Mind Body Spirit (2023) Movie Script

- Cool. Okay, compose yourself.
Greetings everyone, I...
everyone, I'm Anya. Whoa.
Greetings everyone, my name...
Greetings everyone.
Hi, I'm, no. Hi, I'm Anya.
Mind. No, greetings, greetings.
Greetings everyone, I'm Anya.
Welcome to Mind Body Spirit.
Mind Body Spirit is so much
more than a fitness channel.
It is a journey
to self discovery,
and aligning
our mind, body, and spirit
is the closest we can
get to our truest selves.
But in order to
make that discovery,
we've gotta be
willing to take risks.
So get ready to step
outta your comfort zone.
Go for it. Be brave.
Don't become a lost soul
floating through the void. Woo.
Like me, before
my morning coffee.
My grandmother gave me
this house in her will.
She passed away
about a year ago.
And I never
really got to meet her.
Didn't really
know her that well.
But, you know,
it really felt like a,
the universe telling me to
make a change in my life.
So that's what I did. I
moved out to California.
I left my old life
behind. Yes, thank you.
And I took a risk and...
so can you.
I promise, if you stick with me,
then we will go to
places you never imagine.
I promise, if you stick with me,
then we will go to places
that you can never imagine.
We will recharge our
minds, reclaim our bodies,
our bodies are the places
that our spirits call home.
You ready?
Today, we are going to dive
right into a balancing posture.
So, we're going
to meet in Savasana.
No, no, Tadasana.
Meaning in
Tadasana, standing posture,
we're going to root our
feet into the ground,
lift one knee up to the heart,
stretch all the way back,
squeeze those inner
thighs, engage that core.
And if you discover
that you are a little bit
limited in flexibility,
don't let that hold you
back, just go with the flip.
Now, if you start
to lose your balance,
which will probably happen,
you know, just
get right back up.
Like my friend Kenzi says,
"Practice make powerful."
Okay, I guess I need
some practice here too...
Shit. Ow!
Damn it!
You gotta do it. You gotta
do it. You gotta do it, Anya.
No way.
That's definitely a door.
Fuck it.
So, welcome to my
grandma's hidden pantry.
I will just put this down here
on the weird candle bread.
Okay, that's weird.
Oh, Jesus.
Nope, I guess not.
What the fuck?
Oh, geez!
Oh, Jesus, fuck!
"For my Anya."
"For my Anya."
everyone, welcome back.
The passage-
The passage
that I was just reading to you
was written to me by my
grandmother, Verasha.
I was never allowed to meet
her. My mom never let me.
Family drama.
I, I never knew that she was
a teacher, a healer like me.
'Cause it runs in our blood.
This house is the place
that her spirit called home.
I guess I just,
I never realized how much
of her was still here.
Hi grandma.
So she dedicated this
journal to me. I don't know.
She wanted somebody in our
family to know what she did,
where she went.
She spent her lifetime
reconnecting with her Slavic
heritage, my heritage,
collecting rituals like this.
A lot of it is in Russian.
She translated some of it
and then phoneticized some
other passages for me.
"The path to self-discovery
is paved with doubt.
But every step
you take brings you closer
to who you really are.
To not be afraid in this
journey, in this life,
you are not alone.
Whenever you are lost, you
can find yourself here."
I wish you knew how much
those words meant to me.
How much she's inspired me.
I mean, she just,
she experienced so much.
I just...
I wish...
I wish I could be like her.
And someday I will.
But right now,
I am here with you.
So let's get moving, shall we?
We're going to start
in a balancing posture.
Don't be afraid.
I am right here with you.
Root your feet into the ground,
float one knee up to your heart,
and kick it back behind you
as you lengthen
through your spine.
And if you fall, you know,
just get back up, right?
It's called
practice for a reason.
Woo. Alright, hold here for
a couple of deep breaths in.
Digging into that heel.
One more. In.
And as you come
back to your feet,
don't just plop down, float
your knee back to your heart,
and then let it drop
back down to the ground.
And that's it. You did
it. Great job, everyone.
Thank you so
much for joining me.
Thank you for listening to me,
and I really hope we can
really become one mind,
one body, one spirit together.
- This is
KenziFit. You ready to sweat?
If you wanna unlock your body,
you have to unleash your mind.
Don't listen to that voice
inside you that says you can't,
because you can.
Why meditate when
you can "sweatitate."
Only on KenziFit.
- Hi baby.
- Hi, Lenka.
- Anya, you know,
I hate that name.
Your grandmother
always called me that.
- Hi, Lenny.
- Come on, we can
do better than that.
- How about "mom?"
- Sure.
- That was fun. Did you call
me just to give me a hard time?
- You told me to call
you once I got settled.
- So you're
settled. Is this news?
- Mom...
- I'm just asking.
- You're so far from home.
No friends, no family.
- Grandma's family.
- Verasha is dead, Anya.
Boris! Enough!
Okay, fine. Your grandmother
was family, but...
- Go on.
- She wasn't
the woman you think she was.
Boris! Boris!
- You know, you've always
told me about who she wasn't,
but you've never actually
told me who she was.
You never told
me she was spiritual.
- I can't tell you about a
woman who was never around.
That's a pretty
heavy pour, sweetheart.
Verasha only came back
when she needed something.
All she did was
take and take and take.
And now she's
taking you from me.
- Jesus, mom, she hasn't
taken me from you.
If anything,
she's given me a place
to finally figure
myself out, you know?
- And you can't
do that here at home?
I, I can move my
things out of your room.
- I'm not coming home, okay?
I've literally spent all that
I have just to get out here.
- Anya, I know that.
I just wanna make sure that
you're safe, that you're okay.
- I'm okay.
- Good. I just wanna help you.
- Yeah, well
then you should have.
- This fucking dog.
Boris, you get
out of here right now!
Asshole! Quick!
- Did you ever
think that maybe grandma
felt like she had to
leave to find herself?
- And why would you say that?
- Because
she said so in her journal.
- I see. Is
that what you believe?
- It's, it's not
about what I believe.
That's what I have to do.
That's what I am doing.
- Anya, I just, I just don't
want you to waste your life
obsessing over your grandmother.
- Obsessing? I am
not obsessing, mom.
- That's not what I meant, baby.
You just,
you get so lost in things.
And I am not
there to pull you out.
- I know what I'm doing.
- Of course, you do.
But listen, if you wanna find
yourself, go find yourself.
Go anywhere.
Just not, not there.
None of us knew
that place existed.
- Yeah, well maybe she
didn't want you to know.
Maybe all of this
was always just for me.
Maybe she saw herself in me
in a way that she could
never see in you.
- Oh, Anya, I promise you,
you are nothing like her.
- Goodbye, Lenka.
- Anya-
- Hey guys!
Oh my God. I'm sorry. Reflex.
- That's okay.
- Do your thing, girl.
- Yeah, no, totally. No worries.
Welcome everyone, I'm Anya.
And today we have
a very special guest.
This is Kenzi Duffert.
- Oh, I, I don't use
that name professionally.
- Fuck! Oh, I'm sorry-
- No, that's okay.
- I'm so sorry.
- That's totally cool.
- I'm sorry.
- Don't worry about it.
- Thank you for
doing this with me again.
- Yeah, of course, chigger.
Your mom said that you
were really struggling,
so I'm happy to help.
- Yes, thank you.
- Yeah.
- Okay.
Welcome everyone, I am Anya,
and today we have
a very special guest.
This is KenziFit.
- Hey guys.
Kenzi and I grew up together
and we recently reconnected
when I moved out here.
And I'm just so excited to
partner with her on
today's video
and to really learn about
how she's connecting
with her fan base.
- I'll be guiding you
through my 10 minute total
body takeover strength flow,
a little bit of yoga, a
little bit of lifting,
and a lot of sweat.
So get ready.
Okay, how do
you normally kick things off?
- Um, well, let's, I don't know,
I kind of keep things
pretty loose, you know,
and it's all about
the discovery process.
All my things are about-
- Ah ha. So how do
you kick things off?
- Process.
Well, usually I start talking
about how I'm feeling and-
- Okay.
- Yeah.
- First tip.
- Right.
- No one gives
a shit about how you feel.
People only
care about themselves.
They want structure,
not a therapy session.
So you gotta be fearless.
- Fearless.
Um, you're also going to
want to build your brand.
that helps you stand out,
you know, find your thing.
- Oh, um...
What about, what about this?
- Oh, God.
- This is my grandma's.
- And she was like
collecting all these rituals
from our homeland and it's...
- Um, I mean, that might
be a little too obscure.
People want
things that they know,
but like with
a little extra personality.
So remix some yoga flows,
pepper in some Sanskrit.
- Yeah, I know.
I just, I don't really feel
comfortable teaching a language
that I don't
actually speak, you know?
- Fake it till you make it.
Listen, people don't really care
as long as you seem authentic.
- But this is authentic.
- No one wants
to read old books.
Look, you wanna
be successful, right?
- Yeah. Yes.
- So, how many videos
have you dropped so far?
- I just started recording them.
I was gonna, I was gonna
release them all when I'm ready.
- Okay, so you haven't
put anything out yet?
- Well, no, I just, I didn't
want it to seem like bullshit,
I wanted it to be true to me.
- Okay, well, you're
not gonna get any views
if you don't
have anything to watch.
Oh girl, that is not even
a tip. That's just a fact.
- Okay.
- Oh shit, I have to teach
a class in like an hour.
Can we do this?
- Yeah, absolutely.
- Like now-ish.
- Okay. Yep. Cool.
- Namaste, bitches.
We're getting started with
two hand front race swings.
Thirty seconds starts now.
And up!
And up!
And up!
Keep that core tight!
Feeling the burn, Anya.
- Oh yeah.
- Yeah, this is intense.
- Yes. Get it, girl.
- Woo. Wow.
- Woo.
- Up and up!
Squeeze your glutes.
- Squeezing.
- Up to the sky.
- Smile through the pain!
- Okay.
Hi everyone. Ugh.
Hey, hi.
Greetings. Namaste, whatever.
Everyone has this voice
inside of themselves
that really feels
like their truth, right?
But then there's
all these other voices
that are telling you
that that truth is a lie.
maybe they're right,
but it's really hard to know
which voice to listen to.
But the most important
thing is that we make space
for ourselves to listen, right?
So in the interest
of an open mind,
we are going to do
a mindful meditation.
Find yourself in Sukhasana.
You know what? Nah, forget that.
Just sit however you want, but
make sure you're comfortable.
Feel yourself connecting
to the earth.
your spine. Soften your eyes.
Inhale into your belly.
Exhale. Let it all go.
Inhale into your belly.
Exhale. Let it go.
And in.
And out.
And in.
And as you continue this rhythm,
clear your mind of the chatter.
Quiet every voice, but your own.
And in.
And out.
And in.
And out.
Keep it going. Inhale in.
Exhale. Let it go.
One final breath in.
Exhale, let
it all go.
And sometimes your
meditations get cut short,
but you know, that's okay,
because it's all a part
of the journey, right?
And I don't know about you,
but I really felt like I
was finally given the chance
to listen to myself.
So I hope you did too.
- Hey
guys, KenziFit here
with my daily dose
of damn good advice.
Never be afraid of how
powerful you really are.
Discover the power
you have inside you.
Don't wait for the universe
to give you a sign.
Discover it for yourself.
Click the link below to
sign up for my new discover-
- Whenever you are lost,
you can find yourself here.
Last night I realized
Verasha was trying
to tell me something.
that I was looking for,
my path, my answers,
they are all right here.
This is a traditional
Slavic ritual
called "prisoyedineniye"
or "the joining."
It is a month
long daily practice
curated by my
ancestors generations ago
meant to join
the soul back to the body,
the ultimate
spiritual centering.
My grandmother, she saw
how this culture takes
and takes and takes and
never gives anything back.
So she found something in
the history of our people.
I know that these videos
started out as one thing,
but I truly believe that
they can be so much more.
I don't know how
to speak Sanskrit.
I am an influencer
imposter living a lie.
And I don't know
how far I'll have to go
to start living my truth, but...
this feels like the first step.
- For years,
I was a slave to caffeine.
Working on Wall Street,
I would drink
like 12 espressos a day.
But when I went on a
business retreat in Bali,
I tried Chamisal tea.
It fueled my mind and my body
in a way I had
never felt before.
And I knew it was my job
to bring
that experience to the world.
So I quit corporate life
and turned my liquid
capital into liquid dreams.
This is RthNrgy,
a sacred blend of earth's
greatest treasures.
- The hollowing,
the cleansing,
the many,
the expansion.
These are the core pillars of...
the joining.
I know this might all
seem a little strange,
but, it's like I said, discovery
is all about taking risks.
We gotta be fearless, right?
We're never gonna
know how far we can go
until we go there.
The first step to finding
yourself is finding your voice.
I'm sorry. Ignore me.
Was a joke, don't ignore me.
Hey guys, welcome to
day one of our practice.
We're going to be kicking
off our journey with...
the hollowing.
It is an incantation,
a guided vocal chant,
meant to bring
the voice back to the body,
and really open us up
for what's about to come.
I know it might
feel a little bit silly,
but you know,
just trust your voice,
listen to
your voice, love your voice.
I will be following Verasha
and you will be following me.
Everyone inhale in.
Did you hear that?
Well, I'm sure my neighbors
heard something.
Well done, everyone. That
was great. Really awesome.
I hope you take
your voice with you
into the rest of your day.
And until then...
Day three, y'all.
Like Verasha says,
"Strong body, strong mind.
Find the shape that fits you."
Verasha's recipe,
a healthy body
is a receptive body.
If this is as far as you
can go, that's great.
It's only day six.
Just push yourself a
little further each time.
And remember,
make space in your body,
make space for your spirit.
Oh shit. Cheers.
I am receiving this.
The cleansing.
So, now that we've hollowed
out a space within us,
we are going to
clear out all the crap
that's stuck down inside.
So the next
phase of our practice
is going to be kind of
like a detoxifying purge.
It's really all about
getting rid of anything
and everything
that no longer serves us.
Don't freak out.
This is a very, very
common holistic practice.
It is called a throat
cleanse. You can look it up.
It's kind of like a nasal
cleanse, which I've done before.
Not a big deal.
All you do is you take a string
and you swallow
it on down in your throat,
and then you take it back out.
And that's it.
Okay, here
we go. We're gonna do it.
Well, that was rough.
I definitely feel lighter.
Spiritually, not so much,
but physically,
you better believe it.
I know I talked a big game
about really taking risks
to discover yourself,
but I think the only
thing that I discovered
is that I can keep throwing up
even after my
stomach is completely empty.
Maybe I missed something.
Maybe I did
it wrong. I don't know.
Maybe I'm not ready for this.
So today
I am going to
stick with what I know.
A classic seated vinyasa flow.
So find a comfortable
seat on your sits bones,
lengthen through your spine,
lifting away from the ground
out through
the crown of your head.
Lifting, lifting, lifting.
lifting, lifting,
Okay, so something
just happened there.
I don't know what it was.
Maybe it was just a feeling,
but it definitely felt powerful.
And listen, yeah, maybe I am
crazy to keep going with this.
Definitely not not crazy.
I have discovered something
powerful in these pages,
in this practice,
something beyond me.
That is where Verasha went,
and that is where
she wants me to go.
And I, I've gotta be fearless
in order to get there.
Otherwise, I'll just end up
right back where I started
I hope you can understand,
and I hope you're still with me.
Right, day 12,
the next part of our practice
is called "the many."
But there's
only half a page here.
It's like a poem or
a riddle or something.
"The many selves
share only one mind.
And you can't see the truth
when your thoughts are blind."
Blind eye.
Come on, Anya, get burned.
Oh, geez.
Okay, so, the many.
The journal says that this is
a remedy for the cleansing.
Kind of like an herbal
elixir to heal the body
and expand the mind.
So, okay, "you must
consider your many self
all facets of your being.
So you might see
yourself as one whole."
So essentially, you gotta relax.
So I know that most of you
don't have
a mystery bottle of tea leaves
hiding around in your dead
grandma's secret crawlspace.
But you know, you can use
any kind of herbal remedy
that you have,
maybe some CBD,
whatever mellows you out.
Last time I did
shrooms, I was at the zoo,
and I cried for like six hours.
Let's hope
that doesn't happen again.
Cheers, Verasha. Cheers to you.
Here we go.
Ugh. Woo.
Ah, gross.
I definitely do feel a
little calmer though.
So, yes.
The next thing that we
have to do is we have to...
So the next...
next thing...
- Hello?
- Hello.
- Anya, are are you
all right? It's so late.
- Anya, are
you all right? It's so late.
- Anya, is that you?
Who am I speaking to?
- Who am I speaking to?
Anya, are you, are you there?
Anya? Anya, are you there?
- Mom?
Anya? Honey, what is going on?
- We're okay.
- We, who's there with you?
- I'm, I'm okay.
I don't, I don't know.
I just had a bad dream.
It's, it's nothing.
I'm sorry I called.
- Are
you sure you're okay?
Who is there with you?
- Grandma.
Hey, thank
you so much for coming.
- Yeah, for sure.
we've been redecorating.
- I guess so.
- Kinda looks
like my grandma's house.
- Thank you.
- So how are the videos going?
- I'm really excited to show
you what I've been working on.
- I can't wait.
Jesus, Anya,
have you been eating?
- I've been
focusing on making space.
- Well, maybe you make space
for a Caesar wrap or something.
Look, are you, are you
sure you wanna shoot this?
- Why?
- You look not great?
- I'm fine.
- Okay.
Is someone else here?
- No, it's just us.
Hi everyone, welcome back to
Mind Body Spirit, I'm Anya.
It's day 17. Let's get
started with today's practice.
- And I'm Kenzi from KenziFit.
- Right.
- Do you wanna start over again?
- No, not really.
And this is Kenzi.
She'll be joining
us for today's practice.
The expansion, the joining.
- Wait, sorry.
Can, can we stop this a second?
I, I thought this was
gonna be like a flow.
What, what is this?
- This is Verasha.
- What the fuck is a Verasha?
- My grandmother.
- Okay, can we cut?
- Why? What's wrong?
- I'm, I'm not doing whatever
this is. This isn't my thing.
- Yeah, I know. It's my thing.
- Okay, great for you, I guess,
but like this
isn't on brand for me.
Like, what even is this?
- Hey!
- Whoa. Chill. Jesus,
Anya, look at yourself.
- I have been looking at
myself more than you ever will.
- What the fuck is your deal?
I'm just trying to help you.
- I don't need your help, cunt!
- You know what?
The only reason that I am here
is because your mom begged
me to come and check on you
and make sure you didn't try
to fucking kill yourself again.
I don't need to be a guest
star on your shitty video diary
that nobody's
gonna fucking watch.
I actually have a following.
I actually help
people feel good.
I'm not just...
I am not just sitting around
in this stupid fucking room
starving myself
and getting lifestyle tips
from the book of the dead.
- Who the fuck
do you think you are?
Your whole entire fucking career
is built on the backs
of people like Verasha,
people with the fucking
fortitude to go out into
the world
and experience real shit.
You, you bounce your tits
around doing some jumping jacks,
and you think that you're
changing people's lives.
Are you fucking kidding me?
You consume
other people's cultures
and then shit them back out
into leopard-neon spandex.
Kenzi, you're
a fucking colonizer!
- Oh my God!
- This is real.
- This is truth. This is my
heritage and I am living it.
- Oh...
my fucking God!
Anya, are you serious?
You need a fucking Taco Bell.
At least back when
you actually ate food.
I mean, what?
You seriously think that
your weird fucking grandma
traveled the world?
She probably never even
left this fucking house.
Just some sad old lady
getting drunk on Vodka
and making up stories because
her family abandoned her.
Keep your fucking
Siberian bullshit.
Fuck you, fuck your
grandma. Have a great life.
I am done with this and
I am so done with you.
And I am taking this with me.
- Hey!
Get out!
- What the fuck, Anya?
- Get out.
Get out!
- You fucking psycho!
- Anya, what is
the matter with you?
Why haven't you called me back?
Kenzi's mom said
you two got in a fight.
- Yeah, I'm sorry. I, I
meant to call you earlier.
I just-
- I've been so
worried about you.
I almost called the police.
- Mom, I'm sorry. Okay?
- You look sick.
- I, I need help.
- Okay. Okay. I'll get the
first flight out there.
- No, mom, I need help
translating something.
- No.
- Mom, please.
- I said no.
- Please.
- Anya.
- Mom, please.
- I don't, I don't
know what I'm doing.
- What has she done to you?
- I, I don't
know. I don't know. And-
- Anya, this is why I never
told you about your grandmother.
The day I heard Verasha died,
all I felt was happiness,
because I knew she would
never come back for you.
- Jesus, mom.
- Anya, come home, please.
- Okay.
- I am sorry, mom.
I am so sorry
that I didn't listen to you,
but I need you to
translate this for me.
But I need
you to help me for once,
because if I don't find
a way to finish this,
then I will never escape it
and I can't keep running.
So please, please
tell me what this says.
- Show me.
- So...
she translated most of it
and, and phonetized some
other places, but not this.
And it looks like it's in
the same alphabet, I think.
It might be just
a different dialect or...
- Anya. Anya.
- What does it say?
- I, I can't, I can't say it.
- Mom, please tell me.
- Anya.
- Mom, please tell me.
- Anya, I can't say it.
- It doesn't make any sense
- What?
- It's, it's, it's some
sort of ancient tongue.
It's barely even Russian.
I don't know what this is.
Anya. Anya, please come home.
- You fucking bitch.
I've been lying to you
because my grandmother
has been lying to me.
You see this symbol, the
top of all the ritual pages?
Yeah, I thought, I thought
that it was like a, a flourish
or a signature or something.
it's not.
It's a fucking key
to what's hidden in these pages.
These aren't words of wisdom.
It's fucking backwards
black magic bullshit.
This was never
meant to cleanse my spirit.
This was meant
to destroy my spirit.
It was meant to
destroy my spirit
and make room for hers.
And I...
followed blindly because it's
easier than facing myself.
Verasha, please, please,
Verasha, you don't have,
you don't have to do this.
Please, please.
No, please, please.
Please, please.
- Hey guys,
it's Kenzi from KenziFit.
Frown Lines looking fierce.
Clear the years away with
Renuyu, age defying day cream.
Handcrafted with
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- Hi Kenzi,
this is Anya speaking.
I can't tell you how sorry I
am for my behavior earlier.
I feel so ashamed.
To be perfectly honest with you,
I think a lot of that anger
came from a place of jealousy.
I mean, you're just so
worldly and wise and kind.
And sometimes, sometimes,
sometimes I feel
like I can't compete.
There's this
little voice inside of me
that just won't let be myself.
And I just wanna
tell her to let go.
It's okay.
It's okay.
But until then, I sincerely
hope you can forgive me.
And as a sign of good faith,
I would love to have you over
to record some more videos
and bury the old hatchet.
Wishing you wellness my friend.
- Are you filming me?
- Yes. Is
that all right with you?
- Yeah, sure.
Holy shit, are
you okay? What happened?
- Oh, this.
I hit my head while I was
rearranging some furniture.
- It looks like it hurt.
- I'm fine now.
- I'm sorry. I shouldn't
have said, I mean earlier.
I'm sorry.
Do you wanna sit?
I am sorry for
getting so heated.
It's just...
being this, this perfect person
is just so fucking
stressful, you know?
- I completely understand.
And I'm sorry too.
I shouldn't have
said those things.
- Are you sure you're okay?
- I feel fantastic.
I truly do.
- I...
I guess I have to thank you.
- Is that so?
- Yeah.
- You know, I don't really agree
with the way you handled things,
and I was pretty
fucking upset with you.
But what you said,
it wasn't bullshit.
We're all just borrowing,
stealing, I guess,
just like
taking pieces of things
and making them our identity
without really thinking
about where they come from.
And I guess,
I guess I just don't really
know who I am without them.
- You're you.
That's all you can be.
- I mean, I put in the work.
It's not like easy,
but I'm not, you know,
special or whatever.
- But you are.
- How hard did
you hit your head?
I am glad you're here.
- I'm glad I am too.
- Okay, so what exactly
did you have in mind?
- It's a guided meditation.
I practiced it on
my own a few nights ago,
but it's supposed to be better
when someone
else is guiding you.
- Cool. You,
you wanna do an intro?
- I recorded
an introduction earlier,
but perhaps we can say "hello."
- Okay. Yeah. Cool. Kick it off.
- Welcome back everyone
to Mind Body Spirit.
We have a familiar guest today.
- Hey guys, KenziFit here.
- I will be guiding you
through a meditation.
And Kenzi here, will
be my first recipient.
Find yourself in a
comfortable corpse pose.
Whatever feels best to you.
- Okay.
Allow your back body
to sink to the ground.
Let your belly rise
and fall with a breath.
Sink deeper with every exhale.
and out.
- Oh. Okay.
- It's okay.
- And as you relax,
your partner will gently reach
your arms out to your sides,
extending away from your ribs,
allowing your breath to
fill into your lungs,
reaching their full capacity.
and out.
Continue with this rhythm.
and out.
This is really nice.
- So how long should I-
- I am ready to
receive all of you.
- Hello?
- Anya? Jesus, are you okay?
- I have
been calling you nonstop.
- Oh, don't worry.
I'm fine. I slept well.
I feel rested now.
- That's a relief.
It's, it's good
to hear your voice.
- Hmm. It's good
to hear your voice too.
- What
happened with the journal?
- Well,
I put that behind me.
- Oh, good.
- I was trying so
hard to be someone else
that I finally found myself.
I think it's time
I come home, Lenka.
- I look forward
to seeing you again.
I love you, Anya.