MindReader (2022) Movie Script

(suspenseful mysterious music)
(mysterious magical music)
(ragtime piano music)
(audience applauding)
(audience cheering
and applauding)
- On behalf of our entire team,
I'd like to thank
you all for coming
to our variety show tonight.
For our final act this evening
I'd like to try
something that I hope
you'll find interesting.
You know, a lot of people ask
me if Dexter is a stage name,
and I always tell
them Dexter is a name
you change from, not to.
(audience laughing)
Now, I have in my hand this
little lightweight ball.
Now I'm gonna turn my back
and I'm gonna throw the ball
at random to the
audience like this.
Would someone please catch it?
- [Audience] Here!
- [Dexter] I will assume
someone now has the ball.
Would that person
please stand up
and throw the ball
to someone else,
someone you do not know,
preferably in the center
section of the audience,
and that person must catch it.
- [Audience] Here!
- [Dexter] Okay, I'll assume
someone else now has the ball.
Would that person please
stand up and throw the ball
to someone on this side of
the theater totally at random?
And that person,
please catch it.
- [Audience] Here!
(Dexter chuckling)
- [Dexter] Okay, would the
three people who caught the ball
please remain standing?
Now, I see my trusty
assistant Caleb here
has already begun giving
each of you a marker
and a blank pad.
These are normal
everyday writing pads,
so please check the
pads when you get them.
Make sure there are no
mirrors or trap doors
hidden in them.
(audience laughing)
(paper flapping)
Okay, great.
Now I want you all to write
down a number from one to 100.
Don't show it to anyone,
just write down a
number from one to 100
and then hold the pad close
to you when you've done this.
Has everyone got their number?
Okay, great.
Now I want you to
think of your number.
You're thinking of it?
Okay, from this
side, 83, 41 and 17.
Please show us your pads.
83, 41 and 17. I
believe I got them.
(audience applauding)
Thank you.
Thank you.
Now I'd like to try
one more experiment.
I want you all to
write down a word.
Any word that comes to mind,
just write it on the pads.
(paper flapping)
Just write down a word.
I see everyone writing,
so that's a good sign.
Has everyone got their word?
You first, ma'am.
Have we ever met?
- Never.
- And your name is?
- Mary.
- Hello, Mary.
Could you please
think of your word?
You're thinking of it?
- Yes.
- Your word is kiss.
- Yes, that's right.
(audience applauding)
- I hate to
disappoint you, Mary,
but I don't kiss
audience members.
(audience laughing)
Oh, I see. You'd like your
date to give you a kiss.
(audience oohing)
You do realize, sir, you're
dating a married woman?
(audience murmuring)
Now sir, you in the middle.
Your first name is?
- [Lawrence] Lawrence.
- [Dexter] Have we ever met?
- [Lawrence] No, we have not.
- [Dexter] Could you
think of your word?
You thinking of it?
- I am.
- Your word is boy.
- That's right.
(audience applauding)
- Are you married, Lawrence?
- [Lawrence] Yes, I am.
- And your wife's pregnant?
- Yes, she is.
- [Dexter] And you have kids.
- Two lovely girls.
- And you'd like to have a boy.
- Yes, I would.
My girls don't like throwing
the football around.
(audience laughing)
- And you will have a son.
Now miss, your turn.
Your name is?
- Cindy.
- Hi, Cindy. Have we ever met?
- No, we have not.
- You thinking of your word?
- Yes.
- Your word is flowers.
(Cindy laughing)
- That's right.
(audience applauding)
- Thank you.
Do you like flowers, Cindy?
- Yes, I do.
I hope to open a flower shop.
- You should try again.
You have been a
terrific audience.
My name is Dexter and I
don't really do magic.
I just read minds. Goodnight.
(audience cheering
and applauding)
- All right, what
are your thoughts?
- Thoughts on what?
- How'd he do it?
- Oh, come on, he uses plants.
- We've seen the
show six times now.
It's different
people every night.
- Well, then he uses
multiple plants.
- It's not it.
It's a very random
draw with the ball.
You saw him do it.
- Oh, I don't buy it.
- Which in other words means
you don't know how he did it.
- There are a number of
ways he could've done it.
Am I sure of which one he used?
No, but he picked one.
- I've seen him do
this with 18 people.
There's no one tipping him off.
I mean, the more
I think about it,
this could be the best thing
I've ever seen in magic.
- Good night, Nicholas.
I'll see you at the
office tomorrow.
- You'll be back
to see it again.
(knuckles rapping)
- Dexter, uh, someone's
here to see you.
- [Dexter] Sure.
- [Mary] How did you know that?
- Hello, Mary.
- How did you know
I was married?
Do you always go around
making bad jokes like that?
- Bad jokes?
- How did you know
I was married?
- Mary, he's a mind reader.
- Don't give me that.
We have never met before.
That man just left
me because of you,
and we were doing really well.
Plus, he had money. (sighing)
Thanks a lot.
- I'm really sorry, Mary,
but perhaps you should
have been upfront
about your marriage.
- My personal life is
none of your business.
I should sue you for
embarrassing me like that.
I wanna know how you knew.
Come on. Tell me.
- Mary, he's a mind reader.
Didn't you read a
description of his act?
- Well, I think your act stinks.
(soft mysterious music)
(gravel crunching)
(soft mysterious music)
(birds chirping)
- You think you can
get him to attend?
- I'm going to try,
but just make sure you record
everything that is said.
We may not get another chance.
- He's mentally
all there, right?
- He was kind on the
phone and sounded fine.
He did say his health
isn't the best,
but was willing to
let us come see him.
- Well, that's good.
- The association owes this man.
Shall we?
(soft mysterious music)
My name is Grayson.
This is Thomas.
It's very nice to
meet you in person.
- Have a seat, gentlemen.
- [Grayson] Thank you for
allowing us to come and visit.
- Very sorry to hear about
the passing of Nicholas.
I had great respect for him,
especially when he was able
to take over the association.
- Yes, sir. He was
a great leader.
And he had the same mutual
respect for you, as well.
- Sir makes me sound so old.
You can call me Caleb.
- As I was telling
you on the phone,
the association
wants to honor Dexter
with the Thoreau award,
and we would be honored
if you could be there
that night to receive the
award on Dexter's behalf.
- Well, it's a
very nice gesture,
but you know it's not our way.
- You do understand this
is the highest award
in our profession that
any performer can receive.
- And your friend Thomas here,
he's part of the association?
- Yes, but he's here
for the second reason
we wanted to meet with you.
- I'm doing research on Dexter
and writing an in-depth
article on his act
for an exhibit in our museum.
I was hoping you could answer
a few questions for me.
- I don't know.
- Thomas is a well-respected
journalist, Caleb,
a man of integrity
in his writing.
And this information won't be
made available to the public.
- That's right.
This will only be
available in our museum,
and it'll be based solely on
what you tell us here today.
- [Grayson] Mmm-hmm.
- You are talking about
events that happened
many, many years ago,
and I don't really have
the fondest memories
of the association back then.
- That leadership
team is gone, Caleb.
Every member's passed
away. Every one.
And do you know the
president of the association
has the utmost respect for
Dexter and his ability?
Nicholas had told me more
than once that Dexter's act
was the greatest thing
he'd ever seen in magic,
and it talked about
honoring him in this way
for quite some time.
We thought it was best to
carry out those wishes,
especially after his
rather sudden passing.
- What would you like to know?
- As much as you're
willing to tell us.
We know there have
been many wrong
and misleading articles
written about Dexter.
- Yes, many.
- So now's your chance to
set the record straight.
You are the only one who can.
The museum will present
Dexter in the bright light
that he deserves.
We promise you that.
- And may I record this, please?
That way I won't
miss a word you say.
And as we said, we want this
to be based on your words.
I hope this is acceptable.
- That will be okay.
- What was your most
treasured memory about Dexter?
- That he was a good man
who treated everybody with
fairness and great respect.
Most performers are in this
for the fame and fortune.
Not Dexter.
- Where did you two meet?
- We worked together
down at the machine shop,
and it just so happened that
I worked near his station
and that's how I met him.
- When did you recognize
that he had this ability?
(Caleb chuckling)
It was one day at the
factory in the break room
that I first noticed he
had something special.
- I'll take one.
- [Jarvis] One?
- [Pauly] Yeah.
- Dealer takes two.
Your bet.
- Five.
- I see your five and
I'll raise you 20.
- You can't raise 20, Jarvis.
The most you can raise is 10.
- Okay, Pauly,
I'll raise you 10.
- See your 10 and
I'll raise you 10.
Look, that's all I got.
- [Jarvis] Well,
that's in then, huh?
See what you got. I call.
- Two pair.
Kings over sixes.
- Oh, that's a good
hand. (chuckling)
Not good enough.
Three nines. You lose.
- You're so lucky, Jarvis.
- [Jarvis] I'm just a winner.
- No, you're lucky.
- [Jarvis] Better
than being a loser.
- Look, I can't afford
to lose this money.
I won't be able to buy
groceries for my family.
- That's your problem.
- [Pauly] Come on,
Jarvis. Show some mercy.
You win all the time.
- You guys shouldn't
be gambling.
- Stay outta this, Dexter.
- It just causes problems.
- [Jarvis] Not if you play
your cards right, it doesn't.
- Come on, somebody
lend me some money.
- Yeah, so Pauly
can lose some more.
- Come on, Dexter. Let
me borrow some money.
- Sorry, Pauly.
- Look, I'm good for it.
I'll pay you back. I
gotta get my money back.
I can't afford to
lose what I just did.
- Like I said, it
just causes problems.
(kisses smacking)
- Pauly's money
always tastes better.
- [Pauly] Don't
rub it in, Jarvis.
- [Jarvis] What you
gonna do about it?
- Jarvis, haven't
you done enough?
- You know, you should
talk a lot for somebody
who doesn't even play.
Why don't you sit down
and play me a hand?
- No, I don't gamble.
- Probably doesn't
know how to, right?
You probably never gambled
a day in your life.
- No, I haven't.
But it wouldn't
be fair if I did.
- What is that supposed to mean?
- Just that it wouldn't be fair.
- You got that right.
I could probably
beat you without even
lookin' at my cards.
(Jarvis laughing)
- Shuffle the deck, Jarvis.
- Huh?
- Shuffle the deck.
- Ooh-woo!
All right. Yeah!
Dexter's gonna play.
Now we're talkin'.
Five card stud, no limit.
Hmm, I've been waiting
to get into your pockets
for a long time there, busta.
- Lemme know when you
think they're shuffled.
- Mmm-hmm.
There. They're shuffled.
You gonna play or not? Get
your money out. Come on.
- Pick out a card.
- [Jarvis] Hmm?
- Draw out any card.
- Are we gonna play or not?
- [Dexter] Just draw out a card.
- [Jarvis] So?
- Guess what it is.
- Guess?
- Guess it. What is that card?
- [Jarvis] I don't know.
- [Dexter] Just guess.
- I don't know.
Queen of diamonds. Who cares?
- Check the card.
- Check the card.
- Check it. See if you're right.
Take a peek. Just you.
(suspenseful mysterious music)
- [Jarvis] I don't understand.
- Not the queen of
diamonds, is it?
- No. How did you know it's
not the queen of diamonds?
- Because I know, and you
don't wanna play with me.
- Why? You think you
know what the card is?
- [Dexter] Yeah, I do.
- Wait.
You think you can tell
me what this card is
without looking at it first?
- That's right.
(suspenseful mysterious music)
- I will bet you all
the money on this table
that you cannot tell
me what this card is.
Come on and put your
money where your mouth is.
- Pauly, how much did you lose?
- I don't know.
- How much?
- 65.
- $65 says I know exactly
what this card is.
Get Pauly his money back.
- You got a 1 in 51 chance of
guessing what this card is.
You're willing to put
$65 on it? No way.
- My money's on the table.
- Willing to take those odds.
Here's mine to match it.
- Sure you wanna do this?
- My money's on the
table, isn't it?
- Pauly, if I do this,
you've gotta promise
to stop gambling.
Pauly, if I get you your
money back that you lost,
you gotta promise me
you'll stop gambling.
- Come on, Dexter.
Name the card.
- Pauly, do we have a deal?
- Okay, okay. I won't gamble.
- I won't gamble.
- I won't gamble again.
- Come on, Dexter.
Name the card.
(suspenseful mysterious music)
What are you doing?
- There's my prediction.
Check the card first.
Not the queen of diamonds.
- You think you're right?
- Have a look.
(suspenseful mysterious music)
mysterious music stops)
- It's the four of clubs.
- He got it! I can't
believe he got it.
It's absolutely
right. He got it!
- How did you know that?
- Remember, never again.
Get your groceries.
- How did you know that?
Dexter, how'd you know that?
Come back here.
How? You know how he did that?
- And that was the beginning.
When I talked to
Dexter about it later,
he said he was
going to start doing
his mentalism act on stage.
- And he asked you to join him?
- He was looking for
somebody that he could trust
to be his assistant to
work with during his act.
- And is this when he started
working at the theater?
- Yes.
- Now, according to Nicholas,
Dexter was just one
of the acts at first,
but after a few shows
and when the owner
saw Dexter's popularity growing,
he asked him if he would
be the closing act,
which he agreed to do.
- That's right.
- He even asked you
to kind of oversee
the entire production.
Gave you workspaces
right at the theater?
- Yes, we set up right there.
- And this is the only
place he would ever perform.
- For the most part, yes.
- Seen the show six times now.
Each of you have had a chance
to see him at least once.
And just as I predicted,
neither of you can
tell me how he does it.
- What I can tell you is
that it is a boring routine
at a two-bit theater.
- Well, that boring
routine is packing out
that two-bit theater every
time they're putting on a show.
And it's not because
of the other acts,
I can tell you that much.
I know this sounds
a bit farfetched,
but just consider for a minute,
what if Dexter really
can read minds?
(Robert scoffing)
- No one can read minds.
- I'm not so sure.
- I'm sorry.
Nicholas, you think this
guy can actually read minds?
- Yes, Robert, I'm starting
to think that I do.
- [Maxwell] You're
too easy to impress.
- All right.
There's something I
need to disclose to you,
something you both should know.
- Well, we're listening.
- A few months ago when Dexter
was starting with the show,
my neighbor went to go see him,
and he was talking to me
about the show the next day.
He was raving about
what Dexter did,
and he asked me how
he could have done it.
He knows about my
affiliation here
and we talk about magic
from time to time.
Of course, I never
tell him any secrets.
The one thing I assured him
was that whatever he saw,
it was a trick.
It was a trick, and there
could be many explanations.
As we all know,
there's certainly more than
one way to do mentalism.
However, that, that
conversation, it
got my curiosity up,
so I went to go see
the show one night.
- With the neighbor?
- No, no, no.
I went by myself.
And I was very
discreet, by the way.
I sat off to the side.
But when Dexter came
out to do his effect,
that first toss of
the ball came to me.
- Really? So he did
the trick with you?
- Yes.
- Everyone got their words?
Okay, good.
And your first name is?
- Nicholas.
- Have we ever met?
- No, we have not.
- Okay, good.
Think of the word that
you've written down.
You're thinking of it?
- Yes.
- Your word is wonder.
- Yes, it is.
(audience applauding)
- Thank you.
You should contact
your father, Nicholas.
He'd welcome your call.
Now, ma'am, in the
middle. Have we ever met?
- And then he moved
on to the next person.
- [Maxwell] So,
what's the big deal?
- How did he know these things?
- [Maxwell] Maybe your
neighbor told him.
- No, my neighbor had no idea
I was going to the
show that night.
I never implied that
to him or to anyone.
I, I, I didn't even tell
anyone here at the office.
I just went one night by myself.
- Sorry, I still don't buy it.
- This happened to me, Maxwell.
Not to some so-called
plant, but to me.
He knew the number I wrote
down, he knew the word.
But for him to know
about my father.
Now you gents know
the situation there.
I have not spoken to
my father in 10 years.
And the thing that
really gets me
is that when I wrote
down the word wonder,
I was thinking of my father.
So you tell me. How
did he know all this?
- I don't know, but
it's still a trick.
- Well, if it is a trick,
it is a bloody good trick.
I mean, this is flawless.
He knows.
I, I don't know how he knows,
but I believe that
he can read minds.
- Nicholas, now, you're
not making this up?
This is how he did
the trick with you?
- Yes. And you've seen
the show yourselves.
Now, he does the same thing
with each person every night.
I am telling you, gents,
there is something here like
we have never seen before.
And I am looking at two of
the great historians of magic
who probably know the
secret to every trick
that's ever been done.
Except this one.
(soft dramatic music)
- Hey, girl.
- Hey.
- I heard you went to
the show last weekend
and you caught the ball.
- [Cindy] Yeah, I did.
- How fun. And he got
your number right?
Guessed your word?
- Yeah, he did.
My word was flowers
and he got it.
I have no idea how.
- He is amazing.
I wanna go again.
- He said the
strangest thing to me.
You know I've applied for that
loan to open my flower shop?
- Yeah, and you keep
getting turned down.
- Yeah, three times now.
Well, he asked me if I
like flowers. I said yes.
I said I hope to open
my own flower shop.
And he said, "You should
try one more time."
- Try one more
time to get a loan?
- I think that's what he means.
I'd given up on it.
- [Michelle] Maybe you should.
- Michelle, I don't think
I could get rejected again.
- He got your word,
he got your number.
Why not try again?
- Maybe I will.
- You should.
And if you get rejected,
we'll both go down
to that theater
and tell the mind
reader it's his fault.
(Cindy and Michelle laughing)
(suspenseful mysterious music)
- Dexter, I'd like to introduce
to you Miss Judy Skyler.
She'd like to speak with you.
- Hi Dexter. It's
so nice to meet you.
- Hi, Judy. It's nice
to meet you, too.
- I'll get right to the point.
I was wanting to know if
you guys needed any help.
I just love what
you're doing here
and I'd like to get more
experience in this field.
Now, I was involved in
a few plays in college
as a stage manager, and
it can be part-time,
and you don't have to pay me.
I wanna work for free.
I'm a really quick learner.
I can build things, I can
paint, I can clean up,
whatever is needed.
I just think if you
give me a chance,
I could be a real asset to you.
- Well, you certainly seem
to be ambitious. (chuckling)
Do you have any desire
to be a performer?
- Performer? No, not me.
I really would just
like to work backstage.
I'm just fascinated with show
business and the theater,
especially live shows like this.
- Well, our act is
pretty much set,
but perhaps you could help
out with the entire show
and oversee some of the details
of the other acts for us.
- Yeah, that sounds great.
I'll do anything I
can to be of help.
And again, you don't
have to pay me.
I don't need any money for this.
- Well, if you're sure
that's the way you want it,
why don't we try it
and see how it goes?
How about you come back
here this time tomorrow
and we'll see if we can find
some things for you to do.
- Thank you so
much. I'll be here.
- Okay, Tommy. That's right.
Practice is now going to
be a three instead of two.
Yes, I'm headed to go get
the uniforms right now.
Okay. See you there, champ.
All right now.
- Boys are excited about
getting their uniforms.
- Yeah, you know it.
And how's my little
ballplayer coming in there?
- Your little ballplayer or
cheerleader is doing just fine.
- Hey, now you know
if she's a girl
I'll love her just
like I love our others.
But I got a feeling that this
time we're gonna have a boy.
- I just don't want you to
get your hopes up too much.
- Oh, I'm not.
But that mind reader told
me that we were going
to have a boy.
- So we're listening
to the mind reader now?
- Hey, he guessed my
number, didn't he?
He guessed my word.
- And what if he's wrong?
- Then I guess he'll
need to go back
and work on his trick some more.
(wife laughing)
(mysterious magical music)
- [Dexter] Nice to
meet you, Susan.
Have we ever met?
- Never.
- You thinking of your word?
Your word is locket.
- Yes, that's right.
(audience applauding)
- Thank you.
And don't worry,
Susan, you'll find it.
Now finally, your turn, miss.
Your name is?
- Patty.
- Nice to meet you, Patty.
Please think of your word.
Are you thinking of your word?
- I am.
(Dexter laughing)
- This is different
because it's not really
a word, is it, Patty?
You just wrote down
XOXO. Is that right?
- Yes, it is. How
did you know that?
I thought I had you.
(audience applauding)
(Dexter laughing)
- Patty, it's not nice to
try to fool the mind reader.
(audience laughing)
You've been a terrific audience.
My name is Dexter and I
don't really do magic.
I just read minds. Goodnight.
(audience cheering
and applauding)
- I couldn't stop thinking
about the show last night.
Now, I know you are
both skeptical still,
but you've got to
admit Dexter knowing
what Patty wrote down,
that was pretty amazing.
I mean, she was
trying to trick him.
She didn't even
write down a word,
and even still he got it.
- Yes, amazing.
- [Nicholas] How is he doing it?
- I really don't care.
- Oh, yes you do.
You just don't want to admit it.
Robert, come on.
You at least have to admit
what Dexter did last
night was impressive.
- [Maxwell] He doesn't
find it impressive, either.
- Is your name Robert?
- I think we should
talk with Dexter,
tell him about association
membership, its benefits.
- I can't see Dexter wanting
any part of the association.
- Well, I don't think
Dexter realizes how much
we can help him.
- I'd say he's doing quite
well without our help.
- Or he's afraid we
might expose him.
- Oh, well that
talk right there,
that's going to make him real
interested in a membership.
- Maxwell, we're trying
to grow membership,
not turn people away.
You're in charge of setting
up a meeting with Dexter.
- What if I can't get
him to come see us?
- Well, I wouldn't want
you to put him out.
Why don't you tell him
we'd like to visit him,
see his workspace.
Perhaps when we're
there we can figure out
how he's doing things.
- Okay.
I'll see what I can set up.
- And I have no idea how he
knew my number or my word.
It was so amazing.
- [Teresa] I wanna
go see this show.
- Well, get Jerry to take you.
- He doesn't like to
go to shows like that.
- Well, tell him you do.
And if he doesn't take
you, I'll go again.
- You know what? I'm
gonna tell him that.
(Susan laughing)
- Do you remember how I
told you I lost my locket?
- The one that was like
your great-grandmother's?
- Yeah, it's been in the
family for generations.
- You lost it a long time ago.
- It's been months and
it still bothers me.
But the mind reader's
last words to me were,
"Don't worry, Susan,
you'll find it."
I wonder why he said that.
- Shows are going well.
In fact, they're always packed
from what Nicholas said.
And people were there for the
most part just to see Dexter.
- Dexter's act was
getting attention.
- See, I don't understand
why the association
was so against him.
You would think they would
be all for the good press
that the art was getting.
- They were jealous.
They couldn't figure out
how he was doing an act
that people were raving about.
- That's right.
(Maxwell whispering)
- Dexter, Caleb, I'd
like to introduce you
to these gentlemen
from the association.
This is Mr. Robert
Clark. He's the director.
Maxwell Kazak, the treasurer,
and Nicholas Brower, who
works at their office.
- Pleasure, gentlemen.
- I'll let you guys visit.
Excuse me.
- Thanks, Judy.
- Well, Dexter, this is quite
the act you've put together,
and it's causing quite a stir.
I understand most of the
people coming to see the show
are actually coming to see you.
- Well that's very
kind of you to say,
but I think all of the
acts are going over well.
- Of course.
You know, I've seen
many mentalism acts
and I am familiar
with how they're done,
but frankly, yours is
a bit baffling to us.
- So far.
- Yes, so far.
- I'll take that as
a great compliment.
- If I may, Dexter, it seems
to me you do the same routine
every time, though.
Ever thought about
mixing it up some?
- Mixing it up?
- Oh, well, you know, adding
a little variety to the act.
- Why should we?
It's going well.
- Well, aren't you
afraid the audience
would tire of the
same old thing?
- Well, there are many
new audience members
in each performance
and I think the fact
that we can do the same
old thing each night
and still fool the
audience is a true test
of a good effect, don't you?
- Dexter, may I ask, where did
you learn to do what you do?
Or who did you learn it from?
I'm familiar with many
of the great mentalists
past and present.
- I believe this is
an original, sir.
- So you thought up
the effect yourself.
You didn't read it in a book.
No one taught it to you.
- That's all I'd really
like to say about it.
- And that's okay, Dexter.
We understand and
respect that you want
to protect your craft.
I did leave some material
with the young lady
about our association
and the benefits
that I'm certain that
it can offer you.
I just ask that you
look it over carefully
and seriously
consider joining us.
- I surely will.
- And Maxwell, I think we should
invite our two new friends
to the event we have
scheduled later this month.
It's a gathering
of many magicians.
We're honoring three of
our senior performers.
Most of our members
will be there.
I'm sure they would very
much enjoy meeting you,
Dexter and Caleb.
- Yes, please. By all means.
The two of you should come.
- I'm not sure. It's
not really our way.
- Well, Caleb's right.
It's not the sort of thing
we usually participate in,
but I think this time
we'll make an exception.
We'll be happy to attend.
- Great. That's good to hear.
I'll have my secretary
send over the details,
and of course you'll both be
honored guests that evening.
- That's very kind of you.
- Well, very nice to meet you.
Good luck with the act,
and when I think we
have it figured out,
I'll be the first
to let you know.
- Again, I'll take that
as a great compliment.
- Well, so long.
- Oh, and Nicholas,
have you had a chance to
contact your father yet?
(soft mysterious music)
- No, not, not yet.
- Don't be afraid, Nicholas.
(suspenseful mysterious music)
- I was hoping we could
have met him backstage
because maybe we could
have seen something.
- I don't think a man like
Dexter would leave his secrets
lying around for
just anyone to see.
- Or maybe there was
no secret to see,
even if we did get backstage.
- Nicholas, no one
can read minds.
He's doing something.
Behind that smile and
all that kindness,
Dexter's up to something.
He's pretty smug if you ask me,
like he knows he's
got one up on us.
- Well, hello there, gentlemen.
- Howard, how are you?
You a member my associates,
Maxwell and Nicholas.
- Yes, of course.
Thanks for the
invite to your event.
I plan to be there.
- Wonderful. We look
forward to that.
- And how about that
Dexter down at the theater?
Isn't he something?
- Yes, yes.
Dexter is a very entertaining
and talented performer.
- You know, I've
been three times now.
We were just talking about
it over at our table,
and people were saying this
man has supernatural powers.
- Well, we were just speaking
to him at the theater,
and you know, he'll
be at the event.
You can meet him there.
- And I assure you, Howard,
Dexter does not have
supernatural powers.
It's just a trick. That's all.
- Well, you know
how he's doing it?
- Well, we have an idea, yes.
- Well, we do look forward
to seeing you there, Howard.
Dexter will definitely be
in attendance, and well,
you can ask him all of
your questions then.
- That sounds great.
I'll be looking forward to it.
- So long, Howard.
- You see what's happening here?
People are so easily deceived.
- That is sort of the idea
with what we do, isn't it?
- Gentlemen, we need
to be more careful.
Howard is one of the wealthiest
and most influential
patrons that we have.
We need to keep him interested
in our brand of the art.
So Maxwell, I
would appreciate it
if you'd keep your comments
to yourself when he's around.
- What do you want me to
do? Let him believe lies?
I mean, you heard
him. It's ridiculous.
- Oh, yes. Ridiculous.
It is, utterly.
Unless of course Dexter
really can do this.
- [Thomas] Did Dexter know
his act was starting to ruffle
the association's
feathers, so to speak?
- Yes, he knew.
- It really bothered
them that the audience
was saying that Dexter
had supernatural powers,
something that he never claimed.
- Never.
- You would've thought that
they would've been happy
for the excitement
Dexter was creating
and just played down
the supernatural part.
- I mean, according to Nicholas,
Dexter was making
the art more popular
and people were
talking about it.
- But perhaps because the
talk was all about Dexter,
the association thought
that he might become
bigger than they were.
They would become less relevant,
especially if Dexter
didn't join with them.
- And that was something
he was never going to do.
- Mr. Caleb.
- Miss Judy.
- Here is a new show order
for you all typed up.
- Okay. Thanks.
- I really think that changing
the order is a good thing.
So many people are
coming back to see it.
It'll sort of look different.
- Even though it's really not.
- Well, tomorrow night's
rehearsal will help.
Everyone needs to realize
they'll be coming onto the stage
at different times throughout
the course of the evening.
- [Caleb] And have
fun running that,
because we won't be here.
- Why not?
- We're going to the
event at the association.
- Oh, that's right.
- This looks good.
And no mistakes.
- Well, I got an A in my
high school typing class.
Thank you. (chuckling)
- Ah, I got a D.
- You got a D?
- Well, I guess my
teacher didn't like
my hunt and peck
method, you know?
Hunt, then peck.
(Judy laughing)
(soft piano music)
- Hello, Operator?
Operator. Hello?
Hi, yes.
I'd like to make a long
distance call, please.
To England, yes.
Yes, that's right.
No, no, no, that's
fine. I'll wait.
(soft piano music)
Hello, Operator.
I'm, I'm sorry.
I thought I wanted to make a
call, but I've changed my mind.
Sorry to have bothered you.
- That is the
biggest piece of fuzz
I have ever seen on a tie.
Wait, I'll make
(speaking faintly).
(group laughing)
- For awhile I just
got tired of it,
so I just threw it away.
- In this hand, and you put
it down in there like so,
then tell me which hand you
think the red ball's in.
No, that's the
black sponge ball,
but this is the
red sponge square.
(Dexter chuckling)
- That is one fine act you
have there, Mr. Dexter.
- [Dexter] Very kind of you.
- Yes, I've been
three times now.
- I hope you've
been entertained.
- Oh, very much so.
Between you and I,
you wouldn't want to tell
me how you do this trick?
I'd be willing to offer you
something for your secret.
- Offer me something?
- Yes, I'm pretty well off.
How would $5,000 be
if you clue me in
on how you're doing it?
- Well, the guy we spoke
to earlier offered us 10.
(Howard and Dexter laughing)
- Well, maybe I better go 15.
- Oh, 15 what?
- Oh, just a joke we're having.
I was telling Dexter here
how much I enjoyed his act.
- Oh, yes, Dexter.
Everyone's been talking
about it all night.
But listen, speaking
of your act,
why don't you perform
something for us here tonight?
You have a captive audience.
- Yes, we would love to
see you perform something.
- And I'm sure everyone else
here would feel the same way.
- That's very kind
of you, gentlemen.
But this is neither
the time nor the place.
- Oh.
- Oh.
What's the matter, Dexter?
Haven't had time to
set up the plants?
- Plants?
You mean Dexter's
show uses plants?
- Of course it does.
How else do you
explain how he does it?
- I can assure you no
one's using any plants.
- Dexter, the public
may have fallen
for your mentalism
tricks, but I have not.
I know you use plants,
so just admit it and we'll
keep it our little secret.
Howard won't say
anything, will you Howard?
- No.
- Didn't you hear what I said?
We don't use plants.
- Can't Dexter answer
his own questions?
- As Caleb said, we
don't use plants.
- Well, if that's the case,
then let's see you pull
off your little trick
right here, right now then.
- I thought we were supposed
to be your guests tonight.
- No, you are, you are.
But if Dexter
doesn't use plants,
then you should be able
to pull off your trick
for us tonight, right?
- Like he said, this
is not the place.
- (scoffing)
Attention. Attention.
May have your attention, please?
I'm asking the great Dexter here
to do his little mentalism
act for us tonight,
but it seems he can't do it
because he doesn't have time
to prearrange things
and set it up.
- Don't you think you're
a bit out of line?
- No, I don't.
You say you don't use plants,
and I say you can't do your
act without your plants.
I'm just simply giving
you an opportunity
to prove me otherwise.
- [Caleb] We don't have
to prove anything to you.
- Caleb.
If you would, please
get me two pads.
(suspenseful mysterious music)
- Okay, so your
trusted assistant
went and got your little pads,
and your captive
audience is ready.
Who'd you like to
do your act with?
- Well, how about you?
- I was hoping you'd say that.
- Stand there, please.
I'd like you to think of a word.
Any word. Let me know
when you have it.
- All right, I have it.
- Okay.
Write your word down
on the pad, please,
while at the same
time always thinking
of the word you're writing down.
You are still thinking of
the word you've written down?
- I am.
(suspenseful mysterious music)
- I am also going to
write down a word,
and I say they will match.
Show us your pad,
please, Maxwell.
- Strawberry.
(Dexter chuckling)
- That wasn't the word
you were thinking of.
- Yes it was. Strawberry.
- No, that was not the
word you were thinking of.
- Yes, it was. It
was strawberry.
I eat them all the time.
- That was not the word
you were thinking of.
- Yes it was.
- You're not telling the truth.
- [Maxwell] You
calling me a liar?
How about you're a fake?
- How am I supposed
to do the effect
if you don't play by the rules?
- You see?
The the great Dexter can't do
his act without his plants.
- Admit it. That wasn't the
word you were thinking of.
- My word was strawberry.
- That was not the word
you were thinking of.
Tell the truth.
- My word was strawberry.
- Tell the truth!
That was not the word
you were thinking of!
- My word was strawberry.
- I can't do the effect if
you don't play by the rules.
- [Maxwell] And you
can't read minds.
(soft mysterious music)
- Have a good night, gentlemen.
(Maxwell laughing)
- That's it. Run away.
You're right, by the way.
The word I was thinking
of wasn't strawberry.
It was fraud!
- I didn't think the
object of this meeting
was to chase them off.
- The object of this
meeting was to learn
how the effect was done,
which we just discovered.
- And what did we just discover?
- That he uses plants like
I've been saying all along.
- But he said you were
thinking of a different word
than what you wrote down.
- So what? He uses
plants and that's that.
- Then he was right.
You wrote down a different word
than what you were thinking.
- (sighing) I don't know.
It was so long ago,
I can't remember.
- This proves nothing.
- It proves that he's a
fake and he uses plants.
- A fraud, hmm?
Look what he wrote.
(Maxwell gasping)
- How in the world?
(birds chirping)
Okay, okay. I blew it.
I blew it and I'm
sorry. I'm sorry.
But do you know how
many people talked to me
about Dexter last night?
All of them.
And do you know how
many of them asked me
if I thought Dexter had
supernatural powers?
All of them.
- And what did you say to them?
- Well, I took the high
road. I gave them your line.
I said Dexter is a
very entertaining and
talented performer.
But they kept pressing
me over and over again.
All of them kept raving
about the great Dexter.
- And this is what caused
your misguided attempt
to challenge him.
- I was tired of
hearing about it.
Nobody can read minds.
It's impossible.
He's doing something.
And if this act goes on,
he is going to make the
association insignificant.
- I agree. He's become
a problem for us.
But we need to be smart about
how we solve that problem.
- We gotta find out
how he's doing this act
or find a way to stop him.
And for me, preferably both.
- Can I get those
lights turned on?
Thank you.
Hey, we're gonna try
this new lighting setup.
Will you go tell Dexter?
- I'll get him.
- Thank you.
- Dexter, we're ready for you.
- On my way.
(paper crumbling)
- He's on his way.
- Okay.
- Dexter.
Okay, so we're gonna try
this new lighting setup.
Let's just pretend the
juggling act is just finished
and you've come on stage.
- Okay, Caleb.
I wanna add another toss at
the beginning of the routine.
Judy, I've left
my ball backstage.
Would you mind
grabbing it for me?
It's on my work table.
So I was gonna toss the
ball to someone at the back
of the audience
and then have them
throw it to someone
several rows in front
to make it more random.
(suspenseful mysterious music)
- Teresa, you're not
gonna believe it.
I found the locket.
- The locket? Where?
- In my jewelry box.
- [Teresa] But I thought
you said you looked there.
- I did. It's the
first place I checked.
And I've checked several
times, but I couldn't find it.
- But you saw it today.
- The only thing I can
think is the bottom drawer
of that jewelry box
sometimes gets jammed shut.
I must have shaken it loose
this morning and there it was.
- So it was there the whole
time and you never knew it?
- Maybe it was stuck
under something?
- I'm so happy for you.
Something so special like that.
- What a relief.
- [Teresa] I guess that
mind reader guy was right.
- Yeah, he was.
I did find it.
- Hey Cindy, the boss is
ready to meet with us.
- Okay, comin'. Thanks.
(soft inspiring music)
(family chatting)
(bright joyous music)
(pickup truck rumbling)
- [Robert] So you found
this in the waste basket?
- Yes. As I was emptying it
I just happened to notice it.
- This is how he begins his act.
- [Judy] I know.
That's why I kept it.
- Pick a number from one to 100.
What are all these
mathematical equations?
- I don't know. Couldn't
make anything of it.
- Have you seen them
doing anything backstage
during the show?
- No.
I'm back there throughout
the whole performance
and I don't see
anything unusual.
- Have you seen them
talking to audience members
before the show?
- No.
And I watch Caleb especially.
He doesn't talk to anybody.
- Have you seen
them doing anything
that can help us figure
out how they're doing this?
- No, nothing.
I'm sorry, sir.
- There is this, though.
This could be what we need.
They're not onto you?
- Oh, no.
Like you said, don't
ask any questions.
Just be there and maybe
something will fall our way.
- Maybe something has.
(Judy chuckles)
- Hello, Operator?
Yes, I'm still here.
Yes, I'll hold.
(soft music)
(soft piano music)
This is, um.
It's, it's me,
Dad. It's Nicholas.
Yes, it's, it's really me.
I know it's about
mid-afternoon there for you,
so I thought I'd just
try and catch you
before you go down to the pub.
(soft piano music)
It's good to hear
your voice, too.
Oh, I'm, I'm, I'm fine.
I'm all right.
I'm doing quite well, actually.
You all right?
(soft piano music)
I missed you, too.
- Well, we just want
you to be happy.
(knuckles rapping)
- [Maxwell] Robert?
- Excuse me for a minute.
- He says he'll be here.
- You spoke to him directly?
- Yes, and he says he's coming.
- Good, good.
Let's invite as many of our
members as we possibly can.
- Okay. I'll start
working on it right away.
- And let's arrange them
behind Dexter in a semi-circle,
really make him
feel our presence.
- Perfect.
- Cindy, I think you
have some important mail.
- The bank?
- [Michelle] The bank.
- No, I can't open that.
I need you to read it to me.
- No, this is yours.
- Michelle, I can't.
Please just read it.
- Are you sure?
- [Cindy] Please.
(letter rustling)
- Dear Ms. Fisher,
thank you for your interest
in First National Bank.
Below we have listed the
guidelines we use when reviewing
applications and determining
an applicant's eligibility.
Based on that understanding
and the documents
you have submitted in
support of your application,
we hereby inform you
that your request
for a business loan has been
- Approved?
- Approved.
(Cindy laughing)
Congratulations, girl.
- The mind reader was right.
(Cindy laughing)
- Before I say anything else,
I want you to know this.
I think your act
is the finest thing
I've ever seen in magic.
I mean that.
I really believe that
somehow you can do
this magnificent thing.
Honestly, it's the only
explanation I have.
I've seen the show
a dozen times now
and I really think you
have a very special gift.
It's my only conclusion.
- That's very kind of you.
- That all being said,
the association feels
quite different.
They see you as
a threat to them,
to their authority,
and to their future.
According to them, your
act is causing a stir
that is not good for
the art of magic,
and this association is
strictly against anyone
who has a way of producing
their illusions or effects,
claims to have
supernatural powers.
- But Dexter's never
made such claims.
- Well, yes, but you aren't
denying them, either.
And this presents a problem.
- And so the meeting,
that's what this is about.
- Yes, it is.
And I'm sorry to say,
but unless you announce publicly
that what you're doing
is not supernatural,
the association is
going to do everything
in their power to stop
you from performing.
- But how could
they stop our show?
- Trust me, they can.
And they will.
- Maybe we shouldn't go then.
- I plan to attend.
- Dexter, I'm not sure that,
look, I came here to see
you because this is serious.
This is very serious.
There are people out there
raving about the great Dexter,
a man who can actually
read people's minds.
That's not a magic trick
anymore. It's a miracle.
This won't stand, not with them.
They aren't going to let
this go until you announce,
and publicly, that what you
are doing is not supernatural.
That it is not a miracle,
that it isn't real.
Even if it is, they want you
to say that it's just a trick.
- Which would take away from
what our act is all about.
It is the mystery that sells it.
- I know.
But they aren't
going to let this go.
- Thank you for
coming, Nicholas.
(soft worrisome music)
- Just don't underestimate them.
The association
doesn't play to lose,
nor do they plan to.
(soft worrisome music)
(members chatting)
(soft ominous music)
(bell ringing)
- Attention, please.
This meeting will commence.
Would the secretary
please note the minutes?
Dexter, I suppose you know
why we asked you here.
- Of course he does.
He's a mind reader.
(Dexter chuckling)
- Our job as the
governing board of magic
is to maintain the
integrity of our craft.
And it is a craft.
There's nothing supernatural
about what we do here.
A magician spends
countless hours
perfecting their performance,
building incredible
apparatus to help them create
an illusion on stage.
There's no room in our art
for supernatural powers.
- I never said what I do is
by any supernatural power.
- No, that's true, but
your audience believes it,
and so far you have not
refuted that belief.
Now, you have refused
membership in the association.
That of course is your right.
You're not a member.
You're not bound by our rules,
but we do insist that you
make a public announcement
that what you do is
based on your skill
and not supernatural power.
- But why must I?
- Because we both know
there's no such thing
as the supernatural.
Do you want your
audience believing a lie?
- Mr. Clark,
I've seen a lot of
performers over the years,
and not once have I
ever seen a performer
tell his audience during
or even after the show
that what he or she was
doing was just a trick.
People are going to
believe what they want,
and I see no need
to say anything.
- Because you know
it is the mystery
around what you do
that sells tickets.
Isn't that right?
(Dexter laughing)
- Well, I hardly
think it makes sense
to perform to an
empty theater, do you?
(Robert sighing)
- Dexter, do you, um,
recognize these notes?
- Yes, I do.
- It says here, "Pick a
number from one to 100."
I believe that's the
way you begin your act.
And that is followed
by quite a lengthy list
of mathematical equations.
Now, we haven't been able to
figure out what these mean,
but I believe this is
evidence that what you do
is really some sort
of a math trick
and has nothing to do
with the supernatural.
We want you to make a statement
publicly to that effect.
Otherwise, we will
publish these notes
and prove once and for
all that what you do
is simply a trick.
- And I have a feeling this
is going to hurt ticket sales.
- Robert, what are you doing?
You, you can't do
this. It's unethical.
You cannot publish.
- [Dexter] This was
private property.
- This was found in the trash.
- Denounce the supernatural,
and we will not publish.
You have my word.
And you have three days
to make your decision.
- Show's over, Dexter.
- Anything more to say, Dexter?
Well, you know our terms.
I believe that
ends this meeting.
Please note the minutes.
- That paper is meaningless.
- (chuckling) Well, of course
you're going to say that now.
- I planted it so that
Judy could find it.
You do know who Judy
is, don't you, sir?
- Judy?
- For those of you not in
the know, a young woman,
Judy, volunteered
to work on the show,
said she just wanted
the experience.
Didn't even wanna be paid.
And truth is, the
association sent Judy
so she could try and figure
out how we did our effect.
Isn't that right, sir?
- We have the right to defend
the integrity of our craft.
- People want to believe, sir.
They don't want to think
that it's just a trick!
- Dexter, will you
make a public statement
denouncing what you do
as being supernatural?
Yes or no?
- This has nothing to do with
me making a public statement.
- Will you make a public
statement denouncing
what you do as
being supernatural?
Yes or no?
- This has nothing to do with
me making a public statement.
- We will publish these notes!
- Why don't you get to the
truth of the matter, sir?
This has nothing to do with
you highlighting the skill
of the performer or protecting
the integrity of the craft.
And this has nothing
to do with me
making a public statement!
The fact is, you and your
associates and your years
of experience can't figure
out how this is done.
And that's what
you're obsessed with.
You can't stand not knowing.
And if you do publish this,
I'll just tell my audiences
what I've told you,
that I allowed your plant,
Judy, to find it to fool you.
So go ahead, publish it.
'Cause I've got a feeling
the move will just generate
more interest in my show,
drive up ticket sales,
more people entertained,
more people believing.
Now the meeting's adjourned.
Please note the minutes.
(soft mysterious music)
- [Member] Dexter!
(gun firing)
(soft ominous music)
- Then they killed him.
A completely innocent
man, and my dear friend.
- Terrible tragedy.
- All because they
couldn't figure out
how he did his effect.
- [Grayson] Nicholas
always said it was
the greatest act he ever saw.
- I still miss him. (crying)
- I know that this
is hard for you,
but we appreciate what
you've done here today.
- Yes, thank you.
- If you would wait
for me out front,
I have something I'd like to
give you to put in your museum.
(birds chirping)
I would like to give you one
of these pads for your museum.
As you may know,
Dexter would never perform
his act without it.
They were part of the routine.
- Yes, Nicholas told me.
You still have one of those?
- One? I have
several dozen inside.
- And you've kept
them all these years?
- Yes, as a keepsake.
But here, take one.
- [Grayson] Thank you.
- Go ahead, examine it.
There are no trap doors.
- And this is exactly what
Dexter used to perform?
- [Caleb] Yes, this
is what we used.
- Huh.
- Thank you for telling us
your story today, Caleb.
You don't know what this means,
though, to the association.
No one ever didn't
act like Dexter
in the history of the art,
and we plan to give
it our highest honor
and place in the museum.
- That is very kind.
- Any chance you'd change your
mind and attend the ceremony?
- It's not our way.
- I understand.
It's great to be with you.
- Take care.
- [Thomas] Caleb, may I
ask just one more question?
- Would that question be how
did Dexter do his effect?
I'm no mind reader, but even
I can figure this one out.
- Caleb, you're the only
person alive who can reveal
any information as
to how this was done.
I'm not asking you to
tell us specifically,
but is there anything you can
say about it in our article?
- Okay.
I will answer your question,
but with a multiple
choice answer.
Three choices, one
for sure is the truth.
You decide which
one. Fair enough?
- And then you
tell, we will print.
- How did Dexter do it?
Choice A.
Very, very well.
Choice B.
He really could read minds.
Or choice C.
Both of the above.
Have a good day.
- Wait, those are our choices?
- Just believe, gentlemen.
Humble yourselves and believe.
(gentle stirring music)
(mysterious magical music)
(moviegoers chatting softly)
- [Friend] Well, Dan, I
like the part with the word
is strawberry and he
showed up Maxwell.
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
I guessed the four of clubs
to get that guy's money back.
- Yeah.
- Oh my gosh.
- Hey, yo, Danny, we really, uh,
we really appreciate you paying
our way here tonight, man.
- Ah.
- You're a big time spender.
- Yeah, I just thought
it was interesting
when I saw it last week.
- [Friend] Yeah.
- Did you notice
at the beginning-
- Hey, donate some free
popcorn next time, will ya?
- Yeah, and a candy
bar or somethin'.
- [Friend] Oh, hey, you
guys remember the part
where that girl was
trying to trip him up
by writing XOXO on it?
But yeah, he still got it.
- I'm parked over here, guys.
Thanks for meeting me down here.
- [Friend] Did you
get to talk to them?
- [Danny] They
said they liked it.
- Did you explain it to them?
- I didn't get a good opening.
- But I thought the whole
idea why you paid for them
to see the movie was that
you wanted to talk to them
about it so you could
explain the parable.
- I know, I know.
I just, I tried to bring it up
and then Lincoln cut me off.
He kept walking to the car.
- Yeah.
Lincoln, he's, he's tough.
- Yeah.
And I guess I blew it.
- You didn't blow it.
- No, I blew it.
I had an opportunity and
I just chickened out.
- Look, maybe you'll
get another opportunity.
(Danny sighing)
(soft inspiring music)
- Here's the thing.
It's like in class today I was
talking to one of my buddies
and he has no idea what to do,
so I think the whole
semester's just been confusing-
- Hey, guys.
- [Logan] Hey, Danny.
- Hey. All right. Now
that Danny's here.
Yo, what's this text about?
- I came up with it.
- Came up with what?
- The name.
- The name?
- For intermural
basketball team.
- You texted us all to
get together for that?
- Wait, don't tell us.
Let me read your
mind first, okay?
- What?
- Just think of the name, Wyatt.
Okay, the name of our
team that you came up with
is the Lizards.
- Wrong, Dexter.
It's the Bandits.
And here's the tagline:
we steal victories.
- We steal victories?
- We'd be lucky to
steal two games.
- Yeah, I still like
the Lizards better.
- But no way. Bandits is great.
Plus, you have no tagline.
What do lizards steal?
- Ladies, both names are dumb.
- Okay, I'm gonna let you
guys argue about this one.
I'll see you later.
- Hey Danny, I was thinking
about the movie this morning,
and I remember there
was this Bible verse
at the beginning of it.
Why was that there? It
kind of felt outta place.
- Uh.
Do you remember what it said?
- I don't know. Something
about like a parable?
- That's right. The movie was
supposed to be like a parable.
- A parable?
- A parable.
They were stories
Jesus told in the Bible
to illustrate spiritual truths.
- I don't see the connection.
- Well, the character Dexter,
he was supposed
to represent Jesus
because he could read
minds just as Jesus could.
And those pads, they were
supposed to represent
the word of God.
Notice how Dexter never did
his act without the pads?
Just like Jesus doesn't do
anything apart from God's word.
- And we were supposed
to catch all this?
- Well, there were a lot
of parallels to the Bible.
I guess you guys just
didn't notice them.
Like Judy.
She was supposed
to represent Judas
because he was the guy
who betrayed Jesus.
And she was just
there to figure out
how Dexter did the effect.
And Nicholas, the one
association member
who ended up believing Dexter
could really read minds
is a picture of Nicodemus
from John chapter three,
who was a key religious leader
who came to believe in the Lord.
- And we were supposed
to catch all this, too?
- Uh, I guess.
Remember the association guys?
They were supposed to
represent the religious leaders
back in the Lord's day.
They had Jesus killed
just like the association
did away with Dexter.
Now, both Jesus and Dexter
were totally innocent,
but they were threats
to the leadership,
so they killed them.
- Now, I'll say it.
And we were supposed
to get this, too?
- I mean, yeah.
- I don't know, my man.
Seems like a bit of a stretch
to me, don't you think?
I mean, if you don't
know your Bible,
how would you pick
up on any of this?
- Well, when Jesus told
parables in the New Testament,
they didn't understand
them either.
- Then why would he tell them
if they didn't understand?
- I don't know.
I guess maybe as a
judgment to their unbelief.
You see, the religious
leaders were replacing
God's word with
their own traditions
and doing their own thing.
It's kinda like today.
Well, actually, today people
just ignore God's word
and do their own thing.
But when they die,
they expect God to just
let them into heaven
as if they deserve it.
- Yeah, well, if you're
good enough, then why not?
- Yeah. That's how
most people think.
- And you don't?
- Well, what
constitutes being good?
- Ah, you know, not
murdering anyone,
being kind to people,
that sort of thing.
- And you're in?
- Yeah, that's right.
- But if that's so,
then why did Jesus have to
come and die on the cross?
- Okay, well, I've
really appreciated
this religious discussion,
but that's enough
Sunday School for me.
So I'm gonna head out.
I'll catch you gentlemen later.
Come on, Wyatt.
- Later, boys.
- We don't wanna talk
about God, yet when we die,
we expect him to just
let us into heaven.
- [Logan] I suppose.
- What about you, Logan?
Do you think you'll go
to heaven when you die?
- Well, if Lincoln's right,
then yeah, I think so.
I'm a good person.
I go to church.
Well, not since I've been
to college, but I used to.
- The Bible says that
we have to be perfect
to get into heaven.
- [Logan] No one's perfect.
- That's right.
And that is where we
have a huge problem.
- Well, if nobody's perfect,
how does anybody get in?
- Well, that's where Jesus
comes in and why He came.
You see, He lived a perfect life
and then died in our place to
pay the penalty for our sins.
And then He rose from the
dead, proving He was God,
and He did this to give
you and me eternal life.
- But if Jesus paid
for our penalty,
then doesn't that mean we're
all gonna go to heaven?
- No, that's not how it works.
You see, we have to
personally come to Jesus
to receive forgiveness
and then commit
to following Him
before it's too late.
- And if we don't?
- Well, I think you know
what the alternative is,
and I don't think
you'll like that option.
- What if Lincoln's right?
- Lincoln doesn't have anything
to back up what he's saying.
And the issue is, what
does the Bible say?
You have a Bible, don't you?
- Yeah, you know, in
my room, but I never-
- You should take
some time and read it.
Check out John 14:6.
Just look it up.
See what it says.
- Chapter 14, verse six?
(soft gentle music)
- Logan, we're talking
about eternity here.
Life forever and ever.
We all have to die one day.
It might be years from
now. It might be tonight.
And if our sins aren't forgiven,
we'll be separated from
God for all eternity.
Why take the risk?
(soft gentle music)
- Thanks again, Danny,
for the movie last night.
It was, it really good.
(soft gentle music)
- Hey, Logan.
Do you remember what Caleb
said at the end of the movie?
Just humble yourselves
and believe.
That's what we have to do
to receive eternal life.
Just humble ourselves
and believe in Jesus.
I did, and it was the
best move I ever made.
You can, too.
(soft gentle music)
- Thanks again, Danny.
(soft gentle music)
(Logan exhaling deeply)
(drawer clattering)
(soft inquisitive music)
(soft contemplative music)
(knuckles rapping)
- Hey, what's up, Logan?
- [Logan] Hey, guys.
What are you doing?
- Isn't it obvious? We're
studying. (chuckling)
Oh, come on. That
was a good line.
Why the long face?
- Just thinkin'.
- About what?
- Well, I was at work
today and I saw this guy
who looked like the Dexter
character from the movie,
and when I went to go
talk to him, he left.
- Are you still
thinking about that?
- More about what Danny
was saying yesterday.
- Come on, man. You
gotta let that go.
It's just his opinion.
- What if he's right?
- What if he's wrong?
- [Logan] Yeah, but
what if he's right?
I mean, I want to go
to heaven when I die.
- You will. You're
a good guy, Logan.
I know you. You're okay.
- Yeah, but like Danny said,
then why did Jesus have to die?
- Well, you can't take that
religion stuff too seriously.
- Well, Danny does.
- Yeah, well, that's
Danny's problem.
- It seems like he knows though.
- Takes that stuff
way too seriously.
- Maybe we should, too.
(soft contemplative music)
- (scoffs) Kids.
(Wyatt chuckles)
(soft contemplative music)
- "Jesus sayeth unto him,
'I'm the way, the
truth and the life.
No man cometh unto the father
but by me.'"
(soft gentle music)
Jesus, I,
I don't know what to say,
(soft gentle music)
but I believe what
Danny says is true.
I know that I've messed up
and that I've sinned,
but I know you've
died from my sins.
(soft gentle music)
I wanna go to heaven when I die,
and I'm willing to follow you.
(soft gentle music)
So please accept me.
(Logan breathing shakily)
And please help me.
(soft gentle music)
(sweeping gentle music)
(soft ominous music)
(mysterious magical music)