Mind Ripper (1995) Movie Script

Brain's dead, heart's fading fast.
He's lost a massive amount of blood.
How long has he got?
I'd say you could
measure than in seconds.
You know what we have to do right?
Alex he's not road kill.
Look this guy's been dropped in our lap,
let's not let the chance go by.
It's choking in my throat
but I agree with Alex.
Yeah but he's a human
being not a guinea pig.
Well he'll be a dead human being
if I don't give him this virus.
I don't know who you are but God I pray
that this give you life
I remeasured his vital signs
and there's something really wrong there.
I know the bastards sinking fast.
Doesn't he look bigger to you today?
Maybe he's retaining fluids.
Well don't
expect me to wring him out.
Well stop making
those goo goo eyes at her.
Good morning everyone.
Hiya Joanie.
Good morning Joanne.
My you're awfully
chipper this morning Rob.
That's because you are so
lovely this morning Joanne.
What, you have a two
way mirror in that thing?
No you are lovely every
single morning Joanne.
Oh, ah Frank do you
have those numbers for me?
I'll have them for you
right after breakfast.
Thank you.
Oh that's just great.
You turn on the microwave
the power surges.
Wonderful, out altogether!
What else can go wrong?
Stay calm Larry we are underground.
Shut up interactive head.
Yeah Rob what the hell you got in there
that's so fascinating anyway?
Well actually I'm just
playing a little video golf.
I'm on the 18th hole of the masters
My putting game is almost perfect
and I'm, oh I'm actually
about to go four strokes up.
Oh, I am sick of this shit.
Power going in and out, we
haven't had supplies for weeks.
I'm owed two months back pay.
Does anybody know we're still out here
in this abandoned nuclear dump?
Yes Larry they know we're still here.
And yes Larry you will get all
the money you've got coming,
including the bonus you were promised
when the research is finished.
Look everybody, I know it's
been very difficult lately
but we're on the verge of a breakthrough.
If you ask me our friend in
there is in a world of pain.
But I didn't ask you.
His vital signs are really
low Alex he's fading fast.
That's a part of the process
Frank but we all know that.
His body is still accepting the virus.
Once it does molecular
regeneration will accelerate.
If he doesn't die first.
He's not going to die.
But if you want to you can leave Larry.
Stockton left, you can go,
anyone of you are free to go at any time.
Fuck you.
I'm not gonna just pack up
and leave after all the
work I've put in here.
Mark come on.
Where the bed?
No stop.
Okay here's cool.
Wendy, let's get out, let's go.
Oh okay we're coming.
You're packed?
I'm packed.
Where the hell's Scott?
Um I think Scott's in his room.
His room.
You asshole.
Hi, we're ready to leave.
Come on get packed we're going.
I already told you
I'm not going camping.
Alright listen, I don't
wanna argue with you Scott.
I have neither the time nor
the inclination, come on.
No argument I'm not going.
Get out of bed, pack now.
Because I said so.
Oh, what is this some
sort of attempt at bonding?
Oh God!
This is a code red ladies and gentlemen,
I repeat a code red.
Alex what's going on?
Some kind of seizure I'm not sure,
I'm gonna call Jim Stockton.
What you got a problem with that?
Yeah Alex he quit
because of how we were using his research.
Do you think he's gonna come back?
Yes because he cares.
Is there anything you wouldn't
do to save this project?
No besides I thought
you'd be glad to see him.
Oh save it Alex.
Listen prep the O.R. okay Joanne.
Sometimes you can be
an unbelievable prick!
Just prepare the O.R. okay?
Yeah Stockton.
Stockton it's Alex Hunter.
What do you want?
Listen we have a
serious problem down here
and we need you.
I got a flash for you pal
I don't work there anymore.
I know that but our
guy's in a very bad way.
It's not my problem anymore buddy.
I understand that Jim
but nobody here knows how the virus works
better than yourself.
He's gonna die if you don't come.
You brought him back to life
you can't just let him die.
Why not?
Why let him live.
Oh geez I forgot, I forgot
Alex the profit motive.
I mean, he's better off dead.
That's pretty self righteous stuff Jim.
I mean you're not without
sin in all of this.
You're the one that discovered the virus
and you gave it to him
willingly I might add.
Aren't you judging me you shit.
We both know what would have happened
if I didn't give that to him.
However you want to
justify it is fine with me,
the point is, he's dying
right now and he needs you.
Hey Alex guess what?
Son of a bitch.
Frank we have
an emergency in O.R.
You're telling me.
You were right, I've been
looking at those numbers
you wanted and Alex has been
speeding up the process.
God I knew it.
He's been giving Thor the
virus at 10 times the rate.
The poor guys metabolism is way off chart.
Jesus no wonder he's grown
so much in the last month.
So what'll we do?
Well right now we've
gotta save his life.
We'll deal with Alex later.
Come on, come on, come on.
Stay in there big guy.
Do you read me Frank?
Where the hell have you been?
What are his vital signs?
Failing, 20 under 200.
Come on, come on you're
supposed to be tough.
Zero neural activity.
Let's defibrillate.
He's dying Alex.
Why not let nature take it's course.
Screw nature.
6:44 subject is still in cardiac arrest.
Joanne clear out of the way.
He's almost flat line.
Flat line Alex.
God damn it let's give
him 200 cc's of epinephrine.
Let's go let's go
talk to me Frank.
Nothing Alex.
Damn it.
Nothing Alex.
God damn it what are you doing?
You can't fucking do this to me.
Come on Alex enough is enough already.
Alex enough.
Alex he's dead, alright?
Don't touch me.
He's dead Alex!
Look you did all you could.
You shut up, you just shut the hell up.
None of you understood the importance
of what I was doing here.
What you were doing here?
Yeah that's right me!
You know what Alex, why
don't you just go to hell huh?
Yeah go screw yourself.
This is the thanks we get?
You ungrateful bastard.
People we've got a heartbeat.
That's necrosis right?
Uh uh, necrosis
wouldn't set in that fast.
That's right, you're right, it wouldn't.
Wait a second Larry didn't
you refill the steroid drip?
Where is it?
God damn it where's the back up?
Sh, what was that?
Where the hell did he go?
Shut up.
He can't get out, this
whole place is sealed off.
Let's find him.
God damn it.
Where the hell is...
Alex help me!
Let him go!
Let him go Joanne!
No! No!
Come on Larry!
Alex Jesus help me!
No! No!
There's nothing we could have done.
What's wrong?
Something came up.
Hey trips off.
What do you mean.
A super trooper from the outpost called
and I can't turn my back on it.
Well what about our camping trip?
It can't be helped honey.
Well there's the old stand by,
it's always somebody else's
fault right, never yours?
Wendy please.
You quit that job three months ago
now you're just gonna go running back?
They got a problem.
Loose ends come back to haunt ya honey.
It's not gonna take me that long.
Then take us with you.
Wendy shut up.
Come on I'd rather
you didn't go this time.
Listen you go, do what you have to do
and we'll wait outside,
we'll go camping afterwards.
How far can the mountains be?
They're not far but we gotta fly,
there's a short field landing,
I know how you feel about flying.
Come on, it's up to you,
you wanna make the flight.
I've got Mark he'll take care of me.
Dorothy Parker said you
never really know someone
until you hold their head when they vomit.
Come on.
Alright let's go.
Oh good then sound glad.
This is ridiculous.
Dorothy who?
Come on, come on.
What the hell happened?
What the hell happened?
Why don't you tell me Alex?
What happened?
Isn't that what we created him to do huh?
The super stud soldier.
Isn't that what the Pentagon
funded this whole project for?
The process was not
engineered to have him
respond so out of control.
Oh cut the shit Alex.
I've been doing a little
late night homework,
going over the data logs,
the progression of the
virus has been way too fast.
I don't know what you're talking about.
What the fuck have you been up to?
You've been doing this behind our backs,
speeding this whole thing up haven't you?
Let's have this conversation
some other time okay?
Let's get out of here right now, let's go.
I'm not gonna leave him here.
Alex he can't get out and
we'll just come back with help.
No, no way.
I wanna do this project
myself, no more outside help.
Oh my God you've
completely lost your mind.
What, have you been under ground too long?
Let's get out of here right now, let's go.
Alright you wanna stay here Alex fine.
But Rob and I are getting out of here.
Can you get us out of here?
I can't get us out of
here without his hand code.
Now listen, listen, let us outta here
and you can do whatever
the fuck you wanna do
but let's go.
I'm gonna need your help to catch him.
Catch him?
Alex did you see what he did in there?
We can do it.
We'll rig up some tranquilizer guns.
Tranquilizer guns?
What are you talking about?
What about the virus?
We were wearing those
suits to protect him.
We're contagious he's
not, a little summer cold
could kill him right now.
Alright, alright, alright, alright.
Stop messing around Alex, now
get us outta here right now!
Oh dear.
I said I need your help.
Oh God.
Sorry Wen, turbulence.
Daddy it's this plane of
yours, you need to get a new one.
It's a Wilco 35 I wouldn't
trade it for the world.
Okay Mark, I think I need
you to hold my head now.
Just take a few deep breaths Wendy.
God you know how many
times I've taken you up here
since you were a child?
You used to love it.
I remember, you memorized
every one of these instruments.
I used to point at 'em
and you'd rattle 'em off.
Do you remember that?
Do you think you could do that?
So what was the plan Alex?
Go behind the army's back?
It still is the plan.
We're gonna sell him along with the virus
to the highest bidder.
Okay those look good, let's go.
Alex this isn't even
gonna make him blink
I hate to tell ya.
There's enough in those
to stop an elephant.
Oh and how the hell are
we supposed to find him?
This heat sensor.
You got a heat sensor.
Yeah, okay after you.
Here Thor.
Nice and easy.
Alex we're gonna die in here.
I mean is that what you want?
You wanna die over this thing huh?
Yeah Alex your money's no
good to you if you're dead.
Well we better just catch
him before he catches us.
Oh and then what huh?
I can't imagine you're gonna cut Joanne
and I in on your big money deal huh?
Think positive Rob.
Oh Christ.
Go Rob.
Get back.
Okay, now you got that
out of your system okay?
You alright?
Let's go.
You alright Rob?
Yeah I'm fine.
You better keep that
gun on me alright pal.
Right on ya.
You feeling a little shabby honey?
I feel like I'm gonna puke.
Just try to think of
something pleasant like
putrid mayonnaise and boogers...
Oh my God.
Don't puke, don't
puke, she's gonna puke.
You are some boyfriend aren't you?
Gentec, this is Stockton at the airstrip.
Gentec this is Stockton
at the airstrip come in.
What does that mean?
It means nothing.
Why don't you make yourself useful?
Step back.
Alright go ahead.
After you sir.
Move it.
What's that? What's that?
Wait, oh my God.
Oh dear.
Oh my God.
Look up in the duct.
Look up in the duct.
No man I'm not looking up any duct.
I got no problem with shooting you Rob.
Well then you just
better fucking shoot me
'cause I'm not sticking
my head up in that duct.
I'll look, I'll look.
I'll look.
You stick him.
I'll look.
What? What, what, what?
Rats, I hate rats.
Yeah I hate rats too.
That was some flight.
You alright?
I guess I'm gonna go down there.
I want you guys to stay
by the plane alright?
For how long?
Until I get back.
Well how long are you gonna be in there?
I don't know Wendy.
But why don't you camp
here it's a great spot.
Yeah we could just bed down right here.
Okay look I'll get back as soon as I can.
Don't smoke in there.
You're such an idiot.
You scared the crap outta me.
I told you to stay by the plane.
I just thought I'd
see what you were doing
you know that father son bonding thing
that you're always talking about.
Always a barb huh?
Where's Wendy and Mark?
Figure it out.
Let's go find 'em.
What's the matter Scott?
Huh, is it me or is it the
whole goddamn world huh?
Alright I've made mistakes.
Dad I don't know what
you're talking about.
Hey we know exactly
what I'm talking about.
I can do better come on now.
All I needs a little bit of help.
You know what I really need?
I need you to grow up I
need you to, give me that.
I want you to grow up, listen
to me, I want you to grow up
be a man.
Why don't you be a...
Be a man.
Be a man! Be a man!
You know that's pretty good coming from
the disappearing man.
If this thing's working
right I think he's above us.
It's kinda spooky here.
Like a graveyard.
Yeah you better stay real close.
Mark come on, here?
Hey graveyards bring out
the lust for life in me.
They harden my tombstone.
Is there anything that
doesn't make you horny?
My mother's douche.
I saw it once by accident.
Oh that's lovely, yuck.
Mark get a job.
I have one, pleasuring you endlessly.
Give me a break.
Look what part of get
off don't you understand?
I understand it completely,
that's what I'm trying to do.
Wendy! Mark!
Oh he's killing me.
It's like father daughter radar.
Did you hear something?
Yeah wait I did.
The love monster.
Let's go.
We were just on our way.
We're coming now.
Yeah right.
Oh shit.
He's right above us.
He's right above us.
Alright Joanne open the grating.
Open the grating.
Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead.
Calm down.
- Cover me Rob.
- Got ya.
Oh shit it's Frank.
My God he's coming down the air duct.
What the hell you doing?
It won't kill you Alex
but it's enough so you won't
stand a chance against him.
Alright Alex there's
only one way outta here
and we need your hand.
He's in the air duct.
Let's go Alex.
He's coming down the air duct.
Alex come on.
Let's get outta here.
Alex let's go he's
coming down the air duct!
Where is he?
I don't know.
I don't hear him anymore.
I don't hear him either.
Hurry up Alex.
Just a moment please.
What the hell are you doing?
Don't touch me!
Alex open the door.
I decided we're all gonna stay.
Alex open the door!
I've erased my hand code.
Oh my God.
Did you really think I was just gonna,
just give up on this thing?
Oh Rob he's coming.
I wanna see this project through.
Oh my God.
Oh shit.
Alright Rob, Rob, Rob,
there's gotta be another way
out of here, come on.
Alright, alright.
Come on.
I hope that hurt you son of a bitch.
Why couldn't you just stay by the plane?
Why did I let you talk me
into taking you with me?
Yeah Wendy shut up next time alright.
Hey super punk why don't you just
put your headgear back on?
You know Mark you
couldn't get a piece of ass
if you were a toilet seat.
You know you guys are so immature.
Maybe you can all be quiet
just for a couple of seconds.
Well here we go.
What is this place?
It's an old nuclear test facility
we revamped and took over.
Are you kidding?
It's perfectly safe.
Yeah that's what
they said about Chernobyl.
Wendy you wanna wait
out by the airplane?
Hey Wendy your ovaries are glowing.
Very funny.
I know I've seen some exits
in these old blueprints.
Back when this was a nuclear facility
before we turned her into
a God damn monster shop.
Here it is.
Level C, quadrant three.
Yeah but wouldn't
Gentec have sealed it off
when they quarantined the place?
Yeah most likely but
unless you got a better...
Unless you got a better idea.
I think it's worth a look.
Alright let's go.
Doesn't anybody work here?
You're asking the wrong man fella.
Hey, you know what?
I got an idea.
Let's all go get really
drunk and go to Vegas huh?
Come on it's not far.
Come on we can go see Siegfried and Roy.
That sneaky son of
bitch can be anywhere.
Kay we got this gun now.
You know I don't find
much comfort in that.
There's the door.
Aye, yai, yai, yai.
Here hold this for a second.
Rob, should we worry about the sign?
Yeah we should be
worried about the sign.
Oh perfect
Let's get ready to rumble.
Alright now, now be careful.
Can you see anything?
Rob do you see anything?
Hand me the flashlight.
Get out, get out, get out!
Get out!
Go! Go!
Oh shit!
Great what do we do now?
Let's call Oprah and hell I don't know.
Hey man, which one's
Siegfried and which one's Roy?
Siegfried's the blond.
No Roy's the blond.
Siegfried is the blond for Christ sake.
Everybody knows Roy has the dark hair.
Yeah well what are you man?
Are you like head of the fan club?
Hold it a second.
I think we're going the wrong way here.
Hey wait, wait you know
what I think is really weird,
let me just bounce this
off you really quickly.
Ah Siegfried has this like hero,
no, no, seriously,
Siegfried has this heroic
name you know Siegfried,
and Roy has this like you know
country western singer name,
I mean I don't know what it is you know.
What do you think about Roland?
Siegfried and Roland.
Enough man...
No I'm serious we
should call their agent.
You are so messed up.
Where's my angry young man?
Hey, hey, alright.
Ow man that hurt.
Ah everything's wonky, I
can't get any of this to work.
Are you getting anything on the radio?
I'm not getting a signal.
That must mean he's
up in the network room.
I'll go.
No, no, no, no, I'll go.
Rob I can fix it.
Yeah well I can fix it better.
Here take this.
That's alright.
Gun of my own.
Well be careful.
I will.
Joanne listen I wanna say,
that I'm sorry about that
video thing you know.
Oh that's okay.
No, no, no, it was a
really stupid thing to do
and I shouldn't be doing stuff like that.
Rob this is not a really
good time for confession.
No you're wrong, you're
wrong it's the perfect time
for me to say to you that I
have always had a crush on you.
Wish me luck.
Good luck.
You're the one who made me hurt.
No I don't want to hurt you.
But you should let me go.
Let me go and I'll help you.
I'll explain everything to you.
You know that I'm changing.
Things are happening to me.
Look, I'll show you.
It needs to be fed.
Like the stuff from the bag.
Like from the minds of those others.
The steriles, you need
the brains for the steriles.
I can get you all you want.
I'm dying, aren't I?
No, no.
I will save you I swear.
Listen, do you realize
you're the first one
of a whole new race of beings?
But you need me.
You need me.
Yes, I need you.
I need you.
Lend me your mind.
This place is as quiet as a tomb.
That bio lab light's on.
Don't touch anything.
What's going on up there?
Rob can you hear me?
Yeah Joanne, I'm up here.
I had a run in with our boy though.
Nice, computer's up.
Are you alright?
Yeah I'm minus a shoe and a toe nail
but I think I'll be okay.
Ah damn.
What is it?
Well it seems our boy wants a little
cable chaser after his brains apparently.
Can you fix it?
Yeah, I think we
should be able to rewire
some of these circuits hopefully.
I need you to get out the...
Let's start with the blue schematics book
and I think I'll need the F9
and the F10 right behind you.
Let's see if we can't get
something rigged up here.
Rob no!
Something's wrong here.
Oh my God.
What were you doing here?
Wendy not now.
Yes now.
Look at those things.
Is that why mom left
because she knew what you were doing here?
I quit because of this honey.
Before or after that?
Look I'm not gonna stand here
and say that I'm guiltless.
I do wanna talk about this
but now's not the time
or the place honey, come on.
No don't touch me.
I got her.
Good, good.
Scott I'm gonna go look
around, you stay put,
sit right there.
When they get back lock the door.
Cozy spot.
Hey, your dad said he quit
because of what was going on here.
You believe him?
He's always been straight with me.
I don't know what to think
after what I saw over there.
He always told me his
work here was so important
that was why he had to
spend so much time here.
Well maybe that's true.
Even if it's not at least he tried
to come up with something.
What'd I get from my dad?
He's an asshole.
Trust me, your dad, he's cool.
Are you just saying that to
try to make me feel better?
Wendy, I'm not full
of shit all the time.
Just 90%?
Maybe 75.
You got a little dirt.
You know, I think that's
the first time you've tried
to touch me above the neck.
Let's get outta here.
Fuck this.
Who the hell are you?
My, my name's Wendy Stockton
we're here with my dad.
You're Stockton's daughter?
And future son in law.
Where is he?
He's down the hall
in that room on the left.
Alright, follow me.
This place is a psycho ward.
Shit, where is he?
He was here, so was Scott.
Oh shit, come on.
Come on!
Oh man.
Oh man.
Oh shit!
Some popcorn
you know what I'm saying.
Some pop yeah rinse it all up.
Yeah, get some pop.
Run Scott!
Don't stop!
Keep going!
Get back!
Stay back!
Come on.
Joanne we have to go after him.
We have to go after him
and try to help him.
Wendy no, Wendy no
there's nothing we can do.
Wendy come on.
But maybe he can hear us.
Wendy we have
to go somewhere safe.
Wendy, Wendy.
I don't wanna leave him here.
Come on, come on let's go.
Come on.
I gotta figure out how to
stop this thing, come on.
Alright Scott where's the knife?
No we gotta go back, we gotta go back.
Scott, Scott, Scott!
Come here and listen to me.
What the fuck are you doing?
Your father is dead okay?
Fuck off.
He killed him alright understand?
Scott, he killed everybody else here.
That's what it does, it kills Scott okay?
Where is the knife?
I don't know where the knife is.
Alright, come on.
Oh shit.
Alright, you can stay or you can come.
It's your choice.
Alright Mark take the gun.
If you hear anything
shoot through the door.
Alright Scott, Scott give me the knife.
Did my father help
you make him this way?
No, your father created a
virus that regenerated tissue
even made it stronger.
We all knew the medical benefits
but we didn't just work for
Gentec we worked for the army
and they wanted to take the
project in a different direction
they wanted us to create
some kind of a super soldier.
We're dead.
When you father found out
what they wanted us to do
he resigned.
Does it hurt?
I remember you from somewhere.
You used to come to me.
Was it in a dream?
I was hurting, you made me live.
Are you God?
Why was the boy so important to you?
He's my son.
I remember a father somewhere.
We found Thor out in the desert.
Yeah, transmuted human organism
I forgot who came up with it.
It was almost like he'd
been put there for us.
He'd fallen from the
ledge, he was brain dead,
massive trauma.
We almost had to amputate one of his arms.
Look like he had more than
his share of arms to me.
They put the virus in him.
That's right, and it worked.
What gave you the right?
Well he would have died
if we hadn't used the virus.
Well maybe
he was supposed to die?
Your dad didn't think so.
Nursed him back to health.
He even got kind of close
to him, like a father.
Your dad was a good man.
How good?
What's that supposed to mean?
I used to hear my
parents arguing at night,
I heard you name.
You fed me soup.
Chicken noodle.
You read to me.
The Hardy Boys.
I liked them.
Why didn't you let me die?
I couldn't.
I wanted it all to end.
You jumped from that cliff.
Oh God I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry.
How long before I die?
Oh the tragedy is that
you're never gonna die.
You're gonna live 1,000 years.
You're gonna live forever.
That is easier said than done, friend.
look at me.
Things are happening to me.
Something seems to
be eating away at him.
Instead of regenerating the
tissues are degenerating
and I don't know why.
Wait a minute.
Come on.
Come on.
Okay, we're feeding him steriles.
Yeah it's the root form of cholesterol
and somehow if he doesn't get a dose,
the virus seems to be eating away at him.
He needs steriles.
That's why he took Frank's brains.
Took what?
I have an idea but I need your help.
What's this?
Our only chance, come on.
It's cold, it's cold.
Alright, here's what we do.
Alright Mark.
It's cold.
Mark I need you to make some holes
in these Freon pipes okay?
You're insane.
No it's okay I turned it off out there.
Scott, I need you to open these up.
Are you okay?
Yeah, yeah.
If you want I can
put you somewhere safe.
No it's alright.
Wendy there's something that I wanna say.
Um you were right, I was
in love with your father
but your parents didn't
split up because of me.
Your father loved you guys so much
he wouldn't let that happen.
You know you don't have
to tell me all of this.
But I want to.
When your dad left I was pretty hurt
and I think, I think one of
the reasons I stayed on here,
besides pure ambition was to spite him.
I just, I just wanted you to know that.
Joanne, thank you.
Alright Mark is it secure?
Got it.
Okay Scott feed this through to Wendy.
Wendy you got it?
Alright we're gonna connect these cables
and we're gonna put out the brains okay?
Go! Go, go, go!
Go, go, go!
Alright Scott take these cables through.
Alright turn it on Scott.
Oh shit.
It's working.
Alright Scott switch.
Good we're back on.
Yeah come on.
Alright switch over again Scott.
Alright we're back on.
Come on go inside, come on, come on.
Alright Mark it's time to go.
Come on.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Wait Mark.
Be careful.
First time you made the first move.
Oh my God he's right behind them.
Get out of there, come
on get out of there!
He's gonna get Mark!
Oh my God.
Don't you go out there.
We've got to go get him!
Stop it.
Stop it.
Alright, the freezer
should hold him for a while,
give us time to think.
Wait a minute think?
What do you mean think?
Let's think about the front door.
We can't get out the front door.
My hand isn't coded.
Then we'll dig our way out.
This place is encased
in six feet of concrete.
Joanne we're never
gonna get out of here.
I mean we're gonna be
trapped in here forever.
No, no don't say that, don't say that.
Tell her we're gonna
get outta here alright?
So we're just supposed
to wait here and die?
We're just supposed to
wait here for him to come
and tear our brains out?
What do we do?
What if the door doesn't hold?
Think, think.
Altimeter, the model, flaps, control...
The, the controls on the, the airplane.
I, I remember them but
I wouldn't tell him.
And he died thinking that I hated him.
No he didn't.
I'm such an asshole.
No Scott he knew you loved him.
I did.
I know you did, so did I.
It's okay.
I did.
That's it, that's it.
Scott, Wendy I think I
know a way out of here.
Come with me.
Come on.
Wait Joanne, where are we going?
We need to find your father.
His hand is our only way out of here.
- What?
- Ohh.
- Are you serious?
- No, no, no!
No there's no way that I'm gonna do that,
there's no way.
Look it's either that
or we stay here and die.
Come on.
Scott stay close.
Oh my God.
Dad we, we, we ah...
Oh God.
Alright Wendy come on.
Hey get up.
I said get, I'm gonna do it.
Come on get up.
Get up!
Come on, get up!
Get up be a man!
Come on get up!
Get up!
Don't look.
Come on be a man!
I'm gonna do it!
Wait, Scott wait!
Oh he's alive, he's alive.
Get him up, get him up.
We gotta get outta here.
You hurt bad?
I think my legs broken.
Come on.
We have to hurry.
Take it easy, easy, easy, easy, easy.
You coulda let me know
what was going on Joanne.
The last time I saw him he
was a 90 pound weakling.
I never saw rage like that.
No one knew Jim, Alex
was pumping him up.
My God.
Oh dear.
The emergency system's down.
Oh my God.
What was that?
No, no, the other direction.
No dad no!
I can't see anything!
Jim he's got Wendy I'm going after him.
Wait no not right now.
You won't last two seconds
with that son of a bitch,
we need light.
Wait, wait, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait a minute wait sound, sound...
What are you talking about?
When the, the microwave
it freaked him out.
We can get him with the sound.
The control room, we can
use the intercom, come on.
Alright let's do it.
Yeah come on, come
on, let's go, let's go.
Alright we've
gotta get the power back on
if we wanna use the intercom.
What about a manual override?
I've tried, nothing.
What about the fuse box?
Oh come on Jim, a blown fuse?
Cross your fingers.
Go Scott.
Wendy we're in the control room, run!
Wendy we're in here!
Suck on this!
Let's go!
Come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
Kay you able to make it?
You gonna be able to make it?
Come on.
I think so.
Let me help you.
Are you okay?
Come on huh you gotta help me out here.
Come on let's get him in the van.
Okay, come on.
You gonna make it?
Come on.
How are you?
We're good, how's your leg?
Still broken.
You alright?
Yeah, you okay?
Yeah I'm alright.
It was a hell of a welcome.
What happened to Alex?
It wasn't just Alex Jim.
God, this thing started the second
we put that needle in him.
We got a lot to answer for.
God Jim how could we let this happen?
Come on, come on.
Come on we're alright, we're alright.
What was that?
What was that?
Oh shit.
Oh man!
Oh shit!
Get the gun,
That helped.
Give Wendy the gun!
Wendy take the gun!
Oh my God!
Wendy shoot him!
Scott get out of the way!
Wendy shoot him!
Oh shit the van's on fire.
Come on let's go we gotta get out.
Come on let's go.
Come on.
Come on let's go.
Wendy get up.
I can't even push the
pedals, get over here.
You're gonna have to fly it.
Jim what?
He can do it.
Come on.
Alright she's primed hit the starter.
Feel those rudders.
Short field take off,
rotated R in 40, good Scott.
Alright lay that power in.
Put it right to the wall.
Okay, just rotate it 140,
just keep it in the green,
you can do it.
Oh my God!
Oh fuck!
What do we do?
Somebody do something!
Hey everybody okay?
I've felt better.
How you doing?
I'll live.
Unless he can fly.
Hey, good flyer.
Really proud of you.
I had a good teacher.
Leave your father,
your mother, your brother,
forsake your family and follow me make...