a meaning.
It has a lot of meaning.
I don't want
to go on with this any longer.
You should have thought about it before.
You can't back out now.
Pot Face...
Tell me.
I think highly of Sad.
Then let's go.
Let's go back with them.
But his path is different from mine.
I did more for this Sheikh
than for my own father.
Let him bury him here!
Why doesn't he bury him here?
Because his wife asked us
to bury him in his land.
And we know the way to get there.
Our plan was not
to bury him here like a dog.
-I'm tired.
-Tired of what?
Don't be afraid.
Strengthen your faith in God.
Who are you?
Ahmed, get off me!
What do you want?
Get the girl!
Hurry up!
Let's go! They don't have anything!
Let me go!
Come on!
Get lost!
See what you did?
Go away!
Get lost!
You are not a man!
You are not a man, don't you know it?
You are not a man!
You are not a man!
One thousand times, you are not a man!
I could tell you a thousand times!
A thousand times!
Listen carefully to what I'm saying!
Listen to me!
Have you seen what your invocations did?
I'm going to find her!
You can do as you feel!
Stay here until they get you!
Your invocations weren't sincere!
Look where you brought us!
Everybody will die in the end!
One is already dead!
The other one was kidnapped!
You are not a man!
One thousand times! You are not a man!
Your invocations weren't sincere!
What you have started is not finished yet!
Why do you drive so fast?
Let him breathe. Move!
I saw it all. He threw himself in our way.
Give him some water.
I saw it when he got hit.
He's a junkie.
He's not a junkie.
He's just a little sick...
It's okay. Get up.
Try to stand up.
He wanders around the neighborhood.
Come on, stand up. Let's see if you can.
-Give me your hand.
-He is not conscious.
Are you all right?
Are you okay?
-I want to go with the guys.
-Now sit here.
Have some rest. I'm coming back.
I want to go with the guys.
Your friends are coming now.
We'll go all together.
Come with me!
Let's go, it's time.
The night is coming,
they won't recognize us.
Look, I've got my sword.
Do you see it?
Come on! Let's fix this mess!
The night is falling!
Come with me, my friend! Are you deaf?
Give me your hand! Jump!
Are you here?
Are you here?
Yes, I'm here.
We are near Sijilmasa.
Beyond China.
Heading to the castle
that has seven walls,
each of a different metal.
Inside there are 14 mountains
and six navigable rivers
that flow to the ocean.
There are 15 doors, tall like 50 men.
And eight towers,
guarded by archers with golden arrows.
And you may ask
how we'll face these challenges...
It's easy. If you do it well,
I'll do it better.
Let's continue, brother,
eternity is waiting for us.
My heart beats.
My heart goes boom-boom,
boom-boom, boom-boom.
My heart beats, my friend.
Raise her!
Hold her tight!
Make her choke!
Raise her!
A bit more!
Here you go!
That's fine! Hold her there!
Let her go now!
Rip her head off!
Raise her!
Come on! Keep it up!
Nice! Very nice!
She deserves it!
Let her hang there!
Hold her there!
Let's go, my friend.
The time has come.
Let's go!
The time has come!
How are we going to do it, Pot Face?
With love! We'll do it with love.
With love.
With love! With love!