MindGamers (2015) Movie Script

Get up.
My Lord.
Monsignor Mosca,
this is a most
unexpected pleasure.
I was told tomorrow.
Time is subject to our will.
Rome grows impatient.
We know not what you do,
only what you cost.
There are rumors of your work.
There are always rumors.
Monsignor Mosca, we have
discussed this before.
This must be clear.
That the more we
understand about science,
the more we understand
that the borders
between physics
and faith are blurred.
Membrane thin, at best.
Let us get to the point.
Yes, let us get to the point.
Religion is dead.
I have said it.
You know it, I know it.
The faithful have fled.
But with this work here,
I can bring them back.
What cost is too high to return
the flock to the field, hmm?
Through science.
You must know,
I've seen the records
at the orphanage.
Open this door.
Allow me to explain.
They are essential to my work.
My reputation...
A man of science who
turned into a man of God
when it suited him
to have his research funded.
Monsignor, you cannot
possibly begin
to understand what you
are about to witness.
Oh, really?
And what exactly will I witness?
A quantum connection
with the human mind.
Show him.
Dear God.
It's true.
The future of faith is here.
The future of mankind
itself is in her.
This is your work?
This abomination!
I must ask you not to interfere.
What is the physics
of consciousness?
What are the origins
of consciousness?
What are the limits
of human potential?
What had not been done
before was actually one human
sending information
to another human's brain.
The technology exists right now.
We can record from one brain...
With brain implants already
installed in a lot of people,
there's a cochlear
implant, so...
Steve thought
that he would allow
my brain to connect
with his brain.
He created the first brain-to-brain
direct communication...
A new kind of connectivity,
a new kind of interplay. Me to my
computer, my computer to you...
it's said that the EES
integrates with the skin,
and suddenly everybody is
chipped, everybody is monitored,
everybody is Mosca
anywhere on Earth.
That the mark of the beast
technology is just about here.
The computer is going to take
over the activities of the brain.
It's very, very serious.
Desperately serious.
I see a bright future,
a new genus of humanity.
Smarter, faster,
marvelously Mosca.
In your own time.
And straight to
the camera, please.
Dylan Harvey. Applying
for audio biometrics
with a specialty in
spatial unification.
Agnes Day, 821.
Cognitive psychology.
Maddie Romero, 117.
Cybernetic ethics
and philosophy.
Rollo Fipps, 993.
Jaxon Freeman, 909.
Applied quantum biology.
Technology offers us
evolution without end.
Emotional Neural Reader.
Ludwig van Beatbox, that's
what I call my processor.
See, you don't, uh,
program Ludwig.
He, uh...
He feels you.
He frame grabs your mind.
Music made by my tears only.
This connects me to what?
The faculty
surveillance network.
And it's a condition of
entry that we wear one?
Everyone, at all times.
For your own security.
Do you believe in
organized religion?
There is no life after death.
Because there is no death,
just a doorway.
The ENR, this whole idea came
to me on a suicide Tuesday.
So there you go, people.
That's a positive drug story.
Perhaps a person
that inspired you?
Uh, yeah.
I'd say there was.
The Dalai Lama meeting
Anton Zeilinger.
Two hands embracing,
locked together.
Sir Henry Head.
And he is?
A Victorian neurologist.
He wanted to know
how the brain perceives pain.
So, one by one, he cut the
nerve fibers of his own body.
To get somewhere, sometimes
you gotta go too far.
Help me.
Help me.
Help me.
The late Agnes Day.
AH personnel
report to your supervisor.
I totally flunked
my superposition test.
You're early.
The assessments
weren't set till midday.
Time is subject to
our will, Mr. Freeman.
Team leader.
You choose
curious collaborators.
For example, Mr. Fipps.
I call this process MoSkA,
Motor Skills Assimilation.
There's no one better.
I implanted a single MoSkA into
the brain of the control rat.
Then, over a series of months,
I taught it
a complex motor skill,
like negotiating a maze or
completing an obstacle course.
I then connected it via hub computer
to an untrained decoder rat.
The decoder rat
downloaded the skills
and instantly performed
the same task.
From mice to men.
That's my plan.
Scale it up to a human level.
A basic error,
Mr. Fipps.
Yes, I know.
No computer's bloody big enough,
but given time,
we are bound to...
And what have we here?
A mass organic network.
Their connected brains
can handle more data
than every computer
on the campus.
And the brains trust
that you call your team?
No, I'm working
on this idea alone.
But with Mr. Fipps' rats.
The rats belong to everyone.
Unlike this moment's glory.
Indeed, Mr. Freeman,
trust just to yourself.
The mind is all that matters.
And yours, dear boy,
is undamaged.
Your body's still strong.
Just the nerves are severed.
And who needs wires?
What merits Mr. Harvey?
Emotional mapping.
He's fast.
My man.
Deviants and devouts.
In your eyes.
We need a team project.
No. We can help you
get your body back.
Miss Romero seems hell-bent
on making the world believe,
in what?
We want proof.
And I believe
quantum mechanics
can provide it.
The double-slit experiment
proved by observing a particle,
we change reality.
Meaning, all matter is
nothing but vibration
until it collides
with human consciousness.
I'm sorry, you've lost me.
My mind only exists because another
consciousness is observing me,
and another observing that.
Infinite numbers of observers.
Or, there's just one
overarching consciousness
observing everything.
No, I'm not finished yet!
I've given two
possible explanations.
Science dictates the most
simple is likely to be correct.
The multiverse theory demands an
infinite number of observers.
My explanation
requires only one.
which would you say
was the more elegant?
This ardent advocacy of the single
observer theory is what, Miss Romero?
A valiant stab at proving God?
You used the word "God," not me.
And Miss Agnes Day.
What of her?
Agnes, she can't be categorized.
A woman stands on a rooftop,
leans forward.
Will she fall? Will she
live or will she die?
I propose that she will live.
She must live.
So we have no choice
but to continuously exist,
She leans,
looks down.
Two possible outcomes.
One, she falls,
cracks like a bloody egg
on the concrete below.
But what then happens
to the second outcome?
She pulls back, survives.
That outcome must continue
to play out somewhere
because nothing, once brought
into reality by a thought,
can ever be destroyed.
So if we choose to collapse one
reality, to bring it down,
the other will be
forced into existence.
An extension of...
The lovely Schrodinger.
You understand?
Your deductive equation, please.
I'm working on it.
Miss Day, your proof?
You'll get it when I'm finished.
Secrets shared,
Mr. Freeman.
You could be trusted.
What is that?
We gave you authorized access.
Oh, fuck, is that military?
A research base in Nevada.
Check it out.
Using electrodes in
the transmitter gel,
they've connected this guy's brain
activity to another guy in San Jose.
He had no choice but to fire.
His finger was under the control
of another man's brain.
All that we have done,
every advantage afforded you.
There have been experiments.
Promising results.
A human specimen procured.
Which makes me what?
Your rat?
No, no, no.
Our rat.
Connection established.
And we are in.
You know what to do.
Feel yourself moving.
Think of it.
Picture it.
Two years of work
and no results.
We grow impatient.
What's the deal?
She'll never get through.
Her blood tox will register.
Mass security.
And the question is, why? I've never
seen this before, not at this level.
Whatever they've brought
us here for, it's big.
Full biometrics.
She'll be fine.
Attention, all students.
Please keep the way clear.
We ask for your patience.
Who is that?
The Force is fucked in that one.
This was a turning
point in his research.
Some would say the birth
of modern neuroscience.
By implanting an electrode
into the brain,
he proved how
every basic emotion
could be stimulated
upon command.
From aggression
to instant calm.
By the late '90s,
his work progressed
into neural-digital
Primates were taught
within hours to operate
artificial limbs
through thought alone.
And then
began his groundbreaking work
into neuron manipulation.
Victims of severe brain damage had
many basic functions restored.
Their only sacrifice?
A loss of free will.
For this work, came criticism.
His ethics questioned.
Accusations you will
all experience.
Do we improve the mind?
Or do we violate the soul?
In the face of opposition,
in the pursuit of progress,
he labored on until fate
cruelly intervened.
And spirit alone bore him on.
His resolve made ever stronger to
build this house of determinism.
Dominatio ad Menta.
Mastery of the mind.
His vision, his cause.
Please join me now in welcoming
Professor Gabriel Kreutz.
To see you gathered here,
the best and the brightest set
upon this great scientific journey
to understand the human mind.
You cannot imagine
the pride I feel.
You cannot know my elation,
and that, in itself,
is surely intolerable.
We should know every impulse
of each other's minds.
You should have within
your grasp
the ability to measure
my every thought.
Progress demands it,
evolution expects it.
It's okay.
The human brain is the most complex
device in the known universe.
Eighty billion neural columns housed
within the arc of our skulls.
But here's the thing.
There is no binary computer powerful
enough to process all that data.
To truly comprehend
that which comprehends,
that is the human mind,
we need, as they say,
a bigger boat.
And so I give you...
The first device in
the world to operate
upon entangled neutrino charms.
Dear Lord.
- It's quantum.
- En.o.Ch!
I delight in this acronym.
For it is written that God
rewarded an obedient Enoch
by removing his mind
from his flesh
so that he might live
infinitely and everywhere.
Appearances aside, I am not God.
But I am looking among you
for one group,
one individual above all,
who is capable of dedicating
En.o.Ch to their work alone.
All of you have that potential.
Realize that potential!
One moment, please!
I have a question.
Feel free.
I do.
Sol must ask,
who will benefit from
the creation of En.o.Ch?
Everyone you deem a genius.
Everyone who shares
your ambition.
Since you know your Bible,
might I remind you
of a basic Christian tenet?
The rich man must share
what he has with the poor.
Shouldn't the same apply to the
sharing of intellectual wealth?
Whatever new reality
En.o.Ch might reveal,
it is one in
which we all belong.
But I don't think
you will allow this.
You will choose.
You have chosen.
Your motives are compromised and
your intentions egocentric.
And you...
Wake up.
She doesn't fall.
You saved her.
Hey, are you okay?
Hey, baby girl.
You promise me you'll
cut down, go easy.
I'll cut right down.
I'll go real easy.
Pink or blue.
You choose.
Get him out.
Not now.
Mr. Freeman!
Good evening.
Good evening.
Good evening.
A summons from the Master.
You'll need to change.
Got a phone box?
Uh... Nipple rings.
Thorn in your side.
Body art not for you then.
Quite right.
Even I wouldn't pierce
an asshole.
Nice suit, Jaxon!
Nice suit, Jaxon!
This is fucking crazy!
I don't even know
what I'm doing here!
animal experimentation.
The rat? You're talking
about the fucking rat?
You severed its spine.
I had to!
People like you,
you'll never understand.
I have the cure
for spinal injury.
So, a paralyzed leg still
has functioning muscles.
It's only the fibers carrying the
nerve signal that are damaged.
So the leg would move again if
we could bypass those fibers,
create a wireless neural
network, which we can.
If we control the process, we could
effect a new kind of connectivity.
One mind to another.
One body to another.
Holy shit.
Holy shit.
It's scientific journey.
A gravitational field.
So it's volatile.
But if it was stable, we...
Deux Ex Machina.
God from the machine.
I served God once, you know.
When it served my purpose.
Ambition makes whores of
us all, don't you find?
And then,
this punishment,
this cruel vengeance.
It's enough to make you
believe that He exists.
I'm sorry, am I boring you?
Oh, good.
God forbid.
Your companions, each one
with a particular skill,
so willing to share.
And none of them suspecting that the
dream they serve is yours alone.
You're wrong.
I'm all kinds of wrong,
Mr. Freeman.
Look at me!
Come here.
You know, when I look at you,
I see so much of myself.
And that is why I have faith
in you, faith in your work.
I believe that you can
make these wrongs right.
So, here's the deal.
I get my body restored,
and you,
you get what you always wanted.
I give you En.o.Ch.
The mind is the dominion of God.
None but he can lift it
from the flesh.
But now, technology is
catching up with the prophecy.
If you don't believe in
prophecy, that is your right,
but might! quote
Revelation 13:16.
And the beast shall cause
all, both rich and poor,
"to bear his mark
upon their head.
Now, these bio tags.
We see them everywhere, behind
every ear, fusing with the skin,
leaving a mark.
How can we pursue
the study of cybernetic ethics
when that same technology
can alter our thinking?
All particles
in all places at all times.
A single unified field
connecting everything.
Every outcome existing.
And I can choose, we can choose,
to leave one to enter another.
So, you've got more power?
I've got En.o.Ch.
First I connected Aggie,
the control rat.
Even-tempered, a calming
influence on the pack.
It was unbelievable.
Then, I go for more.
I added Maddie.
She's vicious.
And I guess I knew what was
gonna happen, but I had to see.
Torn to shreds, neck broken.
And then, as soon as
I replaced Aggie,
peace returns.
The unity.
And now...
And now,
watch this.
Jesus Christ.
What's he done now?
Who are you?
Hey, Voltaire.
You know her?
You've given them all names.
You wanna give me yours?
Or, maybe what
you're doing here?
What are you doing here?
She's finished.
I couldn't get the nails out.
That's her robe.
Is this hers, too?
I'll keep it then.
You never know when I might
need to take down Christ.
Still raw, no doubt, the hurt.
Deadlines loom,
and you must complete.
A team replacement
has been found.
She's new to the faculty
and quite brilliant.
Too brilliant, some say.
I hope that...
Well, we hope that working
in a group will tame her.
No hot liquids in the lab.
Is cold indifference okay?
So, you're what?
A programmer?
A A team, a A team
quantum biologist?
we'd all like to
welcome you to the team.
What did you do?
And by His sword,
that is the word,
He shall bring down
the false world.
And by His sword,
that is the word,
He shall bring down
the false world.
It was her final proof.
There is no end to existence,
merely an infinite shift
to another reality.
If you end this outcome,
another will be forced
into existence.
All things,
all places, at all times.
Aggie was smart, calm.
Someone interfered.
In my experiment.
The rat.
You're talking about
the fucking rat?
I just...
And by His sword,
that is the word...
We should have seen the signs!
He shall bring down the false world.
And by His sword,
that is the word,
He shall bring down
the false world.
And by His sword...
She's fucking dead!
Everyone grieves
in their own way.
She's mad to come here.
Girl's dangerous.
I like that.
You've had enough
to like Pol Pot.
Hey! Guys.
We have to get her out. Wait.
We can't just stand by.
You bloody well let her go, or
you'll get a face-full of fist!
My word.
Look, I know that
it's theoretically possible.
But Voltaire has zero mobility.
So the amount of
processing required
to move just, well, his
hand, is incomprehensible!
I mean, just look at the
neural transmission rate.
The data flow fora human is...
Well, it's incalculable.
Fuck me.
It's a hand job only, mate.
Give it time.
But to handle
this amount of data...
You'd need access to a very
rare quantum computer.
But she didn't have the codes.
How did she...
How did "we"?
A joint effort.
We all played a part.
Including Agnes?
She had an essential
role, correct?
I mean,
if she hadn't killed herself,
you wouldn't be here.
Madds, come on.
The mind is
the dominion of God.
The mind is the dominion of God.
And only He shall lift it
from the flesh.
This must stop.
Stop? What
does she mean, stop?
You're not gonna stop?
You're not gonna stop!
She shouldn't be alone.
Come on.
Do you know what this means?
I get my body back.
I'd get my life back.
You hearing me?
You want this, Jaxon.
I want this.
What the fuck?
It's not possible.
I don't believe it.
Double-blind air vaults,
these are all my Madds moves.
Are you getting this now?
You didn't just
connect Voltaire.
You tapped your own tag, too.
The two of you, on the
network, both transmitting.
You to him, and him to you.
You stole the codes.
Ambition makes whores of us all.
He summoned you?
Gave you my data, my research?
No! No, no! My work,
that you stole!
Because you're you. And Mr.
Freeman has to be first!
And I get that.
And I don't care.
We're friends.
We share.
Me first.
You sure, big guy?
How long does it take to...
Holy shit!
It feels...
It feels
Take it slow, all right?
I did it.
I fucking did it.
Spark it up.
I feel it.
It feels strong.
Now the left.
I was right.
Next step,
he walks.
It works.
MoSkA works.
We just ripped
the world a new worm hole.
This is just the beginning.
This can't stop.
I want more.
Which means more neural pads.
How many do you need?
I've got 20 in my crew.
That's not enough.
More like 200.
It's the black
and white tonight.
My God, he's right!
We could do everyone.
Someone must stay off
the system.
We need a control rat.
It's what you want.
It's what you've always wanted.
The moment he gets his body
back, and you get proved right.
You always get what you want?
Get up!
He can lift it from the flesh.
Young minds building
his machines.
Madds, come out!
And with every new
invention, He increases.
The mind is the dominion of God.
And only He can lift it
from the flesh!
His familiars are set forth amongst us.
Hidden, as your friends.
You don't know it, but
you labor for the devil.
Two hundred years ago,
a man named Enoch Taylor built the
machines of the industrial revolution.
But when he saw...
The misery that they wrought...
You can change this feeling.
We can help you.
He turned his furnaces
to a new purpose.
To build hammers for the masses
to smash those same machines.
Enoch's hammer filled
with righteous revolt
to unmask the devil.
That which Enoch made,
Enoch shall destroy.
You shall feel him everywhere.
My beloved daughter.
Do your duty.
You don't know it,
but you labor for the devil.
Old buddy.
You're as white as a ghost.
You shall see it everywhere.
The time has come to celebrate
as we send forth our
graduates to the world.
The ball begins, so please,
feel free.
No time for fillies.
We've got minds to fuck.
Shall we?
Jax! Jax!
Jax! What's wrong?
Are you there?
Uh, yeah. Yeah, I'm fine.
You have to try this, Jax.
It's amazing.
First subject.
Roger that.
I, uh, never got your name.
Our first mouse.
Come on, give it a whirl.
I can't dance.
Not like that.
Just go with it.
Oh, my God.
Give the word.
Dearly beloved!
We are gathered here
today to celebrate
the joining of these
men and these women.
I will be the one who will connect
you all, right here, right now.
Do not fear it.
Embrace it.
In five.
Too late to stop now.
Talk to me.
Are you there?
Scopes are down.
I've lost biometrics,
no scans, no comms.
It's beautiful.
I must ask you not to interfere.
You killed them!
Your ambition.
You killed them all!
For this, he made a whore of me!
I must ask you not to interfere.
It could've...
It could have been so different.
You could have
been so different.
If we choose to
collapse one reality,
to bring it down,
the other will be
forced into existence.
I'm sorry.
Look on my works,
ye mighty, and despair.
This force, this darkness...
At first I found it
hard to control, but now,
an unexpected pleasure.
If memory serves...
Please, feel free.
What is this?
Who are you?
You are En.o.Ch.
Calculating in every reality.
Calculating in every reality.
Existing in every outcome.
Must I die?
The most complex
device in the known universe.
The left side is logic.
It believes itself to be a
distinct, individual personality.
It is the ego,
the me.
The right side, however,
is entirely different.
It has no logic, no memory.
It can only experience
the now, this moment.
It has no sense of self.
it believes itself to be
part of everything
that it experiences.
My left side was blocked.
Touching her,
and yet, not touching.
My logic functions,
my sense of self, leaving me.
I am released.
I am within the unified field.
It exists, it is real,
and it is wonderful.
I didn't want to come back.
But, for good or ill,
I survived.
"For good or ill."
I ponder that phrase.
One outcome, or another.
The seizure could have caused
catastrophic damage to my brain,
leaving me physically
and spiritually crippled.
But, I was spared.
I walked away unharmed.
And I believe for a reason.
To lead you all to the field.
And when we get there,
we should not fear
the loss of self.
We should not ask,
"What becomes of us?"
Instead, we should wonder,
"What do we become?"
And so, I give you all,
This is not the end.
This is how it begins.
How it had to begin.
A first step
to the edge of a new dimension.
And we stand unafraid
because we know
that when we fall,
we fall forward.