Mine Games (2012) Movie Script

That was us...
On the way down.
I think I can warn us.
I think I can break the cycles.
I think I can break the cycle.
Please help me!
Lyla, I'm sorry!
Please, I'm so sorry.
Hey, there's sleepyhead.
You okay? Mmm.
Mmm. Where are we?
Oh, we're still a few hours out.
This is the last gas station, I think.
What's everyone doing?
Boys are getting more beer,
Rose is looking for something healthy,
And I am the gas man.
Please don't call yourself the gas man.
Did you take your meds?
See if you can clich your
life there, Claire Bear?
She's just buying magazines, dude.
Ooh, pussy whipped.
I'm sorry about that.
You don't need to be. Hi, there.
Ahh, ya bastards!
Sorry. Not so nice.
So, what's the deal with TJ's cousin?
I thought we agreed in high school.
Every year somewhere different,
Just us.
TJ didn't tell you?
We don't really, you know...
Lex's dad died.
I guess TJ's looking out for him.
And I should probably
put up with his comedy.
Who's cousin... He's your cousin?
Yeah. You guys don't look alike.
Cousin, I'm open.
Rose, you could totally
do these horoscopes.
Oh, darling, I don't
really do astrology.
Okay, so what are you into?
Oh. Well, I'm not really into...
Don't be coy.
She's a medium, and a damn good one.
We should get going, you guys.
I should call Matt and Sarah.
I already talked to them.
They're expecting us at 6:00.
# Find your hope, forget your home
# Heed that feeling in your bones
# Your heart knows you'll never win
# Till you're free from him
Man, there is nowhere
else I'd rather be, bro.
I love this man.
She loves you.
Yo, backseat browser,
you just finished college
And you're going to
spend the whole vacation
On that CrackBerry.
You're going to spend the
whole vacation on, uh...?
The booze? Yes, indeedy.
Don't mean maybe.
I'm just trying to juggle
some job interviews here, man.
# Mother Ganga, take me higher
# You wake up
# You're on fire
# Light a candle in the shadows
# A different glow for every window
Let's play a game.
Spin the bottle?
Truth or dare?
In a car? Come on.
How about the silence game?
First one to speak loses $50.
Hey, Mikey, you sure you
know where we're going?
Yeah, I know where to go.
Mikey, are we sure that
was the right turnoff?
Why? Are your spidey senses tingling?
Well, actually...
Mikey, we're lost, aren't we?
Dude, just ignore him, man.
What? Answer the ladies.
There's no shame in
admitting when you're wrong.
Just admit we're lost.
Thanks. We're not lost, okay?
I know where we... Michael!
Watch out!
I spilt me brew.
Is everybody okay?
No, I spilt my brew.
Stop. We have to go back there.
I think that he needs help.
No, we didn't even get close.
I know that. I'm not saying that...
What if he's some sort of local
serial killer or something?
Oh, shit.
I don't know.
We killed Old Faithful.
Are we going to make it?
I don't think so.
Come on, ladies.
Not the first time she's broken down.
She is worth it. Yeah.
Anyone's phone working?
It's working, but there's no reception.
Are we far from the house?
Yeah, we made the turnoff.
We can't be more than 2 miles.
Two miles my ass.
Where are we? What's that sound?
Oh, shit.
Oh, bollocks.
That can't be good.
I'd offer to look under the hood, but...
Well, maybe we should try walking.
Yeah, probably. No,
come on. Let's camp here.
Look, I'll make a fire.
We've got plenty of beers.
A little blow-up mattress.
I'm not camping out here,
Especially with that
yokel barely a mile away.
Well, she's not going anywhere tonight.
I'm sorry, you guys.
It's not your fault.
Why don't we just split up.
Some of us can go find the house
And some can stay with the car.
No way. We're not splitting up.
That's the number one
way to get pack-raped.
Come on, group hug here, hombres. No.
Come on, let's grab the bags.
I think mine's somewhere at the bottom.
What, we're going to leave
the van here all night?
Yeah, we can just walk. It's not far.
Hey, Claire, which one's your bag?
You brought a rolling
suitcase on a camping trip?
What the hell is in here?
Ah, protein for the beefcake.
Beer. Lots of it.
Hey, did you bring your meds?
I left them in the car.
It's fine. I'll get them in the morning.
Whoa, look at that.
It looks like northern lights,
Only we're not that far north.
Northern lights? Aurora borealis.
Gas from the sun clouding with
the earth's magnetic field.
Double rainbow! Wow!
Dude, we got to film this
shit. That guy made millions.
TJ, your cell.
All right.
There is a weird energy.
You guys feel it? Okay,
now film me, all right?
Uh, it's gone.
Oh, bollocks.
It was only going to be funny
if some dude was acting retarded.
A shame. You would have nailed that.
You okay? Yeah.
I've just been cold.
Old? Cold.
You're funny.
Yeah, this place is nasty.
Yeah. The farmer said
it was a spiritual area.
All of his ancestors.
Any mention of burial grounds
Or desecration, or anything like that?
Nope. Good. That's good to know.
Happy hour.
Give me a head's up
next time you need a fix.
Sorry, pal.
Thank you.
Guys! I see a light!
Wait, wait, wait.
I don't think that we
should all go up there.
What if this is the wrong house?
Uh, let's just knock and see.
Imagine you lived here and seven
strangers appeared at your door.
Gentlemen, now's your chance
to redeem your dignity.
Lexi, my man. Hmm?
I'm not going in there, pal.
What if some psycho killer lives there.
But what, you're happy
for one of us to go?
Yes, I am.
Oh, God. Come on, I'll go.
Seriously, guys?
If the owner's a serial killer,
You're not much safer down here.
I'll take my chances, Francis.
If I was the killer
I'd take you out first.
I'll check this one.
It's locked.
Yeah, this one too.
Well, um, let's try around back.
See if there's another door.
What was that? I don't know.
I don't know why
They would think it would be
a good idea to go up there.
We could have just shouted from here.
Check it out. It's open.
I'm not standing around
all night wondering.
Anyone home?
Run! Run!
You prick.
Well, this is the place.
Matt and Sarah left a note.
"TJ, Lex, Claire,
wait here. Back soon. "
What about the rest of us?
I guess they figured we'd get the drift.
Come on.
Oh, my God.
Oh, sweet pea.
Matt's uncle must be loaded.
Oh, what's with the lights?
I retract my previous excitement.
There's no power line,
So there's got to be a generator.
Nope. Ugh.
We may have a problem.
Well, let's keep looking.
# That's how come Nesquik
cereal tastes so chocolaty
Hey, how's this space for
you, Rose? You all right?
We don't need to position the
sofas kind of north to south?
Lex, I'm going to move this sofa
Into your mouth in a minute.
Mmm. Move those sofas
into my mouth, baby.
Let's pick bedrooms. Okay.
Oh, it's cool, Claire Bear.
I already reserved us a
nice queen for you and I.
All right, so is that a yes?
I mean...
Light this up, man.
Too hot? Yeah.
Ah! Ha-ha.
All right, oil.
Yeah. There she is.
Okay, so we found the generator,
But we're low on gas.
That must be where Matt and Sarah went.
Bubbly, anyone? Oh, yeah.
To finishing college
And making it here alive.
Whoo-hoo! Yeah. Yeah!
And in loving memory of the yokel.
The yokel? We did not hit the yokel.
We did hit the yokel.
Don't diss the yokel.
Stop saying "yokel. "
I hate repetition.
Hey, there's somebody out there.
Very funny.
I told you, it was him. Listen.
There's no one there, mate.
Must have been a branch fallen,
or a raccoon or something.
Yeah, I've known raccoons
to make that much noise.
Did it come from the door?
Hold on, I'll check it out.
Hey, Matt?
There's no one here.
Must have been a pinecone.
Well, we should throw this in too...
So I'll just do that myself, then.
No one there.
Possessed pinecones.
Where's Mikey?
Hey. Hey.
Anything out there?
You're bleeding.
Oh, I, uh...
I tripped on the gas can.
I would have liked to see that.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm... I'm tired,
So I'm going to go to bed.
Good night, you guys.
I'm going to go to bed.
Oi, soft cock.
Good night.
Wine, anybody?
Oh! Oh!
# Spin it around
# Heard this track's a classic
# Break it down
Seriously, Matt. Are we far?
Can't be.
It's just impossible to find
this driveway in the dark.
They'll be worried about us.
Well, it's too late for them.
# I see flesh, oh yes,
you gonna do it right
# Now you trying to do it in the dark
# Turn on the light
# Heard there's a party in your tights
# I want to crash it
You are so fucking lucky we're lost.
Why do you think I broke the GPS?
Hey, you're fucking dead.
You're fucking dead.
# Let's get Jurassic, turn it up
# Spin it around
# Heard this track's a classic
# Break it down, drop it down
# Baby, let's get Jurassic
# Turn it up, spin it around
# Heard this track's a classic
# Break it down, drop it down
# Baby, let's get Jurassic
# Turn it up
No, seriously...
Come on, babe.
We got steaks,
A little Italian sausages.
I think I've had enough
of those for one night.
Fuck you.
You okay?
Yeah, I just had a nightmare.
You're all sweaty.
I'm sorry I woke you up.
It's okay.
Hey. Hey.
Where'd you go wandering
off to last night?
What? Outside.
I didn't go outside last night.
I... I saw you.
No, wasn't me.
Hey, baby. Hey.
You want some eggs? Sure.
Just one. I'm not really hungry, thanks.
Hello, hello.
Jesus, look at all this gear.
Why is there a Pop Tart on the seat?
Because that is where I'm sitting.
You reserved your seat with a Pop Tart?
I like to break the mould.
Oh, you break it.
Oh, yeah.
Oi, you missed quite the
party last night, mate.
Lyla's a real team player,
if you know what I mean.
A few shots of tequila,
she bucks like a champ.
All right, Lex.
Mate, I'm only kidding.
Just got me a hand job.
Still no word from Matt and Sarah, huh?
There's no house phone either,
So I'm not really quite sure what to do.
Only wait. That's so weird.
Where do you think
they are? I don't know.
You guys got to see this.
So why do we need the flashlights again?
Be patient. You'll see.
I am not even sure I want to know.
Didn't you need to go back to the car?
Oh, yeah, sure.
Just got to go grab my
anti-psychotic medication.
It's not that. Nobody would care.
Baby, come on. We're on vacation.
I know. It's just that...
It's just that before...
Did my mom get in your ear?
Listen, I have not stopped
taking my meds, okay?
I promise.
Yo, slow down.
Want a 'shroom?
I don't know. I'm not sure.
Oh, no. It's cool.
It's like a... It's a natural high.
I mean, look around. It's gorgeous.
Like you.
No... Oh, forget about it.
Just take one of these. Here.
Shall I? Yeah, yeah. It's cool.
It's fine. Try it.
Sorry, I didn't mean to make you feel...
Oh, no, it's okay. Let's do it.
Wow. What is it?
Not really sure what it is.
That's awesome.
It is old.
Oh, wow.
What is that?
"Break the cycle. "
Break the cycle.
Probably some old mining geezer
Complaining about his wife's period.
Hey, look at this. Very classy.
Yo, here's the entrance.
mine closed. "
mine open. Yes, sir.
Hello, mate.
Is this up for discussion?
I guess not.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm good.
Let's go in for a second, yeah?
Sure. Okay.
Watch for the ol' stalagmites.
I've seen this image before.
I think it's called the ouroboros.
Looks like a snake eating its own tail.
Come on, let's keep going.
This is amazing.
Look at that.
This place is creepy.
Wow. Oh, my God.
Oh! Oh, Jesus.
Looks like the miners left in a hurry.
Looks like something that
should have been closed up.
Oh, it's freezing in here.
I hope you guys got your tetanus shot.
How much further do you think it goes?
You up for a bit of mining?
Yo, Rose, Rose, Rose.
Uh, I don't know.
Which way?
I don't know.
Give me that.
Whoa, look at this.
avoid bridge.
Where are Lex and Rose?
Lex, this is really dumb.
It's fun. How's your mushroom?
I don't think it did anything.
Look it's a circle. We
just have to get around
In front of it.
Maybe we should just go back, huh?
Um, yeah, officially
not having fun anymore.
Yeah, let's go.
What is that?
Truly, can we split?
We need to go too.
Mike, let's go.
We should stop.
Yeah, I'm sorry.
I thought for sure it would loop around.
Let's go back.
Or we could just stay here and make out.
Look, we're both aliens
from another country.
I feel you, you feel me.
I'm not feeling you, Lex.
All right, fair enough.
Let's go down back this way, then.
Do you hear that?
I do hear that. Come on.
Let's go.
What do you think he did with her?
Oh, miners use these
to protect themselves
In case of collapse.
Like a fire door?
"This is the first time. "
"This is the first time. "
That's really funny.
Open the door. You
scared of the dark, Mikey?
He is.
He is.
I'm serious. Open the door.
Open the door.
Are you scared?
No. Open the door.
All right, stop it.
All right, now just open the door.
You guys, is it locked?
Is it locked?! Help me, you guys.
It won't move.
There's something following us.
Yikes. Well, we'd better
hurry up then. Come on.
Open the door. Why
would you even lock it?
It wasn't locked! Open the door!
"This is the first time. "
Guys, open the door!
It won't unlock!
Dude, I'm sorry. It was...
Dude, it was just a joke. I'm sorry.
Guys, can we just...
Can we just get out
of here and find them?
I'm so sorry, man.
Mike, it was a dumb impulse, man.
It's all right. It's all right.
All right.
Lex, wait!
That was Rose. This way.
Rose, Rose, Rose.
Rose, it's okay. It's okay.
It's okay. I'm here for you.
It's okay.
Not okay, man.
I just wanted to scare everybody.
But we got lost,
And she started seeing shit.
She said something grabbed her.
Did you guys see anyone else down there?
Because I may have given
her a little mushroom.
You sound like my mother.
It's all right. Here, man.
Okay, maybe you need some rest.
Yeah. Yeah, let's go to bed.
Hey, Mikey, where you going?
To the car.
I'll come.
You know, Michael
freaked out in there too.
Well, he does have schizophrenia.
Come on, man.
What? He does.
And he's off his meds.
I overheard Lyla.
Do you think the other guys
would ever try to hurt me?
What? What do you mean?
I don't know. Never mind.
You know them locking you
in that room was a joke.
I mean, TJ felt like an ass.
Well, yeah, I know.
Hey, hey.
No one's going to hurt you.
But would you stop them?
You seem a little stressed.
Yeah, well,
I'll be drugged up again soon enough.
I don't mean it like that.
Are you okay? Yes.
I'm sorry.
I just... I didn't
sleep well last night.
I do not remember leaving that open.
All right, girl. Come on.
Come on, girl.
Oh, shit.
Oh, shit. Yeah.
We must have hit an animal when
we went off the road, right?
Maybe we should keep this to ourselves.
It's kind of crazy back there.
Everybody's just freaked.
Yeah, no, you're right.
I feel so bad.
Well, I hate to be a killjoy,
But we're far from everything
and the car's still broken.
Where are Matt and Sarah?
What are our options? No car, no phones.
Hey, at least we got a roof.
So, what? Are we going
to stay out here forever?
I think we should leave.
Rose, you had a scare.
But this is the house.
There was a note for us.
Look, we'll give it a day,
And if they don't come back
we'll just walk out of here.
Now come on. We're here to play.
What happened to the
swimming, the hiking,
The rock climbing?
Claire, is your vodka in the freezer?
Thank you. Now we're talking.
Yes, it is.
And I will drink it with you.
Can we hit that lake already?
Does anyone fancy a
trip back to the mine?
Maybe not the best of
times to mention it,
But I think I might
have dropped my wallet.
Yeah, go ahead.
No hands!
Oh, shit.
Shit. You all right?
Oh, cousin,
I nearly spilt my brew.
Let's roll.
Hey, girls,
I've seen these on tarot cards.
It's the snake image from the mine.
"Ouroboros can represent a
basic primal instinct to live,
"Resisting with such a force
it cannot be extinguished.
"It's an ancient symbol of mortality
"An unbroken cycle of life
that represents the curse
"Of what men will do when
pushed to the limit to survive.
"The ouroboros lays himself,
"Brings himself to
life, fertilizes himself
And gives birth to himself. "
Are you okay?
Just give a minute, okay?
Rose, what... What is
wrong? What is wrong?
What happened?
What? What happened?
Really? Yeah.
You're just having a bad trip.
You're hallucinating.
The man outside, the girl in the mine,
They're not real.
It doesn't normally affect me like this.
Seeing spirits.
Maybe you could give
her some of your meds.
It might calm her down. Claire!
I'm sorry. I thought he might
have some Valium or something.
They don't treat him with Valium.
Hey, you guys, I'm right here.
I'll be fine.
I've seen spirits before.
It's common for people like me.
It's okay. Please, go swim.
We're not leaving you.
Hey, look, you three go swimming.
I'll stay here with Rose.
Oh, yeah?
This is more like it.
But I hope Rose is okay.
I think she's just tripping.
And she has quite the imagination.
Ooh. She's had a turbulent life.
Better suck her back quick.
God, dude, it could be anywhere.
Listen, Teej, do you reckon
Rose is too sick at the moment
for a little finger bangooma?
Yeah, dude.
I think you underestimate me, cousin.
I'm quite the ladies' man.
They see me as some kind of fetish.
That kind of makes sense, actually.
Doesn't last long, though.
They usually regret it, you know?
Yeah, that makes a lot more sense.
Let's just find your wallet
And get the hell out of here, please.
What do you think that was used for?
Don't know.
Probably, like, "con-joogal"
visits for the miners.
I think you mean "conjugal. "
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Conjugal.
That's the word.
It's okay, Rose.
I'm here now.
I'm going to take care of you.
You game?
Me? Who do you think
you're talking to, pal?
All right!
Oh, mate.
Oh, jeez!
Yes, you stupid drunker.
I think I'm going to kick it. Yeah.
Don't you dare...
Dude, it's your tattoo.
Are you trying to pull
some elaborate prank on me?
Yeah, mate.
Dude, what is this?
Run, man! Why are you running?
Why are you running?
How can that be real?
We're not dead.
We're right here.
Maybe Rose is right. Maybe
there's voodoo crap going on.
No, no. Who cares? Run!
What happened to her? I don't know.
She just started screaming at me.
You didn't do anything?
What would I do?
I don't know. She just seems worse.
No, I didn't do anything.
What? What is going on?
Um, we found something in the mine.
We just saw our own bodies...
But dead.
Oh, come on!
Rose is freaking out!
Quit with the games.
Does this look like a game?
You mean that you took mushrooms
And you saw your own bodies.
No, dude.
You're saying you saw us all lying dead?
Not all of us. Just me, Lex and...
Who else?
Where are you going?
To the mine, and you two
douche bags are coming with.
No, bro, you don't want to do that.
Okay, Guy? Just wait, pal.
Those bodies better be in there,
and you better show me where.
Well, we can't just let
him go in there by himself.
I don't know, man.
Maybe it's a good thing.
Maybe we just need to
make sense of things.
Claire, no.
I'm coming.
You okay?
They shouldn't be going in there.
They're going to come back soon, okay?
The mine. The snake.
It's not our world.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Rose, you need to rest.
I can't take it. Stop it.
Stop what?
Please, Lyla. Please.
Tell me, what do you see?
Stay still. You're
going to hurt yourself.
Rose, stop. You need to rest.
Rose! Help!
We got to go. Rose...
What the hell happened? I don't know.
She just passed out.
She was going crazy.
Wait, don't. What are you doing?
We have to leave now.
Help me!
What do you mean, help you?
What, you going to carry her?
Yes! Just wait.
We need to think.
Break the cycle.
Dude, we got to put her in bed.
Just till we figure out our next move.
Break the cycle. Break the cycle.
Come here, come here. Break the cycle.
Grab her legs.
Break the cycle.
We can't carry her.
We'll make a stretcher
and go in the morning.
We can see what the hell's out there.
And what if the killer
comes into the house?
We'll block the doors and the windows.
Guys, we're talking about this
like it's some everyday murder.
Those are our bodies.
There's something else going on here.
Some supernatural shit.
Rose said we should leave.
She also told us we
had to break the cycle.
There's clearly more
we have to understand.
What are you suggesting?
I'm suggesting we go back down there.
Are you crazy?
What if we're already dead?
What if we died in the car
When Michael ran us off the road...
And this is like our
coming to terms with it?
That's bullshit.
Then why isn't everyone's
body down there?
I don't know.
Maybe those bodies are like a warning.
Can you just shut the hell up?
Or what, pal? Huh?
Or I'll fucking...
Come on, I'd love to see you try.
Shut up!
What is your problem, pal?
Don't wind them up, man.
Me? You saw he was the
one trying to wind me...
Just stop. It's not helping, all right?
We need to go back in there.
We need to know what's going on.
Come on, man. We're not dead yet.
All right.
But we should arm ourselves.
What are you planning?
Don't worry about it, man.
What are we looking for?
I'm hoping we'll know when we see it.
This is the first time.
Did you hear that?
It's coming from over there.
You're not dead. It's okay, it's okay.
Hey, it's okay.
I saw you die.
What happened?
It's okay. No, no. Shh.
I'm not going to leave you. It's okay.
Just tell us what happened, all right?
We got to get her out of here, man.
We need to talk, pal.
I said we need to talk.
No, no!
I'll be right back.
No, please. Help me. I
swear we'll be right back.
No, please!
Please don't leave!
What the hell are you doing?
What do you think is going to happen
If our Claire sees her.
We saw our bodies. We survived.
Our bodies.
Our bodies, mate. This is different.
Who knows what kind
of messed-up psychosis
Meeting of self is going to bring on.
I won't leave her. I can't. Dude!
The Claire that you know
and the Claire that you love
Is back in that house, okay?
We need to concentrate on saving her.
How? How the hell do we do that, huh?
They're not your friends.
You may not believe me now,
But you will.
Come on. Wake up, babe.
You got to eat something.
You need to leave.
Okay. We just... We
got to wait for daylight
And then we're going
to get you out of here.
How is she?
You're still alive...
What's she saying?
Stop Michael.
Stop Michael?
Stop Michael.
Claire? Claire!
Thank God.
I'm so sorry. I messed
everything up. I'm so sorry.
What happened in there?
I was just worried about you.
Why were you worried about me?
What did you see in there?
What happened?
Not here.
What the hell is happening to us?
They found Claire in there.
Wait. Alive, and you...
You just left her in there?
It was a different version of her.
Like the corpses.
Well, it was still Claire.
I don't understand how
you could just leave her...
I'm glad they didn't bring me back.
I don't want her here.
It was still you,
Claire. Yeah, it was me.
And if I don't care they
didn't bring me back,
You don't get to either.
It wasn't that Claire was there.
It was what she said.
It's time, isn't it?
This is how it happens.
This is how what happens?
Is there anything you want to tell us?
About what?
About the bodies in the fucking mine!
This is so messed up.
Why don't you say something, Mike?
What do you want me to say?
I don't know.
Maybe, "Please untie my hands. "
"You're my friends.
I've not killed anyone.
I've done nothing wrong. "
You're going to do
what you're going to do.
What? What are we going to
do? You say you know nothing,
But you're sitting there
like you know exactly
What's going to happen.
I need to ask you if you've
taken your medication.
This has got nothing to do with that!
I'm sorry, but we have
to lock him up. No.
Well, we can't just put him in a bedroom
And hope he doesn't come out.
No, TJ, we cannot put him down there.
He's already roped up. He won't get out.
I don't want him in the house.
I don't want him in the house.
Northern lights never repeat.
Well, I guess it's the
Milky Way then, isn't it?
This is the second time.
This is wrong.
He knew this was going
to happen. He told me.
He told me, he thought that
we were going to turn on him.
He did?
Look, I know this is difficult.
I don't have a clue what
the hell is happening here,
But that sounds like
a guilty conscience.
He can't get out of here.
Lyla made you some supplies.
Hey, wait.
Take this.
We'll be back in the morning.
We cannot leave him in there all night.
It's just a precaution till...
You still think this is the right house?
Everyone, shh! Guy's right.
If this isn't the
house, who left the note?
I don't know.
This is not the right house.
Then where are we?
We're in hell.
Everyone shut up.
Okay, what the hell is wrong with her?
Michael has escaped...
I thought you locked him up.
I did. So how did he get out?
I don't know!
Somebody must've let him out.
What if he's not working
alone? Who has the key?
We don't even know if he's out.
I mean, how the hell would Rose know?
We're just making sure.
Is Guy coming?
It's just us.
What are you planning to do?
Just need to make sure he's there.
If he's escaped, we need to know.
And if he has?
I'm sorry.
We won't hurt him.
Is that really necessary?
It might be a flashlight.
Nothing, sweetheart.
All right, let's go.
Claire, wait.
Just in case.
We've got to get out of here.
Right now.
You know I'm right.
I'm not leaving Rose.
There's nothing we can do for her.
I'm going.
You can either come with me...
Or stay.
You go then, if you have to.
The door.
Where the hell is he?
What, you asking me? How should I know.
You locked the door. You have the key.
It was your idea to put him
in there in the first place.
Are you kidding me?
Screw you both!
I'm not playing!
I had nothing to do with this.
I haven't been out of your
sight since we locked him up.
And my corpse is in here too, pal.
You're right. Sorry.
Oh, god...
Come on, we have to get him out.
Guys! Guys!
She's having another fit.
Oh, my god...
Rose! Rose!
Oh, my god.
Rose? Rose...
No... No...
Don't touch her...
Don't touch her. You don't care.
Which way? Where'd he go?
TJ, we're still alive.
We have to keep going.
We have to find him.
What about everyone else?
Doesn't matter.
Wait, wait, wait...
They're already dead.
No, we should leave
them a note or something.
We should leave them a note.
Okay. Okay.
You're right.
What's the matter?
I don't want them to think
that we abandoned them.
Okay. All right.
Michael, I just want to go home.
No... No...
No! No...
We just walk.
Keep moving till we find someone.
We could be walking forever.
Better than being in that mine.
I'm so sorry, Michael.
I don't want to leave you here.
I don't want to hurt you.
I never wanted to hurt you.
No! No!
Lyla! Please! Michael! No!
Please! Please... please...
Michael, come back!
Please don't!
Michael, don't do this!
Michael! Please, come back!
Stand over there. I'll
try and flag him down.
Get off the road. I'll wave him down.
No, no, no, no!
That was us...
On the way down.
I think I can warn us.
I think I can break the cycle.
I'm so sorry.
I have to go.
This is the first time.
Anyone home?
I guess this is the place.
We should scare them.
Let's do it.
Come on, let's go.
There's no one there, mate.
Must've been a branch falling...
or a raccoon or something.
Yeah, I've known raccoons
to make that much noise.
Whoa, we should throw this in too...
Shh! Shh!
Listen to me. Listen to me!
Lex, TJ, Guy, and Claire...
You can't trust them.
They're going to try to hurt you.
This isn't real.
They're gonna lock you
up in an abandoned mine.
When they lock you up for a second time,
They have no intention
of letting you out alive.
They're my friends.
They're not your friends.
Defend yourself, or they will kill you.
I don't believe you.
You may not believe me now...
But you will.
Hey. Hey.
Anything out there?
You're bleeding.
Come on, babe, we got steaks,
a little Italian sausages.
I think I've had enough
of those for one night.
Ha, ha... fuck you.
Shut up!
That was us...
On the way down.
I think I can warn us.
I think I can break the cycle.
Please, help me! Michael!
Michael, I'm sorry! Please, I'm sorry!
Hey, sleepy head.
You okay?
Where are we?
# Find your hope, forget your home
# Heed that feeling in your bones
# Your heart knows you'll never win
# Till you're free from him
# Find your hope, forget your home
# Heed that feeling in your bones
# Your heart knows you'll never win
# Till you're free from him