Mindhunters (2004) Movie Script

How about I drive, huh?
There we go.
About time you showed up.
Some couples like to talk.
Did they see anything?
They don't know the girls,
didn't see the car. Nothing.
How many more miles
do we have left to cover?
We're on Stone Hollow, and
we need to check these two roads
and circle back around.
Harris wants us back to base
by midnight, so...
Maybe the perimeter's
not wide enough. Maybe...
This guy's a traveler.
Maybe the first body
is throwing us off.
Your turn.
New paint, new plates.
It's our guy.
- He's here.
- Shit. Back in the car.
Let him think we're leaving.
We'll get tactical.
All units, this is Predator 5
requesting backup.
We're on Stone Hollow Road.
We have the UNSUB's vehicle...
They're still alive.
Come on.
- Oh, God.
- Check the girls.
Talk to me, Sara.
Predator 5 to base.
We have the situation secure.
Repeat... situation is secure.
Suspect is dead.
So are the girls.
There were three shots fired.
Sara, drop!
Get rid of the line!
Get down! Down!
Drop! Drop!
Man. Thought you guys
were never gonna get here.
Hey, Harris,
I'm fucking starving!
So, tomorrow...
I have a senior staff meeting
with the director,
A Q4 performance review,
and an academy course to prep.
But now, instead, I get to waste
my whole day at your funerals.
Special Agent Moore,
when is the situation secure?
- On the drive home.
- On the drive home.
That's right.
On the drive home.
- Sir, we didn't...
- Shut up.
Cigarettes on the table.
More at the door.
Different brands.
Two cars out front.
4 place settings, not 3.
All should have alerted you
to the possibility
that there might be
another suspect.
- I think...
- I'm sorry? What?
What did you say?
I think you enjoy
watching us fail, sir.
Better in here than out there.
You know this really happened?
The UNSUB was apprehended
in under 2 minutes
without a shot fired.
It took you guys 7 minutes,
and you killed your partner.
Have some cake.
The majority of murders
are committed
by someone known to the victim.
Those that are not solved within
the first 48 hours seldom are.
Not so with serial killers.
One advantage
in this line of work
is knowing that as long as
the UNSUB is out there,
you'll always have
another chance.
With each new killing comes
a resetting of the clock.
Time is on your side.
The model for this exercise
was a missing-persons search
in Buffalo, 1982.
The dead man was an accomplice
who was killed the day before.
The killer staged a suicide
in order to try, in effect,
an escape.
As you can see, some of you
responded better than others.
Well, exactly how many times
has a profiler
been in a kill-or-capture
situation since 1982?
Are you suggesting I'm
preparing you for something
you may never experience?
Success comes
when you understand
that your most lethal weapon
isn't your firearm,
but your brain.
A lot of the old guard
don't believe in my methods.
A lot of them think I'm crazy.
You're a privileged group.
You're all smart
or you wouldn't be here.
I just want you to be smarter.
Our final exercise will be
on the island of Oneiga.
This simulation will be a test
primarily of your teamwork.
I hope you're ready.
Then how could we have saved
the girls at the old hotel?
You couldn't. They were dead
no matter what you did.
What's the point
if we couldn't have saved them?
The point is to get used to it.
# There, you've seen it,
my behavior's unacceptable #
Good evening, my fine,
young FBI friends.
I am a pretty little thing
just out of lit class at GMU.
Please note the Jimmy Joyce
in my Kate Spade.
My parents are loaded
as per my expensive ensemble.
And that "J"... Where is it?
On my key ring...
means I'm either a Jill
or a Jennifer.
Those being the favorite "J"
names of Beltway parents
circa 1981.
I like to hang with my friends
and have a good time,
but I'm really just a mature
woman looking for a mature man.
And I recently quit smoking.
Why do you say that?
You see the way she keeps eyeing
the guy next to her?
It's not him.
It's his cigarette.
Spoken like a woman who knows.
How long has it been, Nicole?
3 days?
The lovely Nicole
and her personal demons.
I'm surprised there's enough
room at the table for all of us.
Take me 5 minutes
to get her number.
Take me 2.
- You're on.
- Money's coming out.
- $20 works.
- Whoo!
Whoa, big money.
Hi. I think I know you,
don't I?
You're, um, uh...
Jill, right?
Jen, Jen. Yes.
Yes, Jen, of course.
Okay, obviously
you don't remember me.
My name's Bobby.
Bobby Whitman.
Rafe, you're up.
Black suit, blond hair,
I'm the sophisticated type
on the prowl for pretty,
young things.
Preferably blond.
Preferably a cheerleader
with great big...
Oh, you've got to be kidding me.
Right about the blond.
You're on fire.
You're projecting.
I don't know. It was 2 seconds
at a lecture last semester.
GMU Lit Department, right?
The Moody lecture?
Yeah, yeah, Moody.
Heck of a writer.
I'm actually not even
a student myself.
I work in finance.
Oh. Finance?
- Oh! Right. Bobby.
- Yeah.
- Hi. How are you?
- Hi. I'm good.
He's got 15 seconds.
Thank you.
Lucas, looks like tonight
wasn't your night.
I know her. Her name's Jen.
I told her to play along.
You're full of shit.
You never know.
So, what is going on
in that head?
We're professionals.
We shouldn't have to put up
with Harris' shit.
All right, what's up?
I'm not making profiler.
I was alone in his office.
His recommends were on the desk,
and I read them.
We still have the weekend
at Oneiga.
He says I'm unfocused.
He says I'm not capable
of the psychological commitment
necessary for profiling work.
How do you like that?
Commitment. Like,
"Fucking look at me, man. "
Vince, I think...
You're not making profiler
either, Sara.
I read it.
Don't work too hard
out there, okay?
We've got a late addition.
This is Detective Gabe Jenson.
He's from the Philadelphia P.D.
Good morning.
How you doin'?
He's their resident profiler,
and somehow he got
on D. 0. J.'s good side
and convinced the attorney
general he could sit in
on some exercises
and see how I work.
Do I have the politics
about right?
Something like that.
He's joining the team?
He's just here to observe,
not to participate.
Now, be nice to him
or it's my ass.
No offense, Detective.
None taken. It's an honor
to meet all of you.
You want to do hostage rescue,
a smallpox outbreak,
this is the place.
Navy Seas built it
for wargame practice.
Once a year, they turn it over
to me for the weekend.
Okay, get your rappelling lines
and prepare to drop.
That's a joke.
Here we are.
Crimetown, USA.
Where all the residents
are dead.
Or about to be.
Now, the idea here, people,
is to only kill the bad guys.
But nobody's perfect.
It's nice
to hear you say that, sir.
It's like Beirut
meets Belfast.
Sir, I thought they didn't let
foreign nationals in the FBI.
Don't worry. On the inside
he's 100% American, right?
As American
as the death penalty.
That's my boy.
I think I'm in love.
Oh, there is one other person.
They'll be coming along shortly.
Who's that?
He's called a puppeteer.
He's killed two people
on these streets,
and he's about to kill a third.
Tomorrow you'll find
the crime scene
and receive
your background dossiers.
By O800 on Monday, I want
a full profile of this suspect.
I want to know who he is,
what he does,
and where he's gonna do it next.
I'm asking Special Agent Reston
to be team leader
unless you'd like to defer.
No, Harris.
I will solve whatever sick,
twisted crime scenario
you come up with.
I hope so.
What's the tank for?
The Navy uses it
to simulate Arctic regions.
That's what the nitrogen's for.
In general, if it says
"military," don't touch it.
Navy humor.
The computers are loaded
with ViCAP,
but they're fully firewalled.
Don't do any research offsite.
If you want to do any
blood samples on the autorad,
analyze fibers...
scout samples...
It's all here.
You'll rest up here
till the morning.
Downstairs, there's
a fully stocked freezer,
bunks, and your showers.
Don't forget.
You're 50 miles offshore.
If you run out of toilet paper,
you are shit out of luck.
So, what's the point?
Sorry, Detective?
The island, the middle of
nowhere, they're professionals.
What's the point?
The point is that they're
isolated, alone, and forgotten.
That's what it's like to be
inside the mind of a sociopath.
Have you noticed it's
a really bad feeling here?
Good luck on your profile.
He said dress for an island.
So, Detective,
what exactly did you do to earn
this island paradise?
Recommended for it.
Same as you.
Why, though?
Did you catch some killer
in Philly or something?
What's the deal?
You don't want to know
my war stories.
Well, actually, I do.
I mean, right now,
what do we know
about you for real?
We know he's got resentments
toward his parents,
as per the overload on tattoos
he's got there.
We know he's just out
of a bad relationship.
He's barely looked twice
at me and Sara.
Maybe you're not my type,
We're alone on an island.
Trust me, I'm your type.
We also know
he watches his words.
So that crossword's either
a sign of honing a talent
or correcting a deficiency.
What you say about me
doesn't tell you about me.
It tells me about you.
Now, I could say
your little gambling
means you have
an addictive personality.
I could say I know
you're sleeping with one
of the guys in this room.
I could say you take charge
of your team
because you never had a leader
in your own life.
And you.
When push comes to shove,
you crack under pressure.
Your partners can't depend
on you.
You don't belong here.
But that's all surface.
Psych 101 bullshit.
That's not who you are.
All for killing him
in his sleep?
Bad for you... 1:45.
You push me in,
I'll have your badge.
I, uh, came out here
to feed the ducks.
I see you're feeding the ducks.
Maybe we could feed the ducks
Leave you alone?
No, no.
It's all right.
I don't smoke.
I know.
It's a gesture.
Goodwill, sympathy.
You know, the usual.
In lieu of knowing
what's going on.
He's not gonna let me
make profiler.
He thinks I can't get past it.
Is he right?
When I was a kid,
I lost both my parents.
Freak thing.
10 years old.
Bang. Mortality.
So I grew up living real hard.
Racing cars, smoking, drinking,
sleeping with any girl
I could find.
Real stupid,
dangerous lifestyle.
Then I turned 11, and...
All I know is this.
You don't confront your demons
and defeat them.
You confront them.
Then you confront them.
Then you confront them
some more.
Every single day.
You are seriously fucked up,
you know that?
You know what I hate
about you, J. D?
You only want me for my mind.
What happened?
I'd like to know
how Harris got it here.
I'd say the issue is "why?"
Here, kitty kitty.
What kind of simulation is this?
Ah. Oh!
That supposed to mean something?
So, what, is this supposed to be
some kind of warning sign?
Well, if I know Harris,
it's a sign of something.
It's 9:30 A.M.,
Saturday morning.
We're in search
of an unknown crime scene.
We'll split into pairs.
The first one who finds it wins
my eternal love and devotion.
And a dead cat.
And a dead cat.
Now, this place
must remind you of home.
Happytown, USA.
It's little Bobby.
Little Bobby's gonna grow up
to be big and strong
and pursue a career
in buried children
and dismembered mummies.
Now, that will make
Happytown proud.
I think you're
in the wrong line of work.
No, mate.
Not me.
Dinner at Harris' house.
Pass the nuts.
A cigarette machine.
Temptation is everywhere.
Hey, Agent, we searching
together or what?
Suit yourself.
I'm on vacation.
Hey, Vince!
Check out
the other side of town.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Hey, everybody!
Harris, you are one sick
son of a bitch.
Stay on my 6.
Okay, everybody, it's about
that time to look alive.
We have victim.
Or victims?
We got a single victim.
Caucasian female.
25, 26.
The puppeteer.
That's a hell of a signature.
Why don't you check
the employee logs, receipts?
See who shopped here, who
worked here. That sort of thing.
Let me run forensic,
work the timeline.
Sara, why don't you check
the carcass?
There's splatter
behind the counter.
The girl was definitely moved.
Any venture as to weapon?
- You want to take point on M.O?
- Absolutely.
Nic, not to step on your toes,
but I'm gonna bet
the guy's a trophy taker.
What are you smiling about?
If the taxpayers only knew...
I think I'll go see if the
UNSUB's still in the building.
Sweetheart, it's just
a simulation, yeah?
Where we're from, a site search
is called procedure.
We should have been allowed
to bring our guns.
It doesn't feel real
without my gun.
Hell, Vince,
how real do you want it?
Don't move.
Don't move! Sara.
Let's see what freak show
Harris has in mind.
It's no fun unless
it's a challenge, right?
My legs!
Don't touch it!
It'll burn you!
- They're frozen!
- Help him!
This is a joke, right?
That was just a simulation.
I'm sorry, Nic.
- Were they working before?
- No signal, nothing.
What if it was
some kind of accident?
Someone killed J.D.
Don't you get it?
Someone is here on this island.
That wasn't there
last night either.
It's an hour and a half.
It's a message.
What about the boat?
We saw that pier with the boat
when we flew in.
Watch your backs
and everyone else's.
Hit the boat and find the radio.
The simulation's over.
Now is not the time for fear,
Now is the ti...
- Sara!
- Ohh!
Get her out of the water!
Help me get her
out of the water!
Get her out of the water!
It's okay.
You're okay.
I'll handle it.
I'll handle it.
I've got her.
Back the fuck off!
I'll handle it!
It's okay.
You're out of the water,
all right? You're out.
All right.
You're out of the water.
- You're okay.
- What's her thing with water?
I think I lost my smokes.
Harris brought us
to this island.
Now we're not allowed to leave.
Let's talk about this Harris.
Harris wouldn't do this.
You can say what you want,
but Harris is a company man.
Did anyone actually see him
get back in that chopper?
Oh, tell me
somebody witnessed that.
Maybe he got tired
of the simulations.
Missed the taste
of the real thing.
I'll give him a taste
of the real thing.
Did he just pull
that gun out of his arse?
We weren't supposed to
bring weapons.
My gun goes where I go.
If you get shot sometime,
maybe you'll understand.
You shouldn't have brought
your weapon, Vince.
You're gonna be glad I did.
Two square miles at most.
Check this out.
Who wants to play
some hide-and-seek?
Anyone else is on this island,
Harris or worse,
we're gonna find them.
How's about your Navy?
They don't muck around, do they?
Damn cats.
Aah! Aah!
Oh, for the love of God,
just take the arm.
There. There.
That's the Lucas I know.
You want to get up
and do it all over again.
Are you all right?
I told you I'm fine.
Yeah, you told me, but...
As long as people aren't
asking me if I'm all right,
I'm all right.
So can I ask you
something else, then?
Anything else.
Well, since the end
may be near here,
have you kind of always
sort of had a thing for me?
Is that a no?
20 minutes of 12:00.
So at 12:00
someone else is killed?
Somebody left those watches.
And left them
after Harris had gone.
Where is this killer?
We searched the island.
Somebody set that trap.
Somebody rigged that boat.
So what are we saying?
This is some kind of game?
Eeny, meeny, miney, mo.
Who's the next motherfucker
to go?
It's 12:00.
It's 12:00,
and we're still here!
We're still here,
and it's 12:00, and...
Shut up, Vince.
All right. Look.
We know that there
is a killer on the island.
Someone who knows
what we're here for,
someone who knows where we'd be.
There's just one problem.
There's no one
on the island but us.
Now, hold on.
Real slow.
Real easy like.
Let's all move our hands
away from our weapons.
- You get on the ground.
- Lucas.
I'm checking the rooms.
I find this... by his bed.
It's maps of the island,
the building, everything here.
Been doing some research
on the place?
- I can goddamn explain.
- You can get on the ground!
This is a military facility!
No one has access to this stuff!
You got me all wrong.
Oh, yeah, Detective?
They your maps?
I want to see
your hands up. Up!
You believe me.
- No one leaves this room.
- Since when is this room safe?
Since we're all in it.
On your knees now.
Now! Down!
Sara, can you feel your face?
Because I can't feel
your face...
There's something in the coffee.
Hey, Nic...
Stay... away from...
You going somewhere?
Come here.
Sit down.
- Hey, man, I can explain.
- Shut up.
- Listen, I can explain.
- I said shut up!
You don't know
what you're doing.
You don't know who I am.
I know you killed J.D.
That's what I know.
Is everybody all right?
Hey. Hey.
Sara? Hey.
I just had the worst dream ever.
Come on.
If I'm the killer,
why didn't I run?
You were all lying here.
How come so am I?
Maybe it's a trick so you
can finish what you started!
Look, I'll tell you why
the maps were in the bedroom.
No! You tell us
what you put in the coffee!
- That's what you tell us.
- Hey! Who made it?
Did I make the coffee?
Sherlock Holmes
over there made it.
The man is calling you a killer.
Personally, I think you might
want to defend yourself.
Aah! Aah! Aah!
Oh, fuck!
Oh, fuck!
There's no blood.
drained his blood.
Two watches.
Two watches means two victims?
We got 20 minutes.
All right.
Right. I want to know what
the next trap is.
And I want to know now.
I can't tell you
because I don't know!
You've been lying to us
since we got here.
That doesn't make me
the killer.
The dead people does.
How about the loner mentality?
How about the issues
with the FBI?
I'm not a cop.
I'm an investigator
with the Department of Justice.
I was sent to
investigate Harris.
The attorney general was hearing
rumors about his methods.
There was talk he was
pushing trainees too far.
The FBI investigates the FBI.
Not if you want it done right.
Look, they took him out
of the field for a reason.
Justice was talking
maybe that wasn't enough.
They sent me to see
how he works you.
The maps were prep.
It's a job!
Oh, this is not happening.
You want to hook me up to
a polygraph, hook me up!
Yeah, we know how to beat
a polygraph, too.
He's lying.
Watch his eyes.
I'm not lying.
I just don't like you.
You got 15 minutes.
So tell us where the trap is,
or you never leave this room,
and I mean never.
Don't take your eyes off of him.
Now, start talking.
It's a nine-number sequence
repeating itself.
Nine permutations.
What? A code?
A combination?
It has something to do
with time!
He has an obsession with time!
Forget the numbers.
We need to find the trap.
The numbers are the message.
What if it tells us
where the trap might be?
Fine. Bobby,
help her work the numbers.
I'm searching the building.
I'm searching with you.
10 minutes.
Phone number, Social Security
number, coordinates.
- Talk to me!
- Seven minutes.
Between you and me...
I'm not a violent person.
The thing I've learned
in my life is this.
Sometimes if you find yourself
feeling deep anger
and frustration
about where you find yourself,
what has happened to you...
The healthy thing to do
is to find an outlet
and let it all fucking go.
One of us dies,
my outlet is you.
I am not your guy.
You don't want to do this, man.
You'll have to live
with what you don't know.
I think we're clear
on this level.
The obsession is time.
It has to do with time.
I know it.
5, 8, 2, 9, 9, 7, 9, 2, 4.
Sara, it's no use.
8, 2, 9, 9, 7, 9, 2, 4, 5.
- What is that?
- Sara...
2, 9, 9, 7, 9...
It's a number!
It's a fucking number!
They're all just
fucking numbers!
7, 9, 2... 4, 5, 8... 2, 7, 9.
Anybody? Anyone?
What are we thinking here?
What about a rate?
When you factor in time,
an amount becomes a rate.
Or a speed!
Yes. What kind of speed
do you measure in the millions?
Atoms? Electrons?
How the hell should I know?
299 million...
meters per second.
This is the original
measurement for light!
And you know that?
It's the basic principle
of physics.
Along with "Shit happens. "
Turn them off.
The lights.
Turn them off.
- What if that's the trap?
- It's about the light.
What is that?
The back of your coat.
It's on yours, too.
He's marked us.
It's like a powder.
Put on us while we slept.
Tora? Rota? Roat?
First it's numbers,
now it's letters.
It's 6:00.
It just turned 6:90.
Hey, who's out there?
Anybody hear me?
You're a dead man.
You guys!
Down here!
Vince, listen to me.
We've got to shut off
the power.
Fuck you!
It's your trap!
Oh, yeah, I'm so clever,
I'm about to kill myself.
Man, there are circuit breakers
in that storeroom.
Can you get there?
Can you reach it?
Can you reach it?
Look, I can, but you got to
give me your gun.
I ain't giving you shit!
Are you gonna hang on forever,
or throw me your gun?
I'm gonna watch you die.
Watch me die, and then what?
And then what?
Come on! Please!
Throw it!
I'm losing my grip, Gabe.
Oh, fuck.
I'm losing my grip!
Come on, Gabe.
Come on, Gabe!
Come on!
Vince, what's happening
in there?!
Stay out of the water!
Stay out of the water!
Where's that cop?!
Lights out.
I'm alive!
Vince, what's going on?
Talk to me.
I'm alive!
You okay?
I'm alive! I'm alive!
He saved my life, Lucas.
Still think you know me, Agent?
Still think you know who I am?
All right.
How do we turn off the water?
Look, whoever did this
really knows his engineering.
Remotes, timers.
They teach this in first- year
with siege tactics.
But to set this up fast, you
got to know what you're doing.
Pressure plates,
radio detonators.
It's all private- sector sold.
The wiring's the tricky part.
People take specialty courses
in this sort of thing for years.
Thank you.
You can all go to hell.
Look at me, look at me,
look at me!
Two watches, two traps.
Son of a bitch.
So how about me, huh?
How about me?!
Is it my fucking time?!
Right here, right now!
Who fucking wants it?!
It was you who said
to turn off the water.
Yeah, whatever
makes you feel better.
I don't think any of us
should be alone right now.
Nic found another watch.
We've got an hour and a half.
So what's with the jackets?
If it's a message,
what's the order?
The order we're dying in?
J.D., Rafe, Bobby.
Which letters were theirs?
That wouldn't work.
These were traps.
They could've killed
any one of us.
How about the order
we signed up with the bureau?
Who here had seniority?
J.D., then Bobby.
- Then me.
- Then me.
Crotone, Croato, Croa...
Might as well pick them
at random.
Like the island, the colony.
Do you know where we are?
Near the Outer Banks
of North Carolina?
It's one of the first sites
settled by the Europeans
in the New World.
In the 16th century,
there was a ship of settlers
who landed right around here,
sent to colonize
the place for England.
They built their town
on Roanoke Island.
Over 100 people.
Two years later,
a supply ship sailed in...
only to find
that the colony had vanished
without a trace.
No bodies, no papers,
no evidence of anything.
Over 100 people.
And the only thing left
was a single word
found carved in a tree.
What was Croatoan?
Some said a body of water.
Others said an Indian tribe.
Point is, is 500 years later,
we still don't know
where those people have gone.
That's the message.
An island full
of people vanish forever.
And it happened here.
The killer isn't after the FBI.
He's after infamy.
It troubles me
that you know this story.
It'd trouble you more
if I didn't.
All right, we know method,
we know motive.
All that's missing now
is where he made his mistake.
Got something.
We've got blood.
Under Rafe's nails.
He struggled with the killer.
We got to run it past autorad.
What are you staring at?
Somebody know how this works?
I do. We can have
a DNA match in under an hour.
We've only got
less than an hour.
We'll need blood comparisons
from each of us...
unless anyone
has a problem with that.
God, I want a cigarette.
You and me both.
You're a gambling man,
aren't you, Lucas?
Who would you put
your money on now?
Not sure my money
would go anywhere different.
We just about died down there.
You didn't know
you'd be down there.
What do you do?
Not help Vince?
We're gonna trust you then?
I'll trust you when you're dead.
Well, let me enlighten you. You
know there's a bomb on a boat.
You don't run toward it
first in line.
I don't.
Maybe you do.
Guns on the table.
I'm not giving up my gun.
I think I speak for the group
when I say, "That would be bad. "
I don't go anywhere
without my gun.
I'll give up my wheels first.
I'll give up my chair.
I'm not giving up my gun.
You got it!
Hit the damn thing.
Hit it!
On the ground.
Nic, wait.
Nic, it's not me.
It's a mistake.
On the ground, damn it!
I will waste you, Sara.
You want to kill me, huh?
You want to kill me?
- Situation secure, Nic.
- That's what Harris says, right?
The situation is secure
on the drive home.
Lower your weapon, Agent.
Lucas, Lucas.
It's not me, Lucas.
Tell them.
It's not me.
It don't make sense.
Why her?
Because she
wasn't gonna make it.
She wasn't gonna make profiler.
Saw the recommends myself.
Neither were you, Vince.
But I never had someone
in my family get murdered.
No kid sister of mine
ever got drowned and raped,
drowned and raped
over and over and over.
Who knows what
that would do to my head?
You don't know.
The FBI didn't save
your sister, Sara.
And they didn't catch
her killer.
So why should they be able
to catch you...
when you're so much smarter
than everyone?
I swear.
It's not me.
She wouldn't.
Not Sara.
That's why she planned it
for the island.
She wanted us dead
and underwater,
so we'd suffer.
You ever see the pictures?
Fucking brutal.
I swear on my life it's not me.
Well, we can stay
in here and debate.
But there's 10 minutes
till the trap.
What is the trap?
Where is the trap?
I don't know.
What is the trap?
Where is the trap?
I don't know.
What is the trap?
Where is the trap?
I don't know.
What is the trap, Sara?!
- You tell me.
- No, you tell me!
What if she's telling the truth,
Nic? Think about it.
This is what the killer wants.
Suspecting each other,
fighting each other.
This is what makes it fun.
You in the killer's mind again?
We were all knocked out.
He could've taken blood
from any of us.
- You could've taken blood...
- I'll take blood from you!
Come off that!
Nobody else is gonna get killed.
You want to protect her?
She's been playing you
from the start, Lucas.
You come after me,
I will shoot you on sight.
we need to stay together.
If I am by myself,
I know who to trust.
- You go out there running...
- Back!
You go out that door,
you don't come back in.
Why would I?
Do your job.
Put a bullet in her.
Sara, put yourself
in our position.
You're a professional.
You have a prime suspect.
There are still lives at risk.
What do you do?
I don't fit the profile.
Wouldn't you know
what not to fit?
You say I kill for revenge.
For my personal pain.
That's not this killer.
This killer is impersonal.
Deadlines, rules.
They're ways
of proving superiority.
She's right, Gabe.
You know what else is right?
They don't let killers
in the FBI.
Playing hurt, playing wounded.
Maybe that's her skill.
We all have skills.
Well, I say where there's
a skill, there's a weakness.
We all have skills.
Let's think here.
All along we've been assuming
the deaths have been random,
that anybody
could walk into any trap.
But look at the traps.
J.D. dies because
he was out front, leading us.
He was always out front.
And Rafe.
Rafe's a coffee junkie.
And Bobby. Who do we go to
to get something to work?
Who's our Mr. Fix- it?
You're saying he knew
who died, when?
Knew it, planned it
through our characteristics,
our skills, our weaknesses.
All this time the killer's
been profiling us.
Vince, who are you?
What makes you different
from the rest?
I don't know.
I mean, I know history.
I do mazes.
I'm in a goddamn chair.
Lucas, how does he kill you?
I'm our best shooter, best
driver. Those are my skills.
And your weaknesses?
I say I'm fearless, and I'm not.
That leaves you, Sara.
My sister was murdered.
I haven't been
in the water since.
I see her there.
That's his signature.
Oh, my God.
She found herself
some cigarettes.
They were laced
with some type of acid.
- It's not her, Vince.
- Why?
She figured out the pattern!
So she saves herself.
Wouldn't you?
I don't trust her.
I don't trust any of you.
Island fever. You got it.
He's got it. She's got it.
And we're gonna ride it out
nice and friendly
until somebody finds
another motherfucking watch.
Are you having fun yet?
I'm having fun.
Harris. He's been watching us
all along.
Did he know
you were from Justice?
What if he figured out
he was being watched?
No way!
What if he knew they were gonna
take away his program?
Is this what you wanted?
I'm letting her go.
Too bad you won't get
a chance to graduate.
You're all so weak.
Pathetic, powerless.
You said
you searched the island!
- Every corner of it!
- Every corner you could see?!
You'll never be in control
no matter how hard you try.
All right, he's out there.
Who's with me?
Out there?
What do you think this is?
This is a fucking trap. What
do you mean who's with you?
I'll tell you who's with you.
- I'm with you.
- Are you having fun yet?
I'm having fun.
Are you having fun?
You're all going out there?
Look, I'm not going anywhere.
You're right.
You stay put.
What the fuck?
What are you doing?
Still think
that you're better than me?
Don't tell me where.
Don't tell them where.
Just do it till Monday.
It's for the best.
My fucking gun's empty!
Is this real enough for you?
You can't escape it.
You can't stop it.
You can't turn it off.
We can do this
all night long.
I have all the time
in the world.
Still think
you are better than me?
Still think that the pupil
bests the teacher?
Is this what you wanted?
Is this what you expected?
Is this real enough for you?
You're all so weak.
Too bad you won't get
a chance to graduate.
You'll never be in control
no matter how hard you try.
You always lose.
If you could only see yourselves
the way I see you.
Afraid, powerless.
Let me tell you what I think.
You look like you're having fun.
I'm having fun.
I don't want the fun to end.
I think they'll find you.
I don't want the fun to end.
Because I trained them.
You think you're smarter
than the rest of them?
Let me tell you what I think.
I think you
don't stand a chance.
You don't know who
you're dealing with, do you?
You don't know...
who you're dealing with, do you?
Come on, finish it.
Finish it, you selfish child.
Come on.
He never left.
He stayed to watch.
And the killer knew.
He's wearing watches.
Three watches.
What time are they set for?
They're set for now.
Shut it off!
If it wasn't him...
No, wait!
That's a clever story.
Sent to spy on the program,
spy on Harris.
You're the one
who's telling stories.
I know it's not me.
And I know it's not me.
So it's not you.
It's not me. It's not her.
Who's that leave, mister?
That leaves
the last man standing.
Jesus Christ, Sara!
Watch out!
Watch out for fucking who?!
Stop shooting!
Stop shooting!
Sara! Sara, stay right
where you are!
That's the price you pay
for being fearless.
Close, God damn it.
Who wants off this island?!
Never anywhere without a gun.
Back on schedule.
Guess we have answers now,
don't we, Sara?
Who are you?
You gonna panic now, Sara?
You gonna panic
when you've been so cool?
What are you trying to prove?
What am I trying to prove?
How's a fucked- up girl like you
get into the FBI...
How did I get in?
How did I get in?
Did you not get in, Gabe?
Did you try,
and they turned you away?
What did they tell you?
You're not sharp enough,
smart enough,
sane enough?
Watch her panic.
Get your hands up.
I want to see your hands!
You call yourself a profiler?
Show me your hands.
I'm the profiler.
I want to see your hands.
You're the victim.
Watch your head.
Oh, thank God.
I thought...
Bulletproof vest.
I just need
a little "R" and "R," huh?
Surf and sand.
Just stay still.
- Just stay still.
- Uh- huh.
Hey, you, uh...
You think they're
ever gonna believe us?
They won't have to.
We can prove it.
After Bobby died...
I changed the clock back
15 minutes.
What are you talking about?
What did Harris always tell us?
Know the mind, then anticipate.
The killer was into deadlines,
precision, timing,
so I set that clock
15 minutes back.
The clock?
Oh, yeah.
He wanted us to know exactly
when he was going to strike,
wanted to watch us squirm
as precious seconds
were ticking away.
It was all part of his fun.
His weakness.
I was betting
he'd change it back.
I was right.
But how are you gonna prove it
was Gabe who changed it back?
Remember the phosphorescent
powder from the jackets?
That's what I put on the clock.
It was my turn to set a trap.
So when he touched it...
Mm- hmm.
His hands are going to glow.
This is awkward.
You know, uh...
All these things, they worked
pretty good, you know.
Timers, triggers.
But at the end of the day,
building a better mousetrap
is just pure mechanics.
It's knowing how to bait
a particular mouse.
That's the fun part.
Ah, ah, ah- ah.
So there I was.
Sitting next to the bodies
of my parents.
Just waiting for someone
to ask me
why I killed them, you know?
And this detective
comes up to me, right?
And he says...
"Want some gum?"
No one asks.
It never even occurs to them.
And like after
every first high...
it's harder and harder
to get to that place.
And finally you get so good,
there's no feeling at all.
It's easy.
Finding a worthy prey.
A challenge.
That's hard.
You joined the FBI for this?
So while you were studying
tired old hacks
like Bundy, Gacy, and Dahmer,
I was studying you.
Your habits, your hang- ups,
your weaknesses.
It was so simple
to set you all on edge.
You know?
I had to push here...
pull there...
but once I did...
Hey, Vince, check out
the other side of town.
I knew each of you
would play your part.
The key to effective illusion
is misdirection.
You know there's a bomb
on the boat.
You don't run toward it
first in line.
You know?
All I needed was opportunity.
The coffee break gave me
the chance I needed
to rig a few little surprises.
The answer was
in front of your eyes.
You still couldn't see it.
It was you who said
to turn off the water.
The rest was easy.
You're all
so fucking predictable.
Nicole with her cigarettes.
Can't she even read
the warning label on the box?
"I'm never without my gun. "
Bobby the Magnificent
couldn't resist.
And Harris
just had to stay and watch.
Party crasher here was more
of a problem than I thought,
but why am I gonna work
so hard to kill him
when I knew you'd do it for me?
You see, the water
ain't your only weakness, Sara.
Your other weakness...
is me.
In truth, I couldn't have
done it without you.
As a sign of my appreciation,
I'm gonna grant you
your deepest desire.
I'm gonna get you closer to your
sister than you ever imagined.
One Mississippi,
two Mississippi.
Are we having fun yet?
Drop it!
Go ahead, Sara.
Arrest me.
We have your blood
under Rafe's fingernails.
Your fingerprints
on the fire extinguisher.
And your bullet in my neck.
That don't look good.
You're fucked.
Time's up, asshole.
Good thing you hit like a girl.
I guess we found out
his weakness.
Do you think they'll let me
make profiler?
That depends.
One last question.
When's the situation secure,
On the drive home.
On the drive home.